The Mihir Chronicles — JavaScript Closures
In Objected-Oriented languages, after a function returns, all the local variables are no longer accessible because the stack-frame is destroyed. Not in JavaScript. In JavaScript, if you use the…
node.js  programming-languages  javascript 
3 days ago
INTRO TO D3.JS at Square

In Square’s new engineer onboarding program, which we call NEO, we offer short courses and lectures on a variety of tools that we use at Square. We started to collect notes from our course on D3.js and found the notes were well-suited for a tutorial — and worth sharing.
coding  javascript  D3.js  dataviz 
3 days ago
Creating a Web App From Scratch Using AngularJS and Firebase: Part 8
In the previous part of this tutorial series, we added the Ladda loading indicator into our application to make it more interactive. We also saw how to filter the data result while fetching data…
javascript  web-development  filters  angularjs 
3 days ago
Closure Compiler  |  Google Developers
What are the benefits of using Closure Compiler?

Efficiency. The Closure Compiler reduces the size of your JavaScript files and makes them more efficient, helping your application to load faster and reducing your bandwidth needs.
Code checking. The Closure Compiler provides warnings for illegal JavaScript and warnings for potentially dangerous operations, helping you to produce JavaScript that is less buggy and easier to maintain.
coding  optimization  javascript 
4 days ago
Learn everything you need to know to get started building a MongoDB-based app. This course will go over basic installation, JSON, schema design, querying, insertion of data, indexing and working with the Node.js driver. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB.
course  dev  nodejs  mongodb 
6 days ago
JavaScript Workflow Automation Using Grunt and Gulp
When you are new to front-end development and start mastering HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the obvious next step is to put your hands on tools that most developers use to stay sane in this complex…
web-development  html5  node.js  javascript 
7 days ago
Engineering Geology of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) System, 1964-75
(Contents formerly (until Jun 2000) online at, a domain whose contents have disappeared and whose registration has been allowed to lapse.) J. David Rogers, Geolith Consultants,…
public-transit  geology  BART 
7 days ago
Common Foods That are Toxic to Dogs
Our pets are at our mercy, so it’s up to us to make sure they’re safe. This can be tough sometimes, because a lot of seemingly harmless everyday foods can be toxic to our animals. This…
pets  dogs 
8 days ago
"Natural" is a general natural language facility for nodejs. Tokenizing, stemming, classification, phonetics, tf-idf, WordNet, string similarity, and some inflections are currently supported.

It's still in the early stages, so we're very interested in bug reports, contributions and the like.

Note that many algorithms from Rob Ellis's node-nltools are being merged into this project and will be maintained from here onward.

At the moment, most of the algorithms are English-specific, but in the long-term, some diversity will be in order. Thanks to Polyakov Vladimir, Russian stemming has been added!, Thanks to David Przybilla, Spanish stemming has been added!.

Aside from this README, the only documentation is this DZone article and here on my blog, which is a bit older.
javascript  language  coding  framework  library 
8 days ago
Machine Learning in Javascript: Introduction | Burak Kanber's BlogBurak Kanber's Blog
I love machine learning algorithms. I’ve taught classes and seminars and given talks on ML. The subject is fascinating to me, but like all skills fascination simply isn’t enough. To get good at something, you need to practice!

I also happen to be a PHP and JavaScript developer. I’ve taught classes on both of these as well — but like any decent software engineer I have experience with Ruby, Python, Perl, and C. I just prefer PHP and JS. (Before you flame PHP, I’ll just say that while it has its problems, I like it because it gets stuff done.)
javascript  ai  machine-learning  coding 
8 days ago
You can fine tune iTunes with beaTunes 4.5
Tagtrum’s beaTunes is a useful iTunes tool for Mac OS X and Windows users, and it's gotten even better with the latest version (4.5).Let’s face it: you can accumulate so many tunes…
music  apps  itunes  interface-design  software 
9 days ago
Everything is made from something
In A Children's Picture-book Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, Brian Skinner explains quantum field theory -- "the deepest and most intimidating set of ideas in graduate-level theoretical…
string-theory  physics  quantum-mechanics 
11 days ago
Environment dependent Node.js configuration — Medium
Environment dependent #nodejs configuration - Keep it all in 1 file no matter what:
nodejs  coding  webdev  programming 
11 days ago
Using a VPN for Internet Privacy and Security
What You'll Be CreatingThis is an extension to our series on secure messaging with public key encryption. In that series, I guided you through using PGP privacy to encrypt and decrypt your email. In…
surveillance  privacy  cryptography  google 
11 days ago
The Web Audio API: Adding Sound to Your Web App
What happened to audio on the web? For a time the web was the platform to show off your taste in tunes. From MIDI versions of The Final Countdown bubbling in the background, to autoplaying…
sound-design  web-development  javascript  css 
11 days ago
NASA's logo: the worm vs. the meatball
NASA's original logo looked something like this: It was referred to, colloquially, as the meatball. In the 1970s, the meatball was switched out for the worm, a more Modernist take: This logo was done…
logo  nasa 
11 days ago
JavaScript Garden
JavaScript Garden is a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language. It gives advice to avoid common mistakes and subtle bugs, as well as performance issues and bad practices, that non-expert JavaScript programmers may encounter on their endeavours into the depths of the language.

JavaScript Garden does not aim to teach you JavaScript. Former knowledge of the language is strongly recommended in order to understand the topics covered in this guide. In order to learn the basics of the language, please head over to the excellent guide on the Mozilla Developer Network.
javascript  programming  reference  tutorial  js  coding 
12 days ago
Make a Logo
Last year I needed a logo for a website I was making. It was a simple site and I wanted a simple, modern logo. I tried to make a logo in Photoshop. After wasting two days, I ended up with a logo my wife said looked stupid.

I searched for a professional logo designer. Professional designers are expensive! I didn't have a few thousand bucks to spend on a logo for a little side project.

I gave up on professional designers and I tried a site where people competed in a contest to make my logo. None of the logos were great and the "designers" didn't listen to my feedback and continued to churn out logos that looked like cheap clip art. It cost me $295 and I ended up with a logo I didn't like and didn't use. $295 down the drain! (Don't tell my wife.)
logos  design  fun  logo  generator  tools  webapp 
13 days ago
On the origin of (robot) species | University of Cambridge
Researchers led by the University of Cambridge have built a mother robot that can independently build its own children and test which one does best; and then use the results to inform the design of the next generation, so that preferential traits are passed down from one generation to the next. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  reading  longreads  robots  science 
14 days ago
The long legacy of a short life
The Rosses were expecting twins but learned that one of the two, Thomas, wouldn't live much past birth. They decided to donate Thomas's body to science. And then, they decided to investigate just…
20 days ago
Ultimate guide to learning AngularJS in one day
Angular is a client-side MVC/MVVM framework built in JavaScript, essential for modern single page web applications (and even websites). This post is a full end to end crash course from my experiences, advice and best practices I've picked up from using it.
javascript  tutorial  angularjs  coding  webdev 
4 weeks ago
Bootstraping a Node.js App for Dev/Prod Environment - Himanshu Gilani
Setting up a web server in node is really simple. A basic hello world http server can be written in under 10 lines. However, if you want to write a production grade app then you are better of by using any framework that provides foundation and structure to your logic. When choosing frameworks there are no right or wrong answers. Important thing is to select a framework that is being actively developed, has community support and most of important of all you love the way it works.
nodejs  coding  javascript  webdev 
4 weeks ago
Merrick Christensen - Grunt.js Workflow
Grunt.js is a fantastic task-based command line tool written in JavaScript on top of the wonderful Node.js platform. You can leverage Grunt.js to script away all of your grunt work. Tools and procedures that you historically ran and configured yourself, you can now abstract behind a convention based command line interface with a consistent means of configuration. You can write your most complicated tasks once and leverage them in all of your projects using project specific configuration.
javascript  tools  automation  grunt  gruntjs 
4 weeks ago
Grunt.js: The Basics - Quick Left
Most projects can benefit from a good dose of build automation. For much of the unix world "Make" is the tool of choice, but in the web and javascript world Grunt.js is emerging as the de facto standard. If you're working with a javascript project where build tasks still need to be done manually, then grunt is well worth checking out.
gruntjs  grunt  deployment  coding  webdev 
4 weeks ago
Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git - Steven Edouard
Modern application development now’a’days demands a rigorous continuous deliver mechanism. This is especially true when it comes to the cloud.

You want to be able to get through the Build -> Measure -> Learn cycle as fast as possible. With cloud services, you can quickly create mechanisms to build, test and deploy your development team’s code. You can even maintain development and production branches.

The lab below will take you through this process and can be done on any computer that can run Node.js.
grunt  deployment  javascript  coding  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Environment Specific Config in Node.js
Every app needs a configuration file, and it is common that these values will differ specific to the environment it is running in.
Other than database credentials being different on each machine, locally I am usually testing on port 3000, on the domain in dev I'll set it to port 80, but when i deploy to my PaaS I enforce HTTPS so not just the port needs changing but different modules need to be loaded too.
nodejs  coding  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Grunt for People Who Think Things Like Grunt are Weird and Hard ◆ 24 ways
I bet you’ve heard of Grunt. Well, Grunt is a task runner. Grunt can do all of those things for you. Once you’ve got it set up, which isn’t particularly difficult, those things can happen automatically without you having to think about them again.

But let’s face it: Grunt is one of those fancy newfangled things that all the cool kids seem to be using but at first glance feels strange and intimidating. I hear you. This article is for you.
development  front-end  coding  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Ruby on Rails Security Guide — Ruby on Rails Guides
Web application frameworks are made to help developers build web applications. Some of them also help you with securing the web application. In fact one framework is not more secure than another: If you use it correctly, you will be able to build secure apps with many frameworks. Ruby on Rails has some clever helper methods, for example against SQL injection, so that this is hardly a problem.

In general there is no such thing as plug-n-play security. Security depends on the people using the framework, and sometimes on the development method. And it depends on all layers of a web application environment: The back-end storage, the web server and the web application itself (and possibly other layers or applications).
programming  security  ruby  authentication 
5 weeks ago
Express.js Authentication | 9bit Studios
Now we will discuss how to implement authentication in Express.js. Express.js was discussed previously in the Introduction to Express.js. In the discussion there, we looked at how Express is a web-application framework just like CodeIgniter, Django, or Laravel except instead of running on something like Apache or Ngnix, it runs on Node.js and instead of being written in PHP or Python, it is written in JavaScript. Before looking at the following section, it might be a good idea to be familiar with Express.js by reading the introduction to Express and be familiar with Node.js as well. A Node.js Primer will help you with that.

When you think authentication in web development, you think logging in and logging out. Note that this is a little bit different from authorization, which has more to do with whether a logged in user has the permissions to do a certain action on a website. This the reason that you have different roles such as “Administrator,” “Editor,” and “User” defined within different systems. For this section we’ll focus more on authentication, but a lot of the ways that you handle authentication can also be extended upon to implement authorization.
express  authentication  nodejs 
5 weeks ago
What is an ORM and where can I learn more about it? - Stack Overflow
Someone suggested I use an ORM for a project I'm designing but I'm having trouble finding information on what it is or how it works. Can anyone give me a brief explanation or a link as to where I can learn more about it?
database  ORM  javascript  coding 
5 weeks ago
Databases with Linux |
The most efficient way of storing information for processing is a database. Fortunately, there are Open Source databases that fit the bill for any type of data storage and retrieval requirements. The most popular of these is MySQL, which is the database we will deal with in this course.
mysql  database  tutorial  coding 
5 weeks ago
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