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Harry/Louis crying!kink?? Bullying!kink?? Trigger: bullying
The first line of Nobody Compares: "you're so pretty when you cry, when you cry." Idk I just really want a fic where Louis thinks Harry crying is beautiful, maybe high school AU or something? So Louis makes Harry cry when ever he can and its a huge turn on for him idk maybe Harry's in love with him so does whatever he wants and then feels humiliated?? I would write it but I don't have a computer at the moment if someone fills this i will be forever grateful.

Literally any kink except like scat and vore a long as Louis makes Harry cry.
Harry/Louis  HighSchoolAU  AU  Crying  Underage  Humiliation  Angst  Filled  Incomplete  Abuse 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, tattoos au, fluff/angst, TRIGGERS: possibly homophobia, internalised/social homophobia
"what if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves"

I'd really like an universe where this is normal. Some have more tattoos than others,(like Zayn and Harry (Ed)) and some have fewer (like Niall.)

It'd be really fun to get some explanations for the tattoos. Like the first time Harry met Louis the "hi" appeared and Harry knew he had met an important person etc. As much canon as possible regarding the tattoos of everyone. And maybe a High School/Uni au of some sort.

Maybe the tattoos kind of decides who are the popular kids in school or Niall starts to get a bit worried because he's 16/17 and he doesn't have a single one except his screw. But Zayn is freaking more out about it than he is, because well, it's Niall, he's pretty chill.

I'm open for Ziall/Ziam/Zouis/ side pairings or any other you find fit! And it would be really fun if Nick (Tomlinshaw <3), Aiden, Matt, Greg James, the girfriends etc. showed up! A proper school au :)

(Make it as angsty as you want, personally I'm up for anything.)
That quote just really hit me and it would be so fascinating to read.
Harry/Louis  AU  Tattoos  Filled  Incomplete  Homophobia 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Louis becomes paralysed, Harry looks after him. Warning: Disabilty
One Direction are the biggest band of 2013, until a car accident changes everything. Louis becomes paralysed from the chest down and has to learn to live with the new complications that come with his new life. Harry does everything he can to help Louis, from buying a new house, to begging Simon to change stage sets and trying to help Louis in his day to day life.

Basically just a fic, involving the whole band, but with Larry pairing, where Louis has to deal with his new life in a wheelchair and having to still be in a band and do press etc, and Harry becomes his carer - cue Harry trying to help louis get dressed etc and the whole band protecting louis from crazed fans. its up to the filler but Louis could possibly not accept what has happened so Harry tries to make it as easier as possible for louis and tries to get Louis to understand that no one sees him any differently, and Harry loves him more than ever.
Harry/Louis  Hurt/Comfort  SickLouis  HurtLouis  Filled  Incomplete 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Ageplay, Infantilism
Harry doesn't want to get older and is sad to turn 19, so he decides to act like a child all day long. Louis indulgently plays along, and at some point during the day they realise that roleplaying gets them both really horny...

I'd like Louis calling Harry "baby" a lot, and them taking a bubble bath, or Harry sucking his thumb. Or whatever crosses your mind, really :)
Harry/Louis  AgePlay  Infantilism  Filled  Incomplete 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - spandex!kink, in which Harry is a sexy bike messenger and Louis wants his package
I just really want a fic in which Harry is a bike messenger and Louis keeps ordering things to his office that he doesn’t actually need with ridiculous stipulations - like making Harry ride twenty city blocks to bring him post-its by a certain deadline (and complaining when they’re blue and not pink) and making Harry bring him a smoothie and complaining when it’s gone a bit watery and melty from the heat -when really he just wants to leer at Harry in his little bike shorts. And Harry is all flushed and sweaty and sun-browned and muscled from riding and Louis tries to find subtle ways to sniff his sweat and drops things so Harry will bend over in front of him in his lycra shorts.

One day, Louis makes Harry ride all over the city in the pouring rain to bring him kinky embarrasing stuff from different porn shops around the city (like handcuffs and lube and a blindfold) and Harry shows up at Louis’ office soaked to the bone and pissed off and Louis closes his office door and they start angry-kissing like crazy and Louis rubs Harry off and Harry comes in his shorts and then Louis rips his wet clothes off and heaves Harry up onto his desk and frantically pushes all his papers aside. And then he puts all the things Harry brought to use and they have rough sex. The end.
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Incomplete  Clothes 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Pornstar AU
From the day Louis joins the same porn company as him, Harry is infatuated. Too bad the only time they ever interact is when they're co-starring in the same film. It's Harry's fault, really, for being so damn shy; his friends, Zayn, Liam, and Niall still don't understand how he's so confident on screen, but can't even say a few words to Louis without getting flustered and blushing.

(Or where the boys aren't in a band but are actually pornstars and Harry is kind of in love.)
Harry/Louis  AU  PornstarAU  Filled  Incomplete 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry Catholic reform school au, angst, explict
Harry, a son of a rich entrepreneur had finally crossed the line and found himself booted to a highly religious School for boys. Here he meets Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all of them sent to this institution for different reasons, all with their own secrets and although life at St. Sebastians’s is a façade, it being more of a place where “Influential parents hide their inconvenient sons” than a school, changes are a foot that will completely alter their lives as they begin to rely on each other through what is to be the most life changing year of their young lives.
Harry/Louis  AU  Religion  Angst  Filled  Incomplete 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
kitten!Harry/Louis: scratching, catnip punishment, overstimulation
Louis and kitten!Harry are in an established owner/pet relationship. Harry's human except for ears, a tail, and claws that retract into his first knuckle. He can't speak save for a few mewling sounds, but he can understand Louis just fine. As part of the AU, pets are often used only for sexual gratification by their owners and the author has free reign over how loving Louis is with Harry.

kitten!Harry often quite tame but sometimes he can't help but give into his baser instincts and he claws Louis up during sex. During one horrifying (I want details) shag, Harry scratches Louis' arse to the extent that he can't sit comfortably for days and Louis spends every night after that making sure Harry can't sit either. ;)

...with anal, if that wasn't clear.

But Harry's enjoying Louis' anger too much. He did really hurt him. So Louis does the one thing he promised he'd never do to Harry. He buys catnip.

You see, in the AU, catnip is viewed in the same light as roofies in our universe. It makes pets extremely pliant and horny, willing to get themselves off against a doorframe if it'll do the trick. People who use catnip are either kinky or are considered rapists so Louis has to buy the 'nip on the sly to avoid public scrutiny.

Cue Louis coming home from work with a vaporizer that he uses to blow catnip smoke into all of the air in the flat and Harry going absolutely mad for it, humping the walls when Louis doesn't immediately plow him into the bed. Louis has other plans, though, and proceeds to take Harry nice and slow, right next to the fumes, overstimulating him while the poor kitten is hopelessly strung out on that sweet, sweet bud.

lbr I will probably fill this myself in a couple weeks if no one else has.
Harry/Louis  PetHarry  Overstimulation  D/s  Filled  Incomplete  Marking 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round Six
i NEED a stripper au with lots of grinding and dirty talk and helpless underaged harry getting the hottest lap dance from louis maybe they shag later maybe they dont but i want a desperate whiny bottom harry so bad and a hot louis turning him on until harry cant hold his moans anymore and the facial expressions he does turn louis on and
GRINDING lots of it
PLSPLSPLSPLS i need this to live
Harry/Louis  Stripping  AU  Incomplete 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/Louis centric, Reference to Little Things, Trigger: Eating Disorder
Based off the song "Little Things", a fan makes a snarky remark to Louis about how it's about him since he's not as fit as the others (which is definitely not true in real life) and how he should lose weight, ect. Louis tries not to take it seriously, but can't help but notice how "fat" he is when he looks in the mirror...and boom: develops an eating disorder. Author can go from there, but the other guys aka his boyfriends, help him through it and make him better <3
Harry/Louis  EatingDisorder  HurtLouis  Hurt/Comfort  Filled  Incomplete 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, harry makes louis lose weight (triggers: eating disorder, abuse, possible dubcon)
this is horrible and i feel bad for wanting it, but a fic where harry and louis are in a relationship, and harry really likes how thin and small louis is, but is also really aware that louis is insecure about his body. he takes advantage of that and exploits louis' insecurity so that louis will try to make himself even skinnier. maybe louis is eating something, and he says "are you sure you want to eat that?" or he makes jokes-but-not-really about louis' weight. louis ends up letting it get to him. it works for a while and harry really gets off on how thin he's getting, and also that he holds so much power over him. it especially comes out when they fuck, harry loves being able to manhandle him and how louis is willing to do anything for harry, how badly he wants to impress him.

eventually it stops being enough, and harry takes it even farther, picking out meals for louis and measuring portions, making him weigh himself and punishing him if he hasn't lost, and constantly putting him down about his body. he scares off anyone who tries to help and gets really possessive and controlling. louis is scared and confused, but he loves harry and doesn't want to leave. obviously this would be really angsty but i'd love some smut because i'm a bad person. it'd also be good if harry felt really ashamed of how much he got off on it, but instead of stopping he just takes it out on louis.

it's all up to you how it ends. i'm going to hell.
Harry/Louis  EatingDisorder  Abuse  Insecurity  MeanHarry  Filled  Incomplete 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry; watersports au warnings: incest/underage
I want something where Harry and Louis are brothers...Harry is maybe thirteen or fourteen and Louis is around eighteen or so. Harry accidentally wets himself one day (maybe Louis is tickling him or they're play fighting or something OR maybe Louis could be driving Harry home from school so they're in the car so Harry can't get to a toilet, whatever is fine really). Louis is really turned on by how desperate and embarrassed Harry is so after he helps him get cleaned up he goes and jerks off in his room.

Afterwards he goes out of his way to have Harry wet himself more often so he can get off to it, whether it be in the car or just at home but he makes it so Harry can't make it to the bathroom in time or whatever...

Whether you would like him to explain this turn on to Harry in the end & have them get on with each other is up to you. Louis could just wank the whole time or he could tell Harry and they could get on. Either or :)

Sorry this is really detailed haha :)
Harry/Louis  AU  Incest  Underage  Watersports  Filled  Incomplete 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, modern day cinderella AU
i just want a fic where louis is super famous and a popstar but for whatever reason he's not out (have management be the ~evil stepmother who's holding something over him?) but then he hears about indie rock star harry styles throwing one of his infamous parties - this time, with a masquerade theme! - where everyone who's anyone is always present and anything goes.

so obviously louis goes and has a lotta fun kissing boys and he and harry really hit it off even though lou is keeping his identity a secret because of reasons. in fact they hit it off so well that louis ends up pursuing a friendship with harry in RL. but even as they fall in love, harry feels like he's also fallen for the the MYSTERIOUS STRANGER who keeps coming to his parties and then there's drama and fake angst and a happy ending. :)))

if you somehow include all the boys and side zayn/perrie i will love you forEVER but obvs this is just a bonus and not a necessity etc. etc. PLEASE FILL THIS FOR ME ANONS
Harry/Louis  AU  FamousLouis  Filled  Incomplete  MovieBasedAU 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, sequel to previous fill [angst, rape, self-harm, abuse]
Sorry for posting wrong.

The author has promised to do a sequel, but hasn't. I really want someone to finish this story. I don't know if this is appropriate, but I still want more of this.

Harry/Louis  Sequel  Angst  Non-Con  SelfHarm  Abuse  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
HARRY/LOUIS, Incubus fic (demon), smut, warnings for: underage, demonic themes(?), non con, dub con
Er, I don't know how to 'warn' this. But anyway, I really like horror fic and like, I don't think I've ever read one in this fandom (lol or any just seen some tbh), so can I have an incubus fic?

Louis has been having problems sleeping ever since he remembers (maybe age 10-11). He has these intense dreams where he can't move and he's scared as a dark and unrecognizable figure does sexual things to him (body worship [minus dirty talk], nipple play, fingering, and mouth!fucking PLEASE). He's scared because it all feels so real and very NOT like dreams and one night after the figure penetrates Louis for the first time (age 16), he wakes up in a sticky mess and looks up what his dreams could possible mean.

He finds articles about sleep paralysis and self diagnoses himself as having that, but those link him to articles and theories on incubi and succumbi. What he reads rings eerily true to him and he's too freaked to go to sleep from then on.

He tries not to sleep, but one night the coffee isnt strong enough and he dozes off and has another dream. That night Louis hears the demon's voice for the first time and its low and rough, but sweet while he convinces Louis to just give in (Louis try to ask why him and all that but Harry ignores him and omg more Harry worshipping Louis' body, this time with filthy words). Louis is scared and so the demon finally materializes and when he finally sees what his demon looks like (like RL Harry except w wings, tail and horns), he's captivated and gives in. (He's still restrained so he cant give much but himself.)

And this last part is optional, but if you write something where Harry stops visiting him, and Louis goes crazy with want and eventually looks up ways to conjure incubi (up to you if he ever sees Harry again), I will give you whatever part of my soul that isn't already sold.

kk bye.
Harry/Louis  Insomnia  BodyWorship  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
kitten!Harry/kitten!Louis, Lusty Kittens
Liam was gifted a hybrid for his birthday, and he's not quite sure what to do with it. When the kitten, Louis, goes into heat and has started trying to have sex with anything and everything (including him), he calls up his friend Zayn for some tips, knowing that he has a hybrid as well. Zayn tells Liam that his kitten, Harry, is in heat too, and they arrange for the two to meet. When they do, they're virtually insatiable.

I'd like for this to be very smutty, obviously, but a little bit of humour would be fantastic as well. :)
Harry/Louis  PetHarry  PetLouis  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - AU, slavefic, h/c
Louis is the son of a wealthy family who has never kept slaves (they have servants but they treat them with respect or w/e). He has just turned 20 or whatever you want to make the age of adulthood in the au.
Because he's recently reached adulthood he gets sent by his father to a dinner to a client of his father's to take care of some business dealings.

Harry is a mistreated slave of this man and does something like spill a pitcher of wine so he gets punished in front of the dinner guests. Louis really feels for him and instantly wants to save him so he buys him on the spot.

Then I just want Harry to be a really well trained slave who is completely lost when Louis tries to give him relative freedom and lots of miscommunication and whatever until Louis finally understands what's happening and can start actually helping Harry. Feel free to change things if you want as long as there's a bunch of angst and then a happy ending. I prefer if Harry remains as Louis slave but maybe get more freedom than slaves usually.

tl;dr Basically I just want inexperienced Louis to see Harry getting punished and buying him on a whim and then lots of difficulty and misunderstandings and then a happy ending.
Harry/Louis  SlaveAU  AU  HurtHarry  Hurt/Comfort  Filled  Incomplete  MultipleFills 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis: Football (soccer) AU
(this has probably been done so many times bUT)

louis is a famous footballer and his life is really, really great. until harry styles signes as the new coach of his club.

basically bc this photoset: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mccu2wC4uV1r97yfdo1_500.jpg
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, violent femmes song!fic
Can I PLEASE have a Louis/Harry song!fic for blister in the sun by the violent femmes? Especially focusing on the line "big hands, I know you're the one"! Please please please!!
Harry/Louis  SongFic  Filled  Incomplete  DrugUse 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry - Underage!Harry, Stepdad!Louis, daddy!kink
First time prompting something so I hope I don't do it wrong.

So I just want Harry as an innocent 10/11, all soft skin and baby fat and Louis is his mums new boyfriend/stepdad. Louis has been lusting after Harry ever since he first met him, loves how Harry is undefined and how cute he is, but doesn't want to touch him because he feels guilty, it's wrong, etc. Anne goes away (business trip, holiday with the girls, whatever) and Louis has to babysit Harry for 2 weeks. Harry (being the insanely innocent boy he is) crawls into bed with Louis one night, telling Louis that he's hurting or something and showing Louis that he's hard and he doesn't know what to do. Louis is apprehensive at first but shows Harry how to take care of it and what not. I want them to have sex and afterwards Harry is sore afterwards and Louis feels really bad but Harry reassures him that he's okay. Then Louis taking care of him.

Bonus points if Harry calls Louis 'daddy'/Louis calls Harry 'baby' when they have sex.
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  DaddyKink  Filled  Incomplete  AgeGap 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Harry/Liam or Harry/Zayn - animalplay (kittyplay), slight Dom/sub, collars
When Harry is stressed out, nothing relaxes him more than actually pretending to be a cat. One of the other boys somehow finds out and decides to help him out and will put a collar on him and have Harry curl up close to them on the bed and pet his hair and behind his ears and whatever, take it as far as you want. Obviously he'll crawl around on all fours and won't talk human language!

I'm fine with it not being sexual at all just fluffy caretakery orrrr if there is sex I'd prefer it to be something like Harry likes to give them a blowjob and at first (and kinda still) they found it really weird but they've gotten used to it? But yeah no sex at all is also fine.
Harry/Louis  PetHarry  D/s  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, shy virgin louis
i want a shy louis who wears glasses and doesn't talk much and for harry to see him and WANT HIM. like he wants to just take louis' innocence and its difficult because louis' all shy and such.

eventually harry gets louis and louis' like super sensitive little virgin and this is would be amazing.
Harry/Louis  Firsttime  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis ~ Twins *WARNING FOR INCEST*
*I'd like to mention that this is not underage* Harry and Louis Tomlinson are twins, but completely opposite people. They've never really liked each other, always a sibling rivalry. When Harry gets his first boyfriend, Louis seems off. He explains that it's because he likes him, in a way that makes him guilty. How Harry reacts is completely up to thr author. Sexy time ensues and eventually, Harry encourages Louis to tape them and post it ok the internet. Just lots of smut and all that good stuff. Oh, and if you guys are looking for me in hell, I'll be all the way at the end, seat number 69.
Harry/Louis  Incest  Twins/Triplets  Incomplete  Filled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Louis; To Have and To Hold AU *warnings-self harm, attempted suicide*
*based off of this picture and quote along with it*
The bride surnamed Li cut her wrists and tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her just before the marriage

Louis is absolutely shattered when Harry (or somebody else if you don't want it to be him) decides to run off with another man, the day before they were to be wed, the day they were trying on their tuxedos together. He cuts his wrists viciously and sits on the windowsill of their flat, watching with dead eyes people telling him not to do it, before deciding to just jump.

Before he falls, though, he feels a pair of strong hands catch his battered wrists, holding him tight until they get him inside. The heartbroken lad looks up at his unwanted savior, seeing warm brown eyes looking right back.

His name is Liam and he's the neighbor who just moved in across from Louis. The therapist Louis was forced to talk to by his friends (Niall and Zayn?) told him to occupy himself with something distracting, to help forget Harry/Other. Liam volunteers to help, as he's a personal trainer and states exercising is a good way to relieve tension and anger and sadness.

Cue Liam and Louis constantly in the gym together, and as Louis gets healthier, so does his mind. He slowly gets over Harry/Other, and finds himself in love with Liam, whose been in love with him from the start, and has waited patiently for Louis to reciprocate the feelings.

I have this scene in my head where Louis is punching a punching bag in the gym, and as he reminisces, he starts crying, beating the absolute shit out of the bag in anger until he can't anymore and just collapses to the ground sobbing, with Liam there to hug and comfort him until he's alright again.

And then lovey dovey sexy smut. bottom!Louis would be lovely.

Pretty pretty please and thank you!
Liam/Louis  Harry/Louis  Angst  SuicideAttempt  SelfHarm  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, foodplay.
Can I please have Louis getting really flustered watching Harry eat. It starts off with sexual foods such a bananas and icecream and soon develops into a sort of obsession. He finds himself getting hard when Harry eats anything at all. Harry is totally oblivious.

One day they're eating pasta (or something just as messy) and that's what they are being... Messy. Louis can't take it anymore and has Harry right there and then, feeding him with his hands, licking sauce off him and getting him all dirty and stuff.

Thank you :)
Harry/Louis  FoodSex  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Future!fic
okay, so it's a few years after the bands split up (amicably) and Louis is living in France by himself in the third floor of a little apartment and he doesn't really get bothered much by anyone anymore. the only relationship he has basically is with the girl who runs the apartment building and she's like 17 and quiet and speaks little english and they're really good friends
louis is a sad drunk and going to clubs makes him tired but he likes black coffee in the morning with beautiful french men but he can't keep harry out he just wants to forget but even miles and miles and in a whole different culture he can't stop thinking about harry.
harry with his long curly hair and his new solo career and his model girlfriend. harry who shows up on french tabloids, the pop star who is oh-so talented, and can write oh-so well and who picked up a bit of guitar, enough to get by and be loved by every critic ever.
so louis is just minding his own business in france with his crossword puzzles and his leaky shower with awful water pressure and his beautiful view when harry come to france to do a show and he shows up at louis apartment and....

okay this is way out of line I'm just going to write this myself.
Harry/Louis  FutureFic  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/underage!Louis, Peter Pan AU
Can I please have Harry as Wendy, Louis as Peter Pan, Liam and Zayn as themselves, and Danielle/Eleanor as Tinkerbell. I want a backstory with Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam (age 8-10) going to Neverland and meeting Louis. Harry and the boys go home, but not before Louis and Harry share an innocent close-mouthed kiss.

Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn (real ages) are now in a world famous boyband after meeting on the X-Factor. Harry's in his appartment and he goes out to his balcony. Louis (age 12-15)shows up and is shocked to see Harry all grown up and so much taller than him. Harry calms Louis down and the sit on Harry's bed.

Harry begins to explain the perks of being an adult and begins telling Louis about confessing love. As he finishes telling Louis about sex, Louis kisses the older male. It's close lipped and very innocent and as Harry puts tongue in the kiss, Louis is kind of weirded out. Harry explains its how physically confessing love goes, and Louis relaxes. Passionate sexy time ensuses, and Louis enjoys himself greatly.

It can end however the filler pleases. Sorry for making it so detailed, and please someone fill it(:
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Harry/Girl!Louis, first time, underage
There is a sad lack of one-shots and fanfiction in this fandom where both of the boys in the pairing are girls, so I thought I'd prompt this:

Both Harry and Louis are girls and are both either 14 or 15 (they're both the same age) so WARNING - UNDERAGE.
Harry is bisexual (though she tends to sway more towards girls) and Louis is her first serious relationship (Louis's her first kiss, for example). Harry had a boyfriend once when she was younger, but it was one of those silly primary school relationships that never went anywhere. Harry's really inexperienced but she's seen things on the internet so she knows roughly what she's doing.

Louis is a lesbian. She's had boyfriends in the past before she realised her sexuality and she got fairly serious/physical with one or two of them, but she's never had a girlfriend before so she has no experience with girls whatsoever.
I just want both of them having their first time with each other. It would be great if one of them (preferably Harry?) expects to be really nervous because she's never done anything like this before, but she realises she's not at all because she's doing this with Louis and Louis is like her best friend and girlfriend rolled into one.

I really want them being all smiley and laughing but being really competitive (taking turns being 'on top' - straddling each other) and completely comfortable with each other.

Good things to include: starting with kissing and making out before hands start sliding under tops, but no rushing. Then hands start moving down and rubbing with clothes still on before they get more confident and start using their mouth and stuff. Grinding and scissoring would be great too. It's up to you whether they go the whole way, but please include as much of that as possible.

Thank you to anyone who fills this - I just really need this.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Firsttime  Underage  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Underage, Church au
Harry is like 13? idc, and his family go to church every Sunday (christian?) and Harry goes into the confessional. Louis is the father?/priest guy in there and Harry confesses that he can't stop watching porn/wanking and he's really upset about it. Louis says his sins are forgiven (or what they say I've never been) then that night Louis goes home to his wife and he can't stop thinking about those curls while in bed with her. (he knew Harry's voice, or maybe they could see each other thru confessional)

Then one day idc he and Harry are neighbours. He says he'll watch over him for the day or something. And all he can think about is how he looks when he's shamefully masturbating. And then somehow smut happens.

** the only real request I have is that theres no sex or anything dirty happening in the church.
Srry for long prompt please fill. xx
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Religion  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Halloween
Louis wants to dress up for Halloween & has the perfect costume - Peter Pan. He just needs to convince someone to be his Tinkerbell. Somehow it ends up being Harry and Louis didn't realize what a turn on it would be to have his best mate next to him all night in a dress and glitter. He makes sure to show his appreciation for Harry being such a good sport.
Harry/Louis  AU  UniAU  Clothes  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Nick, Background Louis/Harry
Nick sees from early on in their friendship that Harry is a self destructive person. He just knew that one day Harry would come to him and he'd be the shoulder for Harry to cry on. He just wishes that Harry could see how beautiful and special he is, how beautiful and special Nick thinks he is. What Nick didn't know was that he'd get sucked into Harry's self destructive downward spiral. How stupid of him to fall for this boy who is clearly in love with another.

Nick doesn't know what him and Harry are, but they fuck a lot. Harry's usually drunk, or high, but it's the closest he'll ever get to having Harry love him back. He can just ignore the way Harry screams out Louis' name instead of his, cause when morning comes and Harry's sober again he'll look at him with his glassy, if not slightly dazed green eyes and tell him he loves him and that he's sorry for everything and Nick will always give him the benefit of the doubt and forgive him, knowing deep down that nothing will change.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Other  OutsidePOV  Angst  Drinking  DrunkSex  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis highschool!AU
Harry and Louis are in high school, and harry has been bullying and beating Louis up for years now. Secretly though, he has a crush on Louis and is just afraid to admit it.

Can I have a 5 times Harry beat Louis up to hide his feelings, and the one time he confessed to Louis.
Harry/Louis  AU  Abuse  Homophobia  Denial  FiveTimes  Filled  Incomplete  HighSchoolAU 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis (Possible Dub-con! and Under influence!) Contact Drug; Harry NEEDS to Touch Louis
Really, Harry knows better. But he's so hungry (It was just an orange all day and his stomach's 'bout to collapse) and the girl looks nice enough and when she offers a bag of delicious-looking biscuits... Surely one couldn't hurt?

He sneaks a bite or five, thinking nothing of it. It isn't until they're changing for the show inside that Harry starts feeling... weird. His body's rippling with a feverish energy, skin feeling too tight and itchy to hold all of it in one vessel. Cheeks flaming and temperature high, Harry starts the performance. The symptoms get worse; he can't concentrate; he feels frustrated and snappish; he's so tense he's liable to break in half; and he's got the most painful boner of the century.

Everything nearly goes to shit when he cuts off with a low moan mid-singing. The others cover it and Louis discreetly takes Harry's arm, pulling him back to smooth out his hair and ask with worried eyes if he's alright, but Harry doesn't even notice because the second Louis touched him... he felt immensely better. Harry plays it off as a fluke but is sure to keep in close contact with Louis for the rest of the show.

Once Liam ends it, everyone immediately crowds around Harry when they're back in the dressing room. Harry's gone nearly a whole five minutes without laying a finger on Louis and the symptoms are back, even more fierce. Pressing himself against Lou, he quickly explains the pastries he ate.

The boys figure out that he's been drugged, and it seems the only cure is to get physical with Louis; it didn't work with the others, Harry still felt wound up no matter how many times Zayn, Liam or Niall practically groped him.

But there's another problem. Skin-to-skin contact is definitely not working as well as it did in the beginning. Harry's getting more and more painfully aroused, cheeks red and eyes in a bright daze. Then he kisses Louis and his spit soothes Harry's body in moments. Of course, it just keeps getting worse, dirtier and longer each time, until Harry's begging to be fucked before he
Harry/Louis  SexPollen  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis , AU , war
Louis is a city boy forced to live in the country with harry's family when England is in the middle of a war. (Can be past wars or made up i don't mind) and yeah you can take what you want from the plot but just lots of angst and protecting each other and danger
Harry/Louis  AU  WarAU  Angst  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis (Crossdressing! and Prostitution!-ish if you squint) Lou's a Maid
Mr. Styles has been Louis' employer for nearly a year; a filthy rich, incredibly attractive individual who also enjoys the company of other males. Yeah, Harry is a genius with computers and spends his free time donating to charities, golfing, playing with his goddaughter Lux or drinking with his equally wealthy mates Niall and Liam, but he's an incredibly kinky man.

Louis was the first person to accept the requirement of wearing a girl's French Maid outfit, (including panties, tights and heels) and to be honest he doesn't really clean all that much. Instead, he poses in suggestive positions while pretending to dust or vaccuum or whatever and tosses come hither looks at his boss.

Harry seems to enjoy it, judging from the sizable bulge in his trousers and the smoldering gaze that nearly feels like a physical touch on Louis' skin, but he never does anything about it! So much teasing and sexual tension, but they hardly even touch! Zayn, Louis' best mate, listens sympathetically at first, but after weeks on end, he's tired of Lou's whining and suggests a plan.

Harry comes home to find Louis fingering himself, moaning Mr. Styles and greedily burying his face in one of Harry's sweat-stained shirts. Then he fucks Louis 'til he sees stars and pays him even more.... Louis quite enjoys the bonus
Harry/Louis  Crossdressing  AU  Fingering  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Jealous!Louis
Harry and Nick are great friends, and Louis knows that, but at the same time he can't stand it when Harry comes home from a day with Nick with a smile on his face.
Harry/Louis  Jealousy  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, fluffy, romance.
I really just want Louis taking Harry to a beachouse he rented for them. The beach is secluded and there isn't many people there but they still try to be discreet when they kiss and hold hands etc.

After spending the day together on the beach they go home and make love to the sounds of the waves. All romance and sickly sweetness :) bonus points for mentions of tans/tan lines, salty skin and salty hair :)

Harry/Louis  Fluff  Romance  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - Imaginary Friend
As a kid, Louis gets picked on greatly because he's small and quiet and wears glasses. The bullying becomes so bad that he hardly ever talks to anyone anymore because he's afraid of saying the wrong thing. One day, Louis sees a boy following him. He finds out that his name is Harry and only Louis can see him.

Thus, he becomes Louis's imaginary friend.

One day, though, Harry says he has to go, but he promises to be back. Louis, however, is distraught. But as he grows up he convinces himself that Harry was just a figment of his imagination, he wasn't real.

That, is until, Harry shows up again....not so "young" anymore.

~ I would love to see how upset it made Louis as a kid. Crying, begging, pleading for Harry to stay and when he finally leaves, Louis is inconsolable because Harry was his best and only friend.
~ When Louis finally meets older Harry he doesn't believe it's him, but Harry tells him things that only the two would know (ex. Louis likes the crusts cut off, dreams he had as a kid, maybe a memory the two shared)
~ When Louis finally believes him, he's bitter because Harry left.
~ Louis still wears glasses
~ Against Louis's protests, Harry still climbs into his bed at night
Extra Bonus: There's glorious height difference
Harry/Louis  HeightDifference  KidFic  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Non con (Rough/mean!sex)
Can I have Louis and Harry in an established relationship that is going well.

Harry come home REALLY ANGRY one night (Maybe some mean fans or something) and goes to Louis. Harry then has rough/angry/mean sex with Louis (RAPE) against Louis' will. Louis, begs him to stop and cries out saying it hurts and everything, but Harry doesn't listen or stop. I want Louis crying, struggling and begging. Bonas point, if Harry hurts Louis really bad, like he's bleeding and can't walk and everything. EXTRA bonus point if Louis is in so much pain he doesn't even cum, or Harry has to, like, force him to cum.

I want Harry leaving afterward, but maybe Louis is too hurt to clean to move himself. When Harry comes back, calmed down, he realises what he has done and helps Louis and apologizes.
Harry/Louis  Non-Con  RoughSex  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 5
Nerdy but beautiful!Harry has only ever cared about one thing his entire life: his grades and to be a good boy for his mum. He never really had any friends, been to parties or done any of the normal things teenagers do. And he is a virgin.

He gets into the uni he always dreamed of. First night there he goes around campus to explore. A handsome, older man comes up to him and starts talking to him. Harry is shy and awkward but desides to live a little. The man ends up taking his virginity. And the next morning when Harry wakes up he realizes that he's just had sex with one of his professors.

I have a serious beautiful!nerd kink... :( would be lovely with some emphasize on how gangly and awkward Harry is. And that he's wearing the most unflattering glasses ever, which makes his eyes even bigger. Same with his clothes, but obviously the man (of your choice) can see how beautiful he'd look without them.
Harry/Louis  AU  UniAU  Firsttime  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Kitty Ears kink
(non-relationship) Somehow Harry gets a pair of kitty ears from maybe a fan or he bought them or something and he starts wearing them all the time and every time Louis sees him with the kitty ears on he feels a bit turned on. Harry then starts noticing and starts teasing Louis by licking his neck or licking his own hand and stuff.
smut or no smut, up to the person who fills it :DDD
Harry/Louis  PetHarry  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis vampire!Harry
I need a vampire fic up in here.

I don't have much to ask, Vampire!Harry, noting his porcelain skin... Louis finding out by surprise, or Harry slipping at his cover, and his struggle to not curse Louis to a life like his own.
(He can totally turn him at the end, cause that's the best part of vampire fics)
Harry/Louis  VampireAU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis-Louis gets kidnapped/non-con/abuse/trauma
Am I the only one who really wants a fic where Louis is the one kidnapped?

Like maybe, Louis gets a stalker, so Harry and the rest of the boys keep a close eye on him. Not letting him go out by himself and following him everywhere.

And then one day he gets tired of it, and tells Harry to go spend the night at one of the other boys flats so that he can have one night of peace, promising that he wont leave or open the door for anyone. During the middle of the night the stalker breaks in and takes Louis.

Harry freaks out, and Louis goes missing for 5-6 months.
They find him somewhere, up to filler, and whatever state Louis is in can also be up to the filler.

Harry and Louis can already be in an established relation ship, or it can end in them getting together, up to the filler.

I just really want a Kidnapped!Louis in the worse way.

Also I hope I posted with the right Triggers, if I didn't would someone please tell me?
Harry/Louis  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Abuse  Violence  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/Harry (rape)
Zayn has always been in love with Harry... but Harry and Louis are boyfriends.
One night at a party Zayn gets desperate and plans to drug Harry, doing everything he always dreamt of doing to him (rape, bj, rimming). he doesn't realize Harry only took a few sips of his drink while he is a little out of it he knows what's happening and likes it way to much.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Zayn  Jealousy  Non-Con  Drinking  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - Nerd!Louis and Cocky!Harry -WARNING FOR UNDERAGE-
I just want Lou to be a more inside kind of person and a bit unsocialable (around 21, however old you want). Harry's his cocky neighbor, with an ear pierced and low hanging pants, tattoos and what Louis suspects to be eyeliner (16). Harry wants Louis, but Louis knows its not okay to want Harry. Anne asks Louis to watch over Harry while she's away on vacation the next day and he agrees. Harry seduces Louis and Lou just doesn't know what to do with himself. Someone please fill because I have this thing where my prompts are never filled >.< I'll make brownies!
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Filled  Incomplete  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Leeds AU
We all know the Leeds story but what if One Direction was never formed? Can I have a story where Harry and Louis go to Leeds separately and then meet at the festival and become attached at the hip? They flirt and touch a lot and cuddle and Harry buys Louis food. They even decide to share a tent and on the last night they realize that it will probably be the last time they see each other so they end up having really emotional, intense sex. After that they realize that they really don't want to leave each other and idk I'm not a writer, the author can do whatever they want from here on out.

basically, I just have this feeling that the whole Leeds thing would have happened even if Louis and Harry never met.

also, Top!Harry would be preferred but not required.
Harry/Louis  LeedsFic  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Niall/Liam/Zayn, Catholic School AU, Warning Underage
Just where all 5 boys attend the same Catholic school (ages ranges from 15-17, don't have to make the boys youngest to oldest how they are in real life). Louis & Liam are best friends and the total goody, straight laced boys of the school. On the opposite end, you have Harry, Niall & Zayn who are only attending b/c their parents shell out the money to keep them there, and they smoke, drink, and none of them are virgins.

I just want to see Harry captivated by Louis innocence and Zayn/Niall the same with Liam, and they make it their goal to corrupt them. Author can do with that as they want! I just want lots of blushing Louis/Liam to begin with, and they end up loving what Harry, Niall and Zayn are doing to them...so yeah, happy kinky & smutty ending! <3
Harry/Louis  Liam/Niall/Zayn  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry read a smut fic
Louis and Harry come across a meldoramatic, badly written Larry fic which they find absolutely hilarious. They start reading lines from it and making weird faces at each other, acting out the things that happen in the fic. Louis jokingly grabs Harry's crotch and realizes that Harry's hard as fuck. Cue awkward handjobs.
Harry/Louis  FanFiction  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis kidnapping, underage, sexslave
I haven't seen an underage kidnapping prompt/fill where there is underage!louis so...

Harry (20-24) kidnaps Louis (8-10) and teaches him to be his little sex slave, how to talk dirty and give blowjobs or whatever.

Maybe it'll be gradual, like they won't go all the way till Louis' like 13 (if harry can wait that long)

Oh and please make Harry punish him when he doesn't obey orders and whatnot.
Harry/Louis  Underage  Kidnapping  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Pet!Harry
Okay so we all know that alot of people want to read about sexkitten!harry, I mean, who wouldn't? Thing is, no one's fillin the prompts. I know you want to read it, yes you reading this. So why not write it and get a bunch of feedback and do everyone a favor uGH. Ide care who you put Harry with, just kitten!harry. And make sure to throw in a little smut while your at it. I'll give you first born.
Harry/Louis  PetHarry  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/bottom!Harry Non-Con or Dub-Con
Basically the boys are at an after party. And Louis is plastered drunk, and doesn't know what he is doing. The next thing he knows is that he is flirting and making moves on Harry. Harry just think he is joking around. But then Louis tells Harry to follow him into a bedroom for a "chat". Once the door is shut and locked Louis starts trying to kiss and grab him, and harry is trying to push him off but Louis is stronger than him. It is up to the author if they want harry completely against it or not.
Harry/Louis  Non-Con  Incomplete  Drinking 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
AU where the world that Louis lives in is not only inhabited by humans, but also by hybrids that are part animal. The first hybrids were the result of a gene-splicing experiment and since then, they've been mated and genes have been mixed to form hybrids
AU where the world that Louis lives in is not only inhabited by humans, but also by hybrids that are part animal. The first hybrids were the result of a gene-splicing experiment and since then, they've been mated and genes have been mixed to form hybrids that ranged anywhere from butterflies with antennae and glorious, multi-colored eyes and wings, to lions, with their thick hair and ears and tail and those piercing, yellow eyes.

Louis is the only son of a very wealthy businessman, and has just inherited his father's business due to his father's death. Among the rich and famous, the hybrids that live among the humans are kept as exotic pets. The more exotic your pet was, the more wealthy you were.

Louis doesn't seem to get the attraction to the hybrids that the other rich and famous people have, even his best friend Zayn who has a beautiful hybrid lion named Liam. (Though Liam is much, much more than just a pet to Zayn.) Zayn keeps trying to get Louis to go to one of the many pet auctions held every month because he thinks that Louis is lonely in his huge flat with nobody but himself and his bodyguard, Paul.

Finally, one night Zayn convinces Louis to come with him to an auction. Louis is immediately put off by the way the snotty people keep their pets by their sides, completely naked save for a diamond studded collar and leash, and he wants to leave. Zayn convinces him to stay just in time for another hybrid to be brought up on stage, and the whole room goes eerily silent.

The hybrid brought up on the stage is a beautiful black panther named Harry, with sharp ears jutting out of his dark curls, sleek, threatening canine teeth that are exposed when the hybrid hisses threateningly at the auctioneer, a long, silky black tail that twitches and flows like a melody, and the brightest, clearest green eyes Louis had ever seen. Louis is instantly drawn to him.

It's obvious that this hybrid is not like the others that had already been auctioned off - he doesn't try to parade himself around the stage to show off his
Harry/Louis  AU  PetHarry  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, fake-boyfriends!Stanley/Louis college AU
After Eleanor dumps Louis he's fiercely determined to prove that he's over her, so he convinces his best mate from back home, Stan, to pretend to be his new boyfriend. But he swears Stan to secrecy and doesn't tell any of his new uni friends of his dastardly plan, because when Louis commits to a prank, he goes full out. Unfortunately, his roommate Harry seems convinced Stan is wrong for Louis and doesn't seem to want to give him the time of the day, throwing a wrench in Louis' plan to show off the new love of his life to everyone in their friend group.
Louis/Other  Harry/Louis  AU  UniAU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry car sex
ok so this prompt came to me out of the blue this morning and it won't leave now

so Louis and Harry go on a road trip or something and Louis is driving and they're both really horny so Harry proceeds to suck Louis off while he's still driving and they're both so turned on that Louis just pulls over the car and fucks Harry. i'd like it if it was night/dusk and no one was really on the road and maybe only a few cars pass by as they're pulled over. i'd explode with joy if this was filled!!
Harry/Louis  CarSex  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 4
Someone convinces Harry and Zayn to try some sort of drug for the first time(i.e. cocaine, ecstasy etc.) and they come back to their hotel room super wired and toked out. Liam is out with Danielle, or whatever the author wants, and then Zayn and Harry go crazy on Niall and Louis and end up raping them/beating them.

Someone please fill this I need it ok I just do.
Harry/Louis  Niall/Zayn  DrugUse  Non-Con  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis/harry bad boy fic
okay so this is a pretty loose description and you can honestly do what you want with it, but i was thinking louis is the like rebellious kid who gets in trouble for whatever reason and is placed into some community service program with Harry, who is like the goody-two-shoes type (it doesn't really need to happen like that... anything is fine) anyways they clash a lot and Louis really intimidates Harry but eventually they learn to work together and some stuff happens. honestly i just want louis in leather and with tattoos and wherever you want to go with it is fine. smut is a nice bonus (:
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry Angst With Happy Ending (Other guys if wanted) ED Trigger
Based off of these pictures:


Lets say that critics/twitter users make comments about his stomach "looking bigger" (I want to clarify I think Louis looks fantastic!!) and it's the final straw for him, considering all the stress of still "dating" Eleanor and being away from his family, not to mention hiding his true relationship with Harry.

I want Louis to develop an ED to feel like he's in control of something, the other guys don't really notice, but one night while having sex, Harry realizes how thin Louis has gotten, and then he gets the other guys to intervene or what not. Up to the author how it ends, but lots of hot/sweet sex and can be OT5 or not. :-)
Harry/Louis  Angst  EatingDisorder  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Zayn, Harry/Louis
I want fic where they were all in high school and they meet through gsa. Maybe louis is the leader of the GSA, i dont know that idea just stuck in my brain.

louis amd zayn are gay and harry is bi and liam is there because his gf is one of those high school girls who love gays and niall goes with liam as a bro thing but then falls for zayn and has a sexuality crisis.
Niall/Zayn  Harry/Louis  HighSchoolAU  Underage  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Better Than I Know Myself
Louis getting in a fight with Harry, and everything between them being super tense. But Harry comes across the song "Better Than I Know Myself" (Adam Lambert) and sings it to Lou in their apartment/rooftop, either one. Angsty, fluffy and maybe a little smut at the end?
Harry/Louis  SongFic  Angst  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam or Louis/Harry AU
Either Liam or Louis are princes and are arranged to marry Princess Danielle/Eleanor. Harry is one of Danielle/Eleanor's servants (or maybe just someone who works in the castle?). Liam/Louis meet Harry while visiting and love at first sight blah blah.

I just really want the whole rapidly spiraling into a love they don't really understand (maybe Liam/Louis has never been with a boy before?) and Harry introducing them to the kind of fun and excitement they don't get inside the castle, since they're always having to be perfect and polite and put together and whatnot (very Aladdin-esque, I know; I'm just a huge sap like that).
Harry/Louis  AU  Marriage  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Punk!Harry Virgin!Louis
Harry's in a punk rock band and he's always got whoever he wanted- until he meets Louis. Louis is a classical pianist and virgin who seems to be the only guy that wouldn't fuck Harry on command. Harry really wants Louis and although Louis blatantly refuses him, Harry does whatever it takes to get Louis to be his.
Bonus if they get together in the end after Harry finally gets into Louis' ridiculously tight pants ;)
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Firsttime  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Prostitution
There are too many Harry-as-prostitute prompts and not prostitute!Louis. This needs to be fixed pronto.
Harry/Louis  AU  Prostitute  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, camp
Harry is at his last year of all boys summer camp (like age 16) and Louis is a counselor (like 18/19). Secret sex in the shower, the bunk, the woods, etc. Don't really care who tops and bottoms.
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis ridiculous arranged marriage crossdressing AU
Harry and Lottie were arranged to be married from a young age. Shortly before Lottie comes of age she is to be sent to live with the Styles to prepare for her married life. Dismayed by the thought of his beloved little sister being forced into a marriage against her will, Louis goes in her place, hoping to shock and appall the Styles' into calling off the marriage. Luck is against Louis, however, as Harry takes a shine to him the moment they meet again.
Harry/Louis  AU  Crossdressing  Marriage  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
underage, cocky!Harry/older!Louis
So Louis (25/26?) is Harry's (16?) neighbour. Harry is aware of exactly how hot he is, especially when he likes to mow his front lawn shirtless on hot summer days. Anyway Harry is a cocky little teenager and is constantly flirting with Louis, when they pass by each other in the drive way on their way to school/work maybe Harry says something like 'Goodmorning Mr.Tomlinson' in his slow, deep and seductive voice and winks. Anyway so one night Harry's parents invite Louis over for dinner, while at the dinner table Harry is constantly making inappropriate jokes and gestures to Louis (sucking on his spoon for to long? Rubbing his foot up his leg? Grabbing his thigh? Making sure his mum cooked sausages or something? IDK) anyway Harry's parents inform Louis that they will be going away for a week and leaving Harry on his own but ask Louis if he could just check up on him every night or so. So Louis is clearly worried, having held back how much he wants to fall into the temptation that is Harry Styles, that he's going to break. Anyway so when Louis goes to check up on him Harry seduces him and sex ensues...
A happy fucking ending please (see what I did there?)


TL;DR: Harry is a cocky little teenager with the hots for his older neighbour Louis. Louis tried to ignore him until he just cant anymore.
Harry/Louis  AU  AgeGap  Underage  MultipleFills  DeletedFill  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, stockholm syndrome
Louis kidnaps Harry. Louis is a bit of a rough, violent and unpredictable guy - which scares Harry (but maybe Harry has his share of cocky moments?.. which frustrates Louis)

But lots of (unresolved) sexual tension culminating in sexytimes obviously (could be dubcon at first), and they end up falling for each other.
Harry/Louis  Underage  AU  AgeGap  Non-Con  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Greaser!Harry/Louis - 50s AU
Harry is the over-confident womanizing greaser who hooks up with girls and boys at the drive-in and hangs out outside the local diner smoking with his friends lusting after pretty little Louis Tomlinson and Louis is the nerdy goody-two shoes who believes in waiting until marriage for sex and thinks everything about Harry Styles is sin.

That is until the one night when Harry and Louis meet outside the local diner and Harry fucks Louis deep and hard against the wall in a dark alley.
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 4
Harry/Louis :: NC-17 :: AU
Harry is the bartender at a beach resort. He is his normal charismatic, happy-go-lucky self.
Louis is the son of two rich business people. Neither parent has much time for him and Louis spends the majority of his life embarrassed by how his parents expect everyone to cater to their family. After his parents treat Harry nastily one evening, Louis finds himself heading back to the bar to apologize to Harry. The two hit it off, though Louis is somewhat unsure of the budding romance--afterall, how long can it last? Kink: Pool sex. The two find themselves in the resort's gorgeous pool fucking beneath/beside the waterfall. (note: Harry knows how to turn off the security cameras). Happy ending is a must. :)
Harry/Louis  AU  PoolSex  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis in different competing bands
AU where Louis and Stan and their band the Rogue are really popular and have been for years, and Harry Styles and his stupid band with an even stupider name White Eskimo are getting a lot of the attention lately and there's a lot of tension between the bands. Maybe they're both signed acts or maybe they're competing in a battle of the bands type thing?? But basically they don't get along and Louis refuses to fraternize with the enemy but Harry is really hot and really vocal about who he wants (maybe going so far as to sing a sexual song about Louis?)
Harry/Louis  Jealousy  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
nerd!Harry/populare!Louis HS cliché
The old clishé with Louis being the older, populare kid on the sports team. And Harry as the thin, shy nerd with two left feet (Bonus if he wears glasses) Harry's never had a friend because his mum has been over-protective of him his whole life. He's clumsy and always ends up getting hurt somehow. Because of this Harry doesn't quite know how to socialize. He's very kind and naive, which is naturally perceived as a sign of weakness by the other kids. Something happens that leads to Harry having to lecture Louis. And they start a secret and very destructive relationship (Maybe during their first tutorial Harry takes off his glasses and brushes his thick fringe from his face and Louis suddenly sees how beautiful he is, or something like that) But Louis doesn't want to come out because there's too much at stake. And he certainly doesn't want to come out with Harry. And Louis' friends continue to hassle Harry and Louis can't say anything. Not even when Louis is made to beat Harry :( Idk. This is getting too long and complicated, sorry! I'd just like it to somehow end with Louis plucking up the courage at prom, and ditching the prom queen and walking up to Harry and asking him to dance/kiss whatever. I just have feels that I don't know what to do with. But I'll stop now before this turn into fic.
Harry/Louis  HighSchoolAU  Underage  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - Narnia
The One D boys somehow find themselves in Narnia. Cue them going on an adventure. (Perhaps Louis and Harry find it first? They couldn't help it. They were just trying to find a good place to make out uninterrupted.) And then of course they some how all make it there and go on a whirlwind adventure. (I do love the idea of One D staying at a big beautiful manor house for whatever reason, and then stumbling upon it that way but y'all can feel free to just take the narnia thing and run with it.)
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  Filled  AU  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, crossdressing
I looked through the tags on the delicious and this hasn't been prompted yet (but it's so obvious) so... Can I have Louis dressing up as a girl so that he and Harry can escape crazy fangirls waiting at their hotel? I'd like it to start of that way but then Louis finds out he really likes it and so does Harry...
Harry/Louis  Crossdressing  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Lou Teasdale
Harry going to her to vent about Louis and his feelings for him and how oblivious he. He's really down so she decides to take him clubbing to take his mind of things. They both get completely smashed and end up sleeping with each other. End with the aftermath of their drunken one night stand.
Harry/Louis  UnrequitedFeelings  Angst  Harry/Other  Het  DrunkSex  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Zayn/OMC, possible unrequited Zayn/Liam?
Oh gosh I've never prompted anything at a kinkmeme before, here's hoping I don't fuck up. Basically I've had this idea FOREVER, but I can't write worth a damn, so I figured I'd toss it out there to see what everyone else can do with it -- Harry and Louis are in the process of coming out, and Zayn, as the only other queer band member*, is being pretty much forced to stay in the closet by their management for fear that THREE dudes who like dudes in the same band will ruin everything (and, to be fair, it probably would). It's no big deal, really, because Zayn's never met a guy he's really wanted to date**... and then he meets a guy and falls fast and it becomes a problem. Bonus points for guilty!Harry and Louis who hate that their coming out means trouble for Zayn, and if you include a conversation between Liam and Zayn about Zayn's crush on him I will have your babies. Okay, I think that's it? Hopefully I didn't fuck this up, frtgyhuj. *in my head he's bi, but if you want to make him gay or pan or demi or whatthefuckever that's cool too! **except maybe for Liam but Liam's with Danielle and Zayn's not dumb enough to think he could get between them.
Harry/Louis  ComingOut  Zayn/Other  Angst  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis, Harry
They have this little game going on. Louis is the dominant one and each time he asks Harry to go a little further, to control himself. This time in a desperation kind of thing, he tells him not to go to the bathroom til he can't hold it. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSu1bLMBebg) They didn't plan that Niall would be in when Harry needs to go. Unlike the video, in this, Harry loses it, in front of the fans. Wet pants, public humiliation, endless teasing, comfort afterwards and watersports because seeing Harry losing control like that, because of him, is more than he can handle and he wants it to happen again.
Harry/Louis  Watersports  Humiliation  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, top!louis becomes bottom!louis
It can be AU or not, what you prefer. No fluff preferably. Unestablished relationship in the beginning, Harry is openly bisexual (or gay) and Louis is gay but has not quite admitted it to himself yet. Harry doesn't exactly make it very clear that he is interested in Louis. He does however casually flirt with him a lot, always the charmer. But then again, Harry is like that with a lot of people. Queue lots of unresolved sexual tension and frustrated Louis. They end up finally fucking when Louis loses the inner battle with himself (maybe after he gets jealous of Harry with someone else?). Louis tops. They start having a thing, but there is probably some angst and tension because Louis is still not too comfortable with his sexuality. Louis is always the one to top, always the one in control at the moments they fuck. He probably thinks this way he's still more “the man” in their relationship. It's not that Harry minds bottoming, at all, but sometimes, he tries to take charge and have Louis bottom. Louis never let's him (maybe even gets rough sometimes). Meanwhile, when they are in public or with company (I'd love it if the story is not pure PWP but also has them in different environments), Harry becomes more and more of a tease. He really gets off on making Louis incredibly uncomfortable – possibly to get back at him for always being in control when it's just the two of them alone - and it is working. But of course, this results in Louis retaliating and asserting his dominance in the bedroom even more. Then, for their final fuck of this story, the tables turn. Harry finally 'overpowers' Louis and tops. It's up to you how he is able to be stronger than Louis this time (maybe by tying him up before Louis can protest or something? Maybe Louis is a little drunk while Harry is sober? I don't know, whatever you like). Louis struggles to gain back the control but fails. He tries not to admit to Harry (and more importantly: not to admit it to himself) that he's actually incredibly turned on by being the one getting fucked. In the end though, he is completely at Harry's mercy, completely begging for it. (It's smut obviously, but it'd be great also to focus quite a bit on Louis' inner conflicts about the whole situation – he really has difficulty coming to terms with being submissive, and enjoying it)
Harry/Louis  HighSchoolAU  Filled  AU  Firsttime  Incomplete  Drinking 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, angst
No established relationship to begin with. Something traumatic happens to Harry (assault, near death experience in a car accident - up to the author) and Louis is there to help him through it. The two become really close, so much so that when Louis returns to 'normal life' (starts going out again, seeing other people etc) Harry develops a separation anxiety - every time Louis leaves Harry cries and begs and clings to him. Up to the author how it ends, just want lots of clingy, sad Harry and conflicted Louis.
Harry/Louis  Angst  HurtHarry  Hurt/Comfort  Needy  Crying  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry Mpreg
I just want a Larry Mpreg, with preferably Louis being pregnant. Just like a paragraph/short snippet of each month of the pregnancy, ending at the baby being born. Whether it is a specific moment from each month or an overview of what each month brought to the experience is up to the author. I'm a sucker for fluffy moments when the bump starts showing, etc. I prefer fluff, but smutty moments aren't a problem by any means. I am also a fan of this being in a world/universe where male pregnancy isn't completely unheard of. I also would prefer established relationship, and not a 'one night thing led to a baby' situation. This is my first time prompting, so sorry if I didn't do this correctly or something! And if this is (hopefully) filled, the author by no means has to stick to exactly what I wrote, all just suggestions.
Harry/Louis  Mpreg  Filled  Fluff  Romance  Angst  PregnancyKink  Long  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry Styles is a world-renowned cyber criminal. He's only just 18, and he's hacked into the most protected firewalls in the world, and he's in the Top 10 Most Wanted lists in most countries in the world. He's also a cocky shit. Louis Tomlinson is the most successful secret agent, and the son of the head of MI5. Harry's got a crush the size of Australia on him, and he's using all of his best techniques to try and seduce him.
Harry/Louis  AU  Filled  Incomplete 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, male lactation.
So, after weeks of having sore nipples, Harry notices that something white and sweet has started dripping from them. It's painful, and he doesn't know who to go to. Somehow Louis ends up finding out, and helping him to achieve some relief... but the younger discovers that, after being "helped" a few times, his body gets used to it, and whenever he's aroused it starts leaking even more. I'd also admit an AU. Maybe Louis has some weird kink with it and makes Harry his "slave"? As long as it includes lactation and tons of nipple play (come on, the lad's got /four/ of them!), it'll be good for me. Any brave one willing to give it a try? ;D Bonus points if Harry is way younger than Louis, even underage, and behaves innocently about all of it. <3
Harry/Louis  Filled  Incomplete  SlaveAU  Long  AU  Nipples 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
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