iOS: Tutti i Download ai Firmware Per iPhone, iPod Touch ed iPad
- iSpazio – IL Blog Italiano per le Notizie sull'iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, 5 e 4S con recensioni App Store e Guide al Jailbreak
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4 days ago
Google tracks you. We don't. An illustrated guide.
DuckDuckGo  privacy  search-engine  Google 
4 days ago
Editor WordPress Theme • Array
Editor is a typography-driven theme that puts bold and beautiful publishing right at your fingertips.
wordpress  themes  wp-themes  webdesign 
5 days ago
App Store Marketing Guidelines - Apple Developer
Thousands of developers around the world have helped make the App Store a success. We've created these guidelines so developers can benefit from the Apple identity and contribute to its strength. We believe that powerful marketing communications will help bring continued success for your apps.
design  device  ios  apple  knowledge-base  marketing  reference  guidelines 
5 days ago
Apple - iPhone 6 - View countries with supported LTE networks.
With LTE on the iPhone 5 and later, you can browse the web, stream content, or download a movie at blazing-fast speeds. For a list of carriers that have certified their LTE network on iPhone, refer to chart below1. Many more carriers may also offer LTE on iPhone. For more details, contact your carrier.
Apple  iPhone6  LTE  specifications  knowledge-base  reference 
11 days ago
Few days ago, Apple introduced iPhone 6 Plus. The new iPhone substantially changes the way graphics are rendered on screen. We've made an infographic to demystify this.
iphone  screen  design  ios  resolution 
11 days ago
WordPress Theme Builder | Theme.Works
Unless you know code, themes can be difficult to create and customize. Theme.Works allows you to design your own custom WordPress theme up front, allowing you to achieve a totally custom design that is easy to use and lightweight. No bloat. No confusing options. Just your design.
wordpress  design  wp-themes 
11 days ago
Bézier Clock
a time clock demo made with Processing.js library
demo  javascript  clock 
11 days ago
Simple offers a bank account that has all the tools you need to manage your money built right in. The funds in your Simple account are held by our partner bank, The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC. Simple provides everything else, including the Simple Visa® Card, our powerful iOS and Android apps, a beautifully designed web interface, and customer support that really cares.
simple  bank  banking 
11 days ago
iOS: Troubleshooting encrypted backups
When you restore from a backup in iTunes, you may be asked for a password to unlock the backup. Learn what to do if you can't remember or do not know your backup password.
ios  troubleshooting  encrypted  backups  apple  reference  how-to  iTunes  knowledge-base 
12 days ago
X | The Ultimate WordPress Theme - WP Mayor
X is an absolute gem to work with. You don’t only seem to be getting multiple themes in one, but you’re getting every feature imaginable. Whether you want to build your own personal website, a website for your business or for your clients’ business, or whatever else you might dream up, X has the solution for you. The constant updates and add-ons can only keep cementing this theme as one of the very best around. Being the first of its kind has certainly helped its growth, and who can blame you for wanting it?
wordpress  wp-themes 
14 days ago
Web Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development. Tools for building a great experience across many devices and performance oriented. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices outlined in Google's Web Fundamentals. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.
web-development  webdesign  tools  frameworks  boilerplate 
14 days ago
Email Design Workflow
Lee Munroe shows his design workflow for email marketing campaign
email  code  workflow  design 
14 days ago
offlickr - Back up Flickr photos, videos, and metadata.
Offlickr is a command-line backup tool for Flickr. It allows you to download photos, videos, metadata (title, tags, description, geotags, notes, comments), and photosets.
flickr  backup 
14 days ago
Map Glyphs | The Ultimate CSS Map Font
Map Glyphs has hundreds of scalable vector map icons of the world, continents, globes, countries and states.
fonts  css  maps  vector  icons  webdesign  graphics  resources 
14 days ago
Represent — A better way to résumé
Represent is the best way to create a beautiful and professional resume in minutes.
resume  tools  marketing  webdesign  CV  identity 
15 days ago
Open Source Software Licenses: Which Should You Use?
MakeUseOf writes down a quick pro/cons list of the most commonly used FLOSS licences out there
FLOSS  licence  guide 
18 days ago
Nosy - rrry.me
Nosy is a typeface facetype that uses standard Opentype ligatures to create thousands of potential faces. Add a beard, freckles, eyebrows or any one of dozens of component to make a face
fonts  illustrator  fun  graphics  design 
20 days ago
System Administrator's Guide
Deployment, Configuration, and Administration of Fedora 18
fedora  documentation  sysadmin  devops  reference  knowledge-base 
21 days ago
October - The PHP platform that gets back to basics.
October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. It is a productivity tool for building modern websites based on flexible design patterns and solid core principals.
development  php  opensource  cms  laravel 
21 days ago
NEC NP-P501X Review & Rating | PCMag.com
Bright. Native XGA resolution. Has 1.7x zoom lens. Vertical lens shift. Excellent data-image quality. Watchable video. Good audio.

No 3D support.

Bottom Line
The NEC NP-P501X projector offers a bright image, excellent data-image quality, and a capable audio system, plus conveniences that include a 1.7x zoom lens.
projector  NEC  hardware  reviews  PCmag 
21 days ago
last, lastb
last, lastb - show listing of last logged in users (and bad logins too)
unix  cli  command  software  tools  sysadmin  devops 
21 days ago
How to make MaxScale High Available with Corosync/Pacemaker | MariaDB | MySQL
MaxScale, an open-source database-centric router for MySQL and MariaDB makes High Availability possible by hiding the complexity of backends and masking failures. MaxScale itself however is a single application running in a Linux box between the client application and the databases - so how do we make MaxScale High Available? This blog post shows how to quickly setup a Pacemaker/Corosync environment and configure MaxScale as a managed cluster resource.
mysql  mariaDB  dbms  how-to  guide  devops  sysadmin  CentOS  High-Availability 
21 days ago
TICTAIL Start a free online store
Ecommerce website for everyone - Tictail : Tictail
online  e-commerce  store  shop 
21 days ago
MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. It's also:

The perfect tool to show and share your media!
Building tools to empower the world through decentralization!
Built for extensibility. Multiple media types, including video support!
Part of the GNU project and devoted to user freedom.
video  media  software  storage  opensource 
21 days ago
Mounty for NTFS
A tiny tool to re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes under Mac OS X Mavericks in read-write mode.
NTFS  mac  osx  utility  downloads  file-system  tools 
25 days ago
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