Chemical Weapons: A Deadly History
On a sunny afternoon in April 1915, outside the Belgian city of Ypres, the wind began blowing in the direction the German troops wanted – toward the French lines. German soldiers set up over 5,000 barrels of chlorine gas along their position, and let loose a rolling cloud of thick, yellow death. More than 6,000 French troops died in what was the first systematic use of poison gas on the battlefield. Its effectiveness caught even the Germans off guard. Willi Siebert, a German soldier, noted in his diary, “When we got to the French lines, the trenches were empty, but in a half mile the bodies of French soldiers were everywhere. It was unbelievable.” Just over 99 years later, on June 17, 2014, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed chlorine gas was used by the Syrian government in an attack on its own people.

German soldiers ignite chlorine gas canisters during the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium on April 22, 1915.

In 1918, a German chemist named Fritz Haber won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for a method of extracting ammonia from the nitrogen in the atmosphere. The process made ammonia abundant and easily available. Haber’s discovery revolutionized agriculture, with some calling it the most significant technological discovery of the 20th century – supporting half of the world’s food base.
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Making fire safety outlive the news: A 10-point strategy- The New Indian Express
BENGALURU: National Fire Service Week is celebrated every year in India from April 14 until April 20. It is in remembrance of the 66 firemen who perished in the fire that erupted and the explosions that followed on April 14, 1944 at the Victoria Dock in the Bombay Port. Here is a 10-point agenda for relevant stakeholders to bolster the growing demand for fire safety measures
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Senior Laboratory Manager of Horana rubber factory arrested over deaths in ammonia tank
Apr 21, Colombo: The Senior Laboratory Manager of the rubber factory in Horana has been arrested over the death of five persons in the ammonia tank incident.

The Police said the 42-year-old female laboratory manger, a resident of Horana, Dikhenapura was arrested this evening (21) and she will be produced before Horana Magistrate Court.

Earlier the police arrested the manager of the rubber factory in Horana A.K.D.R Edirisinghe over the five deaths. He was remanded until April 25 by the Horana Magistrate's Court.

Five people including two employees and three residents were killed in Sri Lanka on Thursday after a worker at a rubber factory in Ballapitiya, Horana fell into a tank of ammonia and co-workers and residents tried to save him.
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New Map Shows Explosion of Fluorinated Chemical Contamination
The non-profit Environmental Working Group and a team of environmental health researchers at Northeastern University in Boston developed the map, which tracks publicly-known contaminated sites reported from both EPA testing and state and local agencies.

In the 10 months since the map was first published, the number of sites has exploded. Last February, researchers knew of 52 sites in 19 states. Today, they know of 94 sites in 22 states that report the presence of these chemicals, which are linked to cancer, thyroid disease and other health problems.

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Much of the newly noted activity came from Michigan. Communities there are dealing with contamination from 3M's Scotchgard fabric protector used by shoemaker Wolverine World Wide.

Martinsburg in the Eastern Panhandle of West Viriginia, was the only site in the Ohio Valley researchers added during this update.
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Paint stripper with deadly chemical needs banning or removing
My son Drew Woolverton Wynne was easy to love. The youngest of my three boys, he garnered attention with his quick wit, booming voice, and bright smile. Drew was an entrepreneur who relished building his small coffee business, making me endlessly proud.

But one day in October, I found the county coroner waiting somberly on my doorstep, and my world came crashing down.

While refinishing the floor of his Charleston coffee business with a paint stripper product purchased at Lowe’s, Drew was exposed to deadly levels of methylene chloride, a toxic chemical linked to cancer and death. As little as six ounces can be deadly. Scientists have also linked long-term exposure to liver toxicity and cancer.

Sadly, Drew is just the latest victim in a string of deaths associated with these dangerous products. More than 50 Americans have died from exposure to methylene chloride paint strippers since 1980.
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Chemicals That Could Spontaneously Combust Found Throughout North Sacramento Home
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – FBI and Sacramento county hazmat personnel are investigating chemicals found in a North Sacramento home that caught fire Thursday morning.

Around 6 a.m., firefighters responded to a fire at the home on Bogle Court and were able to contain the flames to the structure, but unknown chemicals were later found throughout the home that could spontaneously combust, according to a Sacramento Fire Department statement.

Authorities have not identified the chemicals found in the home, which is said to be for sale.
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Lanes re-opened on I-480 west at Ridge Road after chemical spill; photos
The cleanup of a hazmat spill on I-480 westbound at Ridge Road continues on Thursday evening.

After a closure of more than three hours, the left lanes of I-480 were finally re-opened just before 10:30 p.m. Cleveland Police and Fire say 300 gallons of aluminum chloride was spilled in the incident.

ODOT says all lanes are expected to be open by the morning rush hour.
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Scientists warn of nerve agent potency as Salisbury clean-up begins
The residue of the nerve agent used in the attempted murder of the Skripals in Salisbury could still be as potent as it was when it was deployed more than six weeks ago, government scientists believe.

Experts responsible for the decontamination effort in the cathedral city said there could still be “hotspots” yet to be discovered where the novichok agent remains in high concentrations.

The revelations were made at a public meeting held in Salisbury as new barriers were put in place around key sites connected to the attack on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, signalling the start of the lengthy clean-up process. Almost 200 military personnel in protective suits and boots will spend months decontaminating nine sites.
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Henry County cleaning up after fire at chemical company
ORION — Henry County workers are attempting to contain runoff tainted with chemicals from Wednesday’s fire at Helena Chemical Co.

Authorities were alerted around 12:30 p.m. to the fire at the site, 2929 N. 1300th Ave., Orion, according to officials. Witnesses said flames towered more than 100 feet, and several explosions were heard.

The concern Thursday was that water used to fight the fire is now runoff, and it has signs of chemicals from the site in it, according to Mat Schnepple, Henry County’s director of emergency management. Runoff in that area follows a specific drainage system, and workers have erected an earthen dyke at a key point to contain it.

“Everything should run off to this downstream point,” Mr. Schnepple said.

There was no immediate threat to public safety Thursday morning, but the runoff could have long-term environmental impacts, he said.
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Tyson Foods plant fire spurs evacuations, school closures
DAWSON, Ga. – Multiple crews of firefighters responded to a chemical fire in the dock area of a Tyson Foods Inc. poultry processing plant in Dawson, Georgia, on April 18.

Dozens of homes were evacuated, but no injuries were reported. As a precautionary measure, local schools were closed on April 19 because of the schools’ proximity to the plant.

“Our team members were evacuated and there were no injuries,” Tyson Foods said in a statement. “We’re grateful for area fire departments and their quick response. The incident involved the release of ammonia, which is used as a refrigerant at the plant. The leak has been isolated and we’re working to determine the root cause. The plant will not operate the rest of this week. We’re evaluating the damage and will determine when we might resume operations sometime next week.”
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Valero plant where explosion occurred has history of OSHA violations
TEXAS CITY, Texas - The Valero plant where an explosion occurred Thursday has a history of work safety issues, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Texas City officials say all employees were accounted for, and no one was hurt.

Related: Explosion at Valero plant rocks Texas City; no one hurt

OSHA records show in 2009, an employee was killed in a boiler explosion and another was injured. According to the report, the boiler failed, and it was considered an accident. The company was fined $4,500.

In the past three years, there have been two serious injuries reported to OSHA. In 2016, an employee was descending a ladder when he lost his footing falling 12 to 15 feet. The employee sustained a broken left wrist, dislocated his right shoulder and fractured the right side of his face and jaw. Valero was fined $21,000 for serious violations.
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Final warning letters issued over flaring at Mossmorran chemical plant
TWO major petrochemical companies have been served with final warning notices over an unplanned flaring incident at the Mossmorran complex in Fife.

Black smoke was seen coming from the chemical plant with nearby residents complaining of noise and vibration during the incident in June 2017.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) received 74 complaints.

Following an intensive investigation, Sepa found that environmental controls were breached during the incident and has served ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd and Shell UK Limited with Final Warning Letters.

It found that whilst flaring is an important safety feature in the event of a process fault, a series of maintenance failures led to elevated levels of unplanned flaring in breach of environmental controls between June 12 and 18, 2017 following the breakdown of a condensate pump.
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Explosion, large fire at Texas City plant
A large fire broke out Thursday afternoon at a Texas City plant, city officials said.
The explosion was reported at the Valero plant on Loop 197 in Texas City, officials said. Witnesses said the explosion happened around 4:45 p.m.
The fire has been contained but fire crews will remain on site until it is fully extinguished, according to city officials.
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Five killed in ammonia gas exposure in rubber factory
At least five people were killed and 11 hospitalized after being exposed to Ammonia gas at a rubber factory in Bellapitiya, Horana today.

Police said an employee of the factory had accidentally fallen into a tank containing Ammonia gas outside the factory this afternoon while attempting to clean the tank.

Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said several others including residents in the area who attempted to rescue the employee had become unconscious due to the inhalation of ammonia gas and were admitted to the Horana Base Hospital.

Five of the victims had died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The victims were identified as residents of Bellapitiya.
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Broken thermometer shuts down school
A science teacher’s discovery of a broken mercury thermometer in a drawer at Payette High School led to the school’s closure on Monday.

No students were exposed to mercury when the broken thermometer was discovered in a science classroom at the school.

A teacher noticed the broken mercury thermometer in a drawer as she was cleaning it out. This information was sent in an email to Payette Superintendent Robin Gilbert by high school principal Jason Dransfield at 11:52 a.m. Monday, and at 12:30 p.m., was also sent to parents.

According to the email, the teacher who discovered the broken thermometer reported to administrators that mercury may have spilled inside the drawer.

“Poison control, DEQ, and local fire department were contacted,” Dransfield wrote in his email to Gilbert. “The drawer was sealed shut, students were relocated, the doors to the room were sealed and ventilation to the room was shut off.”

The reason the ventilation was shut off, according to Payette Fire Chief Steve Castenada, was to prevent the mercury spill from becoming airborne, thereby potentially spreading to the rest of the school.
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6 hospitalized when truck fire causes hazmat situation
DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, Fla. - At least six people were hospitalized and a stretch of busy road was shut down for nearly eight hours Wednesday after a truck fire led to a hazmat situation.

Part of Atlantic Avenue between Moor Avenue and Bridgeport Road was shut down, but reopened late Wednesday.

The truck caught fire outside Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort. 

Crews had the fire out within about 30 minutes, but they found the truck contained numerous chemicals and deemed the area unsafe.

“It was very tense. You never know with these things. They always have the possibility of exploding, so we were very cautious in our approach,” said Bill Frank of the Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety. 

Among those who were taken to the hospital with respiratory issues were several hotel guests, a worker at a nearby hotel who was trying to help evacuate people and some of the rescue workers.
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Fire at chemical plant in Orion
Chemical runoff is the big concern surrounding the fire at a plant in Orion tonight.

Firefighters are also watching the wind.

It broke out at the Helena Chemical plant. People say they heard small explosions coming from the facility.

Local 4's Owen Hoke was the first reporter on the scene.  

The fire raging at Helena Chemical, on U.S. Highway 150 just outside of Orion, closed the highway for a while but it's now back open.

They say the fire was started when workers were out and there are no reported injuries.

Fire departments from all over responded: Colona, Orion, Cambridge, Kewanee and Coal Valley.

They've been filling water in town because it doesn't appear that there was a water source available for them on the scene.

The chief here said that there was no immediate danger to the public that the fumes went off into a field away from towns.
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Dramatic pictures show bomb squad blowing up 'unstable' chemicals found in a university freezer
This is the moment ‘unstable’ chemicals found in a university freezer were blown up by the bomb squad on a playing field down the road.

Dramatic images show officers from the Royal Logistic Corps Bomb Disposal unit burying the chemicals on Hough End playing fields in Chorlton before carrying out a controlled explosion.

The chemicals, described as ‘unstable’, were found at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, on Princess Street in Manchester city centre, at around 2.15pm on Wednesday.

Hundreds of staff and students were evacuated from University of Manchester buildings - and other nearby sites, including a hotel - following the discovery at one of the institute’s laboratories.
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CSB Releases Animation of 2017 PCA Paper Mill Explosion
The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) released an animated video this month illustrating the causes of an explosion at the Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) pulp and paper mill in DeRidder, LA on Feb. 8, 2017 that killed three workers and injured seven other people.

Taking viewers through a digital rendering of the Louisiana plant, the CSB’s video illustrates the agency’s position that hot work activities near a foul condensate tank containing a flammable atmosphere led to the deadly blast.

“Hot work accidents can be catastrophic.   This video animation demonstrates that a more robust hazard analysis is necessary when hot work activities are located on or near storage containers with volatile materials,” CSB Chairperson Vanessa Allen Sutherland said in a press release announcing the video.

The explosion was reported as the mill was engaged in a scheduled annual shutdown, which required workers to perform maintenance and upgrading tasks throughout the facility, according to the CSB.
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Plutonium plant removal halted after radiation releases
The Department of Energy (DOE) has called for 42 actions to correct safety deficits that led to a series of radioactive releases during demolition of the now-closed plutonium processing facility at the former Hanford nuclear weapons production site in Washington state.
The actions include better application of coatings and use of other technologies to control spread of radioactive contamination, broader radiation boundaries, improve air dispersion measurement and modeling, greater involvement of employees as demolition moves ahead, and better training of and communication with site workers to solicit their input.
Following the releases, site remediation halted last December. Several hundred workers were tested for radiation exposure. Test results showed that several dozen workers had inhaled or ingested detectable radiation but at levels acceptable to the department.
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No one injured after “chemical smell” at Hornchurch science lab
The London Fire Brigade has confirmed that no one was injured following a “chemical smell” in Hornchurch today.
Crews were called to Inskip Drive to reports of a smell at a disused science lab.
150 people had to be evacuated from their properties and a safety cordon was set up.
20 firefighters attended the incident just before 1.30pm and it has now been stood down.
Upminster Road was closed in both directions between Wingletye Lane and Inskip Drive.
A number of buses are on diversion.
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Victim of Athens explosion speaks out
Brandon Jones, 21, walked into the kitchen of his girlfriend's apartment at 104 W. Union St. (above Cycle Path Bicycles) in Athens late Sunday afternoon, and turned on the natural gas-fired stove.

As soon as the stove burner ignited, Jones told The NEWS on the phone from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Tuesday, “the entire place blew up.”

“The air caught fire; it was horrible,” Jones relayed (he was the only one injured in the explosion Sunday). “I was trapped in there, and at one point I just gave up and started screaming because I thought I was going to die in there… If it wasn’t for the building collapsing and letting air in, I would have died. I was able to get out onto Thai Paradise’s roof, and I think I yelled to call an ambulance, then I passed out.”

Jones has second-degree burns on his face, neck, arms and hands as a result of the explosion, his girlfriend, Ohio University student Haley Schaefer, 20, said Tuesday in a phone call from the hospital (here's a link to their GoFundMe page).

Jones said that he and Schaefer, had been smelling gas “here and there” for about a week up until the incident, but the smell didn’t become particularly strong until Sunday.
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Eastman officials: 'We were not quick enough in getting information out' on day of explosion
For the first time, at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Eastman Chemical Company officials said they didn't do a good enough job communicating with the public when a massive explosion rattled the plant last October.
Company officials also answered questions for the first time since a state report cleared Eastman of any wrong-doing related to the blast.
The Tennessee Department of Environment report is complete. Eastman will not face fines because of the explosion that stunned the city last October.

But Eastman officials said, the company has enacted changes so mistakes aren't repeated.

"We were not quick enough in getting information out. This included not just the city, and the county, and the media, but it included our own employees that day," said David Golden, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal & Sustainability Officer, and Corporate Secretary for Eastman Chemical Company.

Eastman Chemical Company admitted what they should have done better after explosions on their property back on October 4th, 2017.

On that date, Eastman said they advised for a shelter in place across the city of Kingsport. People were even told to turn off their air conditioners, raising public fears.  

Looking back, Golden said that wasn't a necessary move.

"That's one piece that we looked at and we will do better going forward to be more precise in our instruction for shelter in place," said Golden.

Other changes, Eastman says, also followed in the months since.
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Panellists call for Congressional oversight of TSCA
A legislative briefing in Washington, DC last week heard panellists call on Congress to exercise oversight of the US EPA’s implementation of the new TSCA law, which public health advocates say has been inconsistent with the statute.

Organised by the University of California at San Francisco's programme on reproductive health and the environment, the 12 April legislative briefing heard panellists from NGOs, academia and health organisations.

Chief among the concerns raised is the agency’s exclusion of certain conditions of use in a substance’s TSCA risk evaluation. This is consistent with ongoing litigation brought by a coalition of NGOs.

Eve Gartner, a staff attorney at Earthjustice, strongly urged Congress to "let EPA know that anything less than a comprehensive approach to risk evaluation across a chemical’s lifecycle – with a particular focus on vulnerable populations – is not consistent with TSCA."

She said the current administration’s leadership is ignoring Congressional intent to assess all conditions of use and is instead "asserting unfettered discretion to exclude those that are known or foreseeable from risk evaluations". And it is "defying" Congress’s direction for a risk evaluation to cover exposures resulting from an ongoing use or disposal.
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Scott Vetoes Toxic Chemicals Bill, Flummoxing Senate Leaders
Vermont Senate leaders expressed surprise and disappointment Tuesday morning after Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill designed to protect children from toxic chemicals in consumer products. Scott’s veto was the first of the 2018 legislative session.

The legislation, S.103, would have given the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Health expanded power to enter products into a state-run database if they contain toxins that may harm children. It also would have made that database publicly searchable by products’ bar codes.

In a statement announcing his decision Monday, Scott said he opposes the bill because it wouldn’t improve Vermont’s already high consumer safety laws, which were last updated in 2014, as well as put a harmful burden on businesses and manufacturers.

“These [proposed] changes, in my opinion, have no practical impact to how my Administration regulates these chemicals,” he said.

In a letter to the Senate about the veto, Scott said he was concerned that the bill would “jeopardize jobs and make Vermont less competitive for businesses.”
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Chemical once used in warfare at centre of clean-up
A spill involving a chemical used as a poison gas in World War 1 resulted in Dunedin firefighters donning Hazmat suits before entering an Outram property.
Fire and Emergency New Zealand East Otago assistant area commander Craig Geddes said crews were called at 3.30pm on Sunday after a man at a Mountfort St property accidentally smashed a small vial containing chloropicrin.

The chemical had been used in the past as a soil fumigant and rabbit poison, but had historically been deployed in chemical warfare, he said.

Mr Geddes said Outram Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Fire Officer Stu Casey made the decision to escalate the response based on the advice of chemistry experts. Dunedin's hazardous material (Hazmat) command truck was called in, along with pumps from St Kilda and Dunedin.

``He did a great job,'' Mr Geddes said of Mr Casey.

Fire crews donned level-4 gas suits, the highest level of protection available. They then set about isolating, identifying, recovering and disposing of the poisonous chemical.
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A retired chemist's chemicals caused Roseville evacuation
Roseville residents evacuated late Monday afternoon were allowed to go home after police and fire crews dealt with a hazardous materials incident involving chemicals found in a garage on Quails Nest Street.

"Update: Residents are now able to return to their homes" the Roseville Fire Department wrote on Facebook. "The Roseville HazMat team will remain on scene for a period of time to assist the home owners. Thank you to all of the residents for their patience."

The department explained that a resident in the 1000 block of Quails Nest "recently had a family member (a retired chemist) who lived out of the area who passed away. The deceased family member's belongings were brought to the residents home here in Roseville."

"As the homeowners began going through the boxes they found chemicals that were unknown to them and called the fire department. Chemicals can degrade over time and become unstable," the department said on Facebook.
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Man killed in apartment 'explosives laboratory'
iStock/Thinkstock(BEAVER DAM, Wis.) — A Wisconsin man blew himself up inside his apartment, which was allegedly loaded with white supremacist literature, weapons, explosives and highly volatile chemicals.

Investigators say Benjamin Morrow, 28, was found lifeless underneath his electric kitchen stove inside his unit at Village Glen Apartments in Beaver Dam last month. They also pulled from the rubble white supremacist literature, long guns and pistols, ammo, a large capacity magazine, and explosives, according to an unsealed warrant according to a report in ABC News station WISN.

It’s alleged that Morrow also hoarded 13 medium-sized jars of traicetone triperoxide or “TATP explosive material” in in the fridge inside the kitchen, which the warrant claimed doubled as an “explosives laboratory,” according to Wisconsin crime investigator Kevin Heimerl’s warrant application.

The contents of Morrow’s unit were considered to be so “highly volatile” that officials decided to destroy the entire 16-unit structure in a controlled fire.
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West Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Five Years Later
Tuesday marks five years since an intentionally-set fire caused an explosion at the West Fertilizer Company in the small town of West, TX, killing 15 people, injuring more than 260 and damaging hundreds of homes.

The facility exploded at 7:51 p.m. CST -- roughly 20 minutes after the fire was first reported to emergency dispatchers. Firefighters from a handful of Central Texas volunteer fire departments had already responded to the initial fire when the building exploded. Twelve first responders were among those killed.
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Local driver leaves gas station with pump still attached to vehicle, prompts hazmat issue
HARRIS COUNTY- Crews responded to a hazmat gas spill situation.

This, after a customer pulled off from the gas station with the pump still attached to the vehicle.

Crews say it happened Sunday around 2:30 PM at the BR&R Corner Store on Georgia Highway 85.

 After the incident, the pump kept running, flowing into the parking lot and then down into a tunnel connected to a roadside drainage ditch full of water from the recent rainfall.

Personnel from the store placed some materials down to slow the flow into the tunnel.

Units with Columbus Fire and EMS Department also responded to the scene.
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Sri Lanka Latest Breaking News and Headlines
A fire broke out at the main laboratory of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Galle this evening, the Police said.

They said no casualties were reported in the fire and the damage caused to the properties had not been evaluated yet.

Meanwhile, speaking to Daily Mirror, Hospital Director Dr. Jayampathy Senanayake said fire had erupted in a room attached to the hospital laboratory.

However, the fire has been doused by the firefighting units preventing further damage.

Several equipment and machines in the room had been damaged in the fire.

Dr. Senanayake said the fire could have been erupted due to an electric short circuit in one of machines in the room.
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6 days ago
Ten treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in Claremont
CLAREMONT — Ten people, including police, fire and ambulance workers were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after emergency workers were called to a Belding Street home Thursday night.

When emergency workers arrived at 26 Belding St. for a medical call about 11:35 p.m., they found three residents showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and highly elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the home.

The three residents and two visiting friends were taken to area hospitals. A police officer, two firefighters and two EMS workers also were taken to the hospital for treatment, the state Fire Marshal’s Office said in a release Friday morning.

An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway, according to the release.
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6 days ago
Groundwater bill moves forward in NH Legislature
CONCORD -- A bill that would require the state Department of Environmental Services to set ambient groundwater quality standards for two additional PFAS chemicals passed the House Thursday.

Senate Bill 309, if signed into law, would require DES to set ambient groundwater quality standards for perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA), and perfluorohexanesulfonic acid (PFHxS). Both of the chemicals have impacted two local communities.

People exposed to contaminated water at the city of Portsmouth’s Haven well found that when their blood was tested typically PFHxS tested at the highest levels. PFNA has been found at high levels in Berry’s Brook in Greenland adjacent the Coakley landfill, a Superfund cleanup site.

The bill has previously passed the Senate and now heads to the House Finance Committee.
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6 days ago
Chemical in Fayetteville's tap water may cause cancer
Fayetteville’s public drinking water does not contain GenX, but another chemical that is just as troubling — a likely carcinogen known as 1,4 dioxane — has been detected in greater concentrations in city water over the past year.

Water from the city’s Public Works Commission has contained 1,4 dioxane at levels exceeding a federal health advisory every year since the threshold was set in 2013. The PWC, like several other utilities in the state, gets most of its water from the Cape Fear River.

The PWC recently released its annual water quality report for 2017, which concludes that “recent tests confirm GenX is not in PWC drinking water.”

But 1,4 dioxane in drinking water is just as concerning as GenX, said Kemp Burdette, a Cape Fear Riverkeeper from Wilmington.

“I hate to kind of like pick which is worse when they are both pretty bad,” Burdette said. “I would say I’m equally concerned about both of them.”
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6 days ago
Bill Whitaker: West recovery five years after deadly blast includes heartening words of advocacy
Only a few questions were leveled at West Mayor Tommy Muska and other panelists on the Waco Hippodrome stage after Tuesday’s big-screen showing of “The Day West Shook Texas” on occasion of the approaching fifth anniversary of the West Fertilizer Company explosion, but that was understandable. Many in the audience were from West. Most knew the answers.

And not everything raised was a question. Someone proposed a shout-out to the Czech Republic, which helped this Central Texas town of vibrant Czech heritage to the tune of $200,000 after the deadly 2013 ammonium nitrate blast. Another inquired if anyone was faithfully compiling “the miracles that came that night,” a reference to the twists of fate that saved some lives in the earth-shaking, magnitude-2.1 calamity. And a graying resident whose home was impacted graciously excused the gradual development of West neighborhoods near the old fertilizer plant as “just a human error” in planning and zoning that transpired over a couple of generations of city leadership.

Someone requested a moment of silence, which fit perfectly with West native Jim Gerik’s uplifting 2015 documentary film. Amid homespun testimonials of explosion, death and destruction, he and film editor Chuck Venable repeatedly interwove a choir singing church hymns. The themes of rebirth and transformation in an environment of Christian faith in rural America are impossible to miss, complete with celebrations of community fundraisers, small-town resurrection and heroic volunteer firefighters.

Yet Gerik on stage Tuesday night alluded to something only hinted at in the film he shot a few years ago: the need for his hometown brethren to make the deaths of 15 people — 12 of them first responders — and the destruction of a quarter of the town count for more than a compelling tale of Americana. He meant taking steps to ensure a similar catastrophe doesn’t claim yet other lives, devastate yet other families, leave yet other neighborhoods in ruins: “People need to talk about this because this can happen again.”

Indeed. One questioner asked if the Texas Legislature had fully considered the mayhem and death in West — struck by a force five times that of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing — in forging laws to prevent this catastrophe from happening to residents in another town with similar agricultural priorities. John Crowder, pastor of First Baptist Church of West, noted the state’s strengthening of site inspections: “The inspections were probably not as frequent and accurate as they needed to be, so there was some progress made in inspections. But many of us feel like the important issues have not yet been addressed.”
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6 days ago
Kennewick road blocked after explosive acid left at collection event
A woman left about 50 grams of a potentially explosive acid at a hazardous waste collection, triggering road closures and concerns.

Shortly before 10 a.m., an unknown person dropped off a box of laboratory-grade chemicals at the Benton County event at the road department shop on Wiser Parkway, near Cottonwood Elementary school, said Shyanne Faulconer, a Benton County spokeswoman.

Employees from the contractor handling the event asked the woman to stick around as they checked the contents of the box.

"There is a list of materials that we can accept and a list of materials that we can't," Faulconer said. "Any chemicals that are brought in have to be reviewed by a chemist to make sure they're acceptable to take."
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Miami Beach hotel evacuated due to hazmat situation; 2 hospitalized – WSVN 7News
MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - More than 100 guests were evacuated from a hotel in Miami Beach after a hazmat situation sent two people to the hospital on Saturday.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue responded to the scene at the Lexington Hotel at 42nd Street and Collins Avenue, Saturday, at around 11 a.m.

Officials said employees reported a strong odor and began having difficulty breathing.

The hazmat team was called in shortly after fire rescue crews arrived.

“Once they did, they determined that it was some sort of acid in the chlorine room,” said Miami Beach Fire Rescue Capt. Dwight Nicholas. “They contained it and removed it.”

Officials said some gas mixed with chlorine caused the evacuation.
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7 days ago
UCF building evacuated due to nitrogen leak
A building at the University of Central Florida was evacuated Saturday afternoon due to a nitrogen leak.

Nitrogen leak cause evacuation at UCF
Crews secured leak, didn't determine cause
No injuries were reported
Orange County Fire Rescue responded to the CREOL building, which houses UCF’s College of Optics and Photonics.

Crews were able to secure the leak but were unable to determine a cause.

No injuries were reported, according to authorities.

A hazmat crew cleared the building and turned it over to the university’s building management.
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Gold Board tasked to review location, operations of laboratory in wake of mercury levels – Demerara Waves
The Guyana Gold Board (GGB) will have to mull whether to remove its laboratory in the wake of above normal mercury levels in 60 of the more than 130 workers of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) that have been tested so far, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman said.
Trotman announced in the presence of the Board of Directors of the Gold Board that he would like an “experts review” of the laboratory to determine how it could better function, where it should be situated, and needed scientific and other methodologies to ensure “safety comes first”.
For several decades, the GGB has been located in the same compound as the GGMC on Upper Brickdam, but Trotman said authorities would have to consider the logistics, cost and adequate safety and security. “The longer term decisions have impacts and repercussions on the State’s revenues and so decisions can’t be made in a day, they can’t be made in a second; they have to be made over time,” he said.
The Minister of Natural Resources said a South African team would be in Guyana for several days to explore the possibility of establishing a refinery. He noted that Guyana has been learning from other countries such as Suriname about the establishment of a refinery.
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Sugar Factory shut after tank explosion, re-opens
BARA: Reliance Sugar and Chemical Industries Ltd, which witnessed a molasses tank blast forcing it to close down operations, has reopened on Friday.

The sugarcane farmers in the district sighed with relief after the tank was reinstated following repairs, according to Area In-charge Upendra Yadav.

An explosion which occurred on Monday had taken life of an Indian national while critically injuring eight others. The injured are undergoing treatment at hospitals in Birgunj and Kathmandu.

The factory with a tank capacity of 1 million litres has been crushing sugarcane since December 18, 2017.
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Kasganj: Four Kasganj teens hurt in explosion
AGRA: Mystery surrounds a sudden explosion which injured four teenaged boys on Friday afternoon in Kasganj district. The explosion occurred when the victims were throwing stones in a dry well in the playground of a private inter-college, about 150 metres from Patiyali police station.
The victims were identified as Ankush, Karan, Gagan and Ashish, all below 15 years old. They suffered grievous second degree burns on the face, limbs and other parts of the body due to the explosion.
After the incident, the victims were taken to the district hospital by police. Both superintendent of police, Piyush Srivastava and district magistrate R P Singh reached the hospital to meet the victims.
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Mercury: The Shining Health Hazard
At room temperature, elemental (metallic) mercury can evaporate to become an invisible, odorless toxic vapor. The warmer the air, the more quickly mercury vaporizes. Exposure to even a small amount can affect your health. Symptoms can surface within hours of exposure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to mercury can result in short-term symptoms (e.g., coughing, vomiting) and long-term symptoms (e.g., loss of appetite, memory loss).

The problem with mercury is that it keeps on recycling itself. It vaporizes, is absorbed by materials in the environment (e.g., carpet, cloth, wood, window fixings), and again vaporizes into the air. This means that mercury drops can continue to turn into vapors that are breathed in by students and teachers years after a spill. It keeps recycling unless there is an intervention.

To determine if there is mercury in the lab, either secure a mercury detection kit or have a commercial lab test the science lab for mercury. If the results come back positive, the school district will need to hire a mercury spill clean-up contractor. If there is a small spill from, say, a broken mercury thermometer, see “How to handle a mercury spill” below.
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FL man burned by 'glowing rocks' at beach, prompting hazmat resp
ANNA MARIA, FL (WWSB) - A man is recovering after a walk on the beach turned into a trip to the hospital.

Manatee County Sheriff's deputies responded Wednesday to a suspicious fire at a beach near Willow Avenue and Gulf Drive on Anna Maria. When they arrived they found a unknown metal object up in flames. The West Manatee Fire Department also responded and the fire was put out. 

Deputies and public works employees then combed the area for any additional debris and removed some material with a rake and shovel. The item that was on fire was taken by public works. 

Then, last night after dark, a 28 year old male was walking on that same stretch of beach when he observed what he said appeared to be glowing rocks. He collected some of the pieces and placed them in his pants pocket. The objects later burning through his pocket, burning both his leg and hand. He was transported to the hospital where he is now in stable condition.

The object put out by the fire department has since been identified as a military training flare. The area where the flare was located is secure and a hazmat is set to search that location for any other debris. 
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Safe, sustainable science earns ASU researcher praise
For Gary Moore, the safety of the world outside his lab matters just as much as the people inside. An assistant professor in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences, Moore develops chemicals and nanoscale materials using solar energy and other novel, green methods. For these artificial processes, he draws inspiration from the biological mechanisms that convert and store energy in nature.

But why research sustainable production if the research itself will damage the environment? By installing water-efficient equipment in his laboratory, Moore aims to make his research practices as green as the materials he makes. Assistant Professor Gary Moore (right) accepts the Laboratory Safety Innovation Award from Professor Jingyue Liu, chair of the safety and outreach subcommittee of the University Laboratory Safety Committee. Moore’s work to both conserve water and increase safety earned him the inaugural award. Photo by Darren Bowens Download Full Image

On April 10, Moore was awarded the 2018 Laboratory Safety Innovation Award to honor his innovations in safe science at the Tempe campus’ University Club. This was the inaugural year for the award, sponsored by ASU’s Laboratory Safety Committee in partnership with the office of Knowledge Enterprise Development and Environmental Health and Safety. The award was designed to highlight ASU’s dedication to safe science, recognizing a principal investigator for implementing an innovative safety program in an ASU research lab.

Moore’s lab was chosen for rising above and beyond green certification standards, incorporating technologies that both conserve resources and reduce flood and fire hazards.

“The consequences of destructive environmental practices reach beyond the local community, threatening the health and well-being of all those outside ASU,” Moore said.
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1 person treated after exposure to chemical
GREENWOOD VILLAGE - Several people complained about burning in their throats and eyes after exposure to a chemical Thursday afternoon.

South Metro Fire Rescue responded to 5340 South Quebec Street for around 3 p.m. They determined the irritant was likely a small amount of Potassium Perchlorate. It's commonly used as an oxidizer in fireworks and other types of pyrotechnics.

One person was taken to the hospital as a precaution due to the exposure.

South Metro Fire Rescue says they're cleaning up and disposing of the substance. There's no threat to the surrounding area and they do not believe the incident is suspicious.
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Chemical spill at Vernon elementary cleared
School District officials are thankful for a quick response from emergency personnel.

Vernon Fire Rescue services responded to the scene of a chemical spill at Okanagan Landing Elementary just before 2 p.m. Thursday.

“A parent had a chemical in the trunk of their car. When the trunk was opened the liquid spill on the ground. While our staff are trained to handle small chemical spills — approximately 250ml and less, dependent on the chemical — they felt the amount spilled was more than they felt comfortable handling,” said Maritza Reilly, district communications coordinator.

The school proceeded to call the fire department and the area was cordoned off from foot traffic.

We are thankful for the quick action from the fire department, who have cleaned up the area, as well as the care and attention from our staff at Okanagan Landing Elementary for keeping our students’ safety a top priority.

It was the second time Vernon Fire Rescue was called to the school, following a fire sparked by a kiln Tuesday morning. In that incident, students were evacuated after the gym filled with smoke.
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Fire Department called due to Barrel Burst
Idaho National Laboratory Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the site out near Arco late Wednesday night.

It's now been confirmed that the fire department was called due to the release of a chemical in one of the drums stored on site.

And that it was located in the Idaho Cleanup Project’s Radioactive Waste Management Complex.

The INL fire department responded last night to the Accelerated Retrieval Project, or ARP5 which is run by the contractor Fluor Idaho.

Shelly Norman, from the Joint Information Center, said "A barrel there and it was elevated temperatures and it was breached and it released some materials..."
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Seven die as explosives truck blows up
Seven people were killed and 13 injured when a truck carrying more than five tons of explosives blew up in northern China.

The blast struck just before midnight on Tuesday outside an explosives warehouse, according to a statement from the Zhen'an county government in Shaanxi province posted on its website.

The warehouse operator works in using explosives for mining and construction purposes.

The statement said the cause of the explosion remains under investigation.

Xinhua News Agency said victims included truck drivers, warehouse staff and security guards.

China has made major strides in industrial safety in recent years, although large-scale accidents still occur.

Some are linked to corruption and lax enforcement, such as a 2015 blast at a chemical warehouse in the port city of Tianjin that killed 173 people and was found to have flouted multiple safety regulations.
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Three injured in explosion at 3M
Three people were hurt Thursday afternoon as a result of an explosion at 3M’s Hutchinson manufacturing site.

Emergency crews who communicated on the radio shortly after 1:30 p.m. reported no fire, and no situation involving hazardous materials.

Hutchinson Police Chief Dan Hatten said he was not aware of any chemical risk, and that responders were cleared to work with the injured upon arrival.

Three people were hurt — two with minor injuries, one with serious injuries. One person was taken to Hutchinson Health by ambulance. That person was seen at the Hutchinson Health Hospital Emergency Health Department, and then flown to Hennepin County Medical Center.

Hatten said he was aware of no structural damage at 3M’s facility.

“What it is and what the cause is — it’s way too early to determine,” he said.
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UPDATE: Eastman explosion review reaps no state action by TDEC
Eastman Chemical Company of Kingsport will face no enforcement action after a formal review of an October 4 explosion at their coal gasification plant completed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.
The evidence suggests obstruction of a valve due to slurry or debris intrusion as the most likely cause. The valve in question is about 30 years old and original to the equipment.
"The October 4 incident began when the ball valve failed to fully close during water flushing of the slurry feed lines of the non-working gasifier," a portion of the report said. "...Because the water pressure exceeded the coal slurry feed pressure, the water intrusion stopped all coal slurry feed, and water began to back up into the working slurry feed tank. In the absence of coal slurry feed, oxygen began to accumulate in the system at high pressure and temperature."
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Total BPA intake via food 'very limited', Netherlands finds
Total intake of bisphenol A (BPA) via food in the Netherlands is "very limited", according to analysis carried out by Dutch authorities.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) says food is the main source of BPA exposure for the average consumer. But even under the most unfavourable circumstances, RIVM says, the exposure would still be a factor of 30 times less than the tolerable daily intake (TDI). The results also suggest that no single food source contributes largely to the exposure.
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Safety: Govt To Close Non Complying Factories
The Government is to carry out an operation on all industries and factories which do not comply with safety of workers.

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Permanent Secretary, Pius Bigirimana said all workplaces ensure the safety of their workers to protect them inline of duty, as per Operational, Safety and Health Act, 2006.

“We are going to carry out an inspection and check the status of all workplaces in industries to see what measures they have put in place to protect workers. Those who do not comply, will be closed. I have the powers and this ministry has that mandate to make sure people work under a conducive environment,” he said.

He made the warning while launching the employers (manufacturers and industrialists) sensitization workshop on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Safety and Security Measures at workplaces in Kampala.

Bigirimana said those found unregistered contrary to the OSH Act, 2006, will be given 21 days in which to comply or be closed, as per the law.

He said all workplaces must promote the safety and security of various chemicals.
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Azidophenylalanine poses explosion risk
The unnatural amino acid 4-azido-l-phenylalanine (shown, left) carries an explosion risk, a new study shows (J. Org. Chem. 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.8b00270). The azide group isn’t found in biology, which makes it handy for attaching probes to biomolecules. The amino acid is expensive, however, so postdoctoral researcher Mark B. Richardson, professor Gregory A. Weiss, and colleagues at the University of California, Irvine, developed a cost-effective synthesis. “We found this explosion risk entirely by accident,” Richardson says.

Organic chemists are wary of azides, so the team used differential scanning calorimetry to watch the decomposition profile of all the intermediates in the copper-catalyzed reaction they used to build the molecule. The intermediates, some of which they worried would be problematic, turned out to be safe. But azidophenylalanine, included in the study for completeness’s sake, behaved like an explosive compound. To minimize risks, labs should avoid storing crystalline samples of azidophenylalanine for extended periods, Richardson says. Protecting the amine removes the explosion risk and is a good prestorage strategy. Biochemistry labs should consider keeping all stocks of azidophenylalanine in dilute aqueous solution, he adds. Sometimes people become complacent about risky functional groups, he says. “The fact that we didn’t see this coming speaks volumes.”
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Four people injured after M21 simulator round found outside Garden City business
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Four people were treated for minor injuries after an explosion at a Garden City business.
Garden City Police says a simulator/flash artillery from an M21 tank was found at about 10:50 a.m. outside Henderson Wheel & Supply on 34th Street.
The device was found by an employee near a fence dividing the property and the roadway and didn't recognizance that the device was a military round. According to police, the employee brought it inside the business where it exploded causing a loud noise, bright flash, and white powder to be dispersed.
Major Borders with the Idaho National Guard said an M21 simulator round is meant to replicate the sound and look of artillery or tank fire. It contains 1.5 milligrams of gunpowder and is not meant to cause harm but to be used for training.
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The world's rivers are clogged with pharmaceutical waste
The next time you feel a headache coming on, take a moment before popping a painkiller and remember this: that drug will persist in the environment long after its traces have left your body. New research from the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education has found high concentrations of pharmaceuticals in river systems around the world. The research was presented to scientists at the European Geosciences Union in Vienna this week. The Guardian reports:

"A large number of drugs – analgesics, antibiotics, anti-platelet agents, hormones, psychiatric drugs, antihistamines – have been found at levels dangerous for wildlife. Endocrine disruptors, for example, have induced sex changes in fish and amphibians."
The research team, led by Dr. Francesco Bregoli, developed a method to track drug pollution hotspots, using a common anti-inflammation drug, diclofenac, "as a proxy to estimate the presence and spread of other medications in freshwater ecosystems." Bregoli and his team found that more than 10,000 kilometres (6200 miles) of rivers contain diclofenac at quantities higher than the 100 nanograms per litre limit suggested by the EU; and that veterinary use of diclofenac has led to the near-extinction of a species of vulture on the Indian subcontinent.
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A heated cleanup begins at polluted Michigan chemical plant
ST. LOUIS, MI -- Things are starting to heat up at one of Michigan's worst superfund sites.

Underground heaters were turned on last month at an acre-large waste disposal area within the Velsicol Chemical Corp. superfund site. It begins a months-long process to bring underground contaminants to a boil and then siphon the vapors.

The vaporizing begins when the soil reaches 212 Fahrenheit, the boiling point of water. Officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency expect that to happen around June and continue for at least three months.

The clean-up activities can be viewed online via an interactive map detailing the heating process and measuring air quality data.

Velsicol Chemical Corp., formerly the Michigan Chemical Corp., produced the now-banned fire retardant polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and pesticide DDT at its 54-acre main plant site in St. Louis from 1936-1978.
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Dangerous chemical compound found in E. Quogue sample well
An East End community's drinking water may be contaminated with a dangerous chemical compound.

The compound PFC was detected in a sample well, south of a former landfill on Damascus Road in East Quogue. The site was also once used for fire training and is near a former landfill.

According to Newsday, the compound was detected at more than 150 times the acceptable level, which officials say can cause health problems.

"This chemical is something that is toxic," says Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "It causes things like damage to the liver and to the kidneys and to the pancreas. It also can harm developing fetuses."

Residents say the findings have them afraid of the full extent of the contamination.

"This environment is supposed to be pristine," says Bill Kearns. "The East End is supposed to be pristine."
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10 days ago
Elevated methane gas levels detected after township workers fall sick
BRIDGEPORT TWP, MI -- Preliminary results from environmental testing done at Bridgeport Township's main offices after several workers became ill show elevated levels of methane gas outside the building, officials say.

Results from the full range of testing at the Bridgeport Charter Township Governmental Center, 6206 Dixie Highway, are expected by Thursday, April 12, said Rose Licht, the township's manager.

Once officials have the full results, they'll determine if and when the offices, which closed since last week, will reopen.

Methane gas is nontoxic, but it is an asphyxiant, meaning it can displace oxygen supply in high concentrations, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Among other sources, the gas can come from decomposition of organic materials in landfills. The township offices were built atop a landfill in 1980, Licht said.
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11 days ago
Highway 50 closed in La Junta for hazmat incident
Hazmat Response Teams responded to a gas leak that was quickly neutralized Tuesday night. 

La Junta Fire and Hazmat crews responded to a chlorine gas release at the La Junta Waste Water Treatment Facility on the east side of La Junta.

This prompted authorities to closed a stretch of Highway 50 from Bradish Ave to Lacey Ave, along with 3rd Street from Lacey to Adams, but those roads are now back open.

La Junta Fire says the leak contained two 150 pound chlorine cylinders, the all clear was given around 6:30 p.m. 
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11 days ago
Hazmat response closes Route 50 in Wilton
WILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) - Crews responded to a reported hazmat situation in Wilton Tuesday night.

Around 7:50 p.m., officials received a report that a highly flammable chemical had been spilled inside an industrial building at 4300 Route 50. When crews responded, they evacuated a church across the street, and closed Route 50 in both directions at Jones Road and Edee Road. 

It was later found that the spill was a less hazardous chemical.

Two workers were inside the building at the time. They were evaluated by Wilton EMS and were found to be okay.
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11 days ago
Hazmat called to Chula Vista house for propane leak
CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) -- A Hazmat crew was called to a propane leak at a home in Chula Vista Tuesday night. 

Crews at the scene tell 10News that a food truck parked in the driveway of the home was leaking propane. Initially the plan was to jack the truck so crews could access, but they were unable to do so. 

They're now planning to safely light off the propane until it burns off. 

At this time one home has been evacuated, others may be evacuated soon. 
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11 days ago
CISCE to soon publish an updated school safety manual
KOLKATA: All schools affiliated to the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will have to set up a school safety sub-committee that involves teachers, parents and students along with the school management to play important roles in adopting practice of periodic and repeated safety guidelines.
The 2300 plus Council affiliated schools across the country and abroad will also have to secure its school premises and be receptive to adopt new technologies to ensure safety. The institute henceforth also have to allocate special budget for it.
These are just some of the measures which the schools will soon have to adopt as institutes affiliated to the Council will thereafter have to abide by the safety manual that will be distributed to schools in April, failing which the school will be held responsible in case of occurrence of any incident, jeopardizing the life of students and teachers alike. The School Safety Manual will be published in April where the Council will elaborate various mechanism required to be put in place for prevention of any untoward incident.
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11 days ago
Rivers worldwide threatened by pharma waste: studies
River systems around world are coursing with over-the-counter and prescription drug waste harmful to the environment, researchers said Tuesday.
On current trends, the amount of pharmaceutical effluence leaching into waterways could increase by two-thirds before mid-century, they told a major science conference in Vienna.
"A large part of the freshwater ecosystems is potentially endangered by the high concentration of pharmaceuticals," said Francesco Bregoli, a researcher at the Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, and leader of an international team that developed a method for tracking drug pollution "hotspots".
A large number of drugs found in the environment—analgesics, antibiotics, anti-platelet agents, hormones, psychiatric drugs, anti-histamines—have been detected in nature at levels dangerous for wildlife.
Endocrine disruptors, for examples, have notoriously induced sex changes in fish and amphibians.
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11 days ago
Hazmat situation causes evacuation in Adrian
An overheated tanker truck at Anderson Development was successfully cooled and neutralized after several hours by Lenawee County emergency crews.

ADRIAN — Hundreds were evacuated today, April 10, after a tanker truck carrying the chemical n-Butyl Methacrylate began heating up at Anderson Development.

Authorities issued an evacuation order for a half mile around the facility at 1415 E. Michigan St. shortly before noon as the Adrian Fire Department and the Lenawee Hazmat team responded to the incident.

The evacuation order was a precautionary measure according to a news release issued by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office, Lenawee County Emergency Manager Craig Tanis, the Adrian Fire Department and the Madison Township Fire Department.

The evacuation order was lifted after 5 p.m. There was no release of chemical, the news release said, and the reaction process was being neutralized. Emergency crews could be seen cooling it with water.
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11 days ago
Parent involved in Deer Lake pool incident looking for more answers
Craig Parsons would like a bit more investigation onto the incident that sent several children who had been at a hotel pool in Deer Lake to hospital last Friday evening.

Parsons was with his two children, aged 5 and 7, as they enjoyed the water of the Holiday Inn Express pool.

Just before 7 p.m., one of his kids complained about a funny smell. Seconds later, Parsons said, the entire pool facility was overtaken with an unbearable odour.

He helped get his kids and some of the other hotel guests at the pool out of the area as quickly as possible.

The pool was shut down for what the hotel and the Corner Brook Fire Department, which is the regional hazardous materials emergency response unit responsible for Deer Lake, described as a chlorine gas issue.

Parsons said the people who were at the pool dispersed, but later sought medical attention when some of the kids began getting sick. He said paramedics did arrive and began checking those who were exposed to the noxious substance.
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12 days ago
Drug exposure the latest concern for police after Columbus officer hospitalized
COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- Drug exposure is becoming a new concern for police officers' safety.
The concern comes after a Columbus Police officer needed naloxone after being exposed to a drug at a west Columbus gas station over the weekend. A police report says an officer witnessed a woman at the gas station getting ready to use a mix of meth and some other drug.
Drug exposure has been an issue for officers in other parts of Ohio. In 2017, an Orwell police officer was exposed to drugs and showed signs of an overdose while responding to a scene. Also in 2017, an East Liverpool police officer accidentally touched fentanyl and overdosed.
Both officers in Orwell and East Liverpool were treated with Naloxone.
Columbus Police Sergeant Dean Worthington said officers rely on plastic gloves and communication with suspects for protection.
"We're equipped with hazmat suits. However, that would be kind of impractical to don one of those suits whenever you're dealing with any narcotics situation. So, what we generally do is just put on gloves. We communicate with the suspect,” explained Sgt. Worthington.
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12 days ago
Chlorine leak reported at North Meridian Water Plant
Emergency responders arrived at the North Meridian Water Plant, on 48th Place, for a reported chlorine leak around 8:15 a.m. Monday. 

No injuries were reported.

According to Meridian Fire Marshall Jason Collier, the Meridian Fire Department responds to chemical leaks with the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency. 

While protocols vary by chemical, Collier said that firefighter suits protected firefighters sufficiently from chlorine leaks for firefighters to enter the building and manually shut off leaks.
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12 days ago
Dangerous chemical spills in the Chemistry Building
Nitric acid, a highly corrosive chemical, was spilled in a fourth floor laboratory of the Chemistry Building around 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 5, according to University Assistant Chief of Police Eric Olsen.

An officer was treated for eye irritation, but no additional injuries was reported, according to the Director of the Office of Emergency Management Lawrence M. Zacarese. The building was reopened close to midnight.

According to a report from Newsday, the spill occurred because of an experiment with an unexpected chemical reaction. Zacarese said fire marshals put the spill into an overpack drum, a type of protective packaging for hazardous materials, and cleared the building of the chemical.

When the spill was reported, multiple police officers, fire marshals and EMS responded as a precaution, Zacarese said.

“There’s a big response here because it’s an unknown chemical,” Zacarese said. “So, until they get up there and identify [the chemical], we have a lot of responsibility.” He later said there wasn’t a danger to the public.
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13 days ago
Chemical leak from train cars triggers safety concern in eastern Finland
HELSINKI, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Finnish authorities are investigating how a 50-car train carrying highly inflammable and poisonous liquid was left for two weeks on a lone side track in Eastern Finland without notifications to local rescue services, media reports said on Sunday.

Two of the cars had got lose and rolled down unattended against the track barrier and began leaking. The driver of a passing freight train observed the scent of chemicals in the air and made an alert on Saturday, and the event was initially reported in local media as "a leak from a tank car".

On Sunday, media reports said 35 tons of the liquid in total were leaked.

Tomi Anttila, a supervisor at the national transport safety agency, Trafi, told national broadcaster Yle that leaving chemical trains on distant side tracks is legal, but rescue services must be given an advance notification.

Veli-Pekka Nurmi, director of the national disaster investigation authority, told Yle the reason for the cars to get lose was not known.

"The train has been there for at least two weeks", he said. Nurmi said it was lucky that the incident did not happen in a populated area.

According to media reports, the cars came across the border from Russia and was now under the responsibility of the Finnish state railroad company VR. The company refused to specify the destination of the cars, nor the exact owner of them, on the grounds that a police investigation was underway.

The chemical MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) is used in the processing of petrol. Local environmental officials told Yle that the chemical is fatal to fish and other marine species.
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13 days ago
Chemical concerns sees university building evacuated
A building housing chemicals at the University of Wollongong was evacuated on Saturday afternoon because of a burst pipe.

A UOW spokesman said the leak was near a laboratory where chemicals were stored that could have posed a risk of reaction if exposed to water.

The leak in Building 41 – the Sciences Building – was reported around 10am on Saturday.

The UOW spokesman said the building was evacuated and NSW Fire and Rescue called.

Police and ambulance crews were also called to the scene.

NSW Fire and Rescue’s HAZMAT team arrived and inspected the building, before giving it the all-clear.

The building was reopened by 12.15pm, the spokesman said.
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14 days ago
Extra-alarm blaze, explosions collapse roof of Bridgeport recycling plant
CHICAGO (WLS) -- A massive fire Friday evening collapsed the roof of a Bridgeport recycling plant on the South Side.

Fire officials struck out the fire at the building in the 3300-block of South Justine Avenue and its commercial garage at about 9:20 p.m.

Firefighters found heavy fire had already caused the building's roof to cave in, the fire department said. Small explosions heard coming from inside the building were likely due to fuel stored inside, causing a hazardous materials alarm. The level one hazmat was secured shortly after 9 p.m., officials said.

Fire officials also said small explosions heard inside the garage were likely due to fuel inside.
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15 days ago
Bathroom sink overflow raises safety issue at LANL
SANTA FE – An overflowing bathroom sink has raised nuclear safety issues at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Water from the sink on the first floor of the lab’s Plutonium Facility recently leaked into a basement used to store drums of radioactive transuranic waste, according to a report by a federal oversight board.

The brief report by inspectors for the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) said the leak raises issues about “nuclear criticality safety,” or the issue of preventing uncontrolled nuclear reactions.

The water didn’t cause any problems, according to the lab. But the DNFSB suggested it could be a warning about what could happen if more dangerous liquids were involved. On the first floor of the Plutonium Facility, the water reached “an area near the aqueous processing rooms,” said the DNFSB.
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15 days ago
Firefighters battle fire at TPC Group chemical plant in southeast Houston
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A fire at the TPC Group chemical plant in southeast Houston kept firefighters at work for more than an hour.

The fire broke out at the plant on Park Place Boulevard near Highway 225 sometime after 5:30 p.m., sending black smoke into the air.

The plumes of smoke could be seen for miles along 225 as commuters tried to get home.

According to a CAER message, the fire and black smoke were not expected to impact employees, industrial or community neighbors.
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15 days ago
First responders battle fire at chemical facility
First responders addressed a fire that arose in a chemical environment in west Fort Smith on Friday morning.

The fire, which began around 9:15 a.m. Friday, occurred at Ashland Performance Materials, 5106 Wheeler Ave., on Friday. The blaze was confined to a mixing container used to combine chemicals for manufacturing purposes, Sebastian County Deputy Director of Emergency Management Travis Cooper said.

″(From) the effort of what they were trying to do on a daily basis, unfortunately, there was a fire,” Cooper said.

Cooper said the operator who was mixing the chemicals left the area “very quickly” and activated the fire alarm and sprinkler system in the facility.

Members of Emergency Management and the Fort Smith Fire Department responded to the scene. Cooper said “there were no composites or components left of that chemical” from the fire.
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15 days ago
Fire, Explosions Rock North Texas Chemical Recycling Company
TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A massive fire at a recycling center in Tarrant County shot flames sky high early Friday morning and was still burning into the afternoon.

Clean Solvent Recycling, near the city of Mansfield, went up in flames just after 1 a.m. and caused explosions that rocked a nearby residential area.

After more than five hours firefighters decided to let the blaze at the chemical recycling company burn itself out. The business is a paint and paint thinning recycling facility.
us_TX  industrial  explosion  response  solvent  waste 
15 days ago
Crackdown on mercury-laced skin whiteners looms
DAVAO CITY—The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Mindanao vowed to run after sellers of mercury-laced skin whitening products here.

Deborah Legaspi, director of FDA Mindanao’s east cluster, said her office had been raiding stores that sell the banned items but traders would turn up again weeks after the raids.

The group EcoWaste Coalition conducted test buys on April 2 and 3, obtaining 12 samples of the banned Goree, Jiaoli, S’Zitang and Yu Dan Tang brands of skin whitening products from six stores.

“To our shock and disbelief, the banned products are openly displayed and sold in stores,” said Thony Dizon, EcoWaste chemical safety campaigner, in a statement.
Philippines  public  discovery  environmental  illegal  mercury 
15 days ago
El Paso Fire Department shares chemical safety tips
EL PASO, Texas — The El Paso Fire Department wants to make sure that everyone uses their household chemicals safely.
Department officials provided a list of chemical safety tips:
· Only buy the amount of product that you need.
· Follow the label's instructions on storage, use, and disposal.
· Do not mix products; it can create toxic gases or cause a fire.
· Wear gloves and goggles when handling chemicals.
· Store products in their original containers, away from children and pets.
· Flammable materials should never be stored in the sun, near an open flame or any heat source.
· The use of safety locks and guardrails on shelves and cabinets can prevent chemicals from falling or tipping.
us_TX  public  discovery  environmental  flammables  waste 
15 days ago
HazMat situation at the Middletown Water Treatment Plant
MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - Two Middletown Water Treatment Plant workers were taken to the hospital after a HazMat situation there.
The city of Middletown said the plant stores lime in a bulk storage area for water softening. There was a leak on Thursday in the maintenance area, possibly due to a rotary valve.
HazMat, Butler County EMA, Middletown firefighters and other fire departments responded to the plant. HazMat crews have entered the treatment plant and they're still assessing the situation. Chief Paul Lolli said it would take several entries into the building to assess the situation.
The plant is on Columbia Avenue, which is closed while the situation is ongoing.
The two workers have been treated at Atrium Medical Center. They're remaining under observation there.
us_OH  industrial  release  injury  water_treatment 
16 days ago
3 Hospitalized In Hackensack As Bergen HazMat Responds To Unknown Odor
One firefighter and two residents were sent to the hospital Thursday night after being exposed to an unknown odor in a Hackensack apartment building, fire officials said.

Six people were injured including the three hospitalized, the other trio declined treatment, Hackensack Fire Captain Justin Derevyanik said.

At 8:13 p.m., an unknown odor that irritated residents' throats brought a Bergen County HazMat Unit, Hackensack Fire Department and Teaneck FAST team to the third floor of the 2000 building of the Avalon Hackensack at Riverside apartments, the captain said.

Bergen County HazMat cleared the Hackensack Avenue building just before 10 p.m., allowing the nearly 100 occupants back inside while the source of the odor remained undetermined, Derevyanik said.
us_NJ  public  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
16 days ago
Deadly Potassium Cyanide Leakage Injures Сhemist at Prague Lab
In the wake of the leakage of a hazardous poison in Prague, Czech Republic, emergency response group and a fire brigade managed to fend off a threat to the environment.
On Wednesday evening, a potassium cyanide leak in a Czech laboratory injured a member of staff, a spokesman for the fire department, Martin Kavka, reported.

"A leakage occurred during the work with the poisonous substance which had to have been destroyed. A chemist got an arm injury and was taken to hospital," he said.

A special ventilation system was automatically activated in the laboratory, thus there was no imminent threat to the environment, according to Kavka.
Czech_Republic  laboratory  release  injury  cyanide 
16 days ago
Man, family and dogs poisoned when he cleaned out fish tank
A man revealed how coral in a fish tank poisoned him and other family members while he was cleaning it.

Chris Matthews, 27, was hospitalised along with his girlfriend, mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend, and four firefighters after they breathed in toxic fumes.

Experienced fish owner Chris was cleaning out a tank and moving the contents to another container when the accident happened.

In the process he took out a rock covered in coral and scraped it clean.

Inadvertently he released deadly substance palytoxin into the atmosphere, and then closed the door and went to sleep.

The following day the entire family suffered flu-like symptoms, and even their two dogs became ill.
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16 days ago
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