Turmeric Tea Recipe and Benefits
The good news about this cross-cultural spice is that people in India, who eat turmeric in their daily curries, have among the world’s lowest rates of Alzheimer’s disease. That does not appear to be a coincidence. In fact, extracts of turmeric have been found to contain a number of natural agents that block the formation of beta-amyloid, the substance responsible for the plaques that slowly obstruct cerebral function in Alzheimer’s disease. Research in mice suggests that turmeric extract appears to decrease beta-amyloid and other markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Other studies have suggested turmeric and turmeric tea have broad anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, as well. But few Americans eat enough curry to achieve these protective effects. Although Dr. Weil does not recommend daily mustard-laden hot dogs as the ideal turmeric delivery device, he found a potential solution during one of his many trips to Okinawa, the island nation with the world’s longest average life span, 81.2 years.

Okinawans drink copious quantities of turmeric tea. Some brew it fresh, but others simply buy cans or powdered instant versions of unsweetened tea from their local stores.
tea  health  anti-imflammatory 
25 days ago
Fade In Google Map marker
Example to fade in a Google Map Marker.
googlemaps  css  coding  javascript 
5 weeks ago
Blazing-fast static site generator for React.
generator  javascript  reactjs  coding 
6 weeks ago
geojson-rewind/geojson-rewind.js at master · mapbox/geojson-rewind
The GeoJSON specification is picky about winding order.

This helps you generate compliant Polygon and MultiPolygon geometries. Furthermore it lets you use Canvas and other drawing libraries's default behavior to color the interior rings of Polygon and MultiPolygon features.
googlemaps  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Universal USB-C Docking Station | Griffin
With four USB-A ports, an HDMI port, USB-C port delivering up to 85 watts of output power, LAN Ethernet and auxiliary ports, it means serious business.
macbook  hardware  docking-station 
12 weeks ago
How to Trade Binary Options with the Moving Averages and RSI Strategy | Finance Magnates
By using moving averages and the Relative Strength Index, you can construct a strategy that delivers effective yet simple trades.
trading  investing  stockmarket 
12 weeks ago
Fixing the Dreaded "SyntaxError: Unexpected Token in JSON" | kevinleary.net
Tips to help you find and fix this common JSON syntax error in JavaScript: "SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"
errors  json  javascript  coding 
march 2018
No, we're probably not living in a simulation.
Elon Musk famously stated that he thinks the chances are 1 in billions that we aren’t in a simulation. He is not the first to think or talk about this, but he is a famous person these days, so I’m going with him. The argument boils down to this: via Pocket
life  simulation  simulator  philosophy 
march 2018
Amazon built its hyper efficient warehouses by embracing chaos — Quartz
When Dave Alperson got his first job at an Amazon warehouse in 1997, as a temporary hourly employee, it involved walking around the warehouse with a list of where to find products—mostly books—that customers had ordered. via Pocket
Amazon  organization  robotics  growth  ai  technology 
march 2018
Crypto 101: A simple guide to understanding and researching cryptocurrencies
If you are sick of hearing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from your friends and family and do not understand what they are talking about, then you are in the right place. via Pocket
cryptocurrencies  to-read  cryptocurrency  technology 
march 2018
Python Programming Tutorials
Python Programming tutorials from beginner to advanced on a massive variety of topics. All video and text tutorials are free.
api  python  reddit  coding 
february 2018
When to use Component or PureComponent – codeburst
I switched to using PureComponent awhile back on the premise of it being a more performant version of Component. This turned out to be true, but the performance gains come with a few strings…
javascript  reactjs  designpatterns 
february 2018
Opinion | Am I Going Blind? - The New York Times
My eyesight is in jeopardy. But I see some things more clearly than ever.
to-read  health 
february 2018
What is happening in the Crypto Market? Is it all over? A detailed Review — Steemit
Total crypto market cap plummeted to less than $300 billion from over $840 billion within a month. Too many… by dadeep48
cryptocurrency  finance 
february 2018
New Steam Game Offers One Bitcoin To First Player Who... | News | Cointelegraph
One bitcoin forms the prize the first winner of a new puzzle game may claim from Feb. 20. | News | Cointelegraph
gaming  bitcoin  games  cryptocurrency 
february 2018
A first attempt at Bitcoin trading algorithms
Some simple algorithms and a simulator to run them over historic data.
cryptocurrency  bitcoin  trading 
february 2018
TradingView’s Pine script Introduction - Pine Script | TradingView Blog
TradingView’s Pine script Introduction - New updates in the Pine Script category on the TradingView Blog. Stay up-to-date with the most important trading news!
script  backtesting  stock  trading  coding  Patterns 
february 2018
Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets Using Python
A data-driven approach to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc.) market analysis and visualization using Python.
datascience  python  data  cryptocurrency  economics  blockchain  programming  bitcoin 
february 2018
Bitwise - Cryptocurrency Index Fund
Invest in the world's first cryptocurrency index fund. It holds the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market cap and rebalances monthly. It's a traditional investment vehicle. You buy ownership into the fund.
crypto  investing  cryptocurrencies  cryptocurrency  fund  finance  bitcoin  ETFs 
february 2018
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