Frank Chimero · Hi, I’d Like to Add Myself to the New Yorker
Inventing a new "universal" caption for New Yorker cartoons.
15 days ago
Building Reliable Reprocessing and Dead Letter Queues with Kafka
“It is important not to simply re-attempt failed requests immediately one after the other; doing so will amplify the number of calls, essentially spamming bad requests. Rather, each subsequent level of retry consumers can enforce a processing delay, in other words, a timeout that increases as a message steps down through each retry topic.”
kafka  queue  fail  architecture  distributed 
19 days ago
Webhook Tester
Request Bin alternative for displaying webhook payloads.
web  http  testing 
19 days ago
JSON decoding in Go
How to deal with custom types when decoding JSON in Go.
json  golang 
24 days ago
Format source code for display in a presentation or save as an image.
presentation  tool 
25 days ago
> *At the end of the interview, I would recommend asking "are there any concerns... | Hacker News
Amusing interview hack:

"but the tech interviewer almost certainly isn’t trained to keep his mouth shut and also generally isn’t expecting this question. caught off guard, you can usually get a close to honest response. you do have to interpret a little because people generally don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings right to their face. apply modern day party invite response rules:

yes: maybe
maybe: no
no: fuck no"
interview  career 
27 days ago
Up or out: tech company leveling and mandatory promotions
"What's the takeaway here? Know how the company works before you take the plunge. Ask how much influence the manager has on your progress. If you're coming in at a relatively low level, find out if there are expectations for you to move up within a certain timeframe."
28 days ago
Why Rust's error handling is awesome
Includes example of failure crate to add context.
programming  rust  error 
29 days ago
Apple open-sources FoundationDB | Hacker News
Interesting comment thread with some of the founders and former employees chiming in about FoundationDB's features.
database  distributed 
4 weeks ago
Can You Afford It?: Real-world Web Performance Budgets – Infrequently Noted
“JavaScript is the single most expensive part of any page in ways that are a function of both network capacity and device speed.”
web  performance  javascript  mobile 
5 weeks ago
Field notes - ElasticSearch at petabyte scale on AWS | Jamie Alquiza
"For indexing: we use a homebrew indexing service. I consider it absolutely critical that indexers have configurable or self-tuning rate limiters (be it at the indexer itself or at an upstream throttling service feeding the indexers downstream), as well as controls on batch indexing parameters (such as batch size / timeout flush triggers). You've probably read about using bulk indexing - it's all true, follow that advice. One important piece I'd like to add that is probably less often considered is the total number of outstanding indexing requests your indexers can hold against a cluster. If you reference the capacity planning section, your nodes each have an active and queued bulk thread limit; your total number of outstanding bulk index requests shouldn't exceed this."
aws  elasticsearch  performance  operations 
6 weeks ago
Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex
economics  politics 
7 weeks ago
How to clean animal bones - the complete guide : Jake's Bones
Guide to cleaning bones by a kid naturalist, with different methods for different stages of decay.
science  bone 
11 weeks ago
Powered By Osteons: Three Girls, a Dead Raccoon, and My Crockpot: A Photo-Essay
How to clean a dead animal for its skeleton. Like Eugenia Clark did when she was a little girl.
childhood  education  science  bone 
11 weeks ago
Memcrashed - Major amplification attacks from UDP port 11211
UDP as a vector for write amplification attacks. Memcached in particular.
memcache  ddos  attack  security  networking  udp 
11 weeks ago
Envoy – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
An overview of what the Envoy proxy can be use for.
proxy  server  microservice 
12 weeks ago
What Is Layer 4 Load Balancing? | NGINX Load Balancer
"Layer 4 load balancers make their routing decisions based on address information extracted from the first few packets in the TCP stream, and do not inspect packet content.

Layer 7 load balancers operate at the highest level in the OSI model, the application layer (on the Internet, HTTP is the dominant protocol at this layer). Layer 7 load balancers base their routing decisions on various characteristics of the HTTP header and on the actual contents of the message, such as the URL, the type of data (text, video, graphics), or information in a cookie."
proxy  server  osi 
12 weeks ago
The Codex » I Do Not Like Go
Well written critique of Go's design, hitting the usual points.
golang  programming  critique 
12 weeks ago
confluentinc/kafka-rest: Confluent REST Proxy for Kafka
REST API for Kafka: "The Kafka REST Proxy provides a RESTful interface to a Kafka cluster. It makes it easy to produce and consume messages, view the state of the cluster, and perform administrative actions without using the native Kafka protocol or clients."
software  kafka  proxy  rest 
12 weeks ago
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