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Louis/Harry warning: possible dub con, non con
after all the tweets from Louis today (denying larry and such) i just want really really really rough sex and louis being dominant and idk anything based around the tweets from today that includes rough sex (and, as the title says, dub!con non!con is fine)
Harry/Louis  Twitter  RoughSex  Violence  Choking  Bruising  UnprotectedSex  MeanLouis  Dub-Con  Filled  Completed 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, abuse fic, mean!Louis, TRIGGERS: domestic violence, noncon/rape, abuse
In public, Louis and Harry appear to be best friends- who are possibly lovers- who when together are always having a great time. They are models boyfriends away from the public; they genuinely love each other and do nice things for each all the time. However, what the public and their friends and family don't know is that behind closed doors their relationship isn't as blissful as it appears. Louis is a sociopath. Like Jekyll & Hyde he can go from a nice guy to a mean guy quickly. Annoyed by Harry's continued friendliness (Louis pulls Harry aside after or before events (interview, performance, etc.) and warns him to stop) with the band and interviewers, Louis abuses Harry and forces Harry to have sex with him.
*I'm not too sure if this still falls in the category of sociopath-like behavior, but Louis really does love Harry and he thinks what he's doing to him is for Harry's benefit.
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Abuse  Violence  Non-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry, mean!Louis. Trigger: bullying
{or ot5 because why not}

there needs to be more mean!louis because, yeah yeah, he's funny and charming and blah, but he's sassy and has an attitude that beyonce is jealous of.

when harry starts "dating" taylor, louis gets more sassmasta than ever and snaps at niall when he eats too loudly, pushes liam's hand away when he touches him, and reminds zayn he can't dance and isn't funny to bring him down.

sad niall tells harry one morning "you have to talk to louis."

louis tells harry "there's nothing to talk about. oh, are you using a condom for that horse by the way? beastiality is illegal but whatever, to each their own. neeeeeigh."

lots of eye-rolling, eyebrow raising, whatever-shrugs, and sassss. http://youtu.be/JNNjqR7hph0 look at that sassfaceomfg.
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis/zayn small cock humiliation
basically i'd love something in which zayn and louis have a one night stand (they meet at a gay club or something) and when they get back to one of their places zayn admits that he has a tiny penis. like, 3-4 inches tiny. and louis starts laughing when he sees it. and zayn hates to admit it but when louis laughs at his dick it turns him on. lots of verbal humiliation ensues. ("how could you expect to please anyone with that tiny thing", "that is absolutely pathetic", "i wouldn't even be able to feel that inside me")

bonus points if louis gives zayn a "handjob" with only his thumb and index finger and makes him cum like that.

would probably give first born child to filler.
Louis/Zayn  SizeKink  Humiliation  MeanLouis  AU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Liam; abuse
Okay, so there are more than a couple videos where Louis slaps Liam. In Spin the Harry Episode 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtqlZlnpkMA), I noticed that when Louis suddenly puts his hand on Liam's shoulder (time: 3:00), Liam flinches away. When he knows Louis is about to touch him, he's fine. This got my angsty brain going, so... Louis and Liam are in a relationship, and at first it's just Louis' normal play slaps, but then it starts becoming more than that. He starts to really hit, is sometimes so rough when they have sex that it hurts Liam, and other things like that. At first, as soon as he realizes Liam's in pain, he apologizes, says something about being really stressed, but eventually he doesn't even give an excuse. And Liam says nothing because he loves Louis and he doesn't want to hurt him and just wants to be helpful. Of course, the other boys notice, and eventually confront Louis about it. (Anon really wants to see a shouting match between Louis, Zayn, and Niall, and maybe Harry going to comfort Liam because he'd been there the whole time and had heard them arguing.) Up to anon whether it gets better or not, whether Liam stays with Louis or not, if he gets with any of the other boys in the end, or anything along those lines.
Liam/Louis  Abuse  MeanLouis  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!harry/asshole!louis dubcon
So basically Harry and Louis get really wasted on shots one night and Harry's got a massive crush on Louis and everyone in the band knows it. Louis pretends he doesn't know and convinces her to have sex with him, saying that it's just sex and nothing will change between them. The morning after, Louis becomes an asshole and calls Harry a slut in front of everyone and basically tells them what she did yesterday in bed and is really rude to her and bosses her around a lot and grabs her in front of the other boys. She knows it's wrong to sleep with him again but it's her mind against her heart and she's always been terrible at hiding her feelings for him.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  MeanLouis  Dub-Con  Unfilled  Drinking 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Sociopathic!Louis/Harry; Abusive Relationship
I've posted this on the angst meme, but i think I'll post it here too... An abusive relationship where Louis, who is verging on (or is) sociopathic, physically, mentally and emotionally abuses Harry. Harry is too scared and broken to leave him, but also because one, they're in a boy band together and that would mean leaving the band, which he can't do because of his contract and not wanting to upset and leave the other boys, two, no one knows him and Louis are in a relationship, so he can't seek help and three, Louis has messed with his head so much that he thinks everything's his fault and that if he leaves Louis no one will want him and he'll be alone forever. Just want Louis to be really manipulative and controlling (even with things as small as his clothing). the other boys noticing bruises and stuff and Harry lying or even Louis jumping in to lie about them. Whispered threats, Harry flinching away from Louis in like an interview or somewhere public where people may react to it. I don't mind how it ends: Suicide, harry eventually getting enough strength to leave. Happy or sad ending, your choice. (if you could add smut as well that'd be great, but if not that's completely fine)
Harry/Louis  AngrySex  MeanLouis  Abuse  Violence  Filled  Completed  Long 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Louis - In which Louis is a prick...
Liam believes that they are dating because they love each other, but he overhears Louis tell his friend over the phone that Liam is just a good fuck buddy when he can't find anyone else to bang. The truth is that Louis is embarrassed to be with someone so clean-cut, proper, and nerdy. "Lou, if you don't like me, why are we even together?" "Convenience? What, you think we're lovers or something just because we fucked a few times?" (He doesn't mean any of it, but the words just come out) "...no, not at all." When Liam stops talking to him (even avoids him) after the confrontation, Louis realizes that he messed up, and tries to win him back.
Liam/Louis  MeanLouis  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt  Angst 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis; harry is turned on by louis being mean to other people
harry's kind of ashamed of himself, because he wants to be a good person, but there's nothing that makes him hornier than louis being a sassy little bitch and hurting someone's feelings
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Filled  Long  Louis/Other  Het  Masturbation  Angst  TourbusSex  DirtyTalk  DeepThroating  Crying  Harry/Other  Jealousy  HurtHarry  PhoneSex  Incomplete 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
straightandangry! Louis
What with all the twitter dramatics tonight and the ongoing "Eleanor is a beard!" battle cry... Louis is straight and happy with Eleanor, and the constant barrage of Larry Stylinson and accusations regarding his sexuality start to wear on him. Harry, obviously, is rather devil-may-care about the whole thing, plays it up, thinks it's funny, generally gives no fucks. One day Harry takes it a step too far (kiss on the lips on stage, maybe?) and Louis freaks the hell out on him later, verbally and physically, and walks out. One of the boys follows Louis to calm him down/rip him a new one, and the other two have to patch up and comfort a wrecked Harry. Sequel prompt: The five of them trying to continue with the tour like nothing's happened even though Harry flinches every time Louis gets too close.
Harry/Louis  Twitter  Angst  Abuse  Violence  Filled  Incomplete  HurtHarry  MeanLouis 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - The Kink Meme
Louis and Harry are kind of playing up the whole "Larry Stylinson" thing, to the point where they actually can't stand each other. Except it's really only one sided. Harry secretly adores Louis(or the other way around) and this only makes Louis lash out more. It makes Harry equally angry that the other is acting in such a way; completely homophobic with harsh words and even physical abuse. Maybe sometimes when Louis(or again, this could be the other way around) gets drunk, he takes advantages of Harry. Maybe one time they go a bit further and Harry thinks things are different, but he finds out they're not the next morning and that's when Louis finds out how Harry really feels. And he doesn't really care. He's worse, if anything, because I am a sadistic person like that. Don't care if there's a happy or sad ending or if details are changed or anything, I just want lots of beautiful angst.
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Angst  Dub-Con  RoughSex  Filled  Completed  Long  Denial 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - The Kink Meme
I want a mood-swinging, abusive!Louis and a naive and loving Harry so hard. Idek.
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Unfilled  Abuse 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - sligthly Non con
Harry and Louis are together and love each other, but Louis is really manipulative and sometimes he just makes Harry feel like shit about himself.

Maybe he's drunk (don't care, really)but one day Louis doesn't take no for an answer.

Do whatever you want, really. I just want arsehole!Louis
Harry/Louis  Non-Con  Unfilled  MeanLouis 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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