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Subtract | Derek Sivers
The least successful people I know run in conflicting directions, drawn to
distractions, say yes to almost everything, and are chained to emotional
The most successful people I know have a narrow focus, protect against
time-wasters, say no to almost everything, and have let go of old limiting
More people die from eating too much than eating too little. Most of us
have too much baggage, too many commitments, and too many priorities.
Subtracting reminds me that what I need to change is something already
here, not out there.
Hear hear!
I believe that the 4 real currencies in life are - Time, Money, Health and
ADDING will rob you of Time and Mobility.
SUBTRACTING will give you more Time and Mobility.
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22 days ago by rauschen
ZEIT – Seamless Serverless Markup with HTM
A look at how HTM empowers serverless server-rendered applications by bringing the ease of JSX-like syntax everywhere.
tools  htm  zeit 
27 days ago by sjmarshy
RT : Was wäre die ohne die Torten von ?
ZEIT  from twitter
6 weeks ago by NewWonder
ZEIT – ncc: Node.js Compiler Collection
“pkg is complementary to ncc, by taking any JavaScript source(s) and bundling them into an executable that bundles the Node.js runtime inside. While ncc outputs scripts (text), pkg outputs executables (binary).”
pkg  ncc  node.js  zeit 
8 weeks ago by Sylphe

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