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Harry/Louis or Zayn/Niall Song prompt
I guess this isn't exactly a kink???? But I would really really REALLY love a fic based off a cute song called "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson!

Fluff would be really rad and maybe like romantic/slow sex??? Either is fine or both is good too just in a really cheesy fluff mood right now.
Harry/Louis  AU  DeathFic  SongFic  Filled  Completed  Fluff  Romance 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis alien au, underage, minor character death
basically a fic kinda based off of rosalina's storybook from super mario galaxy

one night a young Louis is outside looking at the stars, trying to find his mom up there as he's laying in the flowers under his tree. he hears a crash in the distance & he runs to where the sound came from to see a curly haired little boy around 9 or so, standing there with a crashed spaceship and he's crying.

louis, scared, approaches him and asks if he's alright. the boy stutters back incomplete sentences and won't tell Louis his name, but says that "he's lost" repeatedly, until Louis actually starts calling him Lost. Lost says that he lost his mom in space, and Louis says his mom is up there as well. Louis helps Lost fix the spaceship and after Louis grabs some of his things, they set off into the stars.

after awhile,of being in space, Lost starts to open up to Louis and stops stuttering. Louis didn't think the trip would take that long and starts complaining that he's hungry. he takes a nap to forget about his hunger, and he dreams about his mom. when he wakes up he's bawling his eyes out, and he cuddles up to Lost and tells him that he should have known better than to believe his mom was really with the stars, and that he wants to go home.

Lost says that his species can sacrifice their life to transform in to something; and that he can transform into a portal back to earth. Louis cries and says he changes his mind, that Lost is all he has left, but Lost knows that Louis really does need to go home. before transforming, Lost kisses Louis and says he'll never forget him, and that he's not Lost anymore.

a crying Louis steps through the portal and is instantly transferred under the tree on his hill. he looks up to the stars one last time, and he never forgets Lost either.
Harry/Louis  AU  Underage  DeathFic  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Triggering: Deathfic, Suicide, Selfharm
(I'm really only prompting this so I can fill it myself!) Basically, there aren't enough death!fics around in my opinion. So, here's my idea.

Louis loves El with all his heart, or actually, more accurately, he thinks he does. But what he doesn't know is that whenever Harry and El are in the same room, without him, El is always bullying Harry (i.e. calling him fag, homo, queer, etc.) But what neither Louis neither Eleanor knows is that Harry cuts, and has cut since he was 12. But Harry has fallen deeply in love with Louis, and when Harry finally tells Louis that El has been bullying and bullying him, and Louis doesn't believe him, well. Harry is nearly pushed over the edge, but when Louis, after taking a cue from Eleanor, starts to bully Harry, and the other lads either side with Louis or don't notice, and when Louis proposes to El? That just pushes him closer to the edge. Find out the rest in the fill! And plz comment!
Harry/Louis  DeathFic  SuicideAttempt  SelfHarm  UnrequitedFeelings  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/OMC - Non-con, forced voyeurism, death
Somehow, when 1D are entering or exiting their hotel or studio or whatever, a man breaks through security with a gun, tackles Harry to the floor, and threatens to shoot him if anyone moves/comes closer. Then he rapes Harry and forces everyone to watch, holding the gun to his head the whole time as a threat. He's very rough, doesn't use lube, pulls on Harry's hair, scrapes his face against the road etc. After he comes, the man shoots himself while he's still inside Harry.

Harry feels too horrified and violated to move, so security has to remove the man from him while he screams and cries. The boys do their best to comfort Harry afterwards, and then they have to cope with the trauma (for all of them) and media storm that follows the event (because of course some people would have taken photos/filmed it). A happy-ish ending if possible, please. A hopeful ending.
Harry/Other  Non-Con  Voyeurism  Violence  DeathFic  Hurt/Comfort  OT5  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry Harry Potter AU (TRIGGER: character death)
Larry during the battle of Hogwarts. I’ve seen a fair bit of 1D HP AUs that take place years after the war but I want one where Louis and Harry are students at Hogwarts that get caught up in the battle. And then one of them dies or they both die; author’s choice.
Harry/Louis  HarryPotterAU  DeathFic  AU  Magic  Filled  Completed  Short 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5 soulbond
It was always inevitable that the five of them would end up together, somehow. They have been this way before, and they'll be this way again.

Take that and run with it?
OT5  AU  Magic  Supernatural  DeathFic  Filled  Completed 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Adult!Liam/13-year-old!Zayn (Incest!, Underage!) Zayn's been misbehaving, and it's all Liam's fault
Liam's always done his best for his son; when Danielle wanted to get an abortion, Liam convinced her not to; though the pregnancy was awful, Liam never complained; and it was all worth it when he got to hold a tiny, baby boy in his arms.

But when Zayn was just 7-years-old, Danielle decided she'd had enough of this "raising kids" thing and ran off to god-knows-where to become a famous dancer. Things fell apart for awhile, and the only way Zayn could fall asleep at night was by snuggling up with Liam. It became routine, to be clingy and cuddly and Liam never questioned if maybe it was too snuggly, almost unhealthy, until he woke up one morning and, damn, Zayn's 13 and, yes, that is in fact an erection digging into his thigh. Did he mention Zayn was moaning his name?

Liam panicks(resloutely ignoring the fact his own cock stirs in interest) and ends the sleeping in the same bed thing that day, causing Zayn to become not only confused and helpless, but downright angry. Instead of talking things out, Liam ignored the problem and Zayn began to rebel. Smoking, school grades dropping, skipping class, hanging out with older boys...

Needless to say, Liam is less than thrilled. Things don't come to a head until Liam walks in on Zayn about to suck off one of his new friends. It ends up in a furious yelling match, until Zayn's a shaking, crying mess and then they're hugging and Liam feels like shit and Zayn is heartbroken because "When Mum left... You became the only thing that mattered. When you kicked me out... I thought you might be leaving, too." And inevitably, Zayn asks Why he was alienated and a very guilty Liam explains, and Zayn's really embarrassed until he notices Liam's gotta fucking boner and... well, sex.
Liam/Zayn  AU  Incest  Underage  DeathFic  Filled  Incomplete  AgeGap 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5, zombie apocalypse [tw: potential character death]
a fic detailing where each of the boys were when the entire event started, how their lives warp and change throughout the ordeal, and where they are when it all ends.

pairings are up to filler, but OP prefers larry, ziam and ziall. the fate of the boys is up to the filler, but OP would like it if at least three out of five stayed alive until the end!
OT5  ZombieAU  Unfilled  DeathFic 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
zayn/liam, character death, angst, armegeddon
okay so like, something similar to the movie armegeddon (and if you haven't watched that movie yet i'm judging you).

so like, imagine them as harry and grace (not incest, just the whole one lives one dies thing and they love each other very much okay).

right. now let's say zayn is harry (or liam can be, it really doesn't matter, i'm just using it as an example). zayn goes on this mission to save the planet or whatnot, the others are with him, etc la da da, they're going good and then bam, shit happens, and someone has to stay behind.

but zayn doesn't give them a choice to stay behind (zayn does this bc he can't let any of his friends suffer an ill fate, he loves them all so much that he refuses to let them give up their lives, even if that means he has to leave the one he loves), maybe you can add some more plot to that, maybe have it like in the movie idk/idc. anyway -- zayn calls liam, and liam is worried, but hopeful, praying that everything will be alright, but then zayn says no, and idk, they confess their love to one another one last time and it's heartbreaking for everyone, zayn and liam, the boys, everyone who is listening in on the call or w/e.

and so like, zayn does it, does whatever it is that needs to be done, and like, during his last moment, all he can think of is him and liam and all of their time together and how their future could've been and sad stuff like that. and then it happens and he dies and liam can literally feel his heart stop when that happens, can literally feel it breaking and obliterating and he can't breathe and he can't cry bc he has to be strong bc it's what zayn would've wanted and stuff like that and idk

and like idk maybe you can have it adding memories between the two throughout it or something idk, not too fussed, just someone please write this please, i'll donate my first nephew or niece to you once they're born.
Liam/Zayn  MovieBasedAU  AU  Angst  DeathFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Looking for Alaska au [character death]
So I don't know if any of y'all have read Looking for Alaska by John Green, but I would love a fic based on it? Sorry for such a long prompt, but you can stray as far as yo want.

So Louis is going to be based off Pudge. He's a shy, generally quiet boy who tends to keep to himself most of the time. (and if you write Louis with glasses I will love you forever okay). He gets sent off to boarding school (filler can choose why - to find 'the Great Perhaps' like in the book or he needs a fresh start are a few ideas I'm throwing out there), where his roommate is Zayn.

Pudge's roommate in the book has the nickname the Colonel, so if you want Zayn to have an equally vague nickname, it's all up to you. Anyway, Zayn is a bit dark and brooding, protective and freakishly loyal to his friends. He takes Louis under his wing, basically saying, "you stick with me or you die" and expecting him to swim instead of sink.

Zayn goes to buy some alcohol from Harry, who always has a bunch of liquor stashed under his bed, and drags Louis along with him to pay, despite the fact Louis doesn't drink. Once entering Harry's dorm, Louis' eyes lie on Harry and he's suddenly infatuated. Harry is gorgeous.

Harry, if it's not obvious by now, is based on Alaska. He's devillishy handsome, a prankster, and well known around the school. He doesn't care much about his grades nor his school, usually just looking for ways to make trouble without getting caught. On the outside, he's fun, lighthearted and reckless, but he's a lot deeper on the inside. He's broken. He's a wreck, really. He's cold to the bone, and he's always jumping between the two personas, leaving people confused as hell. Still, Lou finds himself growing more and more in love with him.

He and Zayn are best friends, and his other best friend is Liam, who, like Takumi whom he is based off of, has a slight crush on Harry. He's the quiet one of the three, though he's great at rapping if you were to throw him a beat. He does a lot of thinking, and Louis usually turns to him when Zayn and
Harry/Louis  AU  DeathFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Puppy!Liam/Zayn - He'll come back, right? warning - possible character death
So I've been thinking anout this for a while now but couldn't get myself to actually write it but I guess here it goes:

Story inspired by the movie "Hachiko a dogs story". If you don't know the movie - a man finds a little puppy and decides to take him home. They create this amazing bond. The dog walks his owner to the train station everyday and waits there until he gets back from work. But one day the man dies while gone and he never comes back but his dog (named Hachiko) never leaves the station, he never stopped waiting for his owner... (damn that movie made me cry so much)

So I taught this would make a beautiful story. Liam would be this puppy/human. He'd be so sweet, naive and loyal. He'd always wait for Zayn in their appartament until when day Zayn doesn't come back. Liam doesn't really understands what happened all he knows that he needs to wait for Zayn. Others try to tell him to stop, to move on etc... but he just waits

Maybe to NOT make this sooo heartbreaking, the ending could be happy where after a while Zayn comes back. He comes back almost 100% sure that Liam will be gone, moved on and forgotten about him but it's not true.

I guess the ending would be up to writer. So yeah, that's my prompt :) Turned out kinda long...
Liam/Zayn  PetLiam  MovieBasedAU  DeathFic  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Les Mis. Harry/Louis Liam/Zayn Warning: death, sad
So if you haven't seen the play Les Misèrables, its amazing. Casting: Zayn: Jean Valjean, Liam: Fantine, Louis: Cosette, Harry: Marius, Niall: Éponine. Slight changes please! Jean Valjean and Fantine be in love right before she dies if possible. Also, not sure about genderswap or not. Up to author whether or not s/he feels necessary, though I think they could stay as boys. Have fun with it! Love and cookies for whoever files!!!
Harry/Louis  Liam/Zayn  DeathFic  Unfilled  Angst 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Louis: groundhog day/mystery spot!au (character death, kinda)
Louis gets stuck in a time loop and repeats the same day over and over again. Liam dies everyday, and Louis can't stop it.

(up to you if Louis has feelings from Liam from before, or if he starts growing feelings as the days repeat)
If anyone actually does this I will hand you my first born on a plate.
Liam/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  DeathFic  Unfilled  Supernatural 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Niall/Zayn, based on Watchtower by Devlin, [character death]
If you haven't seen the video you can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfAIgkd8Yjo

So I just really want something where Zayn stole some money or something and Niall's his PIC. The police are after them and Niall gets shot but doesn't tell Zayn until they get away and it's too late. Bonus points for Zayn screaming/cussing when he finds out Niall is dead.

Basically I will give you anything you want if you fill this. Please.

(First time prompting sorry if I screwed this up and sorry if it isn't specific enough)
Niall/Zayn  DeathFic  Unfilled  AU 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, angst, songfic-ish? Possible character death?
I don't want an actual songfic but I DO want hot smut and angst based off Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

I'd really like for this bit "Use me as you will, Pull my strings just for a thrill. And I know I'll be okay, Though my skies are turning gray" to be the base or whatever for the sex.

Up to filler to decide what they want to do with this lyric "I'll be there for you through it all, Even if saving you sends me to heaven"

Okay I'm sorry this prompt is really jumpy/messy so I'll sum it all up down here. So basically I want Harry who is desperately in love with Louis and Louis doesn't return the feelings, he just uses Harry as a good fuck (they're still best friends though) and Harry let's him because Harry will do anything Louis wants/asks.
So basically agnsty porn with a possible dark ending?
Harry/Louis  Angst  DeathFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry Death!, Angst!
SO when Harry was getting hated on again this prompt came to mind. Like harry is texting who ever(depends on author) and they tell harry about the hate on twitter and stuff. and well Louis is out(again depends on the author where Louis went) harry like slits his wrist or takes pills and Louis comes home to find Harry died.
Sorry but I need this.
Harry/Louis  DeathFic  Angst  SuicideAttempt  Filled  Completed  Short 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/ Harry Leukemia
Ok I really want a fic where Louis has been suffering from leukemia ever since he was child, and Jay is doing absolutely anything and everything to keep him alive witch includes like bone marrow transplants/chemo.. etc. Louis' Cancer does go away but comes back he is like 17/18 now, but this time his kidneys have stopped working and needs a transplant. Jay is looking tiredly until she find a willing donor. Harry, ok i just want them to bond before it the transplant happens and they start to like each other and it makes Harrys determination to it stronger cause like at the beginning he's kinda on the fence, and maybe like after when Louis is like better he is keeping care of Harry because he has no kidneys and omksgcksdklk ok
Harry/Louis  Angst  DeathFic  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - warning: graphic violence, character death
Zombie Apocalypse!AU where One Direction is a troupe of bad-ass zombie fighters living day to day in a rundown shelter in London, protecting the other people there that have managed to survive the zombies so far.

Harry and Louis have been together since before the zombie virus hit, and they're still together. Their relationship survives on the small fractions of touches they get during the day and the hot, passionate sex they have at night, muffling their noises into each others' skin as not to disturb the others around.

One day, when the boys are on some sort of mission (a raid, a search-and-rescue) they end up getting attacked by a hoard of zombies and in the fight to get out, Louis ends up getting bitten before he can beat the zombie off. He doesn't tell Harry until they get away from the zombies and when Harry finds out he completely breaks down because he knows that now, Louis has to die.

Louis has three days before the infection takes over completely and he becomes one of the zombies himself so he and Harry decide to make the best of these three days - they have loud, boisterous, kinky sex, they kiss and touch as much as they can in public or otherwise, and on Lou's third and final day, they get a priest living in their shelter to marry them.

And on their wedding night, instead of celebrating it like they so desperately wish they could, Harry takes Louis (who's finally succumbing to the infection after denying the signs for the last two days) out to an empty parking lot and sits Louis down in the middle of it, and he waits for Louis to be completely taken over by the infection.

When the infection finally takes Louis over and he's nothing but a mindless, soulless zombie, Harry lifts his gun, aims it, and shoots Louis in the head.
Harry/Louis  ZombieAU  AU  Violence  DeathFic  Filled  Completed 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Trigger warnings self harm, suicide attempt?
I have yet to see a really well written angsty Harry/Louis story.

Even more so given recent events but I just want to see a massively hurt/damaged Harry who self harms and goes 1 step further and tries to committ suicide (either by accident or intentionally)
Harry/Louis  SelfHarm  SuicideAttempt  Angst  Filled  Completed  DeathFic 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis, Warning for major character death
In light of the recent twitter events I would like to see something a bit twisted? idk? from the expected fanon. I want a Louis who is for his part truthfully just friends with Harry and tired of how this Larry thing has encroached on his real relationship with Eleanor and wants it to stop. But for Harry, his feelings were real and he never told Louis how he felt, and he's sort of been waiting and hoping for Louis to see the light.

But with this new development Harry has to accept that it will never be, and he kind of snaps. He goes to Louis' house and confesses that for him, Larry was real, and Louis is apologetic because he never knew but he can't make it real for Harry. Harry asks Louis to please kiss him just once, just to have that experience, and Louis agrees, and while they're kissing, Harry stabs him. He's just perfectly calm and accepting and he's basically willing to give it all up because he can't have this thing he's been pining for for ages and he loses it.

And then he calmly goes off and turns himself in.
Harry/Louis  DeathFic  Filled  Completed 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn; Nightmares AU -warnings: death-
Zayn and Liam (both 20) are a newly engaged couple, and decide to move in together. After a few months of a peaceful, loving relationship, Zayn wakes up one night, screaming and sobbing, leaving Liam frightened as hell.

When Zayn comes to his senses, he tells Liam that on the same day, 4 years ago, he was almost killed in a school shooting. A boy named Louis had enough of being bullied, especially by a jock (who was good friends with Zayn) named Harry and brought a gun to school. Since Harry had been absent that day, Louis decided to kill Zayn instead, to hurt Harry, even though Zayn had never done anything to him. They were in the cafeteria, and Louis went to shoot him when his back was turned, but a shy boy named Niall jumped in the way, getting the shot right in the heart.

As Niall bled to death on the cafeteria floor, clutching Zayn's hand, he told him he deserved to live, and didn't regret taking the shot. He died shortly after. Zayn tells Liam about his fears, that maybe he didn't deserved to live, and Niall shouldn't have taken the shot.

Liam tells him that he does deserve to live, and he wouldn't have been able to meet him if he was dead, and shows him his love (after telling him) through slow, passionate sex (bottom!Zayn). The next morning, they visit Niall's grave, and Zayn gives his final thanks.

SORRY IT'S SO LONG OMG but please, and thank you!
Liam/Zayn  AU  DeathFic  BottomZayn  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
zayn/liam, death fic.
based on 'gracious' by ben howard:
zayn dies; liam does all the things he and zayn said they would.
they said they'd go to six flags together, so liam goes there by himself. they said they'd live by the ocean in a house, all white, calm, and so he buys a house for them. zayn said he'd want a studio where he could paint, so liam turns the biggest room, overlooking the ocean, into one
and he makes sure it's never forgotten – he goes in there and makes it look like zayn still paints.

you can add lots of other things that they did together as well but yeah
also cccartoonheart is to blame 4 this
Liam/Zayn  DeathFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis angst
I want... sorry, NEED a fic based on this post on tumblr http://lego-heart.tumblr.com/post/30114839813
Louis finds a goodbye video after Harry passes away. that's all, the rest is up to the lovely filler. I'M BEGGIN', JUST FILL THIS.
Harry/Louis  DeathFic  FutureFic  Angst  Unfilled  ClaimedPrompt 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Based on One Song Glory from Rent- Either boy is at one of their concerts and ends up taking a girl (april) back to his flat after the concert for sex- but both of them end up being hopeless romantics. They date off and on- and then he finds out she's a heroin junkie. She gets him hooked and they are so desperate for the drugs and each other that their relationship becomes co-dependent and bitter. And then she tells him "We have AIDS." before slitting her wrists in the bathroom.
Some time later, after publicity issues and a temporary hiatus for the boys to regroup after the funeral and the realization that things will never be the same, the boy without the disease finds the one with in their shared flat, singing his and April's song under his breath despite the tears. He promises to protect the sick boy no matter what, and he cries and they kiss and they hug and it doesn't escalate to any more because of the whispered admission - "I love you, I love you but- I'm afraid." "Yeah. Yeah I understand. Just- kiss me."

You don't have to write the whole first half- just that scene afterwards. Just please. I'm having a lot of Roger feels and I'm having a lot of Larry feels so why not both?
Harry/Louis  Angst  SongFic  DeathFic  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn Serial Killer AU
Zayn is a serial killer and Liam is his accomplice. Really dom!Zayn and (obviously) super-sub!liam. Like if you could, I know this is super dark and creepy, explain the kill and Zayn bossing Liam around and getting off on how much Liam is enjoying killing him/her. Maybe, possibly, if desired have Zayn just loose control and fuck Liam right there in front of their dying victim because he looks so hot covered in his/her blood.

Oh and pleaseeeeeeee make the victim be Niall. I mean it's up to the filler... but please.

If someone fills this I'll give you 10000000 cookies I swear.
Liam/Zayn  KillerAU  AU  Violence  SubLiam  DeathFic  Abuse  BloodPlay  Unfilled 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis; mpreg, miscarriage
When Louis finally decides to get what seems to be a persistent stomach bug checked out, it turns out that he's actually pregnant. It's completely unexpected (let's say that male pregnancy is not unheard of but very rare), but after getting over the initial shock, him and Harry start to get tentatively excited about the idea. But male pregnancy is complicated; something goes wrong, and Louis miscarries. I'd mostly like to see the aftermath - how it affects each of them and their relationship, and how they put the pieces back together. Basically a lot of hurt/comfort.
Harry/Louis  Mpreg  DeathFic  Angst  Filled  HurtLouis  Hurt/Comfort  Completed  Long 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - they dump a body AU
So Harry and Louis (teenagers) are either brothers or best friends and they have a ~thing. Louis is with Eleanor officially and one weekend they're home alone and Harry catches them in bed together and he shoots Eleanor. She dies and Louis freaks completely out, he either starts screaming and accusing Harry or he freezes, too shocked to do anything else. Maybe he asks him to call an ambulance or police. Harry is really calm and tells Louis to get his act together, because they have to hide the body. Louis is really shaken up and maybe he bursts in tears all the time while moving her or in the car and he's really angry and scared at Harry, screaming etc. Then he asks Harry how he could do that to him, to her, and he tells Harry that he really loved her and maybe Harry is like "yeah, that's kind of the problem" or something sinister while tapping the steering wheel and focusing on the road and Louis calls him a sosiopath or crazy. After they've dumped her in a river or ocean or something Louis starts crying again and Harry tries to comfort him. Louis might accept the comfort because this is the worst fucking day in his life, but is still really mad at Harry. - Basically I want a fic where Harry kills Eleanor and Louis hates him and is really angry and sad, but it still doesn't occur to him to not help Harry cover it up, because he lost her and he can't lose Harry as well. They're brothers/best friends and no one comes between them.
Harry/Louis  Underage  AU  Incest  Violence  MeanHarry  DeathFic  Filled  Completed  Long  Louis/Other  Het  KillerAU 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
One Direction Kink Meme - Round 3
I don't know if this has already been prompted- if it has i'm sorry!- but a larry version of brokeback mountain would be so hot! with louis as ennis and harry as jack please please please x
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  Unfilled  AU  Angst  DeathFic 
october 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
lust murder; zayn/everyone with zayn/liam endgame
zayn's a serial killer who has compartmentalized his life to the point that he seems completely normal to the outside observer. he satisfies his grotesque urge at least once a week in a hotel or some hidden place, tearing some innocent thing apart sexually and never really reaching his peak until he literally tears them open, with a butcher knife. at home he has a roommate, because he likes the thrill of being that close to someone who has no clue what a monster he is. he even has other people that he's pretty friendly with and he's considered cool and popular in his social circle. he's an artist and graphic designer who works closely with different film studios and record labels, and when a friend/colleague in the music industry invites him to get drunk and go see these four stupid kids in a cheesy boyband, zayn sees their half-innocent, half-sexy demeanors and knows who his next victims will be. shamelessly graphic descriptions of him fucking and then killing louis, harry, and niall (in whatever order you choose) and then not being able to bring himself to hurt liam. you decide if there's a happy ending or not. maybe zayn turns good and never kills again and hides everything from liam and they live together as boyfriends with zayn just fucking liam harder every time his old bloodlust pop up. maybe liam finds out that zayn murdered his bandmates and doesn't care because he loves him so much (shades of stockholm syndrome?) or maybe liam turns zayn in and zayn angsts forever in prison completely alone. or liam come for conjugal visits.
Liam/Everyone  Liam/Zayn  DeathFic  AU  Filled  Violence  BloodPlay  Abuse  Incomplete  KillerAU 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Lolita AU
any pair, I would really just like the dynamic.
Harry/Louis  Underage  Filled  AU  Completed  Long  DeathFic  Angst  Harry/Other  Louis/Other  Het  AgeGap 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
15 Year Reunion
They always joked about where they'd be in ten or fifteen years. Maybe they'd tour forever like the Rolling Stones or do their own separate things like the Beatles. Whatever the outcome, they'd promised to reunite. One day, they'd all come together again and relive the glory days. None of them ever imagined the next time they'd be together, it would be for a funeral.
DeathFic  Liam/Zayn  Angst  Filled  Completed  Long 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Baby mama drama (because every boy band link meme needs unexpected pregnancies)
The boys are out promoting their second album when management gets a call saying that there's a woman preparing to file a paternity lawsuit. Not taking it seriously, they toss it aside, leaving her no choice other than to go through with it publicly. When the story comes out, the boys don't hear about it until it's on every news station an magazine in existence. One of the boys (in my mind either Zayn or Harry) instantly recognizes the girl and realizes there's a huge chance that really could be his child, but management insists that he deny it and that they'll "take care of everything" (paying someone to screw up the test results, trying to pay her off, etc. ) With all the pressure from management, the label and maybe even some of the other members, he decides to deny it at first. But as time goes on, the guilt starts to really eat at him, because you have to be truly heartless to completely deny a child. Ending is up to the author :)
Harry/Other  Zayn/Other  Angst  Het  Filled  Completed  Long  DeathFic 
september 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry AU
Louis has a severe case of brittle bone disease and lives at the hospital because even the slightest bump could break something. Harry is his doctor and has been since he started working there. Louis' used to breaking, he's just not used to being broken. Because there's no way that someone like Harry could ever love someone like him, is there? Not when he can't even hug someone too tightly for fear of getting hurt. What kind of relationship would that be? Only, Doctor Styles really does love the other boy. He spends more time looking after him than he needs to because it seems that he's the only one that can bring out THAT smile. Obviously love ensues. It's frustrating because Louis' a typical 18 year old boy with hormones and Harry is really quite fit. He can't help getting turned on! Obviously he can't take care of it himself, though. He could damage his wrist. Doctors are supposed to help with every little problem though, aren't they? I really want an 17/18/19 year old Louis and maybe a 24 - 26/27 year old Harry. How it ends is up to you, though the angsty part of me hopes that one day, Louis' disease is too much. It breaks him permanently one day, beyond repair. Harry never does move on from the love affair that was cut short way too soon, (lasting a year?) and one day, it's too much for him as well. He joins Louis so that they can be together without fear of breaking. Still, the ending is entirely your decision! I just really want this to get filled.
Harry/Louis  SickLouis  DeathFic  AU  Unfilled 
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liam died, zayn has a hard time coping.
Liam/Zayn  DeathFic  Unfilled 
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OT5/Gen (shooting, suicide, angst)
okay so i'm not going anon because i kinda wanna write this but i don't have plot other than this so someone else should do it for me the boys have just about got used to girls crying at them and fainting on them when a girl shoots herself in the head right in front of them
OT5  SelfHarm  Angst  DeathFic  Filled  Completed  Long  MultipleFills 
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Harry and Louis have been in a long term relationship. One afternoon they get in a heated argument and Louis storms off and goes for a drive to cool off. 2/3 hours after Louis left, Harry finally decides to check up on him after ignoring his calls. He sees that Louis has left him a voice mail... ~ Louis has been in a car crash on a quite road, so no one is there to call for help. At the moment he is still alive, but is in pain all over, pretty dazed and is slowly losing blood due to the pole skewered through his body. He knows he will eventually die alone in the car. He manages to get his mobile, whilst causing himself a lot of pain, and decides to call Harry, so he can hear his voice one last time and say one final goodbye to him before he passes. Unfortunately Harry doesn't pick up, after him trying 3 times, so he has to leave a voice mail. (Have the message being really heartfelt. Maybe have him crying or with a few tears, ragged breathing, coughing, maybe a few cries out in pain, maybe having him drifting in and out of consciousness, I don't mind. He can either die before he's finished the voice mail or after, up to you.) ~ Basically I want Harry's reaction to the voice mail. I want it to be really heart achingly sad and then how Harry copes with Louis' death after hearing the voice mail. I'd like it to lead up to Harry eventually trying to commit suicide and one of the other boys finding him either just in time or after it's too late. I just want a really sad, depressing, angsty, heart breaking fic. (Sorry this is quite detailed, but even if you wrote something along the lines of this prompt i will love you forever.)
Harry/Louis  DeathFic  Filled  Angst  Completed  Short 
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Junkie Love.

Your classic, fucked up, Sid-and-Nancy, Kurt-and-Courtney, Requiem for a Dream kind of thing.
Harry/Zayn  DrugUse  DeathFic  Filled  Long  Completed 
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