Lesser Evils | The Point Magazine
@ursulind on the French election, seen from France's most Arab city, Marseille
france  islam  elections 
9 days ago
Abracada... broke
Rosalie Berthier on Lebanon's economy
economics  lebanon 
10 days ago
Fragile power balance in Middle East is under threat
David Gardner on mounting tensions between Iran, Hizbullah, and Israel
iran  syria  hizbullah  israel 
10 days ago
Speech Bubbles
Comics and Political Cartoons in Sisi’s Egypt - Jonathan Guyer
10 days ago
Something to Resist With « LRB blog
Ahmed Naji on his time in prison Alaa Seif
alaa  egypt 
5 weeks ago
What Art Can Teach About the Arab World
@ursullind interviews Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi
art  education  al-qassemi 
7 weeks ago
How two U.S. Marxists wound up on the front lines against ISIS
A florist and a Georgetown graduate didn’t intend to fight, but they were sent into battle against the Islamic State in Syria.
isis  syria  kurds  left 
7 weeks ago
The Arabia Foundation
New outfit feat. Ali Shihabi, Bernard Haykel, Chas Freeman, Greg Cause etc - Saudi-friendly, Iran-critical views.
saudi  uspolicy 
8 weeks ago
Arab Politics Beyond The Uprisings
Many good essays on political activity, dissent & governance around the region, amid return to authoritarianism
politics  arab  world  spring 
8 weeks ago
What the war on terror looks like
Must-read by Loulouwa al-Rashid for Synaps
iraq  mosul  ISIS 
8 weeks ago
Deux ans de destructions et d'impasse au Yémen
Laurent Bonnefoix, one of the best Yemen experts.
8 weeks ago
Can Extremism Be Fought In the Classroom?
Fascinating descriptions in book by Moroccan reporter of the way Islamic studies are taught
morocco  islam  academia  education  extremism 
8 weeks ago
Interview with Asma Lamrabet
Moroccan feminist who argues for a progressive, ethical reading of the Koran
feminism  islam  lamrabet 
8 weeks ago
Can Extremism Be Fought In the Classroom?
Moroccan journalist Hicham Houdaifa looks at radicalism, link to education
morocco  education  extremism  religion  islam 
9 weeks ago
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