After 4,948 Days, NYC Finally Has Free Wifi, Everywhere. Soon. — Medium
Nice article by on the new free Wi-Fi coming to New York City you need to read this :)
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Apply to FounderFuel Spring 2015 - AngelList
RT : 10 days left to apply for ! Have you sent in your app yet?? Don't miss out! APPLY HERE:
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2 days ago
FounderFuel Fall 2014 Demo Day - Events - Uniiverse
Demo Day (Dec 2), a must-go event for startups and investors. Get your tickets here:
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2 days ago
Building a complete Tweet index | Twitter Blogs
If you ever worked on a search stack, you can appreciate what was just released: Building a complete Tweet index.
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2 days ago
Sylvain @ MaRS Discovery District
today in Toronto (@ MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, ON)
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3 days ago
Pretty excited about my Valour bike, shipping soon!
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9 days ago
Sylvain @ Heart & Crown - ByWard Market
Having a few beers with the Ottawa crew. (@ Heart & Crown - ByWard Market - )
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10 days ago
Disrupt Montreal: McGill Thinkathon | Canada
Disrupt Montreal: McGill Thinkathon. So many smarts city events in Montréal, we are going to be effing smart in 2015!
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11 days ago
SF Hardware Startup Meetup (San Francisco, CA) - Meetup
Wisdom from the meetup list: "A prototype is worth 1000 renders". Next one is Nov 12.
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11 days ago
The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer | TechCrunch
The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer - . This is spot on. To grow, think about these overlaps in the diagram.
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11 days ago
Untitled (
December 2nd is Fall 2014 Demo Day in Montreal. Looking forward meeting you there, pretty exciting!
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11 days ago
Barcelone, la capitale des start-ups en Europe | Émilie Côté | International
Mon reportage sur Barcelone en tant que capitale des start-ups en Europe est en ligne: via
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19 days ago
Ottawa here we come! | FounderFuel
Ottawa we're coming your way! Visit us for Office Hours w/ & on Nov. 10 at
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20 days ago
Startup Open House Montreal 2014 - YouTube
RT Un retour en vidéo sur le Startup Open House Montreal 2014 -
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21 days ago
Eight things about hardware crowdfunding
Eight things about hardware crowdfunding by « note to self, for Montreal's HW Guild.
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22 days ago
Entrepreneurs Panel: Women and Startups | FounderFuel
RT : Following last weekends we've got an upcoming entrepreneurs panel: Women & Startups at -
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23 days ago
Sylvain @ OneEleven Accelerator
Tonight: idea to reality.... (@ OneEleven Accelerator - in Toronto, ON)
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24 days ago
Sylvain @ Notman House
Judging today, looking forward hearing all the cool ideas! (at House)
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25 days ago
Behind Twitter’s Move to Become a Mobile-Services Shop - Digits - WSJ
. says Twitter Fabric represents a ‘new stage for the company.’ Not just abt being a consumer app anymore
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4 weeks ago
twitterdev/cannonball-ios · GitHub
for iOS on GitHub to demonstrate how to use kits on iOS (by my friend like one says)
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4 weeks ago
Forget passwords - use your phone to sign in to your favorite apps. Introducing Digits:
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4 weeks ago
Always fun to find simple apps that work with .
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4 weeks ago
@froginthevalley/Dev + Platform Relations on Twitter
Loaded to get a sense of the excitement for tomorrow. The team is just being awesome, as always.
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4 weeks ago
Untitled (
Looking forward to speaking at the PostSeed Conf on Dec 2nd in SF w + more
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4 weeks ago
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