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The CTO Journey at a Small Startup - The Zapier Engineering Blog - Zapier
As startups grow, we need to make tweaks to the way we work. I’ve found this especially true in engineering. As a co-founder and CTO, my own role has changed a lot over the years. My everyday duties and challenges have shifted, and I’ve had to alter my approach multiple times to help the company reach a new level.
CTO  startup_information  Business  Zapier  Zapier_Engineering 
yesterday by GameGamer43
Build Yourself a Redux - The Zapier Engineering Blog - Zapier
Redux is a simple library that helps you manage the state of your JavaScript app. Despite that simplicity, it's easy to fall down rabbit holes when learning it. I often find myself explaining Redux, and almost always start by showing how I'd implement it. So that's what we'll do here: Start from scratch and build a working Redux implementation. Our implementation won't cover every nuance, but we'll remove most of the mystery.
Zapier  Redux  React.js  React  javascript 
3 days ago by GameGamer43
Slack Without Slacking: How to Automatically Update Your Slack Status
Sehr ausführliche Darstellung, wie man Status Botschaften bei Slack automatisch abgeben kann, vor allem mit Zapier
zapier  slack  status  automation  resources 
23 days ago by heinzwittenbrink
Updates for iAuditor by SafetyCulture: Use Zaps to Prepare and Export Audit Reports - Updates - Zapier
Two new Actions recently added to the iAuditor by SafetyCulture integration can help you achieve a seamless auditing process. Now you can use the Prepare Audit Report Action to automatically export PDF or Word documents from an audit. Then, retrieve the report via the new Get Audit Report Action. From there, you can use Zaps to upload the report to a shared folder in your designated cloud storage system or share with your team via email. That way, you can get your audits out of the field and into the hands of your team with no extra work.
zapier  iaudit  tools  automate  workflows  hanz 
25 days ago by starrjulie
"Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows"
automation  IfTTT  integration  service  tool  tools  Zapier 
28 days ago by Mykl
What to Do When You Can't Get Things Done
Whether you carefully plan every task in a Getting Things Done list or scribble reminders to yourself on the back of an envelope, your goal is the same: You've got stuff that needs doing and you're trying to get yourself organized enough to do it. With a task...
productivity  zapier 
4 weeks ago by zmoog

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