Ultimate guide to learning AngularJS in one day
Angular is a client-side MVC/MVVM framework built in JavaScript, essential for modern single page web applications (and even websites). This post is a full end to end crash course from my experiences, advice and best practices I've picked up from using it.
javascript  tutorial  angularjs  coding  webdev 
3 days ago
Bootstraping a Node.js App for Dev/Prod Environment - Himanshu Gilani
Setting up a web server in node is really simple. A basic hello world http server can be written in under 10 lines. However, if you want to write a production grade app then you are better of by using any framework that provides foundation and structure to your logic. When choosing frameworks there are no right or wrong answers. Important thing is to select a framework that is being actively developed, has community support and most of important of all you love the way it works.
nodejs  coding  javascript  webdev 
4 days ago
Merrick Christensen - Grunt.js Workflow
Grunt.js is a fantastic task-based command line tool written in JavaScript on top of the wonderful Node.js platform. You can leverage Grunt.js to script away all of your grunt work. Tools and procedures that you historically ran and configured yourself, you can now abstract behind a convention based command line interface with a consistent means of configuration. You can write your most complicated tasks once and leverage them in all of your projects using project specific configuration.
javascript  tools  automation  grunt  gruntjs 
4 days ago
Grunt.js: The Basics - Quick Left
Most projects can benefit from a good dose of build automation. For much of the unix world "Make" is the tool of choice, but in the web and javascript world Grunt.js is emerging as the de facto standard. If you're working with a javascript project where build tasks still need to be done manually, then grunt is well worth checking out.
gruntjs  grunt  deployment  coding  webdev 
4 days ago
Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git - Steven Edouard
Modern application development now’a’days demands a rigorous continuous deliver mechanism. This is especially true when it comes to the cloud.

You want to be able to get through the Build -> Measure -> Learn cycle as fast as possible. With cloud services, you can quickly create mechanisms to build, test and deploy your development team’s code. You can even maintain development and production branches.

The lab below will take you through this process and can be done on any computer that can run Node.js.
grunt  deployment  javascript  coding  webdev 
4 days ago
Environment Specific Config in Node.js
Every app needs a configuration file, and it is common that these values will differ specific to the environment it is running in.
Other than database credentials being different on each machine, locally I am usually testing on port 3000, on the domain in dev I'll set it to port 80, but when i deploy to my PaaS I enforce HTTPS so not just the port needs changing but different modules need to be loaded too.
nodejs  coding  webdev 
5 days ago
Grunt for People Who Think Things Like Grunt are Weird and Hard ◆ 24 ways
I bet you’ve heard of Grunt. Well, Grunt is a task runner. Grunt can do all of those things for you. Once you’ve got it set up, which isn’t particularly difficult, those things can happen automatically without you having to think about them again.

But let’s face it: Grunt is one of those fancy newfangled things that all the cool kids seem to be using but at first glance feels strange and intimidating. I hear you. This article is for you.
development  front-end  coding  webdev 
5 days ago
Ruby on Rails Security Guide — Ruby on Rails Guides
Web application frameworks are made to help developers build web applications. Some of them also help you with securing the web application. In fact one framework is not more secure than another: If you use it correctly, you will be able to build secure apps with many frameworks. Ruby on Rails has some clever helper methods, for example against SQL injection, so that this is hardly a problem.

In general there is no such thing as plug-n-play security. Security depends on the people using the framework, and sometimes on the development method. And it depends on all layers of a web application environment: The back-end storage, the web server and the web application itself (and possibly other layers or applications).
programming  security  ruby  authentication 
7 days ago
Express.js Authentication | 9bit Studios
Now we will discuss how to implement authentication in Express.js. Express.js was discussed previously in the Introduction to Express.js. In the discussion there, we looked at how Express is a web-application framework just like CodeIgniter, Django, or Laravel except instead of running on something like Apache or Ngnix, it runs on Node.js and instead of being written in PHP or Python, it is written in JavaScript. Before looking at the following section, it might be a good idea to be familiar with Express.js by reading the introduction to Express and be familiar with Node.js as well. A Node.js Primer will help you with that.

When you think authentication in web development, you think logging in and logging out. Note that this is a little bit different from authorization, which has more to do with whether a logged in user has the permissions to do a certain action on a website. This the reason that you have different roles such as “Administrator,” “Editor,” and “User” defined within different systems. For this section we’ll focus more on authentication, but a lot of the ways that you handle authentication can also be extended upon to implement authorization.
express  authentication  nodejs 
7 days ago
What is an ORM and where can I learn more about it? - Stack Overflow
Someone suggested I use an ORM for a project I'm designing but I'm having trouble finding information on what it is or how it works. Can anyone give me a brief explanation or a link as to where I can learn more about it?
database  ORM  javascript  coding 
9 days ago
Databases with Linux | Linux.org
The most efficient way of storing information for processing is a database. Fortunately, there are Open Source databases that fit the bill for any type of data storage and retrieval requirements. The most popular of these is MySQL, which is the database we will deal with in this course.
mysql  database  tutorial  coding 
10 days ago
Q: A tool for creating and composing asynchronous promises in JavaScript
If a function cannot return a value or throw an exception without blocking, it can return a promise instead. A promise is an object that represents the return value or the thrown exception that the function may eventually provide. A promise can also be used as a proxy for a remote object to overcome latency.
article  js  coding  tools  utilities  javascript 
10 days ago
Web Design - The First 100 Years
Something similar happened with storage, where the growth rate was even faster than Moore's Law. I remember the state-of-the-art 1MB hard drive in our computer room in high school. It cost a thousand…
to-read  boeing  air-travel  futurism  internet  Cats  future 
13 days ago
Backbone, The Primer · jashkenas/backbone Wiki · GitHub
A common sentiment from developers coming to Backbone is that they don't know where to start with it. Unlike full-featured frameworks with prescribed workflows, Backbone is a lightweight library with few opinions. At its worst, some would say that Backbone has TOO few opinions. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  reading  longreads  javascript  coding  backbone 
19 days ago
Front End Masters: Lessons in D3
introduction to the d3 API functions that relate to the DOM and data binding, such as selections, transitions and the enter/update/exit pattern.
documentation  course  coding  javascript  libraries  d3js 
23 days ago
San Bernardino: Broken City - Los Angeles Times
With a rake and a mask, the motel manager steps carefully into Room 107. This afternoon, Sam Maharaj will evict a couple and their 4-month-old baby for not paying their bill. The mother sits on the side of the bed, still twitching from slamming methamphetamine the night before. via Pocket
Pocket  ifttt  reading  economy  InlandEmpire  longreads 
28 days ago
Object Creation in Javascript: Functional Instantiation vs Prototypal Instantiation vs Pseudo Classical Instantiation
Object creation in Javascript can be a pretty hairy subject with so many different types of techniques to create an Object. In this post I hope to cover four different types of techniques and discuss the pros and cons of each. I’ll be covering Functional Instantiation, Functional Instantiation with Shared Methods, Prototypal Instantiation, and Pseudo Classical Instantiation.
javascript  coding  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
JavaScript Classes and Instantiation Patterns
JavaScript's idiosyncrasies can be a bit frustrating, and functional classes are no exception. The language implements functional classes (aka constructor functions) as a critical technique for generating multiple objects with similar properties and methods. The four styles utilized to implement functional classes are functional, functional-shared, prototypal, and pseudoclassical. Mastering all four can prove to be an unnecessarily complicated endeavor, as each approach levies a unique interface with differing approaches to object construction. The fantastic news is that under the hood all four constructor function styles are doing basically the exact same thing. The quick reference below (Download @2x) demonstrates these strong similarities to hopefully eliminate confusion between styles.
javascript  coding  tips  Classes 
4 weeks ago
A Tour of Inheritance Patterns in Javascript: Part 2 – Such is the power of JavaScript...
Continuing where I left off last time, JavaScript has many different ways to create classes and instances of those classes. Today we’ll examing functional-shared in more detail. But why would we use functional-shared over functional?
javascript  classes  coding  programming 
4 weeks ago
Op-ed: Safari is the new Internet Explorer | Ars Technica
Nolan Lawson is a software developer at Squarespace, focusing on Android and the mobile Web. This piece originally ran on his site, nolanlawson.com., and it's syndicated with Lawson's permission. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Ars Technica or of Squarespace. via Pocket
apple  longreads  webdev  ifttt  reading  Pocket  safari 
4 weeks ago
CodeRunner — Programming Editor for Mac
CodeRunner is the easiest way to write code on your Mac. You can run code in almost any language instantly, and you'll be surprised by the powerful set of features in such a lightweight and easy-to-use editor.
coding  tools  webdev  osx  code  development  software 
5 weeks ago
Why You Should Go For a Walk When You Need Creative Inspiration
Shared article from Feedly via Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com

You know the scenario. You’re looking for a creative idea and it’s just not coming. Inspiration isn’t exactly cooperative. If you’re in need of an idea and don’t have time to set yourself up for inspiration, try going for a walk.

As neuroscientist Andrew Tate explains, going for a walk is a quick way to give your brain a lot of the circumstances that help with idea generation. It gets you away from your desk, it increases your blood flow, and it exposes you to more stimulus than you’d normally experience sitting around inside:

A simple walk outside can aid your creative brain if you find yourself stuck at a desk and unable to elicit the next bright spark. Instead of sitting, waiting for inspiration to strike, head outside for five minutes and see if the extra blood flow can get the creative juices flowing.

Tate suggests that the opposite approach—that is, staying still at your desk—is better for focused work where you’re trying to find a solution to a problem with a single answer. However, when you need your brain to think creatively and break out of the rote pattern, going for a walk will encourage you to break your cycle in a number of ways that can all help contribute to a bright idea. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s better than staring at your computer monitor for hours.

Why Steve Jobs Took Long Walks and You Should Too | Canva via 99u

Photo by George Redgrave.
IFTTT  Feedly  creativity 
7 weeks ago
Work quickly, safely, and without headaches.
The Git interface you've been missing
all your life has finally arrived.
IFTTT  Feedly  app  mac  osx  git  utilities  tools  webdev 
8 weeks ago
Save Git password in the Mac OSX keychain? Here's how
Fixes error for git: 'credential-osxkeychain' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

This sometimes happens when you don't install git via Xcode.
git  github  terminal 
11 weeks ago
Git Immersion - Brought to you by Neo
Git is a powerful, sophisticated system for distributed version control. Gaining an understanding of its features opens to developers a new and liberating approach to source code management. The surest path to mastering Git is to immerse oneself in its utilities and operations, to experience it first-hand.
development  programming  tutorial  tutorials  git 
may 2015
Home Repairs: Samsung French Door Fan Motor loud humming and buzzing sound: Model RF26XAEBP due to ice build up.
Our Samsung refrigerator had started making this horrible humming noise. Turns out ice was building up on the cooling elements and started to touch the fan. I found this blog post, removed the panel and found tons of ice built up as well.
samsung  refrigerator  kitchen  repair  tips 
may 2015
Can civilisation reboot without fossil fuels? – Lewis Dartnell – Aeon
Imagine that the world as we know it ends tomorrow. There’s a global catastrophe: a pandemic virus, an asteroid strike, or perhaps a nuclear holocaust. The vast majority of the human race perishes. Our civilisation collapses. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  reading  longreads  article  energy 
april 2015
Tunngle - The Global LAN Gaming Network
Tunngle allows you to easily play your Local Area Network (LAN) games online over the Internet. This means that, when you run Tunngle, you can use the Local Network Menu of your games to play your favorite Multi-Player games on-line. Your favorite online game has been shutdown? No worries, Tunngle gives your game an extra life thanks to its powerful Local Area Network emulator! Just join the proper network, launch the game and resume playing your favorite game over our Virtual LAN!
vpn  gaming  networking  p2p  network  games 
april 2015
Pure CSS
A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.
css  layout  webdev  framework  responsive 
april 2015
The full-stack employee — Medium
The Full-Stack Employee - (@chrismessina, @Medium) #MostSaved
startup  work  career  advice  MostSaved 
april 2015
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