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Draco Sodding Malfoy - Chapter 1 - Shewhxmustnxtbenamed - Drarry - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Harry finds Draco outside a pub and takes him back to his place, only to find out that Draco is in an abusive relationship. Harry invites Draco to stay until he can get back on his feet. They go to Draco's ex-boyfriends house, and come back with more than they bargained for.
Author:Shewhxmustnxtbenamed  AO3  HarryPotterFandom  HarryPotter  DracoMalfoy  HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  DomesticAbuse  HarrySavesDraco  RonWeasley  HermoineGranger  NarcissaBlackMalfoy  LuciusMalfoy  Chaptered70+  250000Words+  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!Drarry 
8 days ago by kliqzangel
S P E C T R U M - Chapter 1 - the_never_was - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Once upon a time, there was a smirk and a smile when there was so much fear between the two of them.
Once upon a time, he had wondered what could be.
Thus, life as he's come to know it is based upon once-upon-a-times and what-ifs left to be unfulfilled.
But life isn't quite as he knows it to be, and things are about to change and prove to Draco Malfoy that it isn't all bleak or boring:

It's a spectrum of vibrant possibilities when one determined Gryffindor decides to change everything.
AO3  Author:the_never_was  chaptered70  150000Words+  Divorce  CharacterDeath-Minor  HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  HarryPotterFandom  HarryPotter  DracoMalfoy  ScorpiousMalfoy  AlbusPotter  AstoriaGreengrass  GinnyWeasley  PansyParkinson  JamesPotter  LilyPotter  NewRelationship  Angst  Classic!Drarry  ZeesFavs!! 
6 weeks ago by kliqzangel
Black Coffee on a Lonely Night
Draco owns a café in the city. Harry's a MP (Politician) who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.
HarryPotterFandom  HarryPotter  DracoMalfoy  CoffeeShopAU  AU  Angst  OneShot  AO3  Author:Femme  20000Words+  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!Drarry  CricketPlayer!Draco  Politician!Harry  LuciusMalfoy  HermoineGranger  VariousHPCharacters 
june 2018 by kliqzangel
The Old Races
In a world where mythical creatures exist, The Old Races live side by side with Humans. Eliot is a Mage/shapeshifter. Parker just found out she's a Fae. Now she has to learn what that means, and where are the fancy wings. She forgets Hardison is Human, and sometimes comes out more than a little bruised when dealing with creatures that used to only live in his virtual world.
Leverage  Crossover:NCIS  EliotSpencer  Parker  AlecHardison  Parker/Hardison  SophiaDevereaux  NateFord  Nate/Sophie  NateisanASSHOLE  Shifter!Eliot  MrQuinn  Shifter!MrQuinn  Fae!Parker  TonyinLeverage  TonyDiNozzo  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  Author:PaulaCas  AO3  AU  Angst  EliotSpencer/MrQuinn  AJChegwidden  TonyDiNozzo/JackONeill  TonyLeavesNCIS  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!Leverage  SeriesisComplete 
march 2018 by kliqzangel
Draco Malfoy realizes he does not want to be a Death Eater. Circumstances force him to reach out to people he normally wouldn't. With their help, he leaves England behind and ends up in Washington D.C.
HarryPotterFandom  Crossover:NCIS  DracoMalfoy  TonyDiNozzo  TonyisDracosCousin  DracoMovestoAmerica  DracoReformsHimself  HPCanonDivergence  Series  Author:NovaLinx  AO3  SeriusBlack  SeriusNeedsaHeadslap  DracoTakesChargeofhisDestiny  SeriesisCompleted  50000Words+  Series:Trilogy(3Strories)  ZeesFavs!!  HP!Classic 
march 2018 by kliqzangel
The Tide Will Turn
Tony is recruited by Director Shepard to get close to an arms dealer's daughter while Gibbs is in Mexico. By the time Gibbs returns Tony is ready to quit. Together they become embroiled in Shepard's revenge plot.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  Gibbs/DiNozzo  JennyShepard  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  LaGrenouille  JeanneBenoit  TrentKort  JennyisaBITCH!!!  TonyCoLeadstheMCRT  AU  Undercover  Angst  PostGibbsAmnesia  Chaptered5+  25000Words+  Author:Rose_Malmaison  AO3  ZivaLeavesNCIS  Anti-Ziva  Anti-JennyShepard  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!NCIS 
march 2018 by kliqzangel
Let Justice Roll Down - Chapter 1 - Ytteb - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Tony is shot during a showdown with a criminal. Things begin to unravel between him and Gibbs. Tony centric but whole team involved.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  EllieBishop  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  Tony-Centric  TonySavestheDay  TonyStandsUptoGibbs  AbbysGibbsWorship  Author:ytteb  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!NCIS 
march 2017 by kliqzangel
Vicious – Part One » Jilly James
Tony DiNozzo was used to his life changing unexpectedly. A broken leg in college turned him in the direction of becoming a police officer, a gunshot wound that nearly crippled him brought him to forensics, and now, coming online as a guide was going to take him someplace a little vicious.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinel!Gibbs  Guide!Tony  OceKitten  Author:Jilly  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!NCIS  ChapteredLessThan5  TheAncients 
january 2017 by kliqzangel
Different Paths - Chapter 1 - jaimistoryteller - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Soulmates Alec Trevelyan and James Bond find themselves at odds when Alec is given a mission that he assumes that James knows about. But they’ve both been betrayed. James’ briefing isn’t the same as Alec's. Alec’s life undercover is hard, and becomes harder once he learns his soulmate has been killed. Feelings of guilt and anger cause him to fight back against MI6 for his loss. When James turns up unexpectedly, he is shocked to find his soulmate is still alive - a soulmate who attempts to kill him and sets a chain of events into motion that he never would have expected.
JamesBond(CraigVese)  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  AlecTrevelyan  Alec/Q  JAQ(CraigVerse)  Chaptered125+  Words250000+  Author:Jamistoryteller  007/006  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!Alec/Q  M(JamesBondCraigVerse)  BillTanner  Q(Male)JamesBondCraigVerse  Angst  SoulMates  SoulMateTattoos  AU  AlecDidntDieorGoEvil  Hurt!Alec  AlecisProtectiveofJamesand/orQ  AlecisSensative/Emotional  QisBadass!  ASexualCharacter  GoldenEyeFixIt  JamesneedsaHEADSLAP  QTheHacker 
january 2017 by kliqzangel
the sheer lack of professionalism - scioscribe - Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Q rolled his eyes. “Oh, there are just bloody wheels within wheels to it, aren’t there, this kidnapping business? Really, you should give it up. You’re not cut out for it. Think about it, your first time out, and you pinch a national intelligence treasure and ask his MI6 boyfriend for ransom. It isn’t very promising, is it?”
JamesBond(CraigVese)  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  00Q(CraigVerse)  Humor  OneShot  2000Words+  Author:Scioscribe  AO3  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!00Q 
october 2016 by kliqzangel
Le Lapin - Chapter 1 - RequiemForTheWolves - James Bond - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
They had been lucky. They had been so so lucky. News reports played constantly on the TV in a corner of the room, each cycle with an update on how many had died in the attack. Each time the number would climb as some were found or died in hospital Alec would take Q's hand, would kiss each of his fingers, his palm, his wrist. The dazed man would giggle, would run the pads of his fingers lovingly over his partner's lips. Softly Alec would bite one and and Q would laugh while Alec wanted to weep. But he had known good fortune enough times to not look it in the mouth.
AO3  OneShot  4000Words+  Author:RequiemForTheWolves  JamesBond(CraigVese)  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  AlecTrevelyan  00Q(CraigVerse)  Alec/Q  007/006  Depression  Depressed!James  ZeesFavs!! 
august 2016 by kliqzangel
So Real a Memory - singer_s_lament - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Four walls can mean so much.  They can mean safety – someplace warm and dry, a port in the storm that is life.  Someplace that soothes your weary soul.  They can also mean aloneness - a prison where there is no freedom from your thoughts and remembrances, a place that batters your very personal walls with things said and unsaid, things done and left undone.
NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  AngstSoGoodItHurts  GibbsLivesUptotheSecondB!!  TonyLeavesNCIS  ZivaLeavesNCIS  AbbyLeavesNCIS  OneShot  Author:DJMichaels_Fics(singer_s_lament)  AO3  2000Words+  ZeesFavs!! 
october 2015 by kliqzangel
A Bit of A Shock - wolfpawn - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
After finishing a case with the team in Miami, Reid meets Derek Morgan, and a night of fun and games ensues. But there are life altering consequences and Spencer doesn't even know how to contact Derek!
CriminalMinds  Author:WolfPawn  AO3  AU  SpencerReid  DerekMorgan  Reid/Morgan  MPREG  AaronHotchner  DavidRossi  DavidRossi&SpencerReid-Friendship  JJLaMontagne  PenelopeGarcia  EmilyPrentiss  AlexBlake  Chaptered60+  100000Words+  MorganisprotectiveofReid  Cop!Morgan  Series  Classic!MoReid  ZeesFavs!!  Reidw/Kids 
april 2015 by kliqzangel
The Last Word, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
McGee scoffed. He was in another one of those 'I know better than Tony' phases and not at all pleased to have been both taken down again and then corrected again by the man.
ff.net  Author:thelastcity  OneShot  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonyDiNozzo  TimMcGee  Anti-McGee  McGeeisaBRAT!  McGeeisaButthead!  McGeeNeedsaHEADSLAP  1000Words+  GibbsDefendsTony  Angry!Tony  Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  ZivaDavid  Ficlet  ZeesFavs!!  Classic!NCIS  SavedforERead 
june 2014 by kliqzangel

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