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Pressure mounts on Telecel
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7 days ago by stevesong
S&S!🦁 the was killed in . Hunting these majestic cats still legal there but if we show govt th…
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4 weeks ago by krishnau
No Roofs, No Roads, No Bread: Cyclone Devastates Parts of Southeastern Africa
People in parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi began to pick through the wreckage left behind by Cyclone Idai, a category four storm that brought weeks of rain, floods and high winds to a swath of southeastern Africa.

Mozambique was hit especially hard. The government said that at least 400 people have died. Rescue workers say that thousands more may have been swept out to sea as the floodwaters rose. Their bodies may never be found.

At least 600,000 people have been displaced, according to the United Nations World Food Program, which deemed the crisis a level three emergency on par with war-torn Yemen, Syria and South Sudan.

Water and food are in short supply. The first cases of cholera have been reported by the Red Cross in Beira, a coastal city that bore the brunt of the storm. Aid efforts have been hampered by washed-out roads and bridges, leaving many residents to fend for themselves.
cyclone  naturaldisaster  Mozambique  Zimbabwe  Malawi 
11 weeks ago by jtyost2
[Press Release] President Commissions The TelOne Beitbridge-Masvingk-Harare Fibre Link - Techzim
TelOne has cut the ribbon on their fibre backbone link and they hope anticipate that they can reduce internet cost by 40%
Africa  AfTerFibre  2019  Zimbabwe  TelOne  fibre  optic  infrastructure  terrestrial  China  eximbank 
march 2019 by stevesong
RT : “It is hypocritical of the government to spend half a million dollars on a U.S. public relations firm whe…
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march 2019 by BeckyFaith
With relevant stakeholders and colleagues in and WildCRU's Landscape Ecology team have identifi…
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march 2019 by ebuchholtz

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