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Adventure Time Crew BLE Zine
the AT crew made a BLE zine. it's making me feel all nostalgic.
adventure-time  zine  nostalgia 
5 weeks ago by abstresma
Independent Publishing Resource Center
access to screenprinting and letterpress equipment, a zine library, and general awesomeness
portland  zine  ecopunk 
7 weeks ago by firebird
A thing or two about packet radio zine
Looks like a neat book/pdf about how to use my cheap baofeng radio for AX.25 packet radio fun.
pdf  radio  ham  baofeng  ax.25  books  zine 
7 weeks ago by thcipriani
Seeds is a zine made by you, about all the awesome ideas you're having, experiments you're making and things you're doing with generative software.
zine  gamedesign  procgen 
8 weeks ago by axodys
Really Friendly Command Line Intro - Hello Web Books
Curious about the command line? This friendly introduction will go over basics for beginners in a fun, illustrated zine format and online text.
commandline  training  teaching  zine 
12 weeks ago by bezthomas
artsy zine. reeks of postmodernism and long bread.
postmodernism  philosophy  zine  confused 
12 weeks ago by abstresma

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