pipsi = pip script installer
What does it do? pipsi is a wrapper around virtualenv and pip which installs scripts provided by python packages into separate virtualenvs to shield them from your system and each other.

In other words: you can use pipsi to install things like pygmentize without making your system painful.
python  pip  tools  coding 
4 days ago
Sip for Mac / for iOS
sip is the best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
app  mac  design  color  color-schemes  palette  graphics  tools 
5 days ago
wwwhere is a curated list of tools and resources for people who make websites.
webdev  tools  resources 
17 days ago
Brilliant Button Maker by LucaZappa.com
What is this page?
This is a web interface to create "80x15 brilliant buttons", you can also use two images (one on the left and the other on the right side) to decorate the button.
web  tools  design  webdesign  antipixel 
18 days ago
Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS
Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify apps permissions, backup and restore apps, bypass premium applications license verification, and more.

To use all features, you need a rooted device.
app  software  android 
19 days ago
Tiff - a visual typeface diff tool.
A type diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts.
diff  tools  typography  design  font 
19 days ago
a faux rich text editor for Twitter via ascii -> unicode transforms
twitter  text-editor  google-chrome  extensions  plugins 
20 days ago
progetto Firewall - Giovani pronti a navigare
Il progetto Firewall: giovani pronti a navigare! nasce per promuovere l'uso consapevole della rete internet e dei nuovi media, strumenti sempre più diffusi ma non sempre utilizzati con un'adeguata conoscenza degli effetti di azioni semplici e quotidiane come condividere online informazioni o immagini personali. - See more at: http://firewall.scuoladirobotica.it/it/homefw.html#sthash.qG7d57QK.dpuf
education  guide  italiano 
20 days ago
Sandstorm is an open source hosting platform for personal instances of web apps. Users can upload and install arbitrary software. In addition to improving privacy and control, this is the only way to make Open Source web apps viable.
development  hosting  Sandstorm  webapps  web-services 
23 days ago
Visual Studio Code — Microsoft
Code focused development. Redefined.
Build and debug modern web and cloud applications. Code is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.
ide  code  microsoft  programming  editor  text-editor  visual-studio 
24 days ago
a mandala generator starting from a word
mandala  generator  artwork 
25 days ago
Termsql by tobimensch
Convert text from a file or from stdin into SQL table and query it instantly. Uses sqlite as backend. The idea is to make SQL into a tool on the command line or in scripts.
termsql  SQLite  tools  database  scripts  cli  bash 
27 days ago
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