Scala Collections Tips and Tricks
Good cookbook of Scala collection operations and what is most idiomatic.
programming  scala 
5 days ago
Build your own Command Line with ANSI escape codes
Escape codes. Example in Python but works in any language.
cli  programming  shell  terminal  python 
11 days ago
How I got started in training | Jason Swett
Interesting read about breaking into technical training. He emailed companies offering training and got an "insane" response rate.
career  teaching  freelance 
22 days ago
Silicon Valley’s Unicorns Are Overvalued | Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Some unicorns have made such generous promises to their preferred shareholders that their common shares are nearly worthless."
startup  equity 
25 days ago
usl4j And You | codahale.com
"As with performance optimization, if you don’t find any hotspots, the problem is often systemic, not local, and as such requires a different set of tools to resolve."
performance  optimization  architecture  scaling 
25 days ago
Appcanary - Simple Ain't Easy, but Hard Ain't Simple: Leaving Clojure for Ruby
'“Simple != Easy” Is One Of The Most Toxic Ideas Ever Introduced To Programming'
programming  clojure  ruby  culture 
25 days ago
The microservices cargo cult - Stavros' Stuff
"Verily, verily, I say unto thee, do not start out with microservices just because the cool kids are doing it, they’re the complicated way that you don’t need in the beginning. Enjoy the ease of development and agility of deployment that a single new app brings, and, when your business has been proven and growing and you can’t find servers big enough for it, only then split out parts of your infrastructure into their own services, connected by HTTP or a messaging queue."
architecture  microservice 
29 days ago
Latency Tip Of The Day: #LatencyTipOfTheDay: You can't average percentiles. Period.
You can't average percentiles. If you have a list of percentiles, all you can know is the max and min of the percentile over that range.
monitoring  metrics  operations 
6 weeks ago
Prometheus - Monitoring system & time series database
Sort of like StatsD + Graphite + Nagios, with a richer way of describing metrics (each metric can have multiple labels). Written in Go.

"Prometheus is a full monitoring and trending system that includes built-in and active scraping, storing, querying, graphing, and alerting based on time series data. It has knowledge about what the world should look like (which endpoints should exist, what time series patterns mean trouble, etc.), and actively tries to find faults."
monitoring  opensource  metrics  golang 
6 weeks ago
Your Load Generator is Probably Lying to You - Take the Red Pill and Find Out Why - High Scalability -
Good summary of Gil Tene's thing about latency.

"Your goal is to find out how fast you can go without crashing and then try to engineer to improve those performance levels. How fast is safe?"
monitoring  performance 
6 weeks ago
"How NOT to Measure Latency" by Gil Tene - YouTube
Another presentation by Gil Tene on measuring latency with more emphasis on picking what's interesting to measure (i.e., not the system performance right before it's about to collapse).
monitoring  performance  video  presentation 
6 weeks ago
How NOT to Measure Latency
Presentation by Gil Tene on the problems measuring latency including the coordinated omission problem and measuring sustainable throughput.
presentation  performance  visualization  monitoring  pdf 
6 weeks ago
Rust FFI: Sending strings to the outside world | Huy's Blog
Example of doing FFI from Rust to Node (though it's applicable to other runtimes).
rust  ffi  nodejs 
6 weeks ago
Text Mining with R
Full book on using the tidytext R package to do text mining.
book  data  r  text  analysis 
6 weeks ago
Lessons Learned – Scala Design Failure: Implicit Numeric Conversions
Implicit conversion of numeric types is broken and can't be disabled.
programming  scala  gotchas  conversion 
6 weeks ago
Functional Ciphers in Ruby
Example of using infinite lazy enumerator in Ruby.

"Enumerator is lazy-ish.... However, using a method such as map that acts on every item will never return because this is an infinite series. We will need true laziness to get this one to work."
ruby  functional  programming 
6 weeks ago
UDST/pandana: Pandas Network Analysis - dataframes of network queries, quickly
"Beyond simple access to destination queries, this library also implements more general aggregations along the street network (or any network). For a given region, this produces hundreds of thousands of overlapping buffer queries (still performed in less than a second) that can be used to characterize the local neighborhood around each street intersection. The result can then be mapped, or assigned to parcel and building records, or used in statistical models as we commonly do with UrbanSim. This is in stark contrast to the arbitrary non-overlapping geographies ubiquitous in GIS. Although there are advantages to the GIS approach, we think network queries are a more accurate representation of how people interact with their environment."
urbanism  software  network 
7 weeks ago
UDST/osmnet: Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data
"OSMnet offers tools to download street network data from OpenStreetMap and extract a graph network comprised of nodes and edges to be used in Pandana street network accessibility calculations."
urbanism  software  network 
7 weeks ago
HASC Codes for Countries
HASC codes for countries and subdivisions (e.g., US counties).
database  gis  data 
7 weeks ago
GNU gettext utilities: Plural forms
How gettext handles pluralization rules.
i18n  language 
7 weeks ago
Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA - The Best Choice for Early Retirement
His plan is to convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA over a period of time while your income is low.
finance  investing  retirement 
7 weeks ago
Deploying Often is a Very Good Idea // Speaker Deck
Presentation by Dan McKinley about deploying frequently. Really good point:

"If the deploy tooling isn't made fast, there's probably a faster and more dangerous way to do things and most people will do that instead.…Bad things happen in production and they have [to] be mitigated quickly.…And when they do, you don't want want to be trying to use a poorly tested 'fast path' in a crisis. That's making an already bad situation downright dangerous."
devops  deployment  operations  presentation 
8 weeks ago
Descartes Labs: GeoVisual Search
Find objects in satellite imagery.
image  search  gis 
8 weeks ago
How Far Can I Travel
Generate isochrones on a map at a location.
isochrones  map  javascript  visualization 
8 weeks ago
Display regular expressions as railroad diagrams.
javascript  regexp  visualization  syntax 
8 weeks ago
Time series database built on PostgreSQL.
database  timeseries  postgresql 
8 weeks ago
Google Testing Blog: Where do our flaky tests come from?
Analysis of tests to determine which ones are flaky and what characteristics flaky tests have (tool, e.g., Selenium; size of test; amount of RAM used).
software  engineering  testing  analysis 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - JoshCheek/seeing_is_believing: Displays the results of every line of code in your file
Shows results as you type, similarly to Calca. (Or, apparently, Swift Playgrounds but I haven't used that.)
ruby  software  repl 
10 weeks ago
Don’t kill-buffer, kill-this-buffer instead | Pragmatic Emacs
"By default C-x k runs the command kill-buffer which prompts you for which buffer you want to kill, defaulting to the current active buffer. I don’t know about you, but I rarely want to kill a different buffer than the one I am looking at, so I rebind C-x k to kill-this-buffer which just kills the current buffer without prompting"
10 weeks ago
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