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Offline - Z card breach
Z card breach of personal details of cars etc
Z  petrol  nz  transparancy  privacy  energy  tech  website  breach  hack  hole  2018  disclosure 
7 weeks ago by danfnz
What to Look Out For When You Start Hiring Gen Z | TLNT
Generation Z (ages 17-26) is catching the attention of marketers, media and the entertainment industry.
gen  z 
may 2018 by mayrav
DIY How to Renovate the Tub / Shower from A to Z - YouTube
IY How to Renovate the Tub / Shower from A to Z
DIY  How  to  Renovate  the  Tub  /  Shower  from  A  Z  renovision 
may 2018 by kilroy2
Why millennials aren't happy that Gen Z is entering the workforce
Just as managers hesitated when millennials were first joining the workforce, millennial professionals are now wary of the incoming Generation Z. Last year, the first group of Gen Z-ers graduated from college and entered the workplace.
gen  z  millennials 
april 2018 by mayrav
Toxic Feminism: The Rebranding of the Democratic Party » BarbWire.com
In my prior article I defined “toxic feminism” as poisonous hybrid of feminine guile and masculine aggression whose goal is to replace the patriarchal order of society with a matriarchy. I also suggested that toxic feminism is the ideological lubricant for the recent wave of sex scandals exposing men in power, and that this sudden explosion of scandals may be a deliberate strategy of the Clinton/Soros “Purple Revolution.”
Z  matriarchy  patriarchy  feminism  freespeech  hypocrisy  politicallyCorrect 
december 2017 by Jswindle

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