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know it while you have it; riyku
Jared can't wait for his stepbrother to get home from college, and it's not for any of the right reasons.
rps  jared_jensen  genre:au  au:related  au:stepbrothers  genre:pwp  pining!jared  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:riyku  0-5k  challenge:smpc  ~ 
20 hours ago by Itsokaydean
Turn Off Your Cellphone and Crack Out the Gatorade; withdiamonds
The world doesn't end, so Sam and Dean do all the things they never did as kids--going to baseball games, and vacationing, and random ice cream stops for no reason. Only they discover it's more like dating than regaining their lost childhood. They're really kind of okay with that. 
supernatural  sam_dean  first-kiss  genre:schmoop  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:withdiamonds  ~  0-5k 
2 days ago by Itsokaydean
The Art of Compromise (Five Tries); wraith816
"It's in the rule book somewhere. Older brother doesn't have to take it."
Dean and Sam argue over who bottoms.
supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:wraith816  0-5k  ~ 
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midwif; Askance
She's delivered hundreds--backwards babies, twisted cords, torn bodies, blood, urine, shit, sweat--she's seen it all. Until Eve.
supernatural  eve!givesbirth  genre:horror  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:askance  0-5k  s8  ~ 
4 days ago by Itsokaydean
charmer & gentle; Askance
The afternoon girl calls them Big and Tall, the strangers who come in late every now and then, buying this or that. The night girl doesn't think those names fit quite right.
supernatural  sam&dean  outsider!pov  genre:gen  genre:angst  physicallyhurt!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  trials!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:askance  0-5k  challenge:summergen  ~ 
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+ scratch; Askance
Dean's been fixated on Sam all his life; it's no secret. It's only when Sam abandons him for normalcy that his obsession becomes something darker, more necessary--and incredibly violent. And even when Sam comes home to him, there's no guarantee that Dean will ever be the same.
supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  serialkiller!dean  dean!killssam  suicidal!sam  suicidal!dean  psychopath!dean  tw:suicide  genre:angst  genre:horror  genre:canon_compliant  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:askance  15-20k  +  ~ 
4 days ago by Itsokaydean
The Proposition; doilycoffin
When Dean accidentally convinces his mother that he has a boyfriend and stupidly promises that she can meet him, he thinks he's positively screwed...fortunately, it turns out that Sam is more than willing to pretend to be his date.
supernatural  genre:au  sam_dean  au:swesson  genre:schmoop  fake!boyfriends  archive:ao3  rating:pg-13  author:doilycoffin  0-5k  challenge:*minor  havepdf  ~ 
8 days ago by Itsokaydean
Exile; themegalosaurus
"Sometimes when I was, when I was away, you know it wasn't cause I just ran out, right? Dad would, he would send me away, when I really pissed him off. I think you knew that."
supernatural  sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:gen  hardass!john  pre-series  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:themegalosaurus  0-5k  s14  14.12!coda  ~ 
12 days ago by Itsokaydean
The Premises are These (You & Me & Him); minchout
Jensen and Jeff have been in a relationship for seven years. They're crazy about each other, but they have this thing they do to keep things interesting: Every once in a while, Jeff goes out, picks up a twink, and brings him home for Jeff and Jensen to share. Usually that's the end of it, but after they spend a night with Jared, neither one of them really wants to let go. They invite Jared into their lives, and this is the story of what happens between the three of them. 
rps  jared_jdm  jared_jensen  jared_jensen_jdm  genre:au  genre:pwp  au:teachers  teacher!jensen  teacher!jdm  student!jared  kink:threesome  boys!moveintogether  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:minchout  challenge:bigbang  20-25k  ~ 
15 days ago by Itsokaydean
The Dragon That Speaks Like A Lamb; thealexandriaarchives
"Hell got it wrong. Sam's not the Antichrist after all... Dean is. Of course, Sam's more than willing to play the part and front for his brother.

Dean is the Antichrist. But Sam is his False Prophet.
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  antichrist!dean  falseprophet!sam  post-season3  inhell!dean  inhell!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:thealexandriaarchives  5-10k  challenge:sammessiah  ~ 
15 days ago by Itsokaydean
Worse Day Away From Black Rock; verucasalt123
Six hours out from Black Rock, Dean finally pulled into a motel. He hadn’t stopped ragging on Sam for all the trouble he’d caused and bragging on his own so-called Batman skills after he’d swooped in to save the day, and his brother’s life. Again.
supernatural  sam_dean  s3  3.03!coda  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  kink:spanking  genre:pwp  bamf!dean  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  authir:verucasalt123  0-5k  ~ 
16 days ago by Itsokaydean
+ The Witch Is Dead; dear_tiger
In 1988, three witches in Montana are growing a monster in their garden, and Sam is holiday snack. When Dean and John show up to get him, one witch is killed, and Dean gets a love curse that he keeps secret. As teenagers, Sam and Dean are living in a dying industrial town in Pennsylvania, where they come across a crooked old creature that takes an unusual interest in Dean. As adults, Sam and Dean return to Montana for a hunt and run into the two surviving witches who have been unsuccessfully trying to grow their monster. Dean, still carrying the love spell from the dead witch, is looking like perfect plant feed.
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:angst  genre:casefic  genre:hurt_comfort  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!sam  cursed!dean  rescuer!sam  rescuer!dean  rescuer!john  pre-series  kidnapped!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:dear_tiger  physicallyhurt!dean  30-40k  genre:horror  witch_verse  challenge:bigbang  ~  + 
16 days ago by Itsokaydean
+ Owl of the Waste Places; dear_tiger
The man she named baby boy Hobbenbokken after had been a pile of bones at the bottom of the Pacific for quite some time by then.
supernatural  witch_verse  author:dear_tiger  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  genre:angst  ~  + 
16 days ago by Itsokaydean
The Bite of Knowledge; theproblematique
Omegas can tell when alphas are attracted to them. It's a survival mechanism. After years of buildup, Dean finally realizes that Sam is attracted to him. It's a shitshow.
supernatural  sam_dean  s2  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  au:alpha/beta/omega  alpha!sam  omega!dean  pining!sam  pining!dean  boys!aresoulmates  asshole!dean  genre:pwp  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:theproblematique  20-25k  ~ 
17 days ago by Itsokaydean
To Repair Broken Men; procrastin8or951
Pre-series: Dad and Sam keep fighting. Dean can't fix his family, so he fixes things around the crappy apartment they are staying in eg. shelves, washing machine, heater/air conditioner.
supernatural  sam&dean  pre-series  genre:angst  genre:gen  stanford!fight  physicallyhurt!dean  sick!Dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  blindsided!john  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:procrastin8or951  0-5k  challenge:hoodie_time  ~ 
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