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Automated solution for hosting email, web, DNS, XMPP, and ZNC on OpenBSD.
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november 2018 by Morrad
Learn how to install and use the ZNC chat bouncer | Opensource.com
You'll never have to leave an IRC channel again with this chat bouncer. Learn how to install ZNC.
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april 2018 by silentbicycle
Irssi 1.0.0 Released | Hacker News
>I remember when Alfred Perlstein (FreeBSD committer) invited me into #bsdcode on EFnet in the late 90s/early 00s after I kept pinging him with random kernel questions. Was fun idly chatting and learning from folk like John Lemon, John Baldwin, Jordan K. Hubbard (before Jobs snatched him up as Director of UNIX technology for Apple (pioneering the BSD element of today's OS X)).

> Jordan works for IXsystems (freenas, trueos) now.


> palaver (iOS) and ZNC do the server-time playback quite nicely as long as you use up to date versions. (and also push notifications)
irc  apple  unix  freenas  freebsd  znc  ios 
january 2017 by dentarg
OpenStack development tips: Setting up a ZNC bouncer - IBM OpenTech
Though not necessary, setting up a ZNC bouncer can positively impact your OpenStack development by making it easier to communicate with other developers
january 2016 by sgmac

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