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Star-Lord's Zune
It's what everybody's listening to on Earth these days; it's got 300 songs on it.
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july 2019 by pmw57
Zune Is Officially Being Killed on November 15th - Digital Music News
[…] eight years after its splashy launch, the Zune is quietly being buried.  Effective November 15th, Zune’s will no longer be manufactured, and all Zune music services shuttered. That includes DRM-protected content, which, according to Microsoft, ‘may not play’ in the future.
fordjbatman  forpupina  zune  microsoft  digitale  musica  drm 
october 2015 by nicoladagostino
Panorama - Steve Ballmer, come ha portato Microsoft in serie B
Da Windows Vista a Surface passando per lo Zune: ecco gli errori strategici più gravi dell'erede di Bill Gates
nda  articoli  italiano  panorama  microsoft  windows  zune  surface  storia  p2w 
august 2013 by nicoladagostino
ZOMG, Zune runs teh Linux!
The ad at the bottom of the story when I hit the page was for a 16GB Zune HD from Amazon....$280!!!!
abandonware  hacking  haha  opensource  zune  linux  deadtech  microsoft  from delicious
august 2013 by geephroh
Microsoft phasing out Zune Marketplace rentals and purchases, but Zune Pass lives on | The Verge
Xbox Music and Xbox Video are the future of Microsoft's digital media ecosystem. But putting a greater focus on the Xbox brand means saying goodbye to some past ventures. Today, the company announced plans to phase out support for purchases and rentals on Zune Marketplace "as early as" August 22nd — coinciding with the death of Microsoft Points. Thankfully for people still hanging onto a Zune HD or one of Microsoft's other legacy PMPs, the Zune Music Pass will live on. Customers will still be able to stream music from the Marketplace and continue downloading 10 tracks per month, a unique model that become perhaps the strongest selling point for Zune hardware. Keeping the Zune Marketplace alive in some capacity is necessary to continue supporting those devices; Zune's are unable to sync with Xbox Music.
microsoft  fail  zune  spunti  panorama  fordjbatman  musica  video  servizio 
august 2013 by nicoladagostino

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