Debezium Connector for MySQL
Uses MySQL's binary log to stream database changes.
kafka  changedatacapture  mysql  streaming 
2 days ago
Heap: Sizing and Swapping | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic
"There is another reason to not allocate enormous heaps to Elasticsearch. As it turns out, the HotSpot JVM uses a trick to compress object pointers when heaps are less than around 32 GB."
elasticsearch  performance  operations  jvm 
10 days ago
Tracking Links with JavaScript - Ravelrumba by Rob Flaherty
"when links are processed this way the user loses the ability to open links in a new tab with the shift/command key. To me this is a major usability failure."
analytics  javascript  browser  web 
13 days ago
Gregory Szorc's Digital Home | Thoughts on Mercurial (and Git)
Some interesting ideas on changes Git could make to improve its user experience.
git  mercurial  vcs  ux 
25 days ago
Vespa. Big data. Real time.
Oath (ex-Yahoo) data storage/search platform.
datastore  java  search 
4 weeks ago
Deleting windows - Emacs Redux
"To delete the selected window, type C-x 0 (delete-window). Once a window is deleted, the space that it occupied is given to an adjacent window."
4 weeks ago
git checkout at a specific date | End Point
git checkout `git rev-list -1 --before="Jan 17 2014" master`
git  vcs 
4 weeks ago
ASCIIFlow Infinity
Kind of like Monodraw on the web.
ascii  design  diagram 
6 weeks ago
softwaremill/kmq: Kafka-based message queue
Building a queuing system on top of Kafka
kafka  queue 
7 weeks ago
Hiring woes: the costs of bad hires and how to avoid them
"Matching is for losers. Companies complain about how competitive and hard it is to hire exceptional people. But what do they offer that’s exceptional? Market matching compensation, market matching benefits, in other words, the exact same shit every other company offers. So why the fuck would anyone exceptional join your par-for-the-course company? They wouldn’t and they don’t and it’s nobody’s fault but your own."
career  hiring  startup 
7 weeks ago
Hours Apart
Pick some cities, drag the slider to show what time it is in each.
time  timezones  visualization 
7 weeks ago
DéjàVu: a map of code duplicates on GitHub | the morning paper
"This paper analyzes a corpus of 4.5 million non-fork projects hosted on GitHub representing over 482 million files written in Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript. We found that this corpus has a mere 85 million unique files."
github  software  engineering  research 
8 weeks ago
Gemfile's new clothes - Depfu Blog
Why Gemfile will be renamed to gems.rb.
ruby  bundler 
8 weeks ago
google/zoekt: Fast trigram based code search
Server you can run on your machine to index and search source code.
search  golang 
9 weeks ago
Temp Tables, Filesorts, UTF8, VARCHAR, and Schema Design in MySQL
"This is where the gotchas start to appear and theory diverges from reality in two important ways:

VARCHAR isn’t variable-length anymore. The table’s on-disk storage may be variable, but the values are stored in fixed-length in memory, at their full possible width. Ditto for the temporary files.
utf8 isn’t single-byte anymore. The fixed-length values are created large enough to accomodate rows that are all 3-byte characters.
So your “hello, world” row that consumes 2+12 bytes on disk suddenly consumes 2+(3*255)=767 bytes in memory for the sort. Or on disk, if there are too many rows to fit into the sort buffer."
mysql  database  performance  optimization 
9 weeks ago
Software architecture is failing – Alex Hudson
'the definition of “success” (it works great, it’s reliable, it’s performant, we don’t need to think about it) looks a hell of a lot like the definition of “legacy”.'
software  architecture 
9 weeks ago
Earth on AWS
"Build planetary-scale applications in the cloud with open geospatial data."
aws  data  gis 
10 weeks ago
4 Wi-Fi Tips from Former Apple Wi-Fi Engineer
1. Use same SSID for all radios on the same network
2. Deal with congestion with more access points using less power
3. Don't use "Wide" 40MHz channels on 2.4GHz
4. Be smart about antenna orientation (use router's designed orientation, or point antennas horizontally and vertically)
wifi  homeimprovement 
12 weeks ago
Trinity Place | Rick Steves Europe
Rick Steves journey to donating a 24 unit apartment complex to the YWCA to house homeless single mothers. Started by buying a duplex.
charity  donation  housing 
october 2017
The Fies Files: A Fire Story, COMPLETE
Cartoonist loses everything in 2017 Santa Rosa fire.
art  bayarea 
october 2017
Butano State Park
Park in the Santa Cruz mountains
bayarea  camping 
october 2017
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