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The Marketing Stack of a Lazy Saas Company
great visualization and description of how to automate sales funnel and turn leads into demo opportunities.
automation  sales  drip  email  sendgrid  zapier  mandrill  marketing 
10 days ago by spiritfreed
REST Hooks - Zapier
Developer doc for REST Hooks. Add your web service to Zapier. Code once and get hundreds of integrations, automatically.
webhooks  zapier 
20 days ago by eashman
王掌柜带你玩转 Zapier - Zapier vs. IFTTT - 少数派
IFTTT 想必大家已经很熟悉,而 Zapier 你可能听得比较少,同样是将不同的网络服务连接到一起,它们有什么区别?
app  zapier  ifttt 
6 weeks ago by sevdrake
王掌柜带你玩转 Zapier - 影评自动化 - 少数派
看过王掌柜上篇文章《玩转 Workflow - 一个极客文艺青年的观影之旅》的同学应该知道,我在上篇文章中推荐了一个 Workflow 脚本 ,实现了如下流程

当我在 猫眼 App 购买了电影票之后...
app  zapier 
6 weeks ago by sevdrake
王掌柜带你玩转 Zapier - 阅读自动化 - 少数派
欢迎大家关注王掌柜带你玩转 Zapier 系列 ①︎,这个系列将持续更新,本篇是这个系列第二篇 阅读自动化
Zapier 一个基于云端 API 的自动化流程工具,非常类似 IFTTT ②︎ 这个服务,...
app  zapier 
6 weeks ago by sevdrake
How to Build a Slack Bot in 5 Minutes
Slack Bots are a simple way to interact with apps and get work done right from your team chat. Here's how to build your own chat bot without coding.
slack  zapier  bot 
6 weeks ago by zmoog

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