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On the Question of an Eighth Principle: Land Stewardship in the Age of Social Media
"None of us were born knowing how to best care for wild nature – we all had to learn it along the way, sometimes before, but more often, after we’ve already gone outside."
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12 weeks ago by adirondacks
We're pouring millions of tons of salt on roads each year
"Road salt use is common and growing throughout Canada, Europe, Japan, China and even South America."
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november 2017 by adirondacks
2013: Mine seeks state land (Forest Preserve Land Swap)
"Environmentalists disagree on whether proposed swap is good for the Forest Preserve."
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october 2017 by adirondacks
Beyond Leave No Trace
"Leave No Trace focuses on the immediate, local impacts of recreational use while ignoring largerissues of change over time and connections through space."
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june 2017 by adirondacks
How to be a Thru-Hiking Elitist
"13) Inform each day or section hiker you pass their aroma of fresh linens is offensive and they should be ashamed."
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june 2017 by adirondacks
How Mountain Biking Is Saving Small-Town, USA
"In Michigan, Copper Harbor, a former mining and port town on the Upper Peninsula with a population of just 108, has built over 35 miles of singletrack and now sees more than 20,000 visitors a year on its trails."
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may 2017 by adirondacks
The rise of the hipster bird-watcher
"Worse still, be braced for feigned interest among family and friends. No sooner have you started a fascinating discourse on the difference between chaffinch and goldfinch song than you notice the eyes of your nearest and dearest glaze over in stupefied boredom."
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march 2017 by adirondacks
J.P. Morgan’s 120-year-old 'Great Camp Uncas' reduced to $2.7M
"And as a bonus, the buyer of the Camp Uncas will also get an Emerson Adirondack guide boat original to the compound, two modern canoes and a rowboat."
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february 2017 by adirondacks
The History of Recreational Camping in the USA
"The dense forests of New York's Adirondacks are dotted with lakes and bogs tucked among picturesque mountains. Summers are cool and the lakes are fresh and clean."
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february 2017 by adirondacks
North Country Unemployment Map
There some seasonality involved in these numbers, but you get the idea.
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january 2017 by adirondacks
New York Peak Draws Crowds and Concern (1987)
"By the time you've said good morning to the 25th person on the trail, you're not really feeling like you're in a wilderness area."
campfire  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty  heritage  conservation  media 
september 2016 by adirondacks
Packing Out Waste: You Can Take It With You
"Hikers learn to leave (absolutely) no trace on high-traffic peaks and trails."
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august 2016 by adirondacks
Liberals blame slack black national park attendance on white racism
"Why must all races do everything in the exact same proportion to their numbers in the population?"
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august 2016 by adirondacks
Serving Culturally Diverse Visitors to National Forests in California
"How nature and the outdoors are appreciated or experienced differs across cultures. We must therefore continue to understand what people care about and why, as well as how forests are viewed, valued, and being used by our changing communities."
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august 2016 by adirondacks
The Disturbing Bro-ification of Outdoor Recreation
"The destinations presented in the media are generally so unattainable by most people that they might as well be on the moon–and don’t even bother going if you’re not wearing expensive, high-tech apparel and using modern, high-priced gear."
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august 2016 by adirondacks
Adirondack Lean-to Challenge
Cover your entire body with patches. j/k
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april 2016 by adirondacks
The Politics of the Lumbersexual
I suppose the lumberjack-flavor does kind of permeate the Adirondacks a little, but probably more people work in prisons.
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march 2016 by adirondacks
Is Bigfoot roaming New York?
"I think it's something we should acknowledge and recognize, in that when someone has a sighting, they should be able to come forward with their sighting and not have to hide their sighting."
campfire  newyork  wildlife 
february 2016 by adirondacks
The Sochi Effect
Corruption.... in New York? Nah......
campfire  olympics  crime 
december 2015 by adirondacks
Illegal “Skidding” Causes a Ruckus (video)
I'm all about shredding, but the milieu that these guys are in is totally foreign to me.
campfire  bike 
july 2015 by adirondacks
Greg Norman Branded Real Estate
"The communities and residences are tailor-made for each specific location, taking the local culture, architectural vernacular and consumer demands into careful consideration throughout the planning and design process."
campfire  adirondacks  tupperlake  franklincounty  economicdevelopment  adkclubresort 
may 2015 by adirondacks
Wilderness as therapist
"A growing number of veterans and researchers are racing to understand nature’s power to heal."
campfire  wilderness 
february 2015 by adirondacks
Submit comments on the Draft Bald Eagle Conservation Management Plan through Apr 10 2015.
"New York State was instrumental in the restoration and recovery of the bald eagle in the northeast United States and continues to play an important role in providing suitable habitat for our nation's symbol"
campfire  dec  adirondacks  wildlife  bird  conservation  newyork 
february 2015 by adirondacks
Canadian dollar sinks ever deeper: ‘There will be consequences’
We should start reducing tariffs and offering more discounts for our Northern-friends.
destinationmarketing  canada  newyork  border  adirondacks  campfire 
january 2015 by adirondacks
Personal Flotation Device Laws for New York (PDF via @NYstateparks)
Please be aware and use, especially now as water temperatures are dropping.
campfire  paddle  newyork  adirondacks  boating 
september 2014 by adirondacks
NYSEC Draft Open Space Conservation Plan
"The fundamental purpose of the Plan remains the same: to urge increased protection of our state's significant natural, scenic, recreational, historic and cultural resources."
campfire  dec  conservation  politics  newyork 
september 2014 by adirondacks
The Rise and Fall of the Biggest Pot Dealer in New York City History (via NCNow)
"The reservation, which sits along the border of New York State and Canada"
campfire  crime  border  newyork 
september 2014 by adirondacks
Goodman Mountain a northern monument to civil rights hero (audio)
Goodman Mt Trail Opening & Dedication Tues Aug 26, 3pm Route 30, 8 miles South of Tupper Lake Village
campfire  events  tupperlake  hike  franklincounty 
august 2014 by adirondacks
Politician made anti-corn movie, but has stock in corn companies
"A Woolf spokesman declined to comment on the corn-fed holdings, but said the family’s wealth means it can stand up independently for the voters of NY’s 21st Congressional District." << heh
campfire  newyork  adirondacks  politics 
august 2014 by adirondacks
Audit: New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority
It's true that they have operational losses, but theoretically the economic impact makes up for the public-subsidy. Of course, all "economic impact" studies are usually questionable.
campfire  orda  newyork  taxes  economicdevelopment  politics  adirondacks 
july 2014 by adirondacks
Essex Chain Lakes Complex
Busy weekend, here's the latest Adirondack spot.
campfire  adirondacks  essexcounty  hamiltoncounty  dec  hike  camp  paddle 
july 2014 by adirondacks
Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Ease the Burden of International Travel
It would be nice to have some official "Connected ADK" spots for tourists.
campfire  destinationmarketing 
june 2014 by adirondacks
Adirondacks: 230 Rooms for Rent - Airbnb
Maybe if I keep pushing it, they will grant me affiliate status.
campfire  adirondacks  lodging 
april 2014 by adirondacks
Many at Meeting Oppose Addison Pipeline Plan
"The expansion would supply natural gas under Lake Champlain, eventually supplying the International Paper Mill."
campfire  energy  adirondacks  vermont  lakechamplain  ticonderoga  conservation  politics  economicdevelopment 
april 2014 by adirondacks
Lake George Boat Inspection Information
Beginning May 15, 2014, all trailered boats being launched into Lake George must undergo an inspection at one of the six regional inspection stations around Lake George before they launch.
campfire  warrencounty  lakegeorge  boating  fish  conservation  invasivespecies 
april 2014 by adirondacks
NY Adirondacks Recreation Web Map
"Welcome Recreation Enthusiasts to our interactive web map and tourism site."
campfire  maps  adirondacks 
march 2014 by adirondacks
Local businesses speak out against pipeline
Those people in VT just need to cut-back on their consumption, it's the Progressive thing to do.
campfire  vermont  energy  conservation  politics 
february 2014 by adirondacks
Residents Feel Pipeline Pressure (VT)
"Vermont Gas admits the contractors made "big mistakes" in Franklin County, but says it has drug screening procedures in place to avoid future trouble."
campfire  vermont  energy  lakechamplain 
february 2014 by adirondacks
Aaron G. Woolf - Bio
Read all about him. His Twitter is locked.
campfire  adirondacks  politics  newyork 
february 2014 by adirondacks
How to Not Die While Stargazing in the Cold
"In all honesty, you’ll probably still get cold if you attempt to observe on windy, subzero nights, but if you follow these helpful hints, you won’t get as cold."
campfire  weather  astronomy 
january 2014 by adirondacks
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