D3 Garden | Interactive D3 Tutorial
Master the fundamentals of D3 with this interactive tutorial Get Started D3 Garden Discover More Popular Tutorials Set the bounds for your garden! Resize this box to begin to your preferred bounds to
javascript  D3.js 
3 days ago
nathanuphoff/Glimpse-JS: A tiny library to make loading images appear instantanious.
Glimpse JS is a dependency-free image library to create image previews that load in an instant.

Inspiration was drawn from Facebook and Medium where tiny placeholder images are rendered blurry, until the actual full-size completes loading. This technique greatly reduces perceived load time, and gives page visitors a glimpse of an image instead of a blank space.

Image previews are encoded with a propitiatory data-string optimised for compression. Alternatively, a base64-encoded image can be passed to the image-decoding methods. While encoding image previews, optional parameters can be set for image quality, and conversion to monochrome.

To blur a preview image CSS filter-support is required.

Glimpse JS was formerly known as Reveal JS, but it has come to my attention this name was already taken by another established library.
images  javascript  css  tools  library 
19 days ago
Enzyme: JavaScript Testing utilities for React — Airbnb Engineering & Data Science — Medium
Testing code is crucial for the maintainability of a complex code base, but it is just as important that tests are easy to write, maintain, and understand. Frontend code is no exception to this rule, and behaviors that live in your UI should be tested as well.
Almost three months ago, Airbnb open sourced Enzyme, a JavaScript library for testing React components. Since then, the reception has been extremely positive, currently with over 3,000 stars, and over 50 contributors, 45 of which are outside of Airbnb.
Historically, testing UI has been hard to accomplish for a variety of reasons, but using React removes a lot of these hurdles. We hope that enzyme does a good job removing the remaining ones!
tdd  testing  react  enzyme  reactjs 
19 days ago
Testing React Components with Enzyme and Mocha - Semaphore
React has become an increasingly popular and widely-used JavaScript application tool for developing web applications. Popular frameworks like Angular.js, Ember.js, and Backbone have traditionally been go-to choices for front-end application development, but React came onto the scene in 2013 and provided front-end engineers with another substantial alternative.

React was developed at Facebook in part as a response to what seemed to be a particularly complicated codebase. As such, it has simplicity baked into its design and API. With this simplicity come some key differences from libraries and frameworks in the same space. Despite some fundamental differences, React applications need testing just like any other software. We will take a quick look at React and some tools you can use to test React components.
tdd  testing  react  reactjs 
19 days ago
Fullstack React 🐬: How to Write a Google Maps React Component
Integrating React with external libraries like Google or Facebook APIs can be confusing and challenging. In this discussion, we
maps  react  javascript 
4 weeks ago
Learn JavaScript: — JavaScript Scene — Medium
There are so many JavaScript resources available out there, it
4 weeks ago
Explore Styles - Snazzy Maps - Free Styles for Google Maps
Snazzy Maps is a repository of different color schemes for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers.
styles  googlemaps  maps  css 
5 weeks ago
dimaip/server-side-rendering: Interactive guide to server-side rendering with Webpack, React, React Transmit, CSS modules and more
server-side-rendering - Interactive guide to server-side rendering with Webpack, React, React Transmit, CSS modules and more
webdev  css  coding  reactjs  react 
5 weeks ago
MostlyAdequate/mostly-adequate-guide: Mostly adequate guide to FP (in javascript)
About this book This is a book on the functional paradigm in general. We'll use the world's most popular functional programming language: JavaScript. Some may feel this is a poor choice as it's
webdev  reading  programming  coding  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Using JSON Web Tokens as API Keys
Most APIs today use an API Key to authenticate legitimate clients. API Keys are very simple to use from the consumer perspective: You get an API key from the service (in essence a shared secret). Add
node  api  nodejs  coding  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
The Ins and Outs of Token Based Authentication | Scotch
IntroductionToken based authentication is prominent everywhere on the web nowadays. With most every web company using an API, tokens are the best way to...
webdev  tokens  coding 
6 weeks ago
An Ultimate Guide To CSS Pseudo-Classes And Pseudo-Elements – Smashing Magazine
Hola a todos! (Hello, everyone!) In my early days of web design, I had to learn things the hard way: trial and error. There was no Smashing Magazine, Can I Use, CodePen or any of the other amazing
coding  front-end  css  webdev  css3 
7 weeks ago
FuYaoDe/react-native-app-intro: react-native-app-intro is a react native component implementing a parallax effect welcome page using base on react-native-swiper , similar to the one found in Google's app like Sheet, Drive, Docs...
react-native-app-intro is a react native component implementing a parallax effect welcome page using base on react-native-swiper , similar to the one found in Google's app like Sheet, Drive, Docs...
react-native  coding  iOS  reactjs 
7 weeks ago
IonicaBizau/scrape-it: A Node.js scraper for humans.
scrape-it - :crystal_ball: A Node.js scraper for humans.
nodejs  node  github  coding  node.js 
7 weeks ago
Coderwall | Creating full width (100% ) container inside fixed width
A protip by praveenvijayan about css, layout, and viewport width.
design  css  coding 
8 weeks ago
StockFighter Programming Game
Stockfighter has a JSON/REST API for players to trade with our simulated stock exchanges. Docs/code samples/in-line API explorer.
games  programming  coding 
8 weeks ago
Synaptic - The javascript neural network library
The javascript architecture-free neural network library for node.js and the browser
neural-network  coding  javascript 
8 weeks ago
Redux best practices — Lexical Labs Engineering — Medium
Redux is the React framework that other flux frameworks recommend you use. It went 1.0.0 when I started writing this (and is at the time of publishing past 3.0.0!) and it’s still early days as to how to use it.
Its author, Dan Abramov, has put together some great documentation, but it doesn’t yet fully address how to deal with engineering with Redux at scale — people are starting to ask, “are there any repos of non-trivial apps that use redux”. Well, hopefully this goes somewhere to it.
We’ll talk about:
the full tech stack
what each part of Redux ends up doing
how to lay out a Redux project
how to handle async data with WebSockets.
redux  javascript  coding  react 
9 weeks ago
jw84/messenger-bot-tutorial: Facebook Messenger bot 15 minute tutorial
Facebook recently opened up their Messenger platform to enable bots to converse with users through Facebook Apps and on Facebook Pages.

You can read the documentation the Messenger team prepared but it's not very clear for beginners and intermediate hackers.

So instead here is how to create your own messenger bot in 15 minutes.
nodejs  coding  bots  facebook  examples  tutorial  javascript 
9 weeks ago
Atom: local-history
Local History for Atom: Atom package for maintaining local history of files (history of your changes to the code files).
plugins  Atom  IDE  coding  tools  packages 
9 weeks ago
niftylettuce/rapid-mvp-standards: Rapid MVP Standards for App Development, Design, Project Management, Launch, Testing, Analysis, Growth, and Funding
TLDR; This is a no-BS document defining rapid MVP standards. It is based on my experiences, successes/failures over the past eight years in leading a rapid MVP startup/project/team, hyper-focused on
coding  mvp  github 
10 weeks ago
Organizing Large React Applications – Kapost Engineering
As you may have picked up from previous posts, we have embraced React here at Kapost. Our development teams have grown the React codebase quite a bit over that past six months. React, of course, does not dictate any folder structure but we have felt an increasing need to organize new and existing apps as we grow and share more code.

Why does application organization matter when we have editors with project search and IDE “go to definition” commands? From a human perspective, it’s easy to get lost in hundreds of files. Clear and effective organization helps us focus on just one aspect of the complex system. It can be easier to onboard new developers who can learn parts of the app in isolation. From a machine perspective, it’s simpler to manage dependencies and to optimize code with build tools like webpack. In short, it provides the usual benefits of good abstraction—comprehensibility and composability.
react  architecture  javascript 
10 weeks ago
Atom package: git-history
Git History Package for Atom
View previous versions of any file known to git. By default, the plugin will now show a diff with the selected version. This can be disabled in the settings.
git  utilities  plugins  atom  coding  tools 
10 weeks ago
Minecraft: more than just a game
Clive Thompson's article for the NY Times about Minecraft captures what many players, parents, and teachers find exciting about the game that seems like more than just a game.

Presto: Jordan had used the cow's weird behavior to create, in effect, a random-number generator inside Minecraft. It was an ingenious bit of problem-solving, something most computer engineers I know would regard as a great hack -- a way of coaxing a computer system to do something new and clever.
kids  games  technology  minecraft 
10 weeks ago
Flux For Stupid People
As a stupid person, this is what I wish someone had told me when I struggled learning Flux. It's not straightforward, not well documented, and has many moving parts.
flux  Development  javascript  programming  react  reactjs 
10 weeks ago
Bug 153852 – <body> with overflow:hidden CSS is scrollable on iOS
Testcase demonstrating the problem

Applying `overflow: hidden` to the `<body>` should make it non-scrollable.
This works correctly on OS X Safari, but doesn't work correctly on iOS Safari.

Original Bootstrap issue:
Lost to the sands of time, but https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/14839 is relevant & popular.
See also http://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/#overflow-and-scrolling

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached testcase in iOS Safari.
2. Tap the "Launch demo modal" button.
3. A yellow box with text appears.
4. Scroll the yellow box to its bottom, where there are "Close" and "Save changes" buttons, and lift your finger off the screen to ensure that the scroll gesture ends.
5. Attempt to scroll the yellow box further downward (which is to say, apply a "fling upward" gesture to the yellow box).

Actual result:
The <body> underneath the yellow box scrolls downward.

Expected result:
The <body> should not scroll (just like on OS X Safari).
Comment 1
bug  css  scrolling  iOS  safari 
10 weeks ago
Webpack 2 Tree Shaking Configuration
Tree Shaking, a modern dead code elimination algorithm for ECMAScript 2015+ is one of the most anticipated features in the upcoming Webpack 2. By eliminating unused ES6 exports, Webpack can further help the minification process to get your bundle much smaller than ever before.
webdev  coding  webpack  ES2015  babel  tools  react 
10 weeks ago
Simple React/Redux Testing
Testing React components is made really easy with Reacts Test Utilities. There are many article on how to test your web application but not so many on what to test or how to structure of those tests.
This article will focus on how I test my Flux Architected React web applications (built with Redux). I don’t profess to document the prescribed way of testing, just what works for me.
testing  javascript  react  coding  redux 
11 weeks ago
React Js - how to keep bundle.min.js small? - Stack Overflow
I was able to achieve pretty good results with Webpack. I wrote about this in Optimizing Webpack Prod Build for React + ES6 Apps Here's my Webpack config: var webpack = require('webpack'); var path =
12 weeks ago
Rules For Structuring (Redux) Applications — Jack Hsu
As our applications grow, we often find that file structure and organization to be crucial for the mainability of application code. What I want to do in this post is to present three organizational
javascript  redux  coding  tips 
12 weeks ago
The viability of JS frameworks on mobile
Whether I like it or not, not everyone using my web apps will be running iOS 9 on an iPhone 6S or a Nexus 6P and connecting via super-speedy wifi.

The reality is often anything but that. 3G connections and older hardware is often the norm. Google reports that there are 1.4 billion active Android users. Many of them, will no doubt, be running less-than-top-of-the-line hardware.

And, if you read stuff like Jeff Atwood’s recent post on Android performance you may feel that things are pretty bleak for the mobile web.
javascript  mobile  coding 
12 weeks ago
How to detect emoji using javascript - Stack Overflow
I need help on how to detect if the input contains japanese emoji/emoticon. Currently I'm build a system which charset=utf-8. On input text, user can input japanese character/alpanumerics/symbols but
march 2016
List.js - Search, sort, filters, flexibility to tables, list and more!
List.js: native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable - http://t.co/nOoE1RJg
march 2016
Functional Components vs. Stateless Functional Components vs. Stateless Components
Earlier today I read Dan Abramov’s “React Components, Elements, and Instances” article. As always I loved the article but even more than that, this time, I loved Dan’s focus on using proper vocabulary to describe technical topics. That post gave me the idea for this post. Three ways to describe React components which are often used incorrectly – Stateless Components, Stateless Functional Components, and Functional Components.

Let’s look at the differences between the three.
components  coding  reactjs  react 
march 2016
Daplie/node-letsencrypt: letsencrypt for node.js
letsencrypt Automatic Let's Encrypt HTTPS Certificates for node.js Automatic HTTPS with ExpressJS Automatic live renewal (in-process) On-the-fly HTTPS certificates for Dynamic DNS (in-process, no
march 2016
Over JSX
Like many a developer both before and after me, the first time I saw JSX left me with a curious impression of React.Why is there html in my JavaScript? This is a terrible idea. I feel
webdev  programming  development  jsx  js  reactjs  coding  javascript 
march 2016
JavaScript Debugging Tips from the Trenches
JavaScript. The combination of dynamic typing, liberal use of state mutation, closures, and asynchronousity can lead to bugs that are frightening to try and fix. I'm by no means a debugging Jedi, but
javascript  debugging  coding 
march 2016
Leveling Up With React: React Router | CSS-Tricks
This tutorial is the first of a three-part series on React by Brad Westfall. When Brad pitched me this, he pointed out there are a good amount of tutorials on getting started in React, but not as
react  to-read  reactjs 
march 2016
The $8 key that can open New York City to terrorists | New York Post
Master keys for every elevator in the city, major construction sites, subways and skyscrapers are being freely sold online, despite a city law that makes it illegal for unauthorized persons to
security  nyc  keys 
march 2016
A Great JavaScript Side Project is your Most Important Asset
Dan Abramov completely changed his life with just 99 lines of code when he created Redux. Ryan Dahl changed programming history by introducing the world to NodeJS. The two stories have a few general
javascript  projects  coding 
march 2016
Generation Lamp
Generation Lamp Zach Gage, 2016-2048, 16,777,216 Colors, About 32 years, Custom Software, Recycled Hardware Generation Lamp is a degenerative lamp that lives for a generation (in this case, nearly 32
technology  art 
march 2016
typicode/hotel: local .dev domains for everyone and more!
Hotel is a simple process manager created for web developpers. Tell hotel how to start your server Go to localhost:2000 Congrats Works on OS X, Linux and Windows with any server. Why?
npm  webdev  coding  tools  node  utilities 
march 2016
Unfundable Slack bots — Free Code Camp — Medium
I initially started with 91G of all nine seasons of Seinfeld in surprisingly high quality 720p. I ultimately ended up with 111G worth of animated GIFs which tells you everything you need to know
bots  slack 
march 2016
New Study Confirms San Francisco Is The Awesomest City In The US: SFist
Photo by Ezra Shaw via Getty Images. In what will come as a surprise to no one, we learn today of a new report that ranks San Francisco as having the highest quality of life of any U.S. city. To
SF  cities  sanfrancisco 
march 2016
React.js Fundamentals: The best place to become familiar with React.js and the React.js Ecosystem | ReactJS Program
Course Description The modularity of the React ecosystem is extremely powerful for building applications. However, this can be a nightmare when you're first starting out. To even get a React app up
coding  react 
march 2016
Products - Fly6 and Fly12 | Cycliq Video Camera and LED lights for biking

30 Lumen LED light
720p recording with audio
6 hours runtime
Out of the box seat post mounting
bike  bicycling  gear  tools  safety  lights 
february 2016
Sane GitHub Labels — Medium
TLDR; the default GitHub labels kinda suck; use a sane labelling scheme instead; and use git-labelmaker to simplify GitHub label editing.
github  tips  coding  development 
february 2016
Building a RESTful API with Node and Express - SlatePeak
This tutorial is part of a series. Part 1: How to Start a Node/Express Server Part 2: How to Authenticate an API with Passport and JWT If you have followed along with the first two parts of this
coding  js  tutorial  nodejs  programming  javascript 
february 2016
12 Steps to a Faster Web App
Web apps are now more interactive than ever. Getting that last drop of performance can do a great deal to improve your end-users' experience. Read the following tips and learn if there is anything
framework  programming  development  coding  webdev  javascript  reactjs  css 
february 2016
JavaScript Promises: There and back again - HTML5 Rocks
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for a pivotal moment in the history of web development
promises  javascript 
february 2016
Fundamental Node.js Design Patterns | RisingStack
We've just released Trace: a visualised stack trace platform designed for Node.js microservices. Get your beta access now! When talking about design patterns you may think of singletons, observers or
javascript  nodejs  coding 
february 2016
nativefier - www.npmjs.com
You want to make a native wrapper for Google Maps (or any web page). $
nodejs  apps  npm 
february 2016
DwellClick — Clickless mouse software for Mac
Requirements Requires a Mac with OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10. Works with any standard mouse or trackpad, including multi-touch trackpads, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Also supports
osx  apps  utilities  tools 
february 2016
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