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Harry/Louis/Nick Double Pen. Non-con. Overstimulation. Bottom!louis
After Harry's birthday, both nick and him were as drnk as fuck and they decided to fuck little louis at the same time. I want louis be unwiling, like he kept crying and begging them to pull out becuase they're too big, but both harry and nick kept fucking him over and over until loui cum 5 times then passed out, with cum leaking out of him and tears on his eyes.
Harry/Louis/Other  DoublePenetration  Non-Con  Overstimulation  BottomLouis  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Eleanor/Harry/Louis, threesome fic
I just want Louis on all fours eating Eleanor out, tongue fucking her then finger fucking her, sucking on her clit and moaning against her while Harry rims him and fucks him. Then Harry lubes Louis's cock with his cum and Louis fucks Eleanor.
Harry/Louis/Other  Het  Threesome  OralSex  UnprotectedSex  Fingering  Rimming  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/other, Harry stalker comes for revenge TRIGGER: non-con, rape, kidnapping
Harry and Louis are living together but are not a couple or anything, just friends.
harrys had a stalker for weeks, he can feel it just cant prove it.
Anyway harry and louis are sitting at home and the stalker guy comes in and kidnapps them both, and takes them like really far away, to this like cottage house thing,
and he ties louis up and like beats him, and maybe louis has a really bad wound or something, and he keeps him in like the basement.
The guy makes harry have to pretend they are a couple and in like love and stuff, and if he refuses, or like tries to escape the man like threatens to kill louis (like gun point, knife point- up to author really intense) And the guys all like thinking that he and louis are in a relationship and thats why he needs to kill louis. And he wants to have sex with harry but harrys all like ew no, so they go to the basement, and says hes going to have to kill louis then and there, so harry screams he will do it, and he ends up raping harry infront of louis (cue sobbing taped up louis, and screaming harry) and yeah really like fluffy between harry and lou, and like creepy kidnapp mental rapey things with harry and stalker
If they get out- its up to the author but i dont mind :) Im up for anything except male preg.
oh and maybe they creepy stalker likes role playing so humilates harry in like dresses, watersports etc.
Harry/Louis/Other  Non-Con  Kidnapping  Violence  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Eleanor/Louis or Harry/Louis/OFC - threesome, games
Whatever Louis does to Eleanor, Harry gets to do to Louis. Do whatever foreplay you like but I just really want Louis fucking Eleanor while Harry fucks Louis to be in there.

Feel free to make it a OFC instead if you're uncomfortable writing real life couples or whatever.

Don't want Harry and the girl together at all just Louis focused on the girl and Harry focused on Louis please.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/OFC Savages AU!
Laguna Beach entrepreneurs Harry, a peaceful and charitable Buddhist, and his closest friend Louis, a former Navy SEAL and ex-mercenary, run a lucrative, homegrown industry-raising some of the best marijuana ever developed. They also share a one-of-a-kind love with the extraordinary beauty Opheilia (Up to author if they want to keep the same girl. Idgaf). Life is idyllic in their Southern California town...until the Cartel decides to move in and demands that the trio partners with them. When the merciless head of the cartel Liam, and his brutal enforcer, Zayn, underestimate the unbreakable bond among these three friends, Harry and Louis-with the reluctant, slippery assistance of a dirty DEA agent Niall-wage a seemingly unwinnable war against the cartel.
No joke the whole time watching this movie I was like "Wow this needs to be a Larry!AU"
First born child to whoever fills this <3
Harry/Louis/Other  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Tomlinson Twins (Possible Twincest?)
Louis & Harry are in an established relationship and Louis' twin (Will/William?) comes to visit, and the two twins mess with Harry a bunch. I just want a really flustered & confused Harry, getting the two mixed up and whatnot, and lots of teasing and pranking from the twins.

Smut between the three is optional. (But who doesn't like a threesome?)
Harry/Louis/Other  Twins/Triplets  Threesome  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Nick blowjob, facial
Harry and Louis blow Nick at the same time, and it's really wonderful for Nick, except for the fact that Louis and Harry literally can't keep their mouths off of each other and end up kissing the other one more often than actually sucking Nick's dick.

Nick pretends he feels left out, but he actually doesn't mind at all because they're both gorgeous and he loves watching them kiss. To make Nick feel better, the boys let him come on their faces (or just one of them, and the other licks it off?). ♥
Harry/Louis/Other  Blowjob  Kissing  Facial  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Other, and by other I mean Eleanor: threesome, double penetration
Basically what the subject line says, I'm not picky about the story but I would appreciate it all being consensual! Hope someone becomes inspired to write this :)
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  DoublePenetration  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Nick, sex tape that ends in a threesome
Harry & Louis do have a hidden sex tape, and occasionally like to rewatch for themselves ;-) One day when hanging with Harry at his & Louis flat, Nick goes to play a DVD, and lets just say somehow (up to the author) it's the sex tape, b/c the boys were watching it the previous night. Cue Nick getting flustered, but extremely turned on, and while distracted...Louis came home and Nick gets caught by Harry & Louis, who are very smug and then entice him into a threesome.

Bonus points for Nick trying to resist, but Harry & Louis seducing him.

Double bonus points for Bottom!Nick
Harry/Louis  SexTape  Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Filled  Short  Masturbation 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Nick Grimshaw/Harry/Louis, threesome, double penetration
Nick and Louis don't get along that well; they're polite with each other and there are really no hard feelings, but their personalities just don't mesh that great. There's a lot of banter that's not entirely joking. They put up with each other for Harry's sake, but they're always competitive for his attention. One night it reaches ridiculous sexual, drunken levels and they both fuck Harry. At the same time. Harry loves it tho. ok.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  DoublePenetration  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis/nick grimshaw, d/s
Okay so I read a fic with harry/nick grimshaw/louis and it almost went kinda d/s but then it stopped :(

It'd be nice if harry/louis were in a relationship and some how they ended up having sex with grimmy, one time thing or not. Louis or Nick could be kind of dom-y, maybe spanking or tying up or toys or something? Either is fine as long as Harry isn't topping lol...
Doesn't have to be really dom sub but stuff above would be super super super nice. I'm just dying for this pairing.

Pwp would be fine (awesome actually, but a nice story is always ok)
preferably not au cause threesome aus are a bit weird.

Harry/Louis/Other  D/s  BottomHarry  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/nick/louis, mpreg, harry gets pregnant and both the boys take care of him.
as the title states.. harry gets pregnant (whether he knows which of the guys' is the other father is up to the writer).instead of being angry, louis & nick decide to help harry through his pregnancy and totally baby the cranky, expectant teenager.
Harry/Louis/Other  Mpreg  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis + Gemma, Louis is Gemma's bff (warning: possible underage?)
High school au (or maybe Harry is in high school and Louis & Gemma are at uni?) where Louis is Gemma's bff and comes over to the Styles' house all the time to hang out with her. He didn't mean to fall for her baby brother, but after watching him morph from the kid who used to annoy them all the time to the outrageously hot guy in front of him... well, it was really just a matter of time. Ridiculous pining from Louis because he definitely thinks dating someone's sibling is a line not to be crossed, trying-to-be-seductive!Harry (and hey, if it works, no one but Louis has to know), and poor Gemma trying to ignore it all because, gross, that's her baby brother!
Harry/Louis/Other  HighSchoolAU  Underage  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Nick Grimshaw, competitive threesome
Harry & Nick are friends with benefits, and Louis is insanely jealous. I basically just want a jealous, competitive threesome where Louis is trying to impress/please Harry most and Nick is enjoying the lols.

I would love you forever if it was bottom!Louis & not a heartbroken or angsty Nick - they really are just fwb. Bonus points if Nick is awesome in bed which only makes Louis more frustrated as he tries to ignore how good it is?
Harry/Louis/Other  Jealousy  Threesome  BottomLouis  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Aiden Grimshaw, threesome/polyamory
I just want Harry/Aiden/Louis. It can be a one-off threesome or polyamory; it can be an X Factor Era fic or a bookshop AU or a coffee shop AU or a music school AU. Just no angst, and yes threesome.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry/Edward Twincest.
a threesome between them, you feel me? ;) (might just be casually adding this because I want to fill it, but...) double penetration, and natural confusion.
Harry/Louis/Other  Twins/Triplets  Threesome  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry/Nick Threesome
I can't be the only person who wants to see this...Anyway, where Louis & Harry are together, and Nick secretly wonders what it would be like to be with both, but doesn't want to interfere. The other guys are privy to that information and take to teasing him, making sexual innuendos in front of Nick and it ends in a hot smutty threesome.

Dirty talk, spanking, ect, just make it kinky sex, and Top!Louis/Nick and Bottom!Harry, b/c omg...I can just imagine Louis & Nick topping the shit out Harry.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  DirtyTalk  Spanking  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis/harry/danielle, infidelity
I ship it.. The idea of Danielle cheating on Liam with one of the boys is so hot, and two of the boys at the same time is even hotter.
go wild ;)
Harry/Louis/Other  Cheating  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OFC Louis/Harry/OFC
I want the boys to be at a club somewhere and Harry is annoyed at Louis for whatever reason, maybe jealous over the amount of time he has been spending with other people "ignoring" him, so he makes it his mission to try and get his attention by making him jealous, his plan was to just find a dancing partner for a few songs but they both get a little too into it. Louis does notice Harry is dancing with a random girl but tries to not think too much of it, until he notices his hand in her skirt blatantly fingering her on the dance floor.
Louis works his way over to them and decides he is going to show them both who Harry belongs to- they can either end up in the club toilets or back at the hotel, I want Louis to start getting Harry off and then he stops and starts telling Harry what to do to the girl, how to touch her and how to fuck her, eventually Louis joins in and fucks Harry while Harry is fucking the girl.

bonus points if Louis keeps telling the girl that Harry is only fucking her because he is making him and that she wouldn't stand a chance with him on any other occasion- she makes some comment about how Harry had been fingering her in the club so obviously he did want her to which Louis replies something along the lines of "his fingers may have been in you, but I bet he was thinking of me"

erm this is rather long and quite rambly... I am open to changes if the filler has any.
Harry/Louis  Jealousy  Harry/Other  Het  Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry/Ed, underage, student/teacher, AU
Basically, I just want Louis (25/26/27) to be Harry's (11/12/13) private tutour who is completely turned on by Harry. He talks about it to his boyfriend Ed (27/28/29) and brings him to one of his sessions. After that they are both really intrigued by the little boy and Harry can't say he minds the attetion. A relationship both emotionally and sexually develops between the three. Details can be changed and who is the underage person as well, but it has to be Louis/Harry/Ed.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Underage  AU  DeletedFill  AgeGap 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis; Threesome, DP
No established relationship/Still just friends. Harry and Louis meet a girl at a club that they want to take home. She agrees, but only if she can have both of them at the same time. They agree reluctantly (lots of weird inner turmoil, from either boys POV, i don't care who, about it being weird, but how it's also not really weird at all?) She lets them stay separate and just concentrate on her for a while but then gradually puts them in situations where they can't help but accidentally touch and then she wants double penetration and they give in and they can feel each other while they both fuck her and it basically just causes all sorts of weird feelings (that have maybe always been there anyway).

So then maybe they start seeking out more girls (or the same one, idc) to continue this threesome thing (you could maybe have one girl ask for them to do things to each other and let her watch), because they both want each other the more they do this but are too afraid of what it might mean if they just want it to be the two of them.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  DoublePenetration  Het  Harry/Louis  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Simon Amstell
Please. Harry and Louis are a couple, their relationship isn't public. They're out at a bar or a party one night, drinking and not being quite as discrete as normal. They run into Simon, Harry's a fan obviously, and after chatting a bit he obviously can tell they're together. Pleeease make him talk dirty to the boys in that sardonic asshole way of his. Up to you how they get together but endgame is threesome. Lots of sass and catty conversation, mentions of all their magnificent heads of hair, and dirty talk. Louis being a bit jealous of Simon would be amazing, Harry wanting to please them both.. Louis letting Simon top Harry? Whatever works really. Please I'll have your babies.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Louis/Other  DirtyTalk  Threesome  Unfilled  Drinking 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Cher Lloyd
I don't care how it's done, I just want the three of them together.
Louis eating Cher out like a genius while Cher gives Harry the rimjob of a lifetime.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  OralSex  Rimming  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
i just need an fic with these 3 so much. i find fics with eleanor unbelievably hot. so! louis and eleanor are together and have been for years. however, louis notices the way she looks at harry with pure and unbridled lust. he decides that, for her birthday, he'll invite harry to have a threesome with them. he accepts. id like if it was subtle, not just 'HI ELEANOR HERE IS HARRY.' maybe have louis allusive and mysterious about it? a complete surprise until it happens

id be wicked if louis and harry just concentrated on pleasuring her. kiss all over her body, suck and bite her nipples/breasts, brush her fingers up and down her thighs, eat her out, rub their dicks on her her clit, then fuck her good and hard. when she's fucking harry PLEASE have louis wanking off to it insanely, all breathy moans and hair pushed back. she could give louis (or harry, either one works) a blow job too. just go insane with this.

i need a load of dirty talk. and not 50 grey of shades type- not like 'oh, holy cow!' or 'he touched my sex,' but preferably the raw, hot kind. eleanor telling them to cum on her tits, to fuck her harder. not just from eleanor, but from louis and harry too- the kind of 'oh, fuck' and 'jesus, you're tight,' just so horny and overwhelmed they can't help moaning and screaming it out. please have good descriptions of the actual undressing, etc too- not just dirty talk but a detailed fic :-) sorry about begin so fussy! id just love to read something great.

id love if someone that is able to write great fics do this- i love reading beautifully created plots, settings, character background/development, and just honestly fucking awesome kinky writing. thank you SO SO SO SO much to whoever chooses to fill this x
Harry/Louis/Other  DirtyTalk  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
I just want Harry on all fours eating Caroline out, tongue fucking her then finger fucking her, sucking on her clit and moaning against her while Louis rims him and fucks him.
Then maybe Louis lubes Harry's cock with his cum and the younger fucks Caroline.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Rimming  Fingering  OralSex  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Lous/OMC threesome
Basically, i just want anything that involves Louis and Harry having a threesome with Dougie from McFly. Bonus points if Harry and Dougie are all clingy and handsy with each other (but not OTT) and Louis gets all sulky and jealous.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Inspired by the interview where Louis is asked if Harry ever bangs on the walls when he and Eleanor are having sex in the apartment. So yeah, Harry does that. And he keeps walking in on Louis and Eleanor intentionally pretending it's a joke and just generally being a nuisance to them whenever they're having sex until finally they figure out why and invite him to join in.
Harry/Louis/Other  Louis/Other  Het  LoudSex  Threesome  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Anne, Anne/any of the boys
So, we've heard Louis tease Harry about the time Anne came down and tried to seduce~ the boys in her sexy nightie, and Anne is gorgeous so obviously Louis was into it. WHAT RESULT? I'd love a focus on Louis/Anne but tbh I'd take any combination of the boys/Anne and uh well I definitely wouldn't say no to a little Harry/Louis/Anne.
Louis/Other  Het  Unfilled  Harry/Louis/Other  Incest 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
After a night out at a party or something like that Harry, Louis, and Eleanor all go back to the boy's flat and are a little tipsy. Louis and Eleanor are in a relationship and Louis has never thought (too seriously) about what his feeling for Harry are. Louis realizes how beautiful he finds them both and how important they are together and begs them to kiss in front of him. One thing leads to another... maybe with a happy three sided relationship at the end (but I'm not picky)
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled  Drinking 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis/everyone else
personal canon: everyone else in 1D has had a threesome with harry and louis so tell me about it
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry and Louis pick up some girl at a club and have a threesome to prove to each other that they like girls or something and then halfway through the sex forget about the girl and just start fuck each other senseless
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Harry/Louis  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
porn of the epic and angsty variety, please and thanks
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Angst  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
bb!Harry/now!Harry/now!Louis - timetravel, threesome, self-cest
Prompt: Sixteen year old Harry is transported forward in time, ending up in the present in Louis and Harry's flat. Shenanigans of a sexual nature ensue.

This is a blatant prompt for something that I'm already writing ;) so I'll start posting it soon. I haven't seen a similar prompt here but have to admit to not looking that hard so apols if it's already been done.

If anyone else wants to fill it then PLEASE DO :) because I love this trope and would love to read more so a fill from someone other than me would be awesome. I haven't come across this trope in this fandom yet but Harry's recent growth spurt made me want to write it.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Louis/Other  TimeTravel  Filled  Completed  Long  Firsttime  DirtyTalk  Fingering  Grinding 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry/Anyone, DP
I just really want some DP, with bottom!Harry. And him being really messy and sobbing and just barely being able to handle it but still slutty and desperate for it. The third party can be any of the other boys. Also I will love you forever if you add cute aftercare because really, who doesn't love fluffy aftercare?
Harry/Louis/Other  DoublePenetration  BottomHarry  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
I prompted this on the angst meme a few days ago, but I am going to post it here as well because I feel like there are more people on this meme. So: I have read some amazing stories where Harry and Louis invite one of the other guys to join their relationship...but what if this time they don't succeed? They are not cocky, maybe just a little bit too confident in their approach to seduce Liam/Niall/Zayn (it doesn't matter which one, really). They truly think they've got him where they want him to be, aching for something, ANYTHING to happen between the three of them. They couldn't be more wrong. As to the reasons why Liam/Niall/Zayn would refuse, it's up to the author! Maybe he doesn't want to affect the band because he's scared it won't turn out to be the happy ending Harry and Louis keep telling him about. Or maybe he doesn't believe them when they say they want an equal three-way relationship and feels that he'd be left behind because the two of them obviously have history. These are just ideas, the author can go in a completely different direction of course!
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Angst  UnrequitedFeelings  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Gemma. Something so perfectly wrong about Harry and Gemma having a threesome with a very willing Louis.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Incest  Het  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Eleanor threesome
Eleanor is just a beard for Louis who is gay but not dating Harry. Since Louis really doesn't like her and Harry thinks she is hot Louis decides to let Harry use her as a fuck buddy since she is around all the time anyway. One day Louis gets tired of Harry having all the fun and decides to join them.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Het  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Eleanor, three is the perfect number
Harry/Louis/Eleanor OT3 fic in which they all love each other and are a polyamorous triad and life is beautiful and adorable and the other boys know about it and no one's feelings are hurt. Because the answer to a love triangle is almost always a threesome, but people seem to always ignore this fact.
Harry/Louis/Other  Unfilled  Threesome  Polygamy 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
eleanor is a cover-up for larry stylinson, but she doesn't know that. louis asks her to have a threesome with harry under the pretense of simply trying new things, but it's their way of being together without louis actually cheating.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Eleanor threesome
Based off this http://1dkinkmeme.livejournal.com/648.html?thread=363656#t363656 ? I basically read it once a week lol and I love it so much and idk maybe the author could do it or maybe just something based off this like.. having a working relationship??
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Het  Polygamy  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis/harry/nate ruess
established louis/harry. the boys meet fun. at an awards show. they all all hit it off at the after party, and louis and harry drunkenly beg nate to teach them how to sing like he does. voice lessons/threesomes. bonus if the other boys want to know where they picked up their new skills.
Harry/Louis/Other  AwardsShow  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, threesome
louis and harry have a threesome with a girl. they're not really sure how they ended up there and definitely didn't plan it, but suddenly they're there and paying more attention to each other than they are to her - and it's hesitant at first, because they're both totally sober enough to know what they're doing and why are they so interested in touching each other when there's a perfectly fit girl willing and ready but then louis grins a little and mutters "it's not gay if it's in a three-way" and harry laughs because that is such a louis thing to say and then they just go for it, hesitancy gone. the second time it happens there's no girl and they don't really have an excuse.
Harry/Louis/Other  Harry/Louis  Threesome  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Eleanor is on her period but likes Louis to fuck her because orgasams make her cramps less painful. Harry is horny and has a bit of a crush on both Eleanor and Louis. Cue Louis fucking Eleanor and then using Eleanor's blood as a lubricant to fuck Harry. I feel so gross for prompting this, but unf.
Harry/Louis/Other  Unfilled  Het  Period 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - The Kink Meme
louis/harry/ed sheeran louis and ed fight for harry's attention when they all end up drunkenly sleeping together because they don't like sharing. (...louis wins.)
Harry/Louis  Unfilled  Threesome  Harry/Louis/Other 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry/Nathan Sykes
Nathan's always been attracted to Harry, and he hates him for it. He hates all of One Direction for it. So when they beat The Wanted out for Best British Single, he gets pissed - and even more pissed when he realizes he's hard just from watching Harry fondle the award on stage, because, well - his hands.

So he's fuming when he treks down the empty hallways backstage after the boys win to find a quiet corner to get himself off, but his anger turns to shock and blind lust when he stumbles upon Harry giving Louis a celebratory blowjob in one of the hidden corridors.

He's shaking with want when he tells them the only way he won't spill their secret is if they let him join.
Harry/Louis/Other  AwardsShow  Blowjob  PublicSex  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Darren Criss.
Or one of the two with Darren, idc. I just had the idea in my head and can't write it, so the magic of the kink meme was just waiting to be used.
Harry/Louis/Other  Threesome  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry styles/kendall schmidt/louis tomlinson
while on the better with u tour, both harry and louis develop a huge crush on kendall. they both attempt to ~seduce him individually but fail, and realize that they work better together ;) a hot threesome ensues!
Harry/Louis/Other  Filled  Completed  Long  Threesome 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - The Kink Meme
girl!harry/eleanor/louis plz. just anything, sexy threesome times. as long as someone goes down on girl!harry or/and eleanor at some point. and loads of worship of girl!harry's and eleanor's legs. yes.
Unfilled  Harry/Louis/Other  Genderswap  Het  OralSex 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
I'm not sure how this would work but I'd love to read Harry/Louis/Paul (their tour manager). Maybe they want to get back at him for holding them back in certain situations, so they tie him up and have their way with him. Or they make a pact to try to seduce him and he resists for a while but finally they break him and he gives in to them... Anything really...
Harry/Louis/Other  Restraints  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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