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Regina Mundi
Yumichika took to modern-day Japan like Byakuya was said to have taken to that stick up his arse - although nobody said stuff like that in front of him, and opinions as to when, precisely, Byakuya might have acquired his stick varied, depending on how well people were acquainted with the Kuchiki-family history and Rukia. Ikkaku guessed it (modern-day Japan, obviously, not the stick) was more or less all right - the cars took some getting used to, as did the fact that when he wore his sword and normal clothes, people wanted to take pictures of him.
fanfiction  bleach  oneshot  PG  slash  yumichika/ikkaku  dlme 
january 2012 by kitschprinzessin
yumikkaku: Title: Clean UpPairing: You have one gue
"A smile curved on Ikkaku’s face as he watched his partner fall asleep. This, he reflected, was enough: destruction, blood, and a place to rest at the end of it all."
Yumichika/Ikkaku  Bleach  Fanfiction  Masami  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
nonsense, vanity, suspicion - OH YOU GUYS <3
"Kid says he hasn't got anymore money for you to spend. And you're watching Love Love Flower Girl Drama. Again."
Motorbike  Bleach  Yumichika/Ikkaku  Fanfiction  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
vituperatist: [Bleach] "Blood Sport" [Yumichika/Ikkaku] [R]
"He gets blood everywhere, tramps it in on the hardwood floor with bare feet, stained and sticky, and the entire room goes silent, except for the clink of an empty bottle rolling round and round on the floor."
Yumichika/Ikkaku  Bleach  Zazzle  Fanfiction  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
vituperatist: [Bleach] "Dressed To Kill" [Yumichika/Ikkaku] [NC-17]
"Black," said Yumichika, watching Ikkaku from across the room with half-lidded eyes, "is definitely your colour."
Yumichika/Ikkaku  Bleach  Zazzle  Fanfiction  short.short.story 
september 2011 by effex
vituperatist: [Bleach] "Popular Culture" [Yumichika/Ikkaku] [NC-17]
Yumichika was sprawled out in a cushy armchair, head hanging off the edge, an incredibly smug smile on his face. "Ikkaku!" he exclaimed, "isn't this place wonderful? Look! The box! Makes sounds!"
Yumichika/Ikkaku  Bleach  Fanfiction  Zazzle  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
vituperatist: [Bleach] Yumikkaku Drabbles [Yumichika/Ikkaku] [PG]
"Yumichika's grip on Ikkaku's wrist was almost painful - no, was painful, and he was going to leave bruises, that insensitive feather-headed fuck."
Zazzle  Bleach  Fanfiction  Yumichika/Ikkaku  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
memlu: because it is all about me, yeah.
"Reflex has him grip the comb tightly at the tip of his fingers. It is well made--expensive. There are plenty of shinigami with their spending vices, but if anyone asks, he thinks he spent his the most purposefully."
Chirachira  Bleach  Fanfiction  Yumichika/Ikkaku  drabble 
september 2011 by effex
Three Men and a Baby Chapter 1: It's all Greek to Me, a Bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
The 11th division, has to be read if only for yumichika and ikkaku attempting to explain the naked 'wrestling game' they were playing when Yachiru walks in on them
Bleach  anime  Yumichika  Ikkaku  Zaraki  Yachiru  11th  fanfic  slash  Yumichika/Ikkaku  humour  yaoi  author:tobeadded  complete  family  mediumfic  med? 
september 2009 by fractured_sun
Wrong, a Bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Bleach, Romance/Angst, pairing: Yumichika A. & Ikkaku M., Ikkaku and Yumichika have always had a fairly open relationship - after all, they've got centuries together. And it's always worked well, up til now...
Bleach  fanfic  slash  yaoi  Yumichika/Ikkaku  11th  Yumichika  Ikkaku  anime  Author:lilacbramble  angst  humour  romance  triangle  complete  series  longfic  long? 
september 2008 by fractured_sun

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