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UCAS unconditional offers: should you always accept?
QUOTE I have an unconditional offer. What should I do?
Don't rush your decision: wait until you've received all your offers. Usually, you'll need to make a decision by May (or later, depending on when you received all your offers). 
Review all your options: take some time to revisit all your course and university options, and consider them equally. Perhaps take a trip to see them again, in person. Read our open day advice for tips.
Weigh up that guaranteed offer: if you really had your heart set on a different university, don't move on from that 'first love' yet, just because they’re proving a little harder to get.
Get a fresh perspective: talk to teachers, careers advisers and even admissions officers at the university which has made the offer – do you have any questions about their offer?
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Study in Europe | European Universities Information | EUNICAS
EUNiCAS is the European Universities Central Application Support Service.

EUNiCAS is unique. It enables UK and Irish [and other EU] students to apply to up to eight degree programmes , taught through English, in universities across Europe.
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PkCrack - Breaking PkZip-encryption
breaks weak zip encryption (it's a stream cipher!...) with known plaintext attack
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Apply to CAO
20th January (17:15) Apply online by this date to avail of the discounted application fee of €30.
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A New Version of World Map Published</FONT>----Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
QUOTE A new version of world map edited by Researcher Hao Xiaoguang published on September, 2013, with the authorization of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation.

Traditional word map is suitable for expressing the relationship of east and west hemisphere, it uses meridian to cut the global and should be called as merdian-wise world map. As contrary, the new version of world map uses prime vertical to cut the global and should be called as prime vertical-wise world map, consequently, it is suitable for expressing the relationship of north and south hemisphere. In order to express the geography relationship properly, the workshop had proposed the design scheme of series of word map since 2000 to 2002.

In recent years, the new version of world map had been applied by many agencies for different scientific purpose, and the draft has been collected by State Museum, From now on, the new word map will be available in our daily life and will give us brand new geography idea.
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Technology, Ranked
QUOTE The world is filled with amazing technologies, many that are so old we don’t even think of them as technologies at all. Today, we present the definitive list of every important technology ever, ranked by their importance. These aren’t all necessarily good technologies, of course. There are plenty that have made the world a more miserable place for everybody. But they’re still on the list.
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Exam survival tips
From Nicola Morgan
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