Enterprise Rails | dan chak
A bit dated now but still a very interesting book about architecting Rails applications.
ruby  rails  architecture  book 
5 days ago
Tuning Ruby's Global Method Cache
Using perf and trace to investigate MRI ruby performance on Linux.
ruby  optimization 
5 days ago
"Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres with auto-completion and syntax highlighting."
postgresql  cli  python 
19 days ago
Unit testing in Coders at Work | A billion monkeys can't be wrong
Peter Seibel analyzes Norvig's sudoku solver versus Ron Jeffries's TDD version.
development  tdd  sudoku 
25 days ago
What is the engineering interview process like at Stripe? - Quora
Thoughtful description of the hiring process at Stripe by CTO Greg Brockman.
career  interview  hiring  culture 
8 weeks ago
#define CTO
Greg Brockman on his evolving role as CTO of Stripe.
startup  career  management 
8 weeks ago
Unicorn Unix Magic Tricks
How Unicorn uses fork, sockets, and signals.
programming  unix  ruby 
8 weeks ago
Crash-Only Thinking
"Crash-only means there is no such thing as gracefully starting and stopping non-trivial parts of your life or business. You have to crash what you’re doing and recover in a more promising direction. The fact that it is a crash means that, unlike normal decisions, there is a sharply increased probability of not coming out the other end."
9 weeks ago
ferd.ca -> Queues Don't Fix Overload
"The real problem is that everyone involved used queues as an optimization mechanism. With them, new problems are now part of the system, which is a nightmare to maintain. Usually, these problems will come in the form of ruining the end-to-end principle by using a persistent queue as a fire-and-forget mechanisms or assuming tasks can't be replayed or lost. You have more places that can time out, require new ways to detect failures and communicate them back to users, and so on."
distributed  programming  queue  scaling 
9 weeks ago
hiring religion
Good advice on breaking the ice when beginning an interview:

1. Ask about the last person they met
2. Mention a reason you're excited to talk to them (e.g., a project they worked on or something you have in common)
startup  hiring  business  recruiting  interview  advice 
10 weeks ago
How should software companies be run? – robknight.org.uk
Another (more charitable) response to Erik Meijer's anti-agile rant.
agile  management 
10 weeks ago
in defense of agile
Response to Erik Meijer's anti-agile rant. The author doesn't like Scrum, at least (which I think was Erik Meijer's main target).
agile  methodology  scrum 
10 weeks ago
Pattern matching for Ruby
11 weeks ago
Bicycling magazine article is misleading
Response to the Bicycling magazine article about helmets and concussions.
bike  safety  helmet 
12 weeks ago
How Long Does An ID Need To Be?
An approach to generating roughly ordered unique IDs that exhibit good locality.
database  id 
12 weeks ago
Why talent agents for engineers don’t exist | Aline Lerner's Blog
Pretty smart explanation for why the talent agent model doesn't make sense for engineers.
career  hiring  recruiting 
12 weeks ago
My Lawn
Robert Martin argues there's fewer older programmers because there were fewer programmers period when they started programming.
career  programming 
october 2014
Intro to D3.js
Square's code lab introduction to D3.js.
d3  visualization  tutorial  javascript  from iphone
october 2014
1Password CLI interface.
cli  security 
october 2014
Move Fast, Don't Break Your API
Video of Amber Feng's talk on how Stripe develops APIs.
development  api  stripe 
october 2014
Move fast, don't break your API
Amber Feng's presentation on how Stripe build APIs
development  api  stripe 
october 2014
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