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Netflix God Mode Bookmarklet
RT : Cool bookmarklet fixes the awful sideways scrolling on the Netflix website:
webdev  personal  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by epersonae
How to do pair writing well | Gerry McGovern
"Pair writing is a process, not one workshop." this seems much like our worksession process.
contentstrategy  webdev  writing 
15 days ago by epersonae
The Drupal Site Builder Manifesto | Darren Mothersele
"But, when it comes to Drupal, I love to be a Site Builder" THIS.
webdev  drupal 
29 days ago by epersonae
X-Men: Days of Future Past, Explained in Git - The Hashrocket Blog
actually helped me understand both X-Men AND Git a little better.
git  weird  webdev 
4 weeks ago by epersonae
Meet the Ipsums
pretty all the filler text generators I've ever seen.
webdev  design 
august 2014 by epersonae
custom-sized placeholder images of Steven Segal.
webdev  weird 
august 2014 by epersonae
An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues – The Pastry Box Project
the best thoughtful article on accessibility I've read in a long time, maybe ever.
accessibility  webdev 
august 2014 by epersonae
Keeping Your Content Types Tip-Top | Lullabot
synchronizing a content strategy spreadsheet with content types in Drupal.
drupal  webdev  contentstrategy 
december 2013 by epersonae
Git for Grown-ups ◆ 24 ways
More about how to develop one's own way of thinking through a version control system. Going to do this with the team, I think.
webdev  git  from twitter_favs
december 2013 by epersonae
Monsters U.'s Site Just Might Give You 'Web-Site Envy' - Head Count - The Chronicle of Higher Education
actually, it is pretty darn good. not so delighted by the slider, but otherwise....
academia  webdev  funny 
july 2013 by epersonae
Adactio: Journal—By any other name
"Like obscenity and brunch, web apps can be described but not defined. [...] Why do you want to make that distinction? What benefit do you gain by arbitrarily dividing the entire web into two classes?"
webdev  philosophizing 
may 2013 by epersonae
Deblobbing your chunks: Building a flexible content model | Lullabot
excellent article about the nuts & bolts of considering how to build content models.
contentstrategy  webdev  drupal  cascadeserver 
may 2013 by epersonae
jPlayer : HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery
neat tool, but can't use on KAOS site now because they're all prototype/scriptaculous. :
jquery  webdev  javascripty 
february 2013 by epersonae
Design Process In The Responsive Age | Smashing UX Design
"priority guide" as an organizing concept for mobile-first.
webdev  design  mobileweb  rwd 
november 2012 by epersonae
FitWeird by davatron5000
"FitWeird helps you add breakpoints when things get weird. It's about as dumb as it gets. Resize your window, it tells you dimensions in PX and EM."
rwd  css  webdev 
november 2012 by epersonae
Adaptive Content Management
"Publishing content with a content management system is a royal pain in the arse. Almost without exception."
webdev  drupal  cascadeserver  cms-research 
october 2012 by epersonae
Coffee | drupal.org
like Quicksilver/Launchy for Drupal
drupal  webdev  module 
october 2012 by epersonae
Content Syndication Using Services and Feeds | Lullabot
fascinating process of sharing content across sites. (Also: only Goofus hacks Core.)
drupal  webdev 
october 2012 by epersonae
SVN client SmartSVN
"the subversion client for professionals"?!
mac  webdev  svn 
october 2012 by epersonae
How to aggregate multiple RSS feeds / How Do I... / Discussion Area - Cascade Server Support
the important part here, since I'd already figured out the rest, was to add the "render-content-depth" attribute to the data definition. otherwise you just get the name and system path of the feed, which is pretty useless.
cascadeserver  webdev 
august 2012 by epersonae
Design Tip: Never Use Black by Ian Storm Taylor
"All of the “black” everyday objects around you have some amount of light bouncing off of them, which means they aren’t black, they’re dark gray. And that light probably has a tint to it, so they’re not even dark gray, they’re colored-dark gray."
webdev  design  arts 
august 2012 by epersonae
William & Mary - Creative Content Consumption
bringing stuff from other services into Cascade. (lots of ways to do it!)
cascadeserver  webdev 
august 2012 by epersonae
XSL Date & Time Library « Katy's Code
for if I can't get all the EXSLT functions I want.
webdev  xslt 
august 2012 by epersonae
Go Mobile at Texas A&M University
fantastic resource: what, why, how. Big push for responsive web design.
rwd  mobileweb  webdev  academia 
july 2012 by epersonae
CodeKit — THE Mac App For Web Developers
looks interesting, can't use until/unless I get 10.7 on my work computer. (FWIW, it's not an editor. A bunch of project-oriented tools.)
mac  css  webdev  javascripty 
july 2012 by epersonae
Responsive Email Design | Campaign Monitor
"When we last surveyed email client popularity in 2011, we found that almost 20% of email opens occurred on a mobile device, rising dramatically from a mere 4% of the market when we last ran the numbers in 2009." (I'm sort of curious how much of that info came from counting when pics are displayed. GMail on Android, for one, doesn't display pics by default. Have to wonder abt undercounting.
rwd  email-newsletter  webdev 
july 2012 by epersonae
Mocking Up Is Hard To Do
"The more time we’ve spent working on responsive websites, the clearer it’s become that mock-ups aren’t very good representations of the final product."
webdev  css  rwd 
july 2012 by epersonae
Check websites for broken links — LinkChecker
version 7.0 works on Mac. (alas, no Xenu's Link Sleuth for Mac.)
mac  software  reference  webdev 
july 2012 by epersonae
The Summer of Learning | Aquent/Vitamin T
somewhat curious what this is going to consist of.
webdev  html5 
june 2012 by epersonae
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