A Norwegian Tragedy
Adam Shatz on right-wing terrorism and Islamophobia in Europe
europe  islamophobia  terrorism  norway 
4 days ago
Leaked prison letter from hunger striker Mohamed Soltan
The son of an MB leader who they've basically decided to let die
egypt  hunger  strike  mohamed  soltan 
5 days ago
Domination and Tunisian Politics
Abu Aardvark asks: How come no one worries the secularists will be bullies?
tunisia  politics 
5 days ago
The Truth About the Wars
A US general says surge's success is a myth.
iraq  military  uspolicy 
9 days ago
Amnesty: Egypt’s defence of human rights record ‘cynical’
"Egypt’s defence of its human rights record lay in tatters today"...
egypt  humanrights 
16 days ago
Qatar Digital Library
Impressive resource on Gulf
Qatar  Gulf 
19 days ago
Egypt’s 1984
Sharif Abdel Koddous says it all, says it clearly
egypt  fascism 
22 days ago
The name behind Beirut's walls
A thoughtful interview with a talented Lebanese street artist
beirut  street  art  graffiti  yazan 
22 days ago
New Freedoms in Tunisia Drive Support for ISIS - NYT
This fails to point out that Tunisia long provided recruits for Arab/Islamic causes.
4 weeks ago
Letter from Syria: The road to Aleppo
Moving, illuminating account from journalist living in Aleppo
syria  aleppo  journalism 
4 weeks ago
Egypt’s bold reforms start to bear fruit
According to Russian investment group RenCap, Sisi econ policy like early Putin.
egypt  economics 
5 weeks ago
Omar Robert Hamilton · On Hunger Strike
And the woes and courage of one Egyptian activist family
egypt  alaa  abdel  fattah  sanaa  seif 
5 weeks ago
Online Magazine Brings New Life to Arab Studies
A piece by Ursula on the go-to middle east studies web site Jadaliyya
jadaliyya  education 
5 weeks ago
From the Potomac to the Euphrates » Revisiting Rabaa
Steve Cook, to the point - missed it when it came out.
Rabaa  Egypt 
6 weeks ago
Reining In Egypt’s Military Aid - NYT
Op-ed: "Mr. Sisi, who came to power in a rigged election..."
Sisi  Egypt 
6 weeks ago
What lies behind the “Islamic State” threat | Crisis Group
Peter Harling, scathing about everyone's responsibility.
7 weeks ago
The Destruction of Mecca - NYTimes
Devasting Sardar on how Saudis are ruining Islam.
7 weeks ago
Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI
Published in 2009, but never saw these interview transcripts before.
saddam  iraq 
8 weeks ago
Sisi at the UN | MERIP
A good selection of analysis on Sisi's "Nevermind what you did last summer" coming out party.
Egypt  Sisi 
8 weeks ago
Syrian Woman's Hidden Camera Reveals Life Under ISIS in Raqqa
A covert glimpse of life in the so-called Islamic State
ISIS  raqqa  syria 
8 weeks ago
A Debt-To-Slave Pipeline is Building You a World Cup Stadium
Qatar's labour practices, examined in comic book form
qatar  labour 
8 weeks ago
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