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Futuramo Icons || More than 46,000 vector icons for different OS || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/futuramo-icons?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Web App, Design Tools, User Experience, Icons, Developer Tools
ProductHunt  Web  App  Design  Tools  User  Experience  Icons  Developer 
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Product Alternatives and Substitutes Search
Product Alternatives || Find alternatives and actual replacements for B2B software || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/product-alternatives?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Web App, Design Tools, Productivity, SaaS, Developer Tools, Tech
ProductHunt  Web  App  Design  Tools  Productivity  SaaS  Developer  Tech 
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Design Blocks | Froala
Froala Design Blocks || 170+ free responsive design blocks based on Bootstrap 4 || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/froala-design-blocks-2?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Web App, Design Tools, Developer Tools, Tech
ProductHunt  Web  App  Design  Tools  Developer  Tech 
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ContentStudio - Discovery, Curation & Social Media Management Platform
ContentStudio || Data-driven content suite to grow your social accounts 📈 || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/contentstudio?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Facebook, Web App, Twitter, Wordpress, Social Media Tools, Marketing, Growth Hacking, LinkedIn
ProductHunt  Facebook  Web  App  Twitter  Wordpress  Social  Media  Tools  Marketing  Growth  Hacking  LinkedIn  Linked 
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Google Slides - Free Google Slides Templates
SlidesPPT || Beautiful free presentation templates for Google Slides || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/slidesppt?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Marketing, Design Tools, Productivity, Web App, Social Media Tools, Education, Branding
ProductHunt  Marketing  Design  Tools  Productivity  Web  App  Social  Media  Education  Branding 
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Pictogon || The fastest and easiest way to create interactive images || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pictogon?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Productivity, Marketing, Web App, Tech, User Experience
ProductHunt  Productivity  Marketing  Web  App  Tech  User  Experience 
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TManager || Turn your calendar into a task manager || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tmanager?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Productivity, Tech, Web App, Task Management, Calendar and Scheduling
ProductHunt  Productivity  Tech  Web  App  Task  Management  Calendar  and  Scheduling 
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Planable - Social media content collaboration and approval platform.
Planable || The command center for your social media team || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/planable?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Instagram, Marketing, Web App, Social Media Tools, Productivity, Facebook, Twitter, Prototyping, LinkedIn, Task Management
ProductHunt  Instagram  Marketing  Web  App  Social  Media  Tools  Productivity  Facebook  Twitter  Prototyping  LinkedIn  Task  Management 
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Perfect widgets for your website | GetSiteControl
GetSiteControl || 7 most important website widgets in a single app 👊 || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/getsitecontrol-4?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Marketing, Web App, Growth Hacking, Email, Analytics, Tech, Email Marketing
ProductHunt  Marketing  Web  App  Growth  Hacking  Email  Analytics  Tech 
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Shuuka - Use one Nickname for all your social network.
Shuuka || Use one nickname for all your social networks. || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/shuuka?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Marketing, Tech, Productivity, Web App, Social Media Tools, Analytics, Internet of Things
ProductHunt  Marketing  Tech  Productivity  Web  App  Social  Media  Tools  Analytics  Internet  of  Things 
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Gear Caliber || Aggregates and summarizes professional tech reviews for you || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/gear-caliber?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Home, Web App, iPhone, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Tech, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Travel, E-Commerce
ProductHunt  Home  Web  App  iPhone  Virtual  Reality  Wearables  Tech  Internet  of  Things  Artificial  Intelligence  Travel  E-Commerce 
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Symbols & Styleguides
Nested Symbols & Styleguides for Sketch || Huge freebie of custom symbols & auto-updating style guides || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nested-symbols-styleguides-for-sketch?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Design Tools, Web App, User Experience, Sketch
ProductHunt  Design  Tools  Web  App  User  Experience  Sketch 
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How to build a Dropbox referral program?
How to grow like Dropbox || Build a Dropbox-style referral with this useful tool ✌️ || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/how-to-grow-like-dropbox?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Web App, Marketing, Growth Hacking, Tech, Email Marketing
ProductHunt  Web  App  Marketing  Growth  Hacking  Tech  Email 
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Phey || Keek an eye on your (Upcoming) Product's subscribers/votes 📈 || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/phey?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Product Hunt, Analytics, Web App
ProductHunt  Product  Hunt  Analytics  Web  App 
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Siftery Personalized Product Recommendation Engine
Product Recommendations AI || Personalized software recommendations based on your stack || https://www.producthunt.com/posts/product-recommendations-ai?utm_campaign=producthunt-api&utm_medium=api&utm_source=Application%3A+IFTTT+%28ID%3A+2742%29 || Artificial Intelligence, Design Tools, Productivity, Developer Tools, Tech, Web App, SaaS
ProductHunt  Artificial  Intelligence  Design  Tools  Productivity  Developer  Tech  Web  App  SaaS 
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