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Harry/Louis, Forced Louis/Simon. TW-Possible Noncon, Drug Use
Modest Management has done everything in their power to try and keep Louis and Harry as friends in the public eye....but nothing seems to be working. The boys are ecstatic, as maybe they will at some point, be able to finally come out.

Simon feels different. He chooses to focus on Louis (and what he holds dear to him) and gives him an ultimatum: Either end the relationship with Harry, or do as I say sexually...aka, he forces Louis to give him sexual favors, for Modest allowing them to be in a relationship.

Author can have free reign, I just would prefer this to happen right after the 1st tour ended and before the 2nd tour starts. I also just want Louis to be emotionally stressed and hurt from hiding everything, so he turns to either painkillers, or some drug to help "get away" from everything. Happy ending, if possible. Sorry for the long prompt, but will love someone if they fill!!!
Harry/Louis  Louis/Other  Non-Con  DrugUse  Unfilled 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry(One sided) / Louis Harry is obsessed with Louis, which makes louis scared (Possible Non con)
Ok, so everyone has seen the Kiss You video, right? Well was I the only one who noticed Harry say "kiss you" and look at Louis who then looks away!?!? (Approx 1min into video)

Well Can I have a story where Harry is obsessed with Louis and always follows him, makes sexual suggestions to him, and all that other stuff. Get's into Louis' private space.

Louis hates it, but is too scared and nice to do anything physical about it. So he pretty much just begs Harry to stop and when Harry starts hinting sexual things Louis even cries. Maybe even say how when Harry gets too physical and into Louis private space, Louis is too little and not strong enough to push him away.

I don't care if this turns into Non Con or not. Bottom Louis only though.

Please and Thank you.
Harry/Louis  UnrequitedFeelings  Non-Con  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
others/louis, bullying, gang-bang, Warning: Bullying, gang-bang
louis is the shy, openly gay theater kid and the other boys push him around a bit, until they decide to gang-bang him. bonus for explaining how dainty and feminine louis is and make him a secret cockslut! thank you soo much :)
Louis/Everyone  AU  Non-Con  Gangbang  Filled  Incomplete  HighSchoolAU 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Nick Double Pen. Non-con. Overstimulation. Bottom!louis
After Harry's birthday, both nick and him were as drnk as fuck and they decided to fuck little louis at the same time. I want louis be unwiling, like he kept crying and begging them to pull out becuase they're too big, but both harry and nick kept fucking him over and over until loui cum 5 times then passed out, with cum leaking out of him and tears on his eyes.
Harry/Louis/Other  DoublePenetration  Non-Con  Overstimulation  BottomLouis  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis skull fucking - warning for violence, gore, noncon
harry skull fucks louis, meaning he fucks him in the eye socket. harry would probably have to gouge out louis' eye, or louis could have a glass eye or something if you don't want to write that lmao whatever. i don't really care about the details or the plot at all i just want it. i can't imagine it being consensual but if you want to write it that way then sure.
Harry/Louis  Violence  Non-Con  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 Harry Centric- H/C. Security guard overstepping boundries, TW:Attemped Rape/Abuse
I feel that Harry is not just protected by Louis, but by all the boys, even if they don't show it all the time.

The boy's management hire a new security guard to replace Paul just for about 6 months, let's say Paul and his wife had a baby and he's taking time to be with his family, whatever. Anyway, the new guy comes off as super friendly, bright smile and really good at protecting the guys....in public. Behind doors, he takes an unnecessary interest in Harry, and in no time flat, starts cornering him when the other boys aren't around, groping Harry, and forcing Harry to do sexual favors to him. The security guard also smacks Harry around, and threatens to hurt the other boys (his bf's) if Harry doesn't comply or if he tells anyone. Harry gets really frightened of him, but doesn't want to involve anyone else, so he lets the guy do what he wants.

The other boys know something is going on (and they have suspicions about the security guard, but can't prove it), but Harry is so shut off that they can't get him to tell them anything. One day, towards the end of the 6 months, Harry is just about forced into sex with the guy, but surprise! Paul ended up coming back early because the other boys had contacted him because they were worried about Harry.

Cue lots of hurt!Harry, and emotional boyfriends who just comfort him and kiss, and love him.

Sorry for the long prompt, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head!! Love someone forever if they fill! <3
Harry/Everyone  Harry/Other  Non-Con  HurtHarry  Hurt/Comfort  Protective  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Onslave!Harry - showed off, fucking machine, forced orgasm, over-stimulation, crying - TW: dub/non-con
Modern day-ish or future slave!AU.

Harry's master (please not one of the other boys or Nick, I prefer if it's just an OMC) loves showing him off to party guests, because Harry is pretty, responsive and noisy so it always makes for a great show.

This particular time he has bought a new toy, a contraption which straps Harry in on his hands and knees, with a fucking machine and some way of stimulating his cock and balls (some sort of robotic tentacles may be awesome?). So yes Harry's put into it in front of a room full of guests and kept there until he's coming dry and crying and completely overstimulated.

And can the room's walls be all mirrored so that Harry can see all the guests and himself? Maybe he knows he'll be punished if he looks away or closes his eyes. Guests can be allowed to come up and touch Harry if you want.

And then I'd like it if one/some/all of the other boys are also slaves and are the ones to the care of him afterwards, cleaning him up and comforting him. Maybe they are the ones who have to prep him before the "show" too?

Uhm yeah if someone fills this I'll save you a spot on the train to hell?
Harry/Other  SlaveAU  AU  Dub-Con  Non-Con  Overstimulation  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Nick/Louis, endgame Harry/Louis, warnings for noncon!
Nick and Louis are in a relationship, and Louis thinks everything's going great. He's been really nervous lately, though, because he knows that Nick is going to eventually want sex and he's never been with a guy before. Nick is sweet about it, though, and says that he'll wait until Louis' ready. One night Nick gets really drunk, though, and is too impatient so he forces Louis into sex with him. Harry, who's always loved Louis, has to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the rape.
Louis/Other  Non-Con  Harry/Louis  HurtLouis  Hurt/Comfort  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/Zayn, Louis as Zayn's father, taking an interest in Harry tw: underage, non-con, incest
Louis adopted Zayn while he was still married to Eleanor. The marriage fell apart / El died, and he was left raising the young boy. When Zayn turns 13/14, he starts bringing over a friend. Louis encourages this because Zayn has always been somewhat of a loner (and not at all because Harry is pretty).

The two spend a lot of time together, and Louis can't keep his eyes off of Harry, despite his age. It gets to a point where Zayn notices, and is willing to do anything to get Louis' attention again.

When Harry does something naughty, Louis laughs, but when Zayn does it, he gets mad. Zayn gets jealous and a little resentful against Harry, who is angelic and perfect and keeps hogging his dad's attention.

One day, he finds out why Louis is so intrigued. And he thinks he's found the perfect way to get his father to love him again. He helps him rape Harry.

seeyou in hell >_>
Harry/Louis/Zayn  Underage  Non-Con  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/others, gangbang, underage, non-con
I'm going to hell for this, but I want vigin!Niall being raped by the other four boys. He can be about 12-14? And the other boys like 18-20.
Niall/Everyone  Non-Con  Underage  AU  Violence  Gangbang  Filled  Completed 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry centric OT5 - Gangbang, rape fantasy
The other 4 somehow (drunk? truth or dare? one of the others is his bf and they admit sexual fantasies? idk) find out that Harry has fantasies about being gangbanged and he wants it to be rough and forced. They decide to make his fantasies come true and "abduct" him blindfolded and tied up in one of their cars (would be great if some of them sit with him in the back and touch him and say dirty things or whatever to get him hard already) and they bring him somewhere and yeah pretty much makes him suck them and take turns fucking him.

Bonus points for crying, begging, desperate Harry having multiple orgasms until he comes dry.

And I'd quite like some aftercare thrown in too if possible?
Harry/Everyone  Roleplaying  Gangbang  Crying  Overstimulation  Unfilled  Non-Con 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, abuse fic, bottom!Zayn, TRIGGERS: domestic violence, abuse, dubcon
Liam is the puppy of the band to most. However, he isn’t that innocent. He and Zayn are boyfriends behind closed doors and he likes to keep it that way. But, that means that a lot people flirt with Zayn in public. Liam is insanely jealous and likes to remind Zayn who he belongs to through abuse and forced sex. Zayn secretly loves it even though he knows how dangerous it is.
Liam/Zayn  Jealousy  Abuse  MeanLiam  BottomZayn  Violence  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, abuse fic, mean!Louis, TRIGGERS: domestic violence, noncon/rape, abuse
In public, Louis and Harry appear to be best friends- who are possibly lovers- who when together are always having a great time. They are models boyfriends away from the public; they genuinely love each other and do nice things for each all the time. However, what the public and their friends and family don't know is that behind closed doors their relationship isn't as blissful as it appears. Louis is a sociopath. Like Jekyll & Hyde he can go from a nice guy to a mean guy quickly. Annoyed by Harry's continued friendliness (Louis pulls Harry aside after or before events (interview, performance, etc.) and warns him to stop) with the band and interviewers, Louis abuses Harry and forces Harry to have sex with him.
*I'm not too sure if this still falls in the category of sociopath-like behavior, but Louis really does love Harry and he thinks what he's doing to him is for Harry's benefit.
Harry/Louis  MeanLouis  Abuse  Violence  Non-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Niall, Obsessive Love -warnings: noncon-
obsessive love is a state in which one person feels an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction, with an inability to accept failure or rejection. (definition from wikipedia).

harry meets niall in their photography class at the local uni, and he can't stop thinking about him. niall's perfect in every shape, way, and form, and he's all harry can think about. he fantasizes about them being together, and it eventually transforms into a dangerous obsession.

he begins to stalk niall, calling him and texting him and sending him love letters and visiting him at home. niall gets scared, but harry fails to notice, too in love with the gorgeous boy to care. eventually it stems to harry taking niall for his own, kidnapping him and raping him.

i'm so sorry omg
Harry/Niall  AU  UniAU  Non-Con  Kidnapping  MeanHarry  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
ot5- Harry centric. Warnings: bondage, double pen, toys, orgasm denial, overstim, slight non-con
Omfg basically I just want Harry strapped to that while the boys take turns fucking him and doing whatever they want to him. I dunno maybe they all came together one day to plot how they were going to get Harry to submit so they force him onto that thing and he's resisting at first saying things like "what the fuck what are you guys doing stop" and then he eventually gives in and likes it. I just want smut in the forms of the triggers I listed in the title and anything else filler wants except like daddy kinks please.

Bonus points for Harry crying at some point because the pleasure is too much and at LEAST the usage of butt plugs omg help.
Harry/Everyone  Dub-Con  Non-Con  Restraints  NSFWPic  OrgasmDenial  Overstimulation  Sextoys  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/Liam, Liam/anyone Evil!Bieber "Roofies for Groupies" (warning: attempted dubcon/noncon)
So, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and a Niall are in the band together. Pretty much canon, except no Liam. The boys are having a great time, they're young and successful, and they're in the middle of an International double-act tour with Justin Bieber. Of course though, boys will be boys and with all these fans throwing themselves at them, girls and boys alike are going in and out of their hotel rooms faster than room service. Especially since in this verse there's no Daddy Direction to keep them level-headed. Which is where Liam comes in. Maybe one of the boys spots him backstage at a concert, standing all alone in the VIP area just watching them perform in complete fanboyish awe. Of course, they aren't going to pass on the opportunity to have a such a heavenly creature (too much?). So they invite him and a bunch of other groupies back to their hotel afterwards. Meanwhile, Liam's now caught the eyes of the three other boys and now they all want him. So they're all having a good time; everyone's drinking, laughing; the boys disappear one at a time with their next lay and come back for the next round. Eventually, it's getting to be the wee hours of the morning and it's just Liam who's left. The boys notice and hasn't taken a single sip of alcohol all night, which, while usually isn't needed, you know, kinda speeds the process along. That's when Bieber comes in though. He's about to turn in for the night, and is doing his usual congratulatory "WE OWN THE WORLD" nightcap. He notices Liam's still lingering around. So he figures he'll do the boys a favor. And he doses Liam. The boys don't notice first, (Evil!Bieber has mad ninja skills) but the smirk he has on when he leaves definitely isn't innocent. Soon Liam's getting drowsy, but he's trying to fight it (how could he fall asleep during this momentous moment in his life?!). It's pretty much like he's drunk. Now he's getting all sloppy on them; confessing how's dreamed up different true love fantasies for each one of the boys. And then he's out. And that's a problem. Because u
Liam/Everyone  Non-Con  DrugUse  Unfilled  AU 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Height of Fame, Warnings: Homophobia, Abuse, Rape
Ever notice how Louis NEVER mentions his dad? I would like to see a prompt where his dad was abusive/homophobic towards him growing up because he knew his son was gay, and basically tried to "beat" the gay out of him, verbal slurs, rape, ect. Louis never said anything to his mum b/c his dad threatened to hurt his sisters if he did. But one day his mum walks in on a beating and flash forward to the divorce, ect.

Present day Louis never told anyone outside of his family, & then his dad shows up again out of know where demanding money, being abusive, whatever. Story ended with the abuse/harassment getting so out of hand, that Louis is forced to tell not only his security but all the boys. Cue lots of angst on Louis part, and then made better with fluff/comfort & kisses by Harry (and other boys can comfort as friends if wanted).

Bonus points for Louis trying to hide everything again, but it starts to emotionally break him down.
Homophobia  PastAbuse  Non-Con  Louis  Louis/Everyone  OT5  Filled  Completed 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, sequel to previous fill [angst, rape, self-harm, abuse]
Sorry for posting wrong.

The author has promised to do a sequel, but hasn't. I really want someone to finish this story. I don't know if this is appropriate, but I still want more of this.

Harry/Louis  Sequel  Angst  Non-Con  SelfHarm  Abuse  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Liam - Non con while drunk
After an event Liam has to help a wasted Harry back to his hotel room. When Liam starts to undress Harry the flailing boy becomes to tempting. Liam undresses Harry and spreads his legs and has his way with him.

I wouldn't mind it if Harry struggles clumsily and cries when Liam is finished. Maybe Liam could leave him for a few hours and then deciding to go back and help Harry. He finds Harry on the floor covered in his own puke and sobbing.

Liam helps him into the bath and takes care of him all night and the next morning. Holding him tight and stroking his hair.
Harry/Liam  Non-Con  Drinking  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMC - Non-con, forced voyeurism, death
Somehow, when 1D are entering or exiting their hotel or studio or whatever, a man breaks through security with a gun, tackles Harry to the floor, and threatens to shoot him if anyone moves/comes closer. Then he rapes Harry and forces everyone to watch, holding the gun to his head the whole time as a threat. He's very rough, doesn't use lube, pulls on Harry's hair, scrapes his face against the road etc. After he comes, the man shoots himself while he's still inside Harry.

Harry feels too horrified and violated to move, so security has to remove the man from him while he screams and cries. The boys do their best to comfort Harry afterwards, and then they have to cope with the trauma (for all of them) and media storm that follows the event (because of course some people would have taken photos/filmed it). A happy-ish ending if possible, please. A hopeful ending.
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Voyeurism  Violence  DeathFic  Hurt/Comfort  OT5  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/omc's - Harry is raped and beaten in front of Taylor
Harry and Taylor have snuck out one night for a stroll without their bodyguards. Bad idea. They're walking along the road holding hands when a group of men approaches them.

Harry and Taylor both think they're after Taylor, and Harry tries to protect her behind him. But they're after Harry...

Harry is then beat up and forced to suck their dikcs (or raped...) in front of Taylor who's forced to watch (but nothing happens to her please, violence towards women squick me out)
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn. (Harry/Zayn?) Unrequited. Eating Disorder. Self harm. Possible noncon/dubcon.
Zayn has been in love with Liam for a long time now. It started with a tiny crush when they first met, now it's out of control. Zayn has never really done anything about it, because Liam had Danielle, she was skinny, a great dancer and gorgeous, what's not to love?

So Zayn began to starve himself, he got too skinny but he didn't see that. He only saw fat. He took dance lessons, in hopes of impressing Liam, but Liam hasn't even noticed.

But then Liam and Danielle broke up and Zayn began to get better because now he has a chance. He gains weight again, starts being a bit more confident, but then BAM, out of no where, Liam and Danielle are back together again.

Zayn is crushed this time and it gets even worse. He barely eats anymore, and even starts to self-harm (not anything major, maybe small cuts on his hips/thighs so no one notices?). He even starts going out to clubs and sleeping with random people in attempt to get rid of the empty feeling inside of him.

Now the story can go one of two ways:

1) Harry notices, maybe he sees how skinny Zayn has gotten one day when he's changing clothes and maybe even gets a glimpse of his cuts. He helps Zayn out and eventually they fall for each other and Zayn gets better.

2) Zayn gets even worse and basically only goes to clubs in provocative clothing to get fucked. He doesn't really want it but it's better than nothing right? At least he knows he's wanted. He constantly reeks of cigarettes and sex and he could care less. Ending can be up to author.
Liam/Zayn  UnrequitedFeelings  Harry/Zayn  Angst  EatingDisorder  SelfHarm  Dub-Con  Non-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/omc/everyone? - ot5 - Evil bastard wizards kidnap 1D - Dubious content
Evil Wizards kidnap 1D and throw them into a dungeon.

Pretty boy with the luscious curls quickly becomes the main evil wizard's favourite. Harry tries to be a hero and stand up to him and has to pay severely every time. Evil wizard (Uncle Simon?) likes to take Harry out and play with him. He likes running his fingers through Harry's hair and kissing him and touching him and licking up his neck. Maybe he gets Harry to have sex with the other boys while he watches from behind a glass wall. He'll also keep food away from Harry to see how desperate he'll get...

Idk. You can do what you want with this, just have fun! :) They can all go though horrible shit but Harry has it the worst. Maybe they also like to play mind games on the boys and set the them up against each other. I'd like for them to be saved at the end. But the important bit is the horrible stuff happening in the dungeon.

Happy christmas! <3
Harry  Harry/Other  Harry/Everyone  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Others/Niall Rape Protective Liam
One day Niall is walking back to the tour bus by himself (Maybe he went out to get food?) and gets attacked by a group of boys who hate One Direction. They beat him up and one of them decides that they should take turns raping him. Liam is out looking for him and sees them. He gets pissed off and beats the crap out of them and takes Niall back to clean him up. If you want to end it with Liam/Niall or any other pairing with Niall that is fine with me.

I am a horrible person and I am now going back to my corner in shame.
Niall/Other  Non-Con  Violence  Liam/Niall  Hurt/Comfort  HurtNiall  Protective  Filled  Completed 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5. Kidnap. Rape.
The boys manage to get out on their own while out in a foreign city. They're excited and mainly focused on having fun, and maybe they've had a little too much to drink, but hey, they're still young.

But they sober up pretty quickly once these guys pop out of nowhere and start dragging each one of them towards a white, unmarked van. There's kicking and screaming and struggling, but none of them are able to escape.

Now, these kidnappers are sadists. They're not worried about fucking the boys themselves. No, they want the boys to rape each other, because it's more personal, so it'll hurt more. Basically they blackmail the boys into fucking/raping one another, making threats like they'd shoot so and so member if the other members don't cooperate.

Basically, lots of tears and sadness.

Bonus points if they stay there long enough that their views on each other start to change, based on their experience.

Even more bonus points if one or more of them is a virgin at the very start.
Kidnapping  Non-Con  Violence  Abuse  OT5  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/other, Harry stalker comes for revenge TRIGGER: non-con, rape, kidnapping
Harry and Louis are living together but are not a couple or anything, just friends.
harrys had a stalker for weeks, he can feel it just cant prove it.
Anyway harry and louis are sitting at home and the stalker guy comes in and kidnapps them both, and takes them like really far away, to this like cottage house thing,
and he ties louis up and like beats him, and maybe louis has a really bad wound or something, and he keeps him in like the basement.
The guy makes harry have to pretend they are a couple and in like love and stuff, and if he refuses, or like tries to escape the man like threatens to kill louis (like gun point, knife point- up to author really intense) And the guys all like thinking that he and louis are in a relationship and thats why he needs to kill louis. And he wants to have sex with harry but harrys all like ew no, so they go to the basement, and says hes going to have to kill louis then and there, so harry screams he will do it, and he ends up raping harry infront of louis (cue sobbing taped up louis, and screaming harry) and yeah really like fluffy between harry and lou, and like creepy kidnapp mental rapey things with harry and stalker
If they get out- its up to the author but i dont mind :) Im up for anything except male preg.
oh and maybe they creepy stalker likes role playing so humilates harry in like dresses, watersports etc.
Harry/Louis/Other  Non-Con  Kidnapping  Violence  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, slave fic TRIGGER: rape, eating disorder
Liam is a rich man and one day he buys slave Zayn who is very skinny and skared of everything. So Liam tries to comfort him and help Zayn through all the he had has, because his previous owner raped him. Thanks!
Liam/Zayn  SlaveAU  AU  PastAbuse  Hurt/Zayn  Hurt/Comfort  Non-Con  EatingDisorder  Filled  Incomplete 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Harry - Past!Harry and Present!Harry ~WARNING FOR SELFCEST?~
Harry in the present goes to sleep thinking of his first time and how it was horrible. He wakes up with a heavy boy on top of him and he realizes its himself, young and still a virgin. Harry takes it as a sign to 'right his wrongs' and yeah, sexy timeee. Haha see you guys in hell.
Harry  TimeTravel  Filled  Completed  Non-Con  Underage  Firsttime  Long  MultipleFills 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry | Warnings: underage, incest, non/dub-con, [maybe] underage drinking
I want a Harry and Louis fic that has the following things in it (it's quite a list, but these are my favorite kinks and having them all in one fic would be amazing)...

1. Agegap/underage (Harry 10-13, Louis 25ish)

2. Incest (brothers, step brothers, cousins, uncle/nephew, stepdad/stepson, etc) take your pick, any incest is fine.

3. Being caught (by someone who wouldn't break them up... maybe Harry's younger sibling or a stranger.. idk. or maybe Harry is caught by his mum having lovebites but Harry says it was a boy from school or something).

4. Babysitting (Lou does stuff to Haz while babystitting him).

5. Daddykink (Harry calling Lou daddy, and Lou calling Haz stuff like baby boy, my baby, etc)

6. Deepthroating off the edge of the bed... (This is something I enjoy doing with my boyfriend and I'm shocked to have never seen it in any fics: Haz laying on bed with head hanging off the end and Lou fucking his throat, basically. It makes it so it goes really smoothly without gagging.)

7. Non/dub-con during first time (during their first time doing actual sex, Harry is pretty scared and asks Lou if he will stop if it hurts too much, Louis says yes but when he does the first thrust, Harry literally SCREAMS and begs him to stop, cause it hurts so bad. Louis says "I'm sorry I can't" and keeps banging him super hard while Harry screams and cries and Louis is feels so guilty that he starts crying too but can't stop 'til he pullsout right before coming on Hazza's crying face).

8. Hurt/comfort: after the horrible first time, Lou comforts Harry (cuddling, apologizing, putting ointment on his butt, etc) til Haz forgives him.

9. Temperature-play (I've never seen this on here but it;s a big turn on for me. Getting caught in the cold rain or cold pool and then taking hot shower or hot bath and of course showersex.

10. Coming just from rubbing/humping (bonus points if, before they establish any sort of relationship, one of them gets off without the other knowing by rubbing against them in the pool [like while Louis is ca
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Incest  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Drinking  AgeGap  DaddyKink  DeepThroating  Hurt/Comfort  HurtHarry  ShowerSex  Grinding  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, switching positions, mentions of previous non-con
When Liam was younger, he was raped. He was always afraid of being in a relationship but when he ends up dating zayn, that feeling is gone. As their relationship goes, they have sex. It just so happens that when Zayn starts thrusting in, Liam's having flashbacks of his rape. From then on, Liam takes the top position. After a couple of months Liam thinks he's ready to take the bottom and Zayn makes it good for him :)

-maybe liam cries when he bottoms the second time cause he realizes how much he loves zayn - idk why i think i have a crying!kink. oh

(the sex can either be slow or rough but liam likes it, doesnt matter where you take it)
Liam/Zayn  PastAbuse  Non-Con  BottomLiam  BottomZayn  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 Niall centric, ageplay, non-con
So, I've been really getting through the age play material on practically every website ever and I saw a one shot similar to this but it was really short;

Niall can't look after himself so the boys decide that they're going to baby him. Niall doesn't like it, but he has no choice.

Omg I also had this brill idea to add to it, what if like they do something so that he can't talk? Thats totally up to the author.

So practically just the boys non-consensually treated Niall as a baby.
Niall/Everyone  Non-Con  AgePlay  Infantilism  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Zayn (Or Harry) Prison AU [TRIGGER WARNING: Potential NonCon/Rape]
Louis is young, naive, innocent, beautiful, etc., etc., ...and in prison for something he didn't do. He drops the soap.

( Haha, okay, do with this what you want. Does Zayn/Harry rape him? Or an OMC? Does Zayn/Harry protect him? Is Zayn/Harry just like 'hey mate might not want to pick that up'? Romance ensues? Your choice.(: )
Louis/Zayn  Harry/Louis  Unfilled  AU  Non-Con  Dub-Con 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, non/dub-con
Zayn is completely in love with Liam, but Liam is straight. One night, Zayn can't hanfle it anymore and he gets Liam drunk and rapes him (however, I want Zayn to rape Liam but fuck himself on Liam's dick and not to top Liam)
Liam/Zayn  Drinking  Non-Con  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Liam sex slave role reversal sub!Liam eventual Sub!Niall WARNING non/dub-con
Okay, so I just had this idea for a prompt and I never realized how bad I wanted it.

Niall is really dominant, and has one of the boys (Preferably Liam, if not Zayn, really anyone) as like a reluctant sex slave, and leaves them tied up, and leaves them blindfolded, and doesn't abuse them, but teases and taunts them, maybe leaves a cock ring on them and fucks him without letting him cum?
One day Niall's going at it, and somehow Liam (or whoever) manages to get one of his hands free. Cue him getting free, overpowering the smaller boy, then giving him a taste of his own medicine.
Niall becomes such a needy bottom, Liam/Whoever treats Niall just as he treated him, a total role reversal and Niall just submits and eventually begs for it, and Liam's more than happy with the change of roles.

TLDR; Niall owns Liam as sex slave, Liam breaks free one day and ties Niall down, eventual total role reversal.

I mean unf sorry but idk if it will even get filled but I want this in my life.
Liam/Niall  DominantNiall  Restraints  Non-Con  Unfilled  BottomNiall  DominantLiam 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/OMC, rape fic, drunk TRIGGER: noncon, violence
It's 1D's "Crazy Day" or whatever they call it. On this day they run away from security and cameras; acting crazy. Night comes and the boys sneak out of the hotel to go explore the town. They end up at a pub and get drunk. On their way back to the hotel, they pass through a deserted part of town and spot a dude walking alone. Louis suggest they kidnap him as a joke. So, they do and drag him into the alley. As the guy fights back, the boys get crazier, and one of them suggest undressing the guy. Finally, they each fuck him in turn or together.
OT5/Other  Kidnapping  Drinking  Non-Con  Violence  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, slavefic; slvery, abuse, non/dub con, violence, h/c
Set in a world where slavery is normal. And like, people can be forced into slavery to pay off debts.

So yeah, Harry is a musician down on his luck or something, gets forced into slavery and the training facility is cruel and feel free to make that as dark as possible BUT I sort of want for Harry to be a virgin so they don't actually penetrate him because virgins are worth a lot as pleasure slaves.

Anyway then he's being sold off and there's something about him that catches the attention of this kind slave owner who happens to be looking for a (new?) partner for his other slave, Louis. Maybe this slave owner just likes watching his slaves have sex? Or he wants a threesome I'm not fussy.

Point is, he's not as bad and evil as Harry expects, but obviously at the start Harry is scared and maybe even tries to run away or so. And Louis really takes to him and slowly gains Harry's trust and so. And then he gets to teach Harry that even slaves can enjoy sex and eventually when the owner thinks Harry is ready Louis gets to take his virginity.

Long prompt is long but I've had this idea in my head for a while and it's not happening so I'm hoping someone else might feel inspired by it! Feel free to add in the other boys anywhere you want.
Harry/Louis  SlaveAU  AU  Non-Con  Violence  Hurt/Comfort  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMC(s) Warnings: non-con, watersports, humiliation (repost)
Abused!Harry fic.
Some man (a few people if you want) humiliates Harry.
A bit of spanking, a golden shower, fucking his 'pussy', coming on his face and hair, anything really.
Can Harry start crying and getting hard from this even though he doesn't want it?
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Violence  Kidnapping  Restraints  Humiliation  Spanking  Filled  Completed  Long  Sequel 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/OMC: noncon, violence
The boys sneak out of their hotel to explore. They come to an empty street where they meet a guy who doesn't know who they are. He's really cute and they decide he is a good person to release their sexual frustrations on.
No Deaths
OT5/Other  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Liam: noncon, violence (slapping, nothing too heavy)
Pretty much everyone knows how Harry likes to grab Liam's dick in concerts. Anyway...
Liam has had enough, so backstage he corners Harry in the dressing room after everyone has left and punishes Harry with what he's been grabbing at.
Harry/Liam  Non-Con  Violence  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Niall: noncon sub!harry
Harry keeps flirting and touching Niall in interviews, performances, and pretty much every event they do. Yet, he blow offs Niall when he returns the gesture, because harry is with Louis. Niall is jealous of Larry and decides to claim Harry as his whether he likes it or not.
Harry/Niall  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn dom!Liam violence, dub-con
Liam is said to have a bad temper. So, why not have Liam and Zayn get into a bad argument about anything from tattoos, to smoking, "girlfriends", anything as long as Liam is furious and becomes violent. I don't want this to be a death!fic, however a happy ending isn't needed.
Liam/Zayn  Violence  Abuse  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, Oblivious Liam/ Fed-up Zayn(warning for non-con and drug abuse)
I am most likely going to hell for this but you how Zayn is clearly in love with Liam but he is so oblivious to Zayn's advances so like one night after a concert Zayn and Liam go back to their shared hotel room and celebrate with drinks and stuff. And Zayn slips soem type of drug in Liam's drink and basically rapes him. Bonus points if Liam can feel,hear,and see what Zayn is doing to him but he can't stop it because he can't talk or move because of the drug.

God, I am going to hell for this.
Liam/Zayn  Non-Con  DrugUse  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
liam/harry trigger: non-con
liam gets really drunk and forces harry to bottom. *shrug* the filler has free rein with this prompt.
Harry/Liam  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry or Liam/Harry, Harry/OMC implied, WARNING: non-con
Louis (or Liam) are sharing a hotel room with Harry, who snuck off somewhere. He comes back to the room completely wasted and promptly passes out (or he was already passed out and Paul or Zayn or someone brought him in). Louis is about to go to bed, but he sees a bit of cum in the corner of Harry's mouth. He gets turned on and decides to fuck him while he's passed out (after trying pretty hard to wake him up just to check, and failing). Bonus points for: Harry's body responding (moaning, whimpering, getting hard and coming) despite him being passed out, fucking Harry's mouth, imagining random strangers using Harry, spreading Harry's legs as wide as possible to fuck him and coming over Harry's face.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Liam  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5. Kidnap. Rape.
The boys manage to get out on their own while out in a foreign city. They're excited and mainly focused on having fun, and maybe they've had a little too much to drink, but hey, they're still young.

But they sober up pretty quickly once these guys pop out of nowhere and start dragging each one of them towards a white, unmarked van. There's kicking and screaming and struggling, but none of them are able to escape.

Now, these kidnappers are sadists. They're not worried about fucking the boys themselves. No, they want the boys to rape each other, because it's more personal, so it'll hurt more. Basically they blackmail the boys into fucking/raping one another, making threats like they'd shoot so and so member if the other members don't cooperate.

Basically, lots of tears and sadness.

Bonus points if they stay there long enough that their views on each other start to change, based on their experience.

Even more bonus points if one or more of them is a virgin at the very start.
OT5  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, harry/other (his ex) warnings: violence,non con
Harry wanted a small break from people and the hustle and bustle of the city, so decided to rent out a secluded house in the English country for a week, with his boyfriend of a year and a bit, Louis.

4 days into the holiday Harry finds himself getting restless due to lack of signal and crappy TV, so while Louis finishes up the dinner he decides to go out and take some pictures of the surrounding area. When he gets back to the house 3/4 of an hour later he shucks of his outdoor clothing and enter the kitchen expecting to find Louis either cooking or dishing up at the dining table, what he didn't expect was to find his unhinged ex boyfriend (who's still madly in love with him and won't stop at anything until harry's his again) standing over an unconscious and bloodied Louis.

(This prompt was derived from this episode of hollyoaks later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=oM0Q3A0dgCI&NR=1 from 0:40 - 2:33 and from 7:10 - 10:00 will give you an idea of what I'm sort of looking for)
Harry/Louis  Harry/Other  Violence  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Niall: Trick or Treat *warnings-underage, noncon*
Liam Payne (aged around 24) is a pretty successful writer, enough so where he can work from home, which is a large, nice suburban house. He's the neighborhood sweetheart, always happily willing to run an errand or do a favor, or have a chat through the fences.

He's a bit of a masochist, though, as he can't stop himself from watching the irritatingly beautiful, absolutely forbidden 11 year old with wispy blond hair and enormous blue eyes walk home from school everyday. Niall Horan is his neighbor from across the street, always smiling and ready with a "Hullo Mr. Payne!" and a cheerful wave. Liam finds himself with an unhealthy obsession with the blond, and decides he wants him for himself.

He finds the opportunity on Halloween, as Niall's mother allows her son to go trick or treating alone that year. When Niall knocks on his door in a (much too alluring) pirates outfit, Liam smiles and invites him in, giving him a candy apple for being "his favorite boy on the street". Little does Niall know, the candy is spiked with roofies (or some other rape drug). Once the effects kick in, Liam takes him too his room and fucks him hard into the mattress.
Bonus points if Niall is still wearing parts of his costume during it, and his lips taste like candy. and Liam isn't a creep, he needs to be unsuspecting, ya know?
Liam/Niall  Underage  Non-Con  AU  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Louis, Liam/Harry, Liam/Niall and Liam/Zayn - incubus, dub-con/non-con?, somnophilia?
Inspired by this gif, where Liam's eyes shine eerily for a moment:


Liam is an incubus - a demon or creature with a human form that gets the energy it needs to live from sex - who has sex with all of his bandmates.

I would be equally interested in a fill where the other boys are in the know and are happy to help or a fill where Liam puts on the innocent act and makes sure that they don't remember in the morning that he came and fed from them during the night (hence the dub-con/non-con). I don't care whether Liam tops or bottoms.
Liam/Everyone  Supernatural  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/Niall, non-con and rough
Niall comes back to their flat to find a really angry Zayn shouting at him about him and some random girl.
Shouting happens, a fight ensues and then you know...
Please somebody fill this, i would love you forever xxx
Niall/Zayn  Non-Con  RoughSex  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis , (attempted rape) Harry comforting Louis after
*There is no established relationship.*

Reporter tries to kiss Louis: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=5TKyNqd9skg

Guys's crazy. Haha.

Them talking about it: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=4n-lMjnlpq0

The guy tries taking things a bit further, after event is almost over? He finds Louis' alone (maybe went out for something), and corners him. The guy tries to attempt rape, going as far as pulling Louis' trousers down, and shirt off. Something of the sort.

But of course he doesn't finish because the lovely, fantastic Harry comes and saves Louis. Punches the guy. Has Paul take him away. Louis' all shook up, and really scared. Flinching when Harry tries to help him sort up. Harry tries to help him through it and stuff. If you'd like you can explain how he tries to help him, your choice, and how hard Louis is trying to cope with it. I'd prefer it. 

But after a a month or more, Louis still has nightmares (in which Harry has to come cuddle with him, willingly) and the occasional flinch so Harry decides a different approach. Kissing him tentatively and telling him he's beautiful, and perfect. That no one will ever get their hands on him again, because Louis is Harry's. Sex does ensue, possessive/fluffy sex. Louis is bottom
Harry/Louis  Louis/Other  Unfilled  Non-Con 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
sexslave!Niall/prince!Liam Warnings: slavery, Non-con/Dub-con, underage.
Prince(or king) Liam gets a gift (buys, steal or whatever You wish)which is a sexslave - Niall.
Liam is around 20-25, gorgeous, young prince. Niall is even younger 15-16, beautiful gold hair, cute face, shimmering blue eyes.

Liam treats Niall good (but don't go too far, He's still a slave), even though, He doesn't treat many people like that.
Niall can be both, totally submassive or resisting at first.
Liam doesn't hurt him phisically but doesn't get no for an answer.
A lot of sex, eventually love on both sides.

You can go with any pairing You want actually, but Niam is my OTP so it would be nice.

Any questions You have, just ask :DD
Liam/Niall  SlaveAU  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Underage  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Trigger Warnings: Angst (possibly) Non-con/Dub-con
They have fooled around in the past but since Louis started dating Eleanor it no longer happens (or it does but only ocasionally like after winning an award and stuff). Louis never talks about it because he really cares about his girlfriend, he feels guilty because she never knew they used to in the first place.

The thing is: Harry really loves him. He thought he could fall out of love when Louis started dating but it did not happen, looks forward for an opportunity to have the little Louis gives him and when he sees the tweet where Louis calls Larry "bullshit" he gets awfully sad, like sick and heartbroken.

I want Louis to go and meet Harry somewhere, preferably in Harry's flat idk and start bitching about how fans have took it too far, how it is none of their business completely oblivious of how hurt Harry is, until he gets really pissed at Louis and starts talk back stuff like "why does it bother you so much?" "does it make you feel even more guilty?" "you didn't think 'Larry' was that much bullshit when your cock was in my mouth three nights ago" (it doesn't have to be these exact words, just something along these lines) and you can finish wherever you like, angry sex or even dub-con/non-con, i'm not picky

(i'm sorry for the huge prompt)
Harry/Louis  Angst  Non-Con  Dub-Con  Filled  Completed 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry warning: possible dub con, non con
after all the tweets from Louis today (denying larry and such) i just want really really really rough sex and louis being dominant and idk anything based around the tweets from today that includes rough sex (and, as the title says, dub!con non!con is fine)
Harry/Louis  Dub-Con  Non-Con  RoughSex  DominantLouis  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Zayn, Drunken, sleepy sex, Trigger Warnings: Non-con/rape
*reposting with the correct format* :)

After a night out clubbing with the boys a heavily intoxicated Zayn decides to crash on Louis' sofa for the night. Louis has always had a massive crush in Zayn but he had never told him because he knew Zayn was straight.

Louis feels quite upset and jealous because he had to watch the "club sluts" throwing themselves at Zayn all night but as he watches him passed out on the sofa wearing only his Calvin Kleins, Louis feels himself becoming aroused.

A quick 'innocent' touch of Zayns bulge leads to a handjob, which leads to a blowjob and Louis licking/sucking Zayns nipples and leaving lovebites all over his torso/tattoos and neck. Zayn moans in his sleep thinking it's a girl e.g "ugh babe".

Zayn wakes up to Louis riding him cowgirl style, at first he's shocked but then he starts to enjoy it and after a while he cums inside Louis as Louis dirty talks him "fuck me Zayn I'm your dirty little club slut"

Bonus points if you write about the morning after whether it's awkward or if they're both up for round two, maybe even Louis has morning sickness? You decide.
Louis/Zayn  Drinking  Non-Con  Somnophilia  DirtyTalk  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Zayn, Kidnapped, TRIGGER WARNINGS: non-con/rape, abuse, graphic violence
Harry & Zayn are kidnapped by a mentally unstable man obsessed with the 'Zarry' bromance. He wholeheartedly believes that Harry & Zayn are secretly together when in reality they're just really good friends.

He tells them that he'll let them go if Harry gives Zayn a blowjob, Harry starts to cry and Zayn gets mad and trys to fight the kidnapper, the kidnapper rages and beats Zayn to almost unconsciousness and cuffs him to the bed.

He then pulls out a gun and holds it to Harrys head and makes him give Zayn a BJ, and then a HJ whilst making out with him.

Then the kidnapper forces Harry to fuck Zayn, once Harry resistantly enters him, Zayn-the boy who NEVER cries, was sobbing and whimpering in humiliation as the kidnapped belittles Zayn during the whole thing calling him a "filthy whore" etc.

Maybe then tell how they're dealing with it a couple of months later?

(sorry if this sounds too twisted lol I just think it would make an interesting read)
Harry/Zayn  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Abuse  Violence  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5, Underage!Harry,Teachers!Others, Non-con!, Humiliation!
I just really, really want a fic where Harry (10-13)is really innocent and new to an all boys school and the other boys are teachers. From the first time they see him the other boys all obsessive over Harry and they get pissed off that he never gets in trouble and is a perfect little angel and they can't bribe him with better grades for sex or something. One day, they just snap and call Harry into janitor's closet or something. They force him into a really feminine skimpy outfit (cheer leading, schoolgirl, etc.) and tease him. Then, they just have rough, humiliating non-consensual sexy times with virgin, inexperienced Harry. When they're all done, they leave Harry alone, naked on the floor and threaten him if he tells anyone.

I don't know, I just really, really, really, want to go to Hell:3
Harry/Everyone  Underage  AU  Non-Con  Humiliation  Filled  Short  Abuse  Violence 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/ Harry. Exhibitionist Abuser: non con relationship and themes, abuse
After seeing this gif and the way Harry flinches away from Louis...


I want a fic where Louis is sort of like an exhibitionist abuser. He likes leaving marks/bruises on Harry and showing them off (not saying they were him, but pointing them out and leaving Harry to explain where he got them from each time if someone asks), making threats and hurting Harry in front of other people, which he plays off as jokes, which only Harry knows are in fact serious. Louis thrives off the fear of getting caught, it's like a game to him. He knows Harry won't tell cause he's very manipulative and has Harry wrapped around his little finger. Harry may be scared of him, but the poor boys madly in love with him and Louis uses that to his full advantage. Harry knows that Louis does love him back, maybe in a twisted fucked up way, but he sees it. He's just tired of being a battered pawn in this sinister game Louis' playing
Harry/Louis  Exhibitionism  Abuse  Non-Con  Violence  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMCs: non-con, incest
Harry's dad brings men back to the house and lets them fuck Harry for a price.

Harry's dad could also fuck Harry.
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Incest  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Height of Fame, Warnings: Homophobia, Abuse, Rape
Ever notice how Louis NEVER mentions his dad? I would like to see a prompt where his dad was abusive/homophobic towards him growing up because he knew his son was gay, and basically tried to "beat" the gay out of him, verbal slurs, rape, ect. Louis never said anything to his mum b/c his dad threatened to hurt his sisters if he did. But one day his mum walks in on a beating and flash forward to the divorce, ect.

Present day Louis never told anyone outside of his family, & then his dad shows up again out of know where demanding money, being abusive, whatever. Story ended with the abuse/harassment getting so out of hand, that Louis is forced to tell not only his security but all the boys. Cue lots of angst on Louis part, and then made better with fluff/comfort & kisses by Harry (and other boys can comfort as friends if wanted).

Bonus points for Louis trying to hide everything again, but it starts to emotionally break him down.
Harry/Louis  Homophobia  Abuse  Non-Con  Angst  Fluff  Hurt/Comfort  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Hooker!Harry/Vampire!Louis AU (Warning for non-con/dub-con/rough sex, etc.)
One night Louis takes Harry home as if it were a regular job offer (please lots of flirting from both sides) and feeds on him while really rough!sex (top!louis, dub-con? and some !bloodplay please and all the bdsm you can think of) until Harry's crying and a bit traumatized... oops?
But then the next day, Louis is the most loving lover in the world and he apologises for his savage nature etc etc.
He keeps Harry for days, though (in a country house or something like that because he's filthy rich) but not just for the sex (which isn't so rough now but still sometimes forced). He tells Harry about his life and his death and all he's been. And even though Harry begs him to let him go, he still listens to his stories.
Then something happens (a confession maybe?) that makes Louis really disappointed that Harry still doesn't want him so he finally lets him go.
Obviously Harry realises he can't stop thinking about him and comes back only to watch Louis take some other slut (Zayn) ahd he's hurt but Louis catches him before he leave and then some more loving sex lol.
Their relationship grows and all the fluff you can stuff in there, also some hooker confessions would be good too.
But then Louis starts feeling the inevitable: Harry will get old and die and even though they haven't said so, they love each other (yes, I went there.) Harry overhears him talking to another vampire about it (Niall) so somehow Harry decides he'll turn for Louis if he promises they'll be together forever (lots of angst please and thank you.) So then after he does transform in some spectacular way, they have kinky vampire sex while they feed on Harry's first victim (Liam.)
IDK maybe too many clichés in one fic and this is basically a fic itself but whatever. I honestly have no idea where this came from.
Harry/Louis  VampireAU  Prostitute  Non-Con  Dub-Con  RoughSex  AU  BottomHarry  BloodPlay  BDSM  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn (kidnap, non-con, guns)
Liam and Zayn are kidnapped. Liam is ordered to fuck Zayn but he refuses when he sees Zayn's frigtened eyes. The kidnappers are impatient and show Liam what happens when they don't obey, one of kidnappers orders his friends to hold Zayn open and Liam is forced on a chair. The kidnapper shoves a gun inside Zayn and fucks him with it, he gets rougher when he hears Zayn's sobs.

Liam begs them to stop because he can see Zayn about to pass out from the pain. He accepts the order and hates himself when Zayn can't even look him in the eye after he's done with the order.

Zayn and Liam can be in a relationship, doesn't really matter.

Oh man I'm going to hell.
Liam/Zayn  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry+Louis/Zayn. Dubcon/noncon, Somnophilia, Body Worship.
Warning : I would like to read something pretty dark and creepy.

Zayn/Louis+Harry, somnophilia, dubcon/noncon, body worship.

Harry and Louis could be in a relationship or simply be partners in crime, but they're very close and tell each other everything. That's how they find out that they both share an unhealthy obsession with Zayn, and especially his beauty.
One night, they decide to drug him so that they can slowly strip him off and worship his body while he’s asleep.
Harry/Louis/Zayn  Somnophilia  Dub-Con  Non-Con  BodyWorship  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Non con (Rough/mean!sex)
Can I have Louis and Harry in an established relationship that is going well.

Harry come home REALLY ANGRY one night (Maybe some mean fans or something) and goes to Louis. Harry then has rough/angry/mean sex with Louis (RAPE) against Louis' will. Louis, begs him to stop and cries out saying it hurts and everything, but Harry doesn't listen or stop. I want Louis crying, struggling and begging. Bonas point, if Harry hurts Louis really bad, like he's bleeding and can't walk and everything. EXTRA bonus point if Louis is in so much pain he doesn't even cum, or Harry has to, like, force him to cum.

I want Harry leaving afterward, but maybe Louis is too hurt to clean to move himself. When Harry comes back, calmed down, he realises what he has done and helps Louis and apologizes.
Harry/Louis  Non-Con  RoughSex  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Other Warnings: Date Rape, Non-con
Harry gets chatting to this guy who later spikes his drink and takes him back to his place where he rapes him. Can the guy be really threatening and creepy and sinister. and Harry just trying to get away even though his limbs aren't working properly cause of the drugs and lots of crying and screaming.
Harry/Other  Non-Con  DrugUse  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Kitten!HarryCentric/OT5, Warnings:Abuse, Attempted Rape
A slightly different take on the whole kitten universe...where Harry is still half kitten/half human, but not only do all the boys know and love him for it, but the band also made the decision to let the public/fans know. Because of this, Harry is sought after by some unsavory men, who keep trying to kidnap him, for the sole purpose of selling him for money, sex, because they think he's so pretty and such.

One night after a show, those men successfully lure Harry outside, and rather than kidnap him, they proceed to pin him down, & are just really rough with him, and making Harry cry b/c of how they treat his kitten ears, tail, ect. Up to the author, but he's saved by his boyfriends, and they make him all better with group cuddles, kisses and smutty sex! ;-)

Bonus points for the boys using a ridiculous amount of fluff words at the end, like "pretty kitten/kitty, baby, sweetheart" and also treating his kitten ears/tail very softly & tender.
OT5  Harry/Everyone  PetHarry  Abuse  Non-Con  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, Underage!, Non-con! or Rape!, Wolf!Zayn and Innocent!Liam
I just really want a fic where Liam is this innocent little twelve-year-old who wears a red cape and has to walk down to Grandpa Simon's everyday to give him a gift, while Zayn is this insanely attractive, pedophile Wolf, maybe twenty or so, that becomes obsessed with Liam. So he stalks him and Liam kinda feels like something's wrong, but brushes it off, and Zayn's getting more and more obsessed, to where he begins stealing Liam's clothes, breaking into his room to masturbate in his bed, leaving scary notes that say stuff like: I bet you'd feel great 'round my cock, and Liam gets scared and paranoid and cuts down his visits to Grandpa Simon's but doesn't tell anyone because Zayn maybe left a threat or something? And one day Zayn snaps and has little Liam in every position possible, making the virgin orgasm ashamedly multiple times, until Zayn finally comes inside the crying, bleeding Liam.

And maybe the ending could be Zayn cuddling him, cooing and snuggling but still whispering creepy things like: You're mine now, and before he leaves Liam sobbing on the ground, he scratches his name into Liam's stomach and steals his cloak?

Idek. I really want this :3
Liam/Zayn  AU  Underage  Non-Con  WeresAU  Filled  Incomplete  AgeGap 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn (non-con?)
Zayn is just a fuck toy for Liam when he fights with Danielle. Liam'll come to Zayn's flat drunk and take out his anger by fucking Zayn or just flatout mistreating him. Zayn always gives forgives him.

Bonus if Zayn begs Liam to stop in tears but his pleas fall to deaf ears.

You can have my first great great grandpuppy :)x
Liam/Zayn  Non-Con  Liam/Other  AngrySex  Filled  Completed 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis-Louis gets kidnapped/non-con/abuse/trauma
Am I the only one who really wants a fic where Louis is the one kidnapped?

Like maybe, Louis gets a stalker, so Harry and the rest of the boys keep a close eye on him. Not letting him go out by himself and following him everywhere.

And then one day he gets tired of it, and tells Harry to go spend the night at one of the other boys flats so that he can have one night of peace, promising that he wont leave or open the door for anyone. During the middle of the night the stalker breaks in and takes Louis.

Harry freaks out, and Louis goes missing for 5-6 months.
They find him somewhere, up to filler, and whatever state Louis is in can also be up to the filler.

Harry and Louis can already be in an established relation ship, or it can end in them getting together, up to the filler.

I just really want a Kidnapped!Louis in the worse way.

Also I hope I posted with the right Triggers, if I didn't would someone please tell me?
Harry/Louis  Kidnapping  Non-Con  Abuse  Violence  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/Harry (rape)
Zayn has always been in love with Harry... but Harry and Louis are boyfriends.
One night at a party Zayn gets desperate and plans to drug Harry, doing everything he always dreamt of doing to him (rape, bj, rimming). he doesn't realize Harry only took a few sips of his drink while he is a little out of it he knows what's happening and likes it way to much.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Zayn  Jealousy  Non-Con  Drinking  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Eleanor - non-con/dub-con, oral
Eleanor forces Harry to eat her out after she just finished having sex with Louis.
Louis/Other  Het  Harry/Other  OralSex  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMC - noncon, caging, kidnap
Harry is abducted by a man who keeps him in a tiny cage - he can squat, sit with his legs crossed, or kneel on all fours but that's it (he'd be taken out occasionally). He puts Harry on display like an ornament or exotic pet (naked, obviously) and likes to fuck him through the bars of the cage. (I'm going to ask that Harry doesn't enjoy any of this at all - it's straight-up noncon and he's completely terrified.)

Up to you if there's a rescue or not, I'm not overly concerned with that bit.
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Kidnapping  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OOC/Nick Grimshaw h/c **Violence and attempted rape**
Harry turns up at Nick's one night, bruised, shaking and clothes torn. He tells Nick that some female fans fans beat him up and tried to rape him.

Nick comforts him by giving him a bath, listening to him talk and tucking him to bed and holding him until they both fall asleep.
Harry/Other  Hurt/Comfort  Non-Con  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Niall Warning: rape
Top!Liam forces himself on Niall. I don't want an AU except for Danielle not existing or not being relevant at all? And I don't want Niall to suddenly start enjoying it (because I'm heartless)I just want Liam to force Niall to do all kinds of demeaning, painful stuff even though Niall is terrified (maybe make him come against his will and toys!) Maybe you can add some comfort at the end if it makes you feel better--
Liam/Niall  Non-Con  Filled  Completed  Louis/Everyone  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/bottom!Harry Non-Con or Dub-Con
Basically the boys are at an after party. And Louis is plastered drunk, and doesn't know what he is doing. The next thing he knows is that he is flirting and making moves on Harry. Harry just think he is joking around. But then Louis tells Harry to follow him into a bedroom for a "chat". Once the door is shut and locked Louis starts trying to kiss and grab him, and harry is trying to push him off but Louis is stronger than him. It is up to the author if they want harry completely against it or not.
Harry/Louis  Non-Con  Incomplete  Drinking 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis noncon underage
There are only two Stockholm Syndrome fills I found on the meme and two (no matter how good they are) is not fucking enough.

Louis (20-25) Harry (11-14) Rough sex, noncon, spanking, bondage, everything the filler thinks will fit.

And if you can make Louis like totally in love with Harry and tries to make him like him and shit I will bake you a warm McDonalds fried apple pie.

ps: if you don't know what stockholm syndrome is, its basically where someone kidnaps someone and the victim develops feelings for their captor.
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  Violence  Kidnapping  Unfilled  AgeGap  Non-Con 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Can I please have a fic where Liam is in total love with Danielle and Zayn loves Liam but Liam is so oblivious he doesn't notice (or he does but doesn't think much) and one day when liam is deciding to propose to Danielle and picks rings or whatever zayn goes out drinking and Liam is concerned or whatever and zayn (drunk) makes advanced on him or rapes him ("why won't you love me")

Angst!Zayn I suppose
Liam/Zayn  Liam/Other  UnrequitedFeelings  Non-Con  Drinking  Angst  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 4
Someone convinces Harry and Zayn to try some sort of drug for the first time(i.e. cocaine, ecstasy etc.) and they come back to their hotel room super wired and toked out. Liam is out with Danielle, or whatever the author wants, and then Zayn and Harry go crazy on Niall and Louis and end up raping them/beating them.

Someone please fill this I need it ok I just do.
Harry/Louis  Niall/Zayn  DrugUse  Non-Con  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMC, Harry/Zayn - warning for noncon/dubcon
The band go to see a psychic or a fortune teller or a witch or something ~magical and he/she curses Harry so that he's forced to give consent for sex (I don't know or care why). Like, if he's saying "no, stop" and pushing them away, the other person will hear it as "more please". Up to you if anyone actually manages something or if there's just some close calls and Harry is saved by the rest of the boys. So Harry explains what's going on and while they're all trying to find a way of fixing things there are ~feelings between Harry and Zayn, but Zayn is angsting and really doesn't want to do anything because he can't tell if Harry really wants it or if it's just the curse.

And then they fix it and there's a happy ending, yay.
Harry/Other  Harry/Zayn  Non-Con  Magic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis, Niall/ White Eskimo non-con
I saw a filled prompt where White Eskimo got their revenge on Harry for ditching them, but what if they got their revenge on let's say... Lou and Niall?

Yeah the angry members of White Eskimo corner(or trick) poor Louis and Niall and roughly have their way with them. Could be stopped by Zayn, Liam, and Harry, or make Harry watch. Or whatever. Doesn't matter.

But if someone does this I'll write whatever prompt you want!
Non-Con  Louis  Niall  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
ot5 warning; possible sexual assault
niall is the only girl in the band + she is not good at looking after herself, reckless and drinking too much on their nights out... one night at a club a guy won't take no for an answer + gets rough with her (attempted assault or just a bit violent is up to filler); the boys notice and intervene --

cue angsty tears, cuddling, and the boys all gathering around niall when they get home to remind her who she REALLY belongs to/sexytimes etc...

will love you. will LOVE.

(x-posted to the angst meme)
Niall/Other  Genderswap  Non-Con  Unfilled  Angst  Protective 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
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