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RT : If you want to hear (well, read) a case for a linked data future, has you covered.
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Security isn't an end state, product, or destination; it's an emergent phenomena of proper system design and management.

— ra6bit (@ra6bit) June 29, 2016

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We believe everyone should understand encryption—so we made Codemoji, an emoji cipher game: https://t.co/CAxiVX0qMn http://pic.twitter.com/55lWU4xwOz

— Mozilla (@mozilla) June 28, 2016

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29 days ago
Impact of Social Sciences – Internet freedom for all: Public libraries have to get serious about tackling the digital privacy divide.

Internet freedom for all: Public libraries have to get serious about tackling the digital privacy divide. https://t.co/KdKAJLrOED

— Ian Clark (@ijclark) June 21, 2016

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5 weeks ago
TFW you make a joke about your book recommendation generator becoming sentient and it prints…
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BCLA Hot Topic: Notes from Privacy Matters – Learning LibTech

Notes from Privacy Matters. Presenters: @sleslie @flexlibris @KateMilberry #bclc2016 https://t.co/PsTpmMd3M6

— Cynthia Ng (@TheRealArty) May 13, 2016

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10 weeks ago
LACE Review paper: Is privacy a showstopper for learning analytics? - LACE - Learning Analytics Community Exchange

can't ignore privacy concerns around learning analytics- see more here from @laceproject https://t.co/QKoRhhCHnV #LAK16

— Sheila MacNeill (@sheilmcn) April 27, 2016

| http://twitter.com/sheilmcn/status/725296572968394752
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april 2016
The Code4Lib Journal – Measuring Library Vendor Cyber Security: Seven Easy Questions Every Librarian Can Ask

if you liked my @libtechconf talk, you'll also like this @code4lib journal rubric for assessing vendor security! https://t.co/HZe98KhQ6s

— Andromeda Yelton (@ThatAndromeda) April 26, 2016

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april 2016
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The best structure for improv in RPGs:
- Establish the premise
- Heighten/expand it
- Twist the premise to reveal a new truth.

— Bill Cavalier (@dungeonbastard) April 8, 2016

| http://twitter.com/dungeonbastard/status/718547567164821504
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april 2016
Tony Hirst on Twitter: "Punk code… just do it… https://t.co/0glytNckjc"

Punk code… just do it… pic.twitter.com/0glytNckjc

— Tony Hirst (@psychemedia) April 8, 2016

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april 2016
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WHATEVER COMES AFTER HUMANS: Make fact the basis of decision-making in your societies. Otherwise you're in for bad times.

— Justin Achilli (@jachilli) April 3, 2016

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april 2016
Werner Herzog Offers 24 Pieces of Filmmaking & Life Advice Open Culture
1. Always take the initiative.
2. There is nothing wrong with spending a night in jail if it means getting the shot you need.
3. Send out all your dogs and one might return with prey.
4. Never wallow in your troubles; despair must be kept private and brief.
5. Learn to live with your mistakes.
6. Expand your knowledge and understanding of music and literature, old and modern.
7. That roll of unexposed celluloid you have in your hand might be the last in existence, so do something impressive with it.
8. There is never an excuse not to finish a film.
9. Carry bolt cutters everywhere.
10. Thwart institutional cowardice.
11. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.
12. Take your fate into your own hands.
13. Learn to read the inner essence of a landscape.
14. Ignite the fire within and explore unknown territory.
15. Walk straight ahead, never detour.
16. Manoeuvre and mislead, but always deliver.
17. Don’t be fearful of rejection.
18. Develop your own voice.
19. Day one is the point of no return.
20. A badge of honor is to fail a film theory class.
21. Chance is the lifeblood of cinema.
22. Guerrilla tactics are best.
23. Take revenge if need be.
24. Get used to the bear behind you.
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april 2016
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