Odyssey Visa Infinite Privilege | Desjardins
expensive card but insurances and maxing out bonusdollars pays for most of it.
creditcard  visa  Desjardins  banking  finance  insurance 
15 days ago
Group Medical Services | Health, Travel, & Group Insurance
seems to be cheapest for single trip cancellation insurance
insurance  travel 
18 days ago
3rdparty | SkyPixel.com
DJI drone footage - mostly 360 panos for now
pano  drone  panorama  panoramic  dji  photography 
9 weeks ago
Sonicwall Gateway Antivirus Causes Slow Downloads - St Louis IT
fix (or break?) gateway antivirus slowing down or stopping downloads
sonicwall  annoyances  antivirus 
july 2018
VeraProtect • Vera
monitored zwave hub for alarm?
alarm  home  house  zwave  monitoring 
may 2018
Suncourt | Suncourt | Home
Flush Fit™ Register Booster™
register  hvac  heating  cooling  fan 
may 2018
Can Do Duct Cleaning | Duct Cleaning in Toronto | HomeStars
Bujar. Friendly and prompt. Cleaned ducts, dryer vent and bathroom exhaust fans. $375 for everything.
house  home  hvac  duct  cleaning  ductcleaning 
april 2018
motion sickness prevention - any store brand Meclizine will be cheaper and comparable
motionsickness  travel  medication  medicine  nausea 
january 2018
replacement for shoutkey which died due to spam/abuse. Hopefully this one won't suffer the same. Create temporary URLs with plain English words that expire
shortener  url  tinyurl  shoutkey 
january 2018
Vocations - The New York Times
"People from all walks of life talk about their jobs."
to:read  work  working  vocation  nytimes  interesting 
january 2018
Posthaven is the safe place for all your posts forever
"Posthaven is a long-term project that aims to create the world's simplest, most usable, most long-lasting blogging platform. We're as sick as you are about having to move your posts and photos every time a service goes away. Other services will have more features and have newer shinier bits-and-bobs, but this one will keep plugging away year after year"
blog  blogging  platform  hosting 
january 2018
Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
easy browser based screen recording - good for training or showing someone how to do something....
chrome  productivity  screencast  video  record  annotation 
january 2018
CDW Product Comparison Page
example comparison page for CDW part numbers
work  comparison  cdw  hardware  specs  specifications 
january 2018
GAM3DirectoryCommands · jay0lee/GAM Wiki
only works if you have a secondary domain, not a domain alias...
googleapps  google  suite  howto  commandline  tool  domain  email 
december 2017
Levit8 – Allocacoc Shop
super portable standing desk - folds up to fit in your bag.
december 2017
PSA: iPhone slow? Try replacing your battery! : iphone
tl;dr - iOS throttles your CPU as your battery life diminishes - so older phones with older batteries DO run slower than they did when new. Latest iOS will also slow things down a bit but this is probably the biggest factor
apple  batteries  hardware  iphone 
december 2017
Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom
free online conference meetings. Surprised it's actually so full featured for free. Really easy to use
conference  conferencing  meeting  tool  video  online  presentation  screensharing  free 
november 2017
Quad 9 | Internet Security and Privacy in a Few Easy Steps
public DNS ( that blocks malicious redirects. Nice.
dns  security  internet  malware 
november 2017
Decipher Tools Software for iPhone - Save Text Messages
$30 app that can parse encrypted iOS backups and selectively create a new backup to restore from. Handy for fresh phone installs
iOS  utility  backup  backups  restore  freshinstall 
november 2017
Small Business Computer and IT Support - PC Service On Site
under 15 seats. Good to refer to - mostly Toronto, not Etobicoke or Mississauga
it  support  onsite  computers  smb 
november 2017
CloudBerry Remote Assistant | CloudBerry Lab
how is this not just rebranded Teamviewer? Even looks like it. Windows only
teamviewer  remote  windows  remoteaccess  utility  free 
october 2017
Faviconographer – Tab Favicons in Safari for Mac.
not sure why I need a standalone app to inject favicons into safari, but hey, favicons in safari, finally.
safari  plugin  favicon  favicons  macOS 
october 2017
ShoutKey | Home
create plain English word tiny urls that expire
tinyurl  url  shortener  utility 
october 2017
CoralTree QBox
kinda like dropbox, but allows you to 'lock' a file so no one else can edit it while you have it open. Surprised Dropbox doesn't have something similar built in. Windows only.
quickbooks  dropbox  filesharing  windows  software  sync 
october 2017
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