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Linux 5.0 compat: SIMD compatibility · zfsonlinux/zfs@e5db313
So the linux kernel effectively outlawed userland FPU (wasn't the kernel NOT supposed to screw up userland?!?), so skeezy bypasses needed. This might kneecap ZFS Send ops...
linux  ZFS  kernel  filesystem  FPU  userland  access  restriction  sysadmin  tips  tricks  reference  information 
5 days ago by asteroza
Who remembers this as their first pool?
zfs  sun  Solaris  from twitter_favs
16 days ago by dsampson01
GitHub - jimsalterjrs/sanoid: Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools. Using ZFS for underlying next-gen storage. (Btrfs support plans are shelved unless and until btrfs becomes reliable.) Primarily intended for Linux, but BSD use is suppo
Sanoid is a policy-driven snapshot management tool for ZFS filesystems. When combined with the Linux KVM hypervisor, you can use it to make your systems functionally immortal.

More prosaically, you can use Sanoid to create, automatically thin, and monitor snapshots and pool health from a single eminently human-readable TOML config file at /etc/sanoid/sanoid.conf.
backup  snapshot  sysadmin  zfs 
19 days ago by bezthomas
cbreak-black/ZetaWatch: ZFS OSX Menu Bar widget
ZetaWatch is a small OS X program that displays the zfs status in the menu bar, similar to what iStat Menus does for other information.
macosx  zfs  menu-bar 
20 days ago by spl
zpool import
to import a pool from a disk that was not available at boot
zfs  zpool  pool  import  missing 
22 days ago by theskett
ZFS Encryption by tcaputi · Pull Request #5769 · zfsonlinux/zfs
Native encryption means you can ZFS send a natively encrypted backup to an untrusted server without sending the decryption keys. Which means you can do whole backup to any untrusted provider easily and they can't go fishing in your backups.
ZFS  native  encryption  security 
27 days ago by asteroza

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