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Ask HN: How does your company keep track of lessons learned? | Hacker News
We have an alumni network that any developer can ping via email. The group is comprised of former standout employees who were paid a small retainer at the time of departure in return for their commitment to provide missing details and lore about design choices, missteps, and implementation.
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Pull Back on Your Ambitions and Get Small Things Right First
People write “designed Nike.com” on their resumes. Yeah, that may be true, but probably with 40 other people, and you designed a small portion of it. Cover letters are different. Cover letters show whether this person just wants a job or wants to work at Basecamp.

By looking at cover letters, you can evaluate the candidate’s ability to express their ideas in writing as well. Basecamp only hires good writers. It’s important for our employees to write well because that’s how Basecamp works. We write to each other.

If we think a candidate is good, then we pay the person $1,500 to work on a week-long project with us. The work product is the only truth. If the candidate does a good job, we’ll offer the position.
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Careers - Jobs - Hotjar
We've written an article on our blog about how we collaborate effectively while remote. And here's how we’re challenging traditional business leadership methods.
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december 2019 by 1luke2
Develop a Design Perspective - UX Planet
But completing a process is not design. Checklists are great as safety measures. You want the pilot to go through her checklist before a flight to make sure the plane will operate as intended. Design is a different beast. In design, checking all the boxes only means that something has been delivered, not that anything of value has been produced. Design does not work when it is a soulless process. Design only works when you infuse some intentions into the process.
For example, most in UX would agree that we need to design to align with (or develop) users’ mental models. Discovering your users’ mental model will help you understand how they think their problem space works and what mismatches exist between that and reality. It can help you identify the information users need, and help you structure the content accordingly.
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Lessons from Stripe
In terms of effort, Stripe’s recruiting was absolutely relentless. On the front of the pipeline this meant investing in potential candidates that wouldn’t apply for years, through genuine 1:1 relationships as well as many small events that introduce Stripe and its team. Once candidates were active, Stripe tried to move very quickly. Ideally we'd turn around recruiting steps on the same day: respond to the candidates inbound email the same day, and even decide on and give them an offer on the same day as their interviews. We could close candidates before Google replied to their initial emails.

Stripe was also thoughtful in recruiting processes. This signaled to candidates that the company was clueful and understood the candidate’s perspective. One example is Stripe’s capture the flag program, which not only put Stripe on the radar of a lot of candidates, but also gave them a sense of the strength of the engineering team. Another example was Stripe’s guidance on what to expect for interviews. We’d send candidates a PDF describing exactly how their interviews would be conducted, how they’d be evaluated, and how to prepare. These certainly helped candidates present their best work in the interviews. But they also showed that Stripe actually cares about this, which candidates knew from experience many other companies did not.

There's way more to Stripe's recruiting practice than I could describe here, but the meta-lesson for me was that it’s possible to be way better at recruiting than the standard Silicon Valley company, and thereby build a great team.
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Jason Fried on Twitter: "One of my favorite interview questions: “What's something you know you need to get better at?”. It’s revealing." / Twitter
One of my favorite interview questions: “What's something you know you need to get better at?”. It’s revealing.
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12 Things You Didn’t Plan for When You Started Hiring Remote
Unfortunately, there’s more to remote work than people not coming into the same office as you. Having remote team members comes with unique challenges, both for managers leading those employees, and for the employees themselves. Most managers aren’t prepared for this, because they don’t realize how different it really is.

Along with these challenges, there are quite a few misconceptions tied to remote work that might affect your expectations when hiring your first remote employees.
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Podcast: How to Recruit The Perfect Candidate Without Going Insane
Podcast: How to Recruit The Perfect Candidate Without Going Insane
july 2019 by 1luke2
10 obvious lessons I learned on my path from a designer to product executive - Sid Yadav
But for now, I'd like to share some of my lessons and be available to anyone who’s undergoing a similar transition. The post you're about to read is one I wish someone had written for me when I began my transition.

Going from an individual contributor to a manager, and then from a manager to an executive, can be extremely challenging, rewarding, and humbling. But if you ever find yourself in a position where such an opportunity presents itself, I urge you to take it up.

It's a ride very few get to go on in this world, and like most adventures worth having, it will involve a constant cycle of learning, failing, and getting (a little) better at the job.
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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise | Jason Cohen, WPEngine | BoS USA 2017 - Business of Software USA
The second thing is to hire for a results oriented person, rather than action oriented person. Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say it’s event planning. An action oriented event planner when you ask them a question like tell me about a great event that you put on recently. The action orientated events planner says, oh yeah, we had this venue and it was nice. We had these curtains and it was backlit. The food was really good, people said they had a great time. People stayed late so I’m pretty sure they were happy about it, it was a really great event. Action orientated – all the stuff they did.
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Ask HN: Has there been any academic research into software interviewing? | Hacker News
I doubt there’s been too much on software interviewing specifically but interviewing/candidate selection for jobs is a large part of personnel psychology. A recent meta-analysis of what they know is below. Basically general mental ability (g, IQ) is the single best predictor, work sample tests work well, structured interviews can increase the performance of IQ tests or work samples and unstructured interviews are a trash fire.
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