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The Summer of Seduction Chapter 1, a yu-gi-oh fanfic | FanFiction
Atem huffed and kissed his lips again "Go home first," he spoke between kisses, their unhelpful urges to smile making kissing a brief experience, but neither cared. Atem stroked Yugi's cheek with his thumb "Go home, set everything right, take as much time as you need," he pressed their foreheads together, his eyes turning serious for his next words "Then come back to me."
yugioh  yuugi/atem  fic  slash  au  author:wordsorcereress  wordcount:100k+ 
august 2017 by dizzyyet
lessons - elystia - Yu-Gi-Oh! [Archive of Our Own]
It’s then — when Yugi has nothing left to show his partner— that he knows it’s time to say goodbye.
yugioh  fic  slash  gen  yuugi/atem  yuugi/yami  author:elystia  wordcount:1k+   
august 2017 by dizzyyet

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ancientegypt  au  author:elystia  author:harryhorror  author:lasae_abyss  author:wordsorcereress  fic  gen  slash  soulmates  wordcount:100k+  wordcount:1k+  wordcount:50k+  wordcount:70k+  yugioh  yuugi/yami   

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