Secret Histories Map of San Francisco
Cool map of San Francisco by Deth P. Sun.
sf  map  art 
3 days ago
Law firm that specializes in stock options for founders and employees.
career  legal 
3 days ago
Negotiating the Right Job Offer – Long Form Q&A Between Stock Option Counsel and BINC SearchSTOCK OPTION COUNSEL
Q&A between a lawyer and a recruiter about negotiating offers. Recruiter says to be upfront about past compensation.
career  negotiation 
3 days ago
Allows you to define HTML processing pipelines.
github  html  software  opensource 
5 days ago
Employee Equity - Sam Altman
Some ideas from Sam Altman about how employee equity should be changed.
startup  stock  options  employee  equity 
5 days ago
Those Who Say Code Does Not Matter | blog@CACM | Communications of the ACM
"When people tell you that code does not matter or that language does not matter, just understand the comment for what it really means, "I am ashamed of the programming language and techniques I use but do not want to admit it so I prefer to blame problems on the rest of the world", and make the correct deduction: use a good programming language."
computer  programming  error 
7 days ago
The Surprisingly Large Cost of Telling Small Lies
"Peter has invested in hundreds of businesses. Every time he sees a pitch, he waits until the end of the presentation before asking the entrepreneurs to go back through the deck and point out every lie they have just told. There are always plenty. As soon as the entrepreneurs open up with the truth, they can start managing what to do next."
lie  startup  business  life 
23 days ago
The Lisp Curse
Lisp is so powerful that small teams or individuals rewrite major programming paradigms themselves on a per-project basis -- different every time and incompatible. This prevents the solution from reaching critical mass.
history  lisp  programming 
28 days ago
Fixes and workarounds for common HTML/CSS issues.
css  html  design 
4 weeks ago
Silicon's Valley's Brutal Ageism
There's some picking winners in this piece (the reporter knows better than VCs I guess) but overall good.
career  startup 
4 weeks ago
Variance Charts
Looks like a nice charting library based on the grammar of graphics idea. Free for commercial products.
charting  visualization  software  commercial  grammarofgraphics 
5 weeks ago
Peter Nixey on what good programmers really need to know
What I would really love to know about you as a candidate is:
- do you know how to actually name functions and variables well (unbelievably important)
- do you know your chosen languages and frameworks well enough to avoid cack-handedly reinventing them on paid time
- do you understand how to code an application that someone else (possibly just you) will quickly understand on coming to it cold in 18 months time
- do you understand the trade-offs between features and maintenance, the technical debt that features, designs and toys incur and when to invest in them and when to avoid them
- are you diligent and careful and do you check and re-check your code or just chuck it in the mix for other people to fix
- do you actually do real work for at least four hours each day
- do you take the time to write up the things you've done and share decisions and architecture with the rest of the team
- does your addition to the team on average make your team mates become better or worse coders
- do you understand the exquisite balance between too much testing and too little
career  programmer  interview 
5 weeks ago
A big list of queues in different languages.
programming  queue  messaging 
5 weeks ago
Let the Agile Fad Flow By
Methodologies are pretty much a scam sold by hucksters.
programming  methodology 
6 weeks ago
Git tip: Fix a mistake in a previous commit
Amend a previous commit (not just the message).
6 weeks ago
Mocking library for WordPress testing.
wordpress  testing  mock 
6 weeks ago
Testing at Airbnb - Airbnb Engineering
On the importance of fast tests and reliable CI.
programming  testing 
7 weeks ago
Code reviews and bad habits - bitquabit
The case against single patch code reviews.
codereview  git  hg  mercurial 
8 weeks ago
How Selections Work
Great explanation of how D3 selections and data binding work.
d3  javascript  tutorial 
8 weeks ago
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