DwellClick — Clickless mouse software for Mac
Requirements Requires a Mac with OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10. Works with any standard mouse or trackpad, including multi-touch trackpads, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Also supports
osx  apps  utilities  tools 
3 days ago
I Learned How to be Productive in React in a Week and You Can, Too | CSS-Tricks
This article is not intended for seasoned React pros, but rather, those of us who make websites for a living and are curious how React can help us reason about updating user interfaces. I
reactjs  coding  react  javascript 
6 days ago
The react tutorial for riot · Jurian Sluiman
January 2015 This tutorial is a copy of the features from the react tutorial about building a comment section, but then for riot. Starting with react, it felt utterly complicated for small use cases
react  javascript  riotjs 
7 days ago
How to Center in CSS
WatCentering in CSS is a pain in the ass. There seems to be a gazillion ways to do it, depending on a variety of factors. This consolidates them and gives you the code you need for each
coding  css  generator  styles 
10 days ago
How To Set Up a Node.js Application for Production on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
Introduction Node.js is an open source Javascript runtime environment for easily building server-side and networking applications. The platform runs on Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows, and its
node  ubuntu 
10 days ago
Secure Password Hashing in Node with Argon2 - Stormpath User Identity API
Storing passwords securely is an ever-changing game. For the past few years (2013
security  nodejs  node  passwords 
10 days ago
Easy Node Authentication | Scotch
Tutorials Courses Bar Talk Angular Node Laravel MEAN CSS Bootstra
11 days ago
How to Configure Nginx
Nginx is a lightweight, high performance web server designed to deliver large amounts of static content quickly with efficient use of system resources. Nginx’s strong point is its ability to efficiently serve static content, like plain HTML and media files. Some consider it a less than ideal server for dynamic content.

Unlike Apache, which uses a threaded or process-oriented approach to handle requests, Nginx uses an asynchronous event-driven model which provides more predictable performance under load. Rather than using the embedded interpreter approach, Nginx hands off dynamic content to CGI, FastCGI, or even other web severs like Apache, which is then passed back to Nginx for delivery to the client.

This leads to a more complex setup for certain deployments. For these and other reasons, the configuration of Nginx can feel complicated and unintuitive at first. This document should familiarize you with basic Nginx parameters and conventions. We’ll be going through Nginx’s primary configuration file.
coding  sites  webdev  nginx 
13 days ago
OS X Window Manager Apps
There is no shortage of apps to help you arrange windows. I find them tremendously useful. Most Windows (the operating system) users I know quite like the built-in abilities it has to position
osx  apps  utilities  productivity 
14 days ago
The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin | Serious Eats
Our homemade Egg McMuffin improves upon the original in every way. [Photographs: J. Kenji L
breakfast  food  recipe  sandwich 
19 days ago
Scrum is the new waterfall – Adam Bourg
Scrum while great in theory is in practice a really flawed process of creating software. Scrum is iterative waterfall. Scrum is process hell. Saying this, may get me shunned and kicked out of the
meetings  scrum  agile  development 
19 days ago
Aleksandar Goševski | Simple JavaScript Interview Exercises
When you are interviewing someone you can learn more about them by reviewing how they did some exercises then just talking with them about specific technology. Anyone can learn theory from the blog posts, but many people never understood it. So to be sure that candidate really knows about topic (s)he is talking about, it's a good thing to test their knowledge with exercises. Exercises shouldn't take too long and they can immidiatelly show you proficiency level of candidate.
javascript  coding  interview  interviews 
21 days ago
★ Why Apple Assembles in China
Arik Hesseldahl, writing for Recode on Donald Trump
manufactoring  apple  china 
24 days ago
Refactoring React Components to ES6 Classes - New Media Campaigns
Here at NMC, we're big fans of the React library for building user interfaces in JavaScript. We've also been experimenting with the next version of JavaScript, ES6, and were excited to see the latest
react  javascript  ES6  coding 
27 days ago
How to Use a Multimeter Video Tutorial | Make:
Martin Lorton is a solar power and electronics enthusiast. On his YouTube channel he has a number of really excellent video tutorials covering many aspects of electronics and electronics measurement.
multimeter  tutorial  tools  voltage  electronics 
28 days ago
Getting Started with Redux - Course by @dan_abramov @eggheadio
Managing state in an application is critical, and is often done haphazardly. Redux provides a state container for JavaScript applications that will help your applications behave consistently.

Redux is an evolution of the ideas presented by Facebook's Flux, avoiding the complexity found in Flux by looking to how applications are built with the Elm language.

Redux is useful for React applications, but React is not a requirement!

In this series, we will learn the basics of Redux, so that you can start using it to simplify your applications.

It's highly recommended that you have a quick read of the Redux documentation alongside or before you watch the series.
javascript  video  reactjs  react  redux 
4 weeks ago
react-router/Introduction.md at master · rackt/react-router
import React from 'react'
import { render } from 'react-dom'

// First we import some modules...
import { Router, Route, IndexRoute, Link, hashHistory } from 'react-router'

// Then we delete a bunch of code from App and
// add some <Link> elements...
const App = React.createClass({
render() {
return (
{/* change the <a>s to <Link>s */}
<li><Link to="/about">About</Link></li>
<li><Link to="/inbox">Inbox</Link></li>

next we replace `<Child>` with `this.props.children`
the router will figure out the children for us

// Finally, we render a <Router> with some <Route>s.
// It does all the fancy routing stuff for us.
<Router history={hashHistory}>
<Route path="/" component={App}>
<IndexRoute component={Home} />
<Route path="about" component={About} />
<Route path="inbox" component={Inbox} />
), document.body)
reactjs  react  coding 
4 weeks ago
A Redux in Price – habd.as
Looking back on learning to code originally, it started when I played script kiddie back in the mid-90
coding  javascript 
4 weeks ago
Learn JavaScript: — JavaScript Scene — Medium
There are so many JavaScript resources available out there, it
coding  javascript 
4 weeks ago
ReactJS Koans
If you want to learn React.js you came to the right place. We prepared a set of practical exercises that will help you learn React.js from square one. The only thing you need to know is JavaScript. Here we are using ECMAScript 2015 standard. The Koans are a set of tasks to complete. Prepared tests checks if they are done correctly.
github  js  learning  Feed  code  reactjs  IFTTT  tutorial  react  javascript 
4 weeks ago
What You Need to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) - Whiteboard Friday
You may have heard the term "AMPs" thrown around lately. What exactly are Accelerated Mobile Pages, what do they mean for search, and how can you prepare for it all? In this week's British Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow and Tom Anthony of Distilled lay out all the important details.
mobile-development  webdev  coding  responsive-design  mobile 
5 weeks ago
At work this past quarter, we painstakingly started three new projects at work. I say “painstakingly” because every project required decisions to be made around tooling depending on the scope & needs. Ultimately, the problem is that by choosing React (and inherently JSX), you’ve unwittingly opted into a confusing nest of build tools, boilerplate, linters, & time-sinks to deal with before you ever get to create anything.
webdev  javascript  coding  programming  tools 
5 weeks ago
The Six Things You Need To Know About Babel 6
Over the last year, Babel has become the go-to tool for transforming ES2015 and JSX into boring old JavaScript. But seemingly overnight, Babel 6 changed everything. The babel package was deprecated, running babel doesn’t actually transform ES2015 to ES5, and the old docs have basically disappeared. But Don’t Panic! To get you up to speed, I’ve put together a brief list of the six most important changes. And if you need a little more help, my Complete Guide to ES6 with Babel 6 will walk you through the practical details; including the CLI, Webpack, Mocha and Gulp.
npm  javascript  coding  ES2015  tools 
5 weeks ago
Sonos http API
A simple http based API for controlling your Sonos system. I try to follow compatibility versioning between this and sonos-discovery, which means that 0.3.x requires 0.3.x of sonos-discovery.

There is a simple sandbox at /docs (incomplete atm)
sonos  nodejs 
6 weeks ago
Introducing React Native: Building Apps with JavaScript
React Native: Build native iOS applications with JavaScript. A few months ago Facebook announced React Native, a framework that lets you build native iOS applications with JavaScript
7 weeks ago
An iOS Developer on React Native — iOS App Development — Medium
When I first caught wind of React Native, I thought of it as nothing more than a way for web developers to dip their feet into native mobile apps. The premise that JavaScript developers could write
ios  react  react-native 
7 weeks ago
React: Controlled Radio Button Component Does not Update
e.preventDefault() in your change handler is doing this. We have to actually hijack the click event to make onChange work for radios and checkboxes. The downside of this has come up a few times - that preventDefault in there actually prevents the browser from updating its state. See some prior discussions in #3005. You don't actually need to call preventDefault here, and we've actually seen a lot of people blindly calling it without actually knowing why. I would recommend doing a spot check of your own handlers and seeing if they're actually needed throughout.
javascript  coding  reactjs  troubleshooting 
8 weeks ago
Build And Share Your Single-page App With React, Node and Pouchdb, part I - News and Useful Resources Around and About Cozy.io
The goal of this blog post is to teach you how to build a very smooth web application that will require close to zero configuration and that you will be able to publish on the Node Package Manager.
Development  web  react  html  javascript 
8 weeks ago
h2non/nar - Create node.js binaries / applications
nar is an idiomatic application packager utility for node/io.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run Provides built-in support for creating, extracting,
node.js  language)  Go  javascript  (programming 
8 weeks ago
Playback or Conversion of QNAP QVR Surveillance Station Video Recordings
QNAP includes “Surveillance Station” as an application on their NAS devices, which allows you to setup security camera’s throughout your house or business. It supports numerous camera’s, motion detection, alert messages etc.
One problem I did run into however, was that the recordings of my Foscam IP-camera’s could not be played in any of the media players I had on my Mac, only to find out that Windows and Linux users can experience the same problems.
With a simple trick and free software you can either modify the AVI files (very quick!) or convert the videos to another format. The presented tricks work for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.
apps  script  conversion  NAS  home  tools  QNAP  video  utilities  avi 
8 weeks ago
On the unreasonable reality of “junior” developer interviews — Medium
If you like this post, I’d love it if you checked out my upcoming browser performance and load testing product: Browserpath.I have a number of friends who are “junior” developers. Recently, one of
Programming  Software  Engineering  Data  Structures 
8 weeks ago
Path to a free self-taught graduation in Computer Science! Contents About This is a solid path for those of you who want to complete a Com
Computer  Science  coding  github  programming 
9 weeks ago
Fork from Rick Wong's React Isomorphic Starterkit, with Redux added to the isomorphic mix. Isomorphic starterkit with server-side React rendering using npm, piping, webpack, webpack-dev-server,
reactjs  github  javascript 
9 weeks ago
HomeBridge HomeBridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. It includes a set of "shims" (found in the accessories folder) that provide a
Home  Automation  Ubuntu  (operating  system)  PhoneGap 
9 weeks ago
anything.js - it's anything you want and more
A javascript library that contains anything. JavaScript HTML New pull request
fun  javascript  coding  programming  webdev 
9 weeks ago
Malharhak/Startup-Test: Everything a startup should know before launching
Startup-Test This checklist of important things that tech organisations should be doing in the fields of communication, project management, and programming. It is inspired by the Joel Test. It's just
Software  Engineering  Kanban  Management 
9 weeks ago
The Node Way - Introduction: What is The Node Way?
Node.js has always been easy to grasp, but difficult to master. Design patterns and best practices exist for avoiding common pitfalls and building more stable applications, but these guiding principles have never been well documented. It has always been up to you, the individual developer, to uncover them on your own through painful trial and error. Frustrated by this, I set out to discover the Node.js philosophy and what people really mean when they talk about "The Node Way." Is it just about small modules and asynchronous code, or could there be something more? thenodeway.io is the result of that journey. It is a collection of articles and chapters on understanding the fundamentals of Node.js and leveraging that understanding to build great things. But before we get to all that, lets go back to the original question: "What is The Node Way?"
javascript  nodejs  coding 
10 weeks ago
Adding ESLint with gulp.js
I've noticed that I am a loose coder on my personal projects but want some level of decorum on Mozilla and other open source projects. The more developers you have contributing to a project, the tighter the ship you must keep. The easiest way to do that is requiring contributions to meet a certain code convention criteria via a tool like ESLint. Since I like to use gulp.js for my build process, I thought I'd share a very basic use of ESLint for your project.
design  eslint  David  css3  html  css  experience  gulp  glup  blog 
10 weeks ago
Angular vs. React - the tie breaker
A short while ago, our team had to choose a technology for Wix's flagship product, the html wysiwyg website editor. It is a large single-page application, with complex flows, communication with other iframes and servers, and a lot of user experiences. This product is developed by more than 40 developers. The choices were ReactJS or AngularJS. We had experience with both, and were struggling between the ease-of-use of Angular declarative programming and the simplicity of React. We started a proof of concept that ultimately drove us to form a tie breaker. This article is about the comparison… and the tie breaker.
AngularJS  js  framework  angular.js  client-side  comparison  angular  reactjs  react  javascript 
10 weeks ago
Why does hello world exit but HTTP server doesn't?
"Why does simple "Hello world"-program exit immediately after printing to console but starting an HTTP server keeps running forever?" Consider the classic "Hello world!"-program. It prints short text
node.js  programming  javascript 
10 weeks ago
Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame — JavaScript Scene — Medium
Developer tools are a collection of software that makes life easier for developers. Traditionally, we’ve thought of them primarily as the IDE, linter, compiler, debugger, and profiler. But JavaScript is a dynamic language, and along with its dynamic nature comes a need for more runtime developer tooling. JavaScript has this in spades. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to include runtime tooling, and even a couple libraries that enhance runtime developer visibility and debugging. The line between dev tools and libraries is starting to blur. With mind-blowing results.
dev-tools  webdev  javascript  react  coding  reactjs 
11 weeks ago
UnQLite - An Embeddable NoSQL Database Engine
UnQLite is a in-process software library which implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL database engine. UnQLite is a document store database similar to
database  Compiler  Unix  Go  (programming  language) 
11 weeks ago
Why I use Tape Instead of Mocha
TL;DR: Mocha is a $150k Porsche Panamera when the best tool for the job is a $30k Tesla Model 3. Don
webdev  testing  test  coding  Development  Driven  tdd  software  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Over the past few years, we’ve been learning how to adapt our layouts to the infinite canvas of the web. Our sites can be viewed on any size screen, at any time, and responsive design is one approach that lets us accommodate the web’s variable shape. But with all of the challenges we’re facing and those yet to come, we need to begin building not just patterns, but principles for responsive design—principles that will allow us to focus not just on layout, but on the quality of our work.
coding  webdev  frameworks 
11 weeks ago
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
Secure tunnels to localhost: I want to expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.
coding  Development  utilities  server  downloads  command-line  webdev  to-download  proxy  apps  http  tunnel  localhost  servers  ssh  tools  networking 
11 weeks ago
Babel Sublime: Syntax definitions for React JSX and ES6
Language definitions for ES6+ JavaScript with React JSX syntax extensions inside of Sublime Text 3.
javascript  sublime  productivity  syntax-highlighting  coding  reactjs 
11 weeks ago
eBay Dev Blog | Node.js and ES6 Instead of Java – A War Story
Part II: The Joy and Pain of Test-driven Development We created a Node.js web app from scratch within 9 weeks that now serves 10.81 million visitors each month*. We used the latest and greatest
webdev  nodejs 
12 weeks ago
JavaScript Patterns Collection
A JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection that covers function patterns, jQuery patterns, jQuery plugin patterns, design patterns, general patterns, literals and constructor patterns, object
jquery  coding  design  (computer  Patterns  programming  science)  javascript 
12 weeks ago
Why Rdio died | The Verge
It’s easy to forget now, but the first modern music streaming service to arrive in America was Rdio. Like its founders, Skype billionaires Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, Rdio was awkwardly spelled and a little hard to pronounce. via Pocket
longreads  reading  Pocket  ifttt 
12 weeks ago
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