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x-men: first class kink meme, charles/erik; zombie apocalypse
This is the smallest comfort he has left to offer – reaching inside Erik’s mind, switching off the nerve connections that cause him pain, one by one, like switching off the lights inside his home for the last time.
fandom:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  angst  zombies  apocalypse  character-death  kinkmeme-fill  <1000 
9 days ago by aerten
Infected ‘Zombie Spiders’ Forced to Build Incubation Chambers for Their Parasitic Overlords
Parasites that control the behavior of their hosts for their own benefit are a well-documented natural phenomenon, but the discovery of a previously unknown relationship between a parasitic wasp and a social spider is particularly upsetting.
nature  parasites  biology  spiders  arachnids  zombies  animals  animal.behavior  wasps 
7 weeks ago by po
In a Zombie Apocalypse, find a Vet
Can we talk about how in zombie shows/movies/books they always find a veterinarian and not a surgeon? Are veterinarians deemed more likely to survive the apocalypse?

Yup. One of our professional skills is ‘not being bitten by patients’
zombies  movies  writing  worldbuilding  doctors  veterinarians 
7 weeks ago by spaceninja
Revenant - He Only Likes You (for your brains)
Stiles had a fifteen year plan for his future that included getting married to the love of his life and becoming a kick-ass doctor. Being turned into a zombie was not a part of the plan, mostly because zombies weren't supposed to be a real thing. The new fifteen year plan basically involves continuing to work at the morgue so he doesn't starve, and continuing to be a zombie, at least until Isaac develops a cure. It doesn't involve falling for werewolf deputy Derek Hale, recent transf...
au  fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  crossover  zombies 
8 weeks ago by juniormints
CricketsInTune - Riders on the Storm
When the zombie apocalypse sweeps across the U.S., the Beacon Hills pack is disbanded, leaving Stiles alone in a town filled with the undead. When he finds Derek, all they can do is keep moving, keep surviving, because they may some of the last survivors left. They find out just how much they really need each other on their cross-country road trip that leads to home in more ways than one.
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  zombies  apocalypse 
9 weeks ago by juniormints
Frankétienne, Father of Haitian Letters, Is Busier Than Ever - The New York Times
"Frankétienne has had prophecies of death (his own) and destruction (Haiti’s).

The earthquake that wrecked this country in January 2010? It was foreseen, said Frankétienne, the man known as the father of Haitian letters, in his play “The Trap.” It was written two months before the disaster and depicts two men in a postapocalyptic landscape, now a familiar sight in his Delmas neighborhood here.

“The voice of God spoke to me,” said Frankétienne, 75, later noting he had also long dwelt on the ecological ruin he believes the planet is hurtling toward. As for his death, that will come in nine years, in 2020, he says, at age 84. He is not sick, he says, but he has learned to “listen to the divine music in all of us.”

And so the prolific novelist, poet and painter — often all three in a single work — hears his coda. He is vowing to complete a multivolume memoir “before I leave, physically,” while keeping up an increasingly busy schedule of exhibitions and conferences.

“I am going to talk about everything I have seen from age 5 or 6,” he said recently at his house-cum-museum and gallery. “And stuff that hasn’t happened yet because I am a prophet.”

Eccentric. Abstract. A “spiralist,” who rejects realism and embraces disorder. Frankétienne — he combined his first and last names years ago — embraces chaos as a style he believes befits a country with a long, tumultuous history birthed in a slave revolt more than 200 years ago and scarred by a cascade of natural and man-made disasters.

In chaos he finds order.

“I am not afraid of chaos because chaos is the womb of light and life,” he said, his baritone voice rising as it does when he gets worked up over a point. “What I don’t like is nonmanagement of chaos. The reason why Haiti looks more chaotic is because of nonmanagement. In other countries it is managed better. Haiti, they should take as reference for what could happen in the rest of world.”

Scholars widely view Frankétienne as Haiti’s most important writer. He wrote what many consider the first modern novel entirely in Haitian Creole, “Dezafi,” in 1975, and a play well known here that challenged political oppression, “Pelin Tet.” It is a biting work from 1978 that is aimed, not so subtly, at Jean-Claude Duvalier, the son of the dictator François Duvalier and himself a former dictator known as Baby Doc, who returned here from exile in January.

Although not well known in the English-speaking world, Frankétienne has star status in French- and Creole-speaking countries and was rumored to be on the short list for a Nobel Prize in Literature in 2009.

After the quake, his works gained more international attention, particularly in Canada and France. “The Trap” debuted in March 2010 at a Unesco forum in Paris that named him an artist for peace; galleries in New York have organized shows featuring his artwork. Still, he also holds informal Sunday workshops with young artists in Haiti to talk about and critique their work.

“He is not only a major Haitian writer, he is probably the major Haitian writer, forever,” said Jean Jonassaint, a Haitian literature scholar at Syracuse University.

Frankétienne’s output, about 40 written works and, by his count, 2,000 paintings and sketches, comprises dense, baroque affairs. He invents new words, blending French and Haitian Creole. Long digressions are de rigueur. His paintings, which he says are selling particularly well these days, blur swirling blacks, blues and reds, often covered with poems.

He admires James Joyce, and it shows. “ ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ was like a crazy book, just like I write crazy books,” he said.

Still, the Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat said Frankétienne remained popular among Haitians, in part because some of his plays had been videotaped and passed around in Haiti and in immigrant communities in the United States.

“Pelin Tet,” in which the grim life of two Haitian immigrants in New York deliberately echoes the oppression of the Duvalier era on the island, is a touchstone for many Haitians, said Ms. Danticat, who grew up in the same neighborhood as Frankétienne and was, in part, inspired to write by his rise to the top.

“His work can speak to the most intellectual person in the society as well as the most humble,” she said. “It’s a very generous kind of genius he has, one I can’t imagine Haitian literature ever existing without.”

Frankétienne was born as Franck Étienne on April 12, 1936, and raised in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, the son of a Haitian farmworker and an American businessman, who later abandoned her.

Frankétienne’s mother worked as a street vendor — selling cigarettes, charcoal, candies, moonshine — while raising eight children.

“Since I was 5 or 6 I was smoking or drinking, but my mother never knew,” he recalled. He was the oldest, and she strove to send him to school (he, in turn, tutored his younger siblings, leading him to establish his own school).

The school he attended was French-speaking. Frankétienne initially did not know a word of French, but angered at being teased by other students, he set about mastering the language and developing an affinity for words and artistic expression.

His best-known works came in the 1960s and ’70s, and he ranks his novel “Dezafi” as one of his most cherished. Set in a rural Haitian village, it weaves cockfighting, zombification, the history of slavery and other themes into an allegory of the country’s pain and suffering.

“It is the challenge of finding the light to liberate everyone,” he said. He wrote it in Creole, he said, because that was the voice of the characters he imagined.

But Frankétienne also felt a need to assert his Haitian identity, as people often look at his fair skin, blue eyes and white hair and doubt he is from this predominantly black country.

“They might think I am white or mulatto or whatever, but I am not,” he said. “I have black features, Negro features. My mother was an illiterate peasant and she had me when she was 16. She was taken in by an American, a very rich American. The American was 63 and my mother was 16 at the time.”

Switching from Creole to English, which he is usually too timid to speak, he added, “You understand who I am now?”

After completing “Dezafi,” he was frustrated that so few of his compatriots could read it, with nearly half the adult population illiterate. He switched to plays, even if that meant irritating the dictatorship.

“Dictators are mean but not necessarily stupid, so they knew I didn’t have any readers,” Frankétienne said. “What really gave them a problem was when I started with plays.”

Other writers and artists left Haiti during the dictatorship, but he stayed as his reputation grew outside the country and human rights groups closely followed him, providing, he believes, some cover from Mr. Duvalier.

Later, he joined other intellectuals in denouncing Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the first democratically elected president after Jean-Claude Duvalier was overthrown. Mr. Aristide, he said, became fixated on power and tolerated corruption and thuggery in his administration.

“He is a ghost, too,” Frankétienne said of Mr. Aristide’s return in March after seven years in exile.

His only regret, he said, is that his work is not widely translated and better known. If he knew Chinese, Japanese, Italian or other languages, he said, he would put them in his works.

“Everything is interconnected,” he said. “We are connected to everything, everyone.”

Frankétienne added, “The only thing not chaotic is death.”"
frankétienne  haiti  2011  literature  chaos  death  writing  form  theater  poetry  creole  language  identity  education  zombies  voodoo  vodou  voudoun  slavery  history  jeanjonassaint  edwidgedanticat  babdydoc  papadoc  jean-claudeduvalier  françoisduvalier  disorder  order  nonmanagement 
9 weeks ago by robertogreco
Freedomain Radio -- #4237: The Truth About Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies! (MP3)
All rulers in all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers, but they could not afford to encourage any illusion that tended to impair military efficiency. So long as defeat meant the loss of independence, or some other result generally held to be undesirable, the precautions against defeat had to be serious. Physical facts could not be ignored. In philosophy, or religion, or ethics, or politics, two and two might make five, but when one was designing a gun or an aeroplane they had to make four. ~ Nineteen Eighty-Four -- "Rulers want you to be rational, empirical and logical when it comes to material production, but they do not want those same universals applied to a moral analysis of society." -- "Given that human beings have been viciously and terminally punished for bringing the same universal abstractions that make us economically productive to the moral realm, then what happens is we have a huge block to our universalization and that block doesn't stop the thoughts, it simply means that they go elsewhere. The 'supernatural' is where we put our moral reasoning and our sense of predation, our sense of danger and our sense of karma – it's where we dump all of that stuff because we were unable to talk about it or express it throughout all of human history."
psychology  psychohistory  defencemechanisms  displacement  collectiveunconscious  unconscious  trauma  splitting  statism  narcissism  parasitism  zombies  archetypes  fantasy  StefanMolyneux  * 
11 weeks ago by adamcrowe
HomeForImaginaryFrends - Welcome to Hotel Karasuno!
A place for creatures and monsters alike to rest safely and not have to worry about mobs with pitchforks and torches. Have a request or need to order something? The all-zombie crew of the hotel will take care of your every need.

Alternatively, Hinata is a lonely necromancer who is tired of getting bullied, he is crying and bleeding in an unmarked cemetery and ends up raising the entirety of the Karasuno team.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  friendships  aged-up-characters  angels-and-demons  zombies  magical-realism  blood  bullying  mythological-creatures  creatures-and-monsters  podfic_maybelist  words:6.000-6.500 
11 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
One way to make up by teecup_angel
"During a routine supply run, Harry and his two best friends meet two girls who could supposedly save the world if they could get into the WHO research centre in the middle of a zombie infested city.
Harry wasn’t really convinced but Ron was.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough manpower and supplies to even last an hour in there.
What’s worse is Harry knew a group who can.
Why was it worse?
Well… the leader of that group just happened to be his ex"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  zombies 
11 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Galaxy of the Living Dead - karenmcfadyyon - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Sore at heart, and trying hard to remain detached enough to do his job, Carson Beckett entered the morgue and looked sadly at the sheet covered bodies of Rodney McKay and John Sheppard.

He was never sure later if he was grateful or horrified when the late Dr. Rodney McKay sat bolt upright on the autopsy table and said, "What the hell?  Where are my clothes?"
temporary.character.death  humor  zombies  pov:outside  p:rodney/john  est  l:atlantis  f:sga 
september 2018 by miss_speller

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