Opinion: Road Warriors | Precedent
To make progress toward bike-safe streets, more people have to sue the government
8 days ago
Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why | Will Hutton | Comment is free | The Observer
Our companies and our rich don't need to back frontier innovation or even invest to produce: they just need to harvest their returns and tax breaks, tax shelters and compound interest will do the rest.
9 days ago
The public sector isn't perfect but at least it doesn't fleece us | Will Hutton | Comment is free | The Observer
The public sector is imperfect: it is run and operated by fallible human beings. There are spectacular failings, ranging from the BBC's wasted £100m on its digital media initiative to the unfolding IT disaster over universal credit. But what it does not deserve is universal castigation because a priori it must be useless. It is accountable. It does not loot its users. It is pretty efficient. It is humane.
9 weeks ago
Advice from an Old Programmer
Programming as a profession is only moderately interesting. It can be a good job, but you could make about the same money and be happier running a fast food joint. You're much better off using code as your secret weapon in another profession.

People who can code in the world of technology companies are a dime a dozen and get no respect. People who can code in biology, medicine, government, sociology, physics, history, and mathematics are respected and can do amazing things to advance those disciplines.
december 2013
How James Turrell Knocked the Art World Off Its Feet - NYTimes.com
“He’s an orchestrator of experience,” Close said, “not a creator of cheap effects. And every artists knows how cheap an effect is, and how revolutionary an experience.”
december 2013
Rob Ford’s mayoralty is decadent and depraved - The GridTO
This city has problems it needs to deal with, arguments it needs to have, lots of things it needs to figure out. And we aren’t particularly good at it—electoral politics is a crude mechanism for resolving complex debates. But Ford and his toxic politics and even more toxic personal behaviour have made everything worse.
november 2013
Andrew Coyne: Rob Ford mess a monster born of divisive and condescending populism | National Post
And of all his enablers, the most culpable are the strategists, the ones who fashioned his image as the defender of the little guy, the suburban strivers, against the downtown elites, with their degrees and their symphonies — the ones who turned a bundle of inchoate resentments into Ford Nation. Sound familiar? It is the same condescending populism, the same aggressively dumb, harshly divisive message that has become the playbook for the right generally in this country, in all its contempt for learning, its disdain for facts, its disrespect of convention and debasing of standards. They can try to run away from him now, but they made this monster, and they will own him for years to come.
november 2013
Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt
his research shows that our entire economic paradigm is a threat to ecological stability
november 2013
Always Go To The Funeral : NPR
In going to funerals, I've come to believe that while I wait to make a grand heroic gesture, I should just stick to the small inconveniences that let me share in life's inevitable, occasional calamity.
november 2013
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