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*follows dreams* *dreams don't follow back* *unfollows dreams*

— Anti Joke Tyrone (@AntiJokeTyrone) April 17, 2014

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15 hours ago
Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

Insightful article about photography's bias against dark skin: http://t.co/tYopdT5nJE

— danah boyd (@zephoria) April 9, 2014

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8 days ago
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You are not your job. You are how you treat people.

— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) April 7, 2014

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10 days ago
MSE | The Annihilation of Caste - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

A digital edition of Ambedkar's "The Annihilation of Caste": http://t.co/eX8BsAz4K1 #bclc2014

— Mx A. Matienzo (@anarchivist) April 2, 2014

| http://twitter.com/anarchivist/status/451493825060421632
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14 days ago
Is the Oculus Rift sexist? – Quartz

Is the Oculus Rift sexist? – Quartz http://t.co/DLxzvZdLuQ

— Franklin Sayre (@fsayre) March 31, 2014

| http://twitter.com/fsayre/status/450662554902470657
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17 days ago
Vancouver Brewery Map | The Hoppy Ending

Handy map of the 18 unique craft breweries within a bikeable distance of downtown Vancouver: http://t.co/zAj6uz5H9U pic.twitter.com/7VN70UtfOK

— Chris Bruntlett (@cbruntlett) March 29, 2014

| http://twitter.com/cbruntlett/status/449981284849172481
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17 days ago
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We are on losing end of trying to provide content as well as Amazon or Google because we don't have deep pockets and we don't spy. #erl14

— janeschmidt (@janeschmidt) March 17, 2014

| http://twitter.com/janeschmidt/status/445560161625587712
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4 weeks ago
maryakem/llearncode · GitHub

"we want to sustain our knowledge by working together" LibraryPPLlearning code. Sharing here: http://t.co/F68qAkDpTC learners only

— Maryann Kempthorne (@maryakem) March 15, 2014

| http://twitter.com/maryakem/status/444881118299308033
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4 weeks ago
5 weeks ago

Yasiin Gaye, the Mos Def-Marvin Gaye mash-up album you never knew you wanted: http://t.co/7oE0U757RT … h/t @Bibliocracy #libmusic #music #np

— Jacob Berg (@jacobsberg) February 26, 2014

| http://twitter.com/jacobsberg/status/438762234177912832
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7 weeks ago
Twitter / PunkRockClub: #dk #deadkennedys #punk Punk ...

Preparing seminar on "Open & Subversive Technologies". Like this from the Dead Kennedy's via @hereissimone pic.twitter.com/ZGlIYGYtNp

— Tony Roberts (@phat_controller) February 22, 2014

| http://twitter.com/phat_controller/status/437230713252093952
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7 weeks ago

#erl14 Session Spotlight: "More Licenses, More Problems: How to Talk to Your Users About Why eBooks are Terrible" http://t.co/m9RwmWuNBi

— ER&L (@ERandL) February 22, 2014

| http://twitter.com/ERandL/status/437268163634679808
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7 weeks ago
NYPL Tweetwall

Special bonus tweet: If you love the NYPL Tweetwall (http://t.co/Dnbvcdg0e6), you can have it! Code on Github: https://t.co/YHoWTA3tLW

— Josh Hadro (@Hadro) February 21, 2014

| http://twitter.com/Hadro/status/436869134417403905
twitter  Hadro 
7 weeks ago
The limits of the literary | Education | Universities | Mail & Guardian
The only viable defence of the university is one grounded in an idea of its role in society as a force contrary to power elites and dominant orthodoxies, and is expressed as an active rather than a static defence (to employ military metaphor), one that engages with the premises of the producers of blueprints and recipes in a radical and ideologically confrontational way.

Otherwise, we are going to follow a logic of change that will produce something that fits in beautifully with our corporate-capitalist view of the world and is there to service its strategic objectives, however narrowly they may be conceived and however alien they are to what we need to teach ourselves and our future generations about what it is to be human and what is important in our history (and histories), our art, our music and our literature.

We should not leave this to the writers of dystopian fiction and voices crying out in an ever-increasing wilderness.
2014  university  academia  library  capitalism 
8 weeks ago
10 weeks ago
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Let's be real: libraries do not have an embrace-the-web culture. They're all afraid and still define success by the # of books they push.

— Michael Schofield (@gollydamn) February 4, 2014

| http://twitter.com/gollydamn/status/430708852594868224
twitter  gollydamn 
10 weeks ago
IFTTT / Missing link

Libraries are not really that good at sharing, but they are good at patting themselves on the back about it.

— MJ Suhonos (@mjsuhonos) January 28, 2014

| http://twitter.com/mjsuhonos/status/428172049509801984
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11 weeks ago
The Age of 'Infopolitics' - NYTimes.com
Our confusion is a sign that we need a new way of thinking about our informational milieu. What we need is a concept of infopolitics that would help us understand the increasingly dense ties between politics and information. Infopolitics encompasses not only traditional state surveillance and data surveillance, but also “data analytics” (the techniques that enable marketers at companies like Target to detect, for instance, if you are pregnant), digital rights movements (promoted by organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation), online-only crypto-currencies (like Bitcoin or Litecoin), algorithmic finance (like automated micro-trading) and digital property disputes (from peer-to-peer file sharing to property claims in the virtual world of Second Life). These are only the tip of an enormous iceberg that is drifting we know not where.
tech  information  surveillance  privacy  2014 
11 weeks ago
Why The Copyright Industry Is Doomed, In One Single Sentence | TorrentFreak
Therefore, as a society, we are at a crossroads where we can make a choice between privacy and the ability to communicate in private, with all the other things that depend on that ability (like whistleblower protections and freedom of the press), or a distribution monopoly for a particular entertainment industry. These two have become mutually exclusive and cannot coexist, which is also why you see the copyright industry lobbying so hard for more surveillance, wiretapping, tracking, and data retention (they understand this perfectly).
copyright  drm  privacy  surveillance  security  2014 
11 weeks ago
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