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EFF Releases Spying on Students Ed Tech Report
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yesterday by schmidjon
Kindergarteners earning their iPad drivers license and learning about Bats!
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september 2016 by schmidjon
RT : 10 things that require zero talent (but make all the difference) via !
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june 2016 by schmidjon
RT : We're preparing students for THEIR future, not OUR past.
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february 2016 by schmidjon
Students skyping with Somalia this morning as they dive into the timely topic of refugees.
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december 2015 by schmidjon
Your Kid's School Is Missing the Tech Revolution, and It's All Your Fault | WIRED
RT : Your Kid’s School Is Missing the Tech Revolution, and It’s All Your Fault >Very interesting.
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march 2015 by schmidjon
Student thoughts about edtech on YikYak at a nearby high school.
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september 2014 by schmidjon
5/15/13 Meeting @ Fessenden | MEMSET
Involved with K-8 EdTech in the Boston area? Join our 5/15 MEMSET meet up! Details here:
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april 2013 by schmidjon
NYT: The 3-D Printer May Be the Hom
NYT: The 3-D Printer May Be the Home Appliance of the Future
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february 2013 by schmidjon
Will Your Partner Leak Your Secrets?
Another area to consider in Digital Citizenship - "Will Your Partner Leak Your Secrets?"
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february 2013 by schmidjon
Generation YES » Youth & Educators Succeeding
GenYES is an innovative program that creates 21st century leaders and learners. GenYES students help teachers use technology in classrooms, supporting effective technology integration school-wide. Fourteen years of research proves GenYES empowers students and changes the way teachers integrate technology in their lessons.
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october 2012 by schmidjon
Do Parents Actually Want Their Children To Have Education Technology?
Do Parents Actually Want Their Children To Have Education Technology?
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september 2012 by schmidjon
Twitter / FriedTechnology: I bet you didn't know you could ...
RT : I bet you didn't know you could edit pictures right from your Google Drive. WOW!
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august 2012 by schmidjon
Seth's Blog: The essential question to ask before extending your brand
RT : THE question for schools around : Are we doing this because it's better? Or because we can?
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march 2012 by schmidjon
Great simple 3d modeling site where students can design 3d-printable objects.
edtech  3dprinting 
march 2012 by schmidjon
The Dynamic Earth
example teacher created ebook
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january 2012 by schmidjon
Let me google that for you
RT : RT : Are you a teacher that needs PD? Shall we introduce you to
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december 2011 by schmidjon
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