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Said Artemis to Mortal Men - kangeiko (Greek mythology)
Artemis and her vow of chastity, told in verse. The ending still gives me chills. "Look up."
fanfiction  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  gen  classicalmythology  verse  backstory 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Lives by Breaking - Lady Sarai (Narnia)
The Pevensies, and all the small and deep ways they're marked, in Narnia and out of it.
fanfiction  cslewis  narnia  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  gen  post-canon 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Futher Up and Further In - Kyra Cullinan (Narnia)
Tirian and Jewel, in Narnia and afterwards; their bond is the thread tying together present and past.
fanfiction  cslewis  narnia  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  gen  post-canon 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Get Where You've Been Going - Giddy Geek (Entourage)
Eric/Vince and sending out the wrong signals. At a distance of five years now and this feels like 'classic' - maybe I mean archetypal? - E/V all over in terms of the dynamic.
fanfiction  entourage  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  slash 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Relations Among Peer Influences - ros_fod (Entourage)
Ari/Eric as it should be - all combativeness and aggression. Wish there was more of this pairing!
fanfiction  entourage  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  slash 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
A Song Tied to a Melody - proteinscollide (Imaginary Heroes)
Post-movie. I remember reading this for the first time and being just floored, thinking, this story achieves the impossible - Tim and Kyle not as a tragedy or a romance, but something more real and heartbreaking than either. The ambiguity of the ending is exactly right.
Coda: Slept Alone Before You - http://proteinscollide.livejournal.com/181031.html
fanfiction  imaginaryheroes  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  slash 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Indiana Jones and the Chinatown Ghosts - Lemuel Cork (Indiana Jones)
Years later in a disillusioned future, a world-weary Indy unexpectedly meets Shorty (it's gen btw). So great and kind of heartbreaking.
fanfiction  indianajones  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  gen 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
The Case of the Very Gay Detectives - Michelle Christian (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)
'"Are you suggesting we sleep together because our names rhyme?" He slapped me in the head. "Are we in Dr. Seuss porn? No!"' Five years later and this story is still making me LOL.
fanfiction  kisskissbangbang  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  slash 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Yes, Sir, Jeeves - skyblue_reverie (PG Wodehouse - Jeeves and Wooster)
To help one of Bertie's friends, Jeeves and Wooster undertake a role reversal with Bertie posing as a valet, and Bertie is adorably dim. Funny and satisfying.
fanfiction  pgwodehouse  jeeveswooster  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  slash 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
No Less Beautiful - zeldadestry (Stage Beauty)
There's just so *much* in this story to savour - the role playing, reversals, the wordplay.
fanfiction  stagebeauty  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  het 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Unusual - kezya (TH White - The Once and Future King)
The Orkney brothers, after the unicorn hunt. I love how this captures the brothers, childish and savage and loving all at once, very reminiscent of the original.
fanfiction  thwhite  onceandfutureking  arthurian  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  gen 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Bad Shags and Old Friends - naiad (This Life)
Anna, Warren, Miles. The dialogue is absolutely sharp and cracklingly perfect, and I can really believe this is how they would all end up ten years from the end of the series.
fanfiction  thislife  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  het  gen 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
Lighting the Lamps - solvent90 (Ursula K LeGuin - Earthsea)
Ged and Tenar. I love the sense of quietness in this, Tenar's memories and the warmth between them. [As part of Project Bookmark All The Things, some oldies from Yuletide 2006 and beyond are coming up.]
fanfiction  ursulaleguin  earthsea  yuletide2006  rec  yuletide  het 
october 2011 by littlerhymes
No Less Beautiful
4,700 words; Summary: "The boundaries between the performance and his person have been breached, continue to merge." (Characters: Ned, Maria, George.)
author-zeldadestry  fandom-stagebeauty  rating-mature  wordcount-0-5K  yuletide2006  kind-fanfic 
january 2011 by calvinahobbes
Higher Mathematics
Mitch, Jordan, and the future. Chris Knight slash with just about everyone, really. Non-explicit sex
tagthis  fiction  RealGenius  a:cadhla  wordcount(4):1.000-4.999  r  mitch/jordan  yuletide  yuletide2006  organize 
june 2010 by chaneen
Rough Diamond
an alternate version of beauty and the beast.
fic  yuletide2006  beautyandthebeast 
november 2009 by exclamations

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