Did I Remember To - Test Guide - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
A frighteningly long list of things to test when you're building an app.
development  programming  testing 
october 2015
Why Metadata Matters
annotated collection of articles assembled by @morninj
metadata  surveillance  data 
july 2013
Swizzle Me This
"Bartenders don’t need lawyers, they need lexicographers."
june 2013
Coding for GOOD
Become an awesome coder and get a job at GOOD.
coding  programming  APIs 
october 2012
Why Election Polls Have Stopped Making Sense
Fascinating article on the science behind election polls & predictions /@nymag
elections  statistics 
october 2012
10 Terrific New Twitter Infographics in 2011
some good ideas for metrics/stuff to put in our annual index
september 2012
5,000 sent to fight Kony
3 yrs after failed Operation Lightning Thunder, AU sends new troops.
uganda  northernuganda  LRA  africanunion 
march 2012
Guernica / Northern Uganda, Visible
Gallery of photographs & reflections curated by @scarlettlion
uganda  LRA  northernuganda 
march 2012
Weekend reading list, STOP KONY edition
This is a thought-provoking take on the #kony2012 situation. /via @juliacsmith
uganda  LRA 
march 2012
Solving War Crimes With Wristbands: The Arrogance of 'Kony 2012'
Best article on this I've read yet, by authors of @wrongingrights via @theatlantic
uganda  LRA 
march 2012
Are You Following a Bot? (from @theatlantic)
@timhwang's social bot experiment #truthicon
internet  twitter 
march 2012
The Love Competition on Vimeo
Contestants have 5 minutes in an fMRI machine to love someone as hard as they can. Awww.
video  love 
february 2012
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