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Louis/Harry warning: possible dub con, non con
after all the tweets from Louis today (denying larry and such) i just want really really really rough sex and louis being dominant and idk anything based around the tweets from today that includes rough sex (and, as the title says, dub!con non!con is fine)
Harry/Louis  Twitter  RoughSex  Violence  Choking  Bruising  UnprotectedSex  MeanLouis  Dub-Con  Filled  Completed 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/Louis, (warning for incest and underage) possessive!louis
basically just them being brothers, things randomly happen one night so they keep it going. sneaking into each others bedrooms at night. Louis doesn't like Harry hanging with his guy friends so he gives him rough sex with lots of lovebites, and scratching to remind Harry he belongs to lou. idk I just really want this ok pls gimme it
Harry/Louis  Underage  AU  Incest  Marking  Bruising  Possessive  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Nick Grimshaw, Harry/Louis
Harry's in an open relationship with Nick and Louis. Both parties are fully aware of the arrangement and they love Harry but they also completely fucking hate each others guts. What starts off with Louis seeing lovebites on Harry that he didn't give, turns into a kinky competition in which Louis wants to show Nick who Harry "really belongs to" and vice versa. They promised Harry they wouldn't fight so they not-so-subtly use Harry's very willing and insatiable body to relay their "fuck you, he's mine" messages back and forth.

They could do this through hickeys, bruises, making sure Harry goes to the other with a limp, having Harry wear their clothing, restraint marks from bondage play, biting, stuffing Harry with cum and sending him off to the other, exhibition/voyeurism where they know the other is watching, hair pulling, writing on Harry's body ("Hi"), spanking, etc idk feel free to do w/e you like here, author anon!

this is essentially one big possessive/jealousy kink request with some possibility of D/s, humiliation or spanking thrown in according to how far author anon wants to take it. I'd like it if everything remains consensual please :)
Harry/Louis  Harry/Other  Marking  Jealousy  D/s  Humiliation  Spanking  Biting  Bruising  Clothes  Comeplay  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis + Nick Grimshaw
Harry's been hanging out with Nick Grimshaw a lot so I would like to request a very jealous and possessive Louis. I'm talking hickeys, scratches, bruises--things Louis would do to remind Nick to back the fuck off, with Harry loving the attention. I'd like established Harry/Louis with author anon's choice of unrequited or also established Nick/Harry.
Harry/Louis  Jealousy  Possessive  Marking  Bruising  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis & harry are in a secret relationship. harry is photographed with really bad bruises (neck, hip, arm, etc) and everyone thinks he's being abused but he just really enjoys rough sex with louis.
Harry/Louis  Bruising  Marking  Filled  Completed  Short 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Harry/Nick Grimshaw, d/s themes
Harry and Louis are well aware of their mutual feelings for each other, but haven't ever really talked about it because Harry is embarrassed. He likes it rough in bed (like... really rough) and he's worried Louis will judge him for it and/or treat him like he's all fragile and delicate.

He meets Nick and develops a bit of a thing for him, and Nick, being older and more experienced, gets that Harry likes it rough and they start up a sort of friends with benefits type of arrangement.

Everything is going swimmingly until Harry is walking around his and Louis' flat wearing minimal clothing after a particularly rough night and Louis notices the bruises/welts on Harry that Nick has left. Louis freaks out thinking something horrible has happened and Harry is at a loss for words and Louis gets all angsty because he doesn't get why Harry won't confide in him if someone is hurting him.

Harry goes back to Nick feeling terrible that Louis is hurt and, behind Harry's back, Nick arranges for Louis to join them one night, to show Louis that Harry really enjoys himself and Nick isn't really 'hurting' him at all.

Harry apologizes for not telling Louis in the first place, they admit their feelings, Nick, Harry and Louis have a big gay threesome with Nick AND Louis domming the shit out of a blissed out Harry and then Louis takes Harry home and they live smuttily ever after.

Sorry, this is practically a fic in itself.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Other  D/s  Unfilled  Bruising  Marking  RoughSex 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry dubcon
Louis and Harry are boyfriends/friends with benefits/whatever - they have sex on a regular basis. Then Louis notices that Harry has marks he doesn't remember leaving there; bruises on his hips and his wrists, scratches down his back and his chest, lovebites on his neck and inner thighs. He thinks one of the other boys is being too rough with Harry, but when he asks about it, Harry gets shy. Louis coaxes him to confess: it's Louis hurting him, having sex with him in his sleep.
Harry/Louis  Dub-Con  Marking  RoughSex  BottomHarry  Filled  Incomplete  Long  Bruising  Choking 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - The Kink Meme
harry/louis, really really really rough sex, lots of bruising, scratching, biting, etc

could be dubcon or non-con

and preferably little to no dialogue but i don't really care that much tbh, whatever you see fit!
Harry/Louis  RoughSex  Bruising  Marking  Biting  Unfilled 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - Warning: dub-con and violence!kink
One night Louis discovers bruises all over Harry’s pale body.

He gets an upset Harry to explain to him in detail what happened (maybe someone beat him up) As Harry talks about the violent events and how they hurt him, Louis secretly gets off on it...

He finds ways of pressing down on Harry’s bruises (innocently at first) and getting the younger boy to whimper in pain. But then Louis notices that Harry is hard and gets intrigued that the young boy apparently gets off on pain being inflicted upon him. So he starts to test Harry’s pain limits and Harry lets him… (even though he begs Louis to stop) In the end Louis fucks Harry roughly against a hard, cold surface. Basically Harry should be in lots of pain and loving it. And Louis loves it even more.
Harry/Louis  RoughSex  PainKink  Bruising  Unfilled  Dub-Con 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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