The National Security Kafkaland of Harper's C-51 - YouTube

Micheal Vonn from @BCCLA tells @TheRealNews there's nothing salvageable in Bill #C51 to protect our civil liberties http://t.co/5KlMT9O6MH

— OpenMedia.ca (@OpenMedia_ca) August 23, 2015

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5 days ago
A love letter to libraries | The Bloggess

"Librarians are how libraries speak." A love letter to libraries: http://t.co/pFXDHdJ9cS via @thebloggess

— Pam Ryan (@pamryan) August 13, 2015

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15 days ago
Google learns the Alphabet | LibrarianShipwreck

A is for Alphabet. B is for Buying up competitors. Google changes its name, but it's still the same company: http://t.co/b1fwHrxG39

— LibrarianShipwreck (@libshipwreck) August 13, 2015

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15 days ago

Bypassing Interlibrary Loan Via Twitter: An Exploration of #icanhazpdf Requests http://t.co/hJI4X0NaaD

— Jennifer Vinopal (@jvinopal) August 8, 2015

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20 days ago
Harnessing Mistrust for Civic Action « … My heart’s in Accra
In his 2012 book, “Twilight of the Elites”, Christopher Hayes suggests that the political tension of our time is not between left and right, but between institutionalists and insurrectionists. Institutionalists believe we can fix the world’s problems by strengthening and revitalizing the institutions we have. Insurrectionists believe we need to abandon these broken institutions we have and replace them with new, less corrupted ones, or with nothing at all. The institutionalists show up to vote in elections, but they’re being crowded out by the insurrectionists, who take to the streets to protest, or more worryingly, disengage entirely from civic life.
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5 weeks ago
Andras Toth on Twitter: "On the left: our best image of Pluto in May. On the right: our current best picture of Pluto. #NewHorizons #Pluto http://t.co/qxmW7EnAWZ"

On the left: our best image of Pluto in May. On the right: our current best picture of Pluto. #NewHorizons #Pluto pic.twitter.com/qxmW7EnAWZ

— Andras Toth (@tothur) July 13, 2015

| http://twitter.com/tothur/status/620601134651166720
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6 weeks ago
Adblock Plus Reduces University's Network Traffic By 25 Percent - Slashdot

Ad-block+ reduces university's (in this case SFU's) network traffic by 25% http://t.co/AZ2pf31MJ1 (h/t @robbat2)

— Scott Leslie (@sleslie) July 10, 2015

| http://twitter.com/sleslie/status/619558372677816320
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6 weeks ago
Joe Beef and the Unfortunate Appeal of Ignorance - HeadSpaceHeadSpace
“Business is business” may seem like a reasoned reply to the sometimes unfortunate consequences of daily commerce, but it’s really more sidestepping pleasantry than wise commercial aphorism. It neatly avoids the deeper questions and collateral damages of the capitalist model we all live in, allowing those directly involved to continue with their singular pursuit of More, while giving those on the outside permission to go blissfully on with their day-to-day, all parties very relieved to be free of any direct responsibility, clutching their believed free-passes as they drive on through the ruins.

The factory owner polluting waterways to save on operational costs, the oil company lobbying government so they can keep on drilling, the advertiser playing on our insecurities – all share the bond of trading something valuable in ways hard to measure for the chance at more.
capitalism  montreal  cafe  local  business  2015 
9 weeks ago
TAGS Searchable Twitter Archive

Web view of #bclc2015 tweet archive: http://t.co/Gn6jV1zpkK

— tara robertson (@tararobertson) May 23, 2015

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may 2015
You Can't Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing | TorrentFreak

You Can’t Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing http://t.co/dSXDS1x3Eu

— TorrentFreak (@torrentfreak) May 10, 2015

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may 2015
Missing link - IFTTT

Kill all institutions.

— redlibrarian (@redlibrarian) April 23, 2015

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april 2015
Open Access Mash-Up: Protecting Your Rights As an Author + Putting th…

Open Access Mash-Up: Protecting Your Rights As an Author + Putting the Public... #openaccess http://t.co/qsmLQrJncG by @jillasella #oa

— Jacob Berg (@jacobsberg) April 14, 2015

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april 2015
Fail better
It is an aesthetic and an ethical failure: to put it very simply, you have not told the truth. When writers admit to failures they like to admit to the smallest ones - for example, in each of my novels somebody "rummages in their purse" for something because I was too lazy and thoughtless and unawake to separate "purse" from its old, persistent friend "rummage". To rummage through a purse is to sleepwalk through a sentence - a small enough betrayal of self, but a betrayal all the same. To speak personally, the very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.
zadiesmith  writing  literature  writers  essay  failure  2007 
april 2015
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