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Vauxhall England Twitter blunder reveals squad’s passport numbers to all and sundry | The Drum
England sponsors Vauxhall have been left red-faced after their social media team inadvertently tweeted the passport numbers of the entire squad to the world in error.
june 2014 by lesteph
BBC News - Sports Direct hit by breastfeeding protests across UK
The Mrs has been taking part in a social media-organised brand protest:
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may 2014 by lesteph
When a flower shop breaks the news to you that Nelson Mandela has died, it’s time for journalism to have a think | David Higgerson
RT @davidhiggerson: Journo blog: When a flower shop breaks the news to you that Nelson Mandela has died, it’s time for a journalism...
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december 2013 by lesteph
Brands Expected to Respond Within an Hour on Twitter [Study] - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
According to research put out by Lithium Technologies, more than 70 percent of users expect to hear back from the brand they’re interacting with on Twitter, and 53 percent want a response within the hour
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november 2013 by lesteph
British Gas hit by backlash over 10% price hike
"It is just ridiculous that they had set this up on the day of this huge price hike. They should have been prepared for vitriol and a backlash, but to exacerbate it by holding an 'ask me anything' session is ridiculous"
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october 2013 by lesteph
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