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PSA: the maladaptive coping strategies you develop to survive yr early career WILL metastasize & haunt you for the rest of yr working life

— Bibli-Occīdere (@Bibliocracy) October 14, 2016

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9 days ago
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@jjackunrau welcome to the right wing hellscape/burning trash fire that is alberta. ;)

— Dana Ouellette (@DanaOuellette) October 7, 2016

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16 days ago
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Security isn't an end state, product, or destination; it's an emergent phenomena of proper system design and management.

— ra6bit (@ra6bit) June 29, 2016

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june 2016
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We believe everyone should understand encryption—so we made Codemoji, an emoji cipher game: https://t.co/CAxiVX0qMn http://pic.twitter.com/55lWU4xwOz

— Mozilla (@mozilla) June 28, 2016

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june 2016
Impact of Social Sciences – Internet freedom for all: Public libraries have to get serious about tackling the digital privacy divide.

Internet freedom for all: Public libraries have to get serious about tackling the digital privacy divide. https://t.co/KdKAJLrOED

— Ian Clark (@ijclark) June 21, 2016

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june 2016
BCLA Hot Topic: Notes from Privacy Matters – Learning LibTech

Notes from Privacy Matters. Presenters: @sleslie @flexlibris @KateMilberry #bclc2016 https://t.co/PsTpmMd3M6

— Cynthia Ng (@TheRealArty) May 13, 2016

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may 2016
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