How to clean animal bones - the complete guide : Jake's Bones
Guide to cleaning bones by a kid naturalist, with different methods for different stages of decay.
science  bone 
17 days ago
Powered By Osteons: Three Girls, a Dead Raccoon, and My Crockpot: A Photo-Essay
How to clean a dead animal for its skeleton. Like Eugenia Clark did when she was a little girl.
childhood  education  science  bone 
17 days ago
Memcrashed - Major amplification attacks from UDP port 11211
UDP as a vector for write amplification attacks. Memcached in particular.
memcache  ddos  attack  security  networking  udp 
21 days ago
Envoy – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
An overview of what the Envoy proxy can be use for.
proxy  server  microservice 
23 days ago
What Is Layer 4 Load Balancing? | NGINX Load Balancer
"Layer 4 load balancers make their routing decisions based on address information extracted from the first few packets in the TCP stream, and do not inspect packet content.

Layer 7 load balancers operate at the highest level in the OSI model, the application layer (on the Internet, HTTP is the dominant protocol at this layer). Layer 7 load balancers base their routing decisions on various characteristics of the HTTP header and on the actual contents of the message, such as the URL, the type of data (text, video, graphics), or information in a cookie."
proxy  server  osi 
23 days ago
The Codex » I Do Not Like Go
Well written critique of Go's design, hitting the usual points.
golang  programming  critique 
27 days ago
confluentinc/kafka-rest: Confluent REST Proxy for Kafka
REST API for Kafka: "The Kafka REST Proxy provides a RESTful interface to a Kafka cluster. It makes it easy to produce and consume messages, view the state of the cluster, and perform administrative actions without using the native Kafka protocol or clients."
software  kafka  proxy  rest 
28 days ago
“The Borgias” vs. “Borgia: Faith and Fear” (accuracy in historical fiction) – Ex Urbe
Historian Ada Palmer's essay on enjoying historical fiction even if it's not accurate, and what makes a fiction "feel" accurate.
history  essay 
29 days ago
Rails Application Upgrades: Hard Mode | Jared Norman
A response to my article about incremental Rails upgrades.
ruby  rails  upgrade 
29 days ago
Bike-friendly Victoria keeps visitors rolling - SFGate
"There is a network of about 450 miles of trails in the Greater Capital Region, and it's possible to cycle off ferries from Vancouver and Anacortes, Wash., then wheel all the way downtown, or to ride from the city to the Gulf Islands and even up to the country roads of the Cowichan Valley."
vacation  bike 
4 weeks ago
How to monitor Elasticsearch performance
Good read on Elasticsearch metrics to measure and knobs to turn to improve performance, e.g., of reindexing.
elasticsearch  monitoring  performance 
4 weeks ago
Check out this genius, very-last-minute appetizer recipe.
Fromage fort - a quick and delicious way to use up cheese rinds. By Jacques Pépin.
recipe  cheese 
5 weeks ago
When will my paper [EE Series] bond be worth its full value?
"You bought a paper EE Bond at half its face value. For example, you paid $50 for a $100 paper EE Bond.

The bond starts to earn interest on what you paid (not on its face value). Over time, with interest compounded every six months, the bond gets closer and closer to its face value.

Treasury guarantees that an EE Bond will be worth at least its face value after the first 20 years. If an EE Bond does not double in value (reach its face value) as a result of applying the fixed rate of interest for those 20 years, Treasury will make a one-time adjustment at the 20 year anniversary of the bond's issue date to make up the difference."
savings  investing 
6 weeks ago
Okay reddit, let's talk about using Series I Bonds as an emergency fund.
'Not everyone's reading this all the way through and just jumping on the headline. If I could change the headline a little to incorporate more what I was trying to say I'd write: "Okay reddit, let's talk about using Series I Bonds as (at least part of) an emergency fund."'
savings  investing 
6 weeks ago
Why I Use Savings Bonds to Fund My Emergency Account
"I have funded my own Piggy by making Savings I Bond purchases over the years. These pay interest equal to inflation of the previous year plus a coupon....

After holding them for one year, they are easily converted to cash, if needed, without the penalty that most other bonds have, namely reduced principal value when interest rates go up. If held for less than five years, there is a very small loss of interest earned. They stop paying interest after 30 years, usually far beyond the needs for an emergency or replacement fund."
savings  investing 
6 weeks ago
Introducing code aware search for Bitbucket Cloud
"We took a different approach: by boosting the definitions matching your search term, the result you want is likely to rank much higher (usually #1) in the search results. Our algorithm boosts definitions for a wide range of type categories including classes, functions, enums, structs, and interfaces."
7 weeks ago
Demystifying Elasticsearch Queries, Part 3: Named Queries
Named queries allow you to tell which parts of a larger query were responsible for a hit being matched.
elasticsearch  query 
7 weeks ago
Changing Bits: Choosing a fast unique identifier (UUID) for Lucene
Due to how Lucene stores terms, how you generate IDs can affect performance.

"'Lookup by ID' most affects application of deletes during indexing, or if you "update" a document in ES or Solr, which is delete + add to Lucene. Even if you append-only with ES, it asks Lucene to update, so Lucene must go and try to find the ID (which won't exist)."
lucene  search  elasticsearch 
7 weeks ago
The Long Way Round: The Story of the California Clipper
Flying from California to New York at the start of the Pacific War in late 1941. The long way.
history  air  ww2 
8 weeks ago
Getting started with Rust on the command line
How to write a small CLI program using Rust.
rust  cli  tutorial 
8 weeks ago
Debezium Connector for MySQL
Uses MySQL's binary log to stream database changes.
kafka  changedatacapture  mysql  streaming 
9 weeks ago
Heap: Sizing and Swapping | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic
"There is another reason to not allocate enormous heaps to Elasticsearch. As it turns out, the HotSpot JVM uses a trick to compress object pointers when heaps are less than around 32 GB."
elasticsearch  performance  operations  jvm 
10 weeks ago
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