lat lon - Measuring accuracy of latitude and longitude? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
"The ninth decimal place is worth up to 110 microns: we are getting into the range of microscopy. For almost any conceivable application with earth positions, this is overkill and will be more precise than the accuracy of any surveying device.

Ten or more decimal places indicates a computer or calculator was used and that no attention was paid to the fact that the extra decimals are useless. Be careful, because unless you are the one reading these numbers off the device, this can indicate low quality processing!"
gis  map 
7 days ago
I regret getting a master's degree
A Googler's lament about getting a Masters in CS from Stanford while working.
education  computerscience 
7 days ago
The Architecture that Helps Stripe Move Faster
Lots of good stuff here about switching gradually. Reminds me of how we rolled out Rails 4 at Swiftype.

Also, this gem: "Eventually they found that Eventmachine is unusually difficult to program against."
api  architecture  stripe  presentation  ruby  golang 
12 days ago
Residents Express Concerns Over News Reports Expressing Concerns of Residents — Nick Magrino
"Minneapolis is not Manchester during the Industrial Revolution, or Hong Kong or Dubai or even Manhattan. It's a city of 420,000 that used to have 520,000 people and has a lot of room to grow in a place that is probably a good long-term location for city, unlike, say Phoenix or Miami. What is the responsible story to cover here? A lot of controversy you hear and read about is kinda manufactured, which does not help. It would probably be good to think about the big picture."
urbanism  minneapolis 
16 days ago
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Medium
"I need to be very clear here: not only was nearly everything you said in that document wrong, the fact that you did that has caused significant harm to people across this company, and to the company’s entire ability to function. And being aware of that kind of consequence is also part of your job, as in fact it would be at pretty much any other job."
diversity  engineering  google  feminism 
16 days ago
A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle — Stephanie Hurlburt
A meditation on resentment.

"[W]hen we believe someone is successful, we can choose our reaction: resentment, or joy."
essay  business  career 
18 days ago
How to Interview Engineers - Triplebyte
Suggestions for creating a repeatable and fair(er) process for interviewing software engineers.
career  hiring  interview 
19 days ago
Research Blog: Extra, Extra - Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken
Integer overflow affects many implementations of searching and merging huge arrays. By Joshua Blooch, 2006.

"The version of binary search that I wrote for the JDK contained the same bug. It was reported to Sun recently when it broke someone's program, after lying in wait for nine years or so."
algorithm  bug 
21 days ago
Bipartisan Placemaking: Reaching Conservatives - YouTube
Andres Duany, Chuck Marohn, and Benjamin Schwarz talk about reaching conservatives for traditional development.
urbanism  politics  video 
23 days ago
Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation at andrewchen
At the end of a business cycle it becomes harder and harder to reach users, leading to a flurry of investment in new things (looking for a new market).
startup  business  growth 
23 days ago
How to Tell the Truth – Andreessen Horowitz
"[A]ny dishonesty from the leader will be devastating. Employees trust CEOs with their livelihood, most of their waking hours, and their careers. If employees are repaid with lies, how will they trust the CEO’s directions? As a result, how well will the company execute?"
leadership  business  lie  communication 
25 days ago
HTTP requests in Python - michaelgalloy.com
"The “Zen of Python” provides the basic philosophy of Python. From PEP 20:

There should be one — and preferably only one — obvious way to do it.

I doubt there is a single area in Python that violates this more than making a simple HTTP request. Python provides at least six builtin libraries to do this: httplib, httplib2, urllib, urllib2, urllib3, and pycurl. There are several reviews comparing the various libraries."
python  programming 
27 days ago
Postgres Randomized Primary Keys – emerson_lackey – Medium
Method to generate non-sequential primary keys without overlap.
database  postgresql 
4 weeks ago
Sliding window minimum/maximum algorithm
Using a deque to find the max or min of a sliding window.
6 weeks ago
Iterators and Streams in Rust and Haskell
Deep dive on performance of idiomatic and non-idiomatic Rust and Haskell code.
programming  haskell  rust  performance 
6 weeks ago
Archive of stories published by 100 days of algorithms – Medium
Tomáš Bouda implements 100 algorithms in Python and writes them up.
algorithm  python 
6 weeks ago
An In-Depth Study of the STL Deque Container - CodeProject
Comparing a vector (array) with a deque.

"Q: If deque and vector offer such similar functionality, when is it preferable to use one over the other?

A: If you have to ask, use vector."
datastructure  algorithm  c++ 
6 weeks ago
Distributed System Building Block: Flake Ids
Distributed, lexicographically ordered ID generation.
id  algorithm  distributed 
6 weeks ago
How do you cut a monolith in half? — programming is terrible
"Using a message broker to distribute work is like a cross between a load balancer with a database, with the disadvantages of both and the advantages of neither."
programming  architecture  distributed  microservice 
7 weeks ago
MongoDB World 2017: The Lonely Story of MongoDB Versus the World | John De Goes | Pulse | LinkedIn
"Bubble failed, of course. No one wanted AppEngine, let alone an open source knock-off."
mongodb  rant 
7 weeks ago
#NoTDD – Eric Gunnerson's Compendium
"Instead of spending time teaching people TDD, we should instead be spending time teaching them more about design and especially more about refactoring, because that is the important core skill."
tdd  programming  testing  design  refactoring 
7 weeks ago
Arcane Sentiment: Purely algebraic abstractions
"This proposal brings the straightforward clarity of Monad to arithmetic, an area where Haskell has long suffered from comprehensibility bordering on practicality."
7 weeks ago
Scala Collections Tips and Tricks
Good cookbook of Scala collection operations and what is most idiomatic.
programming  scala 
8 weeks ago
Build your own Command Line with ANSI escape codes
Escape codes. Example in Python but works in any language.
cli  programming  shell  terminal  python 
9 weeks ago
Options vs. cash
Extensive argument about the value of options versus cash.
career  equity  startup  options 
10 weeks ago
How I got started in training | Jason Swett
Interesting read about breaking into technical training. He emailed companies offering training and got an "insane" response rate.
career  teaching  freelance 
11 weeks ago
Silicon Valley’s Unicorns Are Overvalued | Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Some unicorns have made such generous promises to their preferred shareholders that their common shares are nearly worthless."
startup  equity 
11 weeks ago
usl4j And You | codahale.com
"As with performance optimization, if you don’t find any hotspots, the problem is often systemic, not local, and as such requires a different set of tools to resolve."
performance  optimization  architecture  scaling 
11 weeks ago
Appcanary - Simple Ain't Easy, but Hard Ain't Simple: Leaving Clojure for Ruby
'“Simple != Easy” Is One Of The Most Toxic Ideas Ever Introduced To Programming'
programming  clojure  ruby  culture 
11 weeks ago
The microservices cargo cult - Stavros' Stuff
"Verily, verily, I say unto thee, do not start out with microservices just because the cool kids are doing it, they’re the complicated way that you don’t need in the beginning. Enjoy the ease of development and agility of deployment that a single new app brings, and, when your business has been proven and growing and you can’t find servers big enough for it, only then split out parts of your infrastructure into their own services, connected by HTTP or a messaging queue."
architecture  microservice 
12 weeks ago
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