Reading al-Koni in English — Elliott Colla
The great Libyan writer is a Booker finalist this year
al-koni  libya 
2 days ago
Islam’s Improbable Reformer
Bret Stephens, improbable journalist.
5 days ago
Norman Finkelstein does Reddit's Ask Me Anything.
israel/palestine  finkelstein 
5 days ago
NYU Professor barred entry into U.A.E.
Andrew Ross has been a critic of labour abuse
UAE  NYU  academic  freedom 
12 days ago
Europe Stands Up to Saudi Arabia
Interesting Swedish-Saudi falling out
sweden  KSA  human  right 
17 days ago
The big drop: Riyadh’s oil gamble
Interesting long piece on Saudi energy policy.
saudi  oil 
18 days ago
Becoming Jihadi John
Good analysis of how ISIS "weaponizes discontent"
ISIS  recruits 
20 days ago
In Libya, will Misrata be the kingmaker?
Good overview of diversity of militias in Misrata.
misrata  libya 
21 days ago
gary's choices | Netanyahu’s Speech
Gary Sick on what was not said about Iran's nuclear program
israel/palestine  bibi  iran  nuclear 
23 days ago
Sinan Antoon: an Iraqi novelist living in continuous mourning
Looking forward to forthcoming English translation of his latest
iraq  literature  sinan  antoon 
24 days ago
Sinan Antoon: an Iraqi novelist living in continuous mourning
Looking forward to forthcoming translation of his latest novel, Ave Maria
iraq  literature  sinan  antoon 
24 days ago
Brookings - With friends like these
Wittes responds to Indyk (but why think an architect of Oslo and dual containment had much to offer?)
25 days ago
The politics of "quietist" Salafism
New Brookings paper argues that quietist Salafists are plenty political.
salafism  islamism 
4 weeks ago
Abu Aardvark: An Open Letter to John Legend
Urging him not to play a concert in Bahrain
john  legend  bahrain 
4 weeks ago
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