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Pilot Knob Preserve - Lake George, NY - 4/10/14
"This property is owned by the Lake George Land Conservancy and the official name is the Lynn LaMontagne Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob."
buzz  adirondacks  lakegeorge  hike  warrencounty 
6 days ago by adirondacks
CATS Grand Hike Promotes Region
"The route hikers travel will take them along 14 miles of beautiful CATS trails"
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  lakechamplain  hike  events 
6 days ago by adirondacks
Looks like it was a nice day.
buzz  adirondacks  highpeaks  ski  snow 
6 days ago by adirondacks
Spinging up Ampersand Peak (w/ pics)
"The trail is flat for a mile and then straight up."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  franklincounty  saranaclake 
10 days ago by adirondacks
90 Years on the Northville-Placid Trail
"This 135 mile, long distance hiking trail has captured the hearts of many throughout the years."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  heritage  npt 
10 days ago by adirondacks
Failed logic on ripping up rails
How much longer do we need to listen to the two-sides agonizing over this thing. Shut it down, return it to nature - No Lollipops for Anyone.
buzz  editorial  train  adirondacks 
12 days ago by adirondacks
Environmentalist wrong to pick on hamlets
The Adirondack Park is a great legislative experiment that uniquely combines public and private lands in a 6-million-acre expanse intended to blend care and protection of nature's bounty and beauty with the well-being and welfare of the people who choose to live here and love this place.
buzz  editorial  economicdevelopment  adirondacks  saranaclake  conservation  politics 
12 days ago by adirondacks
Marathon ice climbing in the Adirondacks!
"I bet Eli is already dreaming of next winter."
buzz  adirondacks  climb  ice 
13 days ago by adirondacks
5 days on Prospect 3/18-20, 3/24-25
EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Prospect Mt.!!
buzz  adirondacks  hike  lakegeorge  warrencounty 
16 days ago by adirondacks
Northville Placid Trail Backpack Load Out (video)
This guy has put a lot of thought into this lightweight setup.
buzz  adirondacks  hike  camp 
19 days ago by adirondacks
Schroon's Rosemarie Ritson
"Rosemarie Ritson, who has been the public face of the Chamber's Office on Main Street, for more than three decades."
buzz  adirondacks  tourism  schroonlake  essexcounty  destinationmarketing 
19 days ago by adirondacks
Thomas Mountain - Bolton, NY - 3/30/14
"From the trailhead, hikers can choose a 1.4 mile hike to Thomas Mountain or a 3 mile hike to Cat mountain."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  lakegeorge  warrencounty 
19 days ago by adirondacks
Considering Three Hotel Projects in the Adirondacks
"These projects include a top-to-bottom renovation and restoration of Saranac Lake’s iconic Hotel Saranac, a new 120-room Marriot Hotel and convention center in downtown Lake George, and the new 90-room Lake Flower Inn on the shores of Lake Flower in Saranac Lake."
buzz  editorial  lodging  adirondacks  economicdevelopment  conservation  forestpreserve  politics 
20 days ago by adirondacks
Prospect Mountain - Lake George Wild Forest - 3/29/14
"The view from the summit is spectacular.  Lake George is easily seen.  The Green Mountains of Vermont can be seen in the distance."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  lakegeorge  snowshoe  warrencounty 
20 days ago by adirondacks
Proposed 90-room, 300-foot-long Lake Flower Inn raises questions
"I was struck almost immediately with the potential value of Lake Flower and its immediate surroundings as public property."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  saranaclake  economicdevelopment  politics 
20 days ago by adirondacks
CP Rail Line Carries Threat Along the Shores of Lake Champlain to the Port-Of-Albany
"The proximity of the rail line to Lake Champlain and to urban areas in Albany creates a significant hazard."
buzz  adirondacks  train  newyork  energy  pollution  conservation  transportation 
23 days ago by adirondacks
Boards will resolve hotel problems
"I ask that everyone keep an open mind about the proposed hotel on Lake Flower."
buzz  editorial  saranaclake  economicdevelopment  conservation  politics  taxes 
24 days ago by adirondacks
Questions surround proposed Lake George Marriott Hotel
But they support the taxpayer-subsidized hotel development in Saranac Lake.
buzz  adirondacks  lakegeorge  conservation  economicdevelopment  politics 
24 days ago by adirondacks
Rails AND Trails - It Can’t Be Done…or Can it?
I wonder how many UMPs will need to be adjusted? Otherwise, sounds like a feasible idea.
buzz  adirondacks  bike  snowmobile  ski  train 
24 days ago by adirondacks
Essex-Charlotte Winter Ferry Crossing with Lea Coggio
"Despite the lake’s complete ice over, there are a couple channels of open water that are roughly 100 feet wide between Vermont and New York that have been created by the LCT ferries."
buzz  adirondacks  transportation  lakechamplain  newyork  vermont  essex 
25 days ago by adirondacks
XC Ski - Upper Works to Avalanche Lake - 3/22/14
"My favorite ski trail is the Calamity Brook Trail to Flowed Lands, Lake Colden and Avalanche Lake."
buzz  ski  highpeaks  essexcounty 
26 days ago by adirondacks
Gore Mountain: 03/22 & 03/23/2014
"The calendar said spring, but conditions at Gore over the weekend were more like mid-winter."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  goremountain  warrencounty  northcreek 
26 days ago by adirondacks
XC Siamese Ponds Wilderness - Barton Mines Road to Hour Pond - 3/23/14
"Knowing that day would probably be my last day out for the season, I went to an all-time favorite spot to ski my heart out."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  warrencounty 
27 days ago by adirondacks
When Will Lake Champlain Thaw?
"It’s known as “ice out”, the point at which the ice breaks up and the surface of the lake is no longer navigable by even the most intrepid skaters, skiers, and snowshoers."
buzz  adirondacks  lakechamplain  ice  weather 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
Westport Hotel to Essex Inn: The Grand Hike on Champlain Area Trails
"The hike would be on trails that CATS is creating to link communities, connect people with nature, and promote economic vitality in the Champlain Valley."
buzz  adirondacks  events  lakechamplain  hike  essex  westport 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
Lake George Zipline Project Will Scar French Mountain
"The losers are all New Yorkers who trust that the APA is looking out for their interests and setting a high standard by preserving the natural resources, iconic wildlife, scenic and open space character which makes Adirondack Park different from anyplace USA."
buzz  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  forestpreserve  apa  conservation  economicdevelopment 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
NY 21 Congressional District: The Bigger Picture
"We need someone who can see beyond the Washington system, and can empathize with the regular guy, the common man of the Adirondacks, and can also see the bigger picture of our national security strategy and national fiscal policy."
buzz  editorial  adirondacks  newyork  politics 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
6th Annual Adirondack Donegal Beard Contest Saturday
"A Donegal beard is a traditional Irish beard that grows along the jaw line and covers the chin — no soul patch, no mustache."
buzz  events  northcreek  adirondacks  warrencounty 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Birders Flock to Essex-Charlotte Ferry Channel
Interesting opportunity, especially with such late-season ice.
buzz  adirondacks  lakechamplain  essex  essexcounty  wildlife  bird 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Buck Mountain - Lake George Wild Forest - 3/9/14
"The snow stayed firm enough that the snowshoes stayed on my back.  Another great romp on Buck Mountain."
buzz  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  hike 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Winter Storm Vulcan Headed to the Adirondacks
"Perhaps Vulcan will live long and prosper in the Adirondacks, stick around for awhile, and leave behind a good pile of that fluffy white stuff.  That would be a logical outcome."
buzz  adirondacks  weather  snow  ski 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
M51 – Whirlpool Galaxy
"I got M51 because who doesn’t like two galaxies colliding?"
buzz  adirondacks  astronomy 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Skylight and Gray
"It was a long trip but we were able to cover the roughly 18.5 miles in about nine hours."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  climb  highpeaks  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Don’t damage waterfront vision
"To preserve and enhance the livability of the village of Saranac Lake as a stable and desirable place to reside and recreate is to invite growth of a healthier nature."
buzz  editorial  saranaclake  economicdevelopment  conservation  heritage 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Native Adirondackers and their distinct cultural identity
"Prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in the region - which began with the Dutch in the south and later with the French in the north - the Adirondack region had been utilized by a variety of First Nations' people, including Algonquian, Iroquois, Abenaki, Mahican and Mohawk who regularly traveled through the Adirondack region to hunt, wage war for spiritual purposes and exploration."
buzz  adirondacks  heritage 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Big Slide 3/7/14
"I was expecting it to be much easier than it was. I also had very little to eat before the hike and learned my lesson."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty  photography 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Inman Pond Snowshoe
"There are few things more phobia-inducing than the moan and crack of ice under your feet when you are standing in the center of a frozen body of water."
buzz  adirondacks  snowshoe  photography 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Hoffman Mountain - Hoffman Notch Wilderness - 3/8/14
"Looking south, one can see Big Pond and North Pond in the foreground, plus an unnamed pond."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  snow  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Preservationists may have a point
"The proposed Adirondack Club and Resort is a 700-unit project spread over more than 6,000 acres."
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  adkclubresort  franklincounty  economicdevelopment  conservation  tupperlake 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Buck up and face the voters, Aaron Woolf
"It's one thing to make a lousy first impression, but it's another to maintain it for weeks on end."
buzz  editorial  adirondacks  newyork  politics 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Snowy Owl Sighting
This is the ultimate local, Snowy Owl landing-page. I know what you are doing Geo., and I like it.
buzz  adirondacks  lakechamplain  wildlife  bird  essex  essexcounty  seo 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Gore Mountain: 03/01/2014
"Ironically, in a winter that has been colder than normal, the storms that have benefited Gore have almost all been followed by damaging thaws or rain."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  goremountain  snow  weather  warrencounty  northcreek 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
The Dix Range 3/1/14
Great pics and trip-report - sounds like they had fun and a challenge.
buzz  adirondacks  hike  climb  highpeaks  snow  essexcounty  ice 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
What Would William West Durant Do?
"Today, when you think of Adirondack architecture, the first vision that pops up is that of the Swiss chalet. Thank you William West Durant."
buzz  adirondacks  raquettelake  heritage  camp  hamiltoncounty 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
It doesn’t get any better. | Project 46
"Back in August, after our vacation, I began to get ready."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  climb  highpeaks  essexcounty 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Mount Colvin and Blake Peak - 3/1/14
"Dogs are not permitted anywhere on AMR grounds."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  climb  highpeaks  essexcounty 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Land of Makebelieve Exhibit Seeks Funding
"The Land of Makebelieve was an amusement park created by Monaco in 1954 as a place where children could let their imaginations run wild."
buzz  adirondacks  heritage  museum 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
There She Floats!
"The incident took place near the mouth of the Schroon River"
buzz  adirondacks  fish  ice  accident  schroonlake 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
Diversity and the Adirondacks: Moving Forward
"Just a few weeks ago a new web site,, was unveiled to much fanfare by the Adirondack Regional Tourism Council." ... NOT A NEW WEBSITE, JUST A NEW FEATURE.
buzz  adirondacks  demographics  politics 
6 weeks ago by adirondacks
For Cuomo, rail trail makes sense
He would have to convince local economic development (council people) to back-off supporting the train.
buzz  editorial  adirondacks  train  newyork  economicdevelopment  politics  saranaclake  tupperlake  franklincounty 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Lake Flower hotel should be scaled down
"The developer can't be blamed for wanting to cash in on this desirable location."
buzz  editorial  media  saranaclake  lodging  economicdevelopment 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Contentious impasse on rail vs. trail
"The state review should include a serious and transparent public examination of the ASR's finances, its and ARTA's proposals for the corridor, and which plan would best serve the economic needs of the region."
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  train  saranaclake  tupperlake  franklincounty  economicdevelopment  taxes 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Climbing OK Slip Falls
"A veteran ice climber says ascending the frozen cataract is not difficult, but it is risky."
buzz  adirondacks  climb  ice  hamiltoncounty 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
In winter, trail reveals beauty
"The trail to Pharaoh Lake unfurled before me, two parallel lines, white on white under my bright red skis."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  pharaohlake  essexcounty 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
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