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liam/zayn, harry/louis, genderswap kink
i would love to see an AU in which zayn and liam are both female and there best friends with there sassy gay bff louis and harry. They go about trying to get louis and harry together because god knows they'll never admit to actually being in L.O.V.E with each other. Also would love if zayn/liam are in established relationship together and through out the fic have some of there own problems to deal with relationship wise but ultimately everyone gets a happy ending.

I will love who ever tries to fill this forever!!!!
Liam/Zayn  Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Unfilled 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, supernatural-style genderswap
When Harry was twelve, he'd been attacked by a witch. She'd thrown a curse at him and the next morning he'd woken as a girl. He ran away from his orphanage (because what would a girl be doing in a guy's orphanage?) and sat in an alleyway, but he didn't know what he was waiting for.

Louis comes along (18 or so) and takes him in and treats Harry (Harriet) like his own daughter. Except when she turns fourteen and then he just wants to fuck her bad.

When Harry turns 22, he turns into a man and then he has to spill the beans to Louis. Somehow, they make it work.

Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Supernatural  Magic  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Louis/Girl!Harry, underage
It can be either Zayn/Harry or Harry/Louis, it's up to the filler.
I just want to read about female!Harry losing her virginity to her first girlfriend. There's hardly any girl x girl fics in this fandom, which needs to be rectified. I'd like it to be sweet and tender, but hot like burning at the same time ;)
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Underage  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/girl!Liam - Public sex
They're at a restaurant when Louis' hands start wandering under the table. Liam resists at first but then gives in.
Liam/Louis  Genderswap  PublicSex  Fingering  Filled  Completed  Long 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/girl!Zayn Riding
Just girl!Zayn riding Liam and being really dominant and dirty talking. And Liam just being so overwhelmed by it all.
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  DominantZayn  DirtyTalk  Filled  OralSex  Completed  Short  Het 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round Six
One Direction is an all-girl band.

Louis honestly wants to die because she's put in an all girl band right when she's going through a major sexuality crisis and she's really not that good at hiding it.

(Insert band member of your choice) noticing and teasing Louis. She never tells Louis she knows, but Louis realizes that they know and starts to panic. But (band member) offers to "help" Louis.

Louis doesn't really like this person romantically, but hey they want to have sex with her and she'll finally get over her sexuality crisis, so why not?

+ for band member dropping hints before they have sex (kisses on her cheek, cuddling up to her in interviews, whispered compliments)
+ blushing Louis. just all the time. everywhere.
+ experiences band member, but inexperienced, blushing louis
+ band member actually likes Louis and Louis grows to think of them as more than a fuck buddy (so happy ending)

plzzzz someone fill this gender-swap ftw
Louis/Zayn  Genderswap  Smoking  Filled  Completed 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 Strip Poker, Genderswap?
I really want a fic where the guys (and maybe some girls if you want) get really bored one day and decide to play strip poker that ends in making out and NC-17 type action. Also it'd be pretty great if they drink while they play and Louis gets tipsy and like, gives Liam a lapdance to loosen him up or something idk just tossing that out there.
OT5  Betting  Genderswap  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
(possible)Harry/Louis Genderswap
People think girl!Louis is a lesbian because she doesn’t dress as girly as the other girls and has short hair. Also, because of the way her and girl!Harry act together. So management hires boy!Eleanor (Evan?) to be a her “boyfriend”. He’s a model/actor and is really nice and totally gets it.

Your choice whether she really is a lesbian and with Harry or if people are just making assumptions based off of stereotypes and being dicks.
Harry/Louis  Louis/Other  Genderswap  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Harry/Girl!Zayn - Zayn fancies Harry
Zayn and Harry are proper girly girls and they share an interest on everything. One day maybe Zayn invites Harry round her house to check out a band she thinks she'll like (but really she just wants to make out.) Harry's beginning to like Zayn and the gigly, sweet talks turn into hot make outs, possibly even oral.

Bonus points if Harry's never kissed a girl before and Zayn is slow and gentle until Harry starts to get the hang of it.
Harry/Zayn  Genderswap  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn - Genitals Swap
Inspired by a recent plot in Misfits. Zayn's genitals become female. Similar to genderswap, but without Zayn's sex changing entirely, just below waist. He's somewhat distraught about this but ends up plucking up the courage to tell Liam, who is very sweet & reassuring. Sex ensues [whether that's oral/penetration/both/something else is up to the writer]. Some angst, hurt/comfort would obviously be understandable, too.
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis girl!harry underage!harry
girl harry 11/12 louis 17, harry is depressed quite alone at school louis is intriuged by her entails on a first time with her but she doesnt want to loose her virginity so they have butt sex instead BBonus harry has a lisp and louis makes her happier
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Underage  Firsttime  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5, wooing girl!Liam with...unusual methods
I'll say right now that this is probably the least serious prompt ever.

Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn sing and dance along to the song "Gangnam Style" by PSY in order to woo girl!Liam. (If you haven't seen this, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 [It's K-Pop, btw. Think Korean LMFAO. It's hilarious.])

I'll admit, I just really, really fucking want to see the boys do the dance in this video. I swear, it'd be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Bonus if a "you're all twats but this is hilarious" thinking Liam joins them by the end of the song.
OT5  Liam  Genderswap  Dancing  Humor  Filled  Completed 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Harry/Girl!Louis, genderswap fic: TRIGGER: underage
Right, I don't want them too underage (about 14-15) but they're both girls. Always have been. They're not in the band, they're just girlfriends and stuff.
I want them scissoring and eating each other out and fingering and just being generally sexy.
Please - as a bisexual/lesbian girl in the fandom, PLEASE can someone fill this. Be as descriptive as possible.

I just really need this to be real because there is NO lesbian smut in this fandom and it's really upsetting.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Underage  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/girl!Liam, eating out
The first time Zayn eats Liam out, she forgets to tell him that that is the ultimate thing that just does it for her, so he's startled when she gets so vocal and responsive. Bonus if he thought she'd be quiet so he thought it'd be okay to have sex in a room where the other boys would be near. Because of how loud she is, the others hear her and heckle them about it later.
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  LoudSex  Unfilled  OralSex 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Everyone, girl!Harry, huge tits
Right, so I'd like suddenly-a-girl Harry getting fucked by everyone. I'd like to see his boobs starting out reasonably sized (Cs or so) but as he gets turned on, they get massive. Like. Bursting out of clothing massive.

Bonus points for a) the boys holding his arms down so they can watch his clothing rip instead of letting him take it off and b) gratuitous mention of his tits bouncing around as he's being fucked.

Multiple orgasms, overstimulation, and comeplay also welcome.
Harry/Everyone  Genderswap  Het  MultipleOrgasms  Overstimulation  Comeplay  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis possible Harry/Louis/Zayn - Warnings: Girl!Harry, Spanking and Jealous!Louis.
I hope I did this right.

Harry is the only girl in the band and Harry likes to look but not actually do anything and Louis catches Harry staring at Zayn and decides to 'punish' her because he's jealous and puts her over his knee (or anywhere I'm not picky) and spanks her and maybe they eventually have a threesome with Zayn.
Harry/Louis  Harry/Louis/Zayn  Genderswap  Spanking  Jealousy  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Danielle or Liam/girl!Harry or Liam/girl!Zayn, Liam pleasing a woman
I just need Liam pleasing the absolute hell out of a woman. I don't care if it's with Danielle, or one of the boys genderswapped (I'd prefer Harry or Zayn but honestly I'm not that picky)

Just Liam pleasing a woman, making her come over and over again, screaming his name, shaking, the works :)
Liam/Other  Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  Unfilled  MultipleOrgasms 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
zayn/liam, genderswap, female!zayn, sassy up-and-coming indie lady rapper.
after liam and danielle break-up, the press is waiting with bated breath to see who he dates next. there are constant rumours circulating and "reliable sources" saying he's particular into so-and-so female celebrity.

little do they know, notorious bad girl up and coming female rapper zee malik, who was recently discovered and signed with their management/label/(whatever you want to be there uniting factor) already has liam smitten.

and she is pretty much everything that danielle wasn't, she's rough around the edges and likes to drink and smoke and curse and bite and scratch and be on top when they fuck and jesus christ, liam is so into her.

this fic could go either as development of their relationship or them coming out about there relationship to the press (which i imagine zee would be worried about, she doesn't want to get big because she's dating some bloke from a boyband) but really, all i need is zayn being a bad bitch indie rapper (think azealia banks and angel haze) who doesn't take shit. you can even switch it from liam to any other member of the band if you feel so inclined!

+ bonus points for just mentioning someone going down on zee, bc oral sex is pmuch my weakness. extra bonus points if you write the scene.
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  OralSex  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
louis/harry Alwaysagirl!louis , bloodplay
louis have her period and she's being all moody and sometimes crying and whining, Harry was getting annoyed, and he once read that girls always gets horny during their period so he knew why she was acting like this, so he decided to have a little fun with her.. and i just want detailed sex with harry fingering her and etc ..
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  BloodPlay  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!harry/liam(/louis); pegging
Harry and Liam have been been fucking around for a while (or maybe they're in a serious relationship?) and Harry loves to push Liam out of his comfort zone.

One time their fooling around, and Harry says something along the lines of "shh, don't want Louis to find us" and Liam gets harder, fucks her better, etc. Harry finds that interesting, and next time she fingers him she makes a comment like, "imagine if these were Louis' hands" or something, and Liam comes SO HARD. Eventually she ends up pegging Liam and spouts all this shit about how easy he is for her cock, that she can just imagine Louis filling him up, he'd be so easy for it,etc. and Liam comes harder than he ever has before.

Harry finds this super hot, and would love to watch Louis fuck Liam, especially if Harry was sitting on Liam's face while it happened. Maybe she talks to Liam about that, or propositions Louis?
Harry/Liam  Genderswap  Het  Harry/Liam/Louis  Threesome  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Zayn GENDERSWAP !!
Zayn is a girl. A bimbo with big boobs and all. Harry is in love with her but Zayn doesn't know! They are both in High school and Zayn is populair and Harry not! One night at a party they have sex and the day after they start dating! please fill thisss
Harry/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  HighSchoolAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Girl!Louis High School AU (underage)
Louisa Tomlinson is Harry’s extremely strict English teacher and he likes her. He gets in trouble on purpose (talks in class, shows up late,etc) so that she'll punish him. Eventually they somehow get into a dom/sub relationship or (if you're uncomfortable cuz of the underage bit) it can just be Harry fantasing about her while wanking.

Should include: dirty talk, spanking, hair pulling, restrains and blindfolds.

Just no gags or mommy kink please.

Also the rest of 1D are his classmates/friends.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Het  HighSchoolAU  StudentTeacherAU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 girl!Zayn Orgy
Zayn is out one day and a fan gives him some food (candy? cupcake?). Against his better judgement he eats it (maybe he hasn't eaten all day and he's really hungry?). Anyways, nothing strange happens, until the next morning.

He wakes up as a girl. For whatever reason, the boys are all there and their fascinated by this girl version of Zayn (maybe there's some confusion first and they're convinced that some psycho fan broke in and is pretending to be Zayn?).

And really, as pretty as Zayn is as a boy, he's ten times as gorgeous as a girl; long, flowing hair, a soft waist, long, smooth legs, etc.

The boys can't help themselves, they want to fuck Zayn, and so they do, (after Zayn gets over his initial freak out of course). And they like it, a lot. So even after Zayn goes back to being a boy a few days later, the boys still want to fuck?

(Sorry if this prompt made no sense, my thoughts are all over the place.)
Zayn/Everyone  Genderswap  Het  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/girl!Nathan Sykes; 1D/TW crossover
Anything with Louis and always-a-girl!Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. (Idk. I just think these two would be a hot as fuck couple.) You don't have to do the genderswap if you don't want to- I just really want to see Louis/Nathan ^.^
Louis/Other  Unfilled  Genderswap  Het 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Nick genderswap
In this universe they are both girls, and have always been girls. Their epic romance involves sharing clothing and generally having slumber parties that end with making out and whatever else the author wants.
Harry/Other  Unfilled  Genderswap 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 Girl!Harry
Harry wakes up a girl, still looking the same in his face, but everything below the neck has become female. Louis and Harry are in a relationship and so whilst Harry is freaking out, Louis reassures him that he still loves him. Reassuring kisses lead to more and comfort sex ensues.
The next day while with the band, who are curious and asking questions about Harry's new state, Louis spills having had sex the night before, much to Harry's horror. Teasing of Louis being gay and so probably rubbish with a women leads to a 'who's better in bed argument'. Zayn suggests settling it with a little help from Harry...

Liam slowly kisses his whole body, bringing him off with his fingers.
Niall licks him out, while Louis becoming possessive, sucks his nipples.
Zayn uses a vibrator and lots of dirty talk.
When Louis' turn comes, he lets Harry ride him before lying him down and fucking him. This becomes OT5, until Harry is completely ovstimulatedd. Cautiously, the other boys begin to touch each other too, Niall being the most confident and amazing with his mouth.
Harry/Everyone  Genderswap  Kissing  OralSex  Sextoys  DirtyTalk  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Girl!Niall spanking
Girl!Niall is always staring at Harry's massive hands. Thinking about how it would feel to be spanked by him somehow it leads to Harry actually spanking Girl!Niall it's up to the author. I just need a fic of Harry spanking and just Niall being bent over his knee moaning and squirming.
Harry/Niall  Genderswap  Spanking  HandKink  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/girl!Niall - AU lapdance
So, while at a small party, a game of truth or dare gets going. When it comes to girl!niall, someone dares her to give Liam a lapdance. Cue awkward Liam and an extremly tipsy Niall. Bonus points if they both cum in their pants and if there's a fluffy ending! :)
Liam/Niall  Genderswap  AU  Lapdance  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Harry/Girl!Louis, first time, underage
There is a sad lack of one-shots and fanfiction in this fandom where both of the boys in the pairing are girls, so I thought I'd prompt this:

Both Harry and Louis are girls and are both either 14 or 15 (they're both the same age) so WARNING - UNDERAGE.
Harry is bisexual (though she tends to sway more towards girls) and Louis is her first serious relationship (Louis's her first kiss, for example). Harry had a boyfriend once when she was younger, but it was one of those silly primary school relationships that never went anywhere. Harry's really inexperienced but she's seen things on the internet so she knows roughly what she's doing.

Louis is a lesbian. She's had boyfriends in the past before she realised her sexuality and she got fairly serious/physical with one or two of them, but she's never had a girlfriend before so she has no experience with girls whatsoever.
I just want both of them having their first time with each other. It would be great if one of them (preferably Harry?) expects to be really nervous because she's never done anything like this before, but she realises she's not at all because she's doing this with Louis and Louis is like her best friend and girlfriend rolled into one.

I really want them being all smiley and laughing but being really competitive (taking turns being 'on top' - straddling each other) and completely comfortable with each other.

Good things to include: starting with kissing and making out before hands start sliding under tops, but no rushing. Then hands start moving down and rubbing with clothes still on before they get more confident and start using their mouth and stuff. Grinding and scissoring would be great too. It's up to you whether they go the whole way, but please include as much of that as possible.

Thank you to anyone who fills this - I just really need this.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Firsttime  Underage  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/girl!Liam, AU, singing
I just want Zayn and Liam to meet and Zayn sings to her- not officially, like her seeing him in a concert or something (but he could be a famous singer)- and leaves her breathless.

Example: I'm imagining them dancing and he just croons into her ear and leaves her breathless. And then sex because he makes her wild (and no one ever has before, not like this.)

Because Zayn's voice is fucking sexy.
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  AU  VocalKink  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
alwaysagirl!louis/liam , bloodplay
louis have her period and shes so horny , and liam help her =3
Liam/Louis  Genderswap  Het  Period  BloodPlay  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!Liam/everyone - dare sex/squirting
While playing truth or dare, the boys dare Harry to go down on girl!Liam. When they find out Liam can squirt, they make it their goal to make her cum all over them as often as possible. (I'm so messed up....)
Liam/Everyone  Genderswap  OralSex  Squirting  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Established relationship, Harry wakes up as a girl
Zayn really, really, really likes her butt
How the whole boobs-and-vagina thing is resolved is up to the author!
Harry/Zayn  Genderswap  BodyWorship  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5-Everyone is a girl but Harry
Harry is the only male in the band.

Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam all have a slight obsession with his hands.

Harry finds out, and uses the information to tease the hell out of them.

He starts by asking Niall to teach him to play the guitar, and it slowly progresses until the four girls get tired of it and confront him.

Then OT5 smut ensues.

It can be up to the filler if it ends in them entering a relationship together, or if it's just a one off.
OT5  Harry/Everyone  Genderswap  HandKink  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Niall, OT5, sometimes-a-girl Niall, pregnancy, possessiveness, omg
preferably in Liam or Niall's POV
So like Niall turns into a girl once a year for a day. The first year he hid it, the second he told them (or one of them, or one of them found out and therefore he explained it to all of them?)and the third year they all wanted to see and they all hang out and tease him about being hot but otherwise treat him super normal but then something happens to make it sexy and they all fuck him. (yeah idk)
They all feel terribly awkward about it afterwards...THEN, Niall gets pregnant and everyone is like what?? and Niall can't change back until he has the baby. they don't know who the father is.
Louis, Zayn and Harry still love him but act kind of awkward around him. not in an angst-y way just like in a funny way (like after you walk in on a friend naked awkward) and they're all still attracted to him.
Liam gets super weird and possessive and insists the baby is his and like is all supportive of Niall.
Niall appreciates it but knows that once he's a boy again everything will go back to normal (+baby)so he tries not to get too used to the attention.(even though really Liam is just like super in love with him and Niall is oblivious)
meanwhile Niall slowly goes back to having sex with the other boys (not liam) one at a time (louis first?) but also feels super weird about it. (or not, if you want this to end w/ OT5 rather than Niam then whatever) and Liam is like ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
Then baby time comes and Niall is like "well time to sell this bitch on the internet" but Liam is like NO ITS OURS OMG NEVER and niall's like "but i'm a dude again" and liam is appalled that he thinks that matters and is all "but i love you." and Niall is like you do? when really it was totes obvious. romance.

So this is kind of a weird prompt that I don't think anyone is going to want to fill... But maybe, just, like, could someone fill this? I sort of need it (for some reason) idc if its serious or crack or whatever, just please.
Liam/Niall  OT5  Genderswap  Niall/Everyone  PregnancyKink  Possessive  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis, Harry, or Niall/girl!Liam, high school AU
High school AU where the five of them are BFFs and all grew up together. Girl!Liam and Girl!Zayn, the rest are boys. The three boys don't have to worry about Zayn as they grow up; she knows how to take care of herself. And Liam's never really dated anyone or been into the party scene much. There's also the fact that she dresses pretty conservatively and hasn't grown into her...womanly figure yet (yeah, Liam's flat.)

One year, Liam goes away for an over-the-summer exchange student program in France, and when she gets back, they are in for a shock. Because Liam has tits. No, not just tits, but tits. The boys and Zayn are absolutely, positively shocked. Suddenly, their little girl is not looking so little anymore.

Which poses a problem, when all the other boys in school (and out of it) take notice. Cue overprotective boys and growly!Zayn as they struggle to keep innocent Liam safe from her new admirers. It really, really doesn't help that she discovered a like for parties while she was in France. It also doesn't help that one of the boys has started to realize that maybe he's not just feeling protective of Liam, but jealous as well...

(If they fuck when they get together, Louis/Harry/Niall pays special and extra attention to Liam's breasts.) I am so sorry this is so long. :P
Liam/Niall  Genderswap  HighSchoolAU  AU  Protective  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/girl!Lou (Twincest)
So Harry and Lou are twins. Lou's boyfriend breaks up with her and she's really distraught and distant with her brother. They're normally inseparable and it's confusing Harry. One particular night he hears her crying and goes into her room to comfort her. What starts out innocent soon turns into something way more than they bargained for, but neither are willing to see the wrong in it.

Basically anything with Twincest in it will do though. That was just an idea. Pretty much up to the writer though. I'm super easy to please! :)

Please please please fill this soon and I'll give you my first born child!
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Twins/Triplets  Incest  Filled  Completed  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5, wooing girl!Liam with...unusual methods
I'll say right now that this is probably the least serious prompt ever.

Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn sing and dance along to the song "Gangnam Style" by PSY in order to woo girl!Liam. (If you haven't seen this, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 [It's K-Pop, btw. Think Korean LMFAO. It's hilarious.])

I'll admit, I just really, really fucking want to see the boys do the dance in this video. I swear, it'd be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Bonus if a "you're all twats but this is hilarious" thinking Liam joins them by the end of the song.
OT5  Liam/Everyone  Genderswap  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Zayn/Liam (Genderswap)
I just want girl!zayn and liam falling hard for her but then like Zayn's brother is overprotective and doesn't really like Liam. 'Her' brother can be harry omg i just love harry as the overprotective guy. Uhm Harry won't make it easy for liam. i don't care much for the plot. Thanks in advance!
Liam/Zayn  Genderswap  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/Always-a-girl!Liam; smutty dreams; dom/sub
Girl!Liam dreams she's in one of those cheesy scripted dom/sub pornos, where the boys are her masters and she's their slave. She can't help but be so, so turned on by it. But.

She's woken by one of her boyfriends watching her, and he knows right away what's going on. Cue basic dialogue like:
"Oi! Come here! Liam's having a wet dream!"
"What? Liam?"
"She had a wet dream?"
"N-no I didn't!"
"Oh really? Then why are you making bedroom eyes at us and-"
"-Fuck, oh my god, stop-"
"Yep, she had one. Darling's nice and wet."

And the boys are so intrigued and teasing and goddamn insistent that she has to tell them. That information absolutely floors them, because it's Liam and, well, they'd kind of expected good old vanilla sex.
Then, because they're them, they get on board with it pretty quickly.
OT5  Liam/Everyone  Genderswap  WetDream  D/s  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl!Harry trying to teach Louis,because he has never done it before, how to stimulate her G-spot. Just everything that that entails.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/girl!Liam, songfic
Harry/always-a-girl!Liam, songfic (or just related to): "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce. (Lyrics here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/if-i-were-a-boy-lyrics-beyonce-knowles.html).

Idk, I just think this song with Lirry would be interesting. And sad. Feels. D:
Harry/Liam  Genderswap  SongFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/(possibly Girl)Harry, bdsm(?), rough sex
Okay so I just watched there twitcam they did all together a bit ago and Liam says something like 'why does Zayn never get hurt when we punch him. When we're playing around he's really strong' well it's something like that. So I would hurt someone for a fic with (Preferably girlHarry but regular Harry is fine) riding the shit out of Zayn and hitting him, scratching him, slapping, biting, idk anything to try and hurt him/make him say ow but he just gets turned on at her/him not being strong enough to hurt him and just getting herself over-exerted...

Bonus points for if Harry's kept male, Zayn making a few jokes about him hitting like a girl.
Harry/Zayn  Genderswap  RoughSex  BDSM  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!Niall/Harry stranger fic
i just want a fic with cisgirl!Niall and Harry meeting at a club/party and then he's bringing her home. multiple orgasms for both parties would be wonderful. and a sweet ending would be fabulous
Harry/Niall  Genderswap  Het  MultipleOrgasms  Drinking  Filled  Completed  Long  AU 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/girl!Louis and boy!Louis (Louis can change into a girl or a boy)
Louis doesn't know how, but since he was about 10, he's been able to change into a girl whenever he wants to. He's never told anyone before, but one day Harry walks in on him and he's definitely got tits. The thing is, Harry loves him either way. Maybe if Louis' having a 'girl day' Harry helps her with outfit choices and paints her nails for her and stuff? I can just imagine Harry being really chilled about it. Established relationship if you hadn't guessed :)
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
ot5, always-a-girl!Liam
The boys sneak into Liam's hotel room after a party to scare her and wake her up and just be twats in general. But when they get in, they find Liam in some skimpy~ pajamas that initially look so strange because they're on Liam, but quickly start looking really fucking hot because they're on Liam.

The rest is up to you. I just really want Liam in skimpy sexy clothes and the boys really, really liking that fact.
Liam/Everyone  Genderswap  Het  Clothes  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Azealia Banks/Cara Delevingne, threesome, possible genderswap and dub-con, dirty talk(?)
So Azealia and Cara are like bffs (I'm guessing from twitter and instagram and shit) And Harry and Cara seem to know each other... Que Azealia being jealous of cara and Harry being flirty one day so she kidnaps Harry to" teach him a lesson" and get him to stay away from Cara. Maybe cara walks in and joins in the sexy times.
*would prefer Harry a girl cause come on hes all tall and thin and model like. And a model threesome- oh Jesus.
*bonus points for Azealia's dirty dirty rap mouth. Dirty enough to make Harry blush. And descriptions of her dark skin tone
* possible Harry dub-con at first when Azealia gets him but DUH he's gonna eventually enjoy it :)
Harry/Other  Genderswap  Threesome  DirtyTalk  Unfilled  AU  ModelHarry 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Girl! Harry Nudity
Girl!Harry likes to get naked just as much as boy Harry does. Even in front of her band mates. Cue the boys being embarrassed/turned on. Could go through some of the major times she’s been naked (on the plane, singing gotta be you on the floor at the bungalow). Can be ot5 or larry or zarry.
Harry  Genderswap  OT5  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - *underage*
Girl!Louis (underage if the author wants; maybe like 14??) walks by the bakery everyday, where Harry (however old) works. Harry, although he won't admit it, is attracted to the girl. They all ways greet each other, seeing as she usually stops in to get something for her mum. One afternoon, Girl!Lou comes in and complains to Harry how she never learns anything valuable at school and he tells her he has a lesson for her. Sex ensues. If you fill I'll bake cookies.
Harry/Louis  Underage  Genderswap  Filled  Completed  Long 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Drake/Girl!Zayn/Girl!Niall Threesome
Even I can’t believe I’m prompting this. Inspired by Drake’s verse on the remix of Digital Girl by Jamie Foxx. And the fact that Zayn and Niall were the only ones singing Shot for Me while Liam beat boxed and Louis and Harry just kind of stood there. (and I was like “NOOOO! WHY AREN’T YOU ALL SINGING IT?!?!? AHHH!!!) So I’m gonna assume that Zayn and Niall are the only Drake fans in 1D. “I just hit alt tab. Switching in between two convos. I should just call cabs and bring them both here to the condo.” Can be AU if you want and either webcam sex or irl threesome; author’s choice.
Niall/Zayn/Other  Genderswap  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/girl!Zayn, D/s
girl!Zayn wants to be a "good girl" for Louis. Louis spanks her when she's not. Basically Zayn acting all innocent and completely submissive, but sometimes she slips up when Louis tells her to do something, and so he has to punish her.
(NOT a daddy!kink please.)
Louis/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  D/s  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Girl! Version AU- Girl crush
The girl version of 1D is still just as touchy feely as the boy version. I just want like the media having the same reaction to it. Calling it a girl crush or whatever. And I don’t want them to be like the pussycat dolls or any other girl group about it where touching each other and stuff is like a part of their act/dance routines. I just want them to hold hands, kiss each other on the cheeks etc just like they do in reality. Can have actual femmslash if you want.
OT5  Genderswap  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 femme vs homme
I came up with this thing which I call femme vs homme (this already exists, but it probably isn't called something like this, I just made it up to label it). Imagine a world where everyone is born in their natural ganders (the boys are still, um, boys that is) but they get labeled, as a way of making males and females equal, as femmes or hommes. The boys that are born as femmes get treated just as girls, even if they look like normal boys, dress like boys, have a dick and everything. They get to deal with the pros and cons of being a "girl" (maybe they have to work harder to be recognized, have to be good and pure, aren't supposed to fuck around etc etc, but at the same time they get away easier with things, aren't expected to work like a man, or are taken care of, treated as fragile or whatever), I think you can come up with the basics. The boys being born as hommes are still just boys.
The femme boys even sometimes get called a girl - it's not always, but it's not like it's wrong to call them girls if you want to. In this world everyone would have to be bisexual as well, pretty much.

I don't want to tell you which of the boys that should be femmes and which should be hommes, because I think it's up to you, but if I had to choose, then I'd go for Niall and Harry as femmes and the rest as hommes.

Bonus if you include a homme girl!
OT5  Genderswap  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Girl! Version AU
Girl!1D doing a tampon commercial. Like maybe one of those kotex ‘periods suck’ ones. Ironically this actually wasn’t inspired by Harry getting hit in the face with one.
OT5  Genderswap  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Zayn/girl!Louis/girl!Harry AU
Zayn/Girl!Louis/Girl!Harry threesome fic. Inspired by that interview with the mic that had a really long cord. That part where at first he has his arm around Louis and then Harry whispers something or bites his neck idk and then he has his arms around both of them. And I was just like pimpin’ and then this idea came. So just like AU I guess of him picking them up in a club and all of them fucking?
Harry/Louis/Zayn  Genderswap  Threesome  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis finds Liam's vibrator and decides to have some fun with it.
Liam/Louis  Sextoys  Genderswap  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/girl!Liam; speed dating AU
Girl!Liam doesn't have much of a romantic life. She's pretty and sweet and adorable, but she's also very shy and lacks confidence.

One day, her best friend Harry invites her out to dinner. When Liam gets there, she absentmindedly notices the many couples surrounding the little table Harry's sitting at. It isn't until they're both sitting down that Liam realizes that something's off. When a bell suddenly sounds, Harry grins, fluffs her hair, tells her to smile and be herself, and bounds off to another table. That's when Liam realizes that she's speed dating.

That's also where she meets Louis Tomlinson.
Liam/Louis  Genderswap  Het  Fluff  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, D/s genderfuck
always a girl!Louis domming the fuck out of boy!Harry

bonus points for Louis domming him physically as well as emotionally, ie slapping him around, pushing/pulling him where she wants him to be, yanking him around by his hair, spanking him if he's bad, all that good stuff.
Harry/Louis  D/s  Genderswap  DominantLouis  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5/Girl! Liam - Wakes up a girl, & some sub action
Okay, I don't think that this has ever been prompted, but somehow Liam wakes up one day a girl, and the other guys rather than be taken aback, find it super hot and want to make him comfortable in his new girl body ;-) So I just want lots of hot sexual activity with Liam by the other guys, and some submissive Liam after he finds that he really enjoys the guys for once being stronger than him, since he longer has his muscular guy body. Also, established relationship. Much love to whoever fills!! <3
OT5  Genderswap  Liam  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis and Zayn really enjoy pleasing Liam. Lots of filling sweet liam full of their cum. Maybe Liam likes the idea she could get pregnant and they wouldn't know who's it was or maybe she likes feeling it after, keeping it in while she's in an interview. I dunno it's up to the author but kinky is good! No scat/watersports/bloodplay please!
Liam/Louis/Zayn  Genderswap  Het  Threesome  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 4
Girl!Liam can squirt. The boys find out. They think it's the hottest thing they've ever seen. So they get her to do it a lot. A lot.
OT5  Liam  Genderswap  Squirting  Filled  Incomplete 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Multiple orgasms. Would love it if face sitting and breast fucking was included.
Harry/Liam  Genderswap  Het  Sextoys  DirtyTalk  OralSex  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
ot5 warning; possible sexual assault
niall is the only girl in the band + she is not good at looking after herself, reckless and drinking too much on their nights out... one night at a club a guy won't take no for an answer + gets rough with her (attempted assault or just a bit violent is up to filler); the boys notice and intervene --

cue angsty tears, cuddling, and the boys all gathering around niall when they get home to remind her who she REALLY belongs to/sexytimes etc...

will love you. will LOVE.

(x-posted to the angst meme)
Niall/Other  Genderswap  Non-Con  Unfilled  Angst  Protective 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5; slutty-but-adorable girl!Liam
OT5 established relationship, with girl!Liam and normal everyone else. Liam really wants to pleasure all of her bandmates at the same time, but she feels bad because she only has three holes, and there are four boys.

Idk, I just want slutty-thinking!Liam but she's so worried about leaving one of the boys out that she can't bring herself to do it. Until the boys find out about her fantasy, of course.
Liam/Everyone  Genderswap  Het  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
always-a-girl!Louis/Harry AU
In an opposite world where it's ok to be gay but not ok to be straight. Everyone is expected to date the same gender.
Harry is the most popular boy at school and is dating the hottest guy.
But then the new girl, Louis, changes everything.
I kind of want some Deleanor drama too, like, maybe girl!Louis and Eleanor start dating in the beginning and Danielle is jealous. Idk.
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  Het  HighSchoolAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/girl!Liam/Harry; doublestuff and light BDSM
Louis and Harry put a crotch rope (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crotch_rope) and nipple clamps on girl!Liam. Louis fucks Liam from behind while Harry fucks her mouth. Both love pulling on the clamps, because they know the pain drives Liam crazy. (Can add positions if you're making a long fill...haha).They make her come until she is so oversensitive that she literally cannot take any more.
Harry/Liam/Louis  Genderswap  Het  PainKink  Sextoys  Overstimulation  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Danielle, genderswap
We've had the boys turning into girls, but seriously, I just want Danielle to turn into a boy and try if she can still seduce Liam.
Liam/Other  Genderswap  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/girl!Liam; stripper!Liam
Harry gets taken out to a strip club for his birthday by his three other bandmates, and his eyes are drawn to a particular dancer. The girl has to be the most gorgeous, provocative, and sexy person he's ever seen (and, being Harry Styles, he's seen a lot of girls.)

The others encourage him to go find her once she's done performing, so he does. Liam is flirtatious, witty, and teasing. When he turns on the Harry Styles charm, she tells him to wait for her until her shift is over. So he does.

Hours later, he sees her leaving the club and catches up with her. Liam is completely shocked to find that he actually bothered to wait; she didn't expect him to at all. On the other hand, Harry is surprised to see that this Liam is shy, cute, and definitely not the tease she was in the club. However, he finds her adorableness as much as a turn on as when she was wanton.

When they get to her apartment (Liam in total disbelief that this is actually happening) they just seem to fall into each other. Harry almost subconsciously tries to make it as sweet and gentle as he can, because there's just something about Liam that screams precious and innocent to him.

Would love to see a morning after when Harry tries to figure Liam out, like why she's a stripper when the job is so wrong for her. I just want emphasis on how Liam is such a good actress, how she can put on that sexy, fearless persona, when in reality she's quiet, bashful, and shy. And how that contrast intrigues Harry and makes him just want to stay. How it ends (them together? him leaving?) is up to you.
Harry/Liam  Genderswap  Het  Stripping  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
underage girl!harry, stepfather!louis - daddy!kink
girl!harry (age 15-16?) is really acting out lately (going to parties, staying out past curfew, having sex), and her new stepfather louis tries to scold her while her mother is away for a weekend. to get out of trouble, harry seduced her stepfather and cue dirty sex.

bonus points for dirty talk & harry teasing and referring to lou as daddy.
Harry/Louis  DaddyKink  Underage  Genderswap  AU  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!Liam/the boys
In a band full of boys, it's hard for Liam to find privacy to get herself off. Every time she tries, they unknowingly get in the way. It becomes so bad that she starts getting snappy and irritable. The boys obviously notice and try to get her to spill the beans. She finally does and they decide to take matters into their own hands.
Liam  Genderswap  Liam/Everyone  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/James Deen; possible gender swap
Based on James Deen and Kristina Rose's part in manhandled 4. Where James is fucking Harry instead. (I kind of want him a girl but that's cool to keep him a boy) really rough with possible dub-con. And it would be great if James was like kind of degrading, with name calling and if he's kept a guy like talking how he takes it like a girl and blah blah. And Harry loves it, he's really submissive,
Here's a link to the vid- http://ostinata.tumblr.com/post/25372364044/james-deens-scene-from-manhandled-4-wow (hope that works...)

Please someone fill this for me :)
Harry/Other  Genderswap  RoughSex  Dub-Con  NSFWPic  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!Liam/Simon - teenage crush
Liam spent two years thinking about the next time they'd meet, okay? It's just a little crush.

It's not like Simon doesn't notice, but he's too old to be thinking about a sixteen-year-old's hero worship or how pretty she got in the last two years. He wouldn't take advantage of anyone like that, anyway.

Certainly not with so many cameras around.
Liam/Other  Genderswap  AgeGap  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!Louis/girl!Harry, Bondage, discipline
Inspired by this pic: http://img9.imagetwist.com/i/01630/n8rkguusj4cn.jpg (NSFW obv)

Louis ties Harry's hands behind her back with rope and fucks her with a dildo (strap-on or not, I don't mind).

Spanking, lots of "bad/naughty girl", maybe a bit of breathplay? Then she sits on Harry's face after she's made her come (multiple times?)
Harry/Louis  Genderswap  NSFWPic  Restraints  Sextoys  Spanking  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!harry eating girl!liam out.

because there can never, ever be enough genderswap fics in this fandom.
Harry/Liam  Genderswap  OralSex  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Threesome with Girl!Harry, Louis, and Zayn! Eating out and female rimming.
Harry/Louis/Zayn  Threesome  Genderswap  OralSex  Rimming  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
girl!harry/dirty talking!niall
basically what the title says: genderswapped harry getting with niall who's got a filthy fucking mouth but also laughing and swearing and getting all flushed and sweaty because he's NIALL and harry bucking into every caress and practically purring like the kitty kat he is
please and thank you <3
Harry/Niall  Genderswap  Het  DirtyTalk  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
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