Votes for sugar
Tom Stevenson on the Sisilection
2 days ago
Asma Lamrabet quits official post over women's inheritance rights
Moroccan feminist scholar of religion who @ursulind just profiled for @AlFanarMedia
morocco  feminism  islam 
26 days ago
Elections en Egypte
Good radio show (FR) feat. Stephane Lacroix, Jean-Pierre Filiu, etc.
28 days ago
Why do white people like what I write?
Pankaj Mishra on Ta-Nehisi Coates; delicious and deserved attack on The Atlantic.
racism  us 
7 weeks ago
The West’s war on itself | Synaps
This is a great critique of CVE/PVE by Peter Harling, Alex Simon & Ben Schonveld
10 weeks ago
MEI Editor's Blog: I'm Retiring as Editor
Michael Collins Dunn is retiring - but will continue blogging
10 weeks ago
The Sufi-Salafi Rift - Carnegie
Katherine Pollock and Frederic Wehrey on Libya
libya  salafism 
10 weeks ago
Tunisie : la « démocratisation » ou l’oubli organisé de la question sociale - AOC media
Le président Macron entame ce mercredi une visite d\'État en Tunisie. Sept ans après, que reste-t-il vraiment d\'un changement de régime survenu à la faveur de nombreux mouvements sociaux ?…
11 weeks ago
No Winners in Turkey’s New Offensive into Syria | Crisis Group
Interesting details on the fighting in Afrin by Noah Bonsey
11 weeks ago
New Security Solutions for a Middle East in Crisis
First in a series of essay on regional security
january 2018
Egypt Raises 'Extreme Concern' About Nile Dam With Ethiopia
I wonder if this linked with the firing of Sisi's intelligence head
egypt  nile 
january 2018
Tuesday Becomes Execution Day in Egypt - The New York Times
To think Egypt used to quite rarely execute people.
january 2018
Egypt approves cabinet reshuffle ahead of elections
Why would you have a reshuffle a few months before presidential elections - unless you already knew the outcome?
january 2018
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