Brillat-Savarin (cheese) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Had some Brillat-Savarin affine and it was super good.
food  cheese 
8 days ago
Stock Photos No License-Alana | Free Stock Photos
Yea! Someone built a nice, easy to use public domain stock photos site.
photography  design  stock  photo 
11 days ago
Batteries user guide
Enhancements and additions to the OCaml standard library. Includes a UTF8 string type.
programming  software  ocaml  from iphone
23 days ago
In Defence of Monoliths
programming architecture microservices
4 weeks ago
Effective Learning Strategies for Programmers
Good talk on fixed versus growth mindset in programming.
programming  learning  talk 
6 weeks ago
When Rust Makes Sense, or The State of Typed Languages - No Fun Allowed
Even as I've admired the design work going into Rust, I've been confused by its growing popularity. A language without garbage collection, in 2015? There are use cases where you need that, and a replacement for C++ in its remaining niches is a worthy goal, but for most developers managing one's own memory is an extravagance, akin to growing one's own food - something you might do on a hobby project, but never for a paying client.

It seemed bizzare that users of Python or Ruby looking for an ordinary, general-purpose language with a decent type system would fall on this systems language. Rust's spectacular engineering makes memory management far less of a chore than it's predecessors - but a chore it remains. The language puts an emphasis on memory usage that- well, saving memory is never unwelcome, but for general-purpose languages there are generally better places to spend your budget.
programming  rust 
8 weeks ago
Hiring at Scale — Medium
Patrick McKenzie on hiring at Business of Software 2015.
business  management  hiring  talk 
8 weeks ago
Minimal PDF
A very small PDF file
11 weeks ago
Carnac the Magnificent
Reginald Braithwaite solves an interview question (https://blog.svpino.com/2015/05/07/five-programming-problems-every-software-engineer-should-be-able-to-solve-in-less-than-1-hour #5) three ways to make the point that the question is not fully stated.
career  interview  programming 
11 weeks ago
Fixing Engineering's Loyalty and Longevity Problem - First Round Review
Tiho Bajic's take on culture fit and diversity seems difficult to pull off. He wants candidates you can "hang out" with, yet are diverse and bring new perspectives to the team.
startup  culture  hiring 
11 weeks ago
Tufte CSS
CSS to look like an Edward Tufte handout.
css  design  typography 
august 2015
Software to make Edward Tufte-esque presentation handouts using RMarkdown.
software  r  markdown  presentation 
august 2015
::..: glen.nu :.: ramblings :.: on code review :.::
"Pending code reviews represent blocked threads of execution."
programming  codereview  development  management 
august 2015
One Simple Paragraph Every Entrepreneur Should Add to Their Convertible Notes
Getting screwed by angel investor's convertable note liquidation preferences.
august 2015
Code highlighting for Keynote presentations
Highlight code as RTF with the `highlight` command; export to Keynote via the clipboard.
highlight  keynote  presentation  programming  macosx 
august 2015
The Progressive Ideological Coalition and the Crisis of Housing Affordability in San Francisco | The New West
"As the environmental movement in America concentrates more on the dangers of global warming, it may lead environment groups in San Francisco to abandon their previous support for historical and neighborhood preservation in favor of increased density of housing and development."
urbanism  growth  globalwarming  sf  bayarea 
august 2015
On Monolithic Repositories
More on the advantages of monolithic repositories
versioncontrol  git  mercurial  dvcs 
august 2015
Startup Stock Option Changes — Medium
Proposes the following:

Cap table transparency for all
Early exercise for early employees
More than 90 days to exercise after departure
Vesting schedule revisited
startup  options  equity  career 
july 2015
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