Explorable Explanations
Interactive essays/tutorials in the mode of Bret Victor.
visualization  interactive  learning  design  education 
9 hours ago
Crafting Interpreters
Build your own programming language.
programming  book  language 
2 days ago
Complexity and Strategy
"So 'free code” tends to be 'free as in puppy' rather than 'free as in beer'."
programming  software  engineering 
3 days ago
Acing the technical interview
Reversing a list from first principles.

"No time for descriptive variables, examples, or docstrings here. In the whiteboard interview, time is of the essence. Pretend you are a Haskell programmer, as your grandmother was, before her continuation passed."
programming  interview  funny 
6 days ago
Linear types make performance more predictable by Jean-Philippe Bernardy and Arnaud Spiwack
Linear types for Haskell: "We can use linear types to manually, yet safely, manage data with malloc: because linearity forces the programmer using a value at least once, we can ensure that the programmer eventually calls free. And because it forces to use a value at most once, we can make sure that free-d data is never used (no use-after-free or double-free bugs). Anything that we malloc explicitly doesn’t end up on the GC heap, so doesn’t participate in increasing GC pause times."
haskell  ghc  typing 
7 days ago
"Pandana performs hundreds of thousands of network queries in under a second (for walking-scale distances) using a Pandas-like API."
python  gis  software  urbanism 
8 days ago
HiredInTech's Training Camp for Coding Interviews
They have a nice section on system design interviews.
coding  interview  practice 
17 days ago
kolesky.com | Thirteen thousand, four hundred, fifty-five minutes of talking to get one job
"My best, though most unrealistic, suggestion to make this process better is to require everyone who is part of the hiring process at your company to go through the interview process somewhere else regularly."
career  interview 
17 days ago
Parsing Expression Grammar parser generator for Ruby.
programming  ruby  parser 
20 days ago
Secure Remote Password protocol - Wikipedia
Establish authentication without sending password.
cryptography  authentication 
26 days ago
fitteR happieR
The most depressing Radiohead songs, using R.
r  datamining  music  from iphone
28 days ago
Session Types – Silver Winged Statements
"Session types are, essentially, a technique for using a rich type system like that of Rust or OCaml to express semantic meaning and prevent the representation of certain kinds of illegal states, especially with respect to causality."
rust  static  typing  ocaml 
4 weeks ago
A day in the trenches – The Old New Thing
"Product support calls let you participate in the other end of the pipeline. The software is written, it's out there, and now you have to pay for all your mistakes and bad designs when people call in with their problems. It's software karma."
5 weeks ago
Is PostgreSQL good enough?
Using PostgreSQL as a queue/blob store/time series database/etc.
database  postgresql 
5 weeks ago
A Low-Cost Solution to Traffic
"Instead of building expensive roads, we should be building housing that limits how far people have to drive in the first place."

Even car dependent places reduce traffic if the are compact.
city  urban  urbanism  traffic  transit 
5 weeks ago
Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes – Medium
Argues for adapting to business requirements instead of trying to engineer reusable abstractions.
software  engineering 
5 weeks ago
'Just' is a Four-Letter Word - The Fishbowl
"'Just' is a vague, almost condescending diminutive. Nine times out of ten, it means this: 'I do not know, but it is in my interest to estimate optimistically.'"
software  engineering  estimate  from iphone
5 weeks ago
Elad Blog: Don't Ask For Too Much Money
"In a traditional negotiation, you want to anchor high and then have people bid you down. In a venture round, you actually want to do the opposite - you want to anchor low and pull multiple VCs into an auction around the company."
startup  vc  funding 
5 weeks ago
Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex
Why do all the important things in life cost many times what they used to?
5 weeks ago
RethinkDB versus PostgreSQL: my personal experience › SageMathCloud Blog
Rewriting from RethinkDB to PostgreSQL with an emphasis on LISTEN/NOTIFY to implement change feeds.
database  postgresql 
5 weeks ago
Dataloss at GitLab |
Best practices for database backup and recovery.
backup  postgresql  database 
7 weeks ago
Counterpoint: Gentrification isn't the rental problem; poverty is - StarTribune.com
"What’s more likely to cause a housing affordability crisis: a 44 percent collapse in black median incomes or a 6 percent increase in average rents?"
urban  gentrification  inequality  realestate 
8 weeks ago
Beer and cities: A toast to 2017 | City Observatory
Which urban areas have the highest concentration of breweries?
beer  urbanism  gis  map 
11 weeks ago
OSMnx: Python for Street Networks - Geoff Boeing
Library for visualizing and working with street networks.
openstreetmap  maps  python  gis  opensource  software 
11 weeks ago
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