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Death of Stalin plays Russian Roulette with the Truth
<p>This historian&rsquo;s po-faced critique of Armando Ianucci&rsquo;s new film, The Death of Stalin, has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I&rsquo;ve read in ages. I can&rsquo;t but imagine the entire missive intoned by a high-pitched adenoidal voice, shrill in its disapproval.</p>
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3 days ago by dgold
The Underside of the Mattress Wars
<p>Fascinating article about the seedy underbelly of the company that has seemingly unlimited cash to sponsor podcasts - Casper. I had no idea that these review sites &amp; vloggers could make so much money shilling this product.</p>

<p>The company could indeed claim, as it did on its site, to have “the internet’s favorite mattress.” It had made very sure of that.</p>
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4 days ago by dgold
Introducing Code Steps for Zaps: Calculate, Convert, Manipulate Data and More
Connect a few apps with Zapier, and you can build just about anything you want without code. But there are still times when you'll need code—perhaps to calculate a value, connect to a new API, manipulate text, and more.
Zapier's new Code integration—one of the features...
5 days ago by donovanwatts
News, Notifications, Alerts and Monitoring - 101 Ways to Use Zapier - Zapier
Read or Download News, Notifications, Alerts and Monitoring from our 101 Ways to Use Zapier e-book for FREE and start learning today!
5 days ago by donovanwatts
MadKudu | Accelerating SaaS sales with predictive analytics
Helping companies grow sales by consistently generating relevant conversations with qualified leads
Salesforce  zapier  sales 
9 days ago by donovanwatts
Enrich Your Customer Data with Lead Score by Zapier - Updates - Zapier
You can create better experiences for your customers and leads when you have more information about them. But when all you have is an email address, manually searching through LinkedIn and online databases can be exhausting. That's why we created Lead Score by Zapier.
9 days ago by donovanwatts
How to Wrangle Your Recurring Tasks with Zapier
Apps aren't very well behaved. They ding at all hours of the night, pop up during presentations, and remind you of a forgotten task after the deadline has passed. We might call our devices smart, but the technology running them can still be pretty dumb.
12 days ago by donovanwatts
The Zapier Formatter Guide: How to Automatically Format Text the Way You Want
So near, and yet so far. That's the feeling more often than not when trying to get apps to work together. You export data out of one app, try to import it into another—and it looks perfect, right until it doesn't.
16 days ago by donovanwatts
Zapier for Alfred: Run Automated Workflows From Your Mac Keyboard
The quickest way to do almost anything on your computer is with your keyboard. Copying and pasting text? Formatting a document? Searching your computer? A keyboard shortcut is almost guaranteed to be the fastest way to do it. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  alfred  zapier 
16 days ago by basecamp
Micropub IRC Bot
<p>Prodded out of my funk by this great post by @sebsel. Just need to rework the PHP to use json for $REASONS</p>
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18 days ago by dgold
Wingnut leaders, cut-price logo.
<p>Marina Hyde on sparkling form, casting a cold eye over UKIP.</p>
“I guess it’s easier in life to be thought of as being nice rather than one of those unpleasant populists,” Nigel observed archly – apparently under the impression that people were starting to think Paul Nuttall looked nice, as opposed to like a factory farmer keeping a court date.
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22 days ago by dgold
Hate Group Arguments Fail Legal Test
<p>Great decision form a federal judge in Minnesota - utterly demolishing the nonsensical arguments from the Alliance Defending Freedom, an <a href="">extremist anti-LGBT Hate Group</a> which has the support of the bigot in the White House and Jeff Sessions.</p>
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29 days ago by dgold
We refuse to be Subordinates
[W]e are not a part of Iraq, it’s a theocratic, sectarian state. We have our geography, land and culture. We have our own language. We refuse to be subordinates. The parliament in Baghdad is not a federal parliament. It’s a chauvinistic, sectarian parliament.
One of the greatest travesties in global history, the utter subordination of the Kurdish people, may be about to end. <em>de facto</em> independent in Iraq and Syria, these people, ignored and despised for decades, flotsam in the Cold War and since, are about to vote for Independence from Iraq. Naturally, the US, UK and everyone else who&rsquo;s ignored and betrayed them since Sykes-Picot now demands they resile from this course. As Barzani so plaintively asks:
Where is your democracy now? Where are the UN charters? Where is the respect for freedom of expression?
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29 days ago by dgold

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