Diary: In Sanaa
The lead-up to the current war, by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
yemen  houthis 
8 days ago
Syria’s truth smugglers
Very worthwhile read on the effort to document Assad's and others' crimes
syria  crimes  court  human  rights  assad 
8 days ago
Mafia in Africa
Interesting investigation
10 days ago
Ursula Lindsey on Correspondents Club
ABC Melbourne interviewed me on being a journalist in the middle east these days
media  journalism 
11 days ago
Egypt’s Megafantasies
Good review of David Sim's latest book on desert development
egypt  desert  development  urbanism 
11 days ago
Why Peter Kennard's montages are political dynamite
Can't believe I'd never seen his Blair "Photo Op"
11 days ago
The human 'mules' of Morocco
So many countries run of women's cheap suffering..
morocco  border  women  mules 
24 days ago
Deport me!
Another post that must be read on Paper Bird
egypt  LGBT  refugees 
27 days ago
Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State
And how much it borrows from Saddam's security services
ISIS  iraq 
27 days ago
Tramadol: Where did the opiate of the masses go?
Shortages drive up prices of Egypt's most popular drug.
tramadol  egypt 
4 weeks ago
A review of the award-winning novel The Bamboo Stalk
Set in the Philippines and Kuwait, translated by Jonathan Wright
literature  kuwait 
5 weeks ago
Her Majesty’s Jihadists - NYT
On British Muslim foreign fighters in Syria.
5 weeks ago
New Details on 2012 Kidnapping of NBC News Team in Syria
Kidnappers pretended to be Shia militia, staged hostage freeing
syria  kidnapping 
5 weeks ago
Putting Palestine on the Map…and the Jersey
Great long read about Palestinian-Chilean soccer team
palestine  chile  soccer 
5 weeks ago
Arab Peacemaker
Cairo Review interview with Lakhdar Brahimi
6 weeks ago
The Unknown Man, and the Deaths at Abu Zaabal
Excellent reporting on a massacre of Egyptian prisoners
egypt  abu  zaabal  prisoners 
6 weeks ago
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