How Far Can I Travel
Generate isochrones on a map at a location.
isochrones  map  javascript  visualization 
3 hours ago
Display regular expressions as railroad diagrams.
javascript  regexp  visualization  syntax 
14 hours ago
Time series database built on PostgreSQL.
database  timeseries  postgresql 
17 hours ago
Google Testing Blog: Where do our flaky tests come from?
Analysis of tests to determine which ones are flaky and what characteristics flaky tests have (tool, e.g., Selenium; size of test; amount of RAM used).
software  engineering  testing  analysis 
7 days ago
GitHub - JoshCheek/seeing_is_believing: Displays the results of every line of code in your file
Shows results as you type, similarly to Calca. (Or, apparently, Swift Playgrounds but I haven't used that.)
ruby  software  repl 
9 days ago
Don’t kill-buffer, kill-this-buffer instead | Pragmatic Emacs
"By default C-x k runs the command kill-buffer which prompts you for which buffer you want to kill, defaulting to the current active buffer. I don’t know about you, but I rarely want to kill a different buffer than the one I am looking at, so I rebind C-x k to kill-this-buffer which just kills the current buffer without prompting"
9 days ago
Programming in the Point-Free Style – Eirik Tsarpalis' blog
"I claim that the [non-point free] implementation provides the simpler and more idiomatic solution, for many reasons:

- it’s easiest to read and understand.
- it assigns a name to the argument, which is exposed as part of the type signature.
- it provides the most efficient implementation, avoiding gratuitous allocations/invocations of lambda objects.
- it allows setting of breakpoints, a crucial ability when debugging large codebases."
programming  functional  fsharp 
14 days ago
You Don't Need Referential Transparency - Hypothesis
The only requirement that property based testing has on the side effects your tests may perform is that if your test has global side effects then it must be able to roll them back at the end.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s exactly the same requirement every other test has. Tests that have global side effects are not repeatable and may interfere with other tests, so they must keep their side effects to themselves by rolling them back at the end of the test."
testing  programming  software  python 
17 days ago
/usr/sbin - Selling Monads
"I think the code reuse justification is greatly undersold, and it’s been undersold to such an extent that many languages that adopt abstractions like Monad often don’t do it in a way that allows for code reuse. Scala is an example of this, where many classes have a flatMap method, but this method is not implemented as part of any interface. This loses an important benefit of general interfaces like Monad and only leads to further confusion."
functional  programming  haskell  monad 
20 days ago
The Infinite Matrix | Pam Noles | Shame
On being a science fiction fan of color and the contradiction of loving a genre that ignores one's existence.
race  science  fiction  racism  essay 
21 days ago
Why you shouldn't use ENV variables for secret data
Docker's approach to secret management, inspired by Keywhiz.
security  secret  management  docker 
21 days ago
Protecting infrastructure secrets with Keywhiz – Square Corner Blog – Medium
Secret management system that exposes a FUSE filesystem for access to the secrets.
security  secret  management  filesystem  operations 
21 days ago
What is Property Based Testing? - Hypothesis
"I get asked this a lot, and I write property based testing tools for a living, so you’d think I have a good answer to this, but historically I haven’t. This is my attempt to fix that."
testing  automation  fuzzing 
25 days ago
No Way Out But Through – Skyliner
1. Changing code is risky.
2. Unfortunately, achieving business goals generally involves changing code.
3. The best coping strategy I’m aware of is to change code as frequently as possible.
deployment  operations 
26 days ago
fernet/fernet-rb: Delicious HMAC Digest(if) authentication and AES-128-CBC encryption
Multi-platform mechanism for generating HMAC tokens. Recommended by security researchers over JWT.
ruby  security  authentication 
26 days ago
The $350K Google Salary Is Hurting Startups « The Startup Conference
"Even if your startup makes it to the unicorn club and gets acquired or goes IPO for $1 billion, and you were an early employee, your 0.1% will be worth $125K/year (assumptions: dilution of 2x, 4 years to IPO). That’s actually less than a job at one of the big companies, for more than 10X the risk. Why even bother? Working at a startup is a great way to gain more responsibility fast, but financially it makes no sense."
career  startup  equity 
29 days ago
Explorable Explanations
Interactive essays/tutorials in the mode of Bret Victor.
visualization  interactive  learning  design  education 
5 weeks ago
Crafting Interpreters
Build your own programming language.
programming  book  language 
5 weeks ago
Complexity and Strategy
"So 'free code” tends to be 'free as in puppy' rather than 'free as in beer'."
programming  software  engineering 
5 weeks ago
Acing the technical interview
Reversing a list from first principles.

"No time for descriptive variables, examples, or docstrings here. In the whiteboard interview, time is of the essence. Pretend you are a Haskell programmer, as your grandmother was, before her continuation passed."
programming  interview  funny 
5 weeks ago
Linear types make performance more predictable by Jean-Philippe Bernardy and Arnaud Spiwack
Linear types for Haskell: "We can use linear types to manually, yet safely, manage data with malloc: because linearity forces the programmer using a value at least once, we can ensure that the programmer eventually calls free. And because it forces to use a value at most once, we can make sure that free-d data is never used (no use-after-free or double-free bugs). Anything that we malloc explicitly doesn’t end up on the GC heap, so doesn’t participate in increasing GC pause times."
haskell  ghc  typing 
6 weeks ago
"Pandana performs hundreds of thousands of network queries in under a second (for walking-scale distances) using a Pandas-like API."
python  gis  software  urbanism 
6 weeks ago
HiredInTech's Training Camp for Coding Interviews
They have a nice section on system design interviews.
coding  interview  practice 
7 weeks ago
kolesky.com | Thirteen thousand, four hundred, fifty-five minutes of talking to get one job
"My best, though most unrealistic, suggestion to make this process better is to require everyone who is part of the hiring process at your company to go through the interview process somewhere else regularly."
career  interview 
7 weeks ago
Parsing Expression Grammar parser generator for Ruby.
programming  ruby  parser 
8 weeks ago
Secure Remote Password protocol - Wikipedia
Establish authentication without sending password.
cryptography  authentication 
8 weeks ago
fitteR happieR
The most depressing Radiohead songs, using R.
r  datamining  music  from iphone
9 weeks ago
Session Types – Silver Winged Statements
"Session types are, essentially, a technique for using a rich type system like that of Rust or OCaml to express semantic meaning and prevent the representation of certain kinds of illegal states, especially with respect to causality."
rust  static  typing  ocaml 
10 weeks ago
A day in the trenches – The Old New Thing
"Product support calls let you participate in the other end of the pipeline. The software is written, it's out there, and now you have to pay for all your mistakes and bad designs when people call in with their problems. It's software karma."
10 weeks ago
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