As medical dispensary struggled with mold, regulation was nonexistent
For years, Vermont’s largest medical cannabis business has struggled with mold infestations on its cannabis plants, but the potential consequences for thousands of patients remain unknown, as state quality control regulations in the industry don’t exist.

According to five former employees of Champlain Valley Dispensary (CVD), which serves patients with conditions ranging from cancer to auto-immune disorders, mold issues have been a frequent problem and management has been slow to address the infestations until employees repeatedly urged them to do so.

Employees said that in some cases, the company declined to dispose of moldy cannabis, and extracted tetrahydrocannabinol from it. THC, the psychoactive chemical in the plant, is used in cannabis edibles, smokable oils and other products.

The former employees spoke to VTDigger on the condition of anonymity, fearing reprisal from the dispensary. Most employees signed non-disclosure agreements with the company as a condition of employment. None of the five who were interviewed currently works in Vermont’s medical cannabis industry.
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Superior, Wis., to hold town meeting on refinery explosion to discuss emergency plans
A town hall meeting this week in Superior, Wis., could shed light on an ongoing federal investigation of the Husky Energy refinery explosion and fire last spring that injured 13 and caused the panicked evacuation of thousands of people.

The evacuation was the first time that many local residents learned of a toxic chemical used at the refinery — hydrogen fluoride — that according to a worst-case scenario written by the Environmental Protection Agency could threaten the lives of 180,000 people in the Twin Ports area if accidentally released.

Almost as soon as the fire was put out, and after emergency officials said no hydrogen fluoride was released, alarmed residents began asking questions about the company’s use of the chemical.

The town hall-style meeting, scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday at the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Yellowjacket Union, will include an update from the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazardous Investigation Board on its investigation. A preliminary report from the agency released in August said the blast could have been caused by a worn valve that allowed air to leak and mix with combustible hydrocarbons. The agency’s final report isn’t expected for several months.

The meeting was requested by U.S. Reps. Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan along with U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.

Numerous people have called for a ban on hydrogen fluoride at the refinery, including the mayors of Duluth and Superior. An advocacy group formed in the days after the explosion, the Twin Ports Action Alliance, also wants a ban on hydrogen fluoride. The group’s co-founder, Ginger Juel, said she hopes to ask the Chemical Safety Board for more information on emergency preparedness and on how hydrogen fluoride is transported.
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Police: Man trying to cook meth triggered hazmat response
RICHMOND, R.I. (WPRI) - A Richmond man was arrested Friday night after police and a hazmat team were called to a home off Richmond Townhouse Road.

The man, who has not been identified, was attempting to cook meth in the kitchen, according to police.

Police said they were contacted just after 6 p.m. Friday by the man's girlfriend, who sought to file a domestic assault and battery complaint against the man.

The woman told police it was the result of an argument after she had arrived home to find her boyfriend trying to make a small amount of meth using cold medicine and other ingredients.

Believing there may have been dangerous chemicals inside the home, police called in the town's fire department and a hazmat team from the R.I. Department of Environmental Management to secure the scene.
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IISC incident probe: Police probe negligence angle at Indian Institute of Science
A day after a 32-year-old was killed and three others injured in a suspected cylinder blast inside a laboratory of Hypersonic and Shock Research Center in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus, forensic experts and along with fire and emergency personnel continued to gather evidence from the mishap site.
The police, in their preliminary report, have declared that it was a cylinder blast. Besides, they have taken some samples with them for further procedures. A senior police officer added that the police team questioned IISc staff to find out how exactly the blast happened and what are the standard safety measures followed during the tests.
“We are yet to confirm whether it was an act of negligence. For now, we are treating it as accidental blast,” the officer said.
The police, on Wednesday, had said that the victims, all interning with Superwave Technology Private Limited, were conducting an experiment involving supersonic shock waves. A highly combustible mixture of hydrogen and oxygen was used for the process. The cylinder it was in exploded and Manoj Kumar, who was working next to it died on the spot. The impact was such that his body was thrown 20 feet away.
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Still questions after chemical leak that shut Delaware Memorial Bridge
With a potentially explosive chemical leaking under the busiest bridge in Delaware, emergency officials are glad they prepared for the worst.

In late August, shortly after Croda Inc. began producing ethylene oxide in a new plant at the base of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, more than 30 emergency responders practiced what they would do if the extremely flammable, explosive and carcinogenic chemical escaped.

Just three months later, they were called back to the scene, only this time it wasn't a drill.

Ethylene oxide was leaking out of a storage tank. Nearby residents were being told to stay in their homes. All traffic was stopped on the bridge at the tail end of the busy Thanksgiving weekend.

David Irwin, chairman of the New Castle County Local Emergency Planning Committee, said the response was exactly right and mirrored what they had just trained for.
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Comptroller chides colleges  over chemical storage safety
ALBANY — State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is urging State University administrators to address "weaknesses" in safeguarding the system's students and staffers from hazardous materials stored at its campuses.

State auditors, according to a report released by the comptroller, identified numerous concerns after inspecting the systems used for storing chemicals and toxic substances at campuses in Plattsburgh, Oneonta, Cobleskill, Buffalo, Stony Brook, New Paltz and the Polytechnic Institute in Marcy.

“Weak oversight of hazardous materials could jeopardize the health and safety of students and campus communities," DiNapoli said in a statement accompanying the audit. "SUNY needs to do a better job to ensure these items are kept under lock and key.”

The report documented what the auditors called "risks" at the SUNY Plattsburgh campus, where the college has just one person responsible for both placing hazardous materials orders and receiving the items after they are shipped to the school.
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CSB on Reactives Hazards
Interesting @chemsafetyboard key finding from Reactive Hazards Study "No one comprehensive data source contains the data needed to adequately understand root causes and lessons learned from reactive incidents or other process safety incidents." https://www.csb.gov/improving-reactive-hazard-management
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Hazmat spill leads to Oxnard evacuation of buildings
Industrial buildings in Oxnard were evacuated after a hydrogen peroxide spill was reported Thursday morning.

Firefighters and hazardous materials workers responded to the incident at 10:40 a.m. in the 2900 block of Camino Del Sol, according to Oxnard Fire Department Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez.

A truck delivering the chemical had backed up to the building when a leak was discovered in a 330-gallon tote, Martinez said. The main building and a neighboring building were evacuated, affecting 10 to 15 people.
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2 days ago
Get yourself a CO2 meter with an alarm to keep brewers safe and OSHA happy
A lot of brewers have either succumbed to carbon dioxide in a beer fermentation tank or they know someone who has. Most of the time it’s told as a funny story. The sudden shortness of breath is quickly followed by dizziness. The worker jumps back from the tank and hopes no one notices. Occasionally someone passes out, only to wake up on the floor surrounded by fellow workers who shrug it off as a rite of passage for all brewers. Of course, no one tells the owner. It was a stupid mistake, it was embarrassing and it’s a lesson not soon forgotten.

I recently asked a friend who is a brewmaster at a local brewery about the subject. His first response was, “We can’t afford brewery safety equipment.” When I said a pocket CO2 meter didn’t cost a lot, he shrugged.

“We only have six tanks,” he said. “I’m the only one who goes into them, and I know which ones can kill me.”

If I was a brewery owner, I’d shudder if one of my employees said this.
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Explosion at IISc lab kills one researcher, injures 3
BENGALURU: A researcher was killed and three others sustained burns in an explosion in a laboratory at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) here on Wednesday. The blast occurred around 2.30pm when 32-year-old Manoj Kumar, who died in the blast, and his colleagues were working on an experiment at the Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shock Wave Research in IISc.
Police said the injured researchers — Atulya Kumar, Naresh Kumar and Karthik — have been hospitalised. “Their condition is critical,” a police officer said.
The four were employees of Super-Wave Technology, an IISc-incubated startup headed by senior scientists at the department of aerospace engineering, IISc.
Preliminary investigation by police and forensic experts ruled out sabotage. Investigators, who suspect a leak in a hydrogen cylinder caused the explosion, described the impact as “strong”. “It completely damaged equipment in the laboratory,” the officer said.
IISc chief security officer MR Chandrashekar said Wednesday’s explosion was unprecedented. “This is the first time in the history of IISc that an explosion of such magnitude has taken place during experimentation,” he said.
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Amazon Workers Hospitalized After Bear Spray Chemical Release (2)
An Amazon.com Inc. warehouse worker is in critical condition and more than 20 others are being treated at hospitals after equipment punctured a can of bear spray at a New Jersey fulfillment center Dec. 5.

John Nalbone, a spokesman for Robbinsville Township, N.J., told Bloomberg Law the puncture released the chemical capsaicin, an active ingredient in chili peppers. At least 54 workers were exposed, 24 of whom were transported to five local hospitals.

“The safety of our employees is our top priority, and as such, all employees in that area” have been relocated to a “safe place and employees experiencing symptoms are being treated onsite,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement to Bloomberg Law. “As a precaution, some employees have been transported to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.”
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Safety warning issues after toxic chemical released at public swimming pool
Safework NSW has issued an urgent safety warning after a worker at a public swimming pool in Picton incorrectly mixed chemicals, releasing toxic chlorine gas and injuring several swimming pool patrons.

Preliminary findings indicate the two chemicals were a chlorine-releasing salt called dry chlorine and sodium bisulphate.

For safe results, each chemical should be released in opposite ends of the pool.

However, it appears both chemicals were released in the same area, which resulted in a chemical reaction.

Better Regulation Division Deputy Secretary, Rose Webb said with the temperature rising and more families visiting their local pool, it’s timely to remind workers that pool chemicals can cause reactions if mixed incorrectly.
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A decade after a fatal lab safety disaster, what have we learned?
This month marks 10 years since Sheharbano “Sheri” Sangji undertook her last experiment. On 29 December 2008, the 23-year-old lab technician tried to transfer a small quantity of tert-Butyllithium, which ignites on contact with air. The attempt ended in a fiery catastrophe; she died 18 agonizing days later. A subsequent 95-page state investigative report excoriated the lab’s principal investigator (PI), Patrick Harran, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), for allowing a recent college graduate to work alone on a risky and intricate task without the training, technique, equipment, or protective gear needed to perform it safely. Unprecedented criminal charges and a yearslong legal case followed.
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Genomics toolmaker liability surfaces in ethical debate The advent of “CRISPR babies” throws a spotlight on the responsibility of technology vendors
Last week’s report that the first gene-edited babies were born in China raised many questions about the safe and ethical use of technologies such as the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool deployed in the process. Little attention, though, was paid to the technology vendor’s responsibility to guard against misuse.
Questions of vendor ethics are similar to those raised in the contentious debate over gun sales in the US. Can a seller be held responsible for the actions of a buyer? How can a seller determine with certainty how any user will deploy a technology? What are the minimum requirements that must be met by a purchaser? Which technologies require user vetting? Does the onus of ethical behavior lie entirely with the user?
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Australia should ban firefighting foams with certain PFAS, report says Parliament panel suggests government buy contaminated properties near military bases
Australia’s government should ban the use of firefighting foams that contain certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and collect and destroy remaining stocks of such foams, a report from Parliament recommends.
The report targets for this treatment older formulas of foams containing three PFAS: perfluorooctane sulfonate, perfluorooctanoic acid, and perfluorohexane sulfonate. All are environmentally persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic.
The report also suggests the Australian government restrict use of PFAS foams containing shorter-chain fluorocarbons called fluorotelomers to essential applications only, such as high-risk firefighting situations. Fluorotelomers with six-carbon chains, used in these foams since early this century, have low toxicity and bioaccumulation potential but can biodegrade to persistent chemicals.
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Boom goes the honey pot: Suspected marijuana-oil lab explodes in Santa Rosa
An explosion at a Santa Rosa home suspected of being a clandestine lab for making concentrated marijuana oil led to the arrest of a 64-year-old man, authorities said Tuesday.

The explosion occurred at 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the Larkfield neighborhood, 3 miles northwest of downtown Santa Rosa, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived to find the home’s resident, Thomas Tuttle, “wet, disheveled and confused from the blast,” said Sgt. Spencer Crum, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Authorities found marijuana, butane canisters and laboratory equipment that led them to believe Tuttle was operating an illegal lab in his garage to process “honey oil,” or concentrated marijuana, Crum said. A refrigerator had been blown apart by the blast, along with a damaged fence.

Tuttle was arrested and booked on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance, officials said. He and three other residents of the home on the 5700 block of Corbett Circle were not injured.
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Printer ink spill leads to headaches, hazmat response at Domino's Farms
ANN ARBOR TOWNSHIP, MI - Exposure to printer ink fumes at Domino's Farms sent 19 people to emergency rooms Tuesday evening, officials said.

The Washtenaw County Hazardous Materials Team cleaned up a substance found spilled atop a package that was delivered to the office park Tuesday morning, Dec. 4, Ann Arbor Township Fire Chief Mark Nicholai said.

The substance was later determined to be printer ink, Nicholai said.

Exposure to fumes from the ink led to numerous complaints of headaches and other minor ailments, Nicholai said.

There were no apparent life-threatening injuries.

Four patients were transported from the scene to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and 15 went to the University of Michigan hospital, according to Matt Rose of Huron Valley Ambulance.
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Mystery persists over Intel hazmat scare
Investigators remain “befuddled” over a pair of hazardous materials scares that prompted Intel to evacuate part of its Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro and sent 21 people to local hospitals.

Intel closed down a 400,000-square-foot manufacturing support building Monday due to a second health scare in just four days, and the facility remained closed Tuesday. The company said workers reported “respiratory irritation” and “minor breathing difficulty.”

Emergency responders treated at least three dozen people in Monday’s incident, only six of whom went to the hospital. None were reported to have experienced serious health problems, and Washington County officials have said there is no indication of any hazardous material exposure outside the building.

Intel said it doesn’t expect the incident or the closure will have a material impact on its Oregon production. The company said it continues to investigate.

Nathan Leek, division chief with the Hillsboro Fire Department, said neither his experts nor Intel’s have been able to determine what caused the workers’ symptoms.

“What we are being told is they have detected nothing that has shown up on their detectors as a concern,” Leek said. “They were a little befuddled as what could have caused this irritant.”
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Fort Smith Police Department lobby closed due to unknown residue. Hazmat team is on scene.
The Fort Smith Police Department lobby was closed Tuesday morning due to the chemical lye, according to PIO Aric Mitchell.

Mitchell said hazmat teams and the fire department were on the scene, but left by noon.

He also said the lobby will remain closed while the department continues to clean up, but is expected to be open later today. According to Mitchell, a man came into the lobby overnight wearing only a coat and covered in lye.

He requested help from the department. He had extensive burns, but they were not life-threatening. He and a deputy were taken to the hospital. The deputy was OK.

Highland Dairy alerted police about a breakin involving chemicals consistent with what the individual had on him.
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4 days ago
No injuries reported in hazmat situation in west Reno
RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Reno Fire Department says no one was hurt in a hazmat situation late Monday, December 3, 2018.

Crews responded to Garlock Printing and Converting on Woodland Avenue in west Reno just before 11:15 p.m.

A battalion chief tells us something went wrong during a chemical process and vapors were released inside the building. We're told air scrubbers inside helped keep the situation under control.

Reno Fire says 18 employees were inside the building at the time. They were checked by paramedics at the scene, but no one was taken to a hospital.
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ChemChina plant leak is identified as cause of blast that killed 23 in China
After some initial confusion, investigators have identified a vinyl chloride leak at a ChemChina facility as the cause of a huge blast that killed 23 in the northern China city of Zhangjiakou. Most victims of the explosion were sitting in trucks that were waiting outside the factory, run by Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry, a subsidiary of state-owned ChemChina.
“This is a relatively new facility,” says David S. Jiang, president of the Beijing-based chemical industry consulting firm Sinodata, noting that he visited the plant recently.
The Chinese media initially reported that the spontaneous ignition of a truck delivering acetylene to a nearby facility was behind the Nov. 28 disaster. An investigation led by China’s Ministry of Emergency Management later identified the vinyl chloride leak as the cause. Shenghua uses the intermediate to produce polyvinyl chloride.
In a contrite statement on its website, ChemChina said “the occurrence of this accident reflects serious problems in our safety management.”
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4 days ago
Madison hazmat team responds after man opens bag of fentanyl
TOWN OF MADISON (WKOW) — Police and fire personnel responded to an apartment in the town of Madison after a man opened a bag of fentanyl.

The Madison Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team responded to the 1900 block of Sherman Avenue Monday afternoon after a report of someone who opened a bag of fentanyl because he was trying to destroy it.

A police sergeant tells 27 News the incident was mostly contained to that person’s apartment and there is no danger to other apartments in the building.
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5 days ago
Innovative Solution for Securing Smaller Gas Bottles
Jefferson Lab requires all gas bottles to be secured at all times, regardless of content or pressure. The standard pick-up rack does not accommodate smaller gas bottles, which have traditionally been secured to the rack with bungee cords or chains. This is not an optimal solution as this method promotes damage to the valve connection. An innovative design, using scrap material, solved the potential safety hazard of empty small gas bottles, found unsecured while awaiting pick-up.
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Personal Protective Equipment Seam Failure While On Supplied Air
At the Materials and Fuels Complex two personnel were performing work in the Hot Fuels Examination Facility Hot Repair Area. The area is posted as a high contamination area, high radiation area and an airborne radioactivity area. Workers were performing part of an evolution that required them to squat down and team lift an 80 lb. item into a waste box. The workers were in a double set of anti-contamination suits and were on supplied air wearing airline hoods with required belts. When one of the workers squatted down, the compression of air in the anticontamination suit caused an over-pressurization in the lower half and an audible pop could be heard as the seam split. The operator notified the Health Physics Technician and exited the hot repair area. Upon doffing, the operator was surveyed for contamination and no contamination was detected.
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Sydney swimming pool HAZMAT incident: 9 children affected by fumes in Picton
Children have been hospitalised after being exposed to fumes from a chemical spill at a Sydney pool.
Nine children under six years of age and two adults were treated by paramedics for breathing difficulties following the incident at the Wollondilly Leisure Centre about 10.30am.
One child was taken to Campbelltown Hospital in a serious condition while three other children and two adults were hospitalised in a stable condition.
Several NSW Ambulance crews were called to the pool on Argyle Street in Picton where it was believed an incorrect chemical mixture led to the fumes being released.
Some people were also breaking out in skin rashes.
Paramedics have arranged for observation of those who have pre-existing respiratory issues.
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6 days ago
Bomb Squad Called In to Detonate Explosive in Hazleton
HAZLETON, Pa. -- A bomb squad was called to Hazleton Friday morning to detonate an explosive found in an old medical kit.

City firefighters say they got two calls this morning about picric acid, an old chemical that was used for medical purposes.

Hazleton firefighters say small packages of picric acid were found in two homes in the city earlier in the day.

The acid was once used as an antiseptic for coal miners, but once it crystalizes, it becomes explosive.
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7 days ago
Watch the explosion that triggered a huge police response in Cambridgeshire village
This video purportedly shows the explosion that sparked a four-day long police presence in a Cambridgeshire village.

Villagers in Girton reported hearing a loud bang which shook their windows last week.

It sparked a huge police response and the arrest of a 51-year-old man on suspicion of committing offences under the Explosives Act, the man has since been released under investigation.

The recent scare in Girton was sparked when the 51-year-old science tutor carried out a chemistry experiment in his garden which went wrong, his family claim.

Neighbours reported hearing a 'humongous' bang, and the following Tuesday (November 27) police wearing gas masks and chemical experts swooped on St Vincent's Close in the village of Girton, Cambridge and some residents were hastily evacuated from their homes.
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7 days ago
Explosion at ChemChina’s Hebei Plant Caused by Gas Leak
A gas leak at a plant owned by a ChemChina subsidiary caused a blast that killed 23 people and injured 22 this week in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, ChemChina said in a statement on Friday.

PVC producer Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co suffered a leak of vinyl chloride, which caught fire and caused a chain explosion that burned trucks and buildings, ChemChina said.

In the statement posted on its website, ChemChina apologized for the accident and said it reflected serious problems in its safety management systems.

Police have detained 15 people related to the company in connection with the blast, the Zhangjiakou government said in a statement posted on its official Wechat, a messaging platform in China.
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7 days ago
New Thermal Runaway Risk Assessment Methods for Two Step Synthesis Reactions
In this study, in order to assess thermal runaway risk of two step synthesis reactions, two new risk assessment methods were proposed by combining the new assessment procedure with the risk matrix and the Stoessel criticality diagram. The thermal runaway risks of the tert-butyl peroxybenzoate (TBPB) synthesis process and the tert-butyl peracetate (TBPA) synthesis process, and the influence of the use of the pure target products on the assessment results were also studied by the new methods. The results showed that the new methods could obtain more accurate assessment results of two step synthesis reactions. Some measures should be taken to reduce the thermal runaway risks of the two synthesis processes. Furthermore, the use of the pure target products in the new methods would exaggerate the thermal runaway risks of the two step synthesis reactions.
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7 days ago
Dry Drain Brought Hazmat to Drew University
MADISON, NJ - A chemical smell from a dry drain in a science lab at Drew University is what brought in several sets of first responders to investigate on Thursday afternoon.

According Morris County Director Office of Emergency Management Jeffrey S. Paul said hazmat units were called to Drew University's Madison campus to investigate the report of a chemical or gasoline related odor.

The Madison Police Department and Madison Fire Department along with the Whippany Fire Departments Hazardous Materials Team were on site and the Whippany Fire Chief coordinated with the Morris County Hazardous Materials Team while they investigated the source of the odor, Paul said.

The smell was reported in the hall of the sciences building and first responders eventually the source was determined to be a dried out floor drain, Paul said.
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8 days ago
Fire in biohazard building at Monash University
A fire threatened to destroy biological material at Monash University’s Clayton campus last night.

Specialist fire crews were called to the biohazard blaze about 7.30pm.

The fire threatened to reach hazardous materials but was quickly doused by the sprinkler system.

It was contained to one building.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade trucks arrived within three minutes.

There were 20 firefighters at the scene and the incident was declared under control within 40 minutes.

Crews had hazmat equipment and breathing apparatuses but they were not needed as the fire was put out by the sprinklers.

An MFB spokesman said the large volume of water from the sprinklers flooded three floors of the building and posed a risk to a substation below the building.
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9 days ago
High levels of toxic mercury found in home of suspected poison victims: FDNY
The Queens air-conditioning-company owner accused of trying to poison a family with mercury loaded so much of the toxic metal into their AC unit that levels in the air soared to more than 60 times the regulated standards, an FDNY lieutenant testified Wednesday.

Lt. John Cassidy of the FDNY’s HAZMAT unit testified in Queens Criminal Court Wednesday that when he tested the air inside the Jamaica Estates home in 2015, he found mercury levels to be over 60 micrograms-per-meter-cubed in every room in the house.

The Centers for Disease Control has advised that anything over one microgram-per-meter cubed is unsafe.

After finding “multiple small beads” of mercury inside the unit’s intake vent, Cassidy advised the family to stay away from the house until the Department of Health gave them clearance to return.
us_NY  public  discovery  response  illegal  mercury 
9 days ago
Chemical Reaction Brings Fire Department To Mamaroneck High
MAMARONECK, NY — A chemical reaction in a science lab caused a stir Wednesday afternoon at Mamaroneck High School. According to a spokeswoman for the school district, after the school day had ended, the chemical reaction had happened which caused the evacuation of the building.

The fire department responded and contained the material.

That resolved the issue, and the fire chief said it was safe to hold a scheduled concert and for school to open on time Thursday.
us_NY  laboratory  discovery  response  unknown_chemical 
9 days ago
11 taken to hospital after possible chemical exposure at Intel's Ronler Acres campus
HILLSBORO, Ore. – 11 people were taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties Thursday after a possible toxic exposure at an Intel plant in Hillsboro.
Hillsboro Fire later said there was no HazMat release at Intel.
The incident was reported at about 4:15 p.m. at the Ronler Acres campus off of Evergreen Parkway.
According to Hillsboro Fire, 11 people were taken to the hospital for evaluations after they reported breathing difficulties.
At this point, Hillsboro Fire said they are not sure of what chemical is involved or where it came from.
us_OR  industrial  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
9 days ago
What was the threat from gas leak that jammed traffic over the Delaware River?
In the wake of Sunday's precautionary seven-hour closing of the Delaware Memorial Bridge and resulting traffic jams due to an ethylene oxide leak at Croda's neighboring chemical plant — which Croda in a preliminary investigation blamed on a bad pipe gasket —  James Markos, a risk and reliability engineer and former chemical-plant power supervisor, sends this link to a U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazardous Investigation Board (CSB) video.
It shows how ethylene oxide can endanger lives and property when it catches fire.
The video and text explain an ethylene oxide explosion at a Sterigenics medical equipment sterilization plant in Ontario, Calif., back in 2004.  A two-ton door was blown 75 feet, the lab was wrecked (its steel walls badly bent), and the nearby control room cut apart by blown-out windows and falling computers. Four workers were injured.
There have been "numerous explosions" of ethylene oxide in industrial situations, due to incomplete monitoring and lack of training, sometimes magnified by lack of proper equipment, CSB says.
us_PA  public  discovery  environmental  ethylene_oxide 
9 days ago
Fire rips through Colchester trucking company
COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) A massive fire ripped through a trucking company in Colchester Wednesday, sending black smoke billowing into the air. Hundreds of commuters on Interstate 89 could see it on their way to work.

The fire broke out at J and B Truck Center on Hercules Drive behind Costco at about 9:30 a.m. Everyone working in and around the building made it out safely.

Dozens of firefighters responded from departments across Chittenden County. And the northbound lanes of nearby I-89 were shut down for about two hours as crews worked to douse the fire.

The cause is still under investigation but workers told WCAX News they heard what they thought was a leak in a fuel truck they were repairing. They all quickly left the building and the fire ignited shortly after.

"As soon as we heard the leak, immediately we got out," said Mark Patch, who works at J and B Truck Center. "Everybody was just yelling, 'Everybody get out of the building!'"
us_VT  industrial  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
Fire crews investigate chemical leak at Scottsdale Mayo Clinic
Fire crews responded to a reported chemical spill at the Mayo Clinic research building in northeast Scottsdale on Wednesday night.

Crews were called to the clinic after a lab tech reported an odor coming from a packing container that holds broken vials inside the building, at 13200 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale fire officials said.

Six employees were evacuated from the lab. One was evaluated but refused transportation to a hospital, officials said.

The Scottsdale Fire Department's hazardous-materials team conducted testing of the air inside the lab but found no evidence of contaminants, officials said.
us_AZ  laboratory  release  response  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
One Sent to Hospital After Chemical Spill at UMES
PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- A chemical spill inside a classroom laboratory on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore sent one person to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

UMES said the spill prompted the evacuation of Trigg Hall shortly after noon. Multiple fire and emergency agencies responded to the scene. An all clear-was given at 2:20 p.m., with a return to normal activities.

Authorities said the spill involved ammonium hydroxide with five people showing signs of needing medical attention. All refused but one person, who was taken to the hospital. There is no word yet on that person's condition. 
us_MD  laboratory  release  injury  ammonium_hydroxide 
10 days ago
Acid spill in Cristol Chemistry sends one woman to hospital
One woman is in the hospital after a chemistry accident on campus Tuesday afternoon.

A chemical spill in Room 218 of Cristol Chemistry and Biochemistry prompted students to evacuate the building at roughly 4:40 p.m. One woman was in the lab at the time of the incident and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. It is unknown whether she is a student.

Boulder Fire Department received the call at roughly 4:30pm, after CUPD received the call.

Roughly three ambulances, two police cars and two fire trucks were present following the incident. Units from Boulder Fire Department stations seven and three were dispatched following the call.

According to Boulder Fire Department Battalion Chief Carol Brown, this is normal protocol for a hazardous materials incident. Two to three hazardous material incidents occur per year, Brown said.
us_CO  laboratory  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
Texas chemical plant explosion: OSHA finds multiple violations
A number of safety violations were documented by Occupational Safety and Health Administrative officials after a fire and explosion at a Cresson chemical plant that killed one worker and severely injured another.

The family of Dylan Mitchell, who died, and Jason William Speegle, who was injured in the blast March 15, have filed a lawsuit blaming sodium chlorite, a potentially dangerous chemical for the destruction of the plant and the loss of life.

The lawsuit claims that the companies involved in the sale, employee training and the labeling instructions concerning the handling of sodium chlorite were negligent in their duty to inform workers about the risks of working around the chemical. Both Mitchell and Speegle were badly burned during the fire and explosion at Tri-Chem Specialty Chemicals LLC, and Mitchell’s injuries were fatal.

OSHA officials who inspected Tri-Chem, one of four companies named in the lawsuit, levied fines that totaled more than $16,200 after the plant explosion in Cresson. Cresson is about 24 miles southwest of Fort Worth.
us_TX  industrial  follow-up  death  other_chemical 
10 days ago
Blast Outside Chemical Plant in China: at least 23 killed
Beijing Nov 28 (UNI) At least 23 people were killed on Wednesday as a result of an explosion outside a chemical plant in the northern Chinese city of Zhangjiakou, the city’s authorities said.
The blast that occurred just after midnight caused a heavy fire, when a truck transporting hazardous chemicals exploded, while entering the Haipo'er New Energy Technology company, near Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry, a major chemical enterprise.
"Twenty-three people became the victims in the incident, while 22 were injured, and 38 trucks and 12 cars burned down. Three people are stated to be critical, and the lives of the rest are not in danger," a representative of the city government said.
China  transportation  explosion  death  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
China chemical blast: Blast outside Zhangjiakou plant kills 22
At least 22 people have died and 22 more were injured in a blast outside a chemical factory in northern China.
A vehicle carrying chemicals exploded while waiting to enter Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co plant in Zhangjiakou, north of Beijing, initial reports suggest.
Photos from the scene showed dozens of burned out cars and trucks lining the street outside the plant.
China  transportation  explosion  death  unknown_chemical 
10 days ago
CU student taken to hospital after acid spill at on campus lab
An equipment malfunction Tuesday around 5 p.m. at a lab on CU Boulder's campus spat acid on a student, sending her to the hospital with minor injuries, according to campus police.

The Cristol Chemistry Building where this accident happened will be open on Wednesday, but police said some offices and labs will remain closed due to water damage. Contractors are clearing up the area overnight.

The injured student followed proper emergency procedures after the spill, rushing to a shower station to clean herself of the acid.

Runoff from the shower caused some slight water damage to the building, campus police said.

What the student was working on, and the specific type of equipment that malfunctioned causing the injury was not explained. The Cristol Chemistry building was briefly evacuated Tuesday night. The incident may have happened on the second floor, as authorities were encouraging people to avoid it during the Hazmat investigation.
us_CO  laboratory  release  injury  acids 
11 days ago
Chemours to clean up GenX and pay $12 million fine
To settle allegations that it tainted drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in southeast North Carolina with toxic fluoroethers, Chemours has agreed to pay the state $12 million.
The agreement stems from state enforcement actions against Chemours. Under a proposed consent order released Nov. 21, Chemours would pay an additional $1 million to cover the state’s costs for investigating the pollution. Chemours would have to install thermal oxidizing equipment to dramatically reduce air emissions of chemicals related to its GenX fluorosurfactant at its plant outside of Fayetteville.

In addition, the company would have to provide permanent replacement drinking water to homes and businesses with contaminated wells, continue to capture all of the facility’s process water for off-site disposal, and reduce the non-polymeric per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in groundwater near the plant that seep into the Cape Fear River. A North Carolina court must approve the order before it takes affect.
Fluoroethers contaminate the river downstream of the Fayetteville facility. The chemicals persist after drinking water treatment. They also pollute rain and private wells near the facility, including those not directly hydraulically connected with groundwater below the plant.
us_NC  industrial  follow-up  environmental  water_treatment 
11 days ago
Crews Douse Blaze at Massachusetts Chemical Plant
Firefighters put out a two-alarm fire at the Twin Rivers Technologies plant in Quincy, MA last Saturday night, reports by local news organizations said. 

Crews were called to the scene at about 8:30 p.m. after oil leaked out of a fractionator in the plant and caught fire, fire officials told the Quincy Patriot Ledger. The fractionator, a piece of equipment used to separate liquids, has a capacity of 1000 gal of liquid material. 

Coconut oil was involved in the fire, coverage by New England Cable News (NECN) said. The flames were brought under control in about a half-hour using foam and water. 

Emergency personnel remained at the plant for about two hours, containing the flames to the fractionator, the Associated Press (AP) reported. No injuries were logged during the incident.

Twin Rivers Technologies manufactures fatty acids and glycerin products at the Quincy plant, according to information on the company’s website. The facility’s capabilities include fractional distillation, crystallization, and hydrogenation. 
us_MA  industrial  fire  response  other_chemical 
12 days ago
North Port man badly burned in vape pen explosion
NORTH PORT, Fla. (FOX 13) - Working with glass and metal comes with its own safety code at Euro-Wall in North Port, but it's what happened inside an office that's caught many off guard. One of the company’s managers had just sat down when his vape pen exploded in his pocket. 

“There was smoke in the office. He had opened the door. He was in shock," recalled employee Brant Julius. "You could see the chemical burns are a little different and seeing it fresh like that, literally I could smell the difference between flesh burning.”

The man, identified by co-workers only as Mike, was airlifted to Blake Medical Center in Manatee County with second- and third-degree burns. He underwent surgery Monday morning. 
us_FL  public  explosion  injury  metals 
12 days ago
Toxic chemical spill in southern China 10 times worse than previously disclosed
A toxic chemical leak in southern China which put 52 people in hospital and has cost affected fishing villages millions of dollars in lost revenue was 10 times worse than previously reported.
Quanzhou city authorities on Sunday confirmed that 69 tonnes of the petrochemical C9 – a by-product of the oil refining process – had spilled into the local seawater, far in excess of the originally claimed seven tonnes.
Two officials have been sacked for negligence, in addition to the arrests of seven people for their roles in the incident.
Fishermen in Xiaocuo, the coastal village where the leak occurred, have consistently questioned the official version of events which began on November 4 when a tube carrying the toxic liquid from a local petrochemical plant to a tanker came loose.
China  industrial  release  response  petroleum  toxics 
12 days ago
Hazmat crews respond to hazardous material incident in Salisbury
SALISBURY, N.C. — According to fire officials, there was an ammonia leak at Freirich​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Foods on West Kerr Street in Salisbury, N.C.

Crews were on the scene working to clean up the leak.

At this time, officials have not announced the cause of the leak.
us_NC  industrial  release  response  ammonia 
13 days ago
Hazmat team called after hundreds of gallons of oil overflow in Boston
Hazmat crews responded after hundreds of gallons of oil overflowed in Boston Sunday.

Crews responded to Washington Street for reports of a heating oil overflow and spill Sunday evening.

The oil company had showed up to fill the tanks, and oil overflowed into a built-in reservoir, which Boston Fire said was built into the concrete in the event that an incident of this nature occurred. 

About 150 to 200 gallons overflowed in the Level 2 hazmat situation, with crews from Clean Harbors also on scene to help clean up the oil.
us_MA  public  release  response  petroleum 
13 days ago
Delaware Memorial Bridge closed tonight: Highly flammable gas leak from Croda Atlas Point chemical production facility
PENNSVILLE, N.J. — A chemical leak shut down the Delaware Memorial Bridge in both directions Sunday evening, bringing traffic on a major East Coast artery to a standstill on one of the busiest travel days of the year. The chemical involved is ethylene oxide, a highly flammable gas that is a finished product stemming from methanol, according to an official. The leak is not believed to be toxic, but the incident is considered a hazmat situation, CBS Philadelphia reports.

The leak stems from the Delaware chemical production facility Croda Atlas Point, located near the twin suspension bridges on a major route between Washington and New York City, Holloway Terrace Fire Company Public Information Officer George Greenley said.

"If that flume would have had an ignition source it could have been catastrophic with the bridge traffic," he said.

The bridge closed around 5 p.m. Sunday. Croda operators requested it be shut down, the Delaware River and Bay Authority tweeted.
us_NJ  transportation  release  response  ethylene_oxide 
13 days ago
Pigment violet 29 presents a low risk to human health and the environment, U.S. EPA says
colorant described as dark red-purple or bordeaux, pigment violet 29 is used in inks, paints, coatings, and plastics. It also “does not present an unreasonable risk of injury to human health or the environment under the conditions of use,” according to a draft risk evaluation prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA assessed pigment violet 29 under the updated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which was overhauled in 2016. EPA based its risk evaluation on the properties of the pigment, including its “low solubility, low vapor pressure, low bioaccumulation potential, and poor absorption across all routes of exposure,” as well as manufacturing and use information and environmental data, the agency says. However, EPA appears to have discounted some environmental hazards, foreseeable uses, and manufacturing that fall below reporting thresholds for individual companies, says Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.) in a statement. “We look forward to holding hearings on this draft and EPA’s broad efforts to undermine” the updated TSCA provisions, adds Pallone, who is likely to become chair of the House of Representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce when Democrats take control of the House in January.
public  discovery  environmental  dye 
14 days ago
China factory blast kills two, injures 24
Two people were killed and 24 others injured in an explosion at a machinery plant in the northern Chinese province of Jilin, the local government said on Saturday.

At least 41 houses were damaged in the blast and a subsequent fire, which began shortly before midnight on Friday, it said.

The cause of the explosion was not released, but officials said they have ruled out terrorism.

Rescue efforts were ongoing on Saturday morning and people had been evacuated from the area. Scores of police, fire fighters and medical personnel had been sent to the scene.

China has pledged to improve safety in factories, though explosions and other incidents are common due to patchy enforcement of rules.
China  industrial  explosion  death  unknown_chemical 
14 days ago
Expanding job duties provide challenges for fire departments
DES MOINES -- Firefighters’ ever-expanding job duties are making it difficult for some departments to recruit and retain.

Long gone are the days that firefighters sat around the firehouse waiting for fire calls only. Now firefighters deal with a wide array of crises, including health emergencies, natural disasters, hazardous chemical containment, and myriad rescues.

“Obviously we still have the title of firefighter and fire department, but really the number of duties has expanded, and that’s pretty much nationwide, and it’s kind of come in phases over the last couple of decades,” Cedar Rapids interim fire chief Greg Smith said. “There’s a lot more duties than just sitting around, waiting for a fire to happen.”

Those expanded duties have meant more calls.
us_IA  public  discovery  environmental 
14 days ago
Oil Spill In SOMA District
SAN FRANCISCO—An oil spill caused road closures South of VanNess Avenue on Howard and 12 Street around 12 p.m. on Tuesday, November 20. The cause of the spill is unclear and currently under investigation. The oil spill was the result of a truck. 

According to Dave Lee, owner of the Gaslamp cafe, a motorcyclist lost control due to the oil spill. He was not injured, but his motorcycle was damaged.

San Francisco Police, San Francisco Fire and HAZMAT (Hazardous Material) crews were all on scene for a few hours cleaning up the mess.

The first step in the clean up was covering the entire spill with kitty litter to soak up the oil, then street cleaners removed the residue of toxic waste and preventative measures such as using booms to block storm drains were used. Booms are made up of materials that can soak up oil and other toxic waste so that it doesn’t end up in our surface water and in our oceans.

A Matter of Trust, a non-profit whom’s mission is to focus on positive ecological change for the environment also acted fast to clean up the spill.

“We just grabbed a bunch [of booms] and ran out,” said Lisa Gautier of Matter of Trust. “We put booms around the four storm drains.” “It’s all thanks to the people who donate hair and fur,” said Gautier.
us_CA  transportation  release  response  oils 
15 days ago
One person injured after ammonia leak in Belle Glade
BELLE GLADE, Fla. (CBS12) — One person is being treated for injuries after a chemical leak Friday afternoon, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said.
Crews were sent to the scene on Duda Road at 12:36 p.m. after reports that an 800 gallon tank was leaking ammonia, according to fire officials. Crews managed to access the ammonia tank and shut off the valves just before 1 p.m. One person was transported to a local hospital for further assessment.
No word on what caused the leak.
us_FL  industrial  release  injury  ammonia 
15 days ago
NC environmental chief: Chemical maker must change its ways
RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina’s top environmental official hopes one of the country’s largest chemical companies will change how it operates now that it has been hit with the largest penalty a polluter has had to pay the state.

North Carolina environmental secretary Michael Regan said Friday that The Chemours Co. is agreeing to pay the state a $12 million penalty and sharply reduce air emissions of the nonstick compound known as GenX.

The deal announced late Wednesday requires Chemours to stop decades of emissions into the air and water of compounds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this month said appear dangerous even in small amounts.
us_NC  public  release  environmental  other_chemical 
15 days ago
Firefighting foam raises red flags
He said a fire would destroy most of the PFAS.

"The fire itself would burn off the foam," Konik said. "There would be very little contamination, and an environmental contractor would do a cleanup of what remained."

He said the department would avoid using the foam, but it is available if it is needed.

Marysville Public Safety Director Tom Konik moves a barrel containing Class B firefighting foam containing PFAS Wednesday, nov. 21, 2018 at Marysville Fire Department. Konic says that due to the pipelines and storange tanks for flammable liquids in the city, Marysville has a greater need for the firefighting foam.
(Photo: Brian Wells/Times Herald)
State: Don't use foam with PFAS

The state fire marshal is recommending that departments do not train with foam that contains PFAS and it should be used only in emergencies involving life-saving situations.

Other recommendations include using sand to contain the material and sandbagging storm drains to prevent runoff, and reporting the use of the foam to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Pollution Emergency Alerting System at (800) 292-4706.
us_MI  industrial  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
16 days ago
Chlorine, ammonia odor sends man to hospital; Hazmat team investigates
MADISON, Wis. - One person was taken to the hospital Monday morning after inhaling fumes while working in a community clubhouse on Madison’s south side, according to a release from the Madison Fire Department.

Emergency crews were called around 8:30 a.m. to Highland Manor at 10 Malibur Drive for reports of a noxious odor that caused the custodian to get weak and collapse in one of the bathrooms, officials said.

One person told officials the odor smelled like a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, but the person who collapsed said he was not using both of those chemicals at the same time, according to the release. With the help of a co-worker, the man was able to crawl out of the room and walk to a vehicle, where he waited for emergency crews to arrive.

A co-worker opened some doors to allow fresh air in, so emergency crews were not able to determine what the odor was caused by, officials said. The building was cleared just before 10 a.m.
us_WI  public  release  injury  ammonia  chlorine 
18 days ago
Fire breaks out at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, none hurt
Kolkata: A fire broke out at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) on the Southern fringes of the city on Tuesday afternoon. No injury has been reported in the incident.

Three fire tenders were pressed into action to douse the flames. It triggered panic among the patients and hospital staff. The fire was brought under control after one and half hour.

According to the preliminary investigation, the Fire department officials suspect an air-conditioning machine caught fire inside the genetic research wing. Some staff of the hospital spotted smoke billowing out of a room and reported the matter to the police and fire brigade. Tension broke out among patients in the adjacent building of the hospital. The security personnel of the hospital took part in the rescue operation. They evacuated the genetic research wing to check any untoward incidents.

Fire fighters spotted the source of the fire and it was later doused. It was learnt that an air-conditioning machine was damaged in the incidents. The hospital authorities are also apprehending that some research papers in the laboratory were also destroyed in the fire. According to a senior official of CNCI, the staff managed to resist the fire from spreading to other parts of the hospital building. The fire was spotted in the air-conditioning machine. The genetic research wing and laboratory was immediately evacuated. The exact cause of the fire and the extent of the damage are yet to be confirmed. A detailed probe has been initiated. It may be mentioned that there was a fire incident at Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine triggering panic among patients and visitors on November 12.
India  laboratory  fire  response  unknown_chemical 
18 days ago
Unregulated Danger? Mom, Toddler Burned by E-Cigarette Explosion
A mother and her toddler suffered horrible burns after she says an e-cigarette exploded, and now the family is filing a lawsuit against the store that sold her the device.
Paige Kadella is a Southern California mother who said she was trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes to improve her health, so she turned to vaping, or using an e-cigarette.
She says the decision turned into a consumer safety nightmare that’s gone unregulated for too long.
There are lots of studies about lithium ion batteries because of the potential dangers they pose.
From hover boards to cellphones to vaping devices, these small powerful batters have resulted in hundreds of reported injuries, but when it comes to powering e-cigarettes there's no regulation, no laws related to the safety of these batteries.
us_CA  public  explosion  environmental  batteries 
18 days ago
Four of five students released from hospital after exposure to large amount of chlorine in Newberg
NEWBERG, Ore. — Six young people were treated and five were taken to hospitals after they were exposed to a large amount of chlorine at an aquatic center in Newberg on Tuesday morning.

A press release from Sherwood School District sent to KGW shortly after 2 p.m. said "four of the five students have been released from the hospital, and the fifth student is expected to be released today after additional observation."

Crews responded to the Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center, at 1802 Haworth Street, around 10:15 a.m., according to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue.

A high school swim team was practicing when the chlorine was released, firefighters said. The school said the coach of the swim team immediately removed the students from the pool and called 911.

"We commend the quick actions of the coach in addressing student health and safety," said Christine Andregg, public information officer for Sherwood School District.

The victims, all minors, were complaining of burning eyes, lightheadedness and throat irritation, and noted a strong chemical smell, fire officials said.
us_OR  education  release  injury  chlorine 
18 days ago
Massive fire guts perfume warehouse in UAE
Sharjah Civil Defence controlled a massive fire that broke out in a perfume factory in Industrial Area 13.

Top officials at Sharjah civil defense said that they received call at 8:31am at the operation room which immediately dispatched fire fighters from Samanan, Muwaileh and Al Mina fire stations.

Rescue teams reached the site in less than eight minutes.

They managed to control the fire and prevent it from spreading to neighouring warehouses within 40 minutes.

The cooling operation was completed by 2pm, and the site handed over to fire experts from the forensic laboratory to investigate the cause.

The fire gutted the contents of the factory, which included perfumes, chemical materials and tools used in manufacturing fragrances.
United_Arab_Emirates  industrial  fire  response  other_chemical 
18 days ago
Cryogenics experts at loss to explain Leduc gas accident deaths
Experts in the cryogenic industry say they are waiting for answers from an Occupational Health and Safety investigation into the deaths of three men last week in an industrial accident.

The workers — aged 31, 34 and 52 — were killed Nov. 15 at Millennium Cryogenic Technologies, an oilfield supply company in the Leduc Business Park.

Leduc Mayor Bob Young said the men were killed in a "gas accident."

Fatalities involving liquid nitrogen, the key component used in cryogenic processes, are rare, said Glenn Johnston, president of the National Cryogenics Corporation, which operates out of Edmonton and Texas.

"We've been in the industry since 2007. And these are the only fatalities we've heard of, "Johnston said in an interview Tuesday with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.
Canada  industrial  follow-up  death  nitrogen 
18 days ago
Winter Haven firefighters hoping to reduce cancer risk with decontamination kits
WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) - Firefighters in Winter Haven are taking extra precautions when it comes to reducing chemical contamination and the risk of cancer.

The Winter Haven Fire Department recently obtained post-fire decontamination kits that will "play an integral role in preventing the cancer risk that firefighters face." They came from the University of Miami through a grant, according to department officials.

A study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows firefighters are nine percent more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than the general population. They also have a 14 percent higher risk of dying from cancer.

Even though firefighters have most of their skin covered on the job, Winter Haven officials say the risk of being exposed to toxic contaminants continues if they don't address decontamination on the scene. The gear they wear and take off after a job can transfer residue to the fire truck and the fire station, and eventually into their homes.

"The gear of our firefighters is decontaminated to ensure toxic substances do not accumulate," Public Safety Director Charlie Bird said in a statement. "Ensuring firefighters' health and safety on scene through these decontamination kits for the individual is vital and we are excited to have received the kits."
us_FL  industrial  discovery  response  unknown_chemical 
19 days ago
Fire claims four lives at garment unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh
Four died and two suffered minor injuries after a fire broke out at a garment manufacturing unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh on Monday afternoon. Of the deceased, one was a specially-abled man and two were women. A case has been registered and the owner of the factory has been arrested.

According to the fire fighters, a blaze sparked when one of the workers was using white solvent. He spilt the solvent while pouring it in a spray machine. The solvent caught fire from a steam iron that was placed close by. White solvent is a chemical used to clean fabric.

According to the fire official, a call about a fire at a garment pressing unit on the first floor of a house in Bidanpura area of Karol Bagh was received at around 12.15 pm. 

“Two fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The fire was not very big, however, the lanes were dingy and the fire brigade couldn’t go inside the lane. We found a house which had a two-faced opening through which the water hose were passed to reach the building,” said Atul Garg, Chief Fire Officer (CFO) from the Delhi Fire Services.
India  industrial  fire  death  solvent 
19 days ago
Lead found in 32 toys being sold for Christmas
Toxic watchdog EcoWaste Coalition warned the public on the adverse effects of dangerous chemicals, particularly lead, which were found in 32 out of 100 of the sample toys it obtained from the local market.

Thony Dizon, Chemical Safety Campaigner of EcoWaste Coalition expressed grave concern that none of the samples, including a fidget spinner with 198,900 parts per million (ppm) of lead, provided a list of chemicals that make up a toy nor text or graphic warnings.

He urged the concerned agencies to take drastic actions in removing the toxic toys out of the market especially as the Christmas shopping is starting to peak.

The authenticity of the findings was further strengthened as the recent study was done in collaboration with IPEN Chemicals in Products Program.
Philippines  public  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
19 days ago
Consumer group warns of 'dangerous' slime products
(CNN)A consumer advocacy group is warning parents of what it calls "dangerously high" levels of a chemical called boron in popular slime toys marketed to children -- although an expert disputed the findings and said the warning is overblown.

The warning was contained in the annual report by the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. The "Trouble in Toyland" safety survey was published Tuesday ahead of the major holiday shopping season.
The group noted "toys are safer than ever before," but that more work needs to be done to make them safer. PIRG's report highlighted the potential hazards of slime, toys with possible choking hazards and ones that could violate children's privacy by sharing data.
"With hundreds of new toys hitting the market every year, our survey of only 40 toys suggests there may be other potentially dangerous toys slipping through existing protections or worthy of further investigation," the group said.
The group singled out six popular slime products for what it described as containing "dangerously high boron content." Boron is a nonmetallic element, and compounds of it, such as borax, have been used in products for decades, ranging from detergents to roach poison. The US PIRG Education Fund said it found that "significant concentrations of boron, as high as 4,700 parts per million (ppm) in popular slime toys."
public  discovery  environmental  other_chemical 
19 days ago
Explosion at western Idaho waste site injures 3, leaves 1 missing
BOISE — An explosion Saturday at a hazardous waste site in southwestern Idaho heavily damaged a building, injured three workers and left one man missing, officials said.

The company US Ecology said 15 employees were working at the time of the explosion, which occurred in a building at the facility about 50 miles south of Boise.

"Most of the skin has been blown out, and much of the metal has been bent," Simon Bell, the company's vice president of operations and chief operating officer, said of the building. "It would have been a large explosion based on the damage to the building."

There's no threat to the public, and emergency crews, including a hazardous materials team, were at the site, Owyhee County spokeswoman Angela Barkell said. The facility is about 10 miles east of the small town of Grand View, and about a mile from a highway.

"No immediate threat has been identified, and no evacuations have taken place," Barkell said in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

Bell said employees were doing routine work at the time of the blast, but he didn't want to speculate on the cause.

"Since we had an explosion there was something out of the ordinary, and we will be fiercely focused on understanding what that is," he said.
us_ID  industrial  explosion  injury  waste 
21 days ago
Chemical leak at Boston hotel prompts hazmat response – Boston News, Weather, Sports
BOSTON (WHDH) - A hazardous materials team was called to a hotel in East Boston on Friday morning due to a chemical leak, officials said.

Crews responding to Embassy Suites at 207 Porter St. for a Level 2 hazmat incident found Hydrogen Peroxide leaking on a penthouse roof, according to the Boston Fire Department.

The ninth and tenth floors of the hotel were evacuated while officials assessed the situation.

The incident has since been contained and guests have been allowed back into their rooms.
us_MA  public  release  response  hydrogen_peroxide 
22 days ago
Chemical Spill From Calumet Refinery on South Side Reaches San Antonio River
Cleanup from a South Side refinery’s chemical spill into the San Antonio River is complete after authorities managed to contain and soak up the chemical, according to people involved in the spill response efforts.

On Thursday morning, approximately 50 gallons of naphtha reached the San Antonio River after leaking from a valve at the Calumet Specialty Products refinery at 7811 S. Presa St., according to a notice from the City’s Office of Emergency Management shared on Twitter by City Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran (D3).

The spill left a chemical sheen on the water’s surface and smelled like “really strong gasoline," said Amanda Nasto, an environmental investigations specialist with the San Antonio River Authority who was involved in the cleanup.
us_TX  industrial  release  response  naphtha 
22 days ago
Kansas officials warn: Read labels and do not mix household chemicals
The Kansas Division of Emergency Management launched a chemical safety outreach campaign on social media for November. They want to educate people about the safety of household chemicals.

Safety advocates warn to be especially careful with chlorine bleach. Mixing it with ammonia or acid results in a chemical reaction that creates a toxic gas.

The effects of that gas could include irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. But with higher levels of exposure, you risk chest pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting, pneumonia, and even death.

If you’re cleaning in an enclosed space like a bathroom, it won’t take long for that toxic gas to overwhelm you.

Here’s the take away message: read the label before you use a cleaning product and don’t mix household chemicals.
us_KS  public  discovery  environmental  cleaners 
22 days ago
Eight mids medically evaluated after chemical odor at Naval Academy
Eight midshipman were medically evaluated Thursday morning after they reported a chemical odor coming from a classroom in Michelson Hall, Naval Academy officials said.

The midshipman smelled the odor inside the building that houses the academy's chemistry department. Around 9:15 a.m. firefighters responded to the scene. The odor is believed to be leftover from a previous day’s chemical experiment, an academy spokeswoman said.

Michelson Hall and adjacent Chauvenet Hall were evacuated as a precaution. Those halls — except for the classroom with the odor — were re-opened about 11 a.m.

The midshipmen were being evaluated as a precaution.

Firefighters from multiple areas descended on downtown Annapolis Thursday morning after reports of the chemical odor. Several marked vehicles with sirens flashing drove down King George Street.
us_MD  laboratory  release  response  unknown_chemical 
23 days ago
Some Senate Republicans Urge Trump to Nominate Leader for Chemical Safety Board
WASHINGTON—Some Senate Republicans have urged President Trump to nominate a chairman to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, an agency Mr. Trump has tried to eliminate.

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works made the appeal in a letter to the White House last month, which The Wall Street Journal reviewed on Wednesday. It adds the Senate to a chorus of voices in government and industry calling for the president to support the agency.

The Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board is a tiny agency of fewer than 40 employees that investigates the causes of oil spills, well explosions and chemical plant accidents. It was among the first agencies Mr. Trump targeted for elimination after taking office, but Congress has maintained its annual funding of at least $11 million.

“We encourage the president to nominate a new chair as soon as possible,” wrote committee chairman Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.) and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R., W.Va.), head of the subcommittee on clean air and nuclear safety. Mr. Trump has also not nominated an acting chairman, so board member Kristen Kulinowski, appointed by former President Barack Obama, is serving as interim head. That doesn’t directly affect operations, but can make it difficult for Ms. Kulinowski to set the direction of the agency.
public  follow-up  environmental 
23 days ago
EPA releases draft safe daily dose for Chemours’s GenX chemical
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a safe daily level for people to ingest of Chemours’s GenX fluoroether surfactant and its acid. The draft number suggests drinking or eating these chemicals is safe at a level four times as high as recommended for the industrial substances perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), but that level is still extremely low.
Chemours makes and uses GenX, which it substitutes for PFOA as a polymerization aid, at a plant in Fayetteville, N.C. The chemical is the ammonium salt of hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid (HFPO-DA). HFPO-DA is found in the Cape Fear River downstream of the Chemours facility as well as in nearby groundwater, rain, and treated drinking water.
EPA issued on Nov. 14 the so-called draft chronic reference dose of 80 ng/kg of body weight per day for the two fluoroethers combined. A reference dose is a maximum acceptable human exposure level likely not to cause appreciable health risks during a lifetime. The agency’s numbers are based on laboratory animal studies showing adverse effects in the liver, kidney, blood, and immune system and in fetuses.
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23 days ago
Chemical Leak At Alexandria NOVA Campus Prompts Hazmat Response
ALEXANDRIA, VA—Multiple fire departments responded to a hazardous material situation at NOVA Community College's Alexandria campus Wednesday. Two people were evaluated for precautionary reasons, the Arlington Fire Department reported.

IAFF Local 2141, the firefighters union in Alexandria, tweeted at 3:12 p.m. that units were responding to the campus at 5000 Dawes Avenue for a chemical leak in a classroom. The Arlington County Fire Department's hazardous materials units assisted Alexandria units with containment and removal.

NOVA Community College tweeted that the campus was closed due to the incident. All on-campus and evening classes and activities are cancelled.
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24 days ago
Hazardous Chemicals Being Disposed At Braintree High School
BRAINTREE, MA — A hazmat team will be at Braintree High School Wednesday getting rid of small quantities of hazardous waste.

School officials said benzoyl peroxide was found during a routine disposal of chemicals in the science department this fall. Benzoyl peroxide is a shock sensitive material and a common, regulated hazardous waste. Although the chemical is common in acne medication and other cosmetics, larger amounts can be explosive.

The state's Department of Environmental Protection gave the school an emergency license to stabilize and remove the chemical. Clean Harbors Environmental Services, a Norwell based waste management company, has been tasked with stabilizing the benzoyl peroxide.

After stabilization, the waste will be transported away from the school and properly disposed of at a hazardous waste management facility.
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24 days ago
Wrong chemicals mixed in Corry Sewage Plant; plant and road close temporarily
An accidental mixing of chemicals led to a brief hazmat scare in Corry. 

It happened in the 100 block of Sciota Street at the Corry Sewer Plant.  The initial report came in of the wrong chemicals being pumped into a holding tank on the property.  That led to a brief closing of the road and property. 

The street was reopened a short time later and the clean-up of the tank continued into the afternoon.  
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24 days ago
Employees evacuated from Helena’s Chemical Plant
The St. Lucie Fire District told WPBF 25 News, they received a call around 2 p.m. Wednesday of a fire at Helena Chemical Company.

Officials confirmed the fire originated on a conveyer belt, then spread into piles of sulfur that was mixed in with fertilizer.

Helena employees were evacuated immediately. St. Lucie Fire District PIO, Brenda Stokes says people in neighboring businesses were asked to stay inside.

“Because it’s chemicals you have the Hazmat operation that’s established so you have the Hazmat here and they will be here through the duration. When you have an incident, you have to find out what chemical it is before they can even start putting water on it because maybe it’s not going to react to water, “ Stokes said

All employees have been accounted for and are safe. Selvitz Rd. remains closed until further notice.
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24 days ago
Letter alleges feds may have known about Stewart contamination s
A new letter shows that the federal government may have known about possible radioactive contamination from Stewart Air Base contaminating Newburgh's water since the 1990s.

The 1992 letter is from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to federal Air Force officials asking them to investigate a possible radioactive contamination at Stewart Air Base, just feet away from the city's water supply at Washington Lake.

The letter contends that drums of chemicals may have been buried underground for years at Stewart and that someone reportedly saw workers in hazmat suits removing the drums from the ground.

The problem is that the city's drinking reservoir, Washington Lake, is less than a mile away.

Two years ago, the city discovered the reservoir was contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals from firefighting foam used at Stewart years ago.

This prompted officials to build a multimillion-dollar filtration water system.

City Manager Michael Ciaravino told the Mid-Hudson News that with this latest allegation of possible nuclear contamination, he doesn't have confidence the filtration system will be able to do anything.
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24 days ago
No toxin risk after California wildfire burned former nuclear research site, state says
The wildfire raging in Southern California scorched portions of a contaminated industrial research site where a partial nuclear meltdown once occurred, but no toxic chemicals are believed to have been released into the air, public health officials said.

Preliminary testing over the weekend at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Ventura County found "no discernible level of radiation in the tested area," the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said Tuesday.

Public health officials from multiple agencies collected air samples and used radiation detection units around the facility, which is on 2,850-acres of rugged plateau southeast of Simi Valley.

The state Department of Toxic Substances Control, which is overseeing cleanup of the site, also said that "previously handled radioactive and hazardous materials were not affected by the fire."
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24 days ago
Following regs could have prevented barrel explosion
U.S. Department of Energy cleanup contractor Fluor Idaho has issued a report on the causes of the transuranic waste drums that blew their lids off last April at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Radioactive Waste Management Complex. And that report blows the lid off the DOE’s excuses about the accident.w

If DOE regulations and hazardous waste laws, including the state-issued RCRA permit, had been complied with, the accident would not have happened. And numerous opportunities were missed for Fluor Idaho to learn that they were playing fire — finely divided uranium more susceptible to serious oxidation than the more commonly encountered form of uranium from the Rocky Flats weapons plant called “roaster oxide.”

A fire had occurred last December when a waste container with this form of uranium was opened at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility. And despite this, a drum known to contain large amounts of the same form of uranium was sent to the Accelerated Retrieval Project V fabric enclosure despite its RCRA permit forbidding such material.

The drums that one by one expelled their powdery radioactive contents throughout the ARP V enclosure just hours after workers had gone home.

The first smoldering drum set off fire alarms. The fire department responded, but because of radiation monitor malfunction, they were unaware that radioactive airborne contamination inside the fabric tension membrane enclosure was far above normal. Radiological control personnel came to assist the firefighters 43 minutes after requested. The responders had inadequate knowledge of the materials in the drums which also hampered their efforts.
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24 days ago
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