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bucketmouse: Addams Family Therapy
"It isn't that I don't like Wednesday's family."

The therapist gave a non-committal "Mmmhmm", which Joel took to mean 'I do not buy this bullshit so explain yourself before I think you have issues with your mother.'

Of course, Joel Addams (nee Glicker) didn't have issues with his mother, he had subscriptions, and would be the first to admit it, but this was one of the few not relating to her.

"Really, they're just... weird."
author:bucketmouse  fandom:AddamsFamily  Yuletide  yuletide06  genre:humor  rating:PG  pairing:joel/wednesday  !het 
september 2013 by Miscella
Fuschia: Cleopatra's Needle
"We're outdoors."

Morticia looked up at Ophelia from feeding Althus, hand poised over the deep bell of his pitcher.


"We're outdoors."
yuletide  Yuletide06  author:Fuschia  rating:PG13  genre:romance  pairing:morticia/gomez  pairing:gomez/morticia  fandom:AddamsFamily  !het 
june 2012 by Miscella
Vyola: The Bridal Path
To marry an Addams means taking marriage very seriously. After all, it is till death do you part.

And even then, sometimes they come back.
Yuletide06  author:Vyola  genre:humor  pairing:wednesday/joel  rating:pg  fandom:AddamsFamily  yuletide 
june 2012 by Miscella
Indiana Jones and the Chinatown Ghosts (Indy, gen)
Indy bent his head. What's that I smell? he thought. Ah, yes. The fragrant aroma of burning bridges.
fic  indiana.jones.series  indiana.jones  yuletide06 
september 2011 by voodoochild
The Morning After (LOM, Chris/Sam)
Chris is buzzing around like he didn't just spend the last night puking in the canal and trying to look up Annie's skirt. Ah, for the stamina of youth, I think, as the tiny brass band strikes up inside my skull again.
fic  life.on.mars  chris/sam  chris.skelton  sam.tyler  myfic  yuletide06 
september 2011 by voodoochild
Of Present Sorrows and Two-Sided Coins (Carnivale/Sandman, Iris)
"You've sensed me in those seven distinctive screams you so vainly tried to block out, and you've sensed me in the smooth feel of the wood under your palms and the power of a good overhead swing. Oh, yes, my rainbow lass, you know me quite well."
crossover  carnivale  sandman  fic  iris/destruction  iris.crowe  destruction  death  myfic  yuletide06 
september 2011 by voodoochild
yes, shawn, there is a santa claus
Gus scowled, the thirty-year-old expression completely at odds with the eight-year-old face. He had a habit of doing things that looked old on him; sometimes Shawn thought Gus might be from some weird alien race where people aged backwards, and that he was actually older than the people he called his parents. "If I don't get my Green Spirit action figure because of you, I'm throwing your bike in the ocean." And then sometimes Shawn knew Gus was eight.
f:psych  fic  yuletide06  adorable 
october 2008 by sandalstrap
a (most dreadfully) involuntary sin
Diana would always snap out of those daydreams with a little laugh at herself, unable to completely let go of reality for the fantasy's sake. There was no reason, in her opinion, to imagine things that couldn't possibly happen, no matter what Anne said. It was one thing to dream of a world where fairies and dryads existed, another to imagine a world where--

Oh, she wouldn't think of it. The world Diana lived in was good enough for her, with Anne as her bosom friend.
f:anne.of.green.gables  fic  a:mardia  yuletide06  ensemble.cast  anne.shirley  diana.barry 
august 2008 by sandalstrap
A Long Time Running by Northlight
<I>It had taken a long time for Max to discover the joy in moving just to move: to go far, and fast, and faster yet. </i> Lovely bit of Max/Alec friendship.
yuletide06  feb-08  darkangel 
february 2008 by victoria.p
To W., on a Question
Watson goggled for a moment. Holmes had no idea that he might have inconvenienced him, or that John, if he had been asked, would have done everything in his power to come anyway.
f:sherlock.holmes  fic  a:thea  yuletide06  sweet  adorable 
december 2007 by sandalstrap
They are the house that Jack built, and they reflect the flaws of their architect.
gen  Torchwood  Whoniverse  fahye  yuletide06  JackHarkness  SuzieCostello  ToshikoSato  IantoJones  OwenHarper  GwenCooper  fic  yuletide 
november 2007 by greenapricot
If You'd Been Listening
Seems a bit forced and out of character. worth a read though.
yuletide06  neverwhere  richard/marquis 
june 2007 by saezutte
The Bridal Path
Wednesday and Joel get married.
yuletide06  Addams_family 
may 2007 by Perkins

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