The Power of Anti-Goals
Application of the 'double reversal' technique
11 days ago
The right way to be introspective (yes, there’s a wrong way)
A good rule of thumb, then, is that why questions are generally better to help us understand events in our environment and what questions are generally better to help us understand ourselves.
facebook  self-awareness  journalling  reflection 
21 days ago
Online Classes on Pregnancy and Birth - BornOnline
BornOnline provides online classes on pregnancy and birth designed to help you thrive during your most important time of your life
june 2017
Why We Self-sabotage (And How to Work Through It)
We sabotage ourselves when we bring our wrong self to the table. Within each creative (and I think of us all as creatives), there are three distinct voices: The Inner Artist. The Inner Editor. The Inner Agent.
self-sabotage  creativity 
may 2017
Towards a four-day work week
Article by Michael Honey on the four-day work week
work  time  parttime  productivity 
may 2017
I Used to Be a Human Being
But this new epidemic of distraction is our civilization’s specific weakness. And its threat is not so much to our minds, even as they shape-shift under the pressure. The threat is to our souls. At this rate, if the noise does not relent, we might even forget we have any.
distraction  meditation  technology 
december 2016
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