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Superpowers, alien invasions and zany humor: hands-on with Saint's Row IV - VR-Zone
At this year's E3 expo we went hands-on with Saint's Row IV, the upcoming chapter in the definitive crime-infused sandbox that aims to change the game with alien invasions and superpowers--but the wacky, zany parody-infused humor is still intact.

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Superpowers  alien  invasions  and  zany  humor:  hands-on  with  Saint’s  Row  IV 
july 2013 by vrzone
The most pointless street flyers - #brilliant #zany
from  twitter  brilliant  zany 
august 2011 by volpelino
Kure Kure Takora aka Gimmie Gimmie Octopus on DVD!
Not the 5 Minutes to Live release, but the complete set on four (4) DVDs.
DVD  zany  bizarre  japanese 
march 2007 by L2G

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