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Using CancellationTokens in ASP.NET Core MVC controllers
In this post I'll show how you can use a CancellationToken in your ASP.NET Core action method to stop execution when a user cancels a request from their browser. This can be useful if you have long running requests that you don't want to continue using up resources when a user clicks "stop" or "refresh" in their browser.
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7 weeks ago by 0xced
Throttling your API in ASP.NET
Can someone DOS attack your API and bring down your webservice? Could I hit your API at 100 requests a second and bring down your server? Or can you throttle your users like this?
aspnet  throttle 
february 2019 by 0xced
Andrew Lock | .NET Escapades | [Configuration]
Blog posts about configuration in ASP.NET Core by Andrew Lock
aspnet  configuration 
november 2018 by 0xced

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