Hazmat team responds to Egan, Flanagan & Cohen offices in Springfield following chemical leak
SPRINGFIELD -- The downtown law offices of Egan, Flanagan and Cohen were evacuated Friday afternoon after a disused fire suppression system began to leak, sending decades-old extinguishing chemicals into the building's basement.

Springfield firefighters responded to a 67 Market St. following a call from a building worker at 12:38 p.m. and encountered fumes from the spill. A regional hazmat team is en route to the scene and the building remains evacuated as of this afternoon.

Deputy Chief Glenn Guyer said the fire suppressions system used carbon tetrafluoride – an extinguishing agent commonly used upwards of sixty years ago, but which fell out of favor due to its carcinogenic and corrosive properties.

"It's a type of extinguishing agent which is set up on a fusable link, so when the room gets to a certain temperature or a fire gets to the fusable link, it activates. The system is under pressure and it sprays it all out there.," Guyer said. "It's very good at putting out fires but it's very corrosive – it's not good for people."
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Hazmat crews cleaning up chlorine spill at gym
Around 10:15 a.m., authorities were dispatched to the gym located at 1357 E. Los Angeles Ave. after receiving reports of a chemical spill, said Ventura County Fire Capt. Scott Dettorre.

Upon arrival, firefighters evacuated the gym’s outdoor pool, as well as the rest of the facility.

“There was a large liquid chlorine spill into the pool at the gym and from that leak, a large vapor cloud was released,” Dettorre said. “Ten people were assessed and treated by the (Ventura County) Fire Department, but I don’t know if any were gym patrons or employees.”

Of those 10, the fire captain said, seven were transported to local hospitals. The other three were paramedics with American Medical Response who were providing treatment.
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California to levy fee on rail cars carrying dangerous chemicals
California plans to levy a fee on rail cars carrying dangerous chemicals across the state, starting later this year.

The move follows several oil train derailments around the country, including in neighboring Oregon. A recent analysis conducted by the Office of Emergency Services found gaps in California's ability to handle such spills, prompting the state Legislature to order the fee program.

Railroad companies call the proposed fee illegal. Federal law prohibits states from imposing constraints on interstate commerce of railways.

The state compiled a list of 25 of the most hazardous materials shipped by rail. Each car carrying one of those materials is to face a $45 fee. The list includes substances dangerous to humans by direct contact or because they are highly flammable, such as oils, petroleum gases, fertilizers and acids.
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How A ‘Strong Smell’ On The Florida Turnpike Played A Role In Two Motorists’ Deaths And Hospitalized Three Cops
Once the trooper was able to break the window, he noticed a strong chemical smell coming from inside the vehicle.

“There’s some kind of strong smell coming out of the vehicle. We’re not able — we’re not sure what’s coming out of there. There’s one small child and a female, but, uh, they’re not able to get in with the smell.”
A hazardous materials (Hazmat) team was called. They found an “unknown chemical substance” that, as of this writing, has yet to be identified, according to an Orlando Sentinel report from the time.
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Dombivli blast due to fire in stored chemical: RTI
Summary: It has been almost two months but there is no official report on the reason behind the chemical factory blast in Dombivli. When the welding sparks flew into the stock, the chemical caught fire and there was a blast," sated the reply. On May 26, a blast in Dombivli MIDC's Probase company killed four and injured 161 people. The RTI reply from the state industrial safety and health department states that the blast took place as welding work was on near the distillation centre of the company. However, according to a reply to an RTI query, it has come to light that the blast took place because of huge stocks of Popargyl chloride that caught fire due to welding sparks.
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Is that red fire retardant dropped from planes during wildfires safe for humans and the environment?
While some say the pink gel is effective at slowing the spread of wildfires, others wonder if its use has long-lasting effects on the environment.

Most agree that the chemical is not harmful — at least not to humans and other mammals — even though it can cause quite a mess. However, studies show it may be lethal to aquatic life in lakes, creeks or rivers and scientists more recently are concerned about lingering effects of retardant on trees and chaparral during the current drought, which has made scarce the cleansing rains that can wash the chemicals away.

“With these drought conditions, with vegetation already stressed and now, with retardant staying on these plants and waiting six months before it rains, we don’t know if that changes the equation,” said Marti Witter, a fire ecologist with the National Park Service in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

“Having salt sitting on your leaves — that would interfere with the leaf surface. Salts are not that great,” she said.

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Did The West Virginia Chemical Spill Harm Residents?
A study completed earlier this month by federal health officials found that chemicals leaked into West Virginia drinking water systems in early 2014 were unlikely to produce adverse health effects at levels recommended by the government.

The year-long analysis by the National Toxicology Program found that most of the chemicals analyzed in numerous studies did not show signs of negative effects, and those that did were only reflected at levels well in excess of the drinking water threshold.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a screening level of 1 part per million for a coal washing chemical that leaked into the Elk River on January 9, 2014, but officials acknowledged that little was known about appropriate exposure levels at the time.

A storage tank that included 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol, or MCHM, and other chemicals ruptured and overwhelmed the water utility serving some 300,000 customers near Charleston.

Local residents went without water for several days under do-not-drink advisories from the water utility and the governor's office. Numerous residents complained of health problems long after the orders were lifted.

The NTP study, however, supported "the adequacy of the drinking water screening level concentrations recommended by CDC at time of spill."

Although some residents reported rashes and skin irritation in the wake of the spill, the agency said that MCHM is a skin irritant only at much higher concentrations.

One of their studies also found low birth weights when pregnant rats were given elevated doses of MCHM, but a study by West Virginia officials reportedly found no increase in low birth weights or pre-term births in the area around the spill.
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UPDATE: Specialist chemical team work continue clean up of 100 litre acid leak at Cowley Mini Plant (From Oxford Mail)
A SPECIALIST team continues the clear up of 100 litres of leaked acid at the BMW plant in Cowley.

The hydrochloric acid was discovered at about 2am on one of the plant's storage facilities.

The on-site emergency response team dealt with the leak initially until emergency services arrived just before 4am.

Steve Wrelton, a spokesman for MINI Plant Oxford, confirmed Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service left the site this afternoon while the specialist team continues the clear up.

He said they were expected to finish the operation tonight and afterwards there will be an assessment of the area.

He added: "At about 2am a chemical leak was identified in one of our plant’s storage facilities.

"In line with procedure, our on-site emergency response team was notified and local emergency services were called to attend.

"No one has been injured as a result of the incident and production continues. 

"A full investigation will be undertaken and the Health & Safety Executive have been informed.”
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Meth lab dump site found in Port Huron
Another methamphetamine lab dump site has been located and dismantled, this time in the city of Port Huron, police said.

The site was found on the night of July 19 by Port Huron Police Road Patrol officers during a follow up investigation into a larceny report, according to a release from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office. Police were attempting to locate stolen items when they went to a vacant lot in the 1600 block of Whipple Street at about 11 p.m. and instead discovered four one pot method reactionary vessels, along with methamphetamine components and precursors.

The St. Clair County Drug Task Force was called to the scene to decontaminate, dismantle and dispose of the lab.

There were no suspects following the incident, which marked the Drug Task Force’s 17th response to a methamphetamine-related complaint this year, police said.

“We want to send the message once again to everyone: If you see what might even possibly be the remnants of a meth lab, walk away and contact your local police agency or the Drug Task Force,” St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said in the release. “The remnants left in these one pot vessels can be very volatile. If the chemicals reactivate, it can cause a chemical fire or explosion.”
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Propane tanks catch fire, explode at west Valley RV dealer
Phoenix firefighters and hazmat crews were called to the scene of a west Valley RV dealership Thursday, after a fire and explosions were reported.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. at La Mesa RV near 75th Avenue and McDowell.

Fire officials say a fire started in one RV. It was quickly upgraded to a hazardous materials assignment after the flames spread to nearby propane tanks, igniting explosions.

"Crews will be fighting this fire from a defensive position with ladder pipes and from the exterior," says Reda Bigler with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Fire crews we
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Hazmat Crews Clean Up Mercury Leak at Vallejo-Owned Dam
pecially trained hazardous materials crews have begun a dangerous clean-up job at Lake Curry Dam in Napa County, where an alarming amount of mercury leaked earlier this week.
The city of Vallejo, which owns the dam, says a contractor hired to do routine maintenance work near the dam discovered the leak of the highly toxic substance coming from a 92-year-old non-functioning flow meter.
The meter had been leaking mercury onto the valve house floor for an undetermined period of time, the city said.
Lake Curry Dam hasn't been used as a source of drinking water since 1989, and people aren't in danger, according to Fiona Strykers, assistant director with Vallejo Public Works.
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Amherst hazmat situation caused by man distilling urine
An evacuation at a North Amherst apartment complex Wednesday night was all caused by one man who was cooking his own urine on the stove.

Neighbors complained of a strong, potent odor at Brandywine Apartments. 

When firefighters arrived, they found more than just chemicals.

"Some people thought maybe explosives, doesn't seem to be any indication of that," said Amherst Assistant Fire Chief Lindsay Stromgren.

When firefighters entered the apartment, authorities said that they saw what appeared to be mixed chemicals cooking on the stove. 

"It's clear the individual was at least doing some experimenting.  Whether he was trying to create something specific, we really don't know based on what was there for evidence," Stromgren added.

Neighbors said that they saw a helicopter flying overhead and people in hazmat suits.
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150 evacuated after chemical spill in Chino warehouse
CHINO >> A 200-gallon chemical spill at a Chino warehouse Thursday afternoon forced the evacuation of about 150 employees but injured no one, according to a fire official.

The spill of a flammable liquid used to remove graffiti was reported at 3:24 p.m. Thursday in the 4600 block of Schaefer Avenue in Chino, Chino Valley Fire District spokesperson Danielle Barnes wrote in an email. Employees were already evacuating the building when firefighters arrived, she wrote.

The spill was contained to a warehouse. Firefighters helped the facility’s hazardous materials team notify state and county agencies and a clean-up company, Barnes wrote.

Firefighter/paramedics checked out one person at the request of a supervisor for an unspecified reason, but that person was not hospitalized, Barnes wrote.
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Green group highlights 10 chemicals for EPA regulation
A green advocacy group is highlighting ten toxic chemicals it wants the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate under new broad powers.

Topping the Environmental Working Group’s list is asbestos, a cancer-causing substance still found in automobile brake pads and clutches, vinyl tiles and roofing materials.

The other nine chemicals the group lists include PERC – a probable carcinogen that appears in dry-cleaning fluid, spot removers and water repellants; phthalate chemicals in PVC plastics, toys and plastic wrap linked to early puberty in girls; and BPA found in food cans, food containers and cash register receipts that is linked to infertility and diabetes.
“After decades of stagnation, EPA can now ban or restrict the use of toxic chemicals and order companies to conduct safety testing when more information is needed,” EWG Senior Scientist David Andrews said in a statement. "It's important that the agency act promptly to eliminate or reduce Americans' exposure to industrial compounds linked to cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and other health problems."

In June, Obama signed an overhaul of the nation’s chemical safety laws into law that lawmakers had been fighting years for. The legislation gives EPA the authority to test and regulate chemicals already in the marketplace, as well as new substances.
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Colorado town's water may be tainted with marijuana chemical
HUGO, Colo. (AP) — Officials told residents of a small Colorado community not to drink or shower in tap water Thursday because one of the town's wells may have been contaminated with THC, marijuana's intoxicating chemical.

No illnesses have been linked to the water in Hugo, a town of about 730 people some 100 miles southeast of Denver, said Lincoln County Public Health Director Susan Kelly.

THC was detected in tests conducted with field kits, although other field tests were negative, sheriff's Capt. Michael Yowell said.

More definitive laboratory tests were underway, he said.

The field tests weren't capable of showing how much THC was in the water, but only whether the chemical was there, he said.

Investigators found signs that one of Hugo's five wells had been tampered with, but they hadn't determined whether someone deliberately tainted the water, Yowell said.
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Mercadona changes 'recipe' of body lotions after very low risk of chemical reaction highlighted
SUPERMARKET chain Mercadona has changed the ingredients of eight of its Deliplus lotions and three Solcare after-suns from sale because of warnings about 'conflicting' elements in the original recipe, but insists anyone who has used them is not at risk.

According to the Spanish Association of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products (AEMPF), the PH corrector Triethanolamine and the preserving agent Bronopol, when found together in the same product, have been known to generate the chemical Nitrosamine.

Nitrosamine exposure long-term can increase the risk of cancer, the AEMPF says.

Certain animals have developed malignant tumours as a result of Nitrosamine exposure, and tests indicate it may be one of the risk factors in developing stomach cancer in humans.
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Video Captures Man Accused Of Building Chemical Weapon Inside Walmart
OXNARD (CBSLA.com) — Dramatic video has been released of a man who police say stands accused of building a chemical weapon inside a Walmart store in Oxnard.

The man wearing all black is initially seen in the security footage from June 18 blending in like any other shopper.

But, authorities say, he didn’t come to the store to shop, but to build a chemical weapon.

“This is a very bizarre case,” said Eric Sonstegard, the Oxnard assistant police chief.

Detectives identified the suspect as Martin Reyes. They say he went to the store after conducting research online on how to build a deadly chemical weapon.

Once inside the store, police said the man assembled all of the ingredients from store shelves, which included some kind of electronic appliance.

Police said he used a socket near the stationary section to plug in the appliance, which was then designed to set the chemical weapon off.

“This device could have caused a lot of harm,” Sonstegard said.
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Hash oil lab may have caused Santa Rosa warehouse fire
Thousands of butane cannisters were the first clues to what sparked a fire that damaged a west Santa Rosa warehouse, fire officials said Wednesday.

Police and fire investigators suspect people were extracting oil from marijuana in a laboratory behind false walls built in the Condo Court warehouse off Coffey Lane, officials said.

Assistant Fire Marshal Paul Lowenthal said he suspects the Tuesday afternoon fire started with a hash oil setup involving butane gas and electric equipment like bucket heaters and hot plates.

Firefighters had to break through walls built behind doors to get inside the warehouse after the 911 call reported smoke coming from the roll-up garage door at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, Lowenthal said. They forced their way in past heavy smoke and carved a hole in the roof to relieve the heat, Battalion Chief Matt Dahl said.

No one was inside, despite spent fire extinguishers indicating people had tried to put out the flames, Lowenthal said. It wasn’t clear whether they had abandoned hope of extinguishing the fire or if it appeared to be out but then continued smoldering until it reignited. The doors were locked.
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Hazmat situation prompts evacuation in north Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Emergency crews are responding to a hazmat situation in north Charlotte.

Just after 1 p.m., Charlotte Fire responded to the 200 block of West 24th Street between Graham Street and North Tryon Street.

Officials say that the employee at a storage facility spilled sulfuric acid, prompting a building evacuation as a precaution. The employee was treated by Medic on scene for minor burns. No one was seriously injured or taken to the hospital, according to Charlotte Fire. 

Just after 2:30 p.m., Charlotte Fire declared the building safe and deemed the scene under control. 
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Drivers killed in head-on crash that caused chemical fire on I-40
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Two people died in a car crash that caused a chemical spill and fire on Interstate 40 East in Knoxville early Wednesday morning.

The Knoxville Police Department received a call just after 1 a.m. about an SUV that had entered the westbound lanes of the interstate going the wrong way from James White Parkway.

Seconds later, another 911 caller said two vehicles had collided near Interstate 275.

The SUV had collided head-on with a tractor trailer, causing it to burst into flames. The truck was carrying several hundred pounds of Benzoquinone, a hazardous chemical used for paints and dyeing. To avoid soil and water contamination, authorities allowed the chemical to burn.
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Wal-Mart Asks Its Suppliers to Stop Using Eight Chemicals
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is asking suppliers to remove formaldehyde, triclosan and six other substances from their products, part of an effort to eliminate controversial chemicals from household goods.
The chemicals on the list include “certain properties that can affect human health or the environment,” Wal-Mart said in a statement Wednesday. The world’s largest retailer created the list with help from the Environmental Defense Fund, aiming to get suppliers to find alternatives, said Zach Freeze, Wal-Mart’s director for strategic initiatives related to sustainability. The list was limited to eight high-priority chemicals so that Wal-Mart could make meaningful progress.
“We wanted to get started,” he said in an interview. “We knew it wasn’t going to be a perfect list.”
Naming the chemicals follows Wal-Mart’s announcement in 2013 that it would ask suppliers to reduce some substances in personal-care, cleaning and beauty products and promote alternatives. At the time, it didn’t get specific about the list. The program is an example of widening scrutiny by merchants, manufacturers and legislators into the effect of chemicals, as well as a nod to heightened consumer concerns. In June, for instance, President Barack Obama signed a bill that overhauls the nation’s laws governing chemicals.
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Meth lab dumpsite found in Port Huron
Port Huron police officers investigating a larceny discovered four used one-pot meth labs Tuesday night.

The labs, along with methamphetamine components and precursors, were found in a vacant lot in the 1600 block of Whipple Street about 11 p.m.

The St. Clair County Drug Task Force was called to decontaminate, dismantle and dispose of the labs.

There are no suspects at this time.

“We want to send the message once again to everyone; if you see what might even possibly be the remnants of a meth lab, walk away and contact your local police agency or the Drug Task Force,” said  Sheriff Tim Donnellon in a statement.  “The remnants left in these one pot vessels can be very volatile. If the chemicals reactivate, it can cause a chemical fire or explosion.”
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I-84 eastbound shut down in West Hartford
WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Interstate 84 eastbound is back to normal traffic levels in West Hartford after a vehicle fire with a possible hazmat situation closed the highway midday Tuesday.

Both sides of  I-84, eastbound and westbound, were closed at exit 44 just before 12 noon, after a van caught on fire on the side of the roadway. Police later determined that the van was carrying chlorine, but intially dispatched HAZMAT teams to handle a potentially more dangerous chemical spill.
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4 days ago
Citizens Energy identifies industrial customer as source of natural gas odor
INDIANAPOLIS -- Citizens Energy confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the source of a natural gas-like smell across central Indiana came from one of its industrial customers.

A spokesperson says that Heritage Crystal Clean, 1560 W. Old Raymond St., Indianapolis, released a chemical into the air that contained an odorant smelling similar to natural gas.

Citizens says the issue has been resolved.

Fire departments, the Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security spent most of Tuesday morning trying to figure out what was caused the odor.

The Carmel Fire Department tweeted around 8 a.m. that they were receiving calls from people smelling gas in the area.
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21 staff of maternal and child health clinic suffer chemical poisoning
IPOH: Twenty-one staff of the Batu Gajah Maternal and Child Health Clinic have suffered poisoning from a leaking disinfectant, but they are reported to be stable and not hospitalised.

According to State Health Director Datuk Dr Juita Ghazalie, the staff were confirmed to have suffered the symptoms of poisoning including cough, cold, sore throat, headache and difficulty breathing since early July after getting treatment at the Emergency Department of the Batu Gajah Hospital, but none were warded.

She said checks by the Batu Gajah Fire and Rescue Department found the cause of poisoning to be leaking Cresol fluid, a type of disinfectant used to clean the clinic premises.

"The substance was found to have been seeped into the concrete floor after it leaked from a chemical container which was kept in a store on the first floor of the clinic.
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Airplane leak forces Carthage family to be evacuated
A Carthage family required the assistance of the American Red Cross following a hazmat incident this past weekend.

An airplane being stored in the basement of a complex on Brown Street in Carthage leaked oil Saturday night.

Five gallons of oil leaked through a fuel line of the older model plane that had been stored in the basement for a number of years.

As a result of the leak, a family living in an apartment there needed to be evacuated from their home and DEC and hazmat crews were called in.
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Hazmat team responds to odor complaint at Dunkin' Donuts
CLINTON TWP. — Reports of an odor and people with headaches at the Dunkin' Donuts on Route 31 prompted a response from the county HazMat team on Sunday.

A call was dispatched around 4:20 p.m. to the shop, at 1707 Route 31 south.

That Dunkin' Donuts, located at a US Fuel gas station, is in a building that also houses a car repair garage that is not currently in operation. Emergency responders found a 55 gallon drum leaking an unknown liquid in the garage portion of the building.

The county HazMat team responded to contain the leak and the drum was secured in a large container. They cleared the area around 6 p.m.
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Duluth Fire Department Responds to Chemical Leak
Early Monday afternoon, the Duluth Fire Department responded to a report of a possible chemical leak at Comfort Suites hotel at 408 Canal Park Drive.

Crews arrived to find that a private pool contractor had accidentally mixed hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) while servicing the hotel pool. The reaction causes the release of chlorine gas.

Crews immediately evacuated the building and secured the scene. On employee at the hotel, was treated for possible exposure and was transported to a local hospital. No other injuries were reported.
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Why Chemicals in the U.S. Are Still “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”
, President Barack Obama signed a chemical bill that was meant to solve a problem few people knew they had. That problem was the substandard safety of everyday chemicals—an issue that affects anyone who uses household cleaners, has a couch or wears clothing. In a month filled with dramatic political news, this seemingly small legislative achievement received little media attention. Yet it actually represents a major reform, providing the decades-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) with a much-needed retrofit.

In the European Union, safety laws guarantee that both industrial and household chemicals are vetted for their potential risks to human health and the environment before they appear on the market. In the United States, however, chemicals are generally “innocent until proven guilty”—a maxim that’s good for people, but bad for potential toxic chemicals. Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency have found that the majority of chemicals in use today have not been sufficiently examined for human health toxicity or environmental exposure. How can this be?

Originally passed in 1976, the old TSCA was meant to help the EPA regulate the safe production and use of industrial chemicals. But the act was founded on scientific assumptions and practices that are far outdated today. Perhaps worse, TSCA also grandfathered in a long list of “existing” chemicals—which made it extremely difficult for the EPA to pull them from the market even if they were later shown to be harmful. (It has been easier for the EPA to require companies to develop data on chemicals that are new to the market, but many hurdles still exist.)

As a result, people have been exposed to toxic chemicals left under-regulated by the EPA for decades—with devastating effects. This has been the case since 1989, when a federal court overturned the EPA’s ban on asbestos, one of the best-known carcinogens ever used. Since then, the EPA has never attempted to completely pull an existing chemical from the market. Lead, which is known to harm children’s brain development at extremely low levels and was banned from use in house paint in 1978, is still used in ammunition and some industrial manufacturing.
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5 days ago
Give EPA Detailed New Chemical Notices, Attorneys Advise
July 15 — Manufacturers of new chemicals should give the Environmental Protection Agency strategic, detailed notices about exposures and properties to boost their market chances following changes to the U.S. chemicals law, industry advisors say.

Pre-manufacture notifications, or PMNs, that makers must submit before they can produce or import a new chemical, and significant new use notifications, which companies must submit before they can make or use certain chemicals in new ways, “need to be much more strategic, thoughtful and detailed,” Lynn Bergeson, managing partner of Bergeson & Campbell PC, said during a July 14 webinar the firm organized.

Ernie Rosenberg, president and chief executive officer of the American Cleaning Institute, told Bloomberg BNA July 15 that new chemical manufacturers are asking for trouble if they submit a notification without first checking how analogous chemicals are regulated in Australia, Canada, the European Union and elsewhere.

Richard Dension, lead senior scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund, said the changes the amended law makes to EPA's new chemicals program “are not trivial.”

The changes will make it easier for the public to understand why EPA concludes that new chemicals may or may not enter commerce; what restrictions it may impose on the uses of those chemicals and why, he said during the Bergeson & Campbell webinar.
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5 days ago
Fire erupts outside Fresno County chemical plant; no one injured
A fire outside a chemical plant in southwestern Fresno County was contained quickly Monday afternoon, Fresno County Fire Protection District officials said.

The fire was reported at 11:48 a.m at Wilbur-Ellis Co., a fertilizer supplier.

The fire was in two Seatrain containers and didn’t spread, said Capt. David Martin of Fresno County Fire Protection District and Cal Fire.

The containers were engulfed when firefighters arrived, Martin said.

Employees were able to “shelter in place,” he said, and no injuries were reported.

The fire was contained at 12:24 p.m., Martin said.

It was unknown early Monday afternoon what was in the containers. Mop-up was expected to take much of the afternoon, Martin said.
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5 days ago
San Francisco expands polystyrene ban
San Francisco recently adopted the broadest ban on polystyrene foam items in the U.S. As of Jan. 1, 2017, a new city ordinance halts sales of meat trays, egg cartons, plates, cups, packing peanuts, coolers, pool toys, and dock floats made of expanded polystyrene foam. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors cited the contribution of polystyrene foam to plastic pollution in waterways, adding that the material cannot be composted and is difficult or impossible to recycle. In recent years, San Francisco and several other large cities across the U.S. have banned carryout food and beverage containers made of the plastic foam.
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6 days ago
HAZMAT called to Liburdi Engineering for chemical spill
No one was injured Saturday after a chemical spill at a Hamilton engineering firm.

Emergency crews, including 16 fire trucks and a HAZMAT crew, were called around 3 p.m. to Liburdi Engineering Ltd. at 400 Hwy. 6 North after reports of a spill.

Fire Information Officer Bob Simpson said the building was evacuated after a hydrochloric acid spill — which was a small amount in nature.

"It was a very minor spill in terms of quantity," he said. "Once it was safe to get inside we the checked the scope of it."

Simpson said there was no fire at the facility as a result of the spill. The sprinklers in the building, however, were activated.
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6 days ago
Collection of dangerous paints helps extend life of Short Mountain Landfill
On a recent day at Lane County’s special-waste center off Glenwood Boulevard in Springfield, cars lined up to drop off cans of old paint and other hazardous materials that homeowners had accumulated over the years.

Helped by the waste center’s hazmat-suited staff, drivers unloaded cans onto trolleys, to be wheeled into the collection building for sorting by operators wearing black gloves and eye shields.

As part of its years-long effort to deter people from dumping hazardous waste illegally, Lane County’s Waste Management Division each year collects thousands of tons of dangerous paints and other chemicals, mostly through the Glenwood site — which is open to the public two days a week — but also through rural roundup events.

In the past 12 months, the county has collected 18 tons of hazardous waste in rural roundups.

This spring’s roundups brought in 35,836 pounds of hazardous waste from 506 homes in Oakridge, Florence and Cottage Grove.
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6 days ago
Shelter-in-place lifted after chemical emergency in Baytown
BAYTOWN - Baytown officials issued a shelter-in-place for about an hour Sunday after reports of an ExxonMobil pipeline leak. It has since been lifted. 

Authorities said the chemical was heavier than air and non-toxic. However,  officials said it was extremely flammable.

Workers are bleeding the lines now to avoid any fire hazards. 

At least three houses near the leak were evacuated. It was strongly requested other residents stay inside their homes during the chemical emergency. 
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6 days ago
Alcoa fights charge after chemical burn
Aluminium giant Alcoa is fighting an allegation it failed to provide a safe working environment after an employee suffered chemical burns in an incident at one of its West Australian refineries.

The process operator sustained serious burns to his left eye and lower body when a caustic solution spilled on him while he undertook routine tasks at the Pinjarra facility in March 2014.

The US-headquartered company pleaded not guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court on Monday and will return to the same court on September 27.
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6 days ago
Major congestion on M6 after chemical spill
A lorry has spilled its load of sulphuric acid on the M6 motorway, causing the closure of the southbound stretch at Coleshill and leading to huge delays.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service were called at 5.20am and advised the motorway needed to be closed from Junction 5 to 4A.

A spokesman said: "It is believed at this time that the lorry is carrying 20 containers, each holding 1,440 litres of suphuric acid and that one of these containers has split and is leaking out of the lorry onto the roadway.

"Fire crews confirm that 1,400 litres of sulphuric acid has leaked from this vehicle which is located on the hardshoulder.
United_Kingdom  transportation  release  response  sulfuric_acid 
6 days ago
Refinery explosions, chemical releases prompt proposed new oil industry regulations
A “landmark” set of proposed regulations aimed at improving the safety of communities surrounding oil refineries and workers is intended to make explosions like the one in Torrance last year at the former ExxonMobil plant less likely.

The stricter regulations unveiled by the state Friday were initially prompted by the serious chemical release and fire in 2012 at Chevron’s refinery in the Bay Area and reinforced by the February 2015 Torrance blast.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, which is investigating the Torrance explosion, has said a catastrophic release of deadly hydrofluoric acid that could have killed and injured tens of thousands was only averted by happenstance in the wake of the explosion.

“The essential elements of the proposed amendments would probably have lessened the chance of the ExxonMobil event to occur,” said Paul Penn, point man for California Environmental Protection Agency on the proposal. “The two thrusts on the regulatory side are safety and prevention.

“We feel that an investment in safety and prevention will lessen the need for an emergency preparedness response,” he added.

Federal officials have blamed the blast on botched safety reviews, while state investigators said the company’s decision to deliberately fail to fix equipment it knew could cause a life-threatening explosion also played a role.

State officials put the estimated lost output from the ExxonMobil blast at $323 million. However, a RAND study estimated motorists paid at least $2.4 billion in higher pump prices in the six months following the blast, while the total economic loss was closer to $14 billion.
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6 days ago
U.S. Congress clears the way for limits on drone flights near chemical plants and refineries
The U.S. Senate gave final congressional approval on July 13 to bipartisan legislation that paves the way for restrictions on the operation of drones near chemical plants, oil refineries, and other “critical infrastructure” facilities.
The legislation would require the Federal Aviation Administration to establish procedures for chemical plants, refineries, as well as energy production, transmission, and distribution facilities to petition the agency to limit or ban operation of unmanned aircraft close to a facility.
The provision is included in a bill (H.R. 636) that authorizes FAA programs at current funding levels through September 2017. The legislation, which the Senate passed by a vote of 90-4 on July 13, now goes to the White House for President Barack Obama’s expected signature. The House of Representatives approved the measure on July 11.
Drones, unmanned aircraft flown remotely, have surged in recreational popularity. This raised concerns that a drone could accidentally crash into an industrial facility, hit power lines, or be used by a terrorist to surveil potential targets.
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7 days ago
A look at one of the more devastating explosions
JACKSONVILLE – Charles Bolchoz called the owners of T2 laboratories at 1:23 p.m. on a Wednesday.

The cooling jacket on a 2,450-gallon reactor wasn't working, he told them. The temperature inside was over 360 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing.

T2, a chemical manufacturing company with 12 employees, was co-founded by a chemical engineer and a chemist. That December day in 2007, they were making their 175th batch of a fuel additive known as MCMT.

One of the owners, Mike Wyatt, searched for the plant's mechanic. The other, Scott Gallagher, the engineer, headed for the control room, some 50 feet from the reactor. Someone sounded the "critical alarm," which had only been used in practice drills.
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7 days ago
Three Hospitalized, Hazmat Called to Perris Apartment After 'Excessive...
Perris, CA – A hazardous materials team was called to a Perris apartment Friday to clear away containers full of pesticides that sickened three people.

The contamination hazard was reported about 1:30 p.m. at the Country Village Apartments in the 200 block of Wilkerson Avenue, just off Interstate 215, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.

An agency spokeswoman said three engine crews were sent to the location to investigate the hazmat risk and discovered "excessive pesticides" packed into the apartment.

Three people suffered apparent exposure-related illnesses and were transported to Riverside University Medical Center for treatment. All were in stable condition, according to the fire department.
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8 days ago
Herbicide overspray
Fifteen field workers from Grundy County were injured after accidental exposure to an herbicide spray Thursday afternoon. The individuals were taken to the emergency room of Central Iowa Healthcare in Marshalltown as a safety precaution, where they were decontaminated and evaluated.

In a statement released by the Marshalltown Fire Department, at 4:45 p.m., the department was notified of a hazardous materials incident involving an agricultural crew that was then brought to Central Iowa Healthcare via school bus. Fire crews were told that the workers had been contaminated after a ground sprayer applied herbicide to the area, which was then carried by the wind, harming their faces. Fire crews and Central Iowa Healthcare EMS and hospital staff set up a decontamination tent in the hospital parking lot. After the decontamination process, all workers were examined in the emergency room.

"Any time people come to the ER after coming into contact with a chemical we are not aware of, we always treat it as a HAZMAT situation," said Marshall County Iowa Emergency Management Director Kim Elder. "A shower tent was set up outside the ER where people removed their contaminated clothing and showered."
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8 days ago
Chemical leak leads to evacuation of U-M health center in Ypsilanti
YPSILANTI, MI - Eight people may have been exposed to a caustic chemical at an Ypsilanti University of Michigan health center on Friday, July 15, according to a University of Michigan public safety official.

All eight individuals received medical treatment and observation on scene by Huron Valley Ambulance medical staff, said Diane Brown, public information officer with U-M Public Safety. No one was taken to a hospital.

Brown said the discharge was contained to the building, located at 200 Arnett St., and that there is no threat to public health or safety at this time.

The building was locked down and evacuated Friday afternoon and will remain closed until fire and HAZMAT crews decide if any additional cleanup is necessary, Brown added.

The chemical leak occurred around 2:14 p.m. after an equipment malfunction at one of the three medical offices on site, Brown said. The location includes two medical offices and one laboratory.
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8 days ago
Flagstaff Fire responds to hazmat spill
Flagstaff Fire Department found themselves on cleanup duty after an employee at a local business spilled about 25 gallons of an unknown chemical while unloading a truck yesterday afternoon.

A battalion chief, three engines, one quint (a ladder and engine fire truck) and the department’s hazardous materials special operations truck arrived at a Armour Self Storage at Industrial Drive and Vickey Street around 1 p.m. to find that a pallet that was being unloaded from as semi-truck had tipped over and spilled a chlorine bleach detergent on the ground.

Two of Flagstaff Fire’s Hazardous Materials Technicians donned protective gear and inspected the site while other firefighters started setting up an emergency decontamination site and looking for the safety data sheets to identify the chemicals.

The data sheets were located in the truck and fire and HazMat personnel were able to use a heavy-duty absorbent material to clean up and dispose of the spill.
us_AZ  transportation  release  response  chlorine 
8 days ago
Riverkeeper study finds chemical compounds in Hudson River estuaries but says swimming spots generally safe
KINGSTON >> A study of the microbiology of the Hudson River’s estuaries has found a long list of chemical compounds with unpronounceable names but reached the conclusion that popular swimming spots are largely safe.

The study, conducted by Riverkeeper and Cornell University School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was released Friday. It lists 83 pharmaceutical, pesticide and personal-care products was found in 24 water samples taken at eight locations between June and October of last year.

“My research interests are ... trying to understand the influence or interaction between human development and water quality,” study co-author Damian Helbling said. “With respect to that, I focus a lot on chemicals that we use on a daily basis to improve our quality of life. These are chemicals that we use for food production, to generate energy and things that we use at home just to live a sort of modern 21st-century lifestyle.”

Compounds that were found in all 24 samples included atenolol, a beta blocker; velafaxine, found in antidepressants; caffeine; sucraloe, an artificial sweetner; methyl benzotriazole, an industrial chemical; and DEET, an insect repellant.

“Number one was caffeine,” Helbling said. “Most of us have a cup of coffee. ... Some fraction of that caffeine is going to come out. It’s going to be conveyed to a wastewater treatment plant. It (the plant) may or may not do a good job of removing that caffeine, and ultimately it will accumulate in ... surface water.”
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8 days ago
County news: Man suffers burns in ‘chemical incident’
A man has been rushed to hospital with burns after he came into contact with a corrosive substance yesterday afternoon (July 14).

Three men were cleaning toilets in a building in Marine Court, St Leonards, shortly after 4pm when they spilled five litres of the chemical potassium hydroxide, which is used to clean pipes.

The Kent Air Ambulance on the beach by Marine Court. Picture by Paul Ashton. SUS-160714-175404001
Firefighters hosed one man down before he was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton by ambulance.

It is not yet known how serious the man’s injuries are.

Others on the scene underwent ‘decontamination procedures’ according to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Servic
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8 days ago
Wireless badges sense hazardous chemicals
A new wireless hazard badge detects certain dangerous compounds at parts-per-billion levels and warns people of their exposure to these chemicals via smartphone. The inexpensive, battery-free device could find use in chemistry labs and in military settings.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology chemists Timothy M. Swager, Rong Zhu, and Joseph M. Azzarelli developed the device by modifying commercially available near-field communication tags, smart chips that can communicate with cell phones. They added a chemiresistor, made of single-walled carbon nanotubes immersed in an ionic liquid, to the tags (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201604431).
When electrophilic molecules that are chemical warfare simulants hit the ionic liquid coating the conductive nanotubes, the molecules become hydrolyzed, Swager explains. The associated change in resistance in the tag can be detected via a mobile phone. In tests with the nerve agent simulant diethyl chlorophosphate, the MIT researchers showed they were able to detect various levels of exposure to the chemical—from low to moderate to hazardous—over time.
“Today’s cell phones employ more than a dozen sensors for various functions, including detecting light, magnetic field, temperature, acceleration, pressure, and sound waves. But they are all physical sensors,” notes N. J. Tao, director of the Center for Bioelectronics & Biosensors at Arizona State University. “Low-cost and miniaturized chemical sensors, like the one demonstrated by the Swager group, have a huge potential to expand mobile devices beyond tracking of our heart rate or how many steps we walk.”
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9 days ago
Spencer Lab fire
The University of Delaware's Spencer Laboratory is closed until further notice following a second floor custodial closet fire on Thursday afternoon, July 14.

The building was evacuated safely and then closed, according to UD officials.

The fire was extinguished with minimal damage, officials said, however, there is approximately one inch of water in the vicinity of the fire that must be removed.

Academy Street, which was closed briefly from Delaware Avenue to Lovett Avenue, has reopened to traffic.
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9 days ago
Chevron refinery fire prompts state to propose tougher rules
California oil refineries may soon see tighter safety controls under state regulations proposed Thursday, four years after a leaky pipe triggered a fire at Chevron’s Richmond plant and sent 15,000 people to the hospital.
The new rules are an effort to make the state’s 18 refineries safer for workers and neighboring communities by introducing employee workplace standards and added checks intended to prevent chemical leaks.
The regulations, jointly announced by the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the state Department of Industrial Relations, are the work of a group of government, business and community leaders convened after the August 2012 Richmond fire.
The proposed rules will be circulated for at least 45 days before the state agencies move to approve them.
“These regulations will make refineries safer neighbors and employers,” CalEPA Secretary Matthew Rodriquez said in a prepared statement.
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9 days ago
Exploding Fire Consumes Oil Field in San Juan Basin; Cause Unknown
A fire that consumed storage tanks at an oil field in New Mexico is slowly burning out, and a WPX Energy spokesperson has apologized to dozens of Navajo Nation citizens who had to evacuate their homes.

“We’re deeply sorry for the lives interrupted,” said WPX Energy spokesperson Kelly Swan, after 55 homes had to be evacuated. “The Navajo Nation is an important stakeholder.”

The fire broke out in a series of explosions on Monday, July 11 at 10:15 pm at WPX Energy’s West Lybrook six-well-pad unit, a five-acre oil production site on Highway 550 near Nageezi, New Mexico, in San Juan County.

As of 7:30 a.m. on July 14 the fire, which WPX officials had hoped would burn itself out in a matter of hours, was ongoing, according to San Juan County spokesperson Michele Truby-Tillen.
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9 days ago
Modern workers suffer chemical burns while collecting garbage in Lewiston
LEWISTON -- Two workers from Modern Disposal suffered apparent chemical burns while picking up garbage Thursday afternoon in Lewiston.

The workers were collecting trash along Lower River Road near Joseph Davis State Park. After placing some trash in the rear of a garbage truck, the workers attempted to compact the debris, according to a Lewiston police official.

As the compacting machinery began to close down on the garbage, it smashed what was described as a "blue bottle" and a liquid sprayed out of the bottle. The workers were hit by the spray and began to feel a burning sensation on their skin. 

A Hazmat team from the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station was called out and washed down the workers and decontaminated them before they were taken to a hospital for treatment. 

It was unclear what the workers were sprayed with Thursday night. Attempts to contact the Niagara County Fire Coordinator's office were unsuccessful.
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9 days ago
Houston Ship Channel reopens after benzene spill
HOUSTON - The Houston Ship Channel has reopened after a benzene spill Thursday afternoon.

Coast Guard crews and a Hazmat team from Harris County worked to clean up about 500 gallons of benzene spilled from a tanker.

The leak was  secured but a small portion of the benzene entered the water, according to the Coast Guard.
us_TX  transportation  release  response  benzene 
9 days ago
Lasik surgery near Bridgeport Village evacuated
TIGARD, Ore. (KOIN) — An employee at a Lasik eye surgery clinic at Bridgeport Village was exposed to potentially harmful gassed used in Lasik surgery on July 14.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s HazMat team arrived within minutes of the exposure and treated one person for minor symptoms related to fluorine and helium gas. That person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The HazMat team evaluated the building to make sure the leak was contained and found no other signs of gas in the building. The confirmed an employee had been able to shut off the valve before evacuating.
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9 days ago
Westford chemical reaction prompts hazmat response
WESTFORD -- The Westford Fire Department and state's hazmat team responded to a chemical reaction at 73 Hildreth St. around 1:25 p.m. Thursday.

Officials responded to an accidental mixture of Iron Out, a solution used to remove rust, and Pot Perm Plus, which is used for sludge pots for wells, according to Fire Captain David O'Keefe.

"They got mixed up and caused a vapor cloud inside the house," O'Keefe said.

There was one fire engine and one ambulance on scene, but there were no reported injuries. O'Keefe also said there were two or three hazmat trucks from the state on the scene. Firefighters from other departments, including Haverhill and Bedford were also on scene.

Officials were on the scene for about five hours.
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9 days ago
Central Park Explosive Contained 'Unstable' Chemical: Report
Police have identified one of the chemicals in the explosive device which claimed an 18-year-old's lower leg on July 3, according to a CNN report.

The chemical, referred to as TATP or acetone peroxide, was discovered in tests done by the NYPD, a police source told the TV network. The homemade explosive was placed in a plastic bag and exploded when stepped on by an 18-year-old tourist from Fairfax, Virginia.

The NYPD released a statement late Thursday saying only that the substances were easily obtainable chemicals from a hardware store.

Police at the time said they did not believe the explosion to be terrorist-related, and again reiterated that on Thursday.
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9 days ago
All or nothing is a better strategy for keeping drinking water lead levels low
Getting rid of lead pipes in drinking water systems seems like a logical way to combat concerns over lead in household water. But in some cases doing something may be worse than doing nothing at all. A study including 61 Canadian homes where only portions of lead pipes were replaced found that lead levels in the water more than doubled immediately following this change (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b01912). Lead levels remained elevated for six months, indicating that partial replacement does not reduce household lead exposure, the researchers say.
Once commonly used in North America, lead water pipes were banned in the United States and Canada in the mid-1970s and 1980s. Today, an estimated 7% of people in the U.S. have at least some lead pipe in the system that carries water from the main distribution line to where it enters the house. Water lead levels correlate with lead in residents’ blood and are linked to learning difficulties, slowed growth, and other health and behavioral problems in young children.
To reduce lead exposure, municipal water utilities replace the lead pipe with copper pipe, but in many places they are only allowed to carry out a partial replacement, removing the lead pipe between the main water line and a homeowner’s property boundary. After such a partial service line replacement, new copper pipe connects to lead pipe that crosses the property to where it enters the house.
Canada  public  discovery  response  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
Pedestrian hit by car on Ferntree Gully Road, chemical spill on Calder Freeway
CFA crews are still cleaning up a major chemical spill which closed down the northbound lanes of the Calder Freeway.

The spill started on the freeway north of Gisborne in the Macedon Ranges about five hours ago when a tanker rolled and started spewing 20,000 litres of hydrochloric acid onto the road.

Both northbound lanes of the Calder Freeway are still closed and people are being advised to avoid the area.
Australia  transportation  release  response  hydrochloric_acid 
10 days ago
Residents evacuated as Cork school is badly damaged in fire
Emergency services spent several hours overnight battling a fire at the Patrician Academy in Fair Street, Mallow that broke out shortly after 3.30am.
Five units of cork city and county fire services attended at the scene with fire crews travelling from the city, Charleville, Kanturk and Mallow stations in a bid to get the fire under control.
The main damage was to an extension to the school, which was built 20 years ago.
The extension consisted of three science laboratories with a tiered demonstration room, two drawing rooms, a building construction room, a geography laboratory with a weather satellite link and four classrooms.
Residents living close to the fire were evacuated from their homes.
Fair Street remained closed for much on Wednesday morning but has subsequently reopened.
Ireland  laboratory  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
Hazmat team called into Lynden for smell
LYNDEN — A seven-hour incident that included the Whatcom Unified Emergency Response’s hazmat unit — and a robot — started with a smell on Tuesday afternoon.

  Robert Spinner, Lynden Fire Department assistant chief, said two women came to the fire station at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday to report a chemical smell at the K Mini Storage & Mall, 413 19th St. That complaint, which the two women said was an irritant to their respiratory systems and skin, initiated a Lynden Fire Department response to the facility and closure of a section of 19th Street.

  Spinner said that as Lynden Fire responded, the county’s hazardous materials unit was alerted. After Lynden’s search of the units in the second building yielded nothing, the hazmat team assembled for its own search.

  A robot was used to check units.

  “Once they go in, they have some very sensitive equipment to detect organic and chemical,” Spinner said. “Their devices didn’t pick up anything. There was nothing.”
us_WA  public  release  response  irritant 
10 days ago
2 people hospitalized after chemical exposure at William and Mary's Zable Stadium
Two people are in the hospital Wednesday due to chemical exposure from a broken pipe at William and Mary's Zable Stadium, officials said.

The people, a construction worker and first responder, were taken to the hospital as a precaution after they were exposed to chlorine, said William and Mary spokeswoman Suzanne Seurattan.

The Williamsburg Fire Department received reports of the broken pipe at 3:15 p.m., said Eric Stone, a spokesman for the fire department.

The Williamsburg Fire Department, York County Fire Department, the William and Mary Police Department and the Newport News Hazmat team responded to the scene.

The incident is still under investigation, although the surrounding area is safe and the situation is under control, Stone said.
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10 days ago
Carbon monoxide levels spike; apartments evacuated
Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to a carbon monoxide detector going off at 4901 Wilshire Blvd., and decided to evacuate the building.

Some residents were displaced for the night as LFR and Black Hills Gas crews tried to locate what caused carbon monoxide levels to spike.

A Hazmat Level 2 emergency was declared after carbon monoxide levels of 500 parts per million were detected on an upper floor apartment of one of the three buildings in the complex.

Anything over 50 parts per million is considered to be hazardous.

A Hazmat Level 2 indicates the possibility of a medical emergency, Battalion Chief Jim Bopp said.
us_NE  public  release  injury  carbon_monoxide 
10 days ago
PERRIS: Men who passed out at storage facility regain consciousness; cause unknown
What caused two people to fall unconscious at a storage facility in Perris on Tuesday remained a mystery a day later.
The men were awake and coherent Wednesday, according to a manager at the facility who had talked to one of their co-workers.
Brice Campbell, a manager at Daytona RV and Boat Storage at 24194 Daytona Cove in Perris, said three workers from a company that rents space at the facility were getting ready to work on a truck in one of the units sometime before 3 p.m. Tuesday.
Two of the men went to a different unit to get tools, while the third man left to get some water. When that person returned about 20 minutes later, he found his two colleagues unconscious in the storage unit with the tools. He alerted employees of the storage facility, Campbell said.
us_CA  industrial  release  response  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
One person taken to hospital after Genentech HAZMAT spill
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)— One person has been taken to the hospital after a small hazardous materials spill at pharmaceutical company Genentech in South San Francisco Wednesday morning, according to Genentech.

Paramedics arrived on scene at 11:15 a.m. to help emergency crews at Genentech take one person affected by the incident to the hospital.

The South San Francisco Fire Department says the spill is now contained.

No injuries were reported, and it is not a threat to public safety, according to fire officials.

The department is not saying what spilled because it is a product made by Genentech.
us_CA  laboratory  release  response  pharmaceutical 
10 days ago
Crews finish leak-repair work at downtown business
Work to halt an ammonia leak at Mooresville Ice Cream Co. was completed early Wednesday evening.
The retail store and ice cream manufacturing plant had been closed since Tuesday night as emergency personnel worked to get the dangerous ammonia levels down safely for repairmen to enter and fix the leak.
A call about the ammonia leak was made to the Mooresville Police Department about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night, according to Assistant Fire Chief Shane LaCount.
LaCount said firefighters arrived on scene and determined there were high levels of ammonia on their monitors in which a hazmat team immediately responded.
us_NJ  industrial  release  response  ammonia 
10 days ago
Hazmat team responds to chemical incident at recycling plant in Mississauga
Several roads were closed for hours and residents were told to stay inside after emergency crews responded to a chemical incident at a recycling plant in Mississauga overnight.

Firefighters were called to the Clean Harbors plant on Avonhead Road around 11:30 p.m. and discovered smoke drifting in the air.

It appeared there was a chemical reaction inside the plant but officials say no fire was detected.

Peel police say there were no reports of any injuries, however first responders were told to wear masks if they were out of their vehicles.
Canada  industrial  release  response  waste 
10 days ago
Burlington Fire and HazMat Respond to Monday's Ammonia Leak
At 6:21 p.m. Monday, the Burlington Fire Department received a call for a possible chemical leak at the Burlington Ice Palace on Ray Avenue. Upon arrival, crews found people were already being evacuated from the Ice Palace the the fitness center in the building.

Firefighters assisted with the evacuation, leading employees and guests to a safe location.
An ammonia leak was quickly identified inside, as a refrigerant company was working on site. Due to the potential danger, the Burlington Fire Department activated the Massachusetts Hazardous Materials Response Team, which brought a multitude of resources to town for assistance.
us_MA  public  release  response  ammonia 
11 days ago
Rushville Goodwill employees taken to hospital for burns, reactions to bear repellent
RUSHVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Six employees from a Rushville Goodwill were taken to the hospital for burns from and reactions to bear repellent.

According to Rushville Police Department, authorities responded to the Goodwill store located in the 1500 block of North Main Street in Rushville for reports of an unknown chemical spill around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

After arriving on scene, officers reported a number of employees experiencing medical emergencies due to the spill.  The Goodwill store and the surrounding business were evacuated as a result of the spill.

Upon further investigation by a HAZMAT team, it was discovered that the substance was bear repellent.  The bear repellent was expelled when a Goodwill unknowingly opened a box with the substance in it, spraying that employee in the face.  That individual did incur chemical burns to around his mouth and nose.
us_IN  public  release  injury  repellent 
11 days ago
Fire destroys Peabody foam manufacturer
PEABODY — Black smoke was still pouring out of the one-story commercial building, filling the air, around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, nearly five hours after the fire was first reported inside the foam manufacturing business at Peabody's Centennial Business Park.

For most of the afternoon and evening, firefighters and apparatus from all over the North Shore surrounded the building at 2 Fifth St. — the headquarters for Lifoam Industries — pouring water and foam into the conflagration inside. Interior sprinklers were still operating into the evening, even as the building continued collapsing in on itself.

All available Peabody firefighters and equipment were called to the scene shortly after the fire was reported at approximately 3:24 p.m.

Thick, black smoke, could be seen billowing from all sides of the structure, as a third alarm was struck at approximately 3:54 p.m.

At one point, according to scanner reports, flames were showing from the rear of the structure and spreading up through the roof.

Fire officials at the scene Tuesday evening confirmed that all employees inside the building had been evacuated, without injury, as well as people from the surrounding businesses in the park.

Some employees, however, were apparently still inside the building around 4:18 p.m., according to scanner reports. They told firefighters they had to stay inside to monitor an ongoing mixing process. Lifoam makes foam products such as coolers and pool noodles, according to its website.
us_MA  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
11 days ago
2 taken to hospital in hazmat incident in Portland
A hazmat team was called to a Northampton County business, when two people were injured by a hazardous material. 

It happened in the 100 block of Demi Road in Portland around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The Ultra-Poly Corporation is listed at the address. The business is a plastic recycling facility.

Officials said there was some mica dust in the bottom a polypropylene box that spread out in a plume. 

Two workers breathed in the material and had to be taken to the hospital. 

Crews evacuated all of the employees from the building. They also checked the workers to see if the material was on them and if they needed to go through the decontamination process.

12 employees needed complete decontamination and 21 needed it on their hands and feet.

A hazmat team cleaned up the building.
us_PA  industrial  release  injury  dust  waste 
11 days ago
6 Children Hospitalized After Possible Chemical Exposure at Connecticut Pool
At least six children were hospitalized today after possibly being exposed to a chemicals at a Connecticut pool, according to fire department officials.

Nine people, including eight children, had symptoms of a scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, stomach pain and vomiting after going to a pool in Old Mystic, Connecticut, according to the Old Mystic Fire Department Chief Ken Richards.

All of those sickened were visiting the Seaport RV Resort in Old Mystic while on vacation and started to exhibit symptoms around 1:30 p.m. today, according to Richards.

Six of the children were hospitalized and officials are investigating the cause of the symptoms. Richards told ABC News that preliminary water and air testing did not reveal abnormal readings and the pool company was scheduled to come tomorrow to help investigators further.
us_CT  public  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
11 days ago
Federal study of MCHM concludes
A just-released federal study of 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) concluded that exposure to the chemical after it spilled into the Elk River in Charleston, W. Va., in January 2014 is “not likely to be associated with any adverse health effects.”
MCHM was the largest component of a mixture of chemicals that leaked from a corroded commercial storage tank upstream of the water supply for some 300,000 people. At the time of the spill, little was known about MCHM, an alicyclic alcohol used to process coal.
City officials issued a ban on the use of tap water for drinking and washing that lasted more than a week for some of the affected residents. Some reported skin irritation and stomach upset from exposure to contaminated water.
Lack of information about MCHM and other components of the spilled liquid led the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to request further study from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a federal program that investigates chemicals of concern to public health.
“Alicyclic alcohols and other chemicals of this sort are likely to have similar toxicological properties,” says Scott S. Auerbach, a molecular toxicologist who worked on the study. Still, the toxicology of many chemicals in the class, including MCHM, was unknown prior to the year-long study, he says.
us_WV  industrial  follow-up  environmental  other_chemical 
12 days ago
Workers at Hanford tanks stop in dispute over chemical vapors
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Some workers on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation have decided to stop working in some of the radioactive waste tank farms because of safety concerns over chemical vapors.

Hanford for decades made plutonium for nuclear weapons, and now contains millions of gallons of radioactive waste stored in 177 underground tanks in southeastern Washington. The government is spending $2 billion a year to clean up the site.

The Hanford Atomic Metal Trades Council on Monday issued a “stop work” order at the double-walled tanks that contain dangerous wastes from the past production of plutonium for nuclear weapons.

Council President Dave Molnaa says workers are demanding they be supplied with bottled air when they work at any of the tank farms. Currently, bottled air is required only when working among the older, single-walled underground tanks.
us_WA  industrial  discovery  environmental  metals  radiation  wastes 
12 days ago
Reckless drug dealer caused huge blaze at Tollcross flats after turning girlfriend's home into hash lab
A CARELESS drug-dealer caused a huge explosion after transforming his girlfriend's flat into a hash lab.

A bid by Scott Peden to make a super-strength form of cannabis called "shatter" turned catastrophic in March this year.

He wrecked the tenement in Glasgow's Tollcross leaving a £1m repair bill.
United_Kingdom  laboratory  fire  response  drugs 
12 days ago
Texas Worker Dies in Hazmat Incident
Wichita Falls, TX – A wastewater treatment employee has died, a week after he and a colleague were overcome by unknown gases while they were doing repairs in the basement at the River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant.

According to Todd Mudd, WFFD Battalion Chief, the two were found semi-responsive and evacuated by air to the hospital.

The victim was identified as Daniel Arredondo who worked for the wastewater treatment divisions for a year and a half.

Officials said there was no threat to the public because the situation was contained at the facility. However, road access was closed for a period of time to make sure the injured workers could be rushed to the hospital.

Mudd said unknown gases are likely to blame for the incident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Two other employees went back into the area to finish the repairs, and put the plant back online.
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12 days ago
Smoke from Wixom building that prompted hazmat response was...
WIXOM, Mich. - A large plume of smoke coming from a Wixom business that sparked the response of a hazmat team early Monday morning turned out not to be toxic, police said. 

Crews shut down Pontiac Trail at Wixom Road for the investigation at Korex Corporation after the smoke was seen coming from a building just after 2 a.m. 

"Firefighters and technicians were able to obtain preliminary air quality reports and were able to verify that the smoke plume was not toxic in nature," the city said in a statement. "At approximately 8:30 a.m., Wixom firefighters and Hazmat technicians were able to locate the source of the plume and determine, definitively, that there was no danger to the public."

According to Korex's website, the company packages a wide variety of consumer, industrial and institutional products.  
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12 days ago
Lab tech injured in chemical accident at New Haven’s Science Park
NEW HAVEN >> A technician was hurt and exposed to chemicals in a lab at New Haven’s Science Park late Monday morning after a chemical reaction went wrong, officials said.

The male technician suffered a laceration after a flask burst inside a lab at Building 4 of the Science Park, which is off Winchester Avenue.

The technician was also exposed to the chemicals inside the vessel and investigators were trying to determine what the chemicals were, Fire Battalion Chief William Gould said at the scene.

City firefighters responded to the lab shortly before 10 a.m. on a report there had been some kind of explosion. When they arrived, they found no explosion had damaged the building, but a chemical reaction in a vessel that became over-pressurized.

Gould said the technician tried to decontaminate himself before rescue crews arrived, but had to be further decontaminated before he was taken by ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he would enter through the hazmat entrance.

The technician’s name and condition were not immediately available. The technician was the only person in the lab, which has its own ventilation system, Gould said. The rest of Building 4 remained open as did Winchester Avenue.

“The ventilation hood system is connected to its own separate ventilation duct so it doesn’t get into the other air transferred through the building,” he said. “It wasn’t a large-scale exposure issue. We’re confident that whatever product was released was contained inside that lab.”

Gould said the substance that was released could irritate the skin and eyes but firefighters were able to protect themselves with their regular gear. More equipment was available, if necessary, on a department hazmat unit that also responded to the scene.

Experts from Yale also responded to the scene to help identify the chemicals involved, though the lab involved is owned by a private company.

“They’re such a great resource to us,” Gould said.

The lab accident remained under investigation Monday afternoon by the city fire marshal and Police Department, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and occupational health investigators.

DEEP spokeswoman Cyndy Chanaca said the lab where the accident occurred is owned by Revegen Laboratories, which primarily does experiments for pharmaceutical companies.
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12 days ago
Equipment Failure Leads to Tube Furnace Overheating and Sample Tube Overpressurization
Discussion: In the evening of December 21, 2015, a post doc in the Materials Science Division placed a sealed fused silica tube containing a few grams of a rubidium bismuth bromide complex salt into a tube furnace. The furnace was in a ventilated enclosure (perforated bottom for air flow) with the polycarbonate doors closed. The procedure required the tube furnace to ramp up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, hold at temperature for five hours, then ramp back down to room temperature. At approximately 11:33 pm, the smoke detector triggered the fire alarm in the building. The building was evacuated, and the Argonne fire department responded. The digital display on the furnace indicated a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, however the inside of the furnace was glowing brightly, which indicated that the temperature inside the furnace was much higher. Insulation debris and sample powder were found inside and under the enclosure, indicating that the sealed tube had burst. The furnace and its controller were de-energized, and the area was roped off for further investigation.

Analysis: An investigation concluded that the experiment was correctly carried out and that the likely cause of the incident was equipment failure of the furnace controller or its associated temperature sensor. This failure allowed the furnace to heat in an uncontrolled fashion to reach a temperature where the sample decomposed into volatile components that exceeded the maximum pressure for the sealed tube and caused it to rupture.
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13 days ago
Tulsa Fire Department: Sick Delta Airline Passengers Had Elevate
TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa firefighters said the Delta airline passengers who became ill on a flight that was diverted to Tulsa were suffering from elevated carbon monoxide levels in the blood.
Delta flight 1817 left Atlanta en route for Denver Saturday but landed instead at Tulsa International around 3:30 p.m. due to complaints of illness.

The district chief that responded to the incident said they initially had reports that 12 to 15 passengers complained of nausea, headache and dizziness, TFD told News On 6. EMSA and Hazmat crews responded and pulled everyone out of the plane.
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13 days ago
Police Dispose Of Explosives From Nashua, NH, Home
NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) — New Hampshire police and bomb squad spent hours at a Broad Street home in Nashua Sunday evening.

Police said family members were cleaning out a deceased member’s home when they found the device.

The department’s hazardous device unit dug a hole in the backyard and burned off the device.

Broad Street from Coliseum Avenue to Greenlay Street was closed to traffic for at least 3 hours.
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13 days ago
U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigates Mississippi natural gas plant accident
The U.S. Chemical Safety Board launched its first major investigation in a year with a probe of a June 27 fire and explosion at a natural gas processing facility in Pascagoula, Miss.
The past year was difficult for CSB, involving a congressional investigation and the termination of the board’s former head. Last October, new CSB Chair Vanessa Allen Sutherland announced that the board would halt new investigations and reboot its organization and structure. The freeze on probes continued until the Mississippi incident.
No one was injured in the accident, but the plant has remained shuttered since it happened, says a spokesperson for Enterprise Products Partners, which owns the facility. The accident occurred in one of three process lines, or trains, as the facility handles incoming hydrocarbons and separates the material into natural gas liquids and residual gas.
The cause of this late-night accident is unclear at this time, say CSB and company officials.
A former BP facility, the Enterprise Products Partners plant processes approximately 42.5 million cubic meters per day of natural gas from offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of 25 similar U.S. processing plants the company operates.
Once separated, the natural gas liquids are transported from the Pascagoula plant to a facility in Louisiana through a pipeline for further refining.
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14 days ago
PCB find delays school demolition by several weeks
PLAINVILLE — Despite the recent discovery of additional hazardous materials in Old Linden Street School, the project is expected to be completed by the end of the month, says Town Manager Robert E. Lee.
Within the last two weeks, demolition crews with Manafort Brothers discovered a black paint on interior masonry, school perimeter walls and behind wooden walls in the east wing of the building.
Testing confirmed that this paint contained polychlorinated biphenyl — PCB — which is now considered a hazardous, carcinogenic material. 800 to 1,000 tons of the material must be removed from the interior masonry and perimeter walls and 600 to 700 tons must be removed from the east wing before the project can continue.
Asbestos and other hazardous materials had been removed earlier in April, prior to the demolition beginning.
However, as Jeff Duigou of Eagle Environmental Inc. told the Capital Projects Building Committee during their June 27 meeting, it is common to find additional hazardous materials within old buildings once walls begin to be removed.
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14 days ago
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