Why I look at OmniFocus
Good advice on #OmniFocus and task management in general from @eddie_smith : http://t.co/KsUP2jJK
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11 days ago
Big Bob Gibson's White BBQ Sauce Copycat Recipe - Allrecipes.com
tir mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, horseradish, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper together in a bowl until smooth. Slowly stream water into the sauce, increasing the amount until you reach your desired consistency.
14 days ago
A Little Weekly Review Goes a Long Way — Arkus, Inc.
kcase: A Little Weekly Review Goes a Long Way — Arkus, Inc. http://t.co/zW2B124c
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26 days ago
A year ago today, I posted "Cranking."


It's my favorite thing I've ever written.
26 days ago
New GTD and OmniFocus Setup Guide | GTD Times
Brand-new setup guide that describes how best to configure OmniFocus for GTD.
26 days ago
Stardew Valley Hidden Statues
This will show you where all the hidden statues are for Stardew Valley.
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26 days ago
Photography cheat sheet
by Jarofcookie May 18 via iPhone Grid view
may 2016
The Lessons of ‘Lost’: Understanding the Most Important Network Show of the Past 10 Years
The Lessons of ‘Lost’: Understanding the Most Important Network Show of the Past 10 Years http://t.co/aCzIHgIUm4
september 2014
The Speech That Shocked Birmingham the Day After the Church Bombing - Atlantic Mobile
"A bomb went off and an all-white police force moved into action," proclaimed Charles Morgan Jr. at the Birmingham Young Men's Business Club. (Associated…
august 2014
DOStant Memories | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Remembering MS-DOS gaming. “Nothing working. Nothing ever bloody working properly.” http://t.co/1LxecK9wAM
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june 2014
Memories of Steve
A version of this article about Steve Jobs first appeared in The Loop Magazine on his birthday during February of this year. Jim Dalrymple edited the original…
april 2014
⋆ Rec Recommend this Post 67 The Bag Man excuses himself to make a call outside, on his "other phone," to arrange delivery of $500 in cash to a visiting…
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april 2014
Just Cook It.
12 Jun 13 S’More Than A Feeling
september 2013
Just Cook It.
BBQ Sauce . Relevant links: . Download the label (right-click Save As) . Broforce . by .
september 2013
JURASSEC PARK - Every Day Should Be Saturday
(deep in the Montana badlands) DR. MARK RICHT: I hate computers. DR. GARY PINKEL: You're not machine compatible. Remember all those butt texts? RICHT: Look,…
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april 2013
Watch Bourdain Take Alton Brown to the Legendary Atlanta Strip Club Clermont Lounge | Eater National
Last night on The Layover , Anthony Bourdain capped off his visit to Atlanta by stopping in at the legendary Clermont Lounge , the strip club known for its…
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february 2013
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