MFD Hazardous Materials Unit Stops Chlorine Leak
Maui firefighters responded to a report of a chlorine leak at a Department of Water Supply facility in Wailuku at 3:04 p.m. on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

At 3:11 p.m., Engine 1 from Wailuku met with a Water Department representative at the Shaft 33 pump station, mauka of Omaomao Street in the Kehalani Mauka area.

Fire officials say the employee said he was responding to an alarm from the facility and confirmed that there was a gas leak in a storage unit that housed chlorine tanks used to treat drinking water.
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19 hours ago
Hazmat crews respond to worker injured at City Park
The west side of City Park was was put under an emergency notification Monday afternoon after a city of Fort Collins worker complained of being burned by a substance in a bag while working at the park.
Responders found a black plastic bag containing the substance in a truck behind the building. It was among a load of garbage that was collected from Lee Martinez Farm.

They then gathered a sample of the substance in a vial and tested it with an infrared monitor. Early indications showed a strong acid. They neutralized the substance and sent another sample to a third-party laboratory for additional testing. Results will be available in the next 5-10 days.
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19 hours ago
Hazmat team called out to Wheatfield plant
WHEATFIELD – The Bergholz Volunteer Fire Co. and the Niagara Falls Air Base Hazmat team early Monday afternoon were called to Materion Advanced Materials, 2080 Lockport Road, in response to the activation of 20 gallons of acid at the plant.

Plant Manager Joseph Kwiatkowski said the plant’s own Hazmat team was able to take care of the issue, but outside help was called as a precaution. No injuries were reported.

“We had a chemical reaction in one of our process tanks. We ended up having a release of a plume of smoke,” said Kwiatkowski. “We called for backup in case we needed it, but we didn’t. They were there if anything happened, but our own employees handled it.”

He said no injuries were reported and the reaction was contained within a tank.
Kwiatkowski was not able to go into the full details of the proprietary chemicals used at the plant, but called it a “chemical reaction dissolving metals.”
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19 hours ago
Drones keep getting into firefighters' way
Drones are great for capturing action and locations you couldn't otherwise film. There are times, though, they should probably stay grounded -- and that includes when they could get in the way of firefighters battling wildfires that rage every year in the American Southwest.

Yet in the past few weeks, people fighting fires in Arizona, Utah and California say drones keep interfering with planes dropping water and chemical retardants and transporting crews to where they're needed, Time magazine reported Monday. A small drone almost collided with a helicopter battling a blaze in Utah, and firefighters in California had to delay takeoff after spotting drones in the area. Crews in Arizona told the Republic newspaper they spotted two drones in their operation's airspace.

So far this year, three drone incidents forced air crews to land, Time reported. Drones have become an annoyance for urban firefighters, too. Last year, fire departments from Montgomery and Coldenham in New York turned their hose on a drone after it had been filming them for about 10 minutes. They followed with a second blast of water a minute later, taking it out of the sky. The owner of that drone wanted the fire company to buy him a new one.
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Johnson City Press: Identity of chemical still not known
ELIZABETHTON — It has been a week since a hazardous materials emergency started on the former North American Rayon property, and investigators are still trying to determine the identity of the volatile chemical that had been buried underground inside a concrete vault.

The chemical was so volatile that every time a track hoe or bulldozer would unearth some of it, a small explosion resulted. The chemical burned so completely, there was never a trace left to capture by taking air samples.

Elizabethton Fire Chief Barry Carrier and Carter County Emergency Management Agency director Gary Smith suspect the chemical is carbon disulfide, a chemical used in the manufacture of rayon.
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19 hours ago
Intense Flames Rip Through Research Laboratory In Orange
ORANGE (CBSLA.com) — An early morning fire burned a research laboratory in the city of Orange Sunday.

Firefighters rushed to the building on N. Batavia Street and W. Barkley Avenue just after 1 a.m.

When they arrive, flames were about 20 feet above the roof. The fire was so intense that firefighters had to be pulled from the building and battled the blaze with long hoses.

It took 60 firefighters from more than four agencies more than two hours to douse the flames. The roof was destroyed and windows were blown up by the fire.

Hazmat also responded to the scene as the lab tests oil and water.

The cause of the fire was not known.
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Chemical leak, fire prompts evacuations in Mont Belvieu
MONT BELVIEU, Texas - Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes on Sunday after two chemical mishaps were reported at plants along Highway 146.

A KHOU 11 viewer sent in video of flames and what appeared to be a black chemical shooting out from the ground near Winfree road.

“It looked like someone struck oil in the early 1800’s,” said Ken Perry, a witness, who lives three blocks away.

Authorities said there were two separate incidents: The first involved a mix of salt water and hydrocarbon chemicals that leaked from LyondellBasell's pipeline storage plant. The second involved a fire next to the plant at Lone Star NGL. 

LyondellBasell issued a statement on Sunday saying there was a pressure build-up in a wellhead at their pipeline storage facility. 

The company said all employees were accounted for and no injuries were reported. The evacuation order lasted for six hours on Sunday.
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Country club worker sickened by pool chemicals 
ANDOVER – A 40-year-old woman was taken by ambulance from the Andover Country Club to Lawrence General Hospital Saturday morning after poorly mixed pool chemicals released a harmful asphyxiant into the air.

Deputy Chief Albert DelDotto of the Andover Fire Rescue Department said the unnamed woman, who is a club employee, had trouble breathing and was experiencing respiratory irritation after a pump designed to add cleansing chemicals into the pool apparently malfunctioned, spilling five-to-six gallons of harmful liquid on the pump house floor.

The symptoms are typical when an acidic chemical is incorrectly mixed with sodium hypochlorite, DelDotto said. “You don't mix acids and bases,” he said.
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Country club worker sickened by pool chemicals
ANDOVER – A 40-year-old woman was taken by ambulance from the Andover Country Club to Lawrence General Hospital Saturday morning after poorly mixed pool chemicals released a harmful asphyxiant into the air.
Deputy Chief Albert DelDotto of the Andover Fire Rescue Department said the unnamed woman, who is a club employee, had trouble breathing and was experiencing respiratory irritation after a pump designed to add cleansing chemicals into the pool apparently malfunctioned, spilling five-to-six gallons of harmful liquid on the pump house floor.
The symptoms are typical when an acidic chemical is incorrectly mixed with sodium hypochlorite, DelDotto said. “You don't mix acids and bases,” he said.
“In small, diluted amounts it's no big deal,” he explained. “It's what's used to clean pool (water). But when they're mixed (improperly), they can create an asphyxiant.”
The first ambulance crew arrived at the club shortly after the initial 10:24 a.m. call for help and immediately asked for backup support.
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2 days ago
Hazmat crew cleans up spill after pickup wrecks on Seckman Road in Imperial
A section of Seckman Road in Imperial was closed for several hours Thursday afternoon (June 23) while a Jefferson County Hazmat crew cleaned up chemicals spilled during a one-vehicle wreck, says Ron Harder of the Rock Community Fire Protection District.
At 2:12 p.m., Stuart L. Willman, 31, of St. Ann was driving a 2006 Ford F150 east on Seckman Road near Summer Circle, and the pickup ran off the right side of the road, where it struck a utility pole and then a tree, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reports.
Willman sustained minor injuries and was taken by Rock Township Ambulance to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in south St. Louis County, where he was treated and released, a hospital spokesman said today (June 24).
The pickup is a work truck for a swimming pool business and was hauling containers of chlorine, hydrochloric acid and other chemicals, Harder said. A small amount of the chemicals spilled on the road, so Rock Fire and the Hazmat crew was called to the scene, officials reported.
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Samford University evacuates buildings due to vandalism, theft from chemical lab
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — According to Philip Poole of Samford University, there has been vandalism and reported theft from the chemical lab in Propst Hall. The Homewood Fire Department has evacuated Propst Hall, Burns/Chapman/Reid complex and Brooks Hall according to hazardous materials protocols.

Russell Hall was originally evacuated, but Homewood Fire Department has cleared the building to resume normal activities. The pedestrian bridge to Beeson Woods is closed, but the residence halls are accessible from the roadway and sidewalks along Hodges Drive.

Poole reports that everyone was safely evacuated and alternate plans are being made for activities that had been scheduled in those buildings today.
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3 days ago
JFRD Haz Mat responding to chemical leak in Lackawanna
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department HazMat crews worked Friday afternoon to cool an overheated gas tank in the parking lot of WhiteWave Foods. 

A crew brought in a cylinder of acetylene, a highly flammable gas, and they were going to use it for welding. There was too much pressure in the tank and it was overheating, so crews working with that tank decided to call 911.

HazMat crews were spraying the tanks with water to try and cool them down. At one point, they cleared out the area because the tank was not cooling down.

Streets around White Wave Foods, located on West Beaver Street, were closed, but reopened shortly after 6 p.m., when crews deemed the area safe and secure.
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3 days ago
Two in custody after police find ‘chemical components’ at Pasadena apartments
Two suspects are in custody and being questioned by fire marshal authorities after police found possible explosive materials at an apartment complex in Pasadena early Friday morning.
“Basically we have determined that there was some material we had concern with that a patrol officer found on a call this morning that might have referenced the construction of an explosive device,” said Pasadena Fire Marshal David Brannon.
During the ensuing investigation, officials found materials in the apartment that could be utilized to manufacture some type of a explosive device, however, said Brannon, it was determined that it was more of a case where subjects were possibly manufacturing drug paraphernalia.
Two arrests were made on subjects being in possession of materials of concern as far as the manufacture of a prohibited weapon or the manufacture of some type of narcotic, according to Brannon.
“They were not ‘cooking’,” Brannon added. “We found all of the materials which would suggest that they were building some type of explosive device or ‘cooking’ some type of drug, but we did not catch them cooking any type of drugs.”
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Ansbach drinking water safe, but chemical cleanup continues
GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Cleanup is underway after a high level of a discontinued chemical compound was found in the soil and groundwater near the Ansbach military community.

The chemical, perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, or PFOS, was widely used in firefighting foam until it was phased out about a decade ago. PFOS is in the perfluorochemical, or PFC, family of chemicals. They do not break down in the environment, and their effect on human health is not fully known, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Prompted in part by high-profile contamination cases near Nuremberg and Dusseldorf, the Ansbach city government requested a sampling of soil and water near the American military air field at Katterbach Kaserne.

Base officials then commissioned independent, non-U.S.-military testing of the base groundwater and soil from an off-site laboratory certified by the German government.
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3 days ago
Tennessee Riverkeeper sues 3M, others over chemical contaminants in the river
Environmental group Tennessee Riverkeeper has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to force 3M and several other entities to take steps to clean up chemical contamination of the river and Wheeler Reservoir with man-made substances PFOS and PFOA, claiming that the chemicals were an "imminent and substantial endangerment to health and the environment."

The lawsuit, filed under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, does not seek monetary damages for the pollution but seeks to compel 3M to remediate landfills and onsite disposal facilities which they say are still leaching the chemicals into the Tennessee River.

"We don't mind 3M making profitable products – but, we cannot tolerate the defendants putting profit ahead of the health of people, the environment and the River," David Whiteside, Tennessee Riverkeeper's founder and executive director, said in a news release.

Attorney William A. Brewer III, counsel for 3M, said the lawsuit was without merit and that 3M operated in compliance with environmental laws.
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3 days ago
Sprinkler Douses Chemical Fire in KS Apartment; Man Arrested
Hutchinson police investigators think a Hutchinson college student was experimenting with mixing chemicals to create an explosion when he caused a fire in his Plaza Towers apartment Tuesday evening.

Local authorities also contacted Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after their investigation revealed the man was sharing his knowledge in chemical bomb making with people in other states, Hutchinson Police Detective Jamie Schoenhoff said.

Police arrested Chase Lee Coble, 22, on suspicion of aggravated arson in an occupied building, unlawful possession of explosives in an occupied building, conspiracy to commit use of explosives and felony criminal damage to property.

He has not yet made a court appearance and remains jailed on $12,500 bond.

Firefighters responded to Coble’s apartment at the Plaza Towers, 17 E. Second Ave., at about 4 p.m. after a fire triggered the building’s sprinkler system.

The fire itself was small, said Deputy Fire Chief Doug Hanen, and was confined to the top of an upright freezer. He estimated damage from water to the apartment, however, at $4,000 to $5,000.

“After the fire department responded, they discovered numerous chemicals in the apartment they thought might have been meth-lab-related,” Schoenhoff said. “Due to my past history with investigating meth labs, I quickly observed it was not a meth lab but something, in my opinion, more nefarious.”

Police called the State Fire Marshal’s Office, which in turn contacted the South Central Region Homeland Security Hazmat Response Team. All of the chemicals were collected and properly disposed of, Schoenhoff said.
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4 days ago
1 killed in drug unit blast
Summary: VISAKHAPATNAM: One person died and two suffered injuries in an explosion at the Hetero Drugs Unit at Nakkapalli in Visakhapatnam district on Wednesday evening. CPM district secretary K Lokanadham said the accident occurred due to the lack of safety mechanisms at the company and demanded an inquiry.Incidentally, four persons had died in a blast at the SS Reactor 3 of the same Hetero Drugs Unit in January 2013. The deceased was identified as 34-year-old S Appa Rao, a native of Nakkapalli.The injured, Y Simhachalam and Mohammed Rahman, hailed from Nakkapalli and Hyderabad rspectively. Sources said the injured were shifted to King George Hospital in the city for treatment and the body of the deceased shifted to Yelamanchili. During a magisterial inquiry conducted by the then additional divisional magistrate Praveen Kumar in February 2013, several lapses including callousness in maintaining safety standards had to come to light.
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4 days ago
Details of massive explosion at chemical plant in Ivanovo
Today, at 15:00 of Moscow time, a massive explosion occurred in one of the workshops of large “Ivkhimprom” chemical plant, located on Kuznetsova Street in the Russian city of Ivanovo.

At present, 164 rescue workers and 36 units of equipment are operating on the scene, the press office of the Moscow regional department of the Emergency Ministry told Construction.RU

As a result of the explosion, 5 people were injured, one of them died in hospital from severe burns. However, now there is no threat of the spread of hazardous chemical substances.

Investigators are determining the circumstances and causes of the emergency situation. According to the preliminary data, TLV-330 gas boiler exploded at the enterprise.
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4 days ago
State files charges in 2014 Scranton Cooperage fire
The state Attorney General’s Office has charged a South Abington Twp. man with mishandling chemicals that destroyed his Jessup business in an explosion and long-burning chemical fire nearly two years ago.

Agents with the attorney general’s environmental crimes unit on Thursday accused Eric Spatt, 52, 420 Northern Spy Road, of illegally storing hazardous waste for 14 years, which led to the catastrophic fire.

The volatile chemical salt known as sodium chlorite ignited June 27, 2014, when an employee of his business, Scranton Cooperage, punctured a steel drum with a forklift, the agents say.

The fire consumed the building and sent up a thick, black tower of smoke. It rekindled several times in the following days.
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4 days ago
Environmental Health Advocates Ambivalent About New Chemical Safety Law
A major overhaul of a federal chemical safety law recently passed both the House and Senate with overwhelming majorities. The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act has been hailed as a bipartisan success and a major step forward. But environmental health advocates say there are still reasons for concern, or at least caution.

For forty years, testing and regulation of chemical products has been guided by the Toxic Substances Control Act. Despite the name, critics say it has done little to actually control toxic substances. It only allows the EPA to require safety testing once it has evidence of risk, and even after a chemical has been found to pose a threat to human health or the environment, the EPA isn’t required to restrict its use. In fact, it might not be allowed to impose limits if it would cost too much.

As a result, the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates there are currently 80-100,000 chemical substances in commercial circulation in the U.S. Of those, less than 200 have been subjected to some kind of safety testing. And EPA has only regulated a handful.

"Much of the chemical industry and many product manufacturers flag that they do test chemicals, but the tests are conducted and overseen by the industry interests and not publicly available," says Cindi Luppi, New England Director of Clean Water Action and a member of the steering committee for Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. "So, this issue of the right to know and the right to act on chemicals with links to human health damage is a really key pressure point in this debate."

The Lautenberg Act makes some key changes. Under the new law, the EPA can be notified about new chemicals, prioritize certain chemicals or classes of chemicals, acquire information from both manufacturers and independent sources, and - most importantly - make regulatory decisions based on risks to human health and the environment, rather than manufacturers' bottom lines. But it does not make testing mandatory for all chemicals.

"You could say that this law gives EPA the tools to get in the game, finally, which is good," says Luppi. "But I don't think you could characterize this law as precautionary or really even completely preventive."

A major point of concern for Luppi and other environmental health advocates are limits the new law imposes on states' abilities to restrict chemicals. Certain existing laws and regulations would be allowed to stand but, going forward, EPA actions would preempt those of states, and states would not be allowed to enact stricter limits than the federal ones.
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4 days ago
Sen. Gillibrand calls for EPA action on toxic chemical PFOA
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A day after President Barack Obama signed a major overhaul of toxic chemical rules into law, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand called on federal regulators to use new powers under the law to determine if the industrial chemical PFOA should be restricted or banned.
“Given the concerns about the effects of PFOA on public health, I urge you to prioritize this chemical for assessment under the Toxic Substances Control Act as soon as possible,” the New York Democrat wrote in a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy on Thursday.
Gillibrand noted that health concerns about the chemical have been heightened by the recent discovery of drinking water contamination in Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh in upstate New York, as well as rural towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.
PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, long used to make Teflon and numerous other non-stick, stain-resistant and waterproof products, has been linked to cancer, thyroid issues and other illness. Hoosick Falls residents are worried after blood tests showed some of them had PFOA levels as much as 50 or 100 times above the national average, Gillibrand said.
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4 days ago
Chemical burn in Elizabethton still smoldering, city leaders looking at prevention options
ELIZABETHTON,TN (WJHL) – Hazardous materials and fire crews in Elizabethton are still monitoring a chemical burn at a construction site on Stonewall Jackson Drive after workers unearthed a decades-old vault.

While officials say there is no immediate danger or harm to people in the community or the environment, many living in the River View apartments are still concerned.

“There are some people here who are mad, some who are scared,” Catherine Frazier said.

Catherine Frazier and others living at the apartment complex have to use a makeshift gravel road to get in and out of the complex.

Frazier remembers Monday morning when construction workers hit a storage tank sparking the fire.

“I had all my work stuff here, was coming back from a chiropractor. I had had to have my fiancee run through a field to get me my stuff for work and she couldn’t get back in,” Frazier said.
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5 days ago
One dead, two hurt in blast at pharma unit
In an explosion at Hetero Drugs unit at Nakkapalli in Visakhapatnam, one worker died on the spot and two were seriously injured, on Wednesday evening. The incident happened when the workers were cutting an empty chemical plastic drum at the scrap yard. As per the initial investigation by the Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, the drums were being cut without being cleaned. There must have been some remnants of the chemical solvent with some static energy and the friction generated from the cutting tool would have activated the static energy resulting into the blast, said Deputy Joint Chief Inspector of Factories Chinna Rao. The deceased was S. Appa Rao (34) from Nakkapalli and the injured were A.

Simhachalam and Rehman. All the three were contract workers and the injured have been shifted to a corporate hospital in the city for treatment. As per the standard procedure, the empty chemical drums are to be cleaned before being cut and disposed of. But in this case, the cleaning part was overlooked..
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5 days ago
BU student cut by shattered vial in hazmat incident
A Boston University student doing research in one of the school’s labs was sent to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after he was injured by a broken vial, fire officials said.

The man suffered a cut to the hand and a small cut to his neck and is expected to survive, Boston fire spokesman Steve MacDonald said.

The victim, a graduate student, was working with nitric gases in a lab on Cummington Mall at about 2:30 when one of the chemicals had a bad reaction, MacDonald said.

A “hazmat situation” was declared, but the chemicals were contained to that lab, he said.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said the building is safe and the space was being cleaned.
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5 days ago
New York searches statewide for industrial chemical in water
ALBANY — New York environmental regulators are looking statewide for potential sites of groundwater contamination from a cancer-causing industrial chemical previously used to make Teflon and other non-stick, stain-resistant and water-repellant products.

The Department of Environmental Conservation sent formal surveys last week to more than 150 facilities that may have manufactured or used PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, Peter Walke, the agency’s chief of staff, told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

Surveys also were sent to fire departments, airports and major storage facilities that may have used the related chemical PFOS, a component of firefighting foam.
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5 days ago
Chemical plume in central Las Vegas to soon undergo cleanup
Donna Castaneda is one of several residents in the area who wakes up each day to the fact that Paradise Palms has changed, in unseen ways that occurred below its surface. In the corner of her bedroom closet, next to her hangers, is a tube that runs from the floor to the roof, a system designed to protect her from chemicals that accumulated underneath her home.

More than 200 homes in Paradise Palms sit atop a plume created years ago by chemical spills a half-mile away at a dry-cleaning operation at the former Maryland Square Shopping Center, at Maryland Parkway and Twain Avenue. A dry-cleaning liquid known as perchloroethylene, or PCE, fortunately missed the valley’s drinking water. But the chemical bled into the groundwater, forming a plume over time that now stretches more than a mile long. The contaminated groundwater ranges from about 400 to 1,000 feet in width, and runs up to 70 feet deep in some areas. In some areas, PCE evaporated and turned into a gas, seeping into the air inside of homes.

Maryland Square is not alone. The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection keeps tabs on 40 PCE contaminations from North Las Vegas to Henderson. In most cases, the agency is confident that the chemical, a likely carcinogen that can cause health issues with long-term exposure, poses little immediate health risk to these areas.
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5 days ago
Two taken to hospital after chemical spill at Province newspaper printing plant
Two people have been taken to hospital as a precaution after a chemical spill at a printing plant in Burnaby.

Acting Assistant Chief Gavin Summers with Burnaby Fire says the hazmat team was called in to reports of people vomiting, after after a fork lift ran into a container of lithographic concentrate used in the printing process.

Summers says the Hazmat team responded, but quick acting staff prevented the situation from being worse.

“They did the right thing, they followed procedures, they evacuated the building and they got into fresh air and awaited our instructions.”

He says despite exposure, no one was seriously hurt.

“Nobody was in serious danger. The two that were proceeded to hospital were the ones that got the contaminants on their clothing themselves. All of the rest of the people were just in the vicinity, they were exposed they weren’t contaminated.”
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5 days ago
Fire officials still try to identify chemical unearthed at Elizabethton construction site
ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – Elizabethton Fire officials are still trying to determine what chemical is in an unearth concrete vault. The vault was found on Monday while a construction crew was digging basements for upcoming apartments.

Chief Barry Carrier said that they believe the chemical is Carbon Disulfide which is highly flammable and can be explosive.

Crews covered the vault with dirt hoping to extinguish the fire, but when they uncovered it the fire came back.

Tuesday, officials said that they will let the chemical burn off before proceeding, also they have found a second vault near the site.
us_tn  industrial  fire  response  carbon_disulphide 
6 days ago
Chemical spill takes worker's breath away, official says
When an Easton city worker grabbed the bag Tuesday morning from the garbage can in the first block of North Third Street in Easton, the smell was intense.

He dropped the bag on the sidewalk next to a parking lot, but not before getting a whiff of what was inside.

"It took his breath away," an Easton fire official said. A compromised bottle in the bag left three yellow stains in the sidewalk.

The Easton Fire Department was called at 11:40 a.m.

A city firefighter put on a safety suit and moved the bag from the sidewalk into the street, the official said. The firefighter cut open the bag, but was not able to determine what kind of chemical was in the bottle.

Whatever was inside didn't spill much onto the street. There was a chemical odor several feet away, although a brisk wind was ventilating the area.
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6 days ago
Obama to Sign Toxic Chemical Rules; 1st Overhaul in 40 Years
President Barack Obama will sign into law the first overhaul of toxic chemical rules in 40 years while hailing a rare moment of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats.

Lawmakers from both parties planned to join Obama on Wednesday for the ceremony, along with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, environmental advocates and industry groups that backed the legislation. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the bill, which passed with broad bipartisan support, was an outlier in a political climate in which the two parties agree on little.

"Any time you see Democrats and Republicans come together on a piece of legislation, it does reflect a measure of compromise, which means that there may be some people who will criticize it because it's not perfect," Earnest said.

In addition to updating rules for tens of thousands of everyday chemicals used in household cleaners, clothing and furniture, the bill also sets safety standards for dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, asbestos and styrene. The goal is to standardize on the national level what is currently a jumble of state rules governing the $800 billion-per-year industry.
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6 days ago
Pressure is on the U.S. to relax marijuana’s legal status
The legal mari­juana industry in Colorado is fed up with state and local government officials seizing and destroying their crops and mari­juana-infused products. The state has seen dozens of recalls of contaminated pot this year, triggered by positive tests for pesticides banned for use on mari­juana in Colorado.
Businesses say they have no way to challenge the test results before their products are removed from commerce. Two Denver-based businesses—EdiPure, which sells mari­juana-infused edibles, and Organa Labs, which makes mari­juana products for vaping—are appealing recalls by the city of Denver. They claim that the city relied on shoddy tests results from an uncertified laboratory.
The tension between businesses and state and local officials over pesticides on mari­juana has been growing rapidly since the governor of Colorado declared last year in an executive order that mari­juana contaminated with unlawful pesticides “constitutes a threat to the public safety.”
us_CO  public  discovery  environmental 
7 days ago
PCBs and other organic pollutants reach the deep ocean
Persistent organic pollutants extend 2,500 m deep in the Atlantic Ocean, but at concentrations not acutely toxic to deep-sea organisms

Oceanographers lower a polyethylene sampler (enclosed in metal cage) attached to a mooring (orange) into the waters of the north Atlantic. With the samplers, the scientists have confirmed that persistent organic pollutants contaminate the deep ocean.

Ocean pollution isn’t just a plastic problem. An alphabet soup of persistent organic pollutants—including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) used as flame retardants, and more—are carried by the wind and rivers into the ocean. A new study bolsters findings from scant prior sampling showing that these compounds have penetrated deeper than 2,000 m below the surface (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b05891).

To gauge the impact of these pollutants on marine life, oceanographers want to know their abundance, how widely they are distributed, and how they get there. But it’s a challenge to measure them at sea because the pollutants have relatively low concentrations, demanding careful sampling techniques and precautions to avoid contamination. The research cruises required to take these open ocean samples are also very expensive. Until now, there have been only three studies of persistent organic pollutants in the deep ocean, at just a few different sites. Given how big the ocean is, there’s a lot of missing information, says Rainer Lohmann of the University of Rhode Island.
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7 days ago
Suspected 180-year-old vial of poison prompts Chesterfield HAZMAT response
CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A woman is under arrest in Chesterfield after a bizarre incident involving an alleged vial of poison from the 1830s.

Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute involving a vehicle around 11 a.m. Monday. Officers located the vehicle and after a short pursuit were able to stop the driver on Club Terrace Lane.

The adult female suspect struggled with officers at that location, and during the struggle, a vial of what Chesterfield Police said was believed to be a vial of strychnine from the 1830s fell onto the ground and broke.

Chesterfield hazardous materials teams responded to the scene out of caution and decontaminated the suspect and several officers who may have come into contact with the substance. A male child who was in the vehicle was also decontaminated before being released to a guardian.

The suspect was taken into custody. Charges are pending.
us_VA  public  release  response  strychnine 
7 days ago
Fire code lessons from West, Texas disaster
A fire at the West Fertilizer Co. facility wreaked tragic havoc in West, Texas on April 17, 2013, when it set off ammonium nitrate fertilizer explosions. A dozen first responders and three others died, more than 250 people were injured, and a large section of the north side of the town of 2,500 people was damaged.
The comprehensive post-disaster analysis by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board questions if the McClennan County facility could have been subject to locally adopted codes. The Texas Local Government Code limits rural counties with populations less than 250,000 from adopting and enforcing fire codes.
Yet, population level wasn't a good determinant for the need of codes in this case.
An estimated 40 to 60 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer was stored at West Fertilizer. In comparison, the truck bomb that leveled the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, carried 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate.
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7 days ago
Crane collapse at ExxonMobil in Torrance injures 3, cause undisclosed
A 300-ton crane collapsed at the ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance Monday morning hitting a piece of equipment, slightly hurting three workers, and causing flammable-vapor releases that were quickly subdued, officials said.

The incident came as the company is completing final repairs to make the refinery fully functioning before ownership is transferred to PBF Energy, which agreed to purchase the plant last year for $537.5 million as long as all damage is repaired from a February 2015 explosion there. Despite Monday’s incident, the sale is still expected to be finalized this summer, according to an ExxonMobil statement.

Torrance Fire Department was called to the refinery, located at 190th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, at about 9:30 a.m., said Battalion Chief Bob Millea. There, 27 firefighters assisted ExxonMobil officials in suppressing escaped flammable vapors and hydrocarbons. Within two hours, the incident was described as “static” and firefighters left.
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7 days ago
What’s that toxic smell? One Father Clashes with the Chemical Industry
The movie Stink! originated with one pair of children’s pajamas that Director John Whelan bought his daughters for Christmas in 2011. The new pajamas, when taken out of their plastic packaging, smelled overwhelmingly of chemicals. 

That one smell prompted Whelan to look deeper into fragrance and the chemical industry’s use of secret and often toxic chemicals in our everyday products. He simply wanted to know – what’s in the stuff we buy? “It seemed like a common-sense question to ask…I’m just trying to find out what chemicals they would put on kids’ pajamas,” he said. 

A common-sense question, yes. One with a simple answer? Not so much. 
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8 days ago
Chemical spill snarls Ind. 37 through Morgan County
MARTINSVILLE — Sulfuric acid spilling from a truck headed southbound on Ind. 37 closed the busy state highway in most of Morgan County for nearly four hours Friday afternoon. All four lanes were closed just before 1 p.m.

There were no injuries from the chemical spill, just snarled and stopped traffic as crews cleaned up the mess — sulfuric acid that leaked from a 300-gallon tub. Summer school students from Martinsville High School were evacuated, as were people at a few nearby homes, as a precaution.

Bryan Collier, a firefighter and emergency medical technician for Martinsville, said the truck that caused the spill did not overturn. The driver noticed the leak while the truck was heading south on Ind. 37 past Ind. 252, and pulled over near a car dealership.
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9 days ago
Woman transported to hospital after exposure to chemical at pool
An 18-year-old young woman was transported to hospital after being exposed to a chemical at a swimming pool in Old Ottawa South on Saturday.

The Ottawa Paramedic Service received a call Saturday afternoon saying a woman had been exposed to a chemical in the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club’s swimming pool.

A fire release said the chemical leak had been the result of an equipment malfunction at the club on 176 Cameron Ave. The area was evacuated and the spill was contained to the pool area. 

The victim was conscious when paramedics arrived and was transported to hospital for assessment, said OPS Supt. Lynne Desjardins. 

No further details on her condition were provided.
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9 days ago
Nitrogen leak contained near Beaver Creek
EMA Coordinator Eric Ceci got a call Wednesday afternoon about a nitrogen leak near Beaver Creek.
“We were worried at first,” he said.
But after a closer examination of the property it was determined to not be an issue. He said a spill could cause an algae bloom but this one won’t likely.
He said a delivery truck turned over into the ditch spilling about 1,500 gallons of 30 percent liquid nitrogen. 9-1-1 was contacted immediately, which dispatched Papineau fire and EMS crews. He too was contacted. “Everyone did exactly as they were supposed to do.”
Ceci said the fire department was in contact with hazmat but the consultation determined there was no need for an hazmat crew to respond. The spill was mostly contained to the ditch.
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10 days ago
Clevelander was cooking meth, caught legs on fire, police say, is charged with arson
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland man was hospitalized and later charged with arson and drug trafficking after the methamphetamine he was cooking in an Old Brooklyn attic exploded burning his legs and feet, according to court records.

Kevin Hufford, 23, was indicted Wednesday and is charged with drug manufacturing, chemical possession with intent to manufacture drugs and drug possession in the incident.

Three others — Frank Hufford, 27, Bruce Laforce, 32, and Amanda Morgan, 32 — are also charged in the meth operation.

A neighbor in the same 4500 block of Burger Street called police June 2 after hearing an explosion coming from the attic. He said he also saw someone throw a blow torch out the upstairs window.
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10 days ago
Crews respond to hazmat at Intel plant in Chandler
CHANDLER, AZ - Officials are investigating a hazmat situation in Chandler.

The incident happened at an Intel facility at Chandler Boulevard and Rural Road on Friday morning.

Chandler fire said when crews arrived on the scene they found like smoke from a chemical fire coming from the building.

Crews are trying to determine what chemical was burning.

An evacuation was set up at the facility. There are no reports of any injuries.
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10 days ago
Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Project
The 2016 Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Project is an IFSI (Illinois Fire Services Institute) Research-UL FSRI-NIOSH collaborative project investigating fire service chemical and cardiovascular exposures. The project will include 24 firefighters to participate in 3 separate scenarios from June 25 through June 30. It builds on last summer’s experiments where data was collected from scenarios using common household furnishings. There was significant interest in comparing this data set to exposures from typical live fire training scenarios.
Much of the data collected during this study will help the teams currently working on the standard 1403 which sets forth guidelines for live fire training. For 2017, federal FEMA grant monies were secured to conduct this ‘training exposures’ study at IFSI in the summer of 2016.
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10 days ago
Chemical runoff from Norwood building fire contaminates Neponset River, kills fish
Chemical runoff from Wednesday night’s massive fire at an abandoned warehouse had made its way to Hawes Brook, which leads into the Neponset River, dyeing the water and killing hundreds of fish and birds, environmental investigation crews would later discover.

“At least a million gallons of contaminated water went into the stream,” said Cooke, the executive director of the watershed association. “Because it was not contained initially, there’s really no practical way to recover that.”

The US Environmental Protection Agency and state Department of Environmental Protection are investigating the spill, DEP spokesman Ed Coletta said.

Officials say the runoff originated from barrels of chemicals inside the warehouse on Davis Avenue.
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10 days ago
Willy Wonka Factory chemical spill injures 17 in Itasca
More than a dozen candy factory workers are recovering after a chemical spill at the Willy Wonka Factory in Itasca.

The Itasca fire chief says it was a small chemical spill, but several people are being treated at hospitals.

Ambulances and first responders rushed to the Willy Wonka Candy Factory in northwest suburban Itasca just before 1:30 a.m. Friday

The company, which is owned by Nestle, makes candies like Laffy Taffies and Bottle Caps.

Fire officials say the chemical spill involved a five-gallon container of a product used in a humidifying system.
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10 days ago
Two hurt in Johnson County chemical explosion while mixing pool cleaning solution
JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - A Bargersville couple is recovering after a pool cleaning solution blew up inside their house this week.

A picture of the aftermath shows the kitchen window blown out, chemicals splattered all over the walls and cabinets and the kitchen sink blasted into the cabinet below.

Bargersville Fire Chief Jason Ramey said the homeowners were in the kitchen mixing up a cleaning solution for their pool late Tuesday, when they made a dangerous mistake.

"They had two compounds of pool shock. They just happened to be different manufacturers. One was a brand A, one is a brand B. They mixed those powders together and once they applied the water, there was a some sort of chemical reaction that caused that explosion within the home," explained Ramey.
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10 days ago
EU proposes criteria for identifying chemicals that alter hormones
The European Commission last week proposed long-awaited criteria to help regulators determine which chemicals in pesticides and biocidal products such as hand disinfectants are—and are not—endocrine disruptors.
The European Union already has regulations in place to prohibit endocrine-disrupting chemicals in pesticides and biocides. The proposed criteria would be used to determine which chemicals fall under those regulations.
The proposal adopts the World Health Organization’s definition of endocrine disruptors as chemicals that alter hormones in animals and humans. Such chemicals have “a hormonal function, an adverse effect, and a causality between the two,” says the commission, which is the EU’s executive branch.
Neither the chemical industry nor endocrinologists are pleased with the proposed criteria.
“We are disappointed that we still do not have a set of scientific criteria that are suitable for the purposes of regulatory decision-making,” groups representing the European chemical and pesticide industries say. “Many substances which present no risk to human health or the environment will be identified as endocrine disruptors using this definition,” they predict.
In contrast, endocrinologists are calling the criteria too restrictive, saying the proposal would result in few chemicals being identified and regulated as endocrine disruptors.
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11 days ago
Chemical spill leads to brief closure at hospital
A professional cleaning company quickly contained a small chemical spill inside Moab Regional Hospital's laundry department last week that led to the brief closure of the affected and surrounding areas.
No one was injured during the incident, which was reported at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8.
The spill – which involved common cleaning products, including chlorine bleach and an industrial laundry cleaner – occurred as an outside contractor performed routine maintenance on the laundry department's machines.
The hospital immediately closed off the affected and surrounding areas upon discovery of the spill, MRH officials said in a news release about the incident.
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Fire breaks out in a chemical unit at Rabale MIDC, four injured
Summary: NAVI MUMBAI: A fire broke out in a chemical unit at Rabale MIDC on Wednesday night, injuring four persons. "Vashi, Airoli, Rabale and Pawane fire stations took control to contain the fire," said Surendranath Choudhary, fire officer of Pawane TBIA-MIDC fire brigade.The fire was controlled after almost an hour. W-299, along Thane-Belapur Road was gutted and stocks worth crores destroyed in the blaze. "Overheating of the reactor caused the blast," said Prabhakar Ghade, chief fire officer of NMMC fire wing.The blast happened after temperature in the manufacturing process went beyond its permissible limits.Gajanan Industries, located at plot no. The injured employees were rushed to a local hospital.
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11 days ago
Metal residue removed from homes, sidewalks and cars following magnesium fire in Maywood
Firefighters are testing homes for health hazards near the site of a massive magnesium-fed blaze that burned for more than a day in a Maywood industrial park.

Firefighters have been washing down homes, sidewalks and cars to ensure residue found nearby does not pose any health risks, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Air quality tests also were conducted inside homes in the affected area near the 3500 block of Fruitland Avenue.

“That is our No. 1 priority,” Deputy Fire Chief John Tripp said Wednesday.

The large fire erupted at 2:31 a.m. Tuesday at a plastics facility, then spread into a metal recycling yard. The blaze triggered explosions and hundreds of evacuation orders for businesses and residents in the neighborhood. The fire finally was extinguished around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Plumes of smoke sent fine metal particles into the air and created an odor reported as far away as the San Fernando Valley.
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11 days ago
Crews respond to sulfur dioxide leak
Loveland and Fort Collins fire crews responded to a sulfur dioxide leak Thursday morning at Cardinal CG, 999 N. Van Buren Ave.

The coated glass plant reported a 200-pound cylinder was leaking the potentially toxic gas at 8:36 a.m., according to Loveland fire Battalion Chief Jason Starck.

Two employees were exposed to the sulfur dioxide. They were treated by Thompson Valley EMS crews and released at the scene.

"Mainly (sulfur dioxide) is an irritant," Starck said. "But it can be toxic in high-enough doses. It can cause burning of the skin."

Carie Dann, Loveland deputy fire marshal, said the gas can also cause respiratory issues.

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority evacuated the rest of the building as a safety percaution, as crews were on scene were entering the building in hazmat suits to isolate and fix the leak, Starck said.

The sulfur dioxide is used in the company's process in treating glass.
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11 days ago
Hazmat called to a home in West Austin
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Fire Department was working a hazardous material call at a home in west Austin, Thursday.

Officials say the call came in at 6 a.m. at a home at Mesa Drive and Enclave Mesa Circle. A man was reportedly storing a large amount of hazardous chemicals, according to AFD.

Firefighters have not said what chemicals were stored at the home, but they did say it is not something you would normally find in a residential house.

Some of the chemicals were found in unlabeled containers. The Austin Fire Department said at 7:30 p.m. the house was turned back over to the homeowner. Chemicals were inventoried and a cleanup plan has been put in place. There is no public safety hazard, the department said.
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11 days ago
Fungicide prompts Hazmat investigation, street closure in Coronado
Fungicide was found Wednesday night on the side of a Coronado road, prompting a temporary street closure and hazardous materials probe.
The fungicide was located in "a container that fell off a truck," Sgt. Mark Porter of the Coronado Police Department said.
The container was spotted outside a home at about 8:20 p.m. and the probe was complete at about 10:25 p.m., according to a Heartland Fire and Rescue dispatcher.
The incident prompted the closure of Eighth Street between Alameda Boulevard and J Avenue, but all roads have been reopened since, the dispatcher said.
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11 days ago
Fire damages storage room at North Chicago pharmaceutical company
For the second time in three months a fire started at the AbbVie pharmaceutical research and development facility in North Chicago.

Firefighters responded about 9:40 p.m. Tuesday to a reported fire at the AbbVie Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing facility at 1401 Sheridan Road, North Chicago Fire Chief Dell Urban said.

The fire started in a laboratory and electronics storage room, she said. The blaze was contained to the room, which sustained water damage.

"The fire was held in check by the sprinkler system," Urban said. "Everyone had been evacuated and there were no injuries."
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12 days ago
Toxic chlorine leak contained in Florence
FLORENCE — The city of Florence was ordered to shelter in place Wednesday following a toxic chlorine leak.
A 150-gallon chlorine tank sprang a leak Wednesday morning, requiring Florence volunteer firefighters and a hazmat team from Williamson County to respond, according to an official with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.
The leak occurred around 10 a.m. near a water treatment well in the 300 block of Farm-to-Market 970.
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12 days ago
Lab explosion in Middleton injures 1
One person was injured Wednesday in a lab explosion at a business in Middleton.

Firefighters were called at 1:13 p.m. to Pharmaceutical Product Development Corp. at 8551 Research Way on a report of a hydrogen explosion. An official at the scene said it was a lab explosion.

PPD spokesman Randy Buckwalter said the incident involved the release of pressurized helium, a non-toxic, inert, non-flammable gas, isolated section of the building.

The building was briefly evacuated, and all employees returned to work by 2 p.m.

One employee suffered minor burns and he was treated at the scene. He was wearing all required personal protective equipment, Buckwalter said.

There was no damage to the building.

Buckwalter said the "laboratory equipment incident" did not cause an environmental impact and facility operations returned to normal Wednesday.
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12 days ago
Couple injured after pool mixture reacts violently
A Center Grove area couple didn’t think anything of mixing two brands of the same chemical to treat the water in their pool.

The result: an explosion that damaged their home and sent both of them to the hospital.

Now both the couple and emergency workers want to warn residents to be extra cautious with the chemicals used to treat and maintain backyard swimming pools.

Just before 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, the couple was preparing chemicals to treat the pool in the kitchen of their Golden Grove Estates home. They had a small amount of one brand left and more supplies in another brand and decided to mix the two because they thought both were the same. When they mixed in water, as a pool maintenance worker had suggested in the past, the mixture exploded, Bargersville Fire Chief Jason Ramey said.

The power of that blast blew their kitchen sink out of the countertop and into the cabinet below and busted out the window above the sink in the home off Saddle Club Road, Ramey said.

They called 911, and both the husband and wife were taken to Community South Hospital to be treated for inhalation of chemicals and chemical burns and damaged hearing from the blast, he said. By Wednesday morning, both had been treated and released from the hospital, he said.
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12 days ago
Chemical in creek killing thousands of fish
GREENE COUNTY, Ind. -- A chemical spill in Greene County, Indiana has killed thousands of fish, an official with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday. 

The spill began as a traffic crash. A tank of anhydrous ammonia spilled into a residential yard. The fire department evacuated people nearby, but had to spray the chemical to keep everybody safe. That's how the chemical ended up in Lattas Creek.
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12 days ago
3 treated after solvent leak at Reno printing company
RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — The Garlock Printing and Converting warehouse on Woodland Avenue was evacuated after a solvent leak Tuesday morning, according to the Reno Fire Department.

RFD first tweeted about the possible HazMat situation.

Officials said three people needed medical attention after equipment failure caused the solvent to be released into the air.
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13 days ago
Chemical spill at Gehl Foods plant leaves five with minor injuries
A gas buildup inside the Gehl Foods plant in Germantown on June 7 caused a chemical spill that sent five to the hospital with minor respiratory issues.

According to a press release from the Germantown Fire Department, a contractor had accidentally mixed two materials that created chlorine and sulfur dioxide, which eventually caused a pressure breach that released product and gas inside the facility.

All employees at the plant were evacuated, with five sent to Community Memorial Hospital after complaining of respiratory distress.

Responders on the scene determined the product could be flushed and diluted to a safe point. According to the release, the Washington County Hazmat Team monitored the situation in and around the building.

The area was released back to Gehl Foods after air monitoring was completed and the pH at the scene was neutral.
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13 days ago
Chemical Spill at El Segundo Water Treatment Plant
EL SEGUNDO, CA — A chemical spill was reported Tuesday afternoon at the West Basin water treatment plant across from the Chevron refinery. 

The spill was reported at around 1 p.m, West Basin Water District Assistant General Manager Shivaji Deshmukh said.

"Early today, we have a chemical that was put into the wrong chemical tank," he said. "We're still investigating why that happened."

The chemical created a "minor heat increase" and the plant contacted the El Segundo Fire Department out of "an abundance of caution," he said. 

The fire department evacuated a nearby building and shutdown a portion of El Segundo Boulevard near Sepulveda Boulevard.
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13 days ago
Transitioning to Safer Chemicals in Academic Research Laboratories: Lessons learned at the University of Washington
Chemicals are an integral component of laboratory activities in academia but minimizing hazards and environmental impacts of chemicals is challenging. This paper describes how laboratories in University of Washington’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (UW DEOHS) partnered with the UW Green Laboratory Program to explore approaches for assisting laboratories to adopt green chemistry principles and select safer chemicals. Chemical inventories, purchasing records, and hazardous waste data were used to quantitate chemical use in DEOHS. Characterizing chemical use based on the data sources provided the project team with a summary of the high volume chemicals used by departmental laboratories. As a way to target chemicals that are highly hazardous but not used in large masses/volumes, laboratory managers were asked about highly hazardous or toxic chemicals they used. Two chemicals were selected for alternatives assessments and developed into case studies that represent different barriers that laboratories face in their efforts to transition to greener and safer chemicals. This project provided a unique opportunity to survey chemicals used by a set of laboratories with diverse research topics and assess the practicality of transitioning to safer and greener chemicals in laboratory research using case studies.
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13 days ago
Strong Odor Hits LA County in Wake of Maywood Fire
When Paulette Jorrisset stepped out of her Reseda home Tuesday morning, she was hit was by an intense, chemical smell.
"I took one little whiff and it just came over me. I immediately closed my door and windows and started contacting people," she said.
'Horrifying' Explosions, Fire Destroy Warehouse
Residents all over the Southern California area felt the after-effects of a fire through a pungent odor that settled over the region. Another resident, Justin Adams of Sherman Oaks, described the scent “like a burning tire, a plastic-y smell.”
The fire began around 2:30 a.m. at a plastics business in the 3700 block of Fruitland Avenue. A smoke advisory was released late morning by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, advising residents to avoid unnecessary outdoor exposure and to limit physical exertion.
Thousands Attend Downtown LA Vigil for Orlando Victims
Air quality officials are reporting poor air quality in the central, south central and southeast portions of LA County.
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13 days ago
HCSO: Babysitter arrested for building acid bombs with teen
TAMPA (FOX 13) - A babysitter is accused of having explosives and child abuse after the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said he set off an acid bomb in a park Monday. 

HCSO said deputies arrested 30-year-old Joshua Stephen Lapin-Bertone, of Tampa, and charged him with four counts each of making/placing/discharging a destructive device and child abuse - endangerment.

Investigators said an off-duty deputy working in the Logan Gate Subdivision near Monterey Lakeside Park heard an explosion and went straight to the park around 11:15 a.m. That's when he saw Lapin-Bertone setting off chemical bombs. 

HCSO said Lapin-Bertone was showing a boy how to set off chemical bombs and had the child participated in throwing the devices. After searching his vehicle, deputies found more chemicals used to make acid bombs. 

A bomb team member from HCSO came to the scene and neutralized the chemicals. 

The child's mother responded came to the park and took her son. The initial investigation revealed the babysitter was found by the mother through Care.com and has been a regular babysitter for the boy for the past four years. 
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13 days ago
Fire, explosion destroy pool shed in Pembroke
PEMBROKE – A fire burned a wooden pool shed to the ground and caused a propane tank to explode at a Thompson Street home Monday afternoon.
Firefighters were called to 13 Thompson Street at about 4:10 p.m. for a report of an explosion, Fire Chief Michael Hill said. The wooden 10-foot-by-12-foot pool shed and its contents were engulfed in flames.
Firefighters were at the scene for about two hours dousing the fire, which spread to some brush and dry leaves.
No firefighters or residents were injured.
Hill said investigators believe that the fire may have started because of either an electrical problem or a chemical reaction from items stored in the shed. The fire likely caused a 20-pound propane cylinder to explode.
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13 days ago
Firefighters battle explosive, chemical-fueled blaze in Southeast L.A.
Firefighters are battling an explosive, magnesium-fueled fire in southeast Los Angeles County Tuesday morning that is shooting flames and sending sparks, huge plumes of smoke and ash into the sky.

The three-alarm blaze was reported about 2:30 a.m. in an industrial area in the city of Maywood where it started in a junkyard and the spread to two nearby buildings.

Power was knocked out to thousands of people as the flames consumed power poles and a nearby apartment building was evacuated.

L.A. County Fire inspector Randall Wright told KABC TV that the explosions were caused by the volatile reaction of chemicals and water. He said the fire was "very active, very challenging and very dangerous."

One nearby resident described the scene as "no joke, downtown covered in smoke and smells of fireworks."
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13 days ago
Fire Crews Inspect Gear After Chemical Exposure
WHITE CITY, Ore-- The three alarm fire on Mason Way Friday is still being investigated by fire crews, but they are also waiting on a list of chemicals that were in the building during the fire.

It's standard practice for firefighters to clean themselves off with the hose after fighting a fire, but because there were things like pesticides and herbicides in this one, crews have to isolate their gear until it's been inspected for safety reasons.

"Most of the chemicals we saw in this fire were water soluble, so our wash off after the fire should be sufficient," Fire District 3's Ashley Lara said. "But it's the chemicals we don't know about that we are testing for."

Fire District Three has this special "extractor" washing machine, specially designed for fire fighter's gear...but not all fire stations have these. 

Turnouts, or the gear firefighters wear, are placed in pretty dirty places. The smoke from house fires can pick up chemical particles from anything that it burns, and that can get into the turnouts.
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14 days ago
Amazon faces $350,000 fine for improperly shipping Liquid Fire
Federal regulators are going after Amazon for allegedly botching the packaging of Liquid Fire drain cleaner, which leaked on UPS employees during shipping.
The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it is proposing a $350,000 fine for the October 2014 incident.
Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) did not properly package or label the box containing the drain cleaner before it was flown from Louisville to Boulder, Colorado, the FAA claims.
"Nine UPS employees who came into contact with the box reported feeling a burning sensation and were treated with a chemical wash," the FAA said.
us_CO  transportation  follow-up  response  cleaners 
14 days ago
Evacuations ordered following fire at NC chemical plant
ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WECT) – Emergency crews are responding to reports of a fire following an explosion at Tiger Products’ chemical plant in Bladen County Monday morning.

According to Bradley Kinlaw, emergency services director for Bladen County, the fire was first reported around 9:30 a.m. at the plant, located in the 4200 block of US 701 in Elizabethtown.

Officials on scene said the fire started in a machine at the plant following an explosion. Crews have contained the fire but it is still burning.

A hazmat crew was called to the scene due to smoldering sulfur.

Kinlaw said evacuations were issued to homes a quarter mile down wind from the plant. No injuries have been reported so far.
us_NC  industrial  explosion  response  sulphur 
14 days ago
Kids Experience Apparent Chemical Reaction from Abilene Pool -
ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Four children experienced an apparent reaction to chemicals after swimming at an Abilene pool.

All four kids were swimming at the Dive Spot off Lytle Way when the began to notice a chemical smell they described as being similar to sulfur, according to medical personnel on scene.

The kids were checked out at the scene, and examiners determined there was no need to send them to the hospital. The nature of their symptoms is unknown, but a member of the KTAB and KRBC team reports seeing the kids rubbing their eyes.

Every other person swimming in the pool, including a fifth kid from the same group as the four experiencing symptoms, did not experience any issues related to the chemicals.

The City Inspector did test the PH level of the water and discovered the PH level was low, but the pool was not shut down. The incident was called into authorities as a precaution. 
us_TX  public  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
14 days ago
Chemical spill at Phelps
PHELPS, Ky. – A chemical spill at Peter Creek on Saturday afternoon have many scratching their heads as to what type of material was being kept in multiple containers at a vacant building, which belongs to former State Representative W. Keith Hall.

Lanny Brannock , spokesman with the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in Frankfort, Ky. said an Emergency Response Team (ERT) was dispatched to the area around 5 p.m. at the request of Pike County Emergency Management.

According to Brannock, twenty-seven 300 gallon totes were discovered on the outside of the building several totes, 55 gallon drums and a couple of poly-tanks were being housed inside the building. None of the containers were labeled and all of the containers appear to contain the same material. Samples have been taken and are currently at the lab for characterization. The containers were in poor condition and were badly deteriorated; the spill caused a mile long stretch of dead fish in Peter Creek.

Brannock said it will be approximately 7-10 days before testing will be complete and the department will be certain of what the material was. Brannock also does not see a threat to public health.
us_KY  public  release  response  unknown_chemical 
14 days ago
Neighbors concerned over Rubbertown chemical spills
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Two non-toxic chemical spills from two different chemical plants in the last week has Chickasaw and Algonquin neighbors saying enough is enough.

Many in the Rubbertown area say not only does it smell but they're tired of chemical spills becoming a common occurrence.

WHAS11 News received word about the spills courtesy of strong Twitter posts from Kentucky State Representative-Elect Attica Scott. Her district 41 covers parts of Chickasaw and Algonquin and she says the Rubbertown area stinks.

“I had to go and one educate people on social media because many people won’t' know that this happened because it was kind of pushed under the rug...oh it was a chemical spill but there's no harm that we anticipate,” she explained.

The Air Pollution Control District says there were two minor chemical spills last week, an alert sent out to neighbors, it says the public was not at risk and we’re told the chemicals stayed on the plant's property.
us_KY  industrial  follow-up  environmental  toxics 
14 days ago
Springfield suicide with 'cocktail of chemicals' sparks hazmat response
SPRINGFIELD – A 20-year-old man committed suicide by immersing himself in a "cocktail of chemicals" sparking a major hazardous materials event that lasted more than five hours.

The victim pitched a tent in the backyard of Old Acre Road, climbed into some type of large bag and poured a variety of chemicals on his body, said Dennis G. Leger aide to fire commissioner Joseph Conant.

The man was found by a Milbrook Scholars student at the Children's Study Home, where he was staying, and started CPR. Firefighters arrived and continued CPR until they realized the chemicals were involved and called the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Regional Hazmat Team 2, Leger said.

The incident was first reported at about 11:35 p.m. on Saturday and the team did not clear the scene until about 5 a.m., Sunday, Leger said.
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15 days ago
EPA’s chemical plant safety proposal satisfies no one
It is usually hard to make everybody happy, but sometimes it’s just as hard to make anybody happy.
That appears to be the case with an Environmental Protection Agency proposal to overhaul a 25-year-old regulation intended to minimize chemical plant accidents, protect workers and the public, and shine light on industry practices that could lead to disaster. That regulation is called the Risk Management Program (RMP).
EPA’s proposed changes would require new measures for some of the 12,700 chemical plants and refineries covered by RMP that use any of hundreds of specific high-risk chemicals such as chlorine and phosgene.
For example, the Feb. 22 proposal would require them to consider inherently safer process designs, a concept that chemical companies have long opposed. It also would require industry to hire third-party contractors to perform independent safety audits after an incident and companies to thoroughly investigate and discover the root cause of plant accidents.
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15 days ago
found in Bath home, cops say
Police, fire crews and a member of the Lehigh County hazardous materials team responded Friday morning to a Bath home.

Colonial Regional Police Chief Roy Seiple said emergency personnel received a call of a man who became ill after mixing chemicals in a home in the 100 block of West Main Street.

But when crews arrived, they found no chemicals, and learned the man had mixed medications, Seiple said.
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16 days ago
No jail time for Norwell man caught with explosives after car blew up
A Norwell man will avoid jail time for possessing explosives found in his home after he accidentally blew up his car while driving in Quincy.

Joseph Brennan Jr., 37, pleaded guilty in Plymouth County Superior Court to six counts related to his possession of explosives. A judge continued the case without a finding and placed him on probation for two years. He also ordered him to pay restitution for the hazmat teams that responded and forbade him from possessing or purchasing any more hazardous materials.

Plymouth County prosecutors wanted him to serve at least 18 months in jail.

Brennan’s stash was discovered after an explosion in his car in Quincy the night of April 11, 2015. Police said Brennan appears to have been driving with bomb-making materials in his car when he lit a cigarette, sparking the explosion.

Brennan’s hands and face were burned, but he was otherwise uninjured.

Hazmat teams then went to his Norwell home, where they found bomb-making components, packing materials and several completed explosive devices, according to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office. They also searched the Hingham home of a friend, Benjamin Young, 28, where they found materials used to make homemade explosives.
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16 days ago
Acid Leak At Starkist Foods Facility In Eastvale Sends 15 To Hospital
EASTVALE (CBSLA.com) — An acid leak at a facility where tuna cans are labeled sent over a dozen workers to the hospital in the Inland Empire.

Fifteen people were taken to the hospital for minor respiratory issues following the leak Thursday.

The incident unfolded at Starkist Foods in the 12000 block of Philadelphia Avenue in Eastvale, spurring the evacuation of an entire building while Hazmat crews cleaned the area.

Hours later, the evacuated employees were able to grab their belongings and head home after what some called a “scary experience.”

Anna Maria Perez, an employee, described the odor in Spanish as “extremely strong.”
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16 days ago
Edwards EOD destroys hazardous chemical found in Lancaster
6/10/2016 - EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Explosive Ordnance Disposal Airmen from the 812th Civil Engineering Squadron blew up 20 gallons of a hazardous chemical at an on-base range June 6.

The chemical was determined to be a nitrocellulose-dope lacquer, which was found at a drop-off point for hazardous materials waste in Lancaster, California. The city was able to track it back to General William J. Fox Airfield.

"Nitrocellulose-dope lacquer was originally used to harden the flight surfaces of fabric-based aircraft," said Staff Sgt. Christopher Severe, 812th CES, EOD. "We knew from our research that this particular lot could have been used from between 1940 and 1956. We take a worst-case scenario approach so we assumed it was in its most dangerous state from 1940."

Severe said this particular compound has a known issue of spontaneously combusting or igniting if it's set down too hard.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and DoD, as a general rule the military is responsible for disposing of military munitions found in local areas. Munitions also include chemicals.
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16 days ago
Repairs at chemical weapons plant likely to cost about $20M
An official says it is expected to cost about $20 million to make repairs at a central Kentucky chemical weapons destruction plant.

Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass, the general contractor for the plant in Madison County, said it is seeking compensation from General Atomics of San Diego for the cost to replace piping with deficient welds since the welds were done by a subcontractor for that company.

(Thousands of welds might be deficient at Madison County weapons destruction plant | Local officials briefed on weld problems at chemical weapons destruction plant)

Bechtel Parson's project manager, Ron Hink, told The Richmond Register (http://bit.ly/1reNVIC) that the dispute resolution could involve multiple steps.

The massive complex was built to dismantle and destroy chemical weapons stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond. The facility is expected to start operations in 2020.

Officials say other issues have pushed back the start date by about six months. Replacing the piping is not expected to cause an additional delay.
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16 days ago
UPDATE: Three released from hospital after Salem PD chemical scare
SALEM, N.H. — Three members of the Police Department were treated at an area hospital Friday and later released after noxious chemical fumes filled the police station.

Deputy Chief James Chase, Capt. Joel Dolan and Officer Basil Chingros were taken to Holy Family Hospital in Methuen shortly after noon and the police station evacuated when a chemical reaction caused a chlorine-like odor to fill the air.

The incident occurred when two toxic drain cleaners — Drano and Green Gobbler — were used to unclog a sink, according to Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Emanuelson.

Mixing the two chemicals produced a potentially dangerous "respiratory irritant," Emanuelson said.

"In sufficient quantities, it can be seriously harmful," he said.
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16 days ago
Fire crews respond to chemical fire in Stanfield
Multiple fire crews responded to a small chemical fire at Talley Farms in Stanfield Thursday morning.

The fire was created by a combination of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning fluid, possibly ammonia, according to local officials.

“They were burning some feed sacks and evidentally some of the embers got into the building and ignited some of the combustible materials,” West Stanly Fire Department Chief Kenny Crump said.

WSFD was on the scene at the farm from 11:30 a.m. to around 4 p.m., along with units from Oakboro, Ridgecrest, Midland and New Salem volunteer fire departments — around 40 responders total.

The N.C. Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team of Charlotte was called in because of the amount of hydrogen peroxide involved, along with cleaning up the hazardous materials spilled and containing excess unspilled liquids. More than 350 gallons were stored in the containers; however, not all of the chemicals spilled, Crump said.
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16 days ago
Thirty firefighters battle overnight warehouse fire in Fort Lauderdale
About 30 firefighters battled a large warehouse fire shortly after midnight Saturday, authorities said.

When Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue responded to multiple calls reporting explosions and a fire, they arrived to find the "front bay door was blown off and flames throughout the building," Capt. Greg May said. The blaze took about 40 minutes to contain.

Because of unknown chemicals in the unoccupied building at 520 SE 32nd St. and to contain runoff of tainted water, a HazMat team was called to the scene, May said.

No one was injured. The warehouse, situated west of South Federal Highway and north of Interstate 595, was damaged significantly, May said.
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