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Using Scrivener for Writing Scientific Papers - Daniel Vreeman
With a little bit of upfront setup, you can reap the many rewards of using Scrivener as your primary writing environment for scientific papers.
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4 weeks ago by mu-sick
Duck DNS
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4 weeks ago by mu-sick
Zotero: quickly get links to library items using zotero:// url scheme links - Dev pro tips
I use Zotero for managing my digital library of scientific papers. Sometimes I want to link back to papers in my Zotero library from other applications, but there's no built-in way to do...
6 weeks ago by carrionlee
Zotero Item URIs from Client | The Zoteroist
While working with Frank Bennett on implementing a Zotero workflow for google docs or Scrivener (almost ready - stay tuned) I wrote two little (tiny, really) tools that I thought I'd share. The first one allows you to quick copy the URI of an item from your Zotero client. The second one gives you a…
6 weeks ago by carrionlee
Linking to Zotero items via zotero://select - Zotero Forums
Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that
helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then
share the results of your research.
6 weeks ago by carrionlee
⚓ T174992 BBC Genome Translator for Zotero
I raised Wikimedia/ Phabricator ticket T174992, "BBC Genome Translator for Zotero"
tweetit  comment  Phabricator  Citoid  Zotero  BBCGenome 
6 weeks ago by pigsonthewing
Exploratory Usability Testing of User Interface Options in LibGuides 2 | Thorngate | College & Research Libraries. Type Journal Article Author Sarah Thorngate Author Allison Hoden URL http://ift.tt/2gm10wK DOI http://ift.tt/2vwYvCe Accessed 2017-09-01 12:37:43 Library Catalog crl.acrl.org Abstract Online research guides offer librarians a way to provide digital researchers with point-of-need support. If these guides are to support student learning well, it is critical that they provide an effective user experience. This article details the results of an exploratory comparison study that tested three key user interface options in LibGuides 2—number of columns, placement of the navigation menu, and visual integration with the library website—to understand their impact on guide usability. In addition to informing our own design choices, our findings can serve as the basis for further investigation into the connections between student learning and the usability of the LibGuides user interface. .
7 weeks ago by stephenfrancoeur
Scholarly Research Process Outline ( Saint Xavier University )
Excellent academic library tutorial on how to search and keep track of your research, cite, etc. It's stated purpose is to "outline the process used to go from basic resource discovery through subject-specific in-depth tools, as well as techniques to capture, organize, and share your information."

Basic Library Introduction: This video demonstrates the main elements on our web site, the subject pages, key databases, and help materials and contacts.

Library Skills and Help: This video describes some of the best methods of performing and refining searches for information, and ways to think critically about the results that are returned by our search engines.
how-to  academic  library-training  information-literacy  zotero  OER  datasets  article  books  citation-tool  visualisations 
july 2017 by Psammead
Zotero Blog » Blog Archive » Zotero 5.0
Introducing Zotero 5.0: My Publications, Feeds, improved syncing, improved browser connectors, and much more! https://t.co/M9yG5Dnfui

— Zotero (@zotero) July 11, 2017
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july 2017 by galletto

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