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Super-tall, super-skinny, super-expensive: the 'pencil towers' of New York's super-rich
"So what does Stern make of the criticisms that these silos of billionaires are casting ever-longer shadows across Central Park, and that the negotiations happen well away from public scrutiny? 'The shadow argument has been debunked completely,' he insists. 'Shorter, blockier buildings cast bigger, long-lasting shadows than tall slender buildings, which have longer shadows that move more quickly. If all of the air rights were built out in slender towers, rather than blocky buildings, the shadow impact would be much less. The density is finite, so isn’t it better that it’s used in a taller, slender building, rather than a short, fatter one?' As for the lack of public review, he is adamant that it is the foundation of the city’s success. 'One of the great things about New York, compared to other cities, is that, as a developer, you can rely on as-of-right zoning: there is a certainty about your building rights. What makes the economy go is the fact there isn’t a discretionary review of everything.'"
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Railroading Neighborhoods is not The Way
This is a bad borderline racist take. Boo QA community council.
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Berkeley zoning has served for many decades to separate the poor from the rich and whites from people of color — Berkeleyside
“Protection against the disastrous effects of uncontrolled development” with the “so-called zone system,” will prove “of vital importance to every citizen of Berkeley,” McDuffie said in a March 1916 address that was written up in the Berkeley Civic Bulletin. “The fight against the Chinese wash-house [in Los Angeles] laid the basis for districting laws in this State.”

For McDuffie, strategic zoning had the potential to solidify the racially restrictive neighborhoods in which he had a monetary stake. He feared that without this tool, the sanctity of the more affluent, eastern sections of Berkeley would be overrun by development. That might jeopardize the specific character of the residential parks that was so key to their marketability.

“In the United States, private profit as a result of zoning ordinances that preserved and enhanced ‘investment values’ was not only fully expected, it was a major zoning goal,” according
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On the Achilles Heel of these Climate Damages Lawsuits: Municipal Zoning Bylaws | A Chemist in Langley
"So we know hypocrisy plays in the courts and where do our municipalities really display their hypocrisy on the climate change front? Well that would be their zoning bylaws. The zoning and re-zoning of land is one of the most important powers a municipal government has and how a municipal government zones its lands strongly expresses how that municipality feels about a particular issue.

If a municipality felt that climate change was an existential threat then that should be reflected in their zoning decisions. You wouldn’t zone a car-dependent development if you felt that cars were killing the planet would you? Allowing a subdivision to be developed where every commuter had easy access to transit and the ability to walk to all necessary amenities would seem a minimum requirement for a community that wanted to blame others for the effects of climate change on that community."
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