Police to tighten control of chemical transportation
BEIJING, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) will launch a nationwide campaign from Feb. 2 to 10 to eliminate security risks linked to the transportation of dangerous chemicals, it said Friday.

The ministry will tighten supervision on the transportation of illegal chemicals and dangerous chemicals.

Road police were warned of the danger posed by leakage or explosion of dangerous chemicals, and reminded to be especially vigilant as the Lunar New Year holiday approaches.

Earlier this month, the ministry began another campaign on guns and explosives, which will run till the end of March.

It will focus on the illegal manufacture, sale and smuggling of guns and explosives, as well as inspect work safety in departments that work with guns and explosives.
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16 hours ago
Consider Chemical Reactivity in Process Hazard Analysis
Managing chemical reactivity hazards is more complex than other major hazards. Learn how to use process hazard analysis (PHA) to identify such hazard scenarios and determine whether additional risk-reduction measures are needed for your process.

Many chemicals used in the chemical process industries (CPI) present chemical reactivity hazards. Such materials can undergo uncontrollable or unintended chemical reactions that could cause serious harm to people, property, and the environment. Addressing chemical reactivity hazards is more challenging than dealing with toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals, because reactivity hazards are not as widely recognized or understood; and because hazard scenarios involving them are more involved and harder to identify.

This article discusses the different types of chemical reactivity hazards and how process hazard analysis (PHA) can be used to identify these hazards. The article explains how PHA for chemical reactivity hazards differs from the use of PHA to address other types of hazards. Finally, it identifies common pitfalls in performing chemical reactivity PHAs and offers suggestions for avoiding them.
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16 hours ago
Propane delivery part of daily life in Mexico, but deadly explosion draws calls to reconsider
MEXICO CITY –  It was the sort of scene that plays out thousands of times a day across Mexico City: A tanker truck laden with propane rumbled down a crowded street, pulled up at a hospital and began to pump gas into its storage tanks.

Then something went very wrong. A gas leak led to an explosion Thursday that destroyed a maternity hospital, killing at least three people and injuring more than 70. It's already focusing on attention on Mexico City's unusual reliance on trucking gas through often-chaotic traffic to reach homes and businesses.

"Mexico City is one of the few or maybe the last major capital in the world where gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, all the fuels, propane, are distributed by cargo trucks, tankers and gas cylinders," said Jose Luis Luege, a chemical engineer and former federal environment secretary.

A fleet of 10,000 tank trucks rumble across Mexico filling stationary tanks through hoses and pipes. An additional 14,200 open-bed trucks handle the 20 million gas cylinders in circulation, hawked by venders who slowly make their way through city neighborhoods endlessly shouting "gaaaaaaaas." It's not unusual to see one man pushing a cylinder as tall as he is down the street on a dolly.
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Meth lab explodes in grocery store parking lot
A vehicle exploded in the parking lot of an Anderson Township grocery store Thursday night.

The cause? Police believe two men were cooking meth in an SUV, sparking the explosion.

When authorities arrived at the parking lot of Remke Markets on Beechmont Avenue, the reported vehicle fire was out, but a witness told them two men jumped out of the vehicle after an explosion.

The men grabbed a burning object ejected from the SUV and ran from the scene around 7:15 p.m., the witness told police.

After an investigation, authorities determined the cause of the explosion and brief fire was a "one-pot" meth lab inside the vehicle, according to a news release from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Typically, a one-pot meth lab is a bottle of soda filled with chemicals to make methamphetamine.
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16 hours ago
Suspect in Marshalls explosion arrested
Police have arrested a man suspected of setting off a small explosive Wednesday inside the Visalia Marshall's department store.

Nobody was hurt in the explosion, which generated a loud bang but didn't do any damage, as it may have been set off to distract store employees and customers while the person who set it off was shoplifting items.

A man was seen leaving the store carrying a bag of items during the confusion over the explosion. Customers and employees were evacuated until emergency crews determined that no serious threat existed.

Visalia police announced today that they identified the man suspected of setting off the explosion as Larry Mock, and he was arrested Thursday night at a Tulare hotel.

Before that happened, Visalia police report that an officer tried to pull over a car belonging to Mock later on Wednesday, but it sped away. A brief chase ensued, but police terminated it after over concerns for public safety.
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Evacuation lifted after chemical spill at Washington state port
(Reuters) - A chemical spill at the Port of Olympia in Washington state on Wednesday forced the evacuation of dozens of employees and several nearby businesses until the area was deemed safe to re-enter, a spokeswoman said.

The hydrogen peroxide leak originated in a pipe leading to a large tank at an $11.5 million stormwater treatment plant that opened in December, said port spokeswoman Kathleen White.

Evacuations were ordered for a quarter-mile radius and employees cleared from several nearby businesses while the leak was located and contained, she said.

The evacuations remained in place for about three hours while the Washington State Department of Ecology assessed potential hazards.

"There were no injuries and the site is stabilized," White said.
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Truck catches fire in building in Wayne County
CRESTON, Ohio - A truck inside a building caught fire, causing a response from emergency crews in Wayne County.

The Wayne County Emergency Management Agency reports a truck inside W.G. Dairy Supply Inc., located at 12993 Cleveland Road in Creston, caught fire at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

Wayne County EMA Director Joe Villegas says they were concerned about five gallons of chlorine and iodine in the building. 

After getting the fire under control, crews worked to contain water runoff that could contain chemicals. 

A half-mile around the scene of the fire was blocked off to the public and people who left were not being allowed back in. Wayne County EMA has since reopened the area.   
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Chevron Management Failures Led to Massive August 2012 Explosion in Richmond
The federal Chemical Safety Board on Wednesday issued the final installment of its stinging indictment of Chevron for the huge fire on August 6, 2012 at its Richmond refinery. The fireball spread a cloud of toxic smoke over Richmond and prompted 15,000 residents to seek medical treatment. 

The basic outline of the CSB’s account of the incident had been laid out in previous reports and in a animated video. The final report, presented to the Richmond City Council on January 28, detailed technical and management failures that led to the fire.

Many public officials, union representatives, and community members spoke at the meeting, most lavishly praising the CSB’s investigation. Torm Nompraseurt of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, said, “Now we have a tool to say to policy makers: these are the recommendations and we want this to be happening.” Ex-mayor and current city Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin thanked the agency, noting that the report “confirmed the illegal management decisions” leading to the dangerous fire, adding, “Chevron workers’ lives matter.”
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Hazmat Teams Respond To Ammonia Leak In Frankford
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An ammonia leak early Wednesday morning had Hazmat crews responding in the Frankford section of Philadelphia.
Fire crews were called to the 4700 block of Darrah Street around 4:45am, responding to reports of fumes.
When they arrived at the scene, crews found a 1,000 gallon tank at Amuneal Manufacturing Corp leaking a small amount ammonia.
No evacuations or injuries were reported. Fire department crews closed roads surrounding the plant.
The leak was brought under control a short time later.
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2 days ago
Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens reopened after hazmat crews descend on scene
Hazmat crews were called to the Loblaws at the former Maple Leaf Gardens, at Church and Carlton Sts. Wednesday evening, after shoppers experienced the effects of an unknown airborne irritant.
The building was evacuated, including the Mattamy Athletic Centre next door that’s part of Ryerson University. It was reopened around 10:30 p.m., when fire officials turned the building back over to its owners.
Five fire trucks were called to the scene, alongside hazmat crews, around 7:40 p.m.
Toronto paramedics attended the scene and took one victim to hospital with throat irritation. Several others reported trouble breathing, and coughing, fire officials said.
Toronto police have not yet been able to determine the cause, but are investigating reports that the irritant was pepper spray.
Sgt. Craig Somers of Toronto police told reporters at the scene that the symptoms were reported by “more than one person.”
“We’re obviously treating it very seriously,” he said. “Toronto fire is inside the building now. I have been in myself and experienced the sensation. There’s no smell — it is some sort of an airborne sensory irritant.”
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2 days ago
United faces $1.3M FAA fine for in-flight hazmat violations
United Airlines is facing Federal Aviation Administration fines of $1.3 million stemming from at least 120 alleged violations involving hazardous material cargo on passenger flights, including several at Denver International Airport.

The hazardous materials involved include lithium metal batteries, dry ice, corrosive liquids, detonating fuses, phosphoric acid, ethanol solutions and more.

The FAA laid out the alleged violations in a Dec. 30 notice to the airline, which United spokesman Charles Hobart said is under review.

"We will cooperate fully with the FAA to resolve these concerns," he said.

The 37-page Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty the FAA sent to United, says inspections in Denver, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago airports yielded at least 120 instances where United failed to accurately document hazardous cargo and notify pilots of what was being transported.
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CDC installing cameras in labs in agency-wide safety push
ATLANTA, Jan 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced camera monitoring of workers in its highest-level biosafety laboratories as it seeks to restore public faith in its procedures after a series of mishaps, agency officials tell Reuters.

One lab worker inadvertently risked contracting Ebola last month when they worked with the live virus that was supposed to have been inactivated, or killed. Since last June, the Atlanta-based agency has disclosed several incidents, one in which scientists unknowingly sent potentially live anthrax to a lower-security laboratory and another in which a deadly form of bird flu was sent to an external agency's lab.

The mishaps have raised major questions over safety practices at more than 1,000 laboratory and support facilities that make up the CDC, whose role is to monitor and prevent outbreaks of disease.

The move to monitor workers will allow lab directors and senior scientists to ensure they have followed safety protocols exactly, Leslie Dauphin, interim director of laboratory safety, told Reuters in an interview.

"You cannot deviate," she said. "That is what the camera system helps with."

The agency is expected to release details within a week of its own investigation into the Ebola mishap.

Dauphin, who played a key role in the CDC's initial response to the incidents, would not comment directly on the contents of the Ebola report, but confirmed that no one had been harmed.
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2 days ago
Train derails, chemical spills in Allendale County
MARTIN, S.C. (AP) – A train has derailed and chemicals leaked from a car in Allendale County, but no widespread evacuations have been ordered.

Deputies told media outlets that the train ran off the tracks around 2:40 a.m. Tuesday in Martin, which is about 12 miles northwest of Allendale on state Highway 125.

Authorities evacuated the nearby Archroma plant, which makes colored paper and textiles. No homes in the area were evacuated.

Deputies say two people on the train were hurt and were taken to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia. Their conditions were not known.

Authorities say the spill site is still being cleaned up. Investigators have not figured out why the train left the tracks.
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2 days ago
Woman tries to kill cockroach, blows up toilet instead
Before we start judging the Taiwanese maintenance worker in this story, let’s just all agree that encountering a cockroach is one of most upsetting and unsettling byproducts of modern urban living.

Seriously, few things set off a gag reflex faster. That being said, we can’t say we approve of the women’s cockroach disposal plan when she encountered on a job when her cleaning firm sent her to a client’s office in Taiwan.

Truth be told, the woman probably did a sufficient job of killing it when she stomped on it with her shoe. She probably didn’t need to wrap the thing in toilet paper, set it on fire, and then toss it in the toilet. As unpleasant as cockroaches are, setting them on fire sounds like serial killer behavior, but I digress. The women then decided to toss the flaming cockroach into the toilet. The only problem was that she had just used a bunch of flammable cleaning products on the toilet, so the damn thing lit up like a Christmas tree.
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2 days ago
Tamale Teaching Hospital fire won't affect healthcare
Chief Executive Officer of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), Dr. Prosper Akambong has allayed fears that the inferno which gutted a portion of the laboratory stores will not affect medical services.
The disaster occurred at about 8:30 am, Wednesday morning on the down floor of the old storey building.
“The cause of the fire is yet to be established.” Assistant Commissioner of Fire at the Northern Region Command, ACFP, D. Douglas Koyiri told Citi News at the scene.
At a press briefing, the CEO, Dr. Prosper Akambong gave the assurance that routine medical services will continue unabated despite the inferno.
“Let me use this occasion to say that services within the hospital are still going on, the doctors are taking care of patients and nurses are in the wards taking care of patients and so services that we run here at the hospital have not come to any halt.”
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2 days ago
Explosion Used For Diversion, Visalia Police Say
VISALIA, Calif. (KMPH) -
There was an explosion at a Marshall's in Visalia and police say it may have been a distraction created by a shoplifter.

It happened around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night near the Sequoia Mall.

Police say the explosion was created by a chemical substance placed inside a soda bottle.

There was a loud bang and then a man was seen leaving the store through an emergency exit and police say he had a bunch of merchandise.

The store had to be evacuated.

No arrests have been made just yet.
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2 days ago
Coast companies face OSHA fines after fatal explosion
MOSS POINT – Fines totaling $187,620 have been proposed against four companies related to a deadly explosion at Omega Protein last year.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says in a news release that two temporary workers hired to cut and weld pipes at the Moss Point plant on July 28 had no training to know the storage tank beneath them contained explosive methane and hydrogen sulfide gases.

The explosion blew the lid off the 30-foot-high tank, killing a worker who was on top of it and injuring another.

Omega Protein produces fish oils and fish meal for human consumption and for use in aquaculture, agriculture and industrial applications.

The Mississippi Press reports the companies are Accu-Fab & Construction Inc., Omega Protein, and JP Williams Machine & Fabrication, all in Moss Point, and Global Employment, in Pascagoula.

The companies have 15 business days to appeal.
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2 days ago
Chemical leak at Port of Olympia forces evacuations for about 3 hours; no injuries
OLYMPIA — A chemical leak at the Port of Olympia forced evacuations of some nearby businesses for about three hours Wednesday.

“At 11:37 this morning, a hydrogen peroxide leak within a storm water treatment containment system at the Port of Olympia today forced the cordoning off of over 20 city blocks,” Olympia Deputy Fire Chief Greg Wright said.

“Several businesses were asked to evacuate and another six-to-eight businesses were asked to shelter in place. The Fire Department called for the evacuations within a quarter-mile of the incident as a precaution due to the potential health risks associated with a large Hydrogen Peroxide release. No injuries were reported by citizens or first responders.

“The origin of the leak was a 3,300-gallon chemical storage tank within the storm water treatment system.  The Fire Department worked with the Port of Olympia and the Department of Ecology during the initial stages of the event.  After determining the extent and potential effects of the spill, all evacuated areas were reopened” at about 3 p.m.

“The Department of Ecology will determine the severity of the spill and any adverse impacts to the marine area,” Wright said. “There are no drinking water concerns as the results of this spill.  The white vapor seen issuing from the spill and storm water system was water vapor.
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2 days ago
No injuries reported after explosion at Honeywell plant in Hopewell
HOPEWELL, Va. — An all-clear was issued Wednesday afternoon after an explosion at the Honeywell plant in Hopewell, Virginia. An investigation is underway to determine exactly what happened at the chemical plant.

Some Honeywell employees were ordered to shelter in place after a tank at the plant exploded while it was being cleaned Wednesday morning.  No injuries were reported and no harmful chemicals leaked into the atmosphere, sources familiar with the situation told CBS 6 senior reported Wayne Covil.

The shelter in place order was standard operating procedure for situations like these at the plant, according to the sources.

The Hopewell Fire Department responded to the plant.

Honeywell released the following statement Wednesday afternoon.

“Honeywell’s Hopewell site experienced an equipment failure just before noon. A tank, which was not in service and was being cleaned for inspection, became over pressurized. This caused the top of the tank to rupture. Emergency response teams at the plant responded and employees were initially instructed to ‘shelter in place’ as a precaution. That ‘shelter in place’ has since been lifted. Local emergency responders were notified and have responded. There are no reported injuries at this time,” Honeywell’s Peter Dalpe wrote.

The New Jersey-based chemical company’s Hopewell plant is the world’s largest producer of caprolactam, which is used in carpet fibers, plastics and films. The plant also produces ammonium sulfate used for fertilizer.
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2 days ago
Chemical release prompts shelter-in-place at Taft Elementary
A chemical release from a refinery near Groves Tuesday prompted an elementary school to shelter in place.

Groves Fire Chief Dale Jackson told 12News they were notified of the release around 11:30 a.m.  He said the wind direction prompted them to shelter-in-place at Taft Elementary for about 10 minutes.

Jackson said they conducted air tests along with the Port Arthur Fire Department and Total. The shelter in place was lifted once they determined there was no cause for concern.
Jackson told 12News the chemical released was Sulfur dioxide. 

Port Neches- Groves superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness said the school quickly implemented its crisis plan. However, parents with children in the district expressed frustration when they were not notified about the chemical release.

“I didn't get a note at all and if it weren't for Facebook I would never have known,” Taft parent Traci Harrington said.

According to a statement released by Total, the unit involved was shut down following the incident and there have been no additional chemical releases.
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3 days ago
MARTIN, S.C.: Train derails, chemical spills at plant in Allendale County
MARTIN, S.C. — A train traveling through Allendale County derailed and chemicals leaked out early Tuesday after the train ended up on to a side line at a plant, authorities said.

Workers at the Archroma plant in Martin, about 12 miles northwest of Allendale on state Highway 125, were evacuated after the derailment. No one living in the rural countryside nearby was ordered to leave, authorities said.

Two people on the train heading from Augusta, Georgia, to Charleston were hurt and were taken to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia, Allendale County deputies said. Their conditions were not known.

The train crashed just outside the entrance to the plant, which makes color paper and textiles. No workers were injured, Archroma U.S. spokesman Chad Perry said.

Authorities have not said what chemical leaked or whether the car that was breached was part of the through train or one of the parked cars.
us_SC  transportation  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
3 days ago
5 Hurt in Central Texas Chemical Spill
At least five people have been hurt in a chemical spill at a Central Texas company that makes foam products.
Temple Fire & Rescue units on Tuesday morning responded to the Carpenter Co. and contained the leak.
Officials said there's no danger to the public. Investigators are trying to determine what led to the leak and how much liquid spilled.
Authorities said three employees reported breathing problems and were decontaminated at the facility. All were then transported to a hospital. An emergency medical services worker also had trouble breathing and was taken to a hospital.
A firefighter who came into contact with the chemical, identified as toluene diisocyanate, was treated at the scene and returned to duty.
us_TX  industrial  release  injury  toluene 
3 days ago
Crews cleaning up chemical spill near Gunn, Alta
A chemical spill near Gunn, AB. forced the closure of Hwy 43 for several hours Tuesday while crews cleaned up the mess.
Stony Plain RCMP asked drivers to stay away from the junction of Hwy 43 and Hwy 37 after a tanker truck overturned early Tuesday morning.
Gunn is located northwest of Edmonton.

A spokesperson for Alberta Environment said the tanker was hauling 30,000 tonnes of a 35% hydrochloride solution - an amount ESRD later said was approximately 30,000 litres. That amount was later adjusted to about 28,000 litres.
Officials said about 300 litres of product was released into the ditch, officials said about 23,000 litres had been offloaded by HAZMAT crews on the scene dealing with the spill.
Canada  transportation  release  response  hydrofluoric_acid 
3 days ago
One injured after fire breaks out in Aurora Sinai Hospital's emergency room
MILWAUKEE -- One person is recovering from moderate burns after a small fire broke out in the emergency room of Aurora Sinai Hospital Monday night, according to the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing reports that an adult male patient was being given oxygen through a mask when he accidentally ignited his lighter as he reached for his phone, which started the fire.

The fire was quickly put out by nurses who used a dry chemical extinguisher. The patient was taken to Saint Mary's burn center as a precaution.
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4 days ago
allAfrica.com: Liberia: Concern Mounts Over Explosion At LAC
There have been mounting concerns over the recent explosion at the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County.

Since the incident in Districts#3/4, many have expressed concern over the incident with some calling for the speedy probe into circumstances leading to the unfortunate situation in which about at least five persons sustained injuries.

Many lawmakers of Grand Bassa County including the county's former Senator, Gbehnzohngar Findley, have expressed concerns over news of the horrific explosion involving loss of lives at the Liberia Agriculture Company in Electoral District # 4 & 5, Grand Bassa County.

The lawmakers and former Pro-tempore Findley have at the same time called for speedy medical care for citizens severely affected by the explosion.

A Liberian journalist, Alexander Beadeah, has also joined others in calling for speedy probe into the situation and proper care for the victims.

Recently, a boiling water tank in the rubber processing factory exploded while employees were on duty and 17 employees got burnt.

Yesterday, Sen. NyonbleeKarnga-Lawrence, Sen. Johnathan Kaipay and Rep. Byron Browne were in the plantation to investigate the accident and to make sure the victims are given proper attention.
Liberia  industrial  follow-up  injury  unknown_chemical 
4 days ago
Sodium's explosive secrets revealed
It’s the classic piece of chemical tomfoolery: take a lump of sodium or potassium metal, toss it into water and watch the explosion. Although this piece of pyrotechnics has amazed generations of chemistry students, until now it has been misunderstood, a paper in Nature Chemistry reveals1.

The explosion, say Pavel Jungwirth and his collaborators at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, is not merely a consequence of the ignition of the hydrogen gas that the alkali metals release from water. That may happen eventually, but it begins as something far stranger: a rapid exodus of electrons followed by explosion of the metal driven by electrical repulsion.
United_Kingdom  education  discovery  environmental  sodium 
4 days ago
Chemical reaction, underground fires continue at Stark County landfill
Underground fires at a landfill in southern Stark County continue — with little evidence that the situation is improving.
Michael Darnell, environmental manager for Republic Services Inc., the owner and operator of the 258-acre Countywide Recycling & Disposal Facility, said the chemical reaction fueling the fires still is migrating to the northwest in a now-isolated 88-acre section of the landfill.
That was roughly the same assessment the landfill offered a year ago.
Problems at Countywide were discovered in late 2005 and early 2006, when noxious odors from the landfill repeatedly fouled the air for neighbors in southern Stark and northern Tuscarawas counties.
The fires were traced to a chemical reaction triggered when buried aluminum waste, called dross or salt cake, came into contact with landfill liquids. The dross had been dumped, legally, into the landfill years earlier.
us_OH  industrial  fire  environmental  waste 
4 days ago
Dozens of boats destroyed in Walnut Grove marina fire
WALNUT GROVE, Calif. (KCRA) —At least 14 boats were destroyed in a fast-moving fire Monday at the Walnut Grove marina.

The fire started just after midnight and took several hours to contain.

By the time crews stopped the spread of the fire, 14 boats had been destroyed in the blaze.
Fay and his wife were asleep on their boat when they heard the sounds of explosions.

"It didn't take long because of all the fuel in the boats, fiberglass, propane just started going one after the other and as soon as it did, it just blew up. There was propane tanks blowing up, fuel tanks were on fire," said Fay.

Fay took his boat out onto the river to escape the flames and snapped photos of the devastation.

"It was like a forest fire," Fay said. "You looked at it and it was just solid flames, just huge and it was hot. I was out 100 feet from shore and you could feel the heat."
us_CA  public  fire  response  propane 
4 days ago
Employees evacuate Magnablend facility after sodium chlorite spill
BREAKING 2:15 p.m.: Employees are evacuating a Magnablend facility on Sterrett Road and Interstate 35E because of a possible sodium choride spill. Initials/unconfirmed reports are residents near the facility are also being evacuated because the wind is blowing the fumes toward residences' homes.
“I don’t know what the product was but they have had a product release out here. It formed a vapor cloud. The police department has the traffic shut off to the road here. We have a command post set up. Our units have evacuated some of the houses,” Potter said.
us_TX  industrial  release  response  other_chemical 
4 days ago
Lab accident involving acid evacuates Kingsway
WOOLWICH — A lab mishap involving lauric acid sent a dozen Gloucester County high schoolers to the hospital and forced a snowy school-wide evacuation early Monday.

Heavy smoke was reported at Kingsway Regional High School near 7:40 a.m.

Woolwich Township Police and the Gloucester County HAZMAT team responded to potentially toxic chemical fumes, according to Superintendent James Lavender.

The HAZMAT workers cleared the scene within 45 minutes.

In the routine science class experiment, lauric acid is heated to show changes in temperature. It is believed a contaminant in a beaker created a bad reaction, according to Gloucester County spokeswoman Debra Sellitto.

Lauric acid is hazardous if inhaled and is considered a skin and eye irritant, according to the chemical's Material Safety Data sheet.

Twelve students and five adult faculty members, including the science teacher, were taken by school bus to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, Pa., as a precaution, and were screened for respiratory issues, Lavender said.

High schoolers returned to class around 9 a.m. Students were dismissed at noon due to snow conditions.

The science lab will remain closed until school officials test ventilation hoods and other lab equipment, Lavender said.
us_NJ  laboratory  release  injury  irritant 
4 days ago
Gasoline barrels wash ashore along Scenic Hwy. 98
First responders from the Destin Fire Control District responded to a call about 6:45 a.m. Sunday related to a “hazardous materials incident” Fire Chief Kevin Sasser told The Log Monday. The barrels were located on the beach near 3450 Scenic Hwy. 98.

“Once we arrived, we determined the barrels were not leaking and therefore not an immediate public hazard,” he wrote in an email. “We requested the assistance of the sheriff’s office, DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), Coast Guard and a few others.”

Sasser said the scene was turned over to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and the DEP.

Michele Nicholson, public information officer for the OCSO, told The Log that she is unsure where the barrels came from, but confirmed they held gasoline. She said the situation is currently under investigation.

Hazmat crews were brought out to handle the containers, which were ultimately turned over to the DEP.
us_FL  public  discovery  response  gasoline 
4 days ago
Alameda County: Hazmat crews investigate orange chemical found at Cherryland home
Alameda County firefighters are responding to reports of an unknown chemical found at a Cherryland home this morning, a fire dispatcher said.

About two shovelfuls worth of an orange chemical were found at the home in the 21800 block of Princeton Street just after 10 a.m., according to the fire department.

Hazardous materials crews are responding to investigate.
us_CA  public  release  response  unknown_chemical 
4 days ago
Petroleum jelly causes road chaos at Gerringong
A fluid spill on the Princes Highway at Gerringong caused lengthy traffic delays in the area on Monday morning.

Two northbound lanes of the Princes Highway had to be closed for three hours after petroleum jelly spilt across the road just before 10:00am (AEDT).

Holiday-makers travelling home after the Australia Day long weekend were caught in six kilometres queues, as RMS, Hazmat and Fire crews worked to clear the area.

Spokesman for the Transport Management Centre Dave Wright said the clean up was delayed, as crews thought the substance spilt was soil.

"So initially our crews went to start the cleanup operation only to find out this was an oily, slippery substance," he said.

"As a result, the hazmat crews were called and they obviously had to analyse what the spill was before formal clean-up could commence. Obviously that would determine what sort of response would be required."

Mr Wright said due to petroleum jelly's oily nature, it takes more time than other fluids to absorb.
Australia  transportation  release  response  petroleum 
5 days ago
Akzo Nobel chemical spill contained, health department says
A chemical spill at the Akzo Nobel plant in Huron caused a noticeable smell, but the chemical itself was contained at the plant and was successfully cleaned up, an official at the Erie County Health Department said Friday.
The 21-gallon chemical leak occurred overnight early Thursday and did not get outside a designed containment area. The spill is being blamed on a pump failure at the plant, located at 300 Sprowl Road in Huron. 
Bob England, director of Environmental Health for the Erie County Health Department, identified the chemical as ethyl acrylate.
He said the spill produced a pungent odor that could be detected up to three-quarters of a mile away from the plant, formerly known as the Glidden plant. 
"It's very volatile. It has a very low vapor pressure," England said. "It had the smell of acetone or nail polish remover. It was experienced in different locations based on wind direction."
England said he did not believe the spill created a public health issue. 
us_OH  industrial  release  response  other_chemical 
6 days ago
Green chemistry for nanoparticle synthesis
The application of the twelve principles of green chemistry in nanoparticle synthesis is a relatively new emerging issue concerning the sustainability. This field has received great attention in recent years due to its capability to design alternative, safer, energy efficient, and less toxic routes towards synthesis. These routes have been associated with the rational utilization of various substances in the nanoparticle preparations and synthetic methods, which have been broadly discussed in this tutorial review. This article is not meant to provide an exhaustive overview of green synthesis of nanoparticles, but to present several pivotal aspects of synthesis with environmental concerns, involving the selection and evaluation of nontoxic capping and reducing agents, the choice of innocuous solvents and the development of energy-efficient synthetic methods.
United_Kingdom  public  discovery  environmental 
6 days ago
Police: US Navy veteran in Canadian chemical case threatened police
TORONTO — A U.S. Navy veteran at the center of an investigation into hazardous chemicals has been charged with uttering threats against police and possessing a dangerous chemical, police announced Thursday.

Police allege 42-year-old Christopher Burton Phillips possessed a chemical called osmium tetroxide for a dangerous purpose.

The discovery of hazardous chemicals prompted the evacuation of two neighborhoods in Halifax this week and an Ottawa hotel where Phillips was arrested.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police were alerted to a suspicious package by a concerned citizen in Halifax, eventually leading to the evacuation of homes Tuesday morning. The package was determined to contain hazardous materials but not explosives, the RCMP said. Five homes elsewhere in Halifax were also evacuated as police found hazardous and volatile materials there as well.

Ottawa police arrested Phillips at the Chimo hotel in Ottawa on Wednesday and linked the arrest to the discovery of the chemicals in Halifax. Police say they found no hazardous materials in the Ottawa hotel.
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6 days ago
Lawmakers move to ban plastic scrubbing beads
Lawmakers are looking to ban microbeads, barely visible plastic scrubbing grains used in personal care products, such as soaps and cleansers, from being sold in Vermont.

Environmentalists and water quality advocates want them outlawed because the non-biodegradable plastic waste is washed down the drain and slips through nearly all of the state’s wastewater treatment plants.

The House Fish and Wildlife Committee last week took up the bill, H.4, to prohibit the manufacture and sale of the products in Vermont, effective Jan. 1, 2017, and 2018, respectively. Illinois last year signed into law a similar ban on microbeads, but it takes effect one year later. The beads have been found in the Great Lakes.

Many manufacturers already use alternatives, such as ground nuts, oatmeal and pumice, and are not opposing the ban. However, they urge Vermont to pass regulations that align with those in Illinois, including postponing the proposed implementation date by one year.
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6 days ago
Four students, teacher injured in science experiment 51
Four teenage students and their teacher suffered minor chemical burns when a class science experiment went awry at a North York school Thursday afternoon.

Toronto Police say 17 students were participating in the experiment just after 3 p.m. in the parking lot outside Royal Crown Academic School on Bayview Ave., south of Finch Ave. E., when a liquid similar to a drain cleaner splashed onto some of the youth.

“It looks like a little bit of the chemical they were using became airborne,” Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. Michael Butt said at the private school.

There was some confusion in the immediate aftermath of the incident because police only learned about it when the kids — three girls and one boy — showed up at North York General Hospital with their teacher.

Initial reports suggested there had been a chemical explosion, which sent cops and Toronto Fire crews — including a hazardous material team — racing to both the school and the hospital.

However, Butt made it clear there was no explosion.

He said it appears the class made “a bottle bomb or bottle rocket.”

“It looks like they used some kind of drain cleaner or Drano,” he said. “It was put in a water bottle and I guess it expanded within the bottle.”

Butt said under pressure, the liquid expanded and caused the bottle to spin around.
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8 days ago
Massive fire, hazmat situation after plane crashes into Lakeland warehouse
A small plane crashed into a warehouse in Lakeland Thursday morning causing a massive fire, according to the FAA. Two people were on the plane.

The crash occurred around 8:20 a.m. at 5300 Allen K Breed Highway, a former plastics factory.
At this point, it is not known who was in control of the plane, but friends say Geng was flying with an instructor to earn his certification to fly a twin engine plane because he just bought one.

The plane crashed into a building owned by Key Safety Systems which manufactures automotive components. It was being used to store chemicals and powdered aluminum. It was unoccupied at the time of the crash and fire.
One of the chemicals is Nitroguanidine, which is used in automotive airbags. When dry, it is explosive.
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8 days ago
Chemical leak stopped at Mallinckrodt plant in St. Louis
ST. LOUIS • About 20 to 30 gallons of a flammable chemical mixed with water overflowed and spilled at Mallinckrodt Inc. at 3600 North Second Street on Thursday night.

The building was evacuated and the spill was being cleaned, according to the St. Louis Fire Department. Nobody was injured and nobody had to be treated.

The chemical is toluene, which is used as a solvent.

St. Louis Fire Department Capt. Garon Mosby said workers were mixing toluene with water as part of their normal manufacturing process when some spilled.

Members of the hazardous materials task force were at the scene, but members of Mallinckrodt’s own fire department were taking care of the situation, said Mosby.

“We followed standard procedures and took immediate actions at our St. Louis site to quickly and effectively address the situation,” according to a statement from Mallinckrodt. “The public was never exposed to any risk, and no property was damaged.
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8 days ago
Meth lab found after sound of an explosion
It was a report of a loud explosion that brought Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Graham to a house on Ridge Road Monday. It was the discovery of the makings of an alleged meth lab that led to the arrest of two men.
Graham said the report of an explosion came in a few minutes after 8 p.m. and he arrived at the house at 8:20 p.m. and could smell a chemical odor in the area.
Nathan Lee Clemmer, 47, Hicks Circle, Decatur, and Gary Dan Borden, 53, the resident of the house were there and Borden gave Graham permission to search the place.
Graham did not report finding any evidence of finding a methamphetamine lab that had exploded, but said he did find a bucket near the house that contained about six feet of tubing, a pint of Coleman fuel and two dishes with white residue on them.
When he went into the house, Graham said he found a one pot meth lab in the kitchen along with a bottle containing more Coleman fuel, a bottle of muriatic acid, a dish with a white residue on it, a gallon of more Coleman fuel, three more feet of tubing and coffee filters.
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9 days ago
A tablet that shifts the clock
When my parents bought our first color television in the early 1970s, they measured off 6 ft from the screen and insisted that we not watch from any closer distance. They feared blinding radiation emanating from the color cathode tube (indeed, in 1967 General Electric did recall 90,000 televisions that produced X-rays at thousands of times the recommended exposure level, but other than with this model, there was no demonstrable risk). Fast forward 40 y, and I see my teenage child spending most free moments in the evenings staring at her computer screen, phone, or tablet at close range. Is there risk in this? In PNAS, Chang et al. (1) provide compelling data that there may indeed be unappreciated effects and perhaps dangers of evening exposure to electronic screens, specifically demonstrating a negative effect on sleep in young adults following evenings spent reading from a tablet-based eReader.
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10 days ago
IN-DEPTH RADIO :: UPDATE: Ammonia leak at Etobicoke arena :: News
Toronto Fire have cleared an ammonia leak from the Park Lawn Park hockey arena.

The call came in just after 5pm, to the Etobicoke arena on Park Lawn Road north of The Queensway.

Toronto EMS officials told NEWSTALK 1010 one person was taken to hospital, but the extent of the injury is not yet known.

Firefighters dressed in hazmat suits were going into the building to shut off valves that they believe responsible for the leak in the compression room of the arena and succeeded just before 8 p.m. Tuesday.
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10 days ago
Grand Desert homes evacuated after Cole Harbour suspicious package incident
A second evacuation order has been issued in the community of Grand Desert in connection to a suspicious package containing hazardous chemicals found on Lakeridge Crescent in Cole Harbour earlier Tuesday.

Early Tuesday evening, RCMP tweeted that five homes on Dyke Road were being evacuated and residents told to relocate for the night. RCMP said they had found hazardous and volatile chemicals in a cottage on the road.

The Canadian Red Cross says it will help find places for people to stay overnight if they don`t have a place to go. Residents have been warned they could be out of their homes for 24 to 48 hours.

In the morning, RCMP said officers went door to door, advising residents within a 100-metre radius of 54 Lakeridge Cres. in Cole Harbour, of the order to evacuate as a "precautionary measure."

According to RCMP, the package was discovered at 9:20 p.m. Monday at the home and they were called shortly after. The evacuation order was issued Tuesday morning.

Late Tuesday afternoon, RCMP tweeted that the package was examined and determined it contained hazardous chemicals, but no explosives. The Hazmat team removed the package from the garage of the home.
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10 days ago
Meth materials found in Cornell University performing arts building
ITHACA -- Cornell Police responded Tuesday morning to a report of a suspicious backpack containing what appeared to be a quantity of household chemicals located in a common space within Risley Hall, 535 Thurston Avenue.

Inside the bag, police found "materials commonly associated with the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, " police said in a prepared news release.

Cornell University Environmental Health & Safety and the New York State Police Contaminated Crime Scene Response Team determined the backpack and contents were consistent with chemicals used in the methamphetamine manufacturing process.

By 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, an individual came forward claiming responsibility for the chemicals and is currently being interviewed by investigators.

Police say the materials, including drain cleaner, fuel for lanterns or camping stoves, solvents such as ether and toluene, muriatic acid, table salt and common cold medications can cause chemical, fire and health hazards.
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10 days ago
Surat chemical godown catches fire
A massive fire broke out at the Mahalaxmi Industrial Godown in the Pandesara area of Surat on Tuesday.

The chemical godown, which caught fire at around 10 am, had oil supplies used in textile looms and gas cylinders.

As per reports, the reason for the fire was a short circuit. Four cylinders in the godown also exploded due to the fire.

More than two dozen fire tenders rushed to the spot and were attempting to douse the flames.

Further details are awaited.
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10 days ago
Fire erupts at furniture plant
SHARJAH:  A fire erupted at a furniture plant located in the industrial area No.4 of Sharjah on Tuesday morning.

The reason behind the fire, which gutted the entire contents of the factory, is unknown.

The products were reportedly flammable and that led to spreading the flames fast.

No casualties were reported.

The area was covered with a thick cloud of smoke that emanated from the fire.

Colonel Ali Arhama Al Owaise, Director of Operations Department at the Sharjah Civil Defence, oversaw the extinguishing operations.

Acting Director General of the Civil Defence in Sharjah, Colonel Khaled Kanoun Al Shamsi, said the operation room received a tip-off at 11:20am on Tuesday about a fire in a furniture factory.

Immediately, the firefighting squads were rushed from the centres of Samnan, the headquarters, Muwailah and Mina, in addition to water tankers from the Sharjah Municipality.
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10 days ago
Contractor cited following Marion plant death
MARION, Ind. - The Indiana Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) has issued a safety order and $12,600 penalty following the July death of a Marion worker, Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney reported.

The July 1 chemical explosion at a General Motors metal-stamping plant in Indiana killed contractor James L. Gibson, 48, and injured five other people, authorities said.

Records show the state conducted inspections July 2 through Dec. 17 at Quaker Chemical Corporation on West 2nd Street in Marion.

The order, obtained by Kenney Tuesday, shows the state cited Quaker Chemical Corporation for two “Serious” violations.

IOSHA said Quaker did not establish and maintain safe and healthful work conditions and that “employees were exposed to a violent equipment over-pressurization from potential exothermic decomposition reactions due to the mixing of incompatible chemicals.”
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10 days ago
Blast at Indian chemical factory kills 1, injures 4
- One person died and four others injured at a chemical factory in the western Indian state of Gujarat after a blast caused by a short circuit, police said on Tuesday.

The blast occurred on Monday at chemical maker Survival Technologies' factory located in an industrial park in the city of Ankleshwar, Paresh Hasoti, assistant sub inspector of Gujarat Industrial Development Corportation (GIDC) said.

A short circuit in the weighing scale that was being used to measure chemicals caused the accident, Hasoti said, adding that the worker died of burn injuries. He said there had been no major chemical leak.

The company, according to its website, makes speciality chemicals for industries such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals and electronics.
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10 days ago
Water Tests After Oil Spill in Glendive Reveal Toxic Chemical
The first water tests in Glendive, Mont., shows high levels of a toxic chemical after an oil spill on Saturday. According to the city website, Benzene, which is a main component of crude oil, has been found in the water tested last night.

The Dawson County Health Department is advising people not to drink or cook with municipal water.

The city is trucking in clean water and there is 48 hours of water in reserve.

Bridger Pipeline says one of its lines leaked oil for an hour before the leak was found and the line was shut in. The company estimates that up to 12,000 barrels or more than 50,000 gallons leaked.
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10 days ago
Tyson to pay $539,000 for Missouri chemical spill
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Tyson Foods Inc. will pay more than $530,000 for a chemical spill that killed more than 100,000 fish and caused a southwest Missouri town's wastewater treatment system to fail, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced Tuesday.

Koster sued the company last June after the discharge caused Monett's wastewater system to fail and contaminated nearby Clear Creek in Barry County.

The discharge containing Alimet, a highly acidic animal-feed supplement, was discharged from Tyson's Aurora facility, eventually flowing through Monett's system and into the creek. The compound killed the bacteria that process wastewater effluent in Monett's plant, causing almost undiluted ammonia to flow into the creek.

"Tyson's actions threatened the vitality of Clear Creek," Koster said in a statement. "While Tyson has taken steps to prevent similar environmental damage to the creek in the future, the penalties contained in this agreement hold the company accountable for the damage that occurred."

Tyson officials said in a statement that the Arkansas-based company "deeply" regrets the spill and has worked hard with state and other authorities to solve any problems.
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10 days ago
MENIFEE: Traffic accident causes acid spill, hazmat cleanup (UPDATE)
A traffic accident triggered an acid spill in Murrieta, where a hazardous materials crew was summoned to help contain the toxic mess, say Riverside County Fire Department officials.
A passenger vehicle and pool maintenace truck collided about 4:45 p.m. Monday, Jan. 19, at Briggs and Holland roads, about 2 miles east of I-215.
Two people were hospitalized with what were described as moderate injuries.
The impact also spilled muriatic acid, officials said in a written statement.
The crews of two fire engines and a ladder truck were dispatched, followed by the hazardous materials unit.
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11 days ago
WKOW 27 Local News: UPDATE: Cuba City PD: Chemical mixture consistent with crude explosives
UPDATE (WKOW) -- Authorities in Cuba City say the presence of chemical mixtures consistent with crude explosives used to blow up mailboxes led to the closure of a gas station Sunday.

Cuba City Police Commander Eric Lyons tells 27 News, emergency responders did treat a 17-year-old boy after he inhaled chemicals and discovered his family's truck was at the Kwik Trip station. Lyons says the two plastic containers with the mixtures were found in the bed of a pick-up in the gas station's parking lot.

The Dane County bomb squad was called in and neutralized the chemical mixtures.


UPDATE (WKOW) -- Early Sunday evening, the Cuba City Police Department says a vehicle parked at the Kwik Trip sparked an investigation.

Officers found two plastic bottles located in the bed of the pick-up truck with an unknown chemical mixture inside. It was determined the fire department and hazmat team were called, as well as the Dane County Sheriff's Department bomb squad. Officers removed all subjects from the store and secured the area as a precaution.

The mixture inside the bottles was believed to be a mixture of common household chemicals, and deemed safe. The bottles were removed and the contents disposed of. Once the items were taken care of, the scene was rendered safe and the store reopened. No damage or any on-scene injuries occurred.

The investigation is ongoing. Assisting in the resolution of the situation were: the Lafayette and Grant County Sheriff's Departments, Dane County Sheriff's Office, Cuba City Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Darlington Fire Department, Jo Daviess County (IL) hazmat team, Grant County Emergency Management, and Kwik Trip.
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11 days ago
AGL unable to monitor CSG fracking chemical in Gloucester project
The Baird government has been accused by Labor of trashing environmental safeguards by granting AGL permission to frack coal seam gas wells even before the company's monitoring for pollutants had been approved.

AGL began hydraulic fracturing of four CSG wells at its pilot Waukivory project near Gloucester in late October. According its licence, the company must sample and analyse the concentration of certain pollutants.

One of those pollutants is a biocide used to kill bacteria in the well, hydroxymethylnasulfate, also known as THPS or by its brand name Tolcide.

In its December report, AGL said samples had been collected "in anticipation of the approved method" to analyse for Tolcide and concentration levels were not available.

"This exposes as a lie claims by AGL and the NSW Government that the coal seam gas industry is highly and competently regulated," said John Watts from Groundswell Gloucester. "It seems that no testing for Tolcide was done during and after the fracking to measure whether this toxic chemical might have been escaping into the groundwater, creeks and rivers."
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12 days ago
Guelph chemical plant evacuated
A chemical plant in Guelph had to be evacuated Sunday morning.
The Guelph fire department was called to AOC Resins & Coatings on Royal Road just after 8 a.m.
The fire department says when they arrived they found steam coming from an 80,000 kilo vat containing phthalic anhydride, a chemical used to make resins.
The fire department said they contacted chemical experts who said the chemical wasn’t explosive, but shouldn’t be inhaled and it can be corrosive.
The heating system on the vat was shut down, and the tank was cooled from the outside with water.
No one was hurt.
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12 days ago
Two die in chemical factory blast in Satara
SATARA: Two persons died in Talbid village in Karad after an ethanol container blew up in a chemical factory around 6.30pm when an electricity wire came in contact with the container.

The wire was damaged due to short circuit just before the blast, Karad police station officials said.

The victims were at the factory for cleanliness and maintenance works.

A member of the Kumbhar family runs the factory. According to the police, they will visit the spot again for a detailed investigation.
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12 days ago
Schumer: Outlaw Homemade Explosives
U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says he is introducing legislation to make it illegal to build homemade bombs. 

The New York Democrat said Sunday that current federal rules could potentially allow someone to make homemade explosives without breaking the law. He says that the Boston Marathon bombing and the publication by terrorist groups of recipes for homemade bombs show the need to criminalize the activity.

The senator says the legal loophole hinders law-enforcement efforts to stop acts of terror and violence. His legislation would outlaw bomb making, though exceptions would be made for businesses with a license to create explosives for legitimate uses.
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12 days ago
The Record: Worker safety
A FEDERAL investigation found that a series of mistakes led to a dangerous fire at an East Rutherford ink factory involving combustible dust in 2012. New Jersey needs stronger regulations to avoid potential disasters in the future.

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, an independent federal agency that looks at industrial chemical accidents and makes recommendations to governing bodies, released a report Thursday detailing the problems at the US Ink facility. According to the report, the design and installation of the new dust collection system was done so poorly that it overheated within a few days of being activated, ignited spontaneously and caused an explosion that then released a fireball on seven workers.

Thankfully, no one died; the investigation showed that steps should have been taken to significantly increase the safety of the operation.
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13 days ago
George's Auto Body in Blauvelt destoyed by gas-fueled fire
BLAUVELT – More than 60 volunteer firefighters battled a stubborn, gas-fueled fire on Route 303 Saturday that destroyed an auto body shop and severely damaged several cars inside.

Blauvelt Fire Chief Dave Schnitzer said no one was injured after the blaze broke out at George's Auto Body about 8 a.m.

"I wasn't even on the scene and I was able to see the flames so I knew the fire was moving quickly," Schnitzer said.

Fire officials said the auto body shop was home to gasoline cans, tires and other materials that added danger to the situation.

Blauvelt, Central Nyack and Orangeburg firefighters immediately went into action, working against the bitter cold and occasional, small explosion to attack the flames. They soon were aided by volunteers from the Pearl River, Tappan, West Nyack and Valley Cottage fire departments.
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13 days ago
Haz-mat crews at work on fuel spill in Gorge Waterway
Animals chewing on copper line coming from a home fuel-oil tank could be the culprits in a 1,000-litre spill into the Gorge Waterway.
The spill — at least the third to enter the Gorge in the past year — was discovered about 10 a.m. Friday. It was traced to a broken fuel line at a modular home just off Admirals Road, about 500 metres from where the oil entered the water, said David Rogers of B.C. Hazmat.

He said the homeowners suspected a problem when their furnace wouldn’t start. They also noticed a fuel smell and called their fuel company, which went to the home and discovered the leak.

Rogers said the exact cause of the spill should be known this week, but noted that the oil tank, which had been filled just a few days earlier, was in good shape.
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13 days ago
Carbon monoxide sends Sutton man to hospital
SUTTON — A McGuire Road man was transported to the hospital after emergency workers found him in his home, which had high levels of carbon monoxide.

Police Lt. Josh Nunnemacher declined to release the name of the man. But Khairi Dwayne Rahman was listed as the most recent owner of the home at 5 McGuire Road, where police and fire personnel, as well as a state hazmat team, converged Friday.

Lt. Nunnemacher said his department received a 911 call at 6:30 a.m. to do a well-being check on the person who lives at the house.

When the first officer, Patrolman Bryan Lefebvre, went inside, he encountered a toxic vapor. He quickly left the house, and the Fire Department was called. That department notified the Department of Fire Services. The officer was transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center – University Campus in Worcester. A spokesman for the hospital said Officer Lefebvre was treated and released.
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13 days ago
Explosives charges filed against South Calumet resident of home that had fire
One of the occupants of the South Calumet Road home which burned on New Year’s Day has been charged with possession of a destructive device, a Level 5 felony, after Chesterton Police said that bags of ammonium nitrate -- a compound used as an explosive and a main component of ANFO, industrial explosive -- were found in the residence.
Police this morning have filed other charges and issued an arrest warrant against Gary M. Pilipovich, 31, whose listed address is 214 S. Calumet Road, including dealing in a schedule I, II, or III controlled substance, a Level 5 felony, and possession of a legend drug, a Level 6 felony.
According to a probable cause affidavit by Chesterton Police Chief David Cincoski, police at approximately 11:49 p.m. on Jan. 1 found “several indications of illicit activity” at Pilipovich’s residence while conducting an investigation into what caused fire to the building.
Pilipovich allegedly told Chesterton Firefighters that he “made fireworks” inside his home.
The affidavit said that after the fire was extinguished, CFD saw indications of potentially unsafe chemicals and possible drug paraphernalia and narcotics throughout the residence.
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14 days ago
Police hunt drug thief in 'hazmat suit' after bomb scare at Queensland pharmacy
A suspected explosive device left in a Queensland pharmacy by a man in a hazmat suit who sprayed an unknown liquid over three employees before fleeing with stolen drugs, has been declared safe by police.

The man entered a pharmacy on Ocean Drive at Twin Waters shortly after midday and made threats towards staff before spraying them with a liquid and then fleeing the scene with drugs.

The three female staff members, one 20 weeks pregnant, were transported to hospital as a precaution but it is understood they were not physically injured.
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14 days ago
Report Documents Black, Latino, Low Income Communities at Higher Risk for Chemical Catastrophe
Environmental Justice and Health Alliance (EJHA), a national coalition of grassroots groups working on toxic chemical exposures that impact communities of color, released a new report in collaboration with the Center for Effective Government (CEG) and Coming Clean. The report - ”Who's in Danger? A Demographic Analysis of Chemical Disaster Vulnerability Zones” - uses data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Census to demonstrate an association between lower average housing values, incomes, and education levels, and greater Black, Latino, and low-income populations living within chemical disaster “vulnerability zones” of 3,433 industrial facilities across the U.S. The danger is much greater for Black & Latino communities than for the U.S. as a whole - the very definition of an unequal or disproportionate danger.
us_WV  industrial  discovery  environmental  toxics 
14 days ago
Company with chemical spill ties cited 8 times
NITRO — A few towns over from the tank farm where Freedom Industries leaked a coal-cleaning chemical into the drinking water of 300,000 West Virginians last year, a new company run by former Freedom employees is being cited for similar environmental violations.

State regulators have cited the new firm, Lexycon, eight times since September for pouring chemicals without a permit, lacking proper “last-resort” walls to contain spills and hosting tanker-trailers full of unknown chemicals, among other infractions, according to records reviewed by The Associated Press.

Inspectors even found the same little-known chemical that had leaked from Freedom’s site into the water supply for Charleston, West Virginia, despite the Lexycon owner’s promise to a federal judge that his company wouldn’t touch it.

Some of these infractions still haven’t been addressed, despite three site-wide inspections and dozens of smaller visits by regulators from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection since May, state reports show.
us_WV  industrial  follow-up  environmental  unknown_chemical 
14 days ago
Tear-gas substance inside church's safe accidentally deployed
Hazmat crews were called to a Northland church Thursday afternoon where one employee suffered respiratory issues.

A pastor at Gashland Baptist Church, 601 Northeast Barry Road, told KCTV5 News that crews were at the church investigating.

Paramedics checked out the employee who accidentally discharged the chloropicrin, which is a substance similar to tear gas. The woman needed to have her eyes flushed out and suffered respiratory issues.

The material was stored in the decades-old safe as a theft deterrent. The employee accidentally bumped something, which caused the substance to be released into the air.

Firefighters worked with church officials to clean up the safe and air out the church.
us_ks  public  release  injuries  other_chemical 
15 days ago
WALLINGFORD, Pa. -- Hazmat crews were called to a Wallingford, Pennsylvania school to investigate a chemical spill early Thursday morning.

The Action Cam was at Strath Haven Middle School on the 200 block of South Providence Road.

Crews responded around 1:00 a.m. to clean up a small chemical spill in one of the schools laboratories.

Censors detected a small amount of sulfuric acid in one of the classrooms.
us_pa  laboratory  release  response  acids 
15 days ago
ANSING, Ill. (WLS) -- A truck leaked several hundred gallons of hydrochloric acid, triggering a HAZMAT situation near 175th Street and Chicago Avenue in south suburban Lansing Thursday morning.

Illinois State Police said the Quality Carriers truck leaked several hundred gallons of acid. The spill was contained to the ground, officials said, and crews used materials to keep the toxic fumes from evaporating.

Traffic on the nearby Bishop Ford was not impacted, but 175th was closed for a couple of hours.

Police have not said what led to the chemical leak, but driver Martin Ortiz said weather can play a factor in some situations.
us_il  transportation  release  response  hydrochloric_acid 
15 days ago
Hazmat situation at Jessie Trice sends 7 to the hospital
Seven people were hospitalized Thursday after they were exposed to a strong disinfectant used in a podiatry office when two small glass containers shattered at a community health center in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Employees of the Jessie Trice Community Health Center near Northwest 53rd Street and 22nd Avenue were moving things around when the bottles broke, according to Miami-Dade Fire Lt. Troy Maness.

One employee had direct exposure to the solution call Phenol, while six others suffered from inhalation exposure.

Miami-Dade Fire Chief Gary Fregeolle said all seven were taken to the hospital.

“It's a stronger solution that I have heard is for cleaning, disinfecting, some times used for surgical procedures,” he said.

Maness said all of the people transported were employees of the center.

“As always we would like to make certain that our patients, as well as our staff, are safe so those individuals went to the ER as a precautionary measure,” Deborah George, chief clinical officer for the center, told Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/edison-liberty-city/article6706542.html#storylink=cpy
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15 days ago
Environmental Impacts of Surgical Procedures: Life Cycle Assessment of Hysterectomy in the United States
The healthcare sector is a driver of economic growth in the U.S., with spending on healthcare in 2012 reaching $2.8 trillion, or 17% of the U.S. gross domestic product, but it is also a significant source of emissions that adversely impact environmental and public health. The current state of the healthcare industry offers significant opportunities for environmental efficiency improvements, potentially leading to reductions in costs, resource use, and waste without compromising patient care. However, limited research exists that can provide quantitative, sustainable solutions. The operating room is the most resource-intensive area of a hospital, and surgery is therefore an important focal point to understand healthcare-related emissions. Hybrid life cycle assessment (LCA) was used to quantify environmental emissions from four different surgical approaches (abdominal, vaginal, laparoscopic, and robotic) used in the second most common major procedure for women in the U.S., the hysterectomy. Data were collected from 62 cases of hysterectomy. Life cycle assessment results show that major sources of environmental emissions include the production of disposable materials and single-use surgical devices, energy used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and anesthetic gases. By scientifically evaluating emissions, the healthcare industry can strategically optimize its transition to a more sustainable system.
public  discovery  environmental  waste 
16 days ago
Local police, fire departments learn how to counter homemade explosives
NORTHAMPTON — With jury selection moving forward in the trial of the Boston Marathon bombing, two hours away over 100 first responders learned how to safely deal with homemade explosive devices like the ones that killed and maimed in Boston in 2013.

The free day-long class Saturday drew police officers, firefighters and emergency dispatchers from nine Hampshire County communities, including Amherst, Easthampton and Northampton, and from as far away as Fall River. It was presented by instructors from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, the only place in the country where first responders can go to learn how to safely deal with homemade explosives, according to Northampton Deputy Fire Chief Jon Davine.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 21-year-old about to be tried and his deceased brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev are accused of making bombs using pressure cookers and fireworks which were detonated during the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring over 200 people. “That shows you how easy that stuff can be done,” Davine said in an interview outside the JFK Middle School room where the class was held.

Davine said that local people making explosives at home is not uncommon, which is why it is important that first responders know what to do if they come across a potential explosives lab.

Davine is a member of the Joint Hazard Assessment Team, made up of eight first responders from across the state, that works with the state’s hazardous materials team to safely handle and test homemade explosives. He said he was trained at the New Mexico facility.
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16 days ago
Toxic chemical scare on International Space Station on Wednesday
NASA confirmed at 11 a.m. EST Wednesday (January 14, 2015 at 1600 UTC) that there was no hard evidence for a real leak of toxic chemicals on the International Space Station (ISS). The U.S. side of the space station was evacuated and sealed off earlier Wednesday following coolant loop pressure increases that possibly indicated a leak of toxic ammonia. The evacuation occurred around 4 a.m. EST (0900 UTC) Wednesday morning. NASA spent the day powering systems back up on the U.S. side, and analyzing the event throughout the day.

All six members of the space station’s crew are safe. NASA said the crew “acted appropriately” in evacuating the U.S. portion of the station and that toxic chemical leaks (especially an ammonia leak) is one of three emergency scenarios that the crew trains for, the other two being decompression (sudden pressure loss in the capsule) and fire.

The six-member crew donned emergency masks and hurried to the Russian side of the orbiting lab after the alert. They closed the hatch to the U.S. side behind them. NASA said that no scientific research has been lost as a result of this incident.

The Russian Federal Space Agency had told news outlets in Moscow that the cause was a toxic chemical leak – characterizing the situation as a leak of “harmful substances” – but NASA said there was no data to confirm a leak, and stressed that the crew was safe.
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16 days ago
Pittsfield pharmacy van flips in N.Y., drawing hazmat response
HILLSDALE, N.Y. >> A Pittsfield man escaped injury on Monday when the truck he was driving flipped on its side, causing leaks in three oxygen tanks he was delivering.

Clifton Stillman, 55, of Pittsfield, an employee of Flynn's Pharmacy in Pittsfield, was heading south on state Route 22 in a Ford box truck shortly after noon when the vehicle crossed the center line and struck a guard rail in the northbound lane, according to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. The truck then veered back into the southbound lane, struck another guardrail, and tipped over on the driver's side.

Stillman wasn't hurt in the wreck, but deputies discovered that three of the 950-pound home oxygen tanks aboard the vehicle were leaking.

The Columbia County Hazmat Team and Columbia County Emergency Management responded to the scene to help with the cleanup.

The cause of the crash — which closed the road for more than four hours — remains under investigation.
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16 days ago
Levels Of Persistent Flame Retardants Decline In San Francisco Bay
In the San Francisco Bay, levels of one class of flame retardants have fallen over the past decade, according to a new study. The data on the highly controversial polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) suggest that policies restricting use of a chemical, even a persistent one, can work quickly to reduce its burden on the environment, the researchers say (Environ Sci. Technol. 2014, DOI: 10.1021/es503727b).
“The study really shows that once regulations are put in place, things change fairly rapidly in the environment,” says Marta Venier, an environmental chemist at Indiana University, who wasn’t involved in the work. “I think we need more and more of these studies to convince regulators” of the value of moving forward with regulations for controversial substances, she adds.
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17 days ago
Hydrogen peroxide spill brings firefighters to Ritz-Carlton
A large drum of hydrogen peroxide was spilled at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Northwest D.C. on Tuesday, bringing D.C. firefighters to the hotel to clean up the potentially hazardous substance.

D.C. fire department spokesman Tim Wilson and a receptionist at the hotel both said that no one had reported any injuries and that the hotel was not being evacuated.

Wilson said that the spill appeared to be from a 55-gallon drum of hydrogen peroxide.

Though hydrogen peroxide is frequently used, in a watery solution, for cleaning and other common purposes, it can cause burns to skin and can trigger explosions in high concentrations.

Wilson said he was not sure why the chemical was at the hotel, but suggested it might be for cleaning. Hotel officials could not be reached.
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17 days ago
Recycling plant owner admits illegal chemical dumping
WICHITA, KAN. – The owner of a plastics recycling company in El Dorado pleaded guilty Monday to mishandling waste chemicals and agreed to pay more than $118,000 in restitution to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom in a media release.

Brian J. Riley, 41, Andover, Kan., owner of Integrated Plastic Solutions, LLC., pleaded guilty to one count of negligent exposure to a hazardous air pollutant. In his plea, he admitted the company stored hazardous wastes at its facility in the form of paints, solvents and other chemicals. The paints and solvents contained ethyl benzene, which is classified as a hazardous air pollutant. After becoming aware that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment was investigating the company’s waste handling practices, Riley allowed some paints and solvents to be dumped on the IPS grounds, releasing ethyl benzene and exposing employees to the risk of flash fire and explosion.

Sentencing is set for March 30. He faces a maximum penalty of a year in federal prison and a fine up to $100,000. Grissom commended the Environmental Protection Agency and Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan Metzger for their work on the case.
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17 days ago
Business damaged by zinc dust metal fire in suburban West Palm Beach
SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Rescue crews battled a business fire in the 3700 block of Shares Place on Tuesday morning.

At 9:40 a.m., crews responded to reports of a commercial fire after callers reported flames and smoke coming from the business.

First-arriving crews reported a fire in the outside filtration system for the building, according to Cpt. Albert Borroto of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

The fire was identified as a zinc dust metal fire that is reactive to water. This caused firefighters to use a dry chemical to extinguish the fire.
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17 days ago
Oil fire at chemical plant extinguished with no injuries
A Tuesday afternoon fire at an Orangeburg chemical plant sent plumes of black smoke billowing upward and across Cannon Bridge Road for several minutes before being extinguished by the facility’s in-house emergency-response crew.

A fire at SI Group (formerly Albemarle) began about 4:25 p.m. and was extinguished within 20 minutes by the plant’s incident-response team, SI Group Plant Manager Tyler Windsor said.

"We believe what was burning was a heat-transfer fluid — a heavy oil that is used to transfer heat to different processes," Windsor said. "It is non-toxic like a hydrocarbon fire."

"We don’t know what the exact failure mechanism was, but there was a release. It found an ignition source and it started to burn," he said.

Windsor said the plant was not evacuated and there were no injuries.

"Relative to the whole facility, it was a small portion of the plant," Windsor said. "It was a relatively isolated area."
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17 days ago
Airgas fire response; Hazmat procedures and protocol
WICHITA, Kansas — Contractors were on site Tuesday at Airgas Distribution Center, located at 2018 S. West Street, as crews worked to board up and secure the building following Monday’s fire.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. However, investigators said Tuesday that damage at the site is estimated at nearly $1.7 million.
“While they were inside the structure performing interior fire attack operations, there were several explosions inside the building. They immediately evacuated [the] building,” said Captain Kelly Zane, with Wichita Fire.

KSN learned after firefighters put out the flames, the city-county health department largely takes over the safety of any potential hazmat situation, especially when its effects could impact the general public.

“They’ll work with the company to make sure that it gets properly cleaned up. They actually do air mediation, monitoring downwind when the fire is burning. So, they go as far as to check the water runoff to make sure nothing is in the water,” said Battalion Chief Rich Harris, with the Wichita Fire Department.

The largest concern involving a potential hazmat situation on Monday actually came for firefighters on the scene.

“Propane bottles, Acetylene bottles, Oxygen, so, all those things are considered dangerous to us,” said Chief Harris.
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17 days ago
Hazmat team sent to train derailment near Thunder Bay
A hazmat team was flown in to assist with a train derailment near Thunder Bay, Ont., Tuesday that involves hazardous goods, the Ontario Provincial Police say.
At least seven cylinder cars went off the tracks about 45 km east of Nipigon, Sgt. Shelley Garr said.

Several of the derailed cars contain propane and crude oil, Garr stated in a press release, but no leaks have been confirmed.
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17 days ago
New Analysis Shows West Virginia's Chemical Spill Traveled Into Kentucky
The chemical that contaminated West Virginia’s drinking water supply last year traveled father and lingered longer than had been previously recorded, according to a new study by U.S. Geological Survey researchers.
Published online in the journal Chemosphere, the peer-reviewed research shows that the chemical — 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol, also known as crude MCHM — was present at very low concentrations in Charleston, West Virginia’s tap water more than six weeks after the spill began on Jan. 9, 2014. The official tap water ban in Charleston was lifted five days later, with the Center for Disease Control saying concentrations of MCHM had reached an “appropriate” level of below 50 parts per billion. By Feb. 25, the researchers said Charleston’s tap water still measured crude MCHM concentration of 1 part per billion.
The researchers also say they detected crude MCHM in the Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky, meaning the chemical traveled at least 390 miles downriver from the spill. Though prominent spill researchers have long speculated that the chemical traveled across state lines, the study’s leader author Bill Foreman told ThinkProgress that his represented, “as far as I know of, the first, reported, published-in-a-journal documentation of [crude MCHM] found there in the Louisville area.”
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