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When a flower shop breaks the news to you that Nelson Mandela has died, it’s time for journalism to have a think | David Higgerson
RT @davidhiggerson: Journo blog: When a flower shop breaks the news to you that Nelson Mandela has died, it’s time for a journalism...
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december 2013 by lesteph
Brands Expected to Respond Within an Hour on Twitter [Study] - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
According to research put out by Lithium Technologies, more than 70 percent of users expect to hear back from the brand they’re interacting with on Twitter, and 53 percent want a response within the hour
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november 2013 by lesteph
British Gas hit by backlash over 10% price hike
"It is just ridiculous that they had set this up on the day of this huge price hike. They should have been prepared for vitriol and a backlash, but to exacerbate it by holding an 'ask me anything' session is ridiculous"
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october 2013 by lesteph
Navy reports news of shooter in real-time on Twitter | Articles | Home
An armed assailant wounded several people at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning.

Anyone who follows the U.S. Navy on Twitter knew about the incident while the shooter was in the building because the Navy tweeted about it in real time
september 2013 by lesteph
Man Buys Promoted Tweet to Complain About British Airways
In a real-life instance of the little guy challenging a giant corporation, Twitter user Hasan Syed has taken on British Airways by buying a promoted tweet to complain about his father's lost luggage.
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september 2013 by lesteph
China’s ‘Black PR’ Industry Uses Social Media Influencers to Spread False Gossip - PRNewser
"These companies enlist “influencers”—that’s right, the same social media mavens that brands want so badly—to spread these rumors and give them a veneer of believability. That means politicians, prominent businessmen and even pop stars could be paid to distribute lies about people they don’t even know"
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august 2013 by lesteph
Surge Capacity | The Face of the Matter
"Your next emergency will overwhelm your agency. And as we already know, surging during an emergency is impossible. So, what are you doing about it today?"
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august 2013 by lesteph
Maxipad Company Replies to Man's Facebook Rant With Awe-Inspiring Sarcasm
" Instead of ignoring it, Bodyform responded with the video above, featuring CEO Caroline Williams (played by an actress) apologizing to Richard personally"
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july 2013 by lesteph
Winners And Losers: Online Reputation Management Trends - Forbes
Forty-two percent of adults have scoped someone out on the Internet before doing business with them (I would count myself among those numbers). Of those, 45% have changed their minds about doing business with someone based on something they found.
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july 2013 by lesteph
What Managers Can Learn from the HMV Social Media Crisis | Odimax Blog
Since going into administration in mid-January, the @hmvtweets account had been pretty quiet. That changed on the 31st of January as staff member Poppy Rose Cleere began to live-tweet the ‘mass execution’ of around 60 staff members on the hashtag #hmvXFactorFiring.
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july 2013 by lesteph
BBC News - China launches new online portal for petitioners
China has started a new online platform to accept petitions from its citizens.
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july 2013 by lesteph
BBC Radio 4 - The Bottom Line, Managing in a Crisis
What do you do when it all goes wrong? How to manage corporations in times of crisis is the subject under discussion by Evan Davis and his guests.
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july 2013 by lesteph
Gulf of Mexico restoration
Crisis response hub from BP: "We are helping economic and environmental restoration efforts in the Gulf Coast as part of our ongoing commitment to the region following the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010"
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july 2013 by lesteph
Automatically Identifying Fake Images Shared on Twitter During Disasters | iRevolution
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to automatically predict the credibility of tweets generated during disasters
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july 2013 by lesteph
Haters gonna hate: dealing with negative comments online - Stephen Waddington : Stephen Waddington
How do you deal with anti-social behaviour online? Much like offline, you can ignore it, call it out, or attempt to engage.
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july 2013 by lesteph
What's on the 2013 government communicators' to-do list? | Public Leaders Network | Guardian Professional
RT @socialsimulator: Key focus on crisis comms: RT @UKgovcomms: 6 key areas that government's annual communications plan aims to deliver
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june 2013 by lesteph
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