110 Cartoonists ask festival to reject Sodastream sponsorship
Director says after CharlieHebdo calls 2 boycott Israeli company "unwelcome"
israel  boycott  charliehebdo  sodastream 
Egypt’s Generation Lost
The army should shrink its budget in favor of education
egypt  education 
4 days ago
Cooperation of British spies and Gaddafi’s Libya
MI5 worried cooperation could be “discovered by lawyers or human rights organisations and the media”
intelligence  libya  MI5  MI6  UK 
7 days ago
Beard of Egypt’s King Tut Hastily Glued Back on With Epoxy
Good luck getting more artifacts back from Europe now
egypt  king  tut 
7 days ago
At the Shura Council Show Trial
How Alaa Abdel Fattah and many others are being framed
egypt  shura  council  trial  alaa  abdel  fattah 
9 days ago
New leaks expose military hold over media | Mada Masr
Sisi's propaganda machine - but who is leaking?
sisi  egypt  media 
9 days ago
Drawing While the Hand Trembles
Jonathan Guyer on Arab cartoonists' reactions to CharlieHebdo
14 days ago
Ne pas laisser dire que Charlie était raciste
A defense of CharlieHebdo from the charges of racism
charliehebdo  racism 
15 days ago
The Big Roundtable | Damage
"When I was younger, someone took a knife to my clitoris" - crushing story.
15 days ago
World Agrees Hypocrisy Is Our Only Hope
Our inspiring leaders at protests in Paris
16 days ago
Middle East Goes Monty Python on ISIS
Muslims also take risks satirizing extremists
satire  ISIS 
21 days ago
Al Jazeera Journalists Are Not Egypt’s Enemies
Mohamed Fadel Fahmy says he and others are victims of regional cold war
egypt  al  jazeera 
23 days ago
The Lighthouse Dims
Nice piece on a well-worn subject: Alexandria's past cosmopolitanism and its Salafi groups
egypt  alexandria  salafis 
29 days ago
Egyptian Involvement Sparked Libya Oil Port Battle, Expert Says
Islamists suspected Libya's government in Tobruk was receiving reinforcements from Egypt
egypt  libya 
5 weeks ago
Tunisie libre
Very interesting interview with Hamadi Jabali, Nahda #2 who left party in protest this week.
5 weeks ago
Pollution in Tunisia
In neglected phosphate mining towns of the interior.
6 weeks ago
Isis: the inside story | Martin Chulov
How the group coalesced in an Iraqi prison camp
ISIS  prison  US 
6 weeks ago
A lovely bilingual (Arabic-French) website on Tunisia - wonderfully designed.
6 weeks ago
The Luxury Homes That Torture and Your Tax Dollars Built
On the psychologists that gave "scientific" advice to the CIA
CIA  torture  psychologists 
6 weeks ago
TV presenter defends her role in mass ‘gay’ bathhouse arrests
Argues arresting and shaming naked men will help fight HIV
egypt  gays  arrests 
7 weeks ago
The Syrian Civil War, From Space
Its cities shine "a quarter as bright" at night now
syria  light 
7 weeks ago
Imagining a New Arab Order
Tarek Osman - perhaps too optimistic in his bleakness...
7 weeks ago
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