Trinity Place | Rick Steves Europe
Rick Steves journey to donating a 24 unit apartment complex to the YWCA to house homeless single mothers. Started by buying a duplex.
charity  donation  housing 
2 days ago
The Fies Files: A Fire Story, COMPLETE
Cartoonist loses everything in 2017 Santa Rosa fire.
art  bayarea 
2 days ago
Butano State Park
Park in the Santa Cruz mountains
bayarea  camping 
5 days ago
Keyboard latency
Modern computers have more input latency than computers from the 1970s.
computer  keyboard  latency  performance 
6 days ago
We Don't Do That Here
'The college I attended was small and very LGBT friendly. One day someone came to visit and used the word “gay” as a pejorative, as was common in the early 2000s. A current student looked at the visitor and flatly said, “we don’t do that here.” The guest started getting defensive and explaining that they weren’t homophobic and didn’t mean anything by it. The student replied, “I’m sure that’s true, but all you need to know is we don’t do that here.” The interaction ended at that point, and everyone moved on to different topics. “We don’t do that here” was a polite but firm way to educate the newcomer about our culture.'
career  culture 
13 days ago
The 35 best science-fiction movies since Blade Runner
Pretty solid list of good SF movies of the last 30 years.
movies  critique  science  fiction 
16 days ago
Tactical Questions You Should Ask the Recruiter to Ace Your Phone Interview
1. Who will I be talking to?
2. What type of interview should I expect?
3. What will the interview focus on?
4. Anything in particular I should prepare?
career  interview 
18 days ago
‏بوكيبلينكي on Twitter: "Now is a good time to talk about trauma kits. You should have one."
Thread about putting together a trauma kit: tourniquet, quickclot gauze, gauze, tape.
19 days ago
Simple Statistics
"Simple Statistics is a JavaScript library that implements statistical methods."
javascript  library  opensource  statistics 
23 days ago
HAProxy vs nginx: Why you should NEVER use nginx for load balancing! – The HFT Guy
Argument that HAProxy makes a better load balancer than Nginx, because Nginx's monitoring is hobbled in the open source version.
nginx  haproxy  operations  proxy 
25 days ago
Second-Hand Misogyny – Transposit
Male cofounder witnesses his female cofounder's exclusion.
tech  sexism 
4 weeks ago
Rails Performance - What You Need To Know
Some tips from the author of "Ruby Performance Optimization"
performance  rails  ruby 
5 weeks ago
Haversine formula - Wikipedia
"The haversine formula determines the great-circle distance between two points on a sphere given their longitudes and latitudes."
geo  map  gis 
5 weeks ago
Calculate distance and bearing between two Latitude/Longitude points using haversine formula in JavaScript
Several methods to calculate the distance between two lat/lon points. The haversine formula calculates great-circle distance between two points on a sphere, so it is fairly accurate (the Earth is not an exact sphere).
javascript  map  math  gis  geo 
5 weeks ago
Elasticsearch Data Journey: Life of a Document in Elasticsearch | Elastic
"This talk will explain the when, where and why of your document's life inside of Elasticsearch."

Good overview of how ES routes document storage and queries.
elasticsearch  index  search  presentation 
5 weeks ago
Optimizing Elasticsearch Searches | Elastic
Post about optimizing queries. Includes discussion of query filters and post filters.
elasticsearch  optimization  query 
5 weeks ago
Ex-Google search engineer here, now using hosted ElasticSearch extensively in my... | Hacker News
ex-Google Search engineer replies to "What every software engineer should know about search"
elasticsearch  search  google 
5 weeks ago
Versioning ElasticSearch Indices · Pea53
The approach GitHub uses for versioning Elasticsearch indexes (at least as of 2014).
elasticsearch  versioning  github  search  index 
5 weeks ago
Universal adversarial perturbations | the morning paper
"I’m fascinated by the existence of adversarial perturbations – imperceptible changes to the inputs to deep network classifiers that cause them to mis-predict labels."
machinelearning  deeplearning  neuralnetwork  adversarial 
5 weeks ago
This is a fantastic post! – Doug Turnbull – Medium
Author of "Relevant Search" replies to post about what engineers need to know about search.
elasticsearch  solr  lucene  search  recommendersystem  ranking 
5 weeks ago
The Tale of Creating a Distributed Web Crawler
Good write-up of building a distributed crawler. Ran into many of the same problems we did.
web  crawler  distributed  python  mongodb 
5 weeks ago
Public exhibits at University of California Museum of Paleontology
UC Berkley has a research paleontology museum with some cool stuff in their lobby that you can see.
bayarea  paleontology  dinosaur 
5 weeks ago
The Curse of Smart People
"But it's not perfect. Smart people have a problem, especially (although not only) when you put them in large groups. That problem is an ability to convincingly rationalize nearly anything....

What I have learned, working here, is that smart, successful people are cursed. The curse is confidence. It's confidence that comes from a lifetime of success after real success, an objectively great job, working at an objectively great company, making a measurably great salary, building products that get millions of users. You must be smart. In fact, you are smart. You can prove it."
business  culture  google 
5 weeks ago
Eclipses and Decibels
Visualization of perceived heat versus light during a total eclipse.
eclipse  astronomy  visualization 
5 weeks ago
Units of Measure (F#) | Microsoft Docs
F# has a nice feature where number types can be associated with a unit of measure. The compiler then prevents common errors (e.g. multiplying a inches by centimeters).
fsharp  programming 
6 weeks ago
Inspired by Brett Victor's explorable explanations.
javascript  data  visualization 
6 weeks ago
Please explain the logic behind Kernighan's bit counting algorithm - Stack Overflow
Counting the number of bits in an int using bitwise AND, designed by Brian Kernighan.
algorithm  stackoverflow 
6 weeks ago
Bloom Filters
Interactive visualization of a bloom filter (powered by bloom filter.js). Very cool.
visualization  datastructure  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Solaris to Linux Migration 2017
This is a guide to switching from Solaris to Linux now that Oracle has killed Solaris. However, it's also a great list of Linux tools for operating systems (cgroups/namespaces, performance monitoring, security, etc.)
sysadmin  linux  solaris  migration  operations 
6 weeks ago
Bike near, bike far, wherever you are | Burrito Justice
"These isochrones take into account hills, prefers bike lanes, and use a relatively moderate biking speed. Might be a little slower or faster for some folks, but this gives a pretty reasonable indication of how far you can get on a bike across town. You can get surprisingly far in just 5 or 10 minutes (the two darkest blue rings)."
isochrones  bike  map  sanfrancisco 
7 weeks ago
Numeric and Date Ranges...Just Another Brick in the Wall | Elastic
Lucene/Elasticsearch now have support for range types and operators.
elasticsearch  search  index  lucene 
7 weeks ago
The Marketing Behind MongoDB
As engineers, we often discuss technical attacks (e.g., DDoS, Sybil attacks, security vulnerabilities), but need to spend time debating how to protect ourselves from marketing “attacks”.
mongodb  database  marketing 
7 weeks ago
(unlikely to be) The Last Word on Interviewing for a JavaScript Job
"Quite frankly, whiteboard problems in interviews are minefields. When asked a programming question, an interviewer might want to see any of the following mutually exclusive things:

1. Demonstrate that you can put together any old basic thing (“FizBuzzing”).
2. Demonstrate that you understand algorithm fundamentals like space and time requirements, mutability, state, and so forth.
3. Demonstrate the kind of code you’d write in production for colleagues to understand and maintain.
4. Demonstrate that you are current and familiar with the latest developments in your toolset, regardless of whether you are employing them in production.

You really can’t answer all of these in one code snippet. If the interviewer is just trying to quickly weed out the bullshitters, they don’t want you to factor the code and write tests for each piece. But if they want to see how you write code for production, they do. If they want to know that you’re keeping up to date, they might want to see you demonstrate your knowledge of some new language features.


Assume that most people are good at their primary job, and happen to be less than amazing at this part-time necessity of interviewing or being interviewed."
hiring  interview  programming  career 
7 weeks ago
Preparing for a Technical Interview
"I think that if you walk into the interview with a sense that the things you know, you actually know, and the things you don’t know, you are comfortable saying, “I don’t know but I’m happy to work my way through the problem as best I can,” you will do as well as can possible be expected.

And further to that, if you accept that no matter what preparation you make, you can’t win them all, you will be more relaxed than if you have an idea that there is a right way to interview. Because if you think there is a right way to ask interviewing questions, and there is a right way to study for interviews, then if you aren’t offered a job, it’s somebody’s fault.

That turns the pressure up, and is depressing. Far better to accept that interviews are hit-and-miss, and if you miss, it’s no big deal, there’s another interview, with another company tomorrow."
career  interview 
7 weeks ago
IUC 36: Plural & Gender & More in Translated Messages - Google Slides
Overview and tips about using ICU MessageFormat for internationalization.
i18n  presentation 
8 weeks ago
graydon2 | "What next?"
Creator of Rust muses on possible advances in general purpose programming languages.
programming  language  future 
8 weeks ago
lat lon - Measuring accuracy of latitude and longitude? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
"The ninth decimal place is worth up to 110 microns: we are getting into the range of microscopy. For almost any conceivable application with earth positions, this is overkill and will be more precise than the accuracy of any surveying device.

Ten or more decimal places indicates a computer or calculator was used and that no attention was paid to the fact that the extra decimals are useless. Be careful, because unless you are the one reading these numbers off the device, this can indicate low quality processing!"
gis  map 
9 weeks ago
I regret getting a master's degree
A Googler's lament about getting a Masters in CS from Stanford while working.
education  computerscience 
9 weeks ago
The Architecture that Helps Stripe Move Faster
Lots of good stuff here about switching gradually. Reminds me of how we rolled out Rails 4 at Swiftype.

Also, this gem: "Eventually they found that Eventmachine is unusually difficult to program against."
api  architecture  stripe  presentation  ruby  golang 
10 weeks ago
Residents Express Concerns Over News Reports Expressing Concerns of Residents — Nick Magrino
"Minneapolis is not Manchester during the Industrial Revolution, or Hong Kong or Dubai or even Manhattan. It's a city of 420,000 that used to have 520,000 people and has a lot of room to grow in a place that is probably a good long-term location for city, unlike, say Phoenix or Miami. What is the responsible story to cover here? A lot of controversy you hear and read about is kinda manufactured, which does not help. It would probably be good to think about the big picture."
urbanism  minneapolis 
11 weeks ago
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Medium
"I need to be very clear here: not only was nearly everything you said in that document wrong, the fact that you did that has caused significant harm to people across this company, and to the company’s entire ability to function. And being aware of that kind of consequence is also part of your job, as in fact it would be at pretty much any other job."
diversity  engineering  google  feminism 
11 weeks ago
A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle — Stephanie Hurlburt
A meditation on resentment.

"[W]hen we believe someone is successful, we can choose our reaction: resentment, or joy."
essay  business  career 
11 weeks ago
How to Interview Engineers - Triplebyte
Suggestions for creating a repeatable and fair(er) process for interviewing software engineers.
career  hiring  interview 
11 weeks ago
Research Blog: Extra, Extra - Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken
Integer overflow affects many implementations of searching and merging huge arrays. By Joshua Blooch, 2006.

"The version of binary search that I wrote for the JDK contained the same bug. It was reported to Sun recently when it broke someone's program, after lying in wait for nine years or so."
algorithm  bug 
11 weeks ago
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