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A tour of the Dix Range: Macomb's 1947 Slide>Hunter's Pass 6/27/15
"For a mountain climber (especially ones who finds themselves off trail), one of the best feelings in the world is cresting the summit ridge."
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yesterday by adirondacks
Bald Peak (3060') - Giant Mountain Wilderness - 6/24/15
"Bald Peak is a great half day hike from Route 9 in New Russia.  It's a good workout with 2500' of vertical gain over the course of 7.8 miles."
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yesterday by adirondacks
Adirondack Independence Day Celebrations
"Wherever you are, give yourself plenty of time to choose the perfect spot to view the fireworks."
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yesterday by adirondacks
Sunrise Mtn (3614') and Boreas Mtn (3776') - Elk Lake Preserve - 6/19/15
"A wonderful lodge, on a glorious lake, surrounded by 12,000 acres is tough to beat."
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10 days ago by adirondacks
It's Time to Clean, Drain and Dry
"If you plan to launch a watercraft then you should also plan to remove any plant or animal (whole or in part) that is attached to the watercraft."
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10 days ago by adirondacks
If NY prison escapees are in the woods, how are they surviving?
"Outdoors experts familiar with the area say if the two hiding or holed up somewhere in the woods, they're doing it during one of the worst times of the year—short of the dead of winter."
buzz  adirondacks  survival  prison  crime  clintoncounty  dannemora  newyork 
15 days ago by adirondacks
DEC's 11th Hour Forest Preserve Plans Criticized
"... the evidence grows every month that recreational and economic opportunities are now the top priorities at APA and DEC because they are Governor Cuomo’s top priorities."
buzz  adirondacks  dec  apa  forestpreserve  conservation  politics  newyork 
17 days ago by adirondacks
Close The Drapes
"News teams from all over have descended on this backwoods area after two prisoners escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY.  CNN, CBS, the whole alphabet soup."
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17 days ago by adirondacks
Kayaking 0n the Schroon River - 6/13/15
"There was a nice breeze on the river and it was a joy to be out on the water."
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  schroonlake  paddle 
17 days ago by adirondacks
Wildway Overlook Trail
"The trail is a short one mile or so from Brookfield Road in the town of Essex, New York."
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17 days ago by adirondacks
Life behind the walls of Dannemora (audio)
"Inside their courts, individual prisoners can make gardens or set up private recreation areas or keep barbecue grills."
buzz  adirondacks  prison  dannemora  clintoncounty  heritage 
18 days ago by adirondacks
Prison escape: Inside the minds of Richard Matt and David Sweat
"Hating “the system,” escaping from it, then running for their lives can do a lot to connect very broken people."
buzz  prison  crime  adirondacks  dannemora  clintoncounty  newyork 
19 days ago by adirondacks
Successful National Trails Day in Wanakena
"Most of the projects focused on improving the Cranberry Lake 50 Trail that traverses around Cranberry Lake and passes through the villages of Wanakena and Cranberry Lake."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  events  stlawrencecounty  cranberrylake 
23 days ago by adirondacks
How the escaped prisoners in New York will be tracked — and almost certainly caught
"Generally speaking, the more high-profile and violent the inmates are who escape, the more likely they are to be captured."
buzz  adirondacks  dannemora  prison  newyork  crime  clintoncounty 
24 days ago by adirondacks
Inside Dannemora Prison - Registration Deadline: July 29
"This unique opportunity will take us inside this maximum-security prison where we will visit a cellblock modeled on the “Auburn System,” the Church of the Good Thief built entirely by inmates, the North Yard, and see a prison workshop."
buzz  adirondacks  dannemora  heritage  events  clintoncounty 
25 days ago by adirondacks
Dannemora Prison: Some Historical Background
"Dannemora, known officially as the Clinton Correctional Facility, is the only maximum security prison inside the Blue Line of the Adirondack Park. The prison is New York State’s third oldest and the largest, holding about 3,000 prisoners."
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25 days ago by adirondacks
Keep Children Head Safe with Free Bike Helmets at the Bicycle Rodeo
"The Saranac Lake event takes place June 6 from 10 am – noon at the SL Civic Center, 22 Ampersand Ave while the Tupper Lake rodeo will be held June 13 from 10 am to 2 pm at LP Quinn School, Hosley Ave."
buzz  adirondacks  bike  events  saranaclake  tupperlake  franklincounty 
28 days ago by adirondacks
Pine Hill (2187') - Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest - 6/4/15
"The woods were easy to negotiate and the ridge was easy to follow."
buzz  hike  essexcounty  adirondacks 
29 days ago by adirondacks
Full Schedule for Celebrate CATS Event
"The event takes place Saturday, June 6 from 4 – 7 PM at the Barn at Block House Farm in Essex."
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29 days ago by adirondacks
Indian Pass Camp and Marshall Climb 5/30-5/31/15 (airplane!)
"The day was breaking pretty gorgeous so far and it set the mood off right."
buzz  hike  essexcounty  adirondacks  highpeaks 
29 days ago by adirondacks
Alpine vegetation through the years
When you do get to the mountain, you'll notice that the forest changes as you gain elevation."
buzz  adirondacks  flora  hike  conservation  forestpreserve 
29 days ago by adirondacks
Celebrate Champlain Area Trails on June 6
"This annual day of hiking and celebrating takes place on National Trails Day to recognize the progress in making trails that increase enjoyment of the outdoors and enhance our communities."
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4 weeks ago by adirondacks
Pharaoh Mountain
"The first few miles of the trail were very easy. This is a gorgeous area!"
buzz  adirondacks  pharaohlake  essexcounty  hike 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
Public comments needed by June 15th on new snowmobile trail system
"The proposed new trail network will link the communities of Newcomb with North Hudson and Minerva."
buzz  adirondacks  snowmobile  dec  forestpreserve  conservation 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Cat Mountain: 05/23/2015
"The new route climbs about a thousand vertical feet in two miles from Edgecomb Pond to the summit."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  warrencounty  lakegeorge 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Peaked Hills - Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area - 5/25/15
"17th Brook typically has a decent amount of water flowing through it, even in dry times."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Wilmington Slide and Silver Lake Bog Trail - 5/24/15
Another interesting combo-hike - The Bog is always a great showcase for folks unable to hike rugged-terrain.
buzz  adirondacks  hike  clintoncounty  essexcounty 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Cheney Pond Road Snowmobile Trail - Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest - Minerva - 5/23/15
"The trail runs from Hoffman Road in Minerva, all the way to the Blue Ridge Road in North Hudson."
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5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Snapping Turtles: Venerable Denizens of Murky Waters
"Snapping Turtles do indeed snap and lurk below the surface in murky waters, giving fright to small waterfowl and timid skinny-dippers."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife 
5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Values in Conflict in the Backcountry
"Without some degree of management, 'wildness' cannot survive the number of people who seek to enjoy it."
buzz  wilderness  adirondacks  conservation 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
New York loon status report: "pretty good" (audio)
"New York's loon population continues to expand, and there are more breeding pairs of loons in the Adirondacks now than in the 1980's."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife  bird  conservation  newyork 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Roadside checkpoints raise thorny questions (audio)
Isn't there some kind of special spray that just targets invasives?
buzz  adirondacks  newyork  border  canada  politics 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Arnold Mountain and Gelina Basin - Jay Mountain Wilderness - 5/9/15
"It is located near the northern end of the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area."
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  jay  hike 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
Fire is the main-killer for most Adirondack Camps.
buzz  adirondacks  fire  loonlake  franklincounty 
7 weeks ago by adirondacks
NYCO Finishes Test Drilling In Jay Mountain Wilderness
"NYCO cleared eleven sites but drilled at only eight. Of those eight, five yielded evidence of wollastonite reserves beneath."
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  lewis  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve  conservation 
8 weeks ago by adirondacks
Rocky Peak Ridge Traverse - Chapel Pond to New Russia - 5/2/15
"We went to Giant first and enjoyed the bare rock summit and warm temperatures with almost no wind."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
8 weeks ago by adirondacks
Lure of the wild trout stock
"DEC stocks tens of thousands of exotic fish in Adirondack waters each year, a practice that some observers believe diminishes populations of native brook trout."
wildlife  buzz  adirondacks  newyork  fish  dec  conservation  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve 
8 weeks ago by adirondacks
MV103: Loon calls -- a hauntingly beautiful part of the Adirondacks
"For those unfamiliar with the Adirondacks, that haunting cry floating across a still nighttime lake might conjure up thoughts of mountain spirits returning to take back their land."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife  bird 
8 weeks ago by adirondacks
A Walk in the Park
"BUSHWHACKING THROUGH NEARLY IMPENETRABLE BOGS in the central woods of the Adirondacks, I am little more than bait as I swat away the black flies that swarm my skin."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation 
9 weeks ago by adirondacks
Noble Mountain (2927') - Giant Mountain Wilderness Area - 4/26/15
"Threre were quite a few slabs of rock along the way where views were plentiful."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty 
9 weeks ago by adirondacks
A Giant of a Spring Hike 4/22/15
"There were occasional snow showers just to keep things interesting."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
9 weeks ago by adirondacks
John Brown's funeral and gravestone (audio)
"The abolitionist John Brown was hanged in December 1859 after he and his followers raided the United States Arsenal in Harpers Ferry."
buzz  adirondacks  heritage  politics  lakeplacid  essexcounty 
10 weeks ago by adirondacks
Mud season and messy times in the north country
"Why not take advantage of the minimal crowds and venture forth?"
buzz  adirondacks  weather  hike  paddle 
10 weeks ago by adirondacks
Spring Cycling - Get out and Ride!
"The season is here, and it’s time to take advantage of it and have fun."
buzz  bike  adirondacks  weather 
11 weeks ago by adirondacks
Going the Tiny House Route
Reducing our footprint is the best way to go.
buzz  adirondacks 
12 weeks ago by adirondacks
Saranac Lake E-mail Policy Limits Government Transparency
This is the kind of journalism we need more of in the local press.
buzz  adirondacks  saranaclake  politics  media 
12 weeks ago by adirondacks
Hurricane Trail Re-route: A Herculean and Timely Effort
According to the history section of the area’s Unit Management Plan, the name Hurricane derives not from the weather but from a Native American name for the mountain, No-do-ne-yo, which means “hill of the wind.”
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty  highpeaks 
12 weeks ago by adirondacks
No chance Lake Placid will host another Olympics
So much corruption associated with Olympics. Best to avoid.
buzz  editorial  lakeplacid  essexcounty  olympics 
12 weeks ago by adirondacks
Anthonys's Nose, Record Hill and Flat Rock Shoreline - Lake George, NY - 4/4/15
"Lake George, in the southern Adirondacks of upstate New York is surrounded by many beautiful mountains, hills and overlooks."
buzz  adirondacks  lakegeorge  warrencounty  hike 
12 weeks ago by adirondacks
Gore Mountain: 03/28/2015
"In the mountains, winter hasn’t even started to think about loosening its grip."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  goremountain  warrencounty  northcreek 
march 2015 by adirondacks
Santanoni: Historic Preservation And Nature
"The Japanese influence on the camp’s layout, the impact the architecture makes, the history there – it does set your mind going."
buzz  adirondacks  ski  Santanoni  camp  essexcounty  newcomb  conservation  heritage 
march 2015 by adirondacks
XC Ski - New Land Trust - Saranac, NY - 3/29/15
"The New Land Trust (NLT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that exists for the community and is supported by private donations.  The land parcel is 287 acres and 31 trails wind through the property.  Information and a nice trail map can be found on their website at"
buzz  adirondacks  ski  snowshoe  saranac  newlandtrust  clintoncounty 
march 2015 by adirondacks
It’s time to create a Lake Placid Ambassador program
"Lake Placid is the future of the Olympics; the future of the Olympics is Lake Placid. We're one in the same."
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  olympics  lakeplacid  marketing  editorial 
march 2015 by adirondacks
Keene’s Tony Goodwin a force of nature
"If you've hiked in the High Peaks, you've probably walked all over Tony Goodwin's work."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  ski  keene 
march 2015 by adirondacks
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