Absolutely No Machete Juggling » The Worst Programming Interview Question
Cycle detection in a linked list. Was an unsolved problem in computer science for 12 years.
programming  interview 
3 days ago
EmacsWiki: Execute External Command
"C-u M-|" replaces the selected region with the output of the shell command.
emacs  shell 
13 days ago
One Big Fluke › What's awful about being a {software engineer, tech lead, manager}?
Common problems people have as an individual contributor, tech lead, and manager.
career  engineering  management  techlead 
10 weeks ago
Firing People
Zach Holman's story of getting fired from GitHub.
career  business 
march 2016
On asking job candidates to code
Notes on experiences with coding challenges (giving and completing). Blind review at Digital Ocean.
career  interview  from iphone
march 2016
Avoid Pop Culture Architecture · Deliberate Software
"Fashion is ultimately a signaling mechanism for status. We are attracted to fashionable architectures because they signal we have worked on elite teams. The more difficult or costly the trade-offs of the architecture, the more elite and special our team must have been to implement it successfully."
software  architecture 
march 2016
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