Erqan crossing with Sudan to open next March: Authority - Daily News Egypt
Egypt and Sudan aim to open the Erqan land port next March to increase trade between the two countries, according to head of the General Authority for Ports and Dry Land Gamal Hegazy.

Approximately 70% of Erqan has been completed, along with a road in Toshka, east of Owaynat Abu Simbel, at a cost of EGP 170m, according to Hegazy.

Infrastructure costs for Erqan have reached a total of EGP 85m, according to a statement issued by the authority this Saturday.

The statement said that Hegazy met with the Sudanese Ambassador in Egypt Abdelmahmood Abdelhaleem on Saturday in order to coordinate on the subject of Erqan.

Sudan aims to provide Erqan with its own electricity network, through three generators with a capacity of 1.5MW.

The project will form a base for opening trade routes to Africa, which will help pave the way for the Cape Town-Alexandria project after the Qustul land port was opened last August, according to Abdelhaleem.

Chairman of the Egyptian Transport Association Mohamed Shehata said that Egyptian-Sudanese rapprochement and the port project will contribute to the creation of a new economic future for Egypt and the countries of Africa. He added that it is anticipated that the project will increase trade between Egypt and Sudan, and Egypt and Africa.

He believes that the project will provide Egypt with strategic advantages to access the African market, restoring leadership to Egypt, and rendering it the world’s gateway to Africa.

Both the Egyptian and Sudanese governments seek to increase trade between the two nations to $11bn annually compared to the current $2bn, according to Abdelhaleem.

It is expected that the Erqan port will help encourage trade investments and economic growth between the countries, as there are no waterways in the crossing’s path.


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november 2014
Egypt joins Arab cyber security convention - Daily News Egypt
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi approved on Friday the adherence of Egypt to an Arab convention that will see greater cooperation with Arab states on matters of cyber security.

The president’s decree sees Egypt sign the Arab Convention for Combating Information Technology Crimes, reported state-owned MENA.

The convention exists to “prevent, investigate and prosecute” crimes such as cyber attacks, child pornography, fraud, forgery, invasions of privacy, and “terrorism related offences… such as the dissemination of terrorist groups’ ideas and advocacy”.

The move comes amid concerns in Egypt over government surveillance of the internet, especially of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter which are used extensively in Egypt by groups across the political spectrum.

Amnesty International warned Egyptian authorities against proposed plans for surveillance of social media. The international rights group said the plans would “deal a devastating blow to the rights to privacy and freedom of expression in the country”.

International telecommunications giant Vodafone revealed in June that the Egyptian government can legally obtain data from themselves and other companies when citing security reasons. This can only occur with the issuance of a warrant by the prosecutor or an investigating judge when dealing with a crime.

The Ministry of Interior has arrested dozens of social media users that use posts to “incite violence against security forces” or spread information of police officers, such as their home addresses.

A lawsuit was filed in June by rights groups and ‘concerned citizens’ to prevent the interior ministry from “unlawful and unconstitutional conduct” over fears of “total surveillance” that would not require a legal warrant.

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november 2014
Military analysts react to attack on navy vessel off Damietta coast - Daily News Egypt
The attack off the coast of Damietta targeting a navy vessel aimed to undermine Egypt’s naval security, security expert Hossam Sweilam told Daily News Egypt.

Sweliam added that the four hostile boats most probably sailed from Damietta, adding: “The four boats were reported missing from the port of Damietta during the period of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

According to initial investigations, the boats were heading to Sinai to support a sophisticated attack, when they encountered a navy vessel guarding the area, Sweliam said.

He added that the military boat contained 13 army personnel, and was confronted by more than 60 militants from the other boats.

“Although the soldiers were outnumbered, the militants’ objectives failed”, he said.

However, Khaled Okasha, former Brigadier General, said it is difficult to conclude what has happened in the Damietta incident, as “we have yet to acquire solid information to analyse and understand the situation”.

Okasha said: “Anyone who claims to know what has happened or what are the implications of the operation is misleading… these opinions are unprofessional”.

He added that it is obvious the state is trying to limit the coverage of the attacks, which “is a successful strategy until investigations take place”.

On Wednesday night, the Egyptian armed forces destroyed four “hostile” boats containing what the military called “terrorist elements”. They also arrested 32 people off the coast of Damietta governorate.

One navy boat was set alight, and five navy personnel were injured and taken to a military hospital. The military also stated that eight of its navy personnel are missing with military forces currently searching for them.

The area in which the clashes occurred has been completely evacuated, the military said.

The navy boat was on patrol 40 miles north of the port of Damietta when gunmen opened fire from several directions.


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november 2014
Grand Mufti advisor condemns Al-Baghdadi's threats to Egypt - Daily News Egypt
Grand Mufti Advisor Ahmed Negm strongly condemned Friday statements by Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, which included threats to advance on Egypt and other nations.

In his audio statement, Al-Baghdadi accepted the pledge of allegiance of several militant groups, including north Sinai-based Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (ABM). He also congratulated them on their operations against the Egyptian armed forces.

Al-Baghdadi said that the ‘Islamic state’ will not stop its expansion and will spread to reach other nations including Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt.

Negm stressed that “God reserves Egypt” and that that Egyptians will bring about the end of “terrorism and terrorist organisations”, in statements delivered Friday.

He added that “terrorists are deceiving their followers by the illusion of the Caliphate”. He added that Al-Baghdadi is misinterpreting Quranic verses calling for Jihad and uses it in a different context from which these verses originally aimed to address.

Negm called for “unity of Egyptians to confront the problems facing the country”, stressing the confidence in the armed forces “to defeat and uproot terrorism”. He also called for the media to refrain from “amplifying these hollow statements” issued by these “terrorists”.

The advisor said they are trying to convince people “that they are calling for the Jihad whilst what they are calling for is terrorism”.

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november 2014
High optimism among Egyptian consumers: MasterCard index - Daily News Egypt

A survey conducted by the Mastercard Worldwide Insights index between July and August 2014 has found Egyptian consumers to be very optimistic.
(AFP Photo)

By Menna Samir

A survey conducted by the Mastercard Worldwide Insights index between July and August 2014 has found Egyptian consumers to be very optimistic.

The index revealed that consumer confidence in the country reached a very high level of 78.6 out of 100 points.

The survey was organised by MasterCard, using a sample of 12,205 respondents between the ages of 18-64. The survey analysed 27 countries from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.

The index measures five main aspects and according to the recent results Egyptian consumers are more optimistic than they were last year.

“Consumer confidence has grown significantly since the new presidential elections in 2013,” said Magdy Hassan, MasterCard Egypt country manager. “The country is slowly beginning to get back on track and achieve more economic stability.”

The study also showed that better expectations about the coming months were more visible in female respondents as their confidence levels extended to 84.8, whereas males’ consumer confidence reached 75.8. The older generation was found to be more optimistic than the younger generation, where consumers older than 45 years scored 82.8 and younger respondents scored 75.8.

The survey for the consumer confidence index is conducted every six months, asking respondents to give their six month outlook on the economy, the local stock market, employment prospects, their quality of life and their regular income prospects.

According to previous results, since 2011 Egypt’s highest level of consumer confidence was reached in the second half of 2012 where results reached 90.7. The second biggest was at the first half of the same year reaching 88.3 and the third is of this year where the level of confidence became 78.6.


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november 2014 Nigeria: Court Stops PDP From Acting On Akwa Ibom Congress
[Independent (Lagos)]Abuja -A Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday extended the ex parte order restraining the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from using the November 1, 2014 delegates' conference for the purpose of conducting a governorship primary election in Akwa Ibom State.
november 2014 Nigeria: Move to Stop PDP Convention Fails
[Independent (Lagos)]Abuja -Plans to stop the December National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was temporarily stalled as a Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday ordered that the party be served with the motion on notice.
november 2014 Nigeria: Oyo PDP Unsure of Governorship Candidate
[Independent (Lagos)]Ibadan -Exactly two weeks after the ward primary congress of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State, the situation is still cloudy as to where the pendulum would swing among the 13 governorship aspirants in the state.
november 2014 Nigeria: Dame Jonathan's Visit - Kid Feared Dead, Another Injured in Stampede
[Vanguard]A kid was feared dead while another suffered leg fracture following a stampede at the Samson Siasia Stadium venue of the distribution of economic empowerment items and commodities to indigenes of Bayelsa State by the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.
november 2014 Nigeria/Congo-Brazzaville: Super Eagles Dares Congo Red Devils Today
[Independent (Lagos)]Lagos -After reviving its hope of qualifying for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations with a 3-1 defeat of Sudan in Abuja last month, the Super Eagles has another mountain to climb when it plays Congo in a must win encounter at the Stade Municipal, Pointe Noire today.
november 2014 Nigeria: Again, Boko Haram Overruns Chibok, Bombs Maiduguri
[Independent (Lagos)]Yola -Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, has returned to Chibok township in Borno State, the scene of its most celebrated kidnapping of over 200 high school girls in April 2014.
november 2014 South Sudan: Sudanese Army Denies Conducting Airstrike in Upper Nile State
[Sudan Tribune]Khartoum -The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) has denied South Sudan allegations that its planes bombed a village in the Upper Nile state sheltering Sudanese refugees wounding six civilians.
november 2014 Nigeria/Congo-Brazzaville: Battle of Congo - Don't Wish Eagles Bad Because of Keshi - - Amun
[Vanguard]Former Golden Eaglets coach Fanny Amun has come out from the trenches to ht back at those trying to cause trouble in the house of Nigerian football.
november 2014 Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Chibok Again, Overruns the Community
[Independent (Lagos)]Boko Haram has seized the northeastern Nigerian town of Chibok, from where 276 girls were kidnapped more than six months ago and which the government vowed to secure after the mass abduction.
november 2014 Nigeria: I Will Challenge Jonathan for PDP Ticket - Tafawa-Balewa
[Independent (Lagos)]Dr. Abdul-Jhalil Tafawa-Balewa, who is a son of the late Prime -Minister of Nigeria, Tafawa Balewa, has promised to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan for the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party.
november 2014
Bicycles: The future of transport in Egypt? - Daily News Egypt

The event was held in Zamalik and quickly took around of the streets of Egypt.
(Photo from Egyptian Streets)

Last Friday, over 3,000 people in Cairo participated in the 2014 Orange Bike Day organised by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt.

The event, held in Zamalek, kicked off at 9am and quickly turned streets often chaotic with whizzing cars playing a symphony of horns, into a wave of cyclists with most dressed in orange.


This year’s successful event, the third of its kind, shows that cycling is gaining momentum as a sustainable method of transport in Egypt.

“It was grand, bigger than ever with 3,000 people. According to bikers participating, Orange Bike Day is now the biggest bike event in Egypt,” said Netherlands Ambassador Gerard Steeghs, following the event.

Orange Bike Day was initially started to raise awareness of the health and environmental benefits of ditching vehicles for bicycles. Along with multiple events held in the past year – from cycling events aimed at battling cancer and confronting sexual harassment, to Egyptians joining international cycling competitions and marathons – it is clear that cycling is quickly becoming more popular in Egypt.

With Egypt’s roads being among the most deadly in the world, many have called on the government to support alternate methods of transport. From special cycling lanes to ensuring safety for all cyclists, activists have campaigned for the promotion of such alternate transport methods, which they also claim will help combat Egypt’s environmental problems.

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november 2014 Nigeria: Insurgency Should Not Be Used for Political Campaigns - Labour Party
[Independent (Lagos)]The National Secretary of the Labour Party, Mr Kayode Ajulo, on Friday urged politicians to stop apportioning blames over the insurgency in Nigeria, and to assist the Federal Government in finding solutions.
november 2014 Nigeria: FG Will Reclaim Captured Territories - Jonathan
[Independent (Lagos)]President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday said his government was determined to liberate all territories presently occupied by the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram.
november 2014 South Africa/Sudan: Mashaba Announces His Starting Eleven, Names Furman As Captain
[SAFA]Bafana Bafana coach Shakes Mashaba has made three changes to the starting eleven that played against Congo in the last CAF Africa Cup of Nations 2015 qualifier held last month (Wednesday, 15 October) in Polokwane.
november 2014
Putin Creates New Anti-Corruption Department | News | The Moscow Times
The Kremlin announced Tuesday that President Vladimir Putin had founded a new department in the presidential administration specifically devoted to fighting corruption, the latest government initiative to combat one of the country's most stubborn problems.
december 2013
Running servers in crouton · dnschneid/crouton Wiki
Running servers in crouton

If you plan to run a server within crouton, you'll need the following:

install the iptables package (sudo apt-get install iptables) ;
add a line to /etc/rc.local to launch the service you want (for example: /etc/init.d/ssh start) ;
add a line to /etc/rc.local to open the firewall: /sbin/iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
You'll need to start Apache and MySQL on your rc.local

nano /etc/rc.local
Paste this using shift+ctrl+v, save with ctrl+x
/etc/init.d/apache2 start

export HOME=/etc/mysql
umask 007
[ -d /var/run/mysqld ] || install -m 755 -o mysql -g root -d /var/run/mysqld
/usr/sbin/mysqld &
save with ctrl+x
september 2013
Afghanistan the “Saudi Arabia of lithium” - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan Online Newspaper
The Afghanistan’s natural resources are considered to be a silver lining for the economy of Afghanistan, as the NATO-led international coalition security forces are preparing to leave the country. The withdrawal of the NATO troops and reduction of international community’s aid to Afghanistan has created fears of economic crisis among the Afghans, however, there are Read the full article...
august 2013 Kenya: GSU Carrying Out Security Operation Along Kenya, Ethiopia Border
[The Star]More than 150 GSU officers and other security personnel have been deployed near Todonyang along the Kenya-Ethiopia border following the killing of ten fishermen during a raid by militiamen from the neighbouring country. Turkana Senator John Munyes has also petitioned the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Coordination, Joseph Ole lenku to deploy the military in the area to help deal with the militia.
august 2013
EU wants Sri Lanka to ensure justice for families of protesters shot dead by troops during demonstration over polluted water - Asia - World - The Independent
The EU has called on Sri Lanka to ensure the families of protesters shot dead by troops during a demonstration over polluted water receive justice.

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How back-breaking work and smart trading turn dust into gold

Cambodia: Turmoil as opposition rejects election results

august 2013
IRIN Asia | Analysis: How to disarm Philippine rebels | Philippines | Conflict | Governance | Security
COTABATO/ACEH, 13 August 2013 (IRIN) - The Philippine government and Muslim rebels in Mindanao are inching forward in peace negotiations aimed at ending a long-running insurgency, but the toughest negotiations are likely to centre on how to disarm thousands of insurgents, officials and analysts say.
august 2013
IRIN Africa | Fear of rebels still haunts Mali's herders | Mali | Economy | Environment | Governance | Migration | Natural Disasters | Refugees/IDPs | Security
GAO, 13 August 2013 (IRIN) - Despite the victory of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in Mali's peaceful presidential elections at the weekend, sporadic violence continues in the north, where for months herders have been cut off from accessing traditional routes in search of pasture for fear of attacks by bandits and rebels.
august 2013
Russia in largest war games since Soviet era -
Russia is in the midst of its biggest war games since Soviet times, with 160,000 troops, 130 planes, 70 ships and thousands of tanks and armored vehicles participating in the country's Far East, according to media reports.
august 2013
Iraq's escalating violence can no longer be separated from the civil war in neighbouring Syria because "the battlefields are merging," the U.N. envoy to Iraq warned Tuesday.
august 2013
Security Ministers Departure to Worsen Afghan Security Situation
The dismissal of two key security ministers in a critical time when the country is going through the security transition could be considered a serious blow to any government. It could also jeopardize the gains.

august 2013
Templates | FeedWordPress
In order for your FeedWordPress-enabled website to display information that will set off syndicated posts from original posts, or will provide attribution information about the original source of syndicated posts, you need to have a WordPress theme which t
august 2013
Establishing a no-fly zone to protect Syrian rebels would require hundreds of U.S. aircraft at a cost of more than $1 billion per month, with no assurance that it would change the momentum in the civil war there, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday.
july 2013
Amid Controversy, New Pussy Riot Video Targets Oil Industry
The punk performance-art group Pussy Riot has released a new music video lashing out at the oil industry, Igor Sechin, who is the head of Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft, and others.
july 2013
Video: North Korean ship caught smuggling weapons and missile material through Panama Canal - Telegraph
Panama's president said a North Korean ship was intercepted attempting to smuggle suspected sophisticated missile material from Cuba through the Panama Canal, at which point the captain tried to kill himself.

july 2013
Syria: Britain to send 5,000 chemical weapon protection hoods - Telegraph
The Government has announced it will provide £650,000 in "non-lethal" aid to the Syrian opposition, including 5,000 hoods to protect against chemical weapons attacks,

july 2013
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Combat aircraft took a 40-percent share in overall Russian arms exports last year, keeping a trend that has become prominent in the past few years, a senior defense official said.
july 2013
Rebels 'disguised as women' launch attack near Goma in Congo - Africa - World - The Independent
Fresh fighting has erupted in eastern Congo, following the arrival of armed men disguised in women’s clothing, say residents.
july 2013
IRIN Africa | New returnees in South Sudan living on the margins | South Sudan | Conflict | Health & Nutrition | Refugees/IDPs
ARU, 15 July 2013 (IRIN) - Benjamin Mogga heads the community protection committee (CPC) in Aru, a dusty South Sudanese town hugging the road between Juba and the Ugandan border. He volunteered for the position three years ago and is responsible for the more than 200 returnees in his area, helping them reintegrate into the community and ensuring that they have access to justice. It has not been an easy job.
july 2013
Uzbekistan Media: We Should Join NATO, Conquer Eurasia |
A recent piece in Uzbekistan's state-sanctioned media has advocated joining NATO and taking over the territory of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and most of the rest of Eurasia. The piece, published on, was taken down shortly after being published, but was preserved on

The piece, at nearly 9,000 words, offers a number of controversial (to put it kindly) claims: that Tajiks are merely Persian-speaking Uzbeks, that Uzbekistan is the successor state to the Mongol Golden Horde, that the agreement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan to develop hydropower plants is invalid because it misspells "Kyrgyzstan," among many others. Its main thesis, however, is that the "threats of a natural-technical character" -- namely proposed hydropower plants in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan -- are the gravest security threats facing Uzbekistan, comparable to a nuclear bomb. And the solution is that Uzbekistan should join NATO.

The piece is a bit out there, but Uzbek analysts point out that it must have been officially sanctioned. “This site [] is not just semi-official, it’s official,” dissident political analyst Tashpulat Yuldashev told "It's curated by Dilshod Nurullaev, former Security Commission chairman and advisor to the President," he said. "There is total censorship in Uzbekistan, and such a politically charged article would not have been allowed to be published without permission from the very top." That assertion was backed up by another Uzbek analyst to The Bug Pit.

read more
july 2013
The Himalayan Times - Gold smuggling on the rise - Detail News
KATHMANDU: The recent trend of smuggling gold into India from China through Nepal has alarmed the law enforcement agency.

Amid mounting concerns about cross-border crime, police have not been able to keep a tab on the smugglers save in some cases.

According to sources, around 40 kg of precious yellow metal is pushed into Nepal from China via Tatopani Customs in Sindhupalchowk on an average day. Nepal Police statistics show the law enforcement agency has seized 56 kg of undeclared precious yellow metal since January.

The yawning gap between the amount of smuggling and seizure paints a gloomy picture of the government’s ability to curb the crime. On July 10, the Central Investigation Bureu (CIB) rounded up four members of an organised smuggling racket with 35 kg of hallmark gold, the single largest seizure of the precious yellow metal ever in the country.

The officials intercepted a container truck used for smuggling gold at Koteshwor leading to the arrest of smugglers, including its mastermind Mohan Kumar Agrawal, 47, of Sunsari. The gold meant to be supplied to India was found hidden in the cavity of a front bumper of the truck, which was bound to Nepal through Tibet.

Police also seized 16 kg of smuggled gold from a rented room in Khaiwatole, Bouddha, leading to the arrest of five people, including Gampo Bhotiya, 42, of Darjeeling, India, an alleged kingpin of the smuggling racket. The gold without invoice receipt was tucked under the upper soles of the shoes they were wearing. The gold was also about to be smuggled to India. On June 8, the CIB arrested two smugglers and seized five kg hallmark gold from a van parked in Mahabouddha.

The illegal consignment was brought to Kathmandu from China via Tatopani Customs by dodging authorities. A senior police official blamed lack of resources and hi-tech mechanism for the failure to rein in the trade.

Experts said higher demand for gold during the wedding season and shortage of Indian currency — especially to pay for the under-invoiced imports from India — have fuelled smuggling of the precious yellow metal from China lately.

According to bullion traders, commercial banks sell a total of 20 kg gold daily, while demand in the domestic market stands at 40-45 kg.
july 2013
The page is temporarily unavailable
Four police officers were killed by unidentified gunmen in the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, the republic's Interior Ministry reported Sunday.
july 2013
Pakistan Taliban says its fighters in Syria - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
Armed group says first batch of fighters have arrived and have set up a command and control centre to begin operations.
july 2013
Britain to offer military training to Burma to help end ethnic conflicts - Telegraph
Britain will offer Burma military training and official assistance to tackle its internal conflicts during a groundbreaking official visit by President Thein Sein to meet David Cameron.

july 2013
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POLICE have charged a 10-year-old boy with firing a rock at a truck carrying explosives on the Great Northern Highway.
july 2013
Americans go nowhere fast on an Afghanistan highway from hell | The Times
For the Soviets, it was a death trap. For the US, it has been a money pit. It is a...
july 2013
Hostages alive from Somali pirate-held boat that sank
At least three, and perhaps all, of the 15-man crew of a merchant vessel that sank last week while being held by Somali pirates are alive, their families said Saturday.
july 2013
Intelligence agencies suspect that the well-established drug cartels in China's Xinjiang province are pushing fake currency into India with the help of Pak spy agency ISI.

july 2013
Sudan wants tangible evidence to prove the end of support to rebel groups - Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan
July 14, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) said they are still waiting for evidence proving that Juba has stopped its support to the rebel groups and ended its relation with the SPLM-N.

These statements were released on Sunday evening following the weekly meeting of the NCP political sector. Some hours before, the security services emailed to the news rooms of the local newspapers a report alleging that SPLM-N deputy leader Abdel Aziz El-Hilu and Gibril Ibrahim of JEM have arrived on Saturday to Juba heading to Kampala where the rebels schedule to hold a leadership meeting.

"We are still waiting for tangible evidence proving the end of relations with the so-called SPLM-North and Revolutionary Front, and the stoppage of support which, in our view, is still continuing in a way or another", said media secretary Yasir Youssef on Sunday.

He further called on Juba to accept the recent initiative of Thabo Mbeki, chairman of the African Union mediation between the two countries over the centreline on the border between the two countries.

"We call on the South Sudanese government to accept it and to implement it on the ground and to show more seriousness on the stoppage of support (to the rebel groups) and to end its relations with the (SPLM-N)", he further said.

Juba rejects the Sudanese allegations of support to the SPLM-N and SRF rebels, and accuses Khartoum of supporting its rebels including David Yau Yau in the troubled Pibor county of Jonglei state.

Last Friday, the South Sudanese vice-president Riek Machar chaired a meeting with the concerned ministers and services to prepare a visit of an African team of experts to discuss the determination of centreline which is necessary to implement the buffer zone.

The meeting further discussed a new letter dated on 7th July by the Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir which continues to put pressure on South Sudan on the 60 days ultimatum of oil shutdown plan as Khartoum insists that Juba was harbouring and supporting the rebels.

july 2013
Pakistan attempts to infiltrate among Afghan security forces - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan Online Newspaper
Defense officials in western Afghanistan are saying that Pakistan is trying to infiltrate among the Afghan security forces through fake Afghan national army identity cards in a bid to carry out insurgency activities. The officials further added that Afghan security officials and institutions have taken necessary precuations in this regard. Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid commander Read the full article...
july 2013
Dead Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky convicted of tax evasion | World news |
Russian who died in prison while awaiting trial is found guilty along with British client William Browder

A Moscow court has convicted the late investment fund lawyer Sergei Magnitsky of tax evasion after Russia's first posthumous trial.

The court also convicted Magnitsky's former client William Browder, a Briton who has spearheaded an international campaign to expose corruption and punish Russian officials he blames for Magnitsky's death in a Moscow jail while awaiting trial in 2009.

Browder was sentenced in absentia to nine years in prison for tax evasion. He lives in Britain and Russia's options for jailing him are limited. Interpol has refused to include him on its international search list after deciding that Russia's case against him was political.

Magnitsky died after a year in jail during which he said he was mistreated and denied medical care in an effort to get him to confess to tax evasion and give evidence against Browder, who is head of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management.

The Kremlin's human rights council has said there is evidence suggesting Magnitsky was beaten to death, but the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has dismissed allegations of torture or foul play and said last year that Magnitsky died of heart failure.

Russian authorities closed the case against Magnitsky after his death but reopened it in 2011, a move that former colleagues say was illegal because they did not have the consent of his relatives.

"This show trial confirms that Vladimir Putin is ready to sacrifice his international credibility to protect corrupt officials who murdered an innocent lawyer and stole $230m from the Russian state," Hermitage Capital said in a statement.


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july 2013
Zardari’s security chief killed in suicide hit
Karachi - Our Staff Reporter/Afp - President Asif Ali Zardari’s chief security officer Bilal Sheikh was killed along with three others in a suicide attack in Karachi on Wednesday. A dozen others, including policemen and Bilal’s private guards, were injured. The bomber blew himself up in the middle-class neighbourhood of Gurumandir in central Karachi, close to an office for ...
july 2013
Central Security conscript shot dead by alleged smugglers near Rafah | Egypt Independent
A Central Security conscript was killed early Thursday morning after alleged smugglers shot him near the eastern border.

A security source in North Sinai said the victim, Islam Ramadan Saeed, 22, a central security conscript in the governorate, was killed after smugglers shot him when he attempted to stop them south of the Rafah land crossing and Karm Abu Salem crossing.

Meanwhile, a border guard and five soldiers were injured when a jeep they were riding overturned while they were chasing a group of armed men in Central Sinai.

The injured victims were transported to Arish Military hospital for treatment.

Unknown armed men fired heavily at the Mizan checkpoint at the entrance to Arish on Thursday.

The checkpoint forces exchanged fire with the armed gunmen, who were riding a four-wheel vehicle. There have been no reports of injuries.

july 2013
Was the Egyptian Military Planning a Coup From the Very Start? | Mother Jones
This is a pretty fascinating report about Egypt from the New York Times:

The streets seethe with protests and government ministers are on the run or in jail, but since the military ousted President Mohamed Morsi, life has somehow gotten better for many people across Egypt: Gas lines have disappeared, power cuts have stopped and the police have returned to the street.

....As the interim government struggles to unite a divided nation, the Muslim Brotherhood and Mr. Morsi’s supporters say the sudden turnaround proves that their opponents conspired to make Mr. Morsi fail. Not only did police officers seem to disappear, but the state agencies responsible for providing electricity and ensuring gas supplies failed so fundamentally that gas lines and rolling blackouts fed widespread anger and frustration.

....It is the police returning to the streets that offers the most blatant sign that the institutions once loyal to Mr. Mubarak held back while Mr. Morsi was in power. Throughout his one-year tenure, Mr. Morsi struggled to appease the police, even alienating his own supporters rather than trying to overhaul the Interior Ministry. But as crime increased and traffic clogged roads — undermining not only the quality of life, but the economy — the police refused to deploy fully.

....Despite coming to power through the freest elections in Egyptian history, Mr. Morsi was unable to extend his authority over the sprawling state apparatus, and his allies complained that what they called the “deep state” was undermining their efforts at governing.

If this is true, it certainly puts the military coup in a different light, doesn't it?
july 2013
Corruption one of greatest crises Iraq faces, confirms Integrity Committee -
Baghdad ( The parliament Integrity Committee described the corruption at the state departments as one of the greatest crises Iraq is experiencing today.

The Rappateur of the Committee, Khalid al-Alwani said “We had repeatedly urged the government to form supervisory authorities inside the state departments, because it is unacceptable to classify Iraq at the forefront of the corrupt countries.”

“The corruption is more dangerous than the terrorism, but they are two sides for the same coin,” he added stressing “Without the corruption at the security institutions we would be able to fight the terrorism.”

The post Corruption one of greatest crises Iraq faces, confirms Integrity Committee appeared first on Iraq news, the latest Iraq news.
july 2013
Turkmen leading figure accuses Kurds of being behind Tuz Khurmatu bombings -
Baghdad ( The leading Turkmen figure, Mohamed al-Bayati stressed that the devastating explosion that took place in Tuz Khurmtu on Thursday that claimed dozens of lives from the Shiite Turkmens makes us point the accusation figures at the Kurds since they prevent the government forces to enter the district.

34 policemen were killed and injured on Thursday morning when car bomb exploded in Tuz district.

Bayati added “Today bombing proves what we said previously that the targeting of the Turkmens has political dimension and aims to displace the Turkmens where these attacks are considered to be another way to apply the article No.140 of the Constitution.”

He called on “The ministerial commission tasked to consider the situation in Tuz Khurmatu to hold emergency session today to implement what they agreed on during their last meeting and pressurize the Kurds through the Council of Ministers.”

“If the targeting of Turkmens continued in light of the government’s disability to provide security, then we will call for conducting sit-in and block the roads and this time it will cover all the Turkmen areas in Iraq,” Bayati assured.

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july 2013
Egypt Condemns Iranian 'Interference' After Tehran Comments
Egypt has accused Iran of "unacceptable interference" in its domestic affairs after Tehran criticized the army's removal of Islamist President Muhammad Morsi.
july 2013
Defense agency looks for ways to spend - In the Loop - The Washington Post
(This article has been updated.)

Spend the money! Spend it all! Spend it now!

That’s the distinct impression created by a recent e-mail sent by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) contracting and budget officers to their colleagues.

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july 2013
BEIRUT: Syrian rebels fired into the air to disperse a protest by civilians in a rebel-held district of Aleppo against a blockade preventing food and medicine reaching government-held areas of the northern city, residents said today.

Rebel fighters have stopped supplies entering western parts of Aleppo for weeks.

The tactic is aimed at weakening the supply routes of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces but thousands of civilians are now going hungry, residents say.

Video footage posted on the Internet yesterday showed dozens of civilians in the rebel-held neighbourhood of Bustan al-Qasr protesting at a rebel checkpoint which prevents supplies from entering the western section of the city, home to 2 million people and held by the army.

Although insurgents and the army control different parts of the country, civilians are normally allowed to cross freely to shop or meet family members and friends.

The footage, posted by the opposition Bustan al-Qasr Information Office, showed men at the protest chanting, “the people want an end to the blockade.”

A rebel fighter brandishes a pistol and then a gunshot is heard as the video ends.

An opposition activist group called the Aleppo Martyrs said rebels fired at the protesters, killing one person and wounding several others. But a resident at the protest said the man was killed prior to the protest by army sniper fire as he tried the cross between rebel and government-held territory.

More than 100,000 people have died in Syria’s two-year conflict. It started because Assad’s force fired live ammunition against pro-democracy protests, leading to an armed revolt.
july 2013
Armenia May Hand Gas Monopoly to Russians - Institute for War and Peace Reporting - P212
Controversy as government considers ceding total control of gas distribution and sales network.

Opposition politicians in Armenia are furious that the government is considering handing over its remaining stake in the natural gas monopoly to the Russian corporation Gazprom. 



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july 2013
Satellite? We used Rommel’s maps to help ditch Gaddafi | The Times
British military planners prepared for the 2011 intervention in Libya with the help of German maps that drew on the...
july 2013
Chinese Firms Find Troubles in Crisis-hit Sudan
When Chinese clothing wholesaler Chan Cui Xiao signed a deal with a Sudanese businessman to export colorful bed sheets to the African country he was confident of making good money.   A few months later he is in serious financial trouble - he shipped his goods to Sudan but did got paid and has rushed to the country to try to track down his local business partner.   The Sudanese had sent him credit and bank financing letters, and as Chan had done business that way in Egypt and other ...
july 2013
For generations, many executive jobs at Swiss companies were traditionally filled with army officers. But the arrival of foreign firms, indifferent to Swiss ways, and a drop in domestic support for the army is threatening the once cosy system. (Photo: Keystone)
july 2013
A brand-new U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan. And nobody to use it. - The Washington Post
The U.S. military has erected a 64,000-square-foot headquarters building on the dusty moonscape of southwestern Afghanistan that comes with all the tools to wage a modern war. A vast operations center with tiered seating. A briefing theater. Spacious offices. Fancy chairs. Powerful air conditioning.

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july 2013
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