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Inspector Wexford's Creator Drops By To Announce His Return
The Vine books are a world away from the classic-puzzle Wexfords - and yet "Kissing the Gunner's Daughter" contains a neat reference to her alter ego, in the person of a policeman named Barry Vine. Novelist Julian Barnes borrowed a cottage on Rendell's property a few years ago to write a book that included a policeman he named Barry Vine in Rendell's honor. Since Barnes knew he would not be using the character again, he "gave" it to Rendell and she slid the policeman into her own series.
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september 2012 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: the peer who never stops plotting - Telegraph
At 82, Ruth Rendell rises at 6am, exercises daily and writes a crime novel a year. But despite her Swedish background, she’s no fan of Nordic noir
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july 2012 by tabardroad
BEA 2012: A Chat with Ruth Rendell
RT @LeFrenchBook: BEA 2012: A Chat with Ruth Rendell
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june 2012 by tabardroad
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Bookclub, Barbara Vine 
Barbara Vine, otherwise known as Ruth Rendell, meets James Naughtie and a small audience at a Readers' Day in Scunthorpe to talk about her haunting novel A Dark Adapted Eye.
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march 2012 by tabardroad
The ALCS interview
Ruth Rendell in conversation with Lucey Jarrett.
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november 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: Profile - YouTube
New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Ruth Rendell talks about her craft in this original video from Open Road Media.
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november 2011 by tabardroad
BBC News - Wexford is me, Ruth Rendell confesses
Author Ruth Rendell has admitted that her famous creation, Ch Insp Reginald Wexford, is based on her.
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october 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell in conversation with Charles Taylor - The Barnes & Noble Review
After talking with Ruth Rendell, I can honestly say that she is the most civilized person who has ever robbed me of sleep.
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september 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell Fields Declarations of Love for Inspector Wexford - Speakeasy - WSJ
“I had one inquiry in particular where I was asked to kill his wife so she could marry him,” says Rendell.
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september 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell hits out at government public spending cuts
'It looks as if the NHS will gradually fade away' says crime writer and Labour peer Ruth Rendell.
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august 2011 by tabardroad
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Open Book, 14/08/2011
Crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell talks to Ruth Rendell about "Vault", her 23rd Inspector Wexford novel.
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august 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: I won't marry again
LABOUR peer Baroness Rendell of Babergh – otherwise known as the thriller author Ruth Rendell, creator of TV cop Inspector Wexford – has revealed that, at 81, she is still receiving proposals of marriage.
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august 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: Interview - Telegraph
Ruth Rendell’s Wexford is now an OAP but, at 81, the author’s own life is far from quiet retirement, finds Jake Kerridge.
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august 2011 by tabardroad
The Open Road Integrated Media Blog > Bestselling Edgar Authors On Writing
We’re proud to publish several of these outstanding authors including Ruth Rendell, Anne Perry, Don Winslow, Peter Blauner, and Lawrence Block—all of whom are featured in a new, documentary-style short video, sharing bits of their personal writing experiences.
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april 2011 by tabardroad
Talking Books - Author Interviews
RT @Talking_Books: Updated the author interview pages - - Sarah Waters, Andrea Levy, Tony Hawks, Ruth Rendell, Fred ...
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april 2011 by tabardroad
A Novel State | Book Blog | The Spectator
There were some good interviews with Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell and a superb appearance from Lee Child (including one of the greatest two-fingered salutes to the literati, at 10:46 if you're interested).
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march 2011 by tabardroad
The Books We Really Read: A Culture Show Special
In this Culture Show special, Sue Perkins investigates crime and experiences 'new romance' in an attempt to discover the essential ingredients of a bestselling novel.

Along the way, Sue also meets bestselling authors Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell, Colin Dexter, Anthony Horowitz and Joanne Harris along with some of the UK's biggest crime, thriller and romance fans to find out what they like best about their favourite authors.
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march 2011 by tabardroad
Existentialist Man: Crime & Thriller Fiction on World Book Night
RT : Crime / Thriller Novels featured on BBC World Book Nite > with intvu's Lee Child, Ian Rank ...
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march 2011 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Acclaimed crime writer Ruth Rendell speaks to Virginia Haussegger about her life's work - and it's not the Inspector Wexford novels.
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august 2010 by tabardroad
YouTube - Ruth Rendell
Acclaimed crime writer Ruth Rendell speaks to Virginia Haussegger about her life's work - and it's not the Inspector Wexford novels.
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august 2010 by tabardroad
One Minute With: Ruth Rendell, novelist - Features, Books - The Independent
I don't mind being distracted. I don't want to sit there in utter silence and type. If the phone rings, I usually answer it, speak for a few minutes and return to writing, or go for a walk in and out of the rooms. I don't mind a break.
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august 2010 by tabardroad
Long may she reign
Ruth Rendell isn't sure when she gave her first interview. Perhaps 40 years ago, she thinks; about the same time she first autographed a book for a member of royalty. She wasn't quite sure what to put in the novel for the then-Dutch queen, Juliana. But she has since learned that "when it is British royals, you simply write, 'with my humble duty' ".
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july 2010 by tabardroad
One Week With John Gulliver - Great books? It’s no mystery, says Rendell
“My characters sometimes try to take over a plot and I have to crush them,” said the novelist, who lives in Maida Vale. “You have to remember what Graham Greene said about authors of fiction: ‘There’s always a little splinter of ice in them.’ He meant that you could be at the deathbed of a dear and close friend or relative and you would be taking down notes.”
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may 2010 by tabardroad
Interview - Inspector ­Wexford author Ruth Rendell on starting out in crime-writing
RUTH Rendell is a name synonymous with books about murderers and those who catch them – but the author was not always destined to be a crime writer.
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may 2010 by tabardroad
An 80-year-old mystery | The Spectator
Ruth Rendell talks to Victoria Lane about her long life as a writer, growing up with warring parents and being a working Labour peer
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february 2010 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell on Writing
The famous crime writer Ruth Rendell talks in detail about the nitty-gritty of her writing routine, whether she is writing as Ruth Rendell or Barbara Vine, the prolific writer divulges that in fact she welcomes interruptions and distractions. At the end of a morning's writing, she establishes that she is not in the least worried whether or not she has finished the sentence.
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december 2009 by tabardroad
PD James, Queen of Detective Fiction: Interview - Telegraph
PD James talks to Jake Kerridge about detective fiction, her new book, and the technical problems of murder...
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september 2009 by tabardroad
BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Front Row, 07/04/2009
A visit to the Handel House Museum at 25 Brook Street in London's Mayfair. The 250th anniversary of Handel's death is being marked by a new exhibition - Handel Reveal'd, offering new insights into the composer's character and personal life. John Wilson paid a visit with conductor Christopher Hogwood CBE and crime writer and Handel fan, Ruth Rendell.
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april 2009 by tabardroad
Nothing like a present
English mystery writer Ruth Rendell has written more than 70 books and insists she would stop if she felt she had lost her touch for the intricate workings of the human psyche.
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april 2009 by tabardroad
Seventy books on, Rendell depicts human psyche
"I still, after all these years, love writing and I don't say I write well, but I write as well as I can..."
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march 2009 by tabardroad
The Julie Myerson controversy: is it right to put your pain on the page?
Ruth Rendell, the award-winning crime writer, has made two abortive attempts to write a memoir. "I have given up both times because it was so hopeless. It was too painful really and I just thought: why should I put myself through that?" she admits. Revisiting difficult experiences on the page is not something she believes in.
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march 2009 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright Interview
'Did you feel that Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote was you?'
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october 2008 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell : The Interview Online
In this interview Ruth Rendell told Nicola Barranger that NOT being a writer was never an option for her.
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september 2008 by tabardroad
Drama Trails
Drama Trails: A ten part ITV3 documentary series which explores connections between the nation’s favourite TV dramas. In Episode ten Baroness Ruth Rendell takes George Baker on a guided tour of the House of Lords.
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september 2008 by tabardroad
BBC Radio Wales: Hay Literary Festival 2007 (Real Player)
Crime Queen Ruth Rendell was at Hay to talk about her latest book The Water's Lovely. Still complex and tightly plotted, but Phil sees a development from her earlier novels..
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september 2008 by tabardroad
Pieces of me: Ruth Rendell
People in the public eye describes the possessions with meaning in their life.
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september 2008 by tabardroad
Peerless Crimes
Her first book, From Doon With Death, for which she was paid £75, was published in 1964. "I bought my husband a watch (with the money]," she says. "I bought bed linen and a lamp, but I can't remember what I did with the rest. I don't think I bought anything specifically for me, which goes to show what a noble nature I have." She laughs.
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august 2008 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell: My parliamentary sex scandal - Features, Books - The Independent
What's put a gleam in Ruth Rendell's eye? It might be the fact that the Max Mosley case has made her new Barbara Vine novel about sex scandals in Parliament so topical. Or maybe she's keeping a saucy secret...
vine  ruth-rendell  books  politics  house-of-lords  comment  interviews 
august 2008 by tabardroad
Sex and politics: The case of the crime writer's mystery lover
Ruth Rendell may be the mistress of the crime mystery, but there is one case that even her celebrated creation, Inspector Wexford, would be unlikely to solve: The Case of the Mystery Writer's Secret Political Lover.
ruth-rendell  comment  politics  interviews 
august 2008 by tabardroad
The Roland Collection of Films on Art - Ruth Rendell
40 minutes, color with PD James: Detectives in literature; Writing a detective story; The puzzle as attraction; Death as subject; Writing about madness.
ruth-rendell  video  interviews  PD-James 
august 2008 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell Interview : The Interview Online
The crime writer Ruth Rendell introduced us to her most famous character Chief Inspector Wexford back in 1964. She has won literally dozens of awards and nominations for her nearly 70 books.
audio  interviews  ruth-rendell  inspector-wexford  house-of-lords 
august 2008 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell's Not in the Flesh and the crime of FGM
Ruth Rendell tells More4 News she does not think the government are doing enough to fight female genital mutilation.
ruth-rendell  interviews  video  not-in-the-flesh  inspector-wexford  comment 
july 2008 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell talks to Stephanie Merritt
The great psychological thriller and crime writer discusses her work.
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december 2007 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell : portrait en pied
A 77 ans, la reine du polar anglais s'amuse encore à imaginer les crimes les plus sanglants. Rencontre à Londres.
ruth-rendell  interviews  photos  france 
september 2007 by tabardroad
Ruth Rendell and Ian Rankin | - Edinburgh, Scotland
With regard to the Wexford television series, Rendell admitted that at first she did not feel that George Barker was right for the role - "too handsome", (but now he's wonderful), and that Christopher Ravenscroft was "Burden made flesh."
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august 2007 by tabardroad
Edinburgh Festivals - Ruth Rendell in conversation with Ian Rankin
It is now more than 40 years since Rendell wrote her first crime novel "just for fun, to see if I could do it", and her extensive oeuvre also doubles as a fictional record of social change in those years.
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august 2007 by tabardroad
Bright Sounds - The Interview Online
When she responded to RNIB’s invitation to be interviewed Ms. Rendell suggested a meeting in The Palace of Westminster where she takes her seat every day in the House of Lords as Baroness Rendell of Babergh.
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august 2007 by tabardroad
Forest yields writers' beds - Times Online
Britain’s top two female crime writers both sleep in handmade beds fashioned from wood from the same forest. Probably not a forest in which to take a walk after dark.
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august 2007 by tabardroad Living - Books - Ruth Rendell in conversation with Ian Rankin
Meanwhile, fans of her alter ego, Barbara Vine, were mollified by the news that a new Vine novel, The Birthday Party, had just been delivered to the publishers.
ruth-rendell  interviews  comment 
august 2007 by tabardroad
The world of Ruth Rendell, author - Telegraph
I didn't do any writing seriously until I was in my mid-twenties. But I've never really thought of myself as doing anything else. I've always wanted to write.
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august 2007 by tabardroad
It's a Crime! (or a mystery...): Ruth Rendell at the Hay Festival 2007
Ruth Rendell, soon to see her 23rd Wexford novel in print - coming in August 2007 - was interviewed at the Hay Festival by Stephanie Merritt of The Observer.
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june 2007 by tabardroad
Birthdays From The Times February 17, 2005
The crime novelist Ruth Rendell will spend her birthday evening at the theatre watching Macbeth. She says: “I am very fond of Macbeth. Yes, it does have lots of murders but then so does most of Shakespeare.”
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june 2007 by tabardroad
Guardian Hay Festival Audio and Video Archive : Ruth Rendell
Ruth Rendell talks to Stephanie Merritt (Hay - 2007). The great psychological thriller and crime writer discusses her work.
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june 2007 by tabardroad
ABC TV Guide: Words
James Griffin talks to renown author Ruth Rendell. 10:10pm Thursday, 03 May 2007
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april 2007 by tabardroad
Qual è il suo rapporto con l'ispettore Wexford?
Il mio rapporto con Wexford? Né buono né cattivo. Non è una storia d'amore, sebbene tutti in un certo senso se l'aspettino.
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april 2007 by tabardroad
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