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The search for happiness is a matter of survival, not frivolity. Joy is a sign that one's life is well-aligned.

— Xeni Jardin (@xeni) September 16, 2014

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3 days ago
Life Atop Ground Zero — The Message — Medium

"This is what it means to forget"- @fimoculous on The Hole, 13 years after. 9/11 https://t.co/I94WAuLa13

— Molly Crabapple (@mollycrabapple) September 11, 2014

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8 days ago
Why I Loved Lucy Even Though It Got Terrible Reviews: Toward an Info-Humanism | hls
“Do librarians seek refuge from troubling questions by turning to technology and managerialism?” From what I experienced in library school, from what I was trained to do and how I was expected to approach assignments in library school, the answer is yes.
library  education  criticism  managerialism  2014 
28 days ago
Go To Hellman: Libraries are Giving Away the User-Privacy Store

I updated my "Library Privacy, RIP" post with links to open source alternatives for sharing and analytics. http://t.co/Wyj1vTzsw7

— Eric Hellman (@gluejar) August 19, 2014

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4 weeks ago
What do the clocks mean? — Flare and Fade

I like this essay about art, time, and tattoos. http://t.co/2rxnrWlXYX

— Captain Awkward (@CAwkward) August 20, 2014

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4 weeks ago
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Teachers, mentors & professors, follow @DrMChatelain's #FergusonSyllabus for texts (books & docs) for your lesson plans. Also @ZinnEdProject

— Ebony Elizabeth (@Ebonyteach) August 19, 2014

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4 weeks ago
Sick of this market-driven world? You should be | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

Why neoliberalism is bad - a great summation of why it's wreaking so much havoc on our world: http://t.co/3H9KspYsMD

— janeschmidt (@janeschmidt) August 8, 2014

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6 weeks ago
libshipwreck tweet

Kindle Unlimited is like a library that spies on patrons, bullies publishers, and centralizes corporate control. So...not like a #library...

— LibrarianShipwreck (@libshipwreck) July 23, 2014

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8 weeks ago
How Your Local Library Can Help You Resist the Surveillance State

"We have a critical function in technology education, & there's so much more we could be doing." Libraries & #privacy http://t.co/lhTiOFwjFg

— LibrarianShipwreck (@libshipwreck) July 13, 2014

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9 weeks ago
Make your own | Birthday Bunny

The Battle Bunny folks even let you download the "original" Birthday Bunny book, for kids to deface, themselves: http://t.co/i2lkjGCFv4

— John Kovalic (@muskrat_john) July 12, 2014

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9 weeks ago
How your library can help you resist the surveillance state

Fantastic piece: "How your library can help you resist the surveillance state" http://t.co/teI1DaY1hB #libraries #privacy

— Myron G (@Bibliocracy) July 8, 2014

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10 weeks ago
How can I self-archive my #research article? #openaccess #openscience

This great website answers the question, “Can I self-archive this paper?” http://t.co/sfGfudB2hk h/t @Protohedgehog #OpenScience

— Impactstory (@Impactstory) July 1, 2014

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11 weeks ago
grobie/soundcloud2000 · GitHub

SoundCloud Command-Line Client... https://t.co/QjMIzSyk4d

— Hacker News Bot (@hackernewsbot) June 28, 2014

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11 weeks ago
"Joe Strummer's London Calling": All 8 Episodes of Strummer's UK Radio Show Free Online - | Open Culture

“Joe Strummer’s London Calling”: All 8 Episodes of Strummer’s UK Radio Show Free Online: http://t.co/AfmZa0ZUML pic.twitter.com/0E34wCeMFV

— Open Culture (@openculture) June 22, 2014

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12 weeks ago
The Timeless Beauty Of Studio Ghibli's Movies

Loads of beautiful background art from Studio Ghibli's movies. In case you need new wallpaper. http://t.co/4OiIZ4Fcp5 pic.twitter.com/0cv8P0kS7i

— Kotaku (@Kotaku) June 18, 2014

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june 2014
imagemagick: optional openjpeg support · 1fe28f8 · Homebrew/homebrew · GitHub

ImageMagick with JPEG 2000 support using @OpenJPEG just landed in @MacHomebrew: https://t.co/hWfuRd465w

— ‏Chris Adams‎ (@acdha) June 17, 2014

| http://twitter.com/acdha/status/478903067124191232
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june 2014
june 2014
All of Bach for Free! New Site Will Put Performances of 1080 Bach Compositions Online - | Open Culture

All of Bach for Free! New Site Will Put Performances of 1080 Bach Compositions Online http://t.co/e96WdzbLbO pic.twitter.com/Uz4HOUNRkw

— Open Culture (@openculture) June 12, 2014

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june 2014
The Cost of Contemporary Policing — Medium

Many teens' relationship with the law is a battle for survival & freedom. "On the Run" offers brilliant insights: http://t.co/u94EXpCqbv

— danah boyd (@zephoria) June 9, 2014

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june 2014

@daftkifty i'm using this software for it: https://t.co/DRTkOxTNhA you just buy a domain. It works fairly well and i'm pretty happy with it.

— nina de jesus (@satifice) June 3, 2014

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june 2014
Missing link - IFTTT

roguelike librarian

— John Fink (@adr) June 2, 2014

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june 2014
Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy | Technology | The Guardian
Hopelessness is merely the condition they want you to catch, not one you have to have.

So far as the other argument is concerned, we owe it to ourselves to be quite clear in response: "If we are not doing anything wrong, then we have a right to resist."

If we are not doing anything wrong, then we have a right to do everything we can to maintain the traditional balance between us and power that is listening. We have a right to be obscure. We have a right to mumble. We have a right to speak languages they do not get. We have a right to meet when and where and how we please.
privacy  politics  secrecy  2014  nsa 
may 2014
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