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To Know His Heart
With his reputation in tatters, Tyler will do anything to save his family's name - including marrying a man he hardly knows.
au  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  historical.(regency)  marriage.(of.convenience) 
september 2016 by aohatsu
Inhabit Every Feeling
It's one thing for your parents you don't see that often to think you're dating your friend. It's another for the brother you live with to think that too.
canon  [fic]  [explicit]  [10k]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  summer.(vacation)  family  dating.(fake) 
september 2016 by aohatsu
you haven't moved an inch
To be honest, Jamie's gotten drunk and woken up in relationships before. He's not proud, but, you know. It is what it is. He just didn't think it would ever happen with somebody like Tyler.
canon  {jamie/segs}  ~hockey  [mature]  dating.(sort.of)  misunderstandings  [5k]  [fic] 
august 2016 by aohatsu
a gentleman's agreement
Captain Jamie Benn (ret.) of the Horse Guards, gentleman farmer, agrees to take the disgraced Marquess of Brampton as his husband, in return for a hefty settlement. They're both surprised when their marriage of convenience blossoms into a romance.
~hockey  {jamie/segs}  [20k]  [explicit]  [fic]  au  marriage.(of.convenience)  historical.(regency) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Captain Oblivious
Why would Jonny care about the American royal family visiting his university? He's Canadian. He hasn't paid any attention to Prince Patrick since he was a teenager. He's more concerned with the very hot guy he's just run into, who's name also happens to be Patrick. What a coincidence.
[fic]  au  job.(royalty)  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(college) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
cause we can't see where we've gone from where we started
Tyler realizes he loves Jamie at just the wrong moment, and the universe lets him know that.
canon  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {jamie/segs}  jealousy  oblivious/pining 
august 2016 by aohatsu
his heart was a stone, but then his hands roamed
“I think we kidnap wrong blonde,” says Ovechkin.

Jonny blinks, taken aback. “The wrong—”

“This is one is very pretty,” muses Ovechkin. “I see why boys get confused.”
au  [fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  {kane.family}  dating  job.(criminal)  issues.(kidnapping)  [10k]  [teen] 
august 2016 by aohatsu
all this feels strange and untrue
In which Patrick Kane wakes up in November 2017 and doesn't remember the last two and a half years of his life.
canon  [fic]  [explicit]  [50k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  hurt.(amnesia)  oblivious/pining  issues.(drugs/alcohol) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Movie Nights or Five Times Jonny Wanted Popcorn (and One Time He Didn’t)
“Can I have a small popcorn?” Patrick turned around to see Jonny standing at the counter.

“We’ve gotta stop meeting like this, man,” Patrick said. “You must really like movies. You’re here all the time.”
au  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  school.(high.school)  oblivious/pining  job.(food/drink) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
Friend Like Me
It wasn’t as beautiful as most oil lamps, Patrick surmised. It was a little stained, the ceramic chipped in places, but a meticulously crafted leaf sat nestled at the open mouth and Kaner dragged his fingertips over it.

It was warm, and he wanted it. Even without knowing what was inside.
au  [explicit]  [fic]  [20k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  fantasy.(magic) 
august 2016 by aohatsu
your heart in the palm of my hand
In which Carey tells the truth, PK tries to help, and people start to have inconvenient feelings for other people.
canon  [fic]  [explicit]  [20k]  ~hockey  {pkcarey}  fantasy.(magic)  oblivious/pining  friends.with.benefits 
august 2015 by aohatsu
Inn the Mood for Love
Three years ago Jonny purchased The Cozy Windmill Inn after retiring from hockey. Nestled in the scenic Berkshire Hills, Jonny is prepared to spend his next career scowling at people, dusting antique chairs and serving muffins. Equally frustrating are the guests he’s inherited, including seasonal Shakespeare actor Patrick Kane, who tries Jonny’s patience (and his heart) all summer long.
canon.divergence  [fic]  [mature]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  job.(actor/model)  job.(hotel)  oblivious/pining 
august 2015 by aohatsu
a most amenable arrangement
His mother has managed to utterly unsettle him with this. When she tells him over dinner one evening, three days after the Season starts, Jonathan chokes on his tea.

Once he has recovered enough to speak, he demands to know what she promised or used against the Kanes to ensure this match.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jonathan. His mother and I are old friends, and when I mentioned that my eldest son was taking an age to court anyone, she told me that His Grace is just as reluctant to pick a suitor. We decided between us that you would be perfect for each other, His Grace was amenable to the plan and now you are engaged to be wed! Isn’t it fantastic?”
au  [fic]  [mature]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  marriage.(arranged)  historical.(regency) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
True American Hero
TAH. True American Hero. The caped crusader who initially broke onto the scene in Chicago in December 2011, wearing red, white and blue spandex with the letters TAH stamped on the shield on his chest. The mysterious figure who swoops in to pull babies from burning apartments, rescue cars from icy rivers, foil bank robberies, and hold the blimp above Soldier Field when the engines give out. The brave stranger who everyone in Chicago is dying to know a little more about.

Everyone except Jonny. Because the thing is, Jonny is pretty sure he knows something about TAH. Something like who TAH really is.
[fic]  [teen]  [10k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  special.abilities  misunderstandings 
august 2015 by aohatsu
say not the struggle
At nine years old, when his mother started talking about arranging Sid’s marriage, he hadn’t thought too much about it. She would find him someone in one of the Maritime Provinces, maybe Quebec. If really pressed, Sid might have imagined going to one of the Prairie Provinces, or maybe somewhere in the United Kingdoms of America. He never thought about being far away his family, because it literally never occurred to him that it might be something that could happen.
au  [fic]  @torigates  [explicit]  [30k]  ~hockey  {sidgeno}  job.(royalty)  marriage.(arranged)  jealousy  issues.(bullying)  language.barrier  summer.(vacation) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
came here to make you dance tonight
"You said no to the strip club," Prusty calls, arm hooked over Markov's shoulders, already dragging him out the door, "but you didn't say no to a stripper, singular. Have fun! Happy birthday!"

And then Carey's alone in his apartment, handcuffed to a chair, with a cowboy stripper beaming down at him.
[fic]  [explicit]  [5k]  ~hockey  {pkcarey}  school.(college)  job.(sex.related) 
august 2015 by aohatsu
Bad Intentions
Jonathan’s jaw is set. Patrick knew him before he met him— he’s read about him, knows what he had to go through as one of the first omegas on the NHL— and he knows, with a sudden and terrible clarity, what Jonathan’s going to say before he does.

“To stop the bonding,” Jonathan says. “What if I repudiate him? Will that work?”
[fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  [explicit]  [10k]  canon.divergence  alpha/omega 
august 2015 by aohatsu
learning how to breathe
Jonny woke up one morning absolutely positive in his knowledge that Patrick loved him.
canon.divergence  @torigates  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  soulmates 
august 2015 by aohatsu
you're mending what's broken
The guy who sits behind Jonny in AP Stats wants to know how many shots on goal he had last Tuesday. Or at least, that's how it starts.
au  school.(high.school)  [fic]  [teen]  [5k]  ~hockey  {kanetoews} 
august 2015 by aohatsu

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