F-15E Strike Eagle Low Level - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! Clips from flying VR1355. Thanks AC/DC for Thunderstruck and Hells Bells.
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17 hours ago
Open Broadcaster Software - Index
Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Supported features include.
opensource  screencast  software  streaming  video 
4 days ago
R2D2 Budgie - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! We taught Bluey the budgie how to do R2-D2 and now he drives us crazy! He has two other budgies in his cage, and I think he's driving them crazy too! Bluey was our first budgie and our seven-year old daughter hand-raised him. He has always been a curious bird, he was really intrigued by our voices and the cockatoos we have in our garden - he even copied the noise the crested pigeons make when they take off. We played R2D2 sounds off Youtube to him four or five times and a few days later our daughter came running in saying he was doing R2D2. We were blown away that he picked it up so quickly! The other budgies in his cage started copying him but could only manage a few seconds at a time. Bluey also loves making lazer sounds, the R2D2 scream sound, kissing sounds, and he whispers English jibberish we can only make out a few words. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com
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12 days ago
Favorited a video on YouTube! Cesar Falistocco, director de la Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia Aérea izando las banderas Argentina y Chilena de una manera muy particular. Edición de video: Federico Pinto Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/125664214180344/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Escuadrilla_ARG Music: OVERWERK - *Daybreak* facebook.com/overwerk twitter.com/overwerk soundcloud.com/overwerk youtube.com/overwerkofficial
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21 days ago
Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber - Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview - BBC Two - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0276q28 Brian Cox visits NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio to see what happens when a bowling ball and a feather are dropped together under the conditions of outer space.
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22 days ago
Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For | WIRED
To be clear: I like spaceships. A lot. I went to the first landing of the space shuttle post-Challenger disaster. I went to the Mojave for the first test flight of SpaceShipOne, nominally to cover it but really just to gaze in wonder. via Pocket
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22 days ago
Stunning time lapse composed of 7000 photos - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! SUBSCRIBE now to Rumble Viral: http://bit.ly/RumbleViral A jaw-dropping time lapse video, titled, Releases: Extremadura. Over 7000 photographs were taken throughout the Extremadura region in western Spain to create this beautiful visual. Several audio tracks, recorded at those same locations, are also featured throughout. Scenery includes: Ibores-Villuercas Geopark in Caceres, dry plains and beautiful Sierra de Fuentes, extensive irrigated areas of Vegas del Guadiana, the astle of Medellin with its imposing (and recently unearthed) Teatro Romano, the beautiful and ever present oaks, sunsets, moon and sun, and a symbol of Extremadura: Storks. Credit to 'Pitera'. Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v2zce4-releases-extremadura.html For licensing, please email licensing@rumble.com
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29 days ago
Diffusing Member Anger - The Online Community Guide
Shared article from Feedly via The Online Community Guide http://www.feverbee.com/ In any group, people will have problems. If you're the authority within that group, you're the first stop for problems. Don't deny the problem exists. Don't apologise (not yet). Don't claim you're doing your best. Don't claim you're covered by...
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29 days ago
Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2014
The CustoMac Mini "Deluxe" is a no-compromise build featuring a Z97 mini-ITX motherboard and a quad-core Haswell CPU. The BitFenix Phenom is a unique way of thinking about a mini-ITX system, as it's not exactly small. It's about the size of a mATX case, making room for multiple hard drives, and a full sized graphics card. The Z97 motherboard is also capable of overclocking if you use a "K" CPU, and there is even room for a water cooler for the CPU. Please note that the motherboard's Intel mini-PCIe card includes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but only the bluetooth features are available under OS X. If you don't use the PCIe slot, we recommend the TP-Link PCIe card below for native Wi-Fi support. If you’re interested in replacing the mini-PCIe card, check out this list of card suggestions.
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4 weeks ago
The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed | WIRED
The campuses of the tech industry are famous for their lavish cafeterias, cushy shuttles, and on-site laundry services. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago
Eloquent JavaScript
This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital. You can read it online here, and a paper version is being worked on.
coding  javascript  programming  reference  tutorial  learning  webdev 
4 weeks ago
Flying Fat Albert Airlines - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! The Blue Angels lined up on the tarmac in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, October 10, 2014, in preparation for their annual weekend performance as part of San Francisco's Fleet Week celebration. CNET photographer James Martin hitched a ride on the Blue Angels' support plane, a C-130 named Fat Albert. The aircraft may be chubby, but it gives an intense ride. http://www.cnet.com/news/flying-on-the-blue-angels-fat-albert-airlines-at-sfs-fleet-week/ http://www.cnet.com/pictures/my-big-fat-blue-angels-flight-pictures/
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5 weeks ago
Called Up: A journey through baseball's minor leagues
Each Major League Baseball team is affiliated with a series of minor league teams at different levels—from Rookie to Triple-A. If a hypothetical player were to work his way up through each level of an orgnaization, how far would he have to travel? The following maps show the route of that player, ordered by distance traveled.
baseball  sports  dodgers  giants  maps 
5 weeks ago
How to Start (or Advance) Your Career in the Community Industry
Shared article from Feedly via CMX http://cmxhub.com So you want to build communities for a living, eh? You’re not alone. As community-centric businesses continue to grow into billion-dollar giants, more and more companies are looking to hire community professionals and more people are looking to enter the field than ever before. Community is no longer just an entry-level position with no clear […]
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5 weeks ago
Orion: Trial By Fire - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launching into space for the first time in December 2014, on a flight that will take it farther than any spacecraft built to carry humans has gone in more than 40 years and through temperatures twice as hot as molten lava to put its critical systems to the test. HD download link: https://archive.org/details/OrionTrialbyFire
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6 weeks ago
Game of Thrones Theme - Western Cover - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! Western Cover of the Game of Thrones theme Subscribe for new music videos and covers in the future! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bendanproductions Check out our Battlefield Mariachi Cover here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbC5mUU_z8s Arranged and performed by Benedikt Mendzigal Original Composition by Ramin Djawadi Cinematography by Daniel Brauner Video by Benedikt Mendzigal and Daniel Brauner Produced by BenDan Productions Game of Thrones belongs to HBO
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7 weeks ago
Top 9 Struggles New Managers Face But You Don’t Have To
Shared article from Feedly via The Next Web http://thenextweb.com
Elli Bishop is the community manager for BusinessBee, a place for business owners and executives to discover and compare various business service providers. This article originally appeared on the 15Five blog. Do you remember when you were first hired as a manager or were promoted from within? Perhaps you founded your first company and had to lead and support a staff for the first time. Just thinking back to those days might make some queasy. Transitioning to a management role can be a bumpy ride, and many new managers struggle with the same issues — miscommunication, delegating vs doing, and reporting up...

This story continues at The Next Web

The post Top 9 struggles new managers face (but you don’t have to) appeared first on The Next Web.
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7 weeks ago
Cold Brew Your Own Cheaper and Better Tasting Coffee Liqueur
Shared article from Feedly via Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com

Infuse liquor with coffee and you'll get a strong coffee brew with a big kick. Instead of brewing the coffee hot and combining it with the alcohol, try a lazier cold brew method for a smoother, sweeter coffee liqueur.

Depending on the alcohol and coffee you use, you could also save money on your homemade coffee liqueur—and you'll also be able to control the quantity and quality of the brew. WonderHowTo steeped half a cup of coffee in two cups of ice-cold vodka overnight and afterwards added vanilla and sugar for a Kahlua-like drink (although, yes, Kahlua is typically a rum-based drink). They also used Scotch whiskey as the coffee steeping liquid.

The results? Pretty damn good. Both the coffee-and-vodka and coffee-and-Scotch brews were smooth with no hint of acidity. Best of all, both tasted like coffee—real honest-to-goodness coffee, but with a massive, for-adults-only kick.

And because the steeping process was so long, I could taste different notes of fruits, nuts, and spice in the coffee, all of which were amped up by the alcohol. Once I added agave and vanilla to the vodka version, I proclaimed it the best homemade Kahlua I'd ever produced.

Cold brewing coffee might be the better method to go with this, because it cuts the acidity of the coffee.

Check out WonderHowTo's article for more details and tips.

The Food Hacks Guide to the Ultimate Homemade Kahlua & Irish Coffee | WonderHowTo
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8 weeks ago
Recipes for Outer Space - IFTTT
Whoa. Astronauts just launched into space and our Recipes told us so!
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8 weeks ago
TunnelBear VPN lets you surf, securely | TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004
Shared article from Feedly via TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed http://www.tuaw.com TunnelBear VPN is a simple app that works beautifully to let you securely surf online using your iPhone or iPad (and there's a Mac version as well). A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encrypted connection to a server that permits you to be online...
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9 weeks ago
Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey As a 60-Second Cartoon
Shared article from Feedly via Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com

2001: A Space Odyssey earns the term "epic" more than almost any other movie. The two-hour-and-forty-one-minute cinema classic is an absolute must-watch. But if you don't have that kind of time, Speedrun just very loosely condensed the plot down to a mere 60 seconds.

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9 weeks ago
An RV Converted into a Spaceship Simulator
Shared article from Feedly via Hackaday http://hackaday.com

Hackerspaces always breed innovative projects. The outlandish ideas that come out of these areas typically push the boundaries of what is possible. This giant spaceship simulator is no exception, which is normally housed at the London Hackspace.

It was created by a team of DIY hackers that wanted an immersive experience that didn’t involve virtual reality goggles. Instead, they chose more of a holodeck-type game that literally would shake the people inside the sci-fi styled caravan as they traveled through virtual space fighting aliens along the way.

The cockpit consisted of three seats – one for a pilot, one … Read the rest
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9 weeks ago
3 Traits That Prove You’re an Exceptional Community Builder
"Nothing conveys community-building competency more than, “I have built a community. Let me show you."
community  communitymanagement  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago
NameChanger | MRR Software
NameChanger is designed for the sole purpose of batch renaming a list of files. To install just download the zip, open it and drag the app to your Applications Folder. Append, prepend, or completely modify filenames.
apps  osx  utilities  software  tools  files  file-management 
9 weeks ago
When the View From Space Is Meaningless - The Atlantic
You can't see the tragedy of 9/11 from orbit. I have seen many space photos of particles moving through air. Volcanic eruptions, forest fires, dust storms. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  alexis  c.  madrigal  :  the  reading  longreads  space 
10 weeks ago
4 Ways to Build Community On Your Blog
Source: shutterstock.com In the early days of social media, everyone talked about community. Build your community. Talk to your community. Community is the bee’s knees. Everyone should have a…
communitymanagement  community 
11 weeks ago
Dashcam on a Space Shuttle - Rare FRONT WINDOW launch - YouTube
Dashcam on a Space Shuttle - Rare, complete front window view of a Discovery launch HT
space  Space-Shuttle  nasa  video  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago
Wardrobe is a minimalistic blogging application. Wardrobe attempts to make blogging simple and enjoyable by utilizing the latest technologies and keeping the administration as simple as possible with the primary focus on writing.
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august 2014
Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! Please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pip3guy Playing a live set in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia on my homemade PVC pipe instrument, played with a pair of thongs (flip flops to the non-Aussie viewers :P) To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com
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august 2014
6 Huge Benefits of Listening to Your Community
Shared article from Feedly via The Next Web http://thenextweb.com
This post originally appeared on the Crew blog. It often takes an outsider’s perspective to learn about new opportunities, whether they take the form of flaws, bugs, or unique use cases. The most valuable opportunities often come from customers themselves — the people who are hands on with your product every day. For those just starting-up, or starting to realize that your product and community teams could improve their communications, here are six reasons that your entire team needs to be listening to the conversation surrounding your brand. 1. Guiding your business strategy or product roadmap (pre and post-launch) Many companies miss a...

This story continues at The Next Web

The post Learning to listen: 6 huge benefits of paying attention to your community appeared first on The Next Web.
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august 2014
プロ野球 バット投げ集まとめ - YouTube
Favorited a video on YouTube! MLB.comで紹介致された事を聞きました。大変ありがとうございます。 I heard that we were introduced with MLB.com. Thank you very much. 音声消されてしまいました。音声付きで見たい方はニコニコの方でご覧下さい→sm16938770 なんj、SHIMA、HA☆RA、HARA、モミー、お前に言われんでもマイリスト、今江、隠す、ISOBE、ビョン吉、K。、おかえりくん、ウナギ犬、辛いさん、辛井貴浩、タッツ大天使パンダ、SNJ、ガッツ、北のサムライ、日ハム小笠原、聖人、ぐう聖、巨人小笠原、キンタマー、タマキーン、巨人小笠原バット投げをして死亡、畜生、ぐう畜、偶然だぞ、お早川、ノリさん、KLさん、ブラックノリさん、ホワイトノリさん、汚いノリさん、綺麗なノリさん、うーんこの
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august 2014
Cloud Hosting - Bitnami
Bitnami makes it incredibly easy to deploy apps with native installers, as virtual machines, or in the cloud.
cloud  linux  VMs  virtual-machines 
august 2014
How to Make a Keg Out of a Watermelon and a 3D-Printed Tap
Shared article from Feedly via Laughing Squid http://laughingsquid.com Household Hacker demonstrates how to make a keg out of a watermelon and a 3D-printed tap in their new instructional video. The tap design was made by the creative folks at Robo3D. More photos and the 3D printer files are available to view and download at Thingiverse. We’ve previously written about a similar project by […]
IFTTT  Feedly  drinks  beverages  3d-printing 
august 2014
Dash - Smarter Driving, Every Day
The free app pairs with a device that plug into your car and transmit data back to the app. From there you can see data about your car’s performance and alert you of any potential issues and an average cost for any repairs you might need.

Dash can also track your driving habits and suggest ways to improve your car’s gas mileage, increase performance, or generally increase the overall lifespan of your vehicle.
cars  driving  iOS  apps  iPhone 
august 2014
Civilians in Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control of Wandering Space Satellite | | Betabeat
For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  reading  longreads  space  cool  neat 
august 2014
#CMGRHangout presents: Developing Thick Skin as a Community Manager (Storify) | My Community Manager
Shared article from Feedly via My Community Manager http://mycmgr.com

If you work in community you know that developing thick skin is an essential skill. As nice as it would be, not all your community members will love your brand all the time. How do you stay calm to handle situations with angry members? What do you do to keep perspective when attacks get personal? […]

The post #CMGRHangout presents: Developing Thick Skin as a Community Manager (Storify) appeared first on My Community Manager.
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august 2014
Favorited a video on YouTube! Follow the stories online #BeAMowgli iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iWaitingfortheDawn Amazon: http://smarturl.it/awaitingforthedawn Google Play: http://goo.gl/JLuY3 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/themowglis Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/themowglis Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themowglis Website: http://www.themowglis.net Music video by The Mowgli's performing San Francisco. Directed by Justin Baldoni. Label: Photo Finish / Island Def Jam (C) 2013 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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august 2014
The July Home Screen
Shared article from Feedly via Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com

There's always something to be said for simplicity. That's certainly the case with this home screen design. This one features a small overview of your day's events alongside the current date and time, and a few notification badges to let you know how many emails or missed calls you need to tend to.

This design is a custom skin for Themer. You can download it from the source link below and install it by following these instructions:

Move the .zip to sdcard0 > MyColorScreen > Themer > Exported > zip (Your initial location may vary.)

Open Themer and browse for themes.

Under "My Themes" select "Exported."

Choose "July.zip"

Do you have an awesome, tweaked-into-oblivion home or lock screen of your own that you'd like to share? Post it in the comments below, or on your own Kinja blog with the tag "home screen showcase" (no quotes). Be sure to include a description of how you made it so we can feature it as the next featured home screen.

July | My Color Screen
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july 2014
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